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On this page, MacWindows News items from Augus 1998.

August 1998

Miramar releases PC Migrator file transfer utility. August 31, 1998 -- Miramar Systems says that starting tomorrow, it will be shipping its PC Migrator ($89) file transfer utility (see MacWindows News Archives, August 15). PC Migrator is a plug-in for the company's PC MacLAN AppleTalk software for Windows. Miramar says PC Migrator moves batches Mac files to Windows at a fast 400 KB/sec, while using the Mac type and creator code to add an appropriate file extension and remove illegal characters (such as * or \) from file names.

PowerDraw Translator 3.0 translates Mac and Windows CAD and graphics files. August 31, 1998 -- Tomorrow, Engineered Software will release PowerDraw Translator 3.0 ($275), a Macintosh utility that can translate between over a dozen Mac and Windows CAD and graphics formats. Supported formats include DWG, DXF, HPGL, Design Workshop, MacPaint, Adobe EPSF, generic Postscript, MacDraw, PowerDraw, PowerCADD, ClarisCAD, PICT and even symbol libraries created in PowerCADD, PowerDraw and ClarisCAD. Files can also be saved in the following formats: PowerCADD, DWG, DXF, Adobe EPSF, JPEG, DesignWorkshop, PICT and PowerDraw.

MacWindows Server Tips clarification: NT volumes bigger than 4 GB. August 31, 1998 -- We've updated our NT Server Tip about increasing the maximum size of an NT Server SFM volume from 2-to-4 GB, in order to clarify the issue of maximum network volume size. Although Apple's AFP protocol doesn't support volumes over 4 GB, that doesn't mean that Mac clients can't mount network volumes bigger than 4 GB. In fact, they can. What it does mean is that Mac users will not get an accurate reading of the size of the volume, the amount of data in it, and the free space.

COPSTalk for Windows NT goes beta. August 28, 1998 -- COPS now has a beta of a Windows NT version of COPSTalk, an AppleTalk-based cross-platform file and print sharing solution. The NT version of COPSTalk provides only AppleTalk Filing Protocol (AFP) client services, using Microsoft's AppleTalk implementation and AppleTalk printer accessibility. For information on becoming a beta tester, visit the COPSTalk beta page.

Vivid Details to debut Windows version of Test Strip at Seybold next week. August 28, 1998 --At next week's Seybold conference in San Francisco, Vivid Details will debut a Windows version of its formerly Mac-only Test Strip color correction plug-in for Photoshop 4 and 5, PhotoDeluxe 2, as well as PageMaker 6.5. The company says the new Windows 95/98/NT version will be faster than the Mac version.

MacFixIt reports MacLinkPlus 10 problem with ClarisWorks. August 27, 1998 -- An August 26th item at MacFixIt reports of a problem with the just-released MacLinkPlus 10 translation software and ClarisWorks 5 which causes the Mac to crash under certain conditions.The story offers a work around suggested by DataViz.

MacWindows Solution update: moving Win files to Mac. August 27, 1998 -- We've added Mini Conversion 1.0 to our list at MacWindows File Integration Solutions. The shareware utility converts the type and creator codes for batches of files, a useful task when moving Windows files to Macintosh.

Connectix releases Virtual PC 2.1 updater. August 26, 1998 -- Connectix has posted an updater for Virtual PC 2.1. According to Connectix, the new version offers better support for Windows NT applications, user-selectable ethernet devices, support for hot-swapping PowerBook drives, and Voodoo2 3D graphics support. The free update can be applied to versions 2.0 and 2.0.1.

AppleShare IP 6.0 supports Sophisticated Circuits server monitoring. August 26, 1998 -- Sophisticated Circuits announced that its server monitoring software, Rebound and PowerKey Pro, work with AppleShare IP 6.0. Rebound ($99) detects crashes, freezes, but a variety of server fault conditions. PowerKey Pro ($99 and $199) is a device that can restart a the server machine.

FileMaker, Inc. posts white paper for Windows users. August 26, 1998 -- FileMaker, Inc. has a new white paper, Making Sense of Information for Windows Users, a perspective on FileMaker Pro within the Windows market.

DataViz ships MacLinkPlus 10.0, expands into X-platform decoding, decompression. August 25, 1998 -- Data Viz is now shipping its newest version of the MacLinkPlus file translation package. In addition to translating Mac and Windows files, MacLinkPlus 10.0 ($99) can now decode and decompress email attachments automatically -- it can also detect the encoded portion of an attachment, and strip out the headers and email message. Encoding formats include Binhex, MIME, Uuencode. Decompression formats include StuffIt, Zip, Compact Pro, MacBinary, Gzip, TAR, Z.

New supported Windows file formats include Corel WordPerfect 7 and 8, Corel Quattro Pro 7 and 8, Microsoft Word and Excel 97, HTML, GIF, JPEG, Lotus 1-2-3 v. 4 & 5 (.WK4), ClarisWorks v.4 WP, SS, DB (Mac and Windows). Apple stopped bundling MacLinkPlus with Mac OS this past July after shipping it with every Mac for many years. DataViz is also offering subscriptions ( $59.95/year), which will send you upgrades that include new file formats on a regular basis. The last version that shipped with Mac OS was 9.0.

