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On this page, MacWindows News items from September 1998.
Includes a Report from the Seybold Confernce.

September, 1998

Microsoft posts Word 98 filter for importing Win files. September 30, 1998 -- Microsoft has posted an updated Word 98 Metafile filter that fixes some problems Mac users have with graphics when importing Windows files. The problems include 24-bit images displayed as 8-bit images and incorrect symbols in OLE objects.

New Apple article summarizes PC Compatibility. September 30, 1998 -- Apple Tech Info Library article 43070 gives a summary of some of the techniques and products available for using Macs and Windows together.

How to download MacBinary files with MS Internet Explorer. September 30, 1998 -- Apple Tech Info Library article 24629 describes how to make StuffIt Expander a file helper in Microsoft Internet Explorer, to enable it to download MacBinary-encoded files. There's even a screen shot, a rarity in Apple TILs.

MacWindows' John Rizzo to speak at Publish Connections '98. -- September 30, 1998 -- MacWindow's John Rizzo will speak on cross-platform issues on publishing at next week's Publish Connections '98 conference next week in San Diego.

OS 8.5 improves Novell Mac client compatibility. September 29, 1998 -- Jeremy Bascom reports that Mac IS 8.5 (to be release next month) clears up his problems with the Novell NetWare client on his G3 Macs. He says that OS 8.x "randomly will not allow IPX to "bind" to the board and causes freezing fairly regularly. However, upon beta testing Mac OS 8.5, "all problems (minus the printing issues present on all machines) have been resolved." Bascom is running the Client 5.11 with latest released update.

More input to uncloseable NT SFM folders problem. September 29, 1998 -- We've updated the NT Unsolved Mysteries with Steve Mack's take on the "folders that won't close" problem with Windows NT SFM. Turning off "Calculate folder sizes" definitely did not fix the problem for him.

SoftWindows upgrade posted. September 29, 1998 -- Insignia Solutions has posted the upgrade to SoftWindows 95 5.0.4 and Real PC 1.0.4 that we reported on September 9 (See News Archives). The free upgrade gives SoftWindows 95 users the benefits of SoftWindows 98 and allows them to install their own copy of Windows 98, without having to purchase SW 98 from Insignia. The new features include support of 3Dfx Voodoo2 accelerator cards, a new utility for mounting the virtual C: drive in the Finder, and support of Mac OS 8.5 Themes.

More UNIX support: Macromedia announces Generator Graphics Server beta for Sun. September 29, 1998 -- Yesterday Macromedia announced the availability of a free beta of Generator Dynamic Graphics Server for Sun Solaris. The Generator server, which now ships on NT, acts like a "mail merge" for Web graphics, according to Macromedia.Generator for Solaris will ship for $2999 per processor at the end of the year.

Windows 98 not supported on old Apple DOS Cards. September 29, 1998 -- The official word from Apple is that Windows 98 is not supported on the discontinued Apple DOS Compatibility Cards and the equally discontinued PC Compatibility Cards. This is not surprising, as neither card supports 32-bit drivers.

MacWindows Solutions update: UNIX AFP server. September 28, 1998 -- We've added Xinet's KA-Share AppleShare-compatible server for UNIX to the Network Solutions Page. KA-Share provides AFP service over IP and AppleTalk. Xinet clams Macs can get file transfer speeds up to 9 MB/second with an AFP over IP connection. Xinet also offers some high-end server solutions for prepress.

Linux and AFP over TCP/IP. September 28, 1998 -- Garth Gillespie, who sent us his notes Linux as a cross-platform server, recently added a patch to his Linux server running Netatalk that implements AFP (AppleShare services) over TCP/IP. He said he's getting about twice the he got over AppleTalk.

