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On this page, MacWindows News items from October 1998.

October, 1998

Mac OS 8.5's File Exchange requires Internet Config 2.0.2. October 30, 1998 -- Apple Tech Info Library article 58168 says that the File Exchange control panel (formerly known as the PC Exchange control panel) requires version 2.0.2 of the Internet Config extension. If another installer automatically installs and older version of the extension, the File Exchange and Internet Config control panels won't open.

More on very large NT SFM volumes. October 30, 1998 -- Erik Ohlin has a work around for his problem with Quark XPress and an NT 60 GB volume. We've posted it at NT Unsolved Mysteries.

Microsoft renames Windows NT "Windows 2000". October 28, 1998 -- Microsoft is renaming Windows NT 5.0. Windows NT Server 5.0 will be called Windows 2000 Server. Windows NT Workstation 5.0 will be called Windows NT 2000 Professional. Microsoft says Beta 3 of the operating system will be released in the first quarter of 1999.

More Windows NT Service 4.0 Pack 4 info. October 28, 1998 -- Some readers have asked for more information of what's in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 . Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q150734 has a complete list of the all the bugs fixed in SP4. There's also a rather long SP4 readme file at the MS FTP site. We've post a list of the Macintosh-related bug fixes on the Server Tips page.

Large NT SFM volume problems. October 28, 1998 -- We've posted some of our readers problems with very large Windows NT Services for Mac volumes at our NT Unsolved Mysteries page.

Reader says 8.5, NT command-click works. October 28, 1998 -- Paul E. Jacoby says command-clicking works just fine for him under OS 8.5 using NT SFM volumes as well as with SMB volumes mounted with DAVE 2.1. (NOTE: We've corrected yesterday's item on 8.5 to Command-click instead of option-click.)

AppleShare IP 6 bug with Windows client. October 27, 1998 -- Apple Tech Info Library article 24690 reports a Windows client SMB problem with AppleShare IP when a Windows user tries to save a file to the server from within an application.

Some more Mac OS 8.5 issues with cross-platform products. October 27, 1998 --

- Apple Compatibility Cards. More readers reported getting the now-discontinued Apple Compatibility Cards to work with Mac OS 8.5 (except for networking), so we put in a call to Apple to ask about it. They told us the incompatibility extends to DOS Compatibility Card models and the PC Compatibility Card models. Apple hasn't tested OS 8.5 with the cards and doesn't plan to. Users may be able to get some functions to run, but they may not work in all situations. Basically, the message is use at your own risk.

- Windows NT Server SFM and command-click. Todd Parkhill has found some odd behavior with OS 8.5 on a network:

"When I mount any of the shares from my WinNT servers I cannot move up to higher levels by Command-clicking on the title of the window/folder. It works fine on other AppleShare servers and even on an NT 4 Workstation running PC/MacLan. It doesn't even acknowledge the title as being a button. Instead, it just goes into the drag window mode."

- Orange Micro cards and programming. Kevin Killion is having problems with file corruption when using CodeWarrior for Mac to do extensive editing on a number of files when the OrangePC C: drive file is mounted on the Mac desktop. The problem is worse in Mac OS 8.5. CodeWarrior suddenly reports problems with a file, which then shows data corruption. Killion says he has been able to do this with Finder-mounted Virtual PC C: drive files. Killion says Orange Micro recommends editing from within Windows.

Vicomsoft posts Vicomsoft Internet Gateway update for Mac OS 8.5. October 27, 1998 --Vicomsoft has posted an updater that provides Mac OS 8.5 compatibility for Vicomsoft Internet Gateway 4.5.2, a previous version if it's Mac-based Internet gateway for Mac and Windows clients. Vicomsoft Internet Gateway 5.0 is already Mac OS 8.5 compatible.Vicomsoft says that versions before 4.5.2 may not work with Mac OS 8.5.

OpenDoor announces security for AppleShare IP. October 27, 1998-- Open Door Networks announced the Security Suite for AppleShare IP ($479) based on the company's DoorStop firewall software. There is also a version for WebSTAR.

