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No support for SFM volumes in Win 2000 clusters. December 30 -- Dave Shorr discovered Microsoft documentation stating that Windows 2000 won't support Services for Macintosh as a cluster file share resource in Microsoft Cluster Services. It also says that data loss can occur. We have posted an excerpt from the Windows 2000 release notes on our MS Cluster Services Special Report page. This page also has reports of readers using MacServerIP instead of SFM. Another possible workaround could be to use Thursby's DAVE client. If you've tested cluster failover with a Mac running the DAVE client, please let us know.

Yellow Dog Linux bootable CD to be offered at Macworld. December 30 -- At Macworld Expo next week, Terra Soft Solutions (booth 2046) will be offering a limited edition Tasty Morsels CD to be used with Champion Server 1.1, a Yellow Dog Linux server. The Tasty Morsels CD is bootable on iMacs, iBook, blue and white G3, and Power Mac G4 systems via the "yaboot" bootloader, allowing you to install Yellow Dog Linux from a CD. Tasty Morsels also includes Champion Server 1.1 errata updates and software updates for BootX, Kernel, Mouseconfig, among other things.

TextSpresso 1.5.4 fixes bug. December 30 -- Taylor Design's TextSpresso 1.5.4 fixes a bug introduced in the recently released v 1.5.3.

Mac Emulators for PC get Y2K, PIII, Win 2000 upgrades. December 29 -- Emulators, Inc. last week released Gemulator 20000 7.0, a Macintosh Plus emulator for Windows. According to the company, the new version is "Y2K-compliant, Pentium III optimized, and Windows 2000-ready." The company warns that earlier version of Gemulator are not Y2K compliant.

Last summer, Emulators Inc. promised to show a PowerPC emulator for Windows at the July Macworld Expo. PPC emulation hasn't shipped yet, but the company is now promising to add PPC emulation to its Gemulator SoftMac 2000 in January. As of this time, there are no PowerPC emulators for Intel-based PCs.

MacWindows Files Tutorial now in French. December 28 -- Patrick Peccatte has translated another MacWindows Tutorial page to the French language, which we have posted. The tutorial, Utiliser les fichiers Windows et Macintosh, includes French language screen shots. (The original English language page, Using Files with Windows and Macintosh, is still available.) Many thanks to Mr. Peccatte.

How to remap keys on PC keyboard when using with USB Mac. December 28 -- The ResExcellence web site has a page on how to use Resedit to remap the keys on a PC keyboard when using it with a USB Mac. The article notes that the Alt and Window keys are in the opposite positions from the Option and Command keys on a Mac keyboard, and describes how to switch them. (Apple's Resedit is a free programing utility.

Microsoft releases NT 4 Service Pack 6a to update SP6. December 27 -- Microsoft has released Windows NT 4 Service Pack 6a as an update to Service Pack 6. Users who have SP6 installed can upgrade to SP6a via a hotfix, available for x86 and Alpha processors. Service Pack 6a addresses a problem with Lotus Notes and other Winsock based applications that prevents connecting to the server. There are also some Y2K fixes.

Orange Micro updates software for OrangePC card. December 27 -- Orange Micro has posted and update to its OrangePC 3.4.2 application for the OrangePC 400, 500, 600 and PCfx! series Pentium-class coprocessor boards for Macintosh.

Version 3.4.2 fixes a problem with the floppy driver and Microsoft Office 2000, as well as other bugs. It includes fixes of OrangePC version 3.4.1 software which added support for the Power Macintosh G4 (AGP).

Cross-platform voice messaging over the web. December 27 -- MessageBay is offering the free MessageBay Plug-in for the Mac, which allows Mac users to record voice messages and send them to Windows users over a web site that is using the MessageBay technology. Windows users can also send voice messages to Mac users.

TextSpresso 1.5.3 improves AppleScript support, fixes bugs. December 27 --Taylor Design released TextSpresso 1.5.3 (US $29), an update to its text editor for Mac OS that can clean text files from PC users. The new version offers improved AppleScript support and bug fixes.

Microsoft info on Windows 2000 and Mac clients. December 23 -- MacWindows contributor Richard Birchall came across a Microsoft "setup checklist" page for Windows 2000 Server.

Under the section "Services for Macintosh" there are checklists for:

There appears to be some new information on these pages. (Also see the MacWindows Windows 2000 page for more info.

Lismore emulator goes CD. December 23, 1999 -- Lismore Systems is now offering Blue Label PowerEmulator 1.6SE (US $45.90 including shipping), the first CD-ROM version of its PC emulator. Paul Uspensky of Lismore Software Systems told us this about Blue Label PowerEmulator 1.6SE:

This Special Edition of our product is available only on CD-ROM disk and distributed as Family License. The CD version of BLPE 1.6 Special Edition and the downloadable version of BLPE 1.5 Family License with Components Update 1 have the same functionality. The only difference is that BLPE 1.6SE is distributed on CD-ROM disk.

New Tip: Updating NT index files. December 23, 1999 -- Jerry Lees sent in a method that he uses to prevent the problem of Mac files disappearing from NT Server. The problem generally has to do with index files that need to be rebuilt. Lees forces the index file nightly by running a batch file that renames the extension in the file name and then restores the original name. This updates NT's index file. We've added Lees method to some other methods on our Windows NT Server Tips page.

New Tip: Sharing an Internet connection with Virtual PC 3.0 and Mac. December 23, 1999 -- Jeremy West notes that in order to get Virtual PC 3.0 to share an Internet connection with the Macs, you need two things:

  1. A static IP address for the Mac.
  2. A change in VPC's Network preferences. The default is to share the IP address with the Mac, but you must change it to separate IP addresses for it to work.

Sharing an Internet connection was new to Virtual PC in version 3.0, and isn't possible with earlier versions. SoftWindows has had this feature for some time. (For more tips, see our Emulator Tips page.)

NT 4 SP 6: Mac performance degraded over time. December 23 --- When Steve Crossman upgraded his NT 4 Server from Service Pack 3 to 6, performance of Mac clients was good. However, with 33 GB of files on the server, Mac file transfers have slowed dramatically. We've posted his report on our NT Unsolved Mysteries page.

Miramar PC MacLAN improved by Mac OS 9. December 23, 1999 -- Miramar Systems says that PC MacLAN, its AppleTalk file sharing product for Windows, "may function even better with MAC OS 9." The statement was in the company's December newslettter.

Miramar offers discount for home network survey. December 23, 1999 -- Miramar Systems is offering a $50 discount for its product for people who participate in a survey about home networking. Miramar makes PC MacLAN, a cross-platform networking product that puts Windows PCs on Mac networks.

Update on VPC problem with Win NT networks. December 23 --- Red Miller sent an update to a problem with Virtual PC 3.0 and the inability to see a Windows NT 4 domain server, which we reported on December 6. Miller says:

I received an e-mail from Lee Graham at Connectix technical support yesterday. He writes: "I am corresponding with another customer with the same problems. We are looking into this, and as soon as I can provide details I will."

ACI releases final version 4D of Assimilator. December 23, 1999 -- ACI US has released a new utility, 4D Assimilator, which clones both data structures and data files from any database supporting ODBC and imports it into a 4D database. The utility had previously been released for beta testing.

More on NT Clusters, SFM, and MacServerIP. December 21, 1999 -- Richard Laframboise of Digital-66, a reseller of MacServerIP, sent in some more information about the benefits of using MacServerIP over NT Services for Macintosh in a Microsoft Cluster Services environment. His remarks are on our Microsoft Cluster Services page.