SheepShaver Mac Runtime environment to go Linux; new Be version ships. September 28, 1998 -- The developers of SheepShaver, a Mac runtime environment that lets you run Mac software on Be OS, are working on a version for LinuxPPC. Developers Christian Bauer and Marc Hellwig don't have an estimate as to when it will go into beta. The runtime environment would run the Mac Finder and applications not in emulation, but natively, the way the Rhapsody Blue box did.

Bauer and Hellwig also announced that SheepShaver 1.1 for Be OS is now on sale at BeDepot ($50 US). A free trial version is available. New features include support for the Power Mac 4400 and additional models, as well as bug fixes, including when that caused a crash when Mac applications tried to access the SCSI Manager, which doesn't exist in SheepShaver.

Intel and Netscape to invest in Linux. September 28, 1998 -- ZDNet reports that tomorrow Intel and Netscape will announce an investment in Linux distributor Red Hat Software. The report calls it a "major symbolic blow to Microsoft," whatever that is. Linux is an open, free variant of the UNIX operating system.

Reader sees Virtual PC problem in 2.0. September 28, 1998 -- Anthony Rich responded to our news item of September 21 (see below) about a bug in Virtual PC 2.1.1 that intermittently causes it to refuse to save the state when shutting down. Rich says he experiences the same problem in VPC 2.0 as well. Rich thinks it might have to do with a low RAM situation for VPC (he has RAM allocated at 32000 K preferred, 21780 minimum).

Thursby DAVE 2.1 goes beta. September 24, 1998 -- Thursby Software Systems' is now beta testing DAVE 2.1, a new version of it's SMB, NetBIOS over TCP/IP file sharing software for Mac OS. According to Thursby, the new features of DAVE 2.1 include:

You can be a beta tester by going to the DAVE 2.1 beta web site or by sending email to the DAVE beta group.

Apple posts new utility, AppleShare IP First Aid. September 24, 1998 -- AppleShare IP First Aid is a new, unsupported repair and backup utility for AppleShare IP server data files. Just as Apple Disk First Aid checks users files, ASIP First Aid checks and repairs corrupted files. You can download it here.

Microsoft releases bug fix for Outlook Express for Win and Mac. September 23, 1998 -- Microsoft has posted a bug fix for Outlook Express for Windows and Macintosh. The bug causes a system to crash when you open an email message with a file attachment that with a file name that is "extremely long."

No relief from broken NT alias problem. September 23, 1998 -- Roger Menge wrote to say that turning off Apple Menu options and hierarchical menus did not solve his broken alias problem (as described on our NT SFM Unsolved Mysteries page.

Web sites translates your files for you. September 23, 1998 -- Thanks to Westley DeShazer for alerting us to File Converter, a web site that will translate text-based, graphics, and sound files free. You choose a file (that's smaller than 1000k) from your hard drive, choose the formats, upload it, and the web site converts it and returns it. A nice, simple interface, too.

Microsoft posts new Exchange for Mac white paper. September 23, 1998 -- Microsoft has posted release notes for Microsoft Exchange Macintosh Client, version 4.0. and Microsoft Exchange Macintosh Client Version 5.0 and Microsoft Schedule+7.5. Both papers are chock-full of configuration information, including screen shots. Each has a section is called " Differences between Macintosh and Windows clients."

FileMaker Pro 4.1 adds ODBC support. September 22, 1998 -- Claris has released FileMaker Pro 4.1 for Windows and Macintosh ($199 U.S., $149 upgrade), which adds ODBC SQL database connectivity. Claris said the new version has a point-and-click interface to an ODBC SQL Query Dialog that lets users create query SQL databases without programming. You can import data into a FileMaker Pro database from Oracle 7, Microsoft Access 97, Microsoft SQL Server, or Microsoft Excel, or other databases, and you can also create a new FileMaker Pro database automatically with the data.

SOCKS-compliant FTP Mac software a rarity. September 22, 1998 -- Readers have been writing in recently asking about SOCKS-compliant Mac FTP software that will run with Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0. Apparently, readers have been having trouble with Fetch, which is SOCKS compliant. If you know of a SOCKS-compliant FTP server that works with MS Proxy, please let us know.

