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December 1998

Microsoft releases Service Pack 2 for Exchange 5.5, bolsters Mac compatibility. December 31, 1998 -- Just before Christmas (during our break), Microsoft released Service Pack 2 for Exchange Server 5.5. It includes better support of Outlook for Mac clients, according to Microsoft:

  • "Support for message signing and encryption using S/MIME version 2 when used with Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 SP1 or greater.
  • Support for viewing calendars created by using Outlook 97 and later versions for Microsoft Windows. This provides read-only access to the calendar content in addition to the existing free/busy support.

Support for Mac OS 8.5"

Follow-up to LPR Printing on NT. December 31, 1998 -- In response to yesterday's report on LPR printing through NT Server, John Wolf comments that along with NT Servers, AppleShare IP 6.1 could be used for print spooling, as it "should also behave with binary files."

NT SFM: icon view on one drive, not another. December 31, 1998 -- Damon Brandt writes about an interesting problem:

"I have two SFM volumes on my NT 4 SP3 server. I recently replaced two aging Micropolus 8 gig external drives for two external 18 gig units. The new set is much better, each unit has it's own SCSO card. But ever since the switch one of the volumes aways defaults to icon view for window display. I'm not realy sure why. I have correctly applied the microsoft reg hack to raise the volume size but that only brought me to 3.9 gigs per volume. I also have the same printing problems posted on your site."

Early release of new PC emulator now available. December 30, 1998 -- David Batterham is working on MacBochs, a Mac OS version of Bochs, an Intel x86 PC emulator originally written for UNIX. Batterham has an early source-code-only release available that requires CodeWarrior Pro 1 or later to compile. You can download it at the MacBochs web site. At this point, the MacBochs code is incomplete, but can boot MS-DOS and run some programs.

Microsoft says Windows 2000 will contain AFP over IP. December 30, 1998 -- We received a note from a person inside of the Microsoft Services for Macintosh (SFM) group, who denied the rumor we reported on December 21st below:

"In regards to your posting about AFP over TCP/IP being removed from Windows 2000 Server, this is absolutely false. SFM and AFP over TCP/IP are currently in Windows 2000 Server and work great."

AFP is the Apple Filing Protocol, responsible for AppleShare-compatible file sharing in Macs. (Our source does not wish his name to be published.)

LPR Printing problem from Mac OS through an NT Queue. December 30, 1998 -- Matt Harris of Mattel reports about an ongoing problem he's having printing through an NT queue via LPR from Mac OS. The problem seems related to a know problem with NT's handling of binary Postscript data from the Mac. We've posted his report on the MacWindows NT Unsolved Mysteries page.

LinuxPPC update. December 30, 1998 -- LinuxPPC Inc. has posted a new pre-R5 installation for LinuxPPC, which will install for RedHat and BootX.

AppleShare IP Advanced Setup beta available. December 29, 1998 -- You can now download the public beta of AppleShare IP Advanced Setup, which provides new administration features not found in ASIP 6.1. With the new tool, you can change the port number for SMB sessions for Windows clients. You can also set a session timeout for idle SMB sessions.

Prosoft releases beta 3 of NetWare Client. December 29, 1998 -- Prosoft Engineering has posted beta 3 of NetWare Client 5.12 for Mac OS. (Prosoft didn't release beta 2 to the public.)

BootX launches LinuxPPC from Mac OS. December 29, 1998 -- Version 1.01 of BootX is now available. BootX launches LinuxPPC from with Mac OS.

OS 8.5 and slashes in file names. December 28, 1998 -- A reader reports a problem with a Mac OS 8.5.1 client and NT Server 4.0 with Service Pack 3. If the volume name has a slash either "/" or "\" the icon will not appear on the desktop only the name. OS 8.0 and lower will display the icon. The reader has rebuilt the volumes with no change. Using slashes in file names usually causes problems with Windows clients, but this is the first we've heard of the problem with a Mac client. If you've seen this problem, please let us know.

Graphics Converter 3.5 supports more formats. December 28, 1998 -- You can now download Graphics Converter 3.5, a new version of the shareware utility from Lemke Software that converts Mac and PC graphics file formats. The new version adds several more supported file formats and includes fixes for some minor OS 8.5 problems.

NT 4 Service Pack 4 and PC MacLAN. December 28, 1998 -- We've added an item to our Windows NT 4 Service Pack 4 page about compatibility with Miramar PC MacLAN. Miramar has a patch which must be loaded after Service Pack 4. Installing SP 4 to a machine already running PC MACLAN will cause the machine to hang.

Miramar says PC MacLAN compatible with latest Netware Win client. December 28, 1998 -- A Miramar Systems Techical Note says that PC MacLAN is compatible with the Novell Netware Client v3.01 for Windows 95/98 and Client v4.5 for Windows NT without modification.

AppleShare over TCP/IP may be dropped from Windows 2000. December 21, 1998 -- A source has told MacWindows that Microsoft is considering dropping the planned support of Macintosh file sharing over TCP/IP in Windows 2000 Server (formerly known as Windows NT 5.0). Current versions of Windows NT Server only support the AppleShare-compatible Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) over AppleTalk, but not over IP. AFP over TCP/IP was to have been a feature of Windows 2000 Server. AFP over TCP/IP is significantly faster than AFP over AppleTalk, and is supported in AppleShare IP and several UNIX server products. Microsoft says Windows 2000 will ship before June of next year, but some analysts don't expect its release before the year 2000.