New AppleShare IP 6.0 specs, Windows, IP printing info. August 25, 1998 -- Apple has posted five new articles about AppleShare IP 6.0 in the Tech Info Library. These are:

Adobe gets ready to ship Illustrator 8.0 for Windows and Mac. August 25, 1998 -- Adobe announced that Illustrator 8.0 for Windows and Macintosh ($412) will both ship next month. Among the new features is support for more file formats, including the ability to open Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Macromedia FreeHand, Microsoft Word, and to open and save EPS, PDF, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PSD, DXF, BMP, CGM, ASCII, and RTF. However, it supports PICT only on Mac and WMF only on Windows.

Apple releases detail AppleShare IP 6.0's enhanced Windows support. August 24, 1998 -- Apple released an AppleShare IP 6.0 press release today. The press release announces the availability of the software, which we have been reporting on since August 19. The press release also provides information about how the new version can fit into a Microsoft network with native Server Message Block (SMB) file sharing support for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT clients, and the ability to register with a WINS naming server on a Windows NT-based intranet. Apple is also claiming twice the performance of Windows NT servers for Mac clients copying large documents or folders.

New Tips: file transfer via serial cables. August 24, 1998 -- We've updated our Peer-to-Peer Tips page with a couple of new tips concerning Mac-to-Windows file transfer over direct connections. One describes a direct modem-to-modem transfer using terminal emulation software. The second tip, from Eric Lum, describes using a null-modem cable without modems. The odd thing was that the null-modem cable turned out to be the connecting cable that came with his Agfa digital camera to connect the camera to his PC.

Apple FAQ about AppleShare IP 6 client. August 24, 1998 -- Apple TIL article 24558 is an FAQ about the AppleShare IP client. Among the 20 questions, is one that says there is no longer a Windows client, since AppleShare IP 6.0 has built-in SMB over TCP/IP support for Windows 95/98 clients.

Group forms to promote cross-platform web browser standards. August 24, 1998 -- The Web Standards Project is a new international coalition of web developers that wants to promoting standards for web and browser design.

AppleShare IP 6 FAQs cover MacDNS, print, web servers. August 21, 1998 -- Apple has released several Technical Info Library articles about AppleShare IP 6.0, the most recent version of the cross-platform IP and AppleTalk server software. Apple TIL article 24557 is a new FAQ about AppleShare IP 6. Topics include MacDNS, assigning port numbers, a other IP-related issues. TIL article 24554 is an FAQ covering the Print Server and IP and LPR printing. TIL article 24556 is an FAQ covering AppleShare IP 6.0 Web Service.

MacWindows Solutions update: share utility renames Macs files. August 20, 1998 -- You can use A Better Finder Rename ($10) to rename Mac files so they contain characters legal on Windows. The shareware utility is a contextual menu plug-in for the Macintosh Finder (Mac 8), and lets you rename batches of files at once. We've added A Better Finder Rename to our list of related products at the MacWindows File Integration Solutions page.

Problem with G3 Ethernet drivers and old DECnet PATHWORKS. August 20, 1998 -- Apple TIL article 30706 discusses a problem with the Power Mac G3 Ethernet drivers and PATHWORKS for Mac, the old DECnet network product from Digital, which has discontinued support for the product.

Outlook clarification -- still no PC calender reading. August 20, 1998 -- On August 13, we reported that the recent Microsoft Outlook 8.0.1 for Mac update " still can't read the calendars of PC users that have upgraded their calendars from Schedule+ to Outlook." Jeff Miller wrote to clarify that it still doesn't read PC calendars --period.

Apple releases AppleShare IP 6 with Windows SMB, SDK. August 19, 1998 -- The AppleShare IP web site says that AppleShare IP 6 is now shipping. It includes a number of cross-platform features, including support for native Windows file sharing via the Microsoft SMB protocol and TCP/IP printing. The server suite also includes Internet mail and web servers. Apple also announced the release of the AppleShare IP 6 Software Developers Kit (SDK), which is aimed developers of applications and plug-ins for the AppleShare IP APIs.

New Virtual PC/G3/NetWare problem with DOS ODI. August 19, 1998 -- A new Apple TIL article 24546 reports of a problem with Virtual PC 2.0.1 on a Power Mac G3 with built-in Ethernet (driver version 2.0.4) and connecting to a Novell NetWare server using the NetWare DOS ODI client. The Apple article says that you need to use a Ethernet PCI card such as a SMC Ethernet PCI card. (The Apple 10/100 PCI card does not work when using the NetWare DOS ODI client.) This bug seems to affect only the DOS client.