Vicom Technology changes name, domain, to Vicomsoft. September 22, 1998 -- Vicom Technology, maker of the cross-platform Vicom Internet Gateway for Mac servers, has changed it's company name, Internet domain, and product line to "Vicomsoft." The popular LAN-to-Internet and fire product is now called Vicomsoft Internet Gateway 4.5

"Although we have been using the trade name 'VICOM' (Visual Interface Communications) since 1980, someone else registered the domain name '' first. Since many people knew us as 'Vicom' rather than 'Vicom Technology', they were unable to find us. The domain name we were using '' was neither intuitive nor easy to find. Now, our business name and domain name are the same.Effective immediately our domain is now '', our web site is at:"

Microsoft asked Apple to kill cross-platform QuickTime. September 22, 1998 -- A Seattle Times story reports that Microsoft repeatedly asked Apple to get out of the cross-platform QuickTime business in exchange for the video editing market. According to the story, government antitrust investigators have said that made the offer several times between summer of 1997 and spring of 1998. According to the story, Microsoft executive Chris Phillips asked Apple to "knife the baby." Apple reportedly refused the offer.

Graphics Converter 3.4 released. September 22, 1998 -- Graphic Converter 3.4 ($35) is a new version of the Macintosh shareware utility that converts between Mac and Windows graphics formats. The new version fixes some bugs and add a few new formats.

Reader reports intermittent bug in Virtual PC 2.1.1 September 21, 1998 -- A reports that upgrading his copy of Virtual PC to 2.1.1 (see news item of Sept. 15 below) has causes an intermittent problem. With the upgrade installed, Virtual PC can no longer save the state of Windows when quitting Virtual PC. It doesn't crash, but nothing happens when the reader clicks the Save button after selecting Quit. The reader says:

"If I do a Wintel shutdown from the Win95 "Start" button,the emulated PC shuts down normally and I can start it up again by clicking the VPC alias, with the normal but slow bootup of Win95. Thereafter, the "Quit" and "Save" shutdown may work normally for several times and then the above problem may recur."

Correction to DHCP on Unsolved Mysteries. September 21, 1998 -- Gary Swick writes that in his letter which appears on our NT SFM Unsolved Mysteries page, he meant to say that he found problems with the DHCP server NT 3.51 and not on NT 4.0. We've clarified his note.

Sun's Scott McNealy Says Java will displace MS Windows. September 21, 1998 -- In a PC Week interview with Scott McNealy, the Sun CEO said that Java is in the process of displacing Windows as the user environment of choice. McNealy also accuses Microsoft of not wanting cross-platform compatibility, and of breaching their Java contract. (Sun and Microsoft are now in court concerning the latter issue.)

Linux vs. NT and AppleShare file servers. September 18, 1998 -- Garth Gillespie, IS Director at Computer Currents magazine, shares his experiences with using Linux as a server for Mac clients. It's not a large network, but Gillespie publishes a magazine on it.(The letter is from last month, the web page is new.

Update to Windows NT SFM Unsolved Mysteries. September 18, 1998 -- We've had a lot of responses to our NT SFM Unsolved Mysteries page, mostly verifying these problems. (We've added some of these responses to the page.)

Gregory Olen thinks that unclosable window problem may be due to Mac users having the problem closing the window had the "calculate folder sizes" option turned on in the View Options menu for that particular folder.

Gary Swick thinks the DHCP problem is with DHCP Server 3.0, not 4.0. John Wolf has some suggestions to try for the DHCP problems. He also has encountered the Illustrator problem mentioned in our September 16 item below.

AppleShare IP Windows SMB clients act different. September 18, 1998 -- The logon behavior for Windows file sharing (SMB) clients is different from the logon behavior for AppleShare clients, according to Apple Tech Info Library article 24620. Windows permissions and AFP access privileges don't exactly match up. Windows users may log on as Guest and not realize it, according to a second article, Tech Info Library #24621.