Linux servers growing faster than Windows NT. December 18, 1998 -- Cnet reports that a study by International Data Corporation (IDC) shows that Linux makes up 17.2 percent of server operating systems installed in 1998. This is up from 6.8 percent a year ago, which means Linux is out-pacing Windows NT as a server platform in terms of growth.

MS Outlook for Mac to read Windows calendar info, support OS 8.5. December 18, 1998 -- Microsoft's upcoming Service Pack 2 for its Exchange 5.5 server will contain a version of Outlook for Macintosh with a number of improvements, according to a Cnet story. New Outlook for Mac features include the ability to read Windows calendars and Mac OS 8.5 compatibility. Exchange 5.5 Service Pack 2 will ship the end of this month. (Thanks to Jeff Miller for alerting us to this story.)

Defragging NT 4 Server SFM volumes--partial success with Diskeeper. December 18, 1998 -- Responding to our News item of December 14 about defragmenting NT Services for Macintosh, Gary Peterson says he has had some success with Diskeeper. You can read his comments on our NT Unsolved Mysteries page.

RAM didn't fix 128-bit NT SP4 problem. December 18, 1998 -- Regarding the problem we reported yesterday on our Windows NT Service Pack 4 page regarding the 128-bit version of NT Server 4.0 Service Pack 4, which doesn't occur with the 40-bit version. Sunny Ye reports that the problem still occurred with 160 MB RAM in the server.

128-bit version NT Service Pack 4 crashes with SFM. December 17, 1998 -- Reader Sunny Le reports that the 128-bit version of NT Server 4.0 Service Pack 4 can crash under some conditions when Macs to file transfers to Services for Macintosh volumes. We've posted Le's report on the Windows NT Service Pack 4 page.

Applixware to port suite to Linux for PowerPC. December 17, 1998 -- Applix, Inc., will be at Macworld Expo next month demonstrating a new Linux for PowerPC port of it's Applixware Office suite. The suite, which includes word processing, document publishing, spreadsheets, business graphics and editing, data access, and e-mail, is now available for NT, Unix, and Intel-based Linux OS's.Apple to offer Macs with Linux. December 16, 1998 -- Computer Retail Week reports that Apple will ship certain Mac G3 models with Linux instead of Mac OS at Macworld Expo next month.

Info source for Mac emulation on PCs. December 16, 1998 -- Thomas Reichardt has a web page with a lot of information about Mac emulation on PCs. It's mostly in English, with some German.

A look at the NetWare Client. December 15, 1998 -- Bill Reynolds sent us a short report on what's new with Prosoft Engineering's beta NetWare Client 5.12 for Mac OS.

More on Asante NetDoubler. December 15, 1998 -- Nate Caplin confirms that Asante has dropped NetDoubler support for Mac OS, as well as NT. Caplin tells us why on the OS 8.5 Issues page.

Sun, Oracle "OS-less" PC based on Solaris kernel. December 15, 1998 -- ZDNet reports that the Sun and Oracle will combine Oracle's database software with Sun's Solaris kernel to create a "server appliance" that doesn't require a higher-level operating system. The software will ship in March of 1999.

Defragging NT 4 Server SFM volumes. December 15, 1998 -- A reader wrote to ask about defragmenting Services for Macintosh volumes on NT 4. He said Executive Software (makers of Diskeeper) told him that Diskeeper can't do it and that NT itself doesn't support it. If you have any experience defragging SFM volumes, please let us know how you do it.

MacWindows Disk Solutions Update: Mac disks on PCs. December 15, 1998 -- We've updated our Disk Solutions page to include a free Windows tool called HFVExplorer that mounts Mac disks on Windows, and be used to move files to HFS disks. (Thanks to Thomas Reichardt for telling us about it.)

New Tip: NT Server booting into a desired AppleTalk Zone. December 14, 1998 -- Thanks to Shane Anglin of CNN Interactive for sending us a method of rebooting Windows NT Server with Service Pack 3 or less so that it boots into the correct AppleTalk zone. You can read the method on the Server Tips page.

Equilibrium releases update for DeBabelizer 3 for Mac. December 14, 1998 -- Equilibrium has released a free 3.0.2 updater for DeBabelizer 3 for Mac OS. (The Mac OS and Windows versions of DeBabelizer are automated editors for graphics and video, supporting over 100 Windows and Mac formats.) The updater adds Mac OS 8.5 compatibility, as well as support for both binary and ASCII image data in EPSF/DCS files, used in pre-press. The update also supports more Photoshop 5 plug-ins than before. Equilibrium has posted a new white paper on DeBabelizer and automation.

Asante may have dropped NetDoubler support for Mac OS. December 14, 1998 -- A reader reports that Asante's NetDoubler is incompatible with Mac OS 8.5, and that Asante has discontinued development of NetDoubler for future upgrades of the Mac OS after 8.5, though it will continue NetDoubler UNIX and NetDoubler NT Server versions. We have not yet been able to verify this with Asante.

In other news, Asante has also released an OS 8.5 compatible driver for its 10/100 Ethernet adapters and OS 8.5.

Sun and Oracle announce a non-OS computer. December 14, 1998 -- Reuters news service reports that Oracle and Sun will today announce a new type of computer that will run without an operating system. Oracles databases will run directly on top of a microkernel.

Old SoftWindows versions have network problem under Mac OS 8.5. December 10, 1998 -- A reader reports that the older SoftWindows 4.0 version can't network when running Mac OS 8.5. This is similar to problems with the old PC Compatibility cards and older versions of Virtual PC. The current version of SoftWindows, 5.0.4, works fine on OS 8.5. (You can read about these and other problems on our Mac OS 8.5 Cross-Platform Issues page.