Update on sharing keyboard, monitor between Mac and PC. December 21, 1999 -- Tim Mullins sent us a description of his setup sharing a Dell keyboard and monitor with a Mac and PC using a KVM switch. He quotes product models and prices. His comments are on our Keyboard/Monitor Sharing special report.

Compaq to offer Be OS based Internet appliance PCs. December 21, 1999 -- ZDNet reports that Compaq will offer Internet appliance PCs running Be OS from Be, Inc. (Be OS runs on both PC and Macintosh platforms, and is headed by ex-Apple VP Jean-Louis Gassee.)

Win NT, Linux on Lismore Blue Label PowerEmulator. December 20, 1999 -- Mike Douglass is running Windows NT SP3 and Linux on Lismore Systems Blue Label Power Emulator (BLPE) 1.5. He initially had crashing problems with Win NT on Virtual PC. We've added Douglass' comments to the others on running Win NT on BLPE 1.5 vs. Virtual PC on our BLPE page. [Note: We and other readers have been able to run Win NT on Virtual PC.--Editor]

Mac OS 9 security problem with NetWare. December 20, 1999 -- MacFixIt pointed use towards an MSNBC article about a problem with Mac OS 9 and the Prosoft Engineering NetWare Client for Mac OS. When users log out of Mac OS 9, the NetWare NDS are not closed, but remain active for other users. (See our OS 9 page for more cross-platform compatibility issues with OS 9.)

Debate update on Microsoft clustering and NT SFM. December 20, 1999 -- Gary Swick disagrees with a reader assessment of NT Services for Macintosh and how it works with Microsoft clustering that we posted on our Microsoft NT Cluster Services page last Friday. You can read the reader assessment and Swick's response here.

Solutions update: using PS/2 keyboard on USB Mac. December 20, 1999 -- We've added Y-mouse Keyboard and Mouse Adapter for USB from P.I. Industries to our list of products that let you use a PC keyboard on a USB Mac, and visa versa, on our Keyboard Solutions page. Pete Smolinski uses it with a KVM switch.

Theories for VPC rounding error. December 20, 1999 -- Timothy Dimo sent in some theories as to why Tim Collins is seeing rounding errors with Virtual PC and accounting software. Dimo points to differences in FPU in the Pentium and VPC, or perhaps an issue with a regional version of one of the software packages involved. You can read Dimo's comments on our VPC 3.0 page.

US Sen. McCain uses Web ads for polictical campaign. December 20, 1999 -- A ZDnet story reports that US presidential candidate John McCain is the first major politician to use web banner advertising to gather signatures for his campaign. This tactic was successful for McCain in the Virginia Republican primary.

Update: NT clusters and MacServerIP. December 17, 1999 -- John Paul Uva sent us a response to a report on using MacServerIP with an NT cluster we posted on our Microsoft Cluster Services page a few weeks ago. Uva explains Mac client failover and the advantage of using MacServerIP over NT's SFM in an NT cluster. You can read the original report and Uva's response here.

Mac OS 9 file sharing conflict with Virex 6. December 17, 1999 -- Orlin Damyanov reports that the Virex 6.0 antivirus application and control panel causes Mac OS 9 to crash or stall when moving files via AppleTalk, with or without the new ShareWay IP extension. He says the Virex 6.0.1d2 update fixes the problem.

Rounding error with Virtual PC 3.0. December 17, 1999 --Tim Collins in the United Kingdom reports of a problem with Virtual PC 3.0 and a Windows accounting package called Scala v5.0. He finds that the software rounds down 1 pence running on VPC, but not on PCs. Collins' message is on our Virtual PC 3.0 page. If you have any ideas, please let us know.

VPC Unrecoverable Processor Errors. December 17, 1999 -- Russ Quick has been getting "Unrecoverable Processor Errors" with every version of Virtual PC since 2.0, but did not get them with VPC 1. His message on our Virtual PC 3.0 page.

IBM ships ViaVoice voice recognition for Mac. December 17, 1999 -- IBM is now shipping ViaVoice for Macintosh (US $89.95 ). ViaVoice is well-respected speech recognition software that lets you type text and issues commands by speaking.

Hot fix for NT SFM may solve some unsolved mysteries. December 14, 1999 -- Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q242896 discusses a bug in NT Services for Macintosh that corrupts the NT kernel, causing the NT Server to hang. Microsoft has a hotfix available, but only by calling Microsoft Product Support Services.

Chris Lyttle discovered the hotfix when he was tracking down a problem he was having. Lyttle believes the hotfix may solve some of the problems listed on our NT Unsolved Mysteries page. You can read Lyttle's report on our NT Server Tips page.

FWB OS 9 patch for SW 95 still to come. December 14, 1999 -- FWB Software has confirmed that its OS 9 patch for SoftWindows 98 does not work with SoftWindows 95. Several readers also The company now has a sentence at its web site "SoftWindows 95 patch coming soon."

Alan Houtzer got the following error message when he tried the SoftWindows 98 patch on SoftWindows 95:

Could not update SoftWindows(tm) 95 because it is not the file that this update is designed for - the data fork is different.

Outlook 8.2.1 client garbles Swedish characters. December 14, 1999 -- Markus Norsted of Sweden discovered a new problem when he upgraded Outlook client for Macintosh to v8.2.1: he could no longer view Swedish characters in the messages he recieved. Norsted saw our item about no support for Chinese characters in Outlook 8.2.1, and wondered if the same is true with Swedish charactors. As far as we know Outlook 8.2.1 supports four only languages: English, Japanese, German, and French.

Personal Web Server for Windows 95. December 14, 1999 -- Our Peer-to-Peer Tips page points out that you can use Microsoft's Personal Web Server to give Macs access to Windows PCs, but Andrew Painter points out that the server doesn't come with older version of Windows 95. Fortunately, download Personal Web Server from the Microsoft Web site.

FWB posts SoftWindows patches for OS 9 compatibility. December 13, 1999 -- FWB software has issued a patch for OS 9 compatibility patch for SoftWindows 98, and another for RealPC (the DOS version). SoftWindows 5.0.9 and RealPC 1.0.9 are required to run them on OS 9. There is no mention of whether SoftWindows 95 user can use one of these patches. There are also other enhancements for all users:

(See our Mac OS 9 page for other OS 9 compatibility issues with Mac-PC integration software.)

Note: MacWindows to go offline Saturday. December 10, 1999 -- Due to some planned hardware maintenance, MacWindows will go off-line this Saturday, December 11, at 11:00 am Pacific Standard Time, and will remain down for several hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.

ASIP "6 folder" problem with Win clients--but not DOS. December 10, 1999 --Another reader confirms the problem of Windows 95/98 clients seeing only the first 6 items on an AppleShare IP 6.x server. However, he says that all of the items are visible from the DOS prompt.

Yellow Dog Linux now runs on Power Mac G4. December 10, 1999 -- Yellow Dog Linux now runs on the current Power Mac G4 machines. The YDL web site has information on how to do this.

Solutions update: Mice that work with Windows on Macintosh. December 10, 1999 -- We've added the MicroSpeed Mouse Deluxe to the listings on our Keyboard Solutions page. (See news item from December 8 below.)