Windows NT 5 book to hit the shelves. September 18, 1998 -- The Coriolis Group has announced the first "major" book about Windows NT 5.0 will hit the bookstores within 3 weeks. The book should precede the actual operating system by 8-13 months, according to analysts' estimates.

Aladdin discounts DropStuff for Windows X-platform compression September 18, 1998 -- Aladdin is now offering DropStuff 1.0 for Windows for $14.95 for a limited time. The utility compresses both .ZIP and .SIT compression formats, and will read the type and creator codes of Mac files and assign the appropriate file name extension. DropStuff for Windows can automatically attach StuffIt-compressed files to outgoing email messages.

Windows NT SFM Unsolved Mysteries. September 17, 1998 -- We've created the MacWindows NT SFM Unsolved Mysteries page. This page is a collection of past and present information on mysterious Windows NT Services for Mac bugs or problems that have no solution. We are perfectly willing that acknowledge that the solutions are unknown to us, so please us enlighten us if you have the answer. (Problems that have solutions are listed on our Server Tips page.)

Odd Windows NT SFM problems: anyone seen these? September 16, 1998 -- Several readers have written us about some pretty strange problems with NT Services for Macintosh that we haven't seen before. Gregory Olen says he has a problem with one particular folder on the NT Server. Once a Mac opens that folder it can't be closed. Clicking on the close box has no effect.

Marc Goodman of the Weekly Reader is having a problem when he saves Illustrator 7.01 files to his NT 4.0 server. When another Mac G3 client tries to open the file, and error message says the file is corrupt. If he accesses the file by doing a peer-to-peer transfer from another computer, it opens just fine.

Another reader makes reference to an "infamous Mac client/NT 4 Server DHCP or IP address problem." Though we have some information on NT DHCP on our Sever Tips page concerning some specific cases, we hadn't heard of a general problem.

If anyone has any information on any of these items, please let us know.

Miramar posts upgrade for Win 98, PC MacLAN. September 16, 1998 -- Miramar Systems has posted an utility to fix a Windows 98 problem with PC MacLAN, its AppleTalk/AppleShare software for Windows. After upgrading from Windows 95 to Windows 98, the PC MacLAN Client & Protocol are likely to drop out of the Network control panel, and cannot be added manually. The utility automatically removes and reinstalls those components to Windows 98.

CompUSA to sell OrangePC 626. September 16, 1998 -- CompUSA is now selling the Orange Micro OrangePC Model 626 coprocessor board for Macs at its retail stores. The configuration includes a 200 MHz IDT WinChip C6 processor, 16 MB of RAM, and Windows 95. The CompUSA price is $529.99.

Medical Billing Circle 6.3 runs on Windows 98 and iMacs. September 16, 1998 -- Medical Billing Circle 6.3 is now available. This relational multitasking billing and patient scheduling system for medical practices is scalable from a standalone version to client/server networks. The new version includes support for Windows 98, iMacs, and Mac G3.

Connectix releases Virtual PC 2.1.1 for Y2K issues. September 15, 1998 -- Connectix has release an updater for Virtual PC 2.1.1 which improves Y2K compatibility and uses an emulated clock chip that works with leap years. VPC 2.1.1 also fixes a problem with COM ports. The free update requires Virtual PC 2.0, 2.0.1 or 2.1, and also requires you download a second free update called Vpc211ad.exe if you are using Windows.

Retrospect 4.1 adds Outlook Express support. September 15, 1998 -- Dantz Development has released Retrospect 4.1, the latest version of it's cross platform Retrospect backup software. The new version can send backup status reports using Outlook Express and QuickMail Pro, as well as Claris Emailer and Eudora. Other improvements include better speed, support of DVD-RAM, and support of the iMac.