Reader claims Apple is wrong about OS 8.5, DOS card compatibility. October 26, 1998 -- Gordon Wolford wrote to say that he believes Apple is in error about Mac OS 8.5 and its discontinued DOS Compatibility card. The Mac OS 8.5 CD-ROM contains a file called "Installing Mac OS 8.5," which says:

"Apple DOS Compatibility cards do not work with Mac OS 8.5. After you install the software, you will no longer be able to use your DOS Compatibility Card to run DOS or Windows software."

Wolford said he got it to run on his Power Mac 4400/200 PC Compatible (166 MHz), but that networking didn't work. He didn't say what software he ran successfully.

Tip: Mac OS 8.5, AppleShare IP problem with Virex. October 26, 1998 -- Marcus Reese reports that when he upgraded Virex 5.8 to version 5.9, his Macintosh 9600/300 running Mac OS 8.5 would lock up whenever he tried to copy a file to an AppleShare IP 6.0 server. Turning off the Virex 5.9 control panel in Extension Manager solved the problem.

GoMac 1.6 released. October 26, 1998 -- Proteon software has release GoMac 1.6 ($24.95), a utility that adds a Windows-like start button and program bar to Mac OS. The new version supports Mac OS 8.5 and adds customization features.

NetWare Client 5.12 for Mac OS from Prosoft now in beta. October 23, 1998 -- Prosoft Engineering has released a new beta NetWare Client for Macintosh 5.12 , an IPX based client for NetWare 4 and 5. One of the new client's main features is the ability to mount volumes from the Chooser, instead of the NetWare network browser. Prosoft Engineering took over responsibility for the Mac NetWare client from Novell last summer. Thanks to Jeremy Bascom for alerting us to the software's release.

Prosoft Engineering is also working on working on two IP Mac connectivity products for NetWare 5, which does not come with Mac support. By the end of the year, it plans to release an IP Native Novell Client for Mac OS as well as AppleShare/IP NetWare for Macintosh server NetWare Loadable Module. (NetWare has dropped it's AppleTalk NLM).

Problems with very large Mac volumes on NT. October 23, 1998 -- Dan Everard has no problems with Macintosh volumes on Windows NT Server that are under 70 GB in size. But with large volumes, he reports seeing a variety of problems ranging from "missing" files and volume corruption to the server locking up. If you've been using very large MacFile volumes, please let us know some of the issues you've been dealing with.

Clarification on OrangePC 660. October 23, 1998 -- We asked Orange Micro to clarify what they meant by a $475 "base price" for the new Orange PC 660. The company told us that it will build the 660 with whatever you want on it, and that this is the price of the board without memory, processor or operating system. However, Orange Micro is not offering the board in this configuration. The lowest-cost configuration of the OrangePC 660 is with a 200 MHz IDT WinChip C6, 32 MB PC100 SDRAM and Windows 95 (and the video acceleration) for $763.

Orange Micro cards work with OS 8.5. October 23, 1998 -- After seeing our notice that Mac OS 8.5 is incompatible with the old Apple DOS Compatibility Cards, Jeffrey Johnson contacted Orange Micro to ask if it's PC boards work with OS 8.5. The company says that its products are compatible with OS 8.5.

Orange Micro ships new Pentium card for Mac. October 22, 1998 -- Orange Micro has released what it says is its fastest card yet, the Orange PC 660. The new card features a 100 MHz bus --50 percent faster than the bus in any Mac -- and a Pentium-compatible processor up to 350 MHz, with support for processors up to 550 MHz. The card supports Pentium, Pentium MMX and compatibles, but not Pentium II. It holds RAM up to 256 MB and 512k L2 cache. 2D/3D graphics accelerator (nVIDIA RIVA 128) with 4 MB SDRAM. The base price is $475.00 (without processor), but we don't have details yet on what exactly is included. The 660 announcement comes a little over a week the company's announcement of the PCfx! Windows Compatibility Card aimed at gamers (see the news item October 12 below).