Aladdin ships DropZip, new X-platform compression for Windows. December 10, 1999 -- Aladdin Systems yesterday began shipping DropZip for Windows (US $20), a new Zip (.zip) and StuffIt (.sit) compression utility for PC users. It can create archives via drag-and-drop to a desktop shortcut, a context menu, or an Aladdin menu.

For decompression, DropZip also includes Aladdin Expander, which can decompress/decode Zip (.zip), StuffIt (.sit), Arc (.arc), Arj (.arj), Gzip (.gz), UUencode (.uue), MIME/Base 64, BinHex (.hqx), and all MacBinary (.MacBin, .bin) formats.

DropZip uses the newer StuffIt 5 algorithm to create StuffIt archives, which Aladdin says are up to 20% smaller than Zip files.

We've added DropZip to our list of cross-platform file compression products for Windows.

New "box set" pricing for FileMaker Pro. December 9, 1999 -- FileMaker Inc. announced a new site license program called "Box Set licensing" for FileMaker Pro. The company says:

Organizations simply buy one license for 100 percent of their total number of employees or computers, whichever is less, and can deploy any combination of FileMaker Pro 5, FileMaker Server 5 and FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited.

NameCleaner 2.0.1 update. December 9, 1999 -- Sig Software has posted NameCleaner 2.0.1, which it says "various minor improvements over 2.0." NameCleaner (US $20) is a Mac utility for converting cleaning up Mac file names so that they don't have problems on Windows.

Correction: HP 2500CM is an inkjet printer. December 9, 1999 -- Yesterday, we erroneously called the HP 2500CM a laser printer. It is actually an inkjet printer that supports Postscript and tabloid-sized paper. (Thanks to Scott Krajewski.)

New Special Report on DAVE. December 8, 1999 -- We've started a new special report page about Thursby System's DAVE, the SMB file sharing client for Macintosh.

DAVE 2.5 can view hidden NT shares. December 8, 1999 -- Keith Billy noticed that DAVE 2.5 users have the option of viewing hidden shares on Windows NT servers. He thought that this might be a security problem. However, Carl Ketterling Thursby Systems says that this is not a security risk, and that Windows utilities can also make hidden shares visible. You can read Billy's note and Thursby's response on our DAVE Special Report page.

Lismore posts Blue Label PowerEmulator tutorials. December 8, 1999 -- Lismore Systems has posted two Blue Label PowerEmulator tutorials at its Support site:

Also, Blue Label PowerEmulator now comes with a version of DOS called PTS-DOS, instead of the FreeDOS that previously was included.

Solutions update: Utility converts between Mac and Windows icons. December 8, 1999 -- We've added CP_IconEdit (US $20) to the product listings on our File Solutions page. CP_IconEdit from ksoft is a Macintosh shareware utility that can edit Mac and Windows icons, and can convert between the two. It can also translate between some Mac and Windows graphics formats.

Farallon offers special HomeLINE pricing December 8, 1999 -- For a limited time, Farallon Communications is now offering its cross-platform HomeLINE network cards at discounts when ordered direction from Farallon. HomeLINE is a HomePNA-standard network card for Mac and Windows that uses existing phone lines in a home for the wiring. The Starter Kit, containing 2 PCI cards and software for Mac and Windows is now US $99 (regularly $139). The single-card version is US $59 (regularly $79). You must order from the Farallon HomeLINE Web Store or call 510-346-8001, 7am-4pm PST, M-F.

Another mouse for Windows on Mac. December 8, 1999 -- Henry Donzis reports that the Microspeed Mouse Deluxe works well for running with Windows on his Macs. It's a three button mouse, and Donzis likes it better than the Macally two button mouse. He said that there is an Apple Input Sprocket support for it as well. Donzis reports:

It comes with a control panel which is already setup to work with PC Setup. On the Mac side, I set the two outside buttons as regular clicks and the middle button as click lock. On the Windows side, I set it up more like the Kensington method of left click, right click (right button), and some kind of menu click (middle button). They work great and I have been using them for years!

The only problem is that Microspeed no longer has it--or any other mouse--listed at its web site. Donzis has found some, however:

It is still listed in some mail order catalogs. The last time I tried to purchase one, I had trouble finding it ....I have found several Macintosh parts places that still have them in stock, so maybe I better snatch some up before I can't get them any more.

HP 2500CM color printer now supports Mac. December 8, 1999 -- Hewlett-Packard announced that its HP 2500CM color Postscript 3 injet printer now comes with new firmware and both Windows and Macintosh drivers "for printing from a Mac or PC in a mixed network environment." The printer includes an internal print server. To add Mac support to an existing HP 2500CM printer, you can download the software (printer firmware and PostScript drivers for the PC and Mac).

TeamAgenda 3.1.5 adds FileMaker, Palm sync. December 8, 1999 -- The TeamAgenda 3.1.5 update for Mac and Windows adds synchronization with FileMaker Pro 5 databases and Palm Datebooks, Addresses, and To-Dos. TeamAgenda is a cross-platform scheduling program.

AdobeGoLive Dynamic Link for ASP. December 8, 1999 -- Adobe announced the beta version of GoLive Dynamic Link for ASP, and add-on to its HTML editor that "can deliver content from any ODBC-compliant database, including Oracle, FileMaker Pro, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Access."

No news update today: MCI outage prevents access. December 7, 1999 -- At 3:45 pm Pacific Time on December 6, MCI Worldcom had an equipment failure in San Francisco Internet point of presence (POP), which that took out several of our ISP's T1 lines, along with many others. The failure lasted until Tuesday morning. Because of this, we were not able to access MacWindows to update the site or to read our email. We will have new news items posted tomorrow. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Solutions to immovable Mac icon file problem on NT Server. December 6, 1999 -- Several readers sent in tips about the problem of Mac users creating icon files on NT that are immovable from Windows clients, which we reported last Friday. Carl Ketterling of Thursby Software Systems (makers of DAVE) suggests that PC users can use wildcard characters from a DOS shell to move or delete the file. Patrick Peccatte sent an explanation of the cause of the problem--a special Unicode character in the file name ICON_ that is illegal in Windows 95/98 (though not NT) -- and a way to get Windows NT to fix the problem. You can these and other comments and solutions on our Server Tips page.

New report on NT Cluster Services and MacServerIP. December 6, 1999 -- Ton van der Liet sent an interesting report about using Microsoft Cluster Services and MacServerIP from Team ASA Inc., an AFP-over-IP server for NT. He is having some problems and suspects the AFP protocol itself. You can read the report on our NT Cluster Services page.

VPC 3.0 problem with Win NT networks. December 6, 1999 -- Red Miller reports a problem with Virtual PC 3.0 that he didn't have with VPC 2.1.3. He can't find his Windows NT 4 domain server with NetBEUI. Reinstalling v2.1.3 fixes the problem. You can read Miller's report on our Virtual PC 3.0 page. If you've seen this problem, please let us know.

Disappearing NT volume on Macs. December 6, 1999 --Jon Burns has an odd problem with Services for Macintosh with Windows NT 4 Server SP5:

The NT volume will disappear from the Mac's desktop, although, it's still there. It's just invisible. When you try to log back in, NT tells you you are already logged in.

I use the NT volume to capture a data file which is sent from a FileMaker Database. When the NT volume is invisible, the file will still write to the volume. When I go to NT to view the file, the file is empty "it contains no text". This happens about 5 out of every 30 attempts.

If you've seen this problem, please let us know.