Lotus Notes 5 beta 2 for multiple platforms posted. December 10, 1998 -- Lotus Notes/Domino R5 Beta 2 is now available for downloading for multiple platforms, including Windows 95/NT (Intel and Alpha), Mac OS, and Sun. The FAQ says of the Mac client "The plan is to have functional parity with the Win 32 version by FCS."

Aladdin to add cross-platform features to StuffIt Deluxe, Expander for Windows. December 9, 1998 -- A MacWindows source reports that Aladdin is preparing new versions of its compression software StuffIt Deluxe (Mac) and Expander for Windows (which can compress/decompress Mac .SIT files) that will fix cross-platform problems and add new Mac-Windows integration features. According to the source, there will be several releases in January:

Aladdin has not announced these products or confirmed this information.

Notes on the Prosoft NetWare client beta. December 9, 1998 -- Bill Reynolds found a new bug in the new beta Prosoft NetWare Client 5.12 for Mac OS:

"I haven't had a chance to try MacIPX printing yet, but the Beta1 client is quite similar to the Alpha Preview client. However, one thing that broke between the alpha and beta versions (I opened a ticket) is aliases: If you mount two volumes from the same server, both aliases under Recent Servers point to the same volume (whichever one was mounted first). You have to go back to the Chooser to mount the missing volume (even if you log out completely and try again)."

3D streaming for Windows and Mac comes to RealPlayer. December 9, 1998 -- OZ.COM announced Fluid3D, a development system for RealNetworks' RealPlayer G2 that provides high-quality streaming of 3D animation on the Internet. Windows and Macintosh version will ship in January, UNIX versions to follow.

Current Prosoft NetWare client is different than October release. December 8, 1998 -- We asked Prosoft Engineering how the newly posted beta of NetWare Client 5.12 for Mac OS is different than the beta they posted in October. Product Marketing Manager Ken Freeman told us that the current release is officially Beta 1. The October release was a "Preview" release, or an alpha. Prosoft's NetWare client integrates NetWare file services and IPX printing into the Mac OS Chooser.

Apple releases Mac OS 8.5.1 bug-fix update. December 7, 1998 -- Apple has posted Mac OS 8.5.1. It does not appear to address any of the problems listed on our Mac OS 8.5 cross-platform issues page. The readme file says:

"Mac OS 8.5.1 Update fixes a memory leak in AppleScript, a memory problem in the file system, and a Mac OS Extended format corruption issue, re-enables the use of many third party ADB devices, and provides some improved communication through Internet proxy firewalls for Sherlock."

For more info, see Tech Info Library article 26165.

AppleShare IP 6.1 upgrade posted. December 7, 1998 -- Apple has posted the AppleShare IP 6.1 upgrade, which is a free download for 6.0 owners. In addition to running on OS 8.5, the new version fixes a couple of bugs with Windows users, one that prevents Windows clients from saving from within an application, and the display of the incorrect date and time in Windows' Properties dialog box. The full 6.1 package has been shipping for several weeks.

MachTen UNIX at lower price. December 7, 1998 -- Tenon Intersystems has is shipping of Power MachTen 4.1.1, a Mach/BSD UNIX that runs with Mac OS. The price has been lowered to $249. An OpenGL option is $199 (academic, $149). MachTen includes a UNIX and X software development environment supporting C, C++, Java, and other programming languages.

New MacWindows Special Report: Mac OS 8.5. December 4, 1998 -- We've collected together the known bugs and conflicts of Mac OS 8.5 that affect cross-platform integration in a new special report. The page contains information previously reported here, as well as some items, including a problem with Office 98 and FileMaker 4.02.

Palm Computing posts Palm MacPac beta 2. December 4, 1998 -- Palm Computing has posted the Palm MacPac beta 2 software for connecting to its hand-held computer.

Aladdin updates StuffIt Deluxe 5. December 4, 1998 -- Aladdin has posted the StuffIt Deluxe 5.0.1 Updater, a bug-fix update for the compression utility.

Mac OS 8.5/NT Server file problem--virus checker conflict likely cause. December 3, 1998 -- Many readers confirmed a problem with 8.5 file copies and NT 4.0 Service Pack 3 that we reported yesterday. Going back to OS 8.1 saw the problem vanish. However, many other readers say the cause may be a known conflict with OS 8.5 and Virex and Norton AntiVirus, related to the one we reported on November 14 and 16. A recently released Norton AntiVirus 5.0.3 fixes the problem, and we have a workaround for Virex on the Server Tips page. We've updated the tip with this information.

In other news, MacWeek reports that Apple is getting ready to ship a bug-fixed Mac OS 8.5.1, but the report does not mention this problem.

DataViz announces Mac/Win-to-Palmtop file tool. December 3, 1998 -- DataViz will ship Documents To Go, a tool for converting and moving files between the Palm Computing platform and Macintosh or Windows. The software, to be released in the first quarter of 1999, will convert and move word processor and spreadsheet files to the Palm when you drag them from Mac or Windows.

Reader gets AppleShare IP 6.0 to work on Mac OS 8.5. December 3, 1998 -- Jeff Schatz tells us that he has been running AppleShare 6.0 on Mac OS 8.5, despite the fact that Apple says the two are incompatible, and recommends upgrading to 6.1. Schatz has a G3 server and 5 Mac OS 8.5 clients and 4 Windows 95/98 clients.