Microsoft NT upgrade FTP sites overwhelmed by SP4 seekers. October 22, 1998 -- For the past 3 days, we have been unable to log on to the Microsoft NT Service Pack FTP sites (one here, and another here) because the servers have been busy with people seeking NT Service Pack 4. Yesterday we reported a Microsoft SP4 web site. The long-awaited upgrade includes fixes for Services for Macintosh.

Mac OS 8.5 not compatible with AppleShare IP. October 22, 1998 -- Apple TIL article 24684 reports that Mac OS 8.5 is incompatible with AppleShare IP 5.0.x and 6.0, Apple's cross-platform file/print/web/email server software. Apple says that a future upgrade, AppleShare IP 6.1, will be compatible with Mac OS 8.5. The faster file transfer performance of OS 8.5, released late last week, would be useful for a file server.

MacWindows Solutions update: Sygate Internet gateway. October 22, 1998 -- For connecting mixed platforms, Doug McKee recommends Sygate from SyberGen, a Windows Internet gateway for Windows that connects a mixed-platform LAN over a modem connection. McKee likes it better than Wingate. Unlike some solutions that use a proxy server, Sygate uses NAT (Network Address Translation) technology. Sygate starts at $49US for 3 clients. We've added Sygate to our Network Solutions page.

Microsoft posts Windows NT 4 Service Pack 4. October 21, 1998 -- Microsoft has released Service Pack 4 for Windows NT Server 4.0 and Workstation 4.0. It includes the fixes for bugs in Services for Macintosh, including the jumping icon problem.. It has been over a year since Service Pack 3 has been released, and Microsoft has released dozens of unsupported "hot fixes" since then. (The most recent Hotfix addressed 10 problems.) We don't know if Service Pack 4 fixes the "jumping alias" problem caused by the last hot fix. If you know the answer to that, please let us know. (Thanks to Peter Dodge for sending us the URL)

Other enhancements in SP4 include security fixes and support of Windows Media Technologies (Netshow Services and Windows Media Player).

Mac OS 8.5 not compatible with Virtual PC 2.0 and 2.0.1. October 20, 1998 -- Apple Technical Info Library article 30790 says that Mac OS 8.5 is not compatible with Connectix Virtual PC versions 2.0 and 2.0.1. VPC users need to upgrade to version 2.1 to run it under OS 8.5 to version 2.1 or later.

TIL article 24674 says that OS 8.5 is incompatible with Adobe Acrobat Exchange. Adobe says it will fix the problem in it's next release.

Windows NT SFM Hotfix Rebuilds. October 20, 1998 -- We've received some comments from a news item we ran on October 6 concerning the most recent Microsoft NT hot fix causing rebuilds. A reader who runs a very large Mac/NT Server site told us that he has been seeing a similar odd behavior. He says that it is not a complete Mac volume rebuild that's happening, but just a desktop database rebuild. Jon L. Gardner sees a number of NT SFM problems as related. "Part of the overall instability with SFM is due to the fact that the SFM directory indexes get messed up easily and regularly." We've added this problem and our reader comments to the NT Unsolved Mysteries page.

Apple may cancel Mac OS X Server. October 20, 1998 -- MacCentral's Don Crabb says that Apple may have canceled this month's scheduled release of Mac OS X Server 1.0, which was the name Apple had given to it's Rhapsody product, which is being rolled into next year's Mac OS X. (Rhapsody at one time include a cross-platform "yellow box" development environment.) We asked Apple public relations if this were true, but could not get a straight answer -- they wanted to talk instead about next year's planned release of Mac OS X.

New Insignia Upgrade offer for SoftWindows 98. October 19, 1998 -- Insignia Solutions is offering SoftWindows 98 for $119.95 to owners of SoftWindows, RealPC, and Connectix Virtual PC. The offer, good through December 31, 1998, is available by calling 800/848-7677.