Apple info on speech recognition on Mac OS. September 15, 1998 -- Apple has posted Technical Info Article 58111 on speech recognition on Mac OS. Several readers have asked about speech recognition on the Mac. The Apple article doesn't provide info on running Windows speech recognition in emulation, however.

MacWindows Solutions Update: x86 email server. September 14, 1998 -- Consultant Benjamin Greiner recommends the Whistle Interjet as an easy way to set up cross-platform email and Internet access and file service. Its a x86 server appliance running BSD UNIX that comes pre-loaded with servers for email, web, DNS, DHCP, Mac and Windows file servers, and other server software. Prices start at $1995 for 25 users.

Replacement for OT/PPP supports AppleTalk over PPP, Multi-link. September 14, 1998 -- FCR Software has released LinkUPPP! Turbo 3.0 ($89.95 disk; $79.95 download), Mac software that lets you run AppleTalk as well as TCP/IP over a PPP link. A new "multi-link" feature lets you combine two modems to make a PPP connection at speeds of up to 112 kbps over a standard telephone line.

MacFixIt reports on MacLinkPlus 10 issues. September 14, 1998 -- The September 11 edition of MacFixIt reports on issues dealing with DataViz MacLinkPlus 10.

DataViz posts bug fixes for MacLinkPlus 10. September 11, 1998 -- DataViz has posted an update for MacLinkPlus 10, called version 10.002. According to DataViz, the update fixes some bugs and adds contextual menu on non-English versions of Mac OS 8.x. The update fixes a problem with ClarisWorks 5 and other Easy Open aware applications which caused a crash when you used translation from the Save As or Open dialog boxes. Version 10.0002 also improves MacLinkPlus's ability to recognize WinZip archives.

MacWindows Network Solutions update -- sharing an Internet connection. September 10, 1998 -- At the prodding of Darryl Lee (of the WinMac list ), we've added the VICOM Internet Gateway to our list at the MacWindows Network Solutions page. The Mac software lets you share an Internet connection connection with PCs. We also added WinGate, a similar product that runs on Windows. We've also reorganized the page slightly.

Open Door ships DoorStop software firewall. September 10, 1998 -- Open Door Networks has shipped DoorStop ($299), a software firewall that lets administrators specify client IP addresses that should be denied access to particular services. Open Door says that DoorStop works well with the company's ShareWay IP, which allows any AFP server to be accessed over IP.

Oracle has stepped up its support of Linux. September 10, 1998 -- Oracle announced a further commitment to Linux by supporting four Linux (for Intel processor) suppliers with joint promotional and marketing efforts, links to the Linux vendor sites, and joint support of Linux technology development.

Insignia ships SoftWindows 98. September 9, 1998 -- Insignia Solutions is now shipping SoftWindows 98 ($169), the newest version of the company's Windows emulator for Macintosh. In addition to the preinstalled SoftWindows 98 OS, the new version comes with some enhancements, including preinstalled Voodoo graphics drivers and drivers for Voodoo2 graphics and support of DirectX 5. There's a new Hard Disk Mounter that makes your PC files available in the Finder, a feature that Virtual PC and OrangePC already have. A new features lets users can launch and run Windows 98 applications using a web browser as the interface instead of the Windows interface. You can also drag and drop text and graphics between the Mac OS and Windows. Bundled software includes Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator®, EarthLink Network TotalAccess, Java and ActiveX, Adobe Acrobat Reader, QuickTime for Windows, and the Microsoft Office Viewers..

Upgrades: Insignia says that current owners can get a free upgrade without Windows 98, which upgrades them to SoftWindows 95 5.0.4 and RealPC 1.0.4, which will allow users to install their own copy of Windows 98. (Insignia has not yet posted the upgrade.) Owners of SoftWindows 95 and RealPC who also want Windows 98 can get SoftWindows 98 for $139 for a limited time. (The offer also applies to owners of Connectix Virtual PC.)