New Tip: Avoid screen savers on Windows NT Server. December 2, 1998 -- John McCauley thought it might be NT 4 Service Pack 4 that dramatically slowed down his server performance when he upgraded from NT 3.5.1.The culprit turned out to be a 3-D OpenGL screen saver on NT 4.

Mac OS 8.5 and NT Server file copy problem. December 2, 1998 -- Reader John Lloyd reports a file copy problem with Mac OS 8.5 and NT:

"I've recently upgraded to Mac OS 8.5 and now on most occasions when I copy from an NT file server, the system just freezes on the Mac and then eventually says that the Volume has been disconnected. I'm running NT 4.0 and Service Pack 3 with the Post SP3 SFM fix"

If you've seen this before, please let us know.

Cross-platform, Java-based software installer. December 2, 1998 -- InstallAnywhere from ZeroG Software is a Java-based software installer that runs on any platform. If the machine has no Java virtual machine, InstallAnywhere installes one. The company says "It tailors the install for the user's system, whether setting custom icons on Mac OS or creating shortcuts in the Windows Start menu."

Proteron sells GoMac. December 2, 1998 -- Proteron has sold its shareware GoMac to Power On Software, the owner of Now Utilities. GoMac is a utility that adds a Windows-like start menu and task bar to Mac OS.

You can read the details of Berg's report here. We've also upgraded our Operating Systems Solutions page to reflect Orange Micro's current line of cards.

Reader sends in OrangePC 660 and PCfx benchmarks. December 1, 1998 -- Tom Berg sent us his test results comparing two Orange Micro cards, the low-end PCfx! and the high-end OrangePC 660, with the fastest processor available for it, a 400 MHz AMD K6-2. In summary, Berg says:

"Overall almost 3 times better performance with OrangePC 660 K6-2/400 over PCfx! In gaming specific situations over 4 times better performance!"

Apple releases WebObjects 4.0 for Windows NT and UNIX. December 1, 1998 -- Apple released the newest version of its dynamic web page development system, WebObjects 4 for Windows NT and UNIX. (Pricing starts at $1,499 U.S.) The new version adds Java support, pre-built reusable software modules, improved performance. Apple says it will release WebObjects 4 for Power PC G3 systems, running on Mac OS X Server (ie, the still-unreleased Rhapsody variant) in 1999.

November, 1998

Microsoft releases post-NT Service Pack 4 hot fixes. November 30 -- Microsoft has posted its first 2 hot fixes for NT Service Pack 4, a fix for the TCP/IP driver that fixes a Blue Screen of Death problem, and a security update.

32-bit drivers for old PC Compatibility Cards by early next year. November 30 -- A company called Fraser Valley Distributed Computer Systems has will enable Apple and Reply/Radius PC Compatibility Cards to run 32-bit Windows drivers, according to Mark Fonneman's 32-bit Campaign web site. The company has acquired the rights from Apple to create version 2.0 of PC Setup, the Mac software that enables the cards to operate. The company expect to release PC Setup 2.0 early in 1999. The last PC Setup released by Apple, v. 1.6.4, is 16-bit.

Problem with OS 8.5 Sherlock and NetWare, Unix Netatalk. November 30 -- Apple TIL article #30845 reports a problem with Mac OS 8.5 Sherlock and various versions of NetWare as well as Netatalk on Unix. When users search on a mounted volume, they get an error message when clicking on an item in the Items Found list. Windows NT and AppleShare volumes do not have this problem.

AppleShare IP 6 Web & File Update 1 fixes Windows file sharing problem. November 30 -- Apple has posted AppleShare IP 6 Web & File Update 1. Apple describes it this way:

"[The update is] an Extension that eliminates the vulnerability of AppleShare IP 6 Web & File servers (versions 6.0 and 6.1) to a denial of service attack known as "Winnuke". This patch protects all services in the Web & File server from this kind of attack, but such attacks are most common with Windows file sharing."

Yellow Dog Linux--another low-cost Mac Linux package. November 30 -- A Linux distributor called Terra Soft Solutions has announced it will be offering a package called Yellow Dog Linux for Macintosh G3 systems. The $49.95 for a home edition (to ship 2nd quarter 1999) and $74.95 server edition (to ship mid-January 1999) will be based on Red Hat Linux 5.x and Linux for PowerPC.

Vicomsoft updates Internet Gateway for Mac OS, Windows. November 30 -- Vicomsoft has released updates to it's Internet Gateway and SoftRouter Plus software for Mac OS and Windows. The Mac versions, Internet Gateway 5.0.2 and SoftRouter Plus 5.0.2 are for owners of version 5.0 and 5.0.1 of these products. The Windows versions are also 5.0.2. Both Mac and Windows versions support cross-platform networks.

MacDrive 98 seeking beta testers. November 24 -- Media4 Productions is seeking beta testers for a new version of MacDrive 98 that adds HFS Plus support. MacDrive 98 is software for Windows 95/98/NT that enables PCs to read Mac SCSI drives and floppies. To apply as a beta test, fill out a form at Media4's site. Beta testers will receive a copy of the final release of the new MacDrive 98.

Timbuktu Pro-SoftWindows conflict may not be new. November 24 -- Alan R. Houtzer reports that he has seen the conflict between SoftWindows and Timbuktu Pro 4.8 (see news item November 20) with earlier versions of Timbuktu Pro, but is not seeing the problem now with 4.8:

I ran version 4.7 for some time, without experiencing the conflict. Then I moved to a new Power Mac G3 (from a 7300 with G3/250 upgrade processor), and had the problem full time -- with no change in versions of Timbuktu or SoftWindows (5.04). I spent some time isolating the SoftWindows registration problem to the Timbuktu extension, reinstalling SoftWindows several times and working form Mac OS 8.1 Base configuration up through my extensions. I found that moving back to Timbuktu 4.0 fixed the problem.