New utility helps Mac users deal with files from PCs. October 19, 1998 -- A new shareware utility, A Better Finder Creators & Types, lets you change the type and creator codes of multiple files from a Macintosh Finder contextual menu plug in. Files that you relieve from email from Windows and UNIX users usually don't have Mac type and creator codes. Adding the correct codes can help Mac applications and decoder/decompression utilities to open them.

Macromedia Offers Macintosh Player for Authorware 5 Attain. October 19, 1998 -- After recently discontinuing its Authorware development software for Mac OS, Macromedia has announced that it it will provide a free Authorware player for Mac OS. The Authorware 5 Attain Mac Player , which will be available in the first quarter, 1999 free to Authorware 5 Attain customers, will come in two versions, a web browser plug-in and a stand-alone application.

MkLinux DR3 available on CD-ROM and book. October 15, 1998 -- Prime Time Freeware is offering a bundle of 2 CD-ROMs containing Developer Release 3 of MkLinux, Apple's version of the Linux operating system for Mac, and a 360-page paper book "MkLinux: Microkernel Linux for the Power Macintosh." (U.S.$50.) PTF says that MkLinux is "real Linux, just civilized a bit for a Macintosh audience."

Symantec says Norton Anti-Virus works mounted NT volumes. October 15, 1998 -- Engineers at Symantec told MacWindows that Norton Anti-Virus for Macintosh does not have a problem checking for Mac viruses on mounted NT Services for Macintosh volumes that are larger than 4 GB. They could not offer a reason as to why it would not work (server readers reported not being able to do so.) Meanwhile, other readers reported success in using other virus checking software. We've added their comments to the bottom of the NT SFM Unsolved Mysteries page.

Open Door to bundle IP network software in an IP migration suite. October 14, 1998 -- Open Door will bundle its current IP products in the AppleTalk to IP Migration Suite ( $699, $499 educational). The bundle includes ShareWay IP a gateway that makes AppleShare-compatible servers available over TCP/IP; the DoorStop firewall; and AFP Engage!, a URL processor that enables users to click on AFP (AppleShare) URLs on Web pages and in email messages.

Insignia offers SoftWindows 98 rebate. October 14, 1998 -- Insignia Solutions is offering a $40 rebate on specially marked boxes of SoftWindows 98 through December. (The retail price is $169, $129 after the rebate.)

Update to NT Unsolved Mysteries page. October 14, 1998 -- We added various readers responses to various problems listed on the NT SFM Unsolved Mysteries page. Comments for Jumping alias, folders that won't close, and Jeff Walker has been using Virex for Mac to check NT volumes mounted via DAVE.

Novell to port NDS to Linux. October 14, 1998 -- Novell will to a native port of it's NetWare Directory System (NDS) to Linux, according to ZDNet. The product will be based on the new NetWare 5. The ZDNet report says that Novell will announce the project at the end of this month.

Update: NT volumes and Virus Checkers October 13, 1998 --Bill Thursby of Thursby Systems said that you should be able to mount large NT volumes with DAVE and check them for viruses. Several MacWindows readers have reported that they also use DAVE in this way. Also, Teck Beng confirmed that Norton Anti-Virus for Windows does not detect the Mac DB virus -- he put an infected file on a Mac volume and ran the scan.

Mac OS 8.5 won't support DOS Compatibility Cards. October 13, 1998 -- A reader sent us an Apple document called "Installing Mac OS 8.5." In it was this:

"Computers with DOS Compatibility Cards
Apple DOS Compatibility cards do not work with Mac OS 8.5. After you install the software, you will no longer be able to use your DOS Compatibility Card to run DOS or Windows software."

OS 8.5 is scheduled to be released on October 17.

Common Windows-Linux development tool. October 13, 1998 -- Troll Tech AS's Qt is a developer toolkit that enables programmers to use common source code on both Windows and Linux.

DAVE 2.1 ships, free upgrade. October 12, 1998 -- Thursby Systems' DAVE 2.1 is now shipping. The upgrade is free. (DAVE implements Microsoft's SMB file sharing client on Macintosh using NetBIOS over TCP/IP.) New features include support for changing NT Domain password, improved support for Unicode, and Mac OS 8.5 support.