Solutions Update: X-platform USB keyboard/monitor switch. December 3, 1999 -- We've added Dr. Bott's MoniSwitch USB to our Keyboard Solutions page. The MoniSwitch USB lets you share a USB keyboard and a monitor between 2 or 4 computers, Macs and PCs. There's also a version for iMac--the iMoniSwitchUSB-- that allows use of a iMac monitor,keyboard and mouse with up to 3 other Macs or PCs.

Mac DAVE users creating immovable icon files on NT. December 3, 1999 -- Robin Taylor is a Windows user who accesses Windows NT Servers. So do Mac users running DAVE, which seems to be causing a problem:

Sometimes (not always) when a Mac user modifies files, a file called Icon becomes visible in that folder in my Windows Explorer. I cannot move it or delete it, and it disrupts my attempts to move an entire folder at once (I have to select each single item to avoid selecting the Icon).

(Note: When Mac folders have custom icons, they contain an invisible file called "icon." However, this doesn't prevent Mac users from moving the folders.)

If you have an answer, please let us know.

Shareware FTP server runs on 4 platforms. December 3, 1999 -- Ben Spink's Crush FTP 1.0b9 ($20) is an FTP server that runs on Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and OS/2, and is written in Java.

ACI extends $99 4D offer. December 3, 1999 -- ACI US, Inc. is offering 4th Dimension 6.5 Standard Edition for $99 through December 17. 4D is a relation database for Mac and Windows. The product lineup includes a server version.

Outlook 8.2.1 crashing traced to font conflicts, Suitcase 8.x. December 2, 1999 -- Jeff Churchwell has traced a crashing problem of the Outlook 8.2.1 client to conflicts with fonts. He says "My conclusion is that there are certain older Mac font resource types that are incompatible with Outlook, as well as Suitcase 8.x." You can read his full report on our Outlook/Exchange page.

This special report page also lists several cases of Outlook crashing on the Mac, including problems with ATM Deluxe and with some network configurations. We've also had other reports of font conflicts.

Microsoft posts security hot fix for NT 4 SP6. December 2, 1999 -- Microsoft has posted a hot fix for NT Service Pack 6 that deals with some security and other issues. It available for both Intel and Alpha platforms.

VPC Helper 1.2 released. December 2, 1999 -- AuctionMac International has released VPC Helper 1.2, the latest version of the utility designed to Mac Virtual PC run at it's most optimal. Some of the new features, according to AuctionMac:

VPC Helper will set your Virtual Memory and disk cache settings (Mac OS 9 needed for this feature)...VPC Helper also does something no other method can do. It can re-launch those closed background apps after you are finished with Virtual PC with no restart needed.

Minor Timbuktu Pro for Mac upgrade from Netopia. December 2, 1999 -- Netopia has posted free upgrades to Timbuktu Pro 5.2.2 (product code required). In October, Netopia released a version 5.2.1 for Mac OS 9 compatibility and increased speed.

Update: Belkin switches map Mac keys on PC keyboards. December 2, 1999 -- We've updated a statement on our Keyboard Solutions page about using Belkin Mac Adapters for using PC keyboards on ADB Macs. Reader Bill Kearney says that the switch does map the Mac command and option keys: "I'm using several Belkin Mac Adapters via Cybex Swtichview switches. They work great. The implement EVERYTHING except the Power key."

Mac-NT email list serv discusses x-platform issues. December 1, 1999 -- Orlin Damyanov reports of a Mac-NT list server "where NT System Admins running Macs discuss [common issues] and help each other."

Group Logic ships ExtremeZ-IP 1.1. December 1, 1999 -- Group Logic is now shipping ExtremeZ-IP 1.1, an upgrade to the AppleShare-compatible server for Windows NT that works over TCP/IP. For a list of new features and fixes, see our news item from November 4.


LaserWriter 8.6.5 conflict with Quark, and Postscript RIP for NT. November 30, 1999 -- Bryce Steiner reports of a conflict with the Mac LaserWriter 8.6.5 driver:

In QuarkXpress or Freehand 8 (or anything else that uses the LaserWriter printer driver dialog box) You can tell the PostScript screens to angle, but when printed to a Harlequin RIP they all come in at 45 degrees this is with the programs separating the colors NOT the RIP. All overrides are turned off on the RIP. This does not happen with the LaserWriter 8.3.4 I know works fine.

We've had numerous other reports of conflicts with NT and LaserWriter 8.6.x over the past year or so.

Tip: Another take on Mac OS 9 and PC Compatibility Cards. November 30, 1999 -- A reader reports that he was able to get the Apple PC Computability Card and the Jason Linhart networking patch running on Mac OS 9. To get it to work, he reinstalled the PC Setup 1.6.4 software and the net patch after a clean install of the OS. (We had previously reported that the card did not run under OS 9.)

Windows utility auto-removes Mac and Win files. November 30, 1999 -- Patrick Peccatte has posted a free Windows 95/98/NT utility called IPA Purge 2.0 for automatically removing Windows and Mac files daily and automatically. You use the utility to empty folders of files older than a certain age. You can also set the hour or the purge. Available in English and French versions.

NT Server disconnecting Mac clients. November 30, 1999 -- The MacFixIt Cross-platform forum has a discussion of a Windows NT 4 Server SP4 disconnecting Mac clients, saying they have "timed out." One post reports that AppleShare Client 3.8.6 seems to have fixed the problem.

Virtual PC 3.0 and Windows stock trading software. November 29, 1999 -- Ann Tarvin reports on using Windows stock trading software in Virtual PC 3.0 on our VPC 3 page. She offers some tips--not on stock trading, but on running the software.

More ASIP problems with long Windows file names. November 29, 1999 -- A reader reports a problem AppleShare IP and file names more than 31 characters. The reader reports:

I would like to transfer a folder from a Win 98 PC to an ASIP volume. When copying, all the files with more than 32 characters generate an error (file already exists) stopping the transfer. The problem doesn't exist when backing up to a NT Server.

Outlook Express 8.2.1 crashing. November 29, 1999 -- Rick Henderson reports a crashing problem with Outlook Express 8.2.1 for Mac:

My Outlook client or entire machine will crash when I try to validate with our NT domain. It happens under 8.1, 8.5.1 and 8.6.

If you've seen this, please let us know.

FileMaker Server 5 ships for Windows NT and Mac. November 29, 1999 -- Today, FileMaker, Inc. announced that FileMaker Server 5 (US $999, upgrades $499) for Windows NT and Macintosh is now available. New features include:

Version 5 of the client software shipped in September.

Quark, Macs, and NT Servers. November 23, 1999 -- Reader Tomas Friberg says that Mac users should not store Quark Xpress files more than 15 levels deep on a Windows NT server. Friberg says that doing so "slows down the file listing tremendously."

He also found that files that use LZW compression (such as TIFF-files) are slow to read from NT servers.

More on Windows DOS shell problem also with DAVE. November 23, 1999 -- Alan Lok found the same problem with loosing long file names from PC DOS shells when accessing Macs with DAVE. (Yesterday we reported Lok's problem with AppleShare IP severs).

I tried Dave 2.5 (the "competitor" to ASIP) and the results were worse. It can't even return a proper 8.3 short filename for Windows. Any attempts to do a DIR on a Dave shared directory in DOS Shell will halt the computer (until you forcefully close the DOS Shell window).