Then Timbuktu 4.7.1 came out. I installed this, and the problem went away. Now, I'm using Timbuktu 4.8, also without a problem.

Houtzer also said that he recall getting this problem intermittently using an early 4.0.x or 3.0.2 version of Timbuktu Pro.The problem in all cases is that the message "SoftWindows Registration Error" appears when starting the SoftWindows application, preventing the application from running.

Very large NT SFM volumes and defragging. November 24 -- Dan Everard sent us a portion of the release notes Executive Software's Disk Keeper dealing with problems with volumes over 60 GB. You can read it on our NT Unsolved Mysteries page.

Microsoft to remove Java from Mac Internet Explorer. November 23 -- CNet reports that in response to a judge's decision to force Microsoft to comply with Sun's cross-platform Java license, Microsoft will remove the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine from the Mac OS and Unix versions of it's Internet Explorer web browser.

Miramar posts PC MacLAN patch for Win NT 4 Service Pack 4 . November 23 -- Miramar Systems has an NT Service Pack 4 patch for its PC MacLAN AppleTalk software for Windows NT for users who want to install Microsoft's NT Service Pack 4.

Virtual PC ADSL Internet connection problem with Mac OS 8.5. November 23 -- Gordon Wolford reports a problem with using Virtual PC under Mac OS 8.5:

"I get an error message a few seconds after I connect to the Internet with Netscape and the first page has begun to load. The error message says:

"'A network error occurred while Netscape was sending data. (Network Error: Connection reset by peer) Try connecting again.'

"Further attempts to reconnect fail. Since I never had this problem with OS 7.6.1 it obviously has to do with something in OS 8.5. I connect to the Internet through an ADSL service using TCP via my ethernet port."

NT Service Pack 4 and Omnis database apps. November 23 -- Alain Stouder sends the following:

"We experienced some problems with our NT4 users who installed Service Pack 4, they couldn't execute our Omnis-based applications properly while Macintosh and Windows 95/98/NT4 SP3 users were not experiencing this problem. Omnis Software created a fix for this."

We've added this to our list of Win NT Service Pack 4 issues.

Timbuktu Pro 4.8 conflict with RealPC, SoftWindows. November 20 -- Curtis Smith reports that with Netopia's new Timbuktu Pro 4.8 with application sharing installed, Insignia's RealPC 1.0.4 won't load, and gives an error message that it can't register. This also occurs with SoftWindows, and on Smith tried it on two different Macs. Reinstalling Timbuktu Pro 4.7.1 returns the emulators to normal operation.

MacWindows has contacted both Netopia and Insignia, and will report on any response we get.

Apple Posts AppleShare IP First Aid Tool. November 20 -- Apple has posted AppleShare IP First Aid 1.0, a repair and backup utility for AppleShare IP data files. (The readme file is here.)

Reader has problem backing up very large NT volume. November 20 -- David Dutt is having problems backing up his 70 GB NT Services for Macintosh volume. We've posted his message on our NT Unsolved Mysteries page.

Beta of new text tool available. November 20 -- Taylor Design has posted a beta of a new text tool, Text Washer 1.0b1, a utility that can convert between Mac and PC. Taylor describes the utility:

"[Text Washer is] suitable for everything from cleaning up E-mails to preparing large documents for publishing. With a single pass Text Washer can clean up text from the Internet, prepare text for publishing, prepare text for the Internet, convert text for use on other platforms, and more. Text Washer includes over 50 built in filters and allows users to create their own filters using any of the 5 core filter types."

MoniSwitch now available in United States. November 20 -- Dr. Bott's MoniSwitch, a box for sharing a monitor, keyboard, and mouse between Macs and PCs, now has a U. S. distributor, The Macintosh Guy of Portland, Oregon. The 2-computer box is $110; the 4-computer box is $165. (See the MacWindows Keyboard/Monitor Solutions page for a list of similar products.)

Price discount for new MachTen Unix release. November 20 -- Tenon Systems is discounting the price of Power MachTen 4.1.1, a BSD/Mach kernel Unix for Mac, until the end of November. Normally $495, Tenon is offering the new version of MachTen for $199. Power MachTen 4.1.1 has improved performance & software development tools, and hundreds of updated applications. Power MachTen is a complete Mach/BSD UNIX that runs with Mac OS, including Mac OS 8.5.

Connectix recommends not using NT Service Pack 4 on Virtual PC. November 19 -- Connectix has confirmed the problem we reported here (see our Win NT Service Pack 4 page) with Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 running on Virtual PC. The problem prevents users from logging on to NT. John Malm of Connectix Quality Assurance wrote:

"At this time we recommend customers NOT install this service pack. We are investigating the cause and hope to find a solution. At this time we don't know if it is Virtual PC or the service pack that is causing the problem.

"If a user has valuable data and has already installed the Service Pack 4, mount the drive image as the D drive and copy the data to the new C drive (that doesn't contain Service Pack 4)."

DataViz posts MacLink Plus 10.003 bug fix patch. November 19 -- DataViz has posted a MacLink Plus 10.003 patch for its MacLinkPlus 10 file translation software. The patch fixes some bugs and makes file recognition improvements.