DAVE doesn't help with Mac virus problem on NT. October 12, 1998 -- Jeff Miller wrote to say that mounting an SFM volume with DAVE doesn't enable you to run virus scans for Mac viruses on large volumes.Thanks to everyone else who has written in response to our inquiry about checking for Macintosh viruses on large NT Services for Macintosh volumes. Based on this response, and on some consulting with other Mac/NT pros, it looks like this problem currently has no solution. Therefore, we've listed it on our Windows NT Unsolved Mysteries page, with some of our reader's responses.

Nate Caplin offered a work around: from the Mac, check virus on folders that are less than 2 or 4 GB (depending on your NT server), rather than trying to check the entire volume.

New Orange Micro PCfx! card to include graphics acceleration. October 12, 1998 -- Orange Micro is going after gamers with a new Pentium card for Macs called the PCfx! Windows Compatibility Card ($649), which includes hardware 3-D graphics acceleration, a 200 MHz MHz Pentium-compatible processor, 32 MB RAM, and Windows 98. The graphics hardware includes a 128-bit nVIDIA RIVA 128 2-D/3-D video chip and 4 MB SDRAM frame buffer, with a 128-bit, 100 MHz memory interface; maximum resolution up to 1600 x1200, 75 MHz; and DirectX 3D video support. The PCfx! card will ship in late October.

Orange Micro offers Windows 98, releases free driver update. October 12, 1998 -- Orange Micro has released an "easy install" version of Windows 98 for its Pentium-compatible cards for Mac. OrangePC version 3.2 for Windows 98 ($135.00) includes Windows 98 and the one-button installation of the operating system, which simplifies the standard Microsoft installation procedure. (Without the new version, you can still install Windows 98 on an OrangePC card using a Microsoft copy of the OS.)

Owners of the OrangePC 620 series cards can get a free driver update to version 3.2. Improvements include emulated joystick support, better sound support (WAVE, Direct Sound, and MIDI), faster Ethernet networking and support for AppleTalk products COPSTalk and PC MacLAN, support for Epson printers, and support of a Mac internal modem.

ODBC Plug in for FileMaker Pro for Windows and Mac clients. October 12, 1998 -- Professional Data Management has released an ODBC/SQL plug in for FileMaker Pro 4.x that connects a FileMaker Pro database to an ODBC data source. The plug in allows Windows and Mac clients to use FileMaker Pro as a front end to any SQL-compatible database, including Oracle, Informix, Sybase, Butler and others. The plug in supports all SQL-92 commands, and allows you to use FileMaker Pro's scripting features. Prices start at $75 (U.S.) for one user, and go up to US$ 3,000 for a cross-platform site license.

Rumor: Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 due in 2 weeks. October 9, 1998 -- A source has passed along an unconfirmed rumor that Microsoft is getting ready to release Windows NT Server 4.0 Service Pack 4 in 2-to-3 weeks. SP4 will incorporate the current Microsoft "hot fixes," including the fix for the jumping icon problem. It has been well over a year since Service Pack 3 was released.

Yet another double-printer strategy for Win NT SFM. October 9, 1998 -- Gary Swick has another idea for dealing with AppleTalk printers that show up twice in the Mac Chooser -- once directly and a second time via NT Server. Using the NT SFM AppleTalk router, he's put the actual printers in one AppleTalk zone, and the NT spools of the printers in another. (For other solutions, see MacWindows Server Tips.)

Scanning for Mac viruses on large NT volumes. October 9, 1998 -- A reader asked how one is to scan a large Mac volume on NT Server 4.0 for Mac viruses. The Windows virus checkers don't look for Mac viruses, and the Mac virus checkers don't scan large Services for Macintosh volumes (over 4 GB). We presume the latter is because of the problems Mac OS has with volumes over 4 GB, where it can't report the free space available.

