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VMware says previously addressed bug in OS X can hang Mac, offers workaround

Friday, July 18, 2008

Yesterday, VMware posted an article about a bug that can hang the Mac and corrupt the virtual machine. The company also offered a configuration change as a workaround until the bug is fixed. However, VMware previously stated that the Fusion 1.1.1 update dealt with this same problem and did not require the configuration change.

Yesterday's VMware article referred the bug as "an Apple problem with unbuffered IO," and said they have reported the problem to Apple. The VMware article said that to prevent freezing and data loss, users should go to VMware Fusion Preferences and select "Optimize for virtual machine disk performance." The company said that the problem can occur when Preferences are set to "Optimize for Mac OS application performance."

However, in January, VMware said that with the Fusion 1.1.1 update, this configuration setting was not necessary:

As a workaround for Apple bug 5679432 (Mac OS X hang under heavy disk load when unbuffered I/O is in use), VMware Fusion 1.1.1 disables unbuffered disk I/O on Mac OS X 10.5 hosts, even when the user selects Optimize for Mac OS application performance in VMware Fusion preferences.

We've had previous reports of VMware Fusion crashing in Leopard starting with version 1.1. In January, VMware reported to us that there was a conflict with Fusion and FileVault. A week later, VMware said that the 1.1.1 update fixed the FileVault issue. A reader reported that Mac OS X 10.5.3 update fixed the FileVault issue as well.

In another report today, we report that a reader believes that a bad RAM module was causing VMware to crash Leopard.

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RAM may cause VMware Fusion crashing Leopard

Friday, July 18, 2008

John Adams think a bad RAM module was causing VMware Fusion to crash Leopard:

I wanted to reiterate Greg Kyle's post from November 19, 2007. Since installing Fusion on my MacBook Pro, my OS X was crashing and restarting every 8-10 minutes.

I think it was actually a faulty memory card that I had installed. Since removing the new 1G that I had installed, I haven't had the problem.

Today we also reported that VMWare said that problem in Mac OS X is causing VMware to freeze Mac OS X when a certain preference setting is made. Comment below

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