Tips Update: NetWare Client 4.11 and Virtual PC. November 19 -- John Malm of Connectix sent us comments for three problems concerning Virtual PC and the NetWare Client:

  1. The client on VPC can't Power Mac 6500 can't access a NetWare server.
  2. A work-around for logging into NetWare with a DOS client. (See the MacWindows Emulation Tips page for a work-around.)
  3. Malm says Connectix has been unable to reproduce a problem reported here of some unable to install Novell's Intranetware Client 4.11 on Virtual PC 2.0. (See news item November 10 below.) However, Malm recommended upgrading to Virtual PC 2.1, which solved some other Netware problems.

The MacWindows Emulation Tips page has details and suggested work-arounds from Connectix.

Netopia releases Timbuktu Pro 4.8 with MS NetMeeting compatibility. November 19 -- Netopia has release two new Mac versions of it's Timbuktu Pro remote-control/application sharing software. Timbuktu Pro 4.8 ($139.95 for 2 copies) continues its ability to view and control Windows and Macs over a network, but adds OS 8.5 compatibility and other features. Another version, Timbuktu Pro 4.8 with Microsoft NetMeeting Compatible Application Sharing ($159.95 for 2 copies), lets Mac users collaborate with PCs running T.120 application sharing software such as Microsoft NetMeeting. Current Timbuktu owners can upgrade on-line.

Sun wins injunction against Microsoft Java for cross-platform violations. November 18 -- On Tuesday afternoon, a U.S. District Court granted an injunction against Microsoft for shipping Java that does not comply to Sun's cross-platform compatibility standards. CNN reports that the injunction will temporarily block shipments of Windows 98 and Internet Explorer 4.0 within 90 days unless Microsoft alters it's Java so that it no longer requires Windows. Sun claims that Microsoft violated the Java Licensing agreement by adding Windows-only extensions. A C|net story says that developers support Java as a cross-platform technology.

Mini Special Report: Support for Euro currency symbol in Mac OS and Windows. November 18 -- The European Union's new Euro currency symbol (left) goes into affect on January 1st, and Mac and Windows are getting ready to handle it. Mac OS 8.5 has complete support for the character, and 18 system fonts support it (option-shift-2). Previous versions of Mac OS use the international currency symbol for this key combination. An Apple Euro web page discusses these issues as well as printing with various drivers.

Microsoft has a Euro Product Update for Windows 95. Windows 98 supports the Euro and has 4 fonts that are "Euro enabled," ( AltGr-5), according to a Microsoft Euro web page. Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 adds support for the Euro symbol along with 5 Euro-enabled fonts. There is also an NT 4.0 Euro Product Update. Windows 2000 (formerly NT 5.0) will support the Euro symbol when it ships next year.

The cross-platform issues with the Euro symbol should be the same as with any font -- you need to have the same font on both platforms for the best results. Adobe has three free Postscript Type fonts for Mac and Windows that describe the euro currency symbol. There's more information at the European Commission web site and at a downloadable PDF file.

MacWindows Solutions update: utility for adding type and creator codes. November 18 -- We've added Frank Reiff's A Better Finder Creators & Types utility to our list of cross-platform file tools at the MacWindows File Integration Solutions page. The Mac utility lets you add type and creator codes to batches of files from Windows PCs or the Internet.

MacWindows Solutions update: file sharing with FTP and NetPresenz. November 17 -- We've updated our Network Solutions page to include NetPresenz ($10, shareware), an FTP server for Mac. It's also useful in a peer-to-peer situation, such as moving files between a Mac and a Windows machine, so we've added a note about it on our Peer-to-Peer Tips page.

Problem with GIF files in Novell Groupwise Client for Mac. November 17 -- Apple Tech Info Library article 24717 reports of a problem with Novell Groupwise Client for Macintosh file transfers when certain GIF files are included. Apple reports that the problem also occurs with Netware Client for Mac 5.11 update mclupd4.bin. The article does not offer a fix.

Processor in the works could run Windows and Mac OS. November 16 -- Wired magazine reports that a new company called Transmeta is working on a multi-OS processor that will run both Windows and Mac OS. According to the story, the company hasn't announced a product, but has filed a patent for a processor that can translate the instruction sets of multiple processors on the fly. Transmeta is partially financed by Microsoft's Paul Allen, and employs Linus Torvalds, who created the Linux operation system. Transmeta does not have a web site, but seems to have reserved the domain.

Solution to OS 8.5,Win NT Server, and Virex problem. November 16 -- Orlin Damyanov discovered a workaround to the problems reported on November 14 with Virex on Mac OS 8.5 and mounted NT Server volumes. You can read about it at MacWindows Server Tips page.

Virtual PC and NT4. November 16 -- Some more readers have reported being unable to log on to NT 4 Service Pack 4 running on Virtual PC on a Mac. The problem is described at our Service Pack 4 page.

Psion 5-to-Mac connectivity web site. November 16 -- Simon Williams has a web page called Simon's Psi - Mac Tips, a page of tips on using Psiwin, a freeware Psion product for the Psion 5 handheld computer. The page tells you how to move text, databases, graphics, sounds, and other data between the two.

MacWindows Solutions update: Keyboard and monitor sharing. November 16 -- We've added StarView from StarTech Computer Products to our list of devices that share keyboards and monitors between Macs and PCs on the MacWindows Keyboard/Monitor Solutions page. (Thanks to Chuck Lundgren for the tip.)