DAVE over wireless Airport connections. November 23, 1999 -- A MacFixIt Cross-Platform forum thread has a tip on how to use Thursby's DAVE over Apple's Airport wireless network.

More details on NT Server and Mac OS 9 Keychain. November 23, 1999 --David C. Roessli reports that in order to enable the Mac OS 9 Keychain to add NT Servers, the NT Server must be set to allow users to SAVE the password, not just CHANGE the password, as we reported yesterday. He also mentioned that once the NT Server is set this way, you can add the NT Server by dragging it from the Chooser to the Keychain, but not by dragging it from the Network Browser. More on this issue on our Mac OS 9 page.

AppleShare IP problem with long file names and DOS. November 23, 1999 -- Alan Lok reports of a problem with AppleShare IP 6.2 and 6.3 when accessed from the DOS shell. When accessing files on the ASIP server from the PC DOS shell, the long file names of the file is permanently lost. He has this problem with Macromedia Director files. Lok's full description of the problem is on our AppleShare IP page. If you've seen this problem, please let us know.

Corrections to French tutorial, French screen shots. November 23, 1999 -- We've corrected some character problems on our French-language Win NT Setup Tutorial page. We've also added screen shots from the French edition of Windows NT, curtesy of Patrick Peccatte

32-bit PC Setup for PC Compatibility Card to go beta December 1. November 22, 1999 -- FVDCS announced that PC Setup 2.0 for Apple DOS and PC Compatibility Cards will go into beta December 1 and end on January 31. This will be the first new version of PC setup since Apple put out version 1.6.4, and will be the first that will support 32-bit Windows drivers on the now-discontinued 486 and Pentium cards. The company also said will post a PDF manual next week. FVDCS says PC setup 2.0 will sell for approximately $40.

MacWindows Win NT Tutorial now in French. November 22, 1999 -- Cross-platform software developer Patrick Peccatte has translated our Tutorial called Installing and Setting up Windows NT Services for Macintosh. We've posted the French translation in the our Tutorials department (where you can also still read the original English version).

Peccatte has his own web pages in French and in English, which describe his software for integrating NT and Mac, among other things.

Comments on the new French language translation can go to MacWindows (in English) or to Mr. Peccatte (French or English). Peccatte has our thanks to for his efforts.

NT Service Pack 6 fixes printing problems, file copy bug. November 22, 1999 -- Rich Pape reports that Windows NT Service Pack 6 fixes a number of printing problems. He also points out that it fixes a problem with file transfers, which Microsoft describes like this:

If a file is copied to a Macintosh volume on a Windows NT 4.0 server and is then immediately renamed, Services for Macintosh (SFM) does not update the index and the Macintosh client cannot see the files until the index is rebuilt.

New Tip: How to transfer IE favorites between Mac and Windows. November 22, 1999 -- Several readers answered last week's question about transferring Internet Explorer Favorites between Mac and Windows. You can read how on the MacWindows File Tips page. Thanks to everyone who responded.

Tip: Adding NT Servers to Mac OS 9 Keychain. November 22, 1999 -- Darrin Raposa reports that the has been able to add an NT server to the OS 9 Keychain--as long as you set the server to allow users to save passwords at login.

AppleShare IP 6.3.1 fixes bug in 6.3 upgrade. November 22, 1999 -- Apple has posted an AppleShare IP 6.3.1 update that fixes a bug we reported on November 12 about not being able to start the File and Web Server after upgrading form ASIP 6.2 to 6.3.

Apple also posted AppleShare IP First Aid 6.3 for repairing data files on the server.

New Blue Label PowerEmulator 1.7 easier to use. November 19, 1999 -- Lismore Systems announced Blue Label PowerEmulator 1.7 (US $29.95, free upgrade), a new version that adds new features that will ship next month. (This is a later version then the Mac OS 9 update that we described on Nov. 15 and 17 below.) New features include:

Lismore also claims that "BLPE is the first emulator that allows you to use Linux fully (including its distributions: RedHat, SuSe, Slackware etc.). You can also use UNIX operation systems such as SCO, FreeBSD, Solaris etc." (Some readers have reported that certain Linux distributions have trouble with VPC 3.)

Lismore also announced that Blue Label PowerEmulator 1.7 will be available from "other Lismore Software Systems resellers," as well as the Lismore web site, the only current place to purchase the software.

Problem with OS 9 keychain and NT Server. November 19, 1999 -- David Roessli in Switzerland is having problems adding NT 4 Servers (SP 4 and SP6) to his Mac OS 9 keychain. You can read his report on our Mac OS 9 page.

New Blue Label PowerEmulator 1.7 easier to use. November 19, 1999 -- Lismore Systems announced Blue Label PowerEmulator 1.7 (US $29.95, free upgrade), a new version that adds new features that will ship next month. (This is a later version then the Mac OS 9 update that we described on Nov. 15 and 17 below.) New features include:

Lismore also claims that "BLPE is the first emulator that allows you to use Linux fully (including its distributions: RedHat, SuSe, Slackware etc.). You can also use UNIX operation systems such as SCO, FreeBSD, Solaris etc." (Some readers have reported that certain Linux distributions have trouble with VPC 3.)

Lismore also announced that Blue Label PowerEmulator 1.7 will be available from "other Lismore Software Systems resellers," as well as the Lismore web site, the only current place to purchase the software.

Apple PC Compatibility Card incompatible with Mac OS 9. November 19, 1999 -- A reader reports that Apple's discontinued PC Compatibility card won't run at all under OS 9. He tried Jason Linhart 's patch for OS 8.5 and 8.6, but it didn't work. Apple says that the card won't run on any of these OS versions, but it actually will run with 8.5 and 8.6 (see the MacWindows Emulation Tips page). He says:

Under MacOS 9, I was not able to start the card with and without the patch.

1) After installing the software-partition and loading DOS 6.22 only an invalid DOS-partition existed for the card. No further installation was possible.

2) Using my old complete backup of the Windows partition initially everything seemed to work nicely, but within 5 minutes the monitor (and computer) froze forcing me to pull the plug. This happened with all the programs I used in the Windows partition.

Correction: ZipIt 1.4 can create .EXE files. November 19, 1999 -- Several readers pointed out that Tom Brown's ZipIt 1.4 (released on September 25) can create .EXE files. Yesterday, we had credited StuffIt Deluxe 5.5 as being the first Mac utility to have this ability. We apologize for the error.

OpenGL update from Apple. November 18, 1999 -- Apple has posted OpenGL 1.1.2, an update to its system software for supporting OpenGL 3-D graphics. The new version adds support for the AltiVec vector processing in the G4 processor, among other things.

More Outlook/Exchange good news. November 18, 1999 -- Jeff Lucia reports that not only is he running Outlook 8.2.1 under OS 9.0, but he's running it on four Power Mac G4's with only the "common" Outlook issues (such as those on our Outlook/Exchange page).

Transferring IE Favorites between Mac and Windows. November 18, 1999 -- A reader asks how to transfer Favorites (bookmarks) between the Mac and Windows versions of MS Internet Explorer. If you know, please let us know.

New Tip: Moving Outlook address book from Mac to PC. November 17, 1999 -- Our Outlook/Exchange page contains a new a tip on moving personal address book entries from the Mac to Windows versions of Outlook/Exchange. Thanks to Keith Billy for sharing this tip.