We can speculate on a solution: run Thursby System's DAVE on a Mac and mount an NT volume with it, an run a Mac virus checker. DAVE bypasses the AppleShare client, and so can correctly report the free space. Therefore, we speculate that the Mac virus checkers may work. However, we haven't tried this. Have you? If so, please let us know.

Windows NT 5 beta 2 includes SFM improvements. October 7, 1998 -- A reader reports that the Beta 2 of Windows NT Server 5 contains the improvements to Services for Macintosh that we've reported the final version would have. This includes support for Mac clients over TCP/IP (AFP over TCP/IP), Apple Remote Access support for Mac clients, and ATCP. It also takes advantage of all of the new NT file system features such as remote storage and disk quotas. However, our source says Microsoft has no plans to update the Postscript engine NT 5.0. Microsoft says that Windows NT 5 will ship before June 1999, but analysts say the ship date won't be until the 3rd or 4th quarter of 1999.

DAVE gets around Mac 4 GB volume problem. October 7, 1998 -- As we've noted on the Server Tips page, Macs can mount server volumes over 4 GB in size, but won't correctly report the available disk space of the volume. (Apple's recommendation is to have volumes not larger than 4 GB.) Todd Parkhill points out that Thursby System's DAVE client correctly displays the free space of mounted volumes (50 GB of free space is the largest he's seen.) DAVE implements the Microsoft SMB file sharing client on Mac OS. It does not use the AppleShare client (AFP), and does not access Services for Macintosh, but accesses the Windows file server on NT.

New TIP: Another way to deal with double printers from NT. October 7, 1998 --John Parnaby sent us another way to deal with double printers in the Chooser, once from the NT Services for Macintosh spooler, and once directly from AppleTalk. We've added his suggestion to the MacWindows Server Tips.

NT Server and Internet Explorer corrupted cache. October 7, 1998 -- Ron Meyers has a network with 3000 Macs (yes, 3k) and 1000 PCs. When they installed NT Server 4.0 servers, they started running into a problem with Internet Explorer - it loads the home page and then quits. They tried disabling the proxy, but that didn't work. They found that removing the cache to allow it to regenerate seems to fix the problem, but they have no idea how the cache corrupted. Any ideas?

The Outlook for MS Outlook. October 7, 1998 -- Jeff Lucia has spoken has spoken to some two dozen people within Microsoft about the prospect of the Outlook Client for Macintosh ever being able to share calendars with Windows users. The answer was always nix because it would require too much work. He was always told that this is because most of the calendar sharing is handled by OLE. (The Mac OLE implementation isn't quite the equal of that on Windows). He adds"

"They also claim that because the Mac OS doesn't support IMAP correctly, they would need to build it into Outlook 98, making it take up gobs of memory and be slow as a dog."

Funny, this didn't stopped Microsoft from releasing Word 98.

Response to NT SFM rebuilding Mac volume problem. October 7, 1998 -- Jeff Miller wrote to suggest that perhaps the problem of NT SFM rebuilding large volumes reported on Oct. 6 (see below) is a hardware problem, based in the RAID Hardware controller, SCSI, or server PC. Miller hasn't seen the problem in his servers.

MacWindows outages on Oct 5 and 6. October 6, 1998 -- MacWindows was down during certain periods on Monday, October 5th and Tuesday, October 6th due to equipment failures at the MCI Worldcom San Francisco Internet POP. We apologize for the inconvenience.

New Tip: seeing double printers with NT Server? October 6, 1998 -- Seeing a printer twice in your Chooser? That because you've got NT Services for Macintosh spooling the printer, and you're seeing the printer directly as well. I've written about this problem before in eMediaweekly, but Ryan Thomas sent in his thoughts on the double printer problem, now in MacWindows Server Tips

Odd behavior with NT SFM Hotfix. October 6, 1998 -- James Rupprecht reports that after installing the most recent NT Services for Macintosh hotfix, noticed some odd behavior:

"Now, whenever the server is restarted, the Mac volume is ALWAYS rebuilt on any volume that is more than about 1 gig in size. Smaller volumes are NEVER rebuilt unless there is a crash or a BSOD. This creates a couple of problems in that...

a. It takes a few minutes for those volumes to rebuild (during which time they are inaccessible); and
b. All of a user's icons are rearranged (important for those who use "large icon" view and like to arrange their files/folders).