Problem with Mac OS 8.5,Win NT Server, and Virex. November 14 -- Reader Orlin Damyanov had a few problems with Macs connected to Win NT Server SFM after he installed Mac OS 8.5 on the Macs. He traced the problems to Virex 8.5.1, which was checking the mounted NT. (The problems did not occur with other versions of Mac OS.)

1). Once the NT volume is mounted on the desktop via the Chooser or during start-up, the new Network Browser would not launch. The browser could be used after disconnecting AppleTalk and reconnecting it again. (need to restart the Mac).

2). Appearance Manager. When you select a picture as a background and the shared NT volume is mounted, the computer locks up. Virex seems it checks every single file on the NT volume. The only recourse was to restart the Mac.

3). Internet control panel will refuse to close, and the Mac freezes if the NT volume is mounted.

MacWindows Solutions update: tools for working with PC files. November 12 -- Guido Tonini told us about three freeware programs that work the Internet Config's file mapping. ICTypeChanger and ICFileDiverter are two small drag & drop applications that let you open "orphan" files. ICtoPCExchange updates PC Exchange extension mapping according to the ones of Internet Config, giving you consistent extension mapping. These 3 utilities are all described and linked on the MacWindows File Integration Tools page under "Miscellaneous."

New Tip: Mac-PC web sharing. November 12 -- Myriam Pinon reminded us that if you have a TCP/IP connection, you can share files between a Mac and a PC without buying any extra software. Her tip is on the Peer-to-Peer tips page

New Linux Lite for Macs. November 12 -- LinuxPPC has released LinuxPPC Lite, a smaller, 75 MB version of the full 600 MB LinuxPPC 4.0 for Macintosh computers. LinuxPPC Lite also includes a new dual-boot capability using a Mac OS utility called BootX. You can boot Linux from the BootX application, or use it to set Linux to boot at the next startup. You can download LinuxPPC and BootX for free.

BitJazz lossless compression for Adobe products, cross-platform SDK. November 11 -- 1998 -- BitJazz Inc. is shipping PhotoJazz, ($99) a graphics compressor for Adobe products with 2.5 X compression with no loss of quality. PhotoJazz is available for Windows and Mac OS. A cross-platform software developers kit (SDK) enables programmers to enable any Mac or Windows application to support PhotoJazz Support.

It works --the fix for OS 8.5/ PC Compatibility Card. November 11, 1998 -- Paul Jacoby sent us a follow-up report about Jason Linhart's patch to enable Apple's PC Compatibility cards to work under Mac OS 8.5. Without the patch, networking doesn't work. The patch's readme file promises partial network. Jacoby says it gave him full networking with his Apple Pentium 166 card in a G3/233 desktop:

"I just did the upgrade to OS 8.5 this afternoon, ran Jason's patcher on the PC Network Extension, rebooted, and everything works just fine on the PC Card! Networking is fully functional (using DHCP via my NetGear RT328 router). I did not have to make any other changes (swapping some extensions was referenced on MacinTouch in another note from Jason on November 6th)."

Low-cost Windows emulator for BeOS. November 11, 1998 -- Bochs Software has a $25.00 Windows emulator for BeOS, called "bochs," which emulates x86 PC hardware and BIOS so that DOS and Windows and applications can run inside of a BeOS window. Bochs is also available for Linux, Solaris, and most all other Unix platforms. (SheepShaver lets you run Mac OS on BeOS, but is a native runtime environment, not an emulator.

New MacWindows Page on NT Service Pack 4. November 10, 1998 -- We've collected together our old and new information and links about NT Server Pack 4 and Services for Mac on a new NT Service Pack 4 page. The new page includes new reader reports. One reader can't log onto Win NT with SP4 running Virtual PC on a Mac, though he could with SP3. Another reader says his SFM shared directories become un-shared every time he shuts the server down. A third reader reports his installation problems.

AppleShare IP 6.1 to ship within 2 weeks, will fix some Windows problems. November 10, 1998 -- AppleShare IP 6.1 will ship sometimes within 2 weeks, according to Apple. A free upgrade for ASIP 6.0 owners will be posted before November 23. The new version is supposed to fix a couple of bugs with Windows users, Windows clients can't save from within an application, and the display of the incorrect date and time in Windows' Properties dialog box. Multi-domain support enables the Web server to host different web sites.

AppleShare IP 6.1 comes with a Mac OS 8.5 CD-ROM, and is now compatible and optimized for the new OS version. Because of OS 8.5's improved file transfer speeds, Apple is claiming that AppleShare IP 6.1 has faster data transfer performance than Windows NT.

NetWare Intranetware Client 4.11 on Virtual PC 2.0. November 10, 1998 -- Bill Reynolds hasn't been able to successfully install Novell's Intranetware Client 4.11 on Virtual PC 2.0 (Win 95 or NT 4) or Orange PC 3.x (Windows 95). Has anyone else done this successfully? Let us know.

NetWare Client and Mac OS 8.5 login error. November 9, 1998 -- Apple's Mac OS 8.5: Open Transport 2.0 Read Me - Part 2 has this note about using the Netware client on Mac OS 8.5:

"When using Netware Client version 5.11 configured for NetwareIP service, the first login may yield a Netware Configuration error message. To avoid this error, open the NetwareIP control panel and change the value under Domain SAP Server (DSS) Retry Attempts from 1 to 2. You can also change Open Transport TCP/IP control panel to always load TCP/IP into memory (open the TCP/IP control panel, click the Options button, and click the "Load only when needed" box to remove the X)."