Lismore posts OS 9 update to Blue Label PowerEmulator. November 17, 1999 -- Lismore Systems has posted Blue Label PowerEmulator 1.5 Components Update 1. As we described it on Nov. 15, the upgrade fixes items for Mac OS 9 and newer Mac models. The upgrade is free. Users with versions below v1.5 should contact Lismore support before installing this Update.

Stuffit Deluxe 5.5 can make .EXE, .ZIP archives on Mac. November 17, 1999 -- Aladdin Systems released StuffIt Deluxe 5.5 (US $79.95, US $19.95 upgrade), a new Mac OS 9-compatible version of the Mac compression and encoding software for cross--platform formats. It also released free Mac OS 9-compatible StuffIt Deluxe 5.1.5 updates for StuffIt 5.0- 5.1 (which doesn't have the new features of v 5.5).

The biggest new cross-platform feature of StuffIt Deluxe 5.5 has the ability to create self-extracting archives Windows .EXE archives on the Mac. Other new features in StuffIt Deluxe 5.5 include:

StuffIt Deluxe 5.1.5 adds Mac OS 9.0 compatibility and includes the most current version of StuffIt Expander, version 5.5.

Outlook 8.2.1 works fine with OS 9. November 17, 1999 -- Jon Burns reports no compatibility issues with Outlook 8.2.1 and Mac OS 9.

AppleShare Client 3.8.6 fixes bug with Mac OS X Server. November 17, 1999 -- Apple posted AppleShare Client 3.8.6, which fixes a crash-causing bug than occurs when the Mac user enters an incorrect password or user name when connecting to Mac OS X Server.

Be and National Semi to produce web appliance. November 17, 1999 -- Be Inc. and National Semiconductor announced that they would co-develop series of "Internet appliance" devices. (Be is the creator of BeOS, which runs on Macintosh and PC platform.)

Thursby Ships TSStalk v1.0 for Windows NT 4. November 16, 1999 -- Thursby Software released TSStalk for Windows NT ($169), an AppleShare (AFP) client that works over AppleTalk and TCP/IP. TSStalk enables Windows users to browse an AppleTalk network from the Network Neighborhood. (Unlike Miramar's PC MacLAN, TSStalk does not contain a server component.) Thursby has been shipping TSStalk for Windows 95/98 for several months. TSStalk for is based on the COPStalk technology, which Thursby acquired.

Update to Linux Solutions: parallel processing. November 16, 1999 -- We've added BlackLab Linux from Terra Soft Solutions to our list of Linux distributions for Macintosh. Terra Soft is also the maker of Yellow Dog Linux, which is designed to be an Internet server. BlackLab Linux is a workstation version based upon Yellow Dog Linux, but which comes with parallel computing software that enables to use multiple Macs on a network to work together.

MacWindows exclusive: Lismore to issue PowerEmulator bug fix for OS 9, new Macs. November 15, 1999 -- A reliable source told MacWindows that Lismore Software Systems is getting ready to release Blue Label PowerEmulator 1.5 Components Update 1, which fixes bugs occurring in Mac OS 9 and on the newest Macintosh models. The problems fixed include:

Cross-platform Windows-Mac Timbuktu bundle available. November 15, 1999 -- Steve Blair reports that Netopia offers a non-publicized bundle of Timbuktu Pro for Windows and for Mac (one copy of each). Netopia's web site offers a two-pack for Windows, and one for Mac, but doesn't mention a cross-platform bundle. To get the cross platform bundle, you have to call Netopia (510.814.5100) and specifically request it. The cost is the same as a same-platform twin pack: US $140.

DOS Mounter not compatible with OS 9. November 15, 1999 -- Software Architects says that DOS Mounter 98 is not compatible with Mac OS 9, but that a fix will be released before the end of the year. DOS Mounter 98 is a Mac utility for using and formatting PC disks. (For more cross-platform implications of OS 9, see our OS 9 page.)

DHCP problems with OS 9, iBook, iMac, G4. November 12, 1999 -- Apple reports of two problems with DHCP in OS 9 and in recent preinstalled OS 8.6. The problems are with Open Transport OT 2.5.1 and 2.5.2, which come with all OS 9 configurations and on 8.6 shipped with iBooks, slot-loading iMacs, and Power Mac G4. The problem can cause the Mac to hang during startup, or for the DHCP lease to fail in certain conditions. Apple offers some workarounds, but doesn't have a fix at this time. (Apple had touted better compatibility with NT DHCP Server as one of the features of OS 9 and Open Transport 2.5.) Also, more info here.

Prosoft releases update for NetWare Client for Mac. November 12, 1999 -- Today, Prosoft released NetWare Client for Macintosh 5.13. New features and bug fixes, including the following:

Mac printing problem with MS Cluster Server. November 12, 1999 -- We've updated our NT Cluster Services page with a report from John Paul Uva about a problem he has with Mac printing with NT clusters.

Another report of AppleShare IP disappearing files with Windows clients. November 12, 1999 -- Jason Wilkening reports of a problem with all 10 of his Windows 95/98 machines connected to an AppleShare IP 6.2 server. After 24-30 hours of operation, all the Windows 95/98 users will see only 6 folders or files per subdirectory. Wilkening said he has talked to Apple about this, but there is no solution. This is a problem we first reported last May. Wilkening's report is on our AppleShare IP page.

File Server won't start after AppleShare IP 6.3 upgrade. November 12, 1999 -- Marcus Reese discovered that an upgrade from AppleShare IP 6.2 to 6.3 corrupted his Users and Groups Data File on two different Mac servers. The symptoms: File Server won't startup after restarting, even with the "Start Server at system startup" option checked on. Reese's report on the MacWindows AppleShare IP page.

Orange Micro posts Power Mac G4 fix for coprocessor card. November 12, 1999 -- Orange Micro has posted OrangePC 3.4.1, an upgrade to its software for the OrangePC series 400, 500, 600 and PCfx! Pentium cards for running Windows on Macintosh. The upgrade fixes a startup problem with the new Power Macintosh G4 AGP series.

Chicago training course: Win NT in Prepress. November 12, 1999 -- London Litho is offering a 2-day training course called Windows NT Server in a Prepress Environment ($700) in Chicago on February 15 and 16, 2000. This class focuses on the administration of Windows NT Server in a prepress environment that includes Mac OS clients and PostScript printers. (London Litho offers a variety of related course and is a reseller and integrator for graphics and prepress industry.)

Update to our Linux on Virtual PC discussion. November 11, 1999 -- Reader Dennis Keller sent in a report on his experience with running Linux on Virtual PC 3.0. His main points:

You can read Keller's report on our Virtual PC 3 page.

Update on ExtremeZ-IP 1.1 beta. November 11, 1999 -- Tamara Curtin reports good results with the beta of ExtremeZ-IP 1.1:

We're using the full version of the Beta now for Version 1.1 and the memory issues seem to have been addressed. The demo of version 1.0 dragged one of our NT down to the extent that we went back to SFM, but the new version is great. The Mac icon loss after being copied from volume to volume has been addressed as well.

Media4 looking for beta tester for next MacDrive. November 10, 1999 -- Media4 Productions is taking applications for beta testers for the next version of MacDrive, a Windows utility that allows PCs to read and write Mac-formatted storage devices. The new version emphasizes "support for both Windows 2000 and hot-swappable drives, according to Media4. The company adds:

Users of hot-swappable drives (both fixed and removable interfaced through USB, FireWire, PC Card, etc.) and users of Windows 2000 are most likely to be added to the beta program at this point, but all are invited to apply. Beta testers will receive a copy of the final release of the new MacDrive and a MacDrive T-shirt.