DataViz Windows tools add features and support of HFS+, Windows 98. September 9, 1998 -- DataViz has released Conversions Plus 4.5 ($69.95, upgrade $39.95) an upgrade to its file translator and Mac disk mounter for Windows that adds new file formats and new features. Versions 4.5 now enables Windows machines to mount Mac HFS+ SCSI drives. It will now translate Word 98 and Excel 98 for Macintosh files, and is Windows 98 certified. It also lets you view e-mail attachments directly within Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Exchange by right-clicking on the file in an e-mail message, and can decode and decompress binhex.Conversions Plus 4.5 also includes a new utility, Name Doctor, which automatically fixes file name problems, such as illegal characters or incorrect extensions. DataViz also released MacOpener 4.0 for Windows, a subset of Conversions Plus that contains only the disk-mounting capabilities, including HFS+.

Dell Computer has been selling PCs and Servers with Linux OS. September 9, 1998 -- A ZDNet story yesterday reports that Dell Computer has for the past year, although it's not mentioned at the Dell Internet store.

Mac Easy Open and Office 98 problem. September 8, 1998 -- The MacLinkPlus 10 readme file mentions a problem with Office 98, where Easy Open tries to translate an Office 98 file when you double click it. We have a description of the problem and the solution at MacWindows Tips.

StuffIt Deluxe 4.5 now in French. September 8, 1998 -- Aladdin Systems is now shipping a French version of StuffIt Deluxe 4.5 ($79.95 US). Like the English version, the StuffIt Deluxe 4.5 French is a compression/decompression utility for Mac OS that supports cross-platform compression and encoding standards, including Base64/MIME and encrypted ZIP, and operation from a Mac Mac OS 8 contextual menu. Adding or deleting the ".sit" or ".sea" suffix to a file or folder causes StuffIt to automatically compress it.StuffIt Deluxe 4.5 French can be ordered from resellers, from the TCI company in France, or you can check Aladdin's international channel page.

MacWindows File Solutions update. September 8, 1998 -- We've listed the Adobe Cross-Platform PageMaker Converter 1.0 for Windows in the Windows section of our File Solutions page. We also added Adobe's Quark XPress Converter 3.0, Mac software that opens Quark XPress publications created on Mac or Windows and translates the documents to PageMaker 6.5. (Both of these have been listed in MacWindows Tips.)

Apple releases AppleShare IP 5 bug fix update. September 8, 1998 -- Apple has posted and update to AppleShare IP 5.0.3, which fixes a bug that would cause the web server to crash under certain conditions.

New Tip: Converting between Windows and Mac screen aspect ratios. September 4, 1998 -- If you're create full-screen images to be used on Mac and Windows, you might have noticed that aspect ratios of the two systems are different. MacWindows Tips shows you how to easily transform a file between the two using Equilibriums DeBabelizer.

Orange Micro v 3.1.1 update improves sound, networking. September 4, 1998 -- Orange Micro has released version 3.1.1 of its OrangePCi software, which is used with its Orange PC coprocessor cards for Macs. For the Orange PC 620 card, the update adds MIDI sound support and improves WAVE and Direct sound. For all of the company's 400/500/600 series boards, the new update adds NDIS4 Ethernet for improved network performance better compatibility for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0. The networking enhancement requires Mac OS 8.1. The upgrade is $49, or free if you purchased a board after December 1, 1997. To order an upgrade, call Orange Micro at 714-779-2772 ext. 109, and they'll give you a location and a password to download the update.

Wireless keyboard for Macintosh. September 3, 1998 -- Several readers have asked us about using wireless keyboard with Macs. MacUnderground is offering a new keyboard, the MacAirKey ($119) from Digital creation.

Apple recommends Win 98 users skip Apple's LaserWriter driver. September 2, 1998 -- Apple recommends that Windows 98 users who want to print to LaserWriters should use Postscript drivers from Adobe or Microsoft. A new Tech Info Library article 24594 says that Apple has not tested the Windows LaserWriter driver v.4.2.2 with Windows 98.

