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November 1997

New tip: FileMaker Pro Server and Windows remote dialing. 11/26/97-- Steven Blackwell sent in a method he discovered for allowing multiple simultaneous Windows 95 dial-in connections to a Mac-based FileMaker Pro Server using IPX. (Claris' suggested solution for doing this on an IPX LAN was to use an NT Server.) See MacWindows Tips.

IBM drops OS/2 desktop. 11/26/97 -- According to ZDNet, IBM is abandoning its OS/2 operating system for the desktop.

Windows NT Server AppleTalk bug 11/26/97 -- The manager of a large Mac site reports that all of his Mac-enabled Windows NT servers show the same bug. The AppleTalk zone unexpectedly jumps back to its subnet's seeded "default" zone after a reboot of the NT. When you open the server's network control panel, the zone still seems to be configured properly, but on the network, Mac users have to go hunting around in the Chooser in order to mount the server. The group has seen this so often that finally, in exasperation, they just let their most popular NT server stay in the default zone, despite the fact that the rest of the network services in that zone are functionally unrelated. If anyone knows a fix, let us know.

Backing up Macs and PCs together. 11/24 -- Dantz Development, makers of Retrospect Network Backup, have a Web page describing using its product for cross-platform backup solution. The backup application resides on a Mac, and client software runs on the Windows and Mac workstations. Dantz will also do a version of Retrospect for Rhapsody.


More tips of the day 11/24 -- MacUser Tips has new tips on formatting DOS Zip cartridges on a Mac and setting up a PC MacLAN Connect network.

MacWindows has more info on NT Services for Mac instructions and Tips. 11/24/97 -- Many readers have been asking for info about Macs accessing Windows NT Servers, so I've added a new a new tutorial with screen shots in MacWindows Tutorials. I've also added some more tips (from Microsoft) concerning NT Services for Macintosh. (You may have to hit your reload button after clicking on these links if you've visited these pages recently.) If you've got an NT-Mac tip, let us know--lots of people are interested.

Lismore PC emulator no more? 11/22/97 -- Repeated attempts to contact Lismore about its Blue Label PowerEmulator have resulted in no returned messages. MacWindows reader Timo Peltonen thinks that the project is dead--he says that the Lismore Web site hasn't changed since July 10.

New MacWindows Tips, products. 11/21/97 -- Readers have sent in helpful tips for troubleshooting Windows for Mac users (and visa versa) and solving a cross-platform intranet problem with DHCP. Also, MacWindows reader Vegard Brenna informed us of a second Linux for Mac and a free Compact Pro expander for Windows. (If you've visited these MacWindows pages recently, you may have to hit your Reload button once you get there.)

Apple updates PC Compatibility Card Software for Mac OS 8. 11/20/97 -- Owners of Apple's PC Compatibility and DOS Compatibility cards can now download a new version the Compatibility software from Apple. Version 1.6.4 (released on 11/14/97) supports OS 8 and includes improved support for third party network cards. You can read about the upgrade here. See MacWindows Solutions for a description of the Cards. (Thanks to John J.Rynne for tipping me off.)

A Token Ring card for Power Mac. 11/18/97-- Several MacWindows readers alerted me to the fact that a company called Madge Networks sells a PCI token ring card, the Smart 16/4 PCI Ringnode with a Mac driver. Most of its web site only mentions the PC operating systems supported, but Madge does have one Mac page that lists the Mac models the driver works with. (It doesn't mention the new Power Mac G3). The Macintosh driver is not included with the board, but you can download it here. Madge wrote the Mac driver in 1996 for System 7.6 and Open Transport 1.1. If anyone is successfully running the card under Mac OS 8 or Power Mac G3, please let us know.

New Windows emulator for Mac in final beta. 11/17/97-- Lismore Software Systems is beta testing a Pentium emulator called Blue Label PowerEmulator. Lismore promises greater speed than the current emulators on the market. Lismore would not announce a shipping date.

MacWindows Launch a Success: 3000 Hits in first 2 days. 11/16/97-- Thanks for all your tips and suggestions. People are sending very good feedback. I'm sorting through the email and will implement your ideas and tips soon as I work through a very large to-do list.

Farallon Renames Itself Netopia. 11/11/97--Farallon, maker of Timbuktu Pro cross-platform networking software, has renamed itself Netopia, after the company's Internet access products. The Farallon division of Netopia, Inc. will continue to develop and support Macintosh LAN and WAN solutions, including Ethernet cards, routers, and hubs.

Miramar Gives Away MacLAN for Win 3.x to Schools. 11/5//97--Miramar Systems is giving away free copies of MacLAN Connect for Windows 3.x to any K-12 school that asks. The software provides 2-way file and print sharing between Windows 3.1 and Macs Interested educators should email Natalie Wolff or phone at 805-996-2432, ext. 109.

Claris bundles ARA 3.0 with MacLAN Remote through MicroWarehouse. 11/5/97--Claris and Miramar Systems are offering an exclusive bundle of Apple Remote Access Personal Server 3.0 and PC MacLAN Remote through MicroWarehouse (800-255-6227), for $199.95.

October 1997

Apple ships Rhapsody for PC, Windows. 10/27/97--Apple is now shipping the first developer release of Rhapsody for PC Compatibles and Yellow Box for Windows. DR1 of Rhapsody for PowerPC, Apple's next-generation operating system for Macs, shipped two weeks ago. The Rhapsody for PCs runs on Pentium-based systems. Both versions of Rhapsody include the Yellow Box cross-platform development and deployment environment. Yellow Box for Windows runs on Windows 95 and Windows NT using a Windows user interface. Yellow Box developers will be able to create cross-platform applications for Windows 95, Windows NT, and Rhapsody for PowerPC, and Rhapsody for PCs, and Java-compatible computers.

"Yellow Box is the most mature Java framework available," said Ricardo Gonzalez, senior product marketing manager for Rhapsody. Apple expects Yellow Box and Rhapsody to be used to create Web authoring, image processing, database solutions, as well as management systems for servers, work flow systems, and document and imaging.End users will be able to purchase Rhapsody in 1998.

StuffIt Deluxe adds now formats. The new StuffIt Deluxe 4.5 (for Mac) from Aladdin Systems , a Mac program that supports the Windows encrypted .ZIP file compression standard, adds support for decoding Base64/MIME files and the LHA format. StuffIt Deluxe now supports Mac OS 8 Contextual Menus, so that clicking on a file or folder while holding down the Control key opens the Mac OS 8 contextual menu list with StuffIt's Magic Menu commands. Other compression formats supported include StuffIt (.SIT,) Compact Pro (.CPT), .ARC, and the UNIX formats gzip (.GZ), TAR, Unix Compress (.Z). StuffIt Deluxe 4.5 also encodes/decodes uuencode (.UU), BinHex (.HQX), MacBinary (.BIN), Base64/MIME, and SpaceSaver-compressed files. List price, $129.95. Upgrade for 4.x owners, $29.95. (408) 761-6200. Aladdin will take orders on line at

Apple Discontinues Token Ring Mac Card. Apple has discontinued the its token ring card available for Macintosh. Apple removed its Apple PCI Token Ring Card from its price list as of October. Former vendors of token ring cards for Macs either no longer exist or have previously discontinued their cards, as in the case of Asante.One vendor, Madge Networks, makes a Mac driver for its PCI token ring card.

Novell NetWare Client for Mac OS 5.11 Update and info. Novell's web site has a page with articles concerning the current version of Netware client and Macintosh: These articles include Mac OS 8 issues. (See MacWindows Tips for info about Update for 5.11 and Mac OS 8.)

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