I know the fix was supposed to cause NT to rebuild volumes after an abnormal shutdown, but it would seem that it is also causing rebuilds at other times as well."

If anyone has anyone else has seen this, please let us know.

Mac FTP client is SOCKS compliant for MS Proxy. October 5, 1998 --Steve Crossman reports that NetFinder is a Mac FTP client that is compliant with the SOCKS protocol, and can be used with Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0. (Readers have asked us for such an FTP client.) Crossman also passed along some information he found about configuration issues to make it work. We've updated our MS Proxy Server Special Report on the Server Tips page to include this info.

Metrowerks Announces CodeWarrior for Linux. October 5, 1998 -- Metrowerks announced that it will do a version of CodeWarrior development tools for Linux for x86- and PowerPC-based computers. Support for Linux in CodeWarrior Professional is scheduled for Release 5 in the Spring, 1999. CodeWarrior is the leading software development environment for Macintosh.

Linux bundle with Apple Server. October 5, 1998 -- An outfit called Deal Express is selling 20 Apple Network Servers 700 with Linux or IBM AIX installed ($2499). The machines have a 604e/200, 80 MB RAM.

Reader gets Win 98 running on old Apple PC Compatibility card. October 5, 1998 -- Responding to our news item of September 29 below, Len Laughridge reported that he successfully installed Windows 98 on an Apple P166 PC Compatibility Card. Apple said that Windows 98 is not supported on the discontinued Compatibility Cards. Laughridge said that Win 98 works on the card in his G3/233, though slowly, and only in 16-bit mode.

Graphics Converter 3.4.1 fixes bugs. October 5, 1998 -- Lemke Software has posted version 3.4.1 of Graphics Converter, a utility that converts between Mac and Windows graphics file formats. The new version fixes bugs.

COPS Ships COPSTalk for Windows NT-supports AFP over IP. October 2, 1998 -- COPS has shipped its COPSTalk for Windows NT, and AppleShare client for NT that supports AppleShare over IP for Windows NT. (Miramar's PC MacLAN supports AppleShare over IP for Mac clients.Unlike PC MacLAN, COPSTalk is a Windows client only, not a peer server.) COPS has posted a user guide with screen shots. Pricing: $189.95; registered users of COPSTalk 2.5.1 or 1.3 can get it for $129.95 until December 31, 1998.

NameCleaner 1.9 adds Office 98. October 2, 1998 -- Sig Software has released version 1.9 of NameCleaner, a utility for converting file names between Mac, PCs, and UNIX. The new version adds Microsoft Office 98 file types, the option to add text or file information before file names, automatic sequence numbering, and other features.

New tip: hiding Mac-specific info on PC disks. October 1, 1998 -- Peter Koch sent in a tip on hiding Mac-specific info on a PC disk from Windows users. We've added it to our Disk Tips page.

Update to our Linux/UNIX cross-platform server page. October 1, 1998 -- We've updated our Linux/UNIX file server page with a message Peter Koch sent us about his experiences with file services for Macs and Windows using the Columbia AppleTalk Package and Samba on Sun SparcStation2 servers. In the report, he mentions a problem and a solution with Win 95 clients.

AppleShare IP 5.0 needs OpenDoc file. October 1, 1998 -- Apple Tech Info Library article 24633 discusses an AppleShare IP 5.0 problem that prevents the Web & File Admin program from launching. AppleShare IP Manager needs the OpenDoc file "SOMobjects for Mac OS."

DataViz Web Buddy works with proxy servers. October 1, 1998 -- DataViz Web Buddy 2.0, a package of web and Internet utilities for Windows and Macintosh, has just been released. Among the new features are the ability to work with proxy servers and password protected sites.

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