Tech stocks rally -- NASDAQ has a record day. September 2, 1998 -- One day after having it's worse one-day loss ever, NASDAQ (composed mostly of technical stocks) had it's best day ever, gaining 75.840 points, over 5 percent. Apple gained 2.938, almost exactly what it lost yesterday. Dell gain 8.375, just over half of what it lost yesterday. We asked a market analyst who covers tech stocks what this all means. Indicating that Wall Street doesn't could spend more time in Silicon Valley, the analyst replied "It doesn't mean anything. These guys don't know what they're doing." The analyst wishes to remain anonymous.

Broken link to tip fixed. September 2, 1998 -- We've fixed the link to the MacWindows Server Tips page that was posted yesterday. Thanks to the readers who alerted us to the problem. We apologize for the error.

News from the Seybold Publishing Conference, San Francisco, September 1-4, 1998

Server shootout shows file transfers with NT SFM slower than AppleShare IP and UNIX. September 4, 1998 -- Test results presented at Seybold Seminars in San Francisco yesterday indicate that transferring large files on between Macs and Windows NT SFM is significantly slower than transferring the files to Xinet AppleTalk services running on UNIX, and to AppleShare IP 5 or 6. Walter Schild of Genex Interactive presented the results, blaming the poor performance of NT on Microsoft's implementation of AppleTalk and the Apple Filing Protocol in NT Services for Macintosh. Schild and his team, Randy Wright of Anderson Lithograph, Peter Brass of NewSub Services, also found that AFP over IP was as much as three times faster than AFP over AppleTalk. Unfortunately, NT 4 SFM does not support AFP over IP.

Schild said that while the tests were not conducted in completely controlled conditions, they were representative of real-world performance. Schild and his team conducted the tests on working 100BaseT networks. He also emphasized that network infrastructure and workflow procedures can be as important or more important than file service speed in a production environment.

The test results will be posted at Seybold Seminars' web site after Monday. In the mean time, we have posted a description of the tests and results.

GoLive to go cross-platform and client-server. September 3, 1998 -- GoLive announced the GoLive Web Publishing System ($1000 for 2 users), a system that separates and automates web site design and content creation. When it ships at the end of the year, it will consist of three parts. CyberServer will be an SQL database server managing content . CyberServer will run on 7 server platforms, including Windows NT, Mac OS 8.5, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris. CyberWriter is the client for creating and managing the content, accessed from any web browser. Web pages will be designed with a special version of GoLive CyberStudio HTML editor, which is currently Mac only. GoLive will come out with a Windows version of CyberStudio next year.

PDFzone.COM spins off September 3, 1998 -- PDFzone.COM a web site providing information about the PDF technology, has spun off from its founding company, and has now refocused as an independent source. More than just a file format, PDF is a cross-platform electronic publishing technology. PDFzone.COM provides tips for publishers and designers, as well as columns, information on plug-ins, and forums.

MacWindows Show Pick: The iMac of the server world.

Cobalt Qube 2700wg Microserver

Toaster-sized Linux server supports AFP, SMB. September 2, 1998 -- Cobalt Networks demonstrated the Cobalt Qube 2700wg Microserver (at an iMac-like price of $1249), a server with many of the cross-platform and web features of NT Server or AppleShare, but in a box smaller than a toaster (7.25 x 7.25 x 7.25 inches). (A rack-mounted version, the Cobalt RaQ, is also available.) Like the iMac, the Cobalt is a plug-it-in, turn-it-on appliance. The server software is preinstalled, with no keyboard, CD-ROM, or floppy drive -- you can reconfigure or add software from a Windows or Macintosh machine. It has a 64-bit superscaler RISC processor running Linux, and supports native Microsoft file sharing (SMB), native AppleShare file sharing over AppleTalk (AFP).(AFP over IP is in the works, according to Cobalt.) It also includes an Apache 1.2 web server, SMTP/POP/IMAP email server, FTP and DNS servers, CGI scripting, Perl 5 scripting, and indexing.