Be to debut first user version of BeOS at COMDEX. November 9, 1998 -- Be, Inc. will show BeOS 4 at Comdex in Los Vegas, November 16 - 20. Be OS 4 is Be's first version aimed at users rather than developers. Be hopes to aim BeOS at the multimedia creation market. BeOS runs on both Intel-based and Macintosh hardware.

What's new Microsoft NT Service Pack 4. November 9, 1998 -- Microsoft has a web page that describes what's new with Windows NT 4 Service Pack 4, released in mid-October.

Sun can now cancel Microsoft's Java contract. November 9, 1998 -- PC Week noticed that Sun can now legally drop Microsoft's Java license, if it wanted to.

StuffIt Deluxe 5 adds new cross-platform compression features. November 6, 1998 -- Aladdin Systems is now shipping StuffIt Deluxe 5.0 ( $79.95, $29.95 upgrade), the latest version of it's compression/decompression utility for Macintosh. The new version offers a number of new cross-platform features, including assigning Mac type and creator codes from Windows. StuffIt Deluxe uses the list of type and creator codes in Internet Config. A new compression format allows StuffIt to exchange files between Windows and Macintosh systems. StuffIt Deluxe now stores file names in Unicode for better cross-platform and international support. Aladdin says that the utility can now compress ZIP and .SIT 20 percent tighter than before, and supports the new MacBinary III format used in Mac OS 8.5.

MacWindows Solutions Update: printing to PCL printers. November 6, 1998 -- We've added CAI's MacJet ($99.95) to the MacWindows Network Solutions page. MacJet is a print driver and utility package that enables Macs to print to PC inkjet and laser PCL printers.

Keyspan USB PCI card for Windows and Mac. November 6, 1998 -- The Keyspan USB PCI Card ($59) is now shipping. The card lets you connect Universal Serial Bus devices to any Macintosh or Windows 98 machine with a PCI expansion slot. Keyspan is also shipping the Keyspan USB Hub ($69) for Mac and Windows.

MacWindows readers report Win NT 4 Service Pack 4 problems. November 5, 1998 -- Several readers have reported problems with the new Windows NT Server 4.0 Service Pack 4.

NT SP4 and FileMaker Pro Server. Daniel Waldburger of Switzerland reports a problem with Service Pack 4 and FileMaker Pro 3 Server.

"The clients (running a FileMaker runtime or the complete version) don't see the local host; we have to type the IP address of the FM server to log on."

Waldburger discovered he could fix the problem by removing Service Pack 4 and running NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3.0, the last SFM fixes from Microsoft (sfmfixi.exe). The FileMaker host then becomes visible again.

NT SP4 breaks OPI image server links. Mark Clark reports a problem with InterSep by ArchType (now Bitstream), and OPI server used to swap in high resolution images in PageMaker 6.5 (Mac) and Quark XPress. (Low-resolution images are used before printing.) Clark uses an AlphaServer 2000 4/275 with 256 MB of RAM. The problem:

"The installation of Service Pack 4 caused all links in PageMaker documents (and some Quark documents also) to be lost. Restoring volumes from backup had no effect. Quark finds the links with a little help. All PageMaker links must be recreated from scratch."

NT SP4 doesn't fix known printing problem. Mark Clark also points out that Service Pack 4 failed to fix a known printing problem (described in Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q147347) that generates an error message saying that SPOOLSS.EXE has failed during a print job. For Clark, this happens 2 to 10 times a day. He always follows Microsoft's recommendation of throwing away temporary spool files (.SHD and .SPL files ) and restarting the spooler.

If you are experiencing problems that you can trace to Service Pack 4, please let us know.

Windows NT Service Pack 4 not problem-free. November 4, 1998 -- According to a ZDNet report, Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 has problems "that range from cosmetic to fatal." Microsoft released the new Service Pack on October 20th. The ZDNet report also says there are 8 versions of SP4, ranging in size from 450 k to a 76 MB.

Mac OS 8.5 bug with FileMaker and IPX. November 4, 1998 -- Charles Gardner reports a problem with Mac OS 8.5 and FileMaker Pro 3.x / 4.x:

"Mac clients set to IPX/SPX network mode can no longer 'see' or access FMP Server host running on NT Server 4.0 platform. Fortunately the TCP/IP mode does work."

Tip update: Mac-Win serial and modem-to-modem connections. November 4, 1998 -- We've updated our Peer-to-Peer Tips page concerning on Mac-to-Windows direct serial and modem-to-modem connections. Reader Marc Herbert sent in some good observations.

Partial fix for Mac OS 8.5 and PC Compatibility Card. November 3, 1998 -- Paul Jacoby reports that Jason Linhart of, has written a patch that enables Apple PC Compatibility cards networking to partially work under Mac OS 8.5. We've posted the readme file from this patch the MacWindows Emulators/Coprocessor Tips page.

Apple reports on minor bug in AppleShare IP 6.0 Windows support. November 3, 1998 -- Apple Tech Info Library article 58169 reports of a minor bug in AppleShare IP 6.0 that reports the incorrect date and time of a file when viewed from a Windows client in the Properties dialog box. The article says the bug will be fixed in a future version of the server.

Connecting two computers with Ethernet. November 3, 1998 -- Apple Tech Info Library article 30820 provides some information about the hardware and software needed to network two computers using Ethernet. It talks mostly about two Macs, but it some of the information is generic, applying to any two computers. (MacWindows has some information on connecting a Mac and a PC with Ethernet on the Peer-to-Peer Tips page.)

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