FWB working on OS 9 patch for SoftWindows. November 10, 1999 -- FWB Software, the new owners of the SoftWindows PC emulator for Mac OS, says it is working on a patch that will enable SoftWindows to run under Mac OS 9. As we have reported before, SoftWindows is currently incompatible with OS 9.

OrangePC 3.4 requires Mac OS 8.1 or later. November 10, 1999 -- Rich Thayer points out that the OrangePCi 3.4 installer requires Mac OS 8.1.(OrangePCi 3.4 is the recently released new version of software for Orange Micro's Pentium boards for Macs.) Thayer noted that this fact is not mentioned at the Orange Micro web site.

Cannot even get at the files via my office 7300/200 which is running 7.6.1 due to some older software I require.

Retrieved the files from the installer via my home machine, an 8600/300 running Mac OS 8.6. The new manual states that OrangePCi 3.4 requires Mac OS 8.1 or greater, and Open Transport 1.3 or greater. Brought the files to the office, and just ran OrangePCi 3.4 without installing all the new Windows drivers. In a quick test, Windows 95 booted, and I was able to access other machines on the office Windows peer-to-peer network. Does that mean I can use version 3.4 with my current setup successfully, but maybe crash if I install the new drivers?

VPCHelper speeds Virtual PC. November 10, 1999 -- AuctionMac Software has released VPC Helper 1.0 (US $ $8.99), a utility that increases the performance of Connectix Virtual PC emulator, according to the AuctionMac. It can quit hidden background applications, among other things.

NT SP5 fixes problem with SFM hogging processor. November 10, 1999 -- Paul Williams says that Service Pack 5 solved the problem of Services for Macintosh slowing NT Server, which we've been reporting on for many months. Williams points out that there is "no documentation to say that a problem has been fixed. Nor has there been a recognition of a problem occurring... Once again it has become one of the unsolved mysteries of Windows NT." You can read Williams message on the NT Unsolved Mysteries page.

3Dfx Gamers posts beta of Mac drivers for Voodoo3 card. November 10, 1999 -- 3Dfx Gamers has posted beta 7 of Mac drivers for the Voodoo3 2000/3000 graphics accelerator card.

QuickTime 4.1 to improve firewall navigation. November 10, 1999 -- At Apple's QuickTime Live conference in Los Angeles, the company announced QuickTime 4.1 and QuickTime Streaming Server 2. QuickTime 4.1 for Mac OS and Windows will improve access through firewalls, add AppleScript support for streaming, and include "seamless ad insertion," among other new features. The free, open source QuickTime Streaming Server 2 will add password protection and a plug-in architecture for third-party functions.

Apple stock price surpasses Microsoft's. November 10, 1999 -- A trivial but interesting event: On Monday, Saturday's ruling on the Microsoft antitrust case caused Microsoft stock to sink and Apple stock to jump up past Microsoft's price. Apple closed at 96 3/16, up 8 points, while Microsoft closed at 89 63/64.

Search for pricing info from MacWindows Solutions. November 8, 1999 -- We've added a search box to the MacWindows Solutions page. You can use it to search for product pricing information from's Internet store.

MacVision previews Finder for Windows. November 8, 1999 -- Developer Jeff Bargmann is previewing a Mac-like Finder interface for Windows, which will be part of a future version of MacVision, a Mac-like front-end for Windows. MacVision will include such Finder features as icon and list views and popup windows view, drag and drop, and spring-loaded folders. (The screen shots are quite interesting.)

Bargmann has not announced when the Finder version of MacVision will be released, but he did say that before it does ship, he will first do a bug-fix release within several weeks. We will be following this story.

VPC 3.0 likes some Linux versions better than other. November 8, 1999 -- Following up on our item last week about running Linux on Virtual PC 3.0, Michel Lefrançois reports that some Linux implementations work better under Virtual PC 3.0 page than others. He reports that Linux Mandrake 6.1 is slow but otherwise completely functional, while other versions are not. Lefrançois is also using a French Canadian keyboard map. His comments are on our VPC 3 page.

AppleShare IP 6.3 no longer requires OpenDoc, fixes bug. November 8, 1999 -- AppleShare IP 6.3 no longer requires OpenDoc. The new version of Apple's cross-platform file and web server was released last week. Open Doc is a discontinued piece of system software. TIL article 60659 describes how to remove OpenDoc.

The new version also fixes a bug during file copies which changes the modification date of the files to the time at which they were copied to the server.

PC Linux utility reads/writes Mac disks, Mac, Win file formats. November 5, 1999 -- LinuxOne, Inc. just released its new LinuxMac, an application for Linux on Intel PCs that reads and writes Macintosh-formatted storage medium. LinuxMac also enables the reading of Mac-formatted CD-ROM. LinuxMac also works with Linux and Windows formatted disks and CDs. The company promises "Windows-like use," such as drag and drop file copying. The company says that LinuxMac can also translate to some Macintosh file formats, claiming that the utility can "read and write Macintosh format files," though the web site doesn't offer a list of formats. LinuxOne also makes a version of Linux for PCs, called LinuxOne OS.

Linux on Virtual PC 3--it mostly works. November 5, 1999 -- Richard Brooks sent us his account of installing Red Hat Linux 6.1 on Virtual PC 3. You can read it on our Virtual PC 3 page. (For more on installing Linux on Virtual PC, see the MacWindows Emulator Tips page.)

More on sharing flat-panel displays. November 5, 1999 -- Phil Noguchi describes how he shares an Apple Studio display between a Mac and a PC on our Keyboard/Monitor Sharing page.

Tips for Basilisk, Mac emulator for PCs. November 5, 1999 -- Reader Derek McCabe sent us some tips on using Basilisk, an open source Mac emulator for PC. He talks about using cable and ADSL modems, WinModem, and compatibility.

ExtremeZ-IP 1.1 released, Alpha version added. November 4, 1999 -- Group Logic has released ExtremeZ-IP 1.1, an upgrade to the AppleShare-compatible server for Windows NT that works over TCP/IP. (The software is sold by Intergraph Computer Systems.) With version 1.1, Group Logic adds a version for the Alpha processor. New features for both Intel and Alpha versions include:

The Windows NT Server version of ExtremeZ-IP 1.1 lists at US $1,399. The upgrade is free. Pricing for the Alpha version has not been announced. For more on ExtremeZ-IP, see our AFP-over-IP page.

Another Outlook 8.2.1 glitch. November 4, 1999 -- David Pearson reports of a problem with Outlook 8.2.1 for Macintosh for Exchange:

I've just discovered that if I call up an entry in the address book that goes with my Microsoft Outlook and add any new information, that the program wipes out the e-mail address.

So, if I learn some new information I want to add to an address file, I have to reenter all the information under a new heading, and delete the old one.

There has to be a way to fix this glitch. It is going to take me hours of work to go back into all these address files, to which I've been blissfully adding information for several weeks now, and reenter all this data.

AppleShare IP 6.3 updated for Mac OS 9. November 3, 1999 -- Apple has posted AppleShare IP Update Version 6.3, which provides compatibility with Mac OS 9. (It also requires Mac OS 9.) New features include:

(AppleShare IP supports both Macintosh and Windows clients.)