Apple ships its fastest cross-platform server. September 2, 1998 -- Apple shipped the 333 MHz Macintosh Server G3 ($4,599) and a 300 MHz version ( $2,999), both of which come with AppleShare IP 6.0 for support of Mac clients of AFP over AppleTalk and IP, and Windows clients over SMB. The 333 MHz server includes 1 MB L2 backside cache, 128 MB RAM (up to 768 MB), two 9 GB drives, and 10/100BASE-T Ethernet. The servers are also available in build-to-order configurations at the Apple Online Store.

Web Objects goes cross-platform, gets cheaper, faster. September 2, 1998 -- At his keynote address, Steve Jobs announced that Web Objects 4.0 would run on on PowerPC G3 Macs, in addition to UNIX and Windows NT. He also said that starting price had been cut to $1499, and that version 4 would be 5 times faster than before when it ships in early October. Web Objects is a dynamic web page creation environment, which Apple acquired from NeXT.

Jobs promises Windows version of ColorSync. September 2, 1998 -- At his keynote speech, Steve Jobs said that the Apple would port its Color Sync color management technology to Windows next year. He also announced that in Windows and Mac OS 8.5 (which ships next month), Color Sync will support 4 color matching models (CMMs), the algorithms used for matching screen and print colors. The CMMs are from Kodak, Heidelberg, Agfa, and iMation.

Observations from the Seybold floor. September 2, 1998 -- There aren't a lot of cross-platform solutions here this year, but there are some interesting observations to be made. While the feeling at last year's Seybold conference was that Apple was on its way out of the publishing market, this year's show is clearly a Macintosh conference. Several companies are showing content management server products that ran only on Windows NT attracted attention, but Apple seems to be enjoying a home-town advantage here. iMacs, which Apple is not pushing as a publishing machine, are non-the-less in abundance at booths, while Windows PCs are hidden inside of cabinets. Additionally, attendees seem to be interested in Mac OS products. During a demo of FrontPage for Windows, Microsoft's booth theater filled 20 of its 65 seats. Compaq's booth, in the same aisle as Apple's main booth, had at one point only 7 of 30 seats filled for a theater demonstration. At Apple's booth 20 yards away, the theater held standing room only.

We spotted former Apple CEO John Scully at the Intel booth in khaki pants and blue shirt, waiting to demo Live Picture software, which includes a Windows-only QuickTime VR competitor (QTVR is cross-platform) and an innovative and powerful (NT-only) graphic server. The Intel booth, a showcase for Windows developers, is located right next to Apple's developer showcase booth. Half of Intel's seats were occupied. One vendor commented "for this crowd, cross-platform means getting Quark and Photoshop to work together."

Market crash hits computer stocks in cross-platform manner. September 1, 1998 -- Yesterday's market crash hit computer stocks harder than the general market, but affected both the Intel and Apple sides of the fence equally. While the Dow Jones index fell 6.37 percent the NASDAQ exchange suffered it's biggest loss ever, closing at 1499.25, loosing 140 points, or 8.5 percent. Apple stock, which was over $42 a share a little over a week ago, fell by about the same amount as NASDAQ. Here are some of the statistics:



Closing Price

Percent Change

























MacWindows Tips update: new reason for NT SFM "hanging" Macs. September 1, 1998 -- We've updated the MacWindows Server Tips page with a new cause of "hanging," or frozen, Mac clients connected to an NT server via Services for Macintosh. The page already reports on several possible causes for the temporary hanging of Mac clients. The new reason is caused by a full Windows NT circular log file. The solution involves editing the registry. Macromedia drops Authorware for Mac. September 1, 1998 -- A MacWeek story says that Macromedia Authorware 5.0 will be Windows-only, after many years of being available on both systems. Authorware is a multimedia authoring tool for creating interactive training software.

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