Orange Micro updates software for its PC boards. November 3, 1999 -- Orange Micro has posted OrangePC 3.4, which adds support for support for ATAPI Devices (including the internal Zip drives of current PowerMacs) and fixes some bugs. OrangePC 3.4 runs with the OrangePC 400, 500, 600 and PCfx! series Pentium coprocessor boards, used for running Windows on Macs.

MacServerIP Daylight Savings Time bug. November 3, 1999 -- A MacWindows source reports of a small bug in MacServerIP, the AFP-over-IP server for Windows NT. The bug occurs when the option for Daylight Savings Time is not switched on in NT:

You may want to alert your readers to a minor bug in MacServerIP regarding the switch back to Standard Time from Daylight Savings Time. We noticed yesterday that files on our MSIP volumes were displaying modification times that were an hour off from the time displayed by Windows clients. We confirmed that it was MSIP by logging into a server that's running both SFM and MSIP -- the SFM volume displayed the correct time while the MSIP volume was off by an hour.

Some more details on BackOffice/SFM installation glitch. November 3, 1999 -- Stephen Baxter sent some more details on his dealings with BackOffice and NT SFM which we reported yesterday. We've posted this on our Server Tips page.

NT Service Pack 6 "standard" encryption now 56 bits. November 3, 1999 -- Reader David Pearson notes that the standard encryption for the Windows NT Service Pack 6 is now 56-bit, not 40-bit as before. The 56-bit SP6 can upgrade the 40-bit SP5. If you have 128-bit SP5, you'll need 128-bit SP6.

MacFixIt it reports Mac OS 9 DHCP problems. November 3, 1999 -- A MacFixIt forum has an interesting discussion on DHCP problems with Mac OS 9.

LATE POST: Win NT 4 Service Pack 6 available, contains Y2K fixes. November 2, 1999 -- Microsoft has posted Windows NT Service Pack 6 on a web page. (It is not available at the Microsoft FTP site.) According to Microsoft, SP6 incorporates Y2K updates that are available as hot fixes for SP4 and SP5. SP6 is available in standard encryption or 128-bit for both the Intel and DEC Alpha version.

MacWindows installs search engine. November 2, 1999 -- You can now search through the quarter of a million words at MacWindows using a search feature we've just installed. It's located at the bottom of the left column on this page. (We ourselves had found it a chore to manually search through MacWindows' 74 web pages.) We hope you find it useful.

Outlook bug workarounds: one confirmed, one refuted. November 2, 1999 --Jeremy West reports that he has tried the workarounds we list to the Outlook/Exchange bug that causes the text insertion bar to disappear. Disabling the ATI extension in his 9600 worked; toggling the spelling option did not.

NT SFM crashes: Gatherer service a red herring; BackOffice installer the culprit. November 2, 1999 --Updating our October 22 report on the NT BackOffice Gatherer service as a possible cause of NT SFM crashes, Stephen Baxter now says the service turned out to be a red herring. Baxter originally though that turning off the service solved his server crashing problems while Macs were copying files. He now says that while shutting down the service improved NT stability, it didn't fix the problem. What did fix it was installing BackOffice and Service Pack 4, Services for Macintosh, and Service Pack 4 again, in that order.

The problem is that the BackOffice installer also installs Service Pack 4. The installer also requires that Services for Macintosh be installed after BackOffice. Unfortunately, this leaves SFM installed with older SFM files than are in SP4. Installing SP4 a second time upgrades SFM properly.

Update on sharing flat-panel displays. November 2, 1999 -- Responding to yesterday's item regarding cross-platform sharing flat-panel displays via KVM switches, Tom Powers reports that he knows of two such displays that can be shared. Powers mentions the ViewSonic VP150, which he shared with a Belkin switch. He also cited a client of his who shares an 18-inch NEC flat panel, but he didn't give the model. Powers recommends using the same resolution and frequency on both computers for the best results.

FileMaker Server 5 for NT and Mac announced. November 2, 1999 -- FileMaker, Inc. announced that it would ship FileMaker Server 5 ( US $999, upgrades US $499) on November 29. (The company is now taken orders at 1-800-325-2747.) New features include:

The software will run on Windows NT 4.0 SP3 or later and on Mac OS 8.6 or later. Both server versions support mixed Mac and Windows clients.

TextCleaner removes PC line feeds, works inside Quark. November 2, 1999 -- Studio 405 has released TextCleaner 1.6, the latest version of its text cleaning utility for Mac OS. The new version can remove PC line feeds, and lets you work form within Quark Xpress document. TextCleaner 1.6 is US $79, with a 30 day free demonstration.

ExtremeZ-IP bug confirmed: fix now in beta. November 1, 1999 -- Group Logic has confirmed a bug in ExtremeZ-IP for Windows NT, and says the bug will be fixed in version 1.1, now in beta. The bug (which we first reported on October 28) causes the Mac type and creator codes to be lost from files in certain conditions.

Tamara Curtin, who first reported the bug to us, told us that she has received the beta version of ExtremeZ-IP 1.1, and it does indeed fix the bug. Group Logic, the developer of ExtremeZ-IP, confirmed this as well. (ExtremeZ-IP is an AppleShare-over-TCP/IP file server for Windows NT.)

NT SFM print error fixed in Service Pack 5. November 1, 1999 -- Derek Dolan noticed that NT Service Pack 5 fixes a bug with Services for Macintosh printing:

I noticed that your Mac/NT tips section didn't cover the bug in SP4's atalk.sys listed in [Knowledge Base article] Q195822. This problem pops up when you have a large number of SFM printers on your NT box.

It causes a ton of semaphore timeout errors in the event log, and then the PrintSFM service crashes and you have to bounce the server. We had a hell of a time figuring this one out here, so any other large print site might want to know about this little monster. FYI: It is fixed in SP5.

More on NT Server crashing during Mac file transfer. November 1, 1999 -- David Trask found another way to fix a problem of NT Services for Macintosh crashing during a Mac file transfers. The problem started when he upgraded the server's NIC to 100BaseT. Trask resolved the problem simply by reinstalling Service Pack 4. We've added Trask's account to a long list of solutions to the problem, which was originally reported by Dean Klein of Antarctica

Update to Retrospect for NT discussion. November 1, 1999 -- We've updated our discussion of Retrospect for Windows NT with a note from reader Ryan Thomas. He makes three points:

  1. The fact that Retrospect seems to run as an NT server in some respects, even though Dantz keeps telling people it does not might be because the changes you need to make to do so aren't officially supported.
  2. The lack of support of open files is offset by third-party alternatives.
  3. Lack of support for any kind of email or paging notification is unfortunate.

His full report is on our Retrospect for NT Backup page.

Sharing flat panel displays between PC and Mac. November 1, 1999 -- A reader reports that manufacturer Belkin says that most flat-planel displays don't work with KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) switches for sharing the display between Macs and PCs (or any two computers). This is due to proprietary connectors and signals in the flat panels. We know that Apple's new Cinema Display won't work with a standard KVM switch. If you know of flat-panel display that well, please tell us about it.

ACI announces news utility to "clone" ODBC databases. November 1, 1999 -- Today, ACI US, Inc. (creators of the 4th Dimension database), released the beat of a new utility that can copy the data structures and data from any ODBC database. The new utility, code-named 4D Assimilator, enables easy migration from FileMaker, MS Access, or othe ODBC databases by cloning the table structure and copying the data into a 4D 6.5 or greater database. The beta version of 4D Assimilator is free.

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