Connectix has confirmed that this is a separate VPC/G3/NetWare issue from the one reported here in April and May, which was resolved with Virtual PC 2.0.1. For versions before VPC 2.0.1, the work around Connectix recommended is to change the Ethernet frame type of both the Netware server and the Mac from 802.3 to 802.2. The old bug affected DOS and Windows, and centered around changes Apple made in Open Transport for G3 models in the way it handled of 802.3 and 802.2 packets.
(Please note: this news item was updated on Aug. 19 11:35 AM, PST. )

AppleShare IP secure printing and Windows NT. August 19, 1998 -- Apple TIL article 24544 discusses new security features in the Print Admin application of AppleShare IP 6.0. It also mentions potential problems with using a secure print queue from Windows NT, due to a driver deficiency.

Apple Remote Access: Not Seeing Some AppleTalk Devices. August 19, 1998 -- Apple TIL article 30704 discusses a problem with Apple Remote Access where a user dialing in can't see all of the AppleTalk devices. The article lists the causes and work-arounds.

Microsoft releases Remote Access Upgrade for Win NT Server. August 18, 1998 -- Yesterday Microsoft posted the Routing and Remote Access Upgrade for Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server Hotfix Pack 3.0. The new fixes a number of security problems. Among the changes is a new version 2 of MSCHAP for Virtual Private Networks (VPN), but dial-up connections are not affected. From the info file:

"This new protocol provides mutual authentication, stronger initial data encryption keys, and different encryption keys for the transmit and receive paths. To minimize the risk of password compromise during MSCHAP exchanges, MSCHAP V2 drops support for the MSCHAP password change V1, and will not transmit the LMHash encoding of the password."

iMac has no PPP control panel. August 18, 1998 -- Apple TIL article 22230 states that although the iMac has Open Transport networking installed, it has no PPP control panel. Instead, it has a Remote Access control panel that combines PPP connectivity with the remote AppleTalk capability of Apple Remote Access (ARA).

iMac support cross-platform infrared networking. August 18, 1998 -- Apple's new iMac includes an infrared panel that support the cross-platform IrDA (Infrared Data Association) networking standard, like the PowerBook G3 series. IrDA can run both TCP/IP and AppleTalk protocols with a bandwidth of 4 Mbit per second. Older PowerBooks, the 190, 5300, and 1400, used IRTalk, an AppleTalk-only, infrared version of LocalTalk.

Apple claims iMac is 40 percent faster than fastest Pentium II. August 17, 1998 -- An Apple press release claims that the new $1200 iMac runs BYTEmark benchmark tests 40 percent faster than a $2,400 400 MHz Pentium II. The iMac runs a 233 MHz PowerPC G3 on a 66 MHz system bus. At public sessions during the past 90 days, Apple has run demonstrations of Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Director on both platforms, with the iMac running faster.

iMac can print to parallel printers. August 14, 1998 -- Apple Tech Info article 58017 lists iMac printing solutions, including a method of printing to PC printers with parallel ports. Epson has a parallel-to-USB converter ($40, with software on a CD-ROM), and Hewlett-Packard and Alps have announced similar adapters for their printers. Apple's new iMac computer, which does not have traditional Mac serial printer port, will be available to the public tomorrow (Saturday).

PC MacLAN adds IP networking. August 14, 1998 -- Miramar Systems has announced the availability of PC MACLAN Pro for Windows 95/98 (also called version 7.1), cross-platform file and print sharing software for Windows machines. The new version adds IP support, allowing Windows 95 and 98 PCs to access to AppleShare IP 5.0 Servers over LANs or the Internet. The product's 2-way AppleTalk file sharing is still a part of the package. A $99 upgrade is available for owners of any 6.x ($69 from 6.2) Version to PC MACLAN for Windows 95. However, you only get Internet and remote access support when you upgrade from version 6.1 or 6.2. The upgrade is free for owners of 7.0.

Apple QuickTime 3.0.2 addresses minor AVI, third-party issues. August 14, 1998 -- Apple has posted QuickTime, version 3.0.2 for Windows and Mac. Unfortunately, there is no update file; you have to download all of QuickTime again. Apple's description:

"QuickTime 3.0.2 is a maintenance release that addresses minor issues mainly related to third-party QuickTime applications. The changes include improvements to the AVI importer and text importer, and moderate playback performance enhancements."

Apple posts update to PowerBook G3 series Ethernet driver. August 14, 1998 -- Apple has posted PowerBook G3 series Ethernet driver 2.0.4. It fixes a problem in versions 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2, and 2.0.3, where the system would lose network services when using the built-in Ethernet port.

New Outlook 8.0.1 for Mac still doesn't read PC calendars. August 13, 1998 -- Jay Rolls reports that upon downloading and installing the new Outlook 8.0.1 for Mac (see news items of August 11 and 12 below), he discovered that it still can't read the calendars of PC users that have upgraded their calendars from Schedule+ to Outlook.

MacWindows Solutions Update: Text Cleaner. August 13, 1998 -- We've added two Mac text processing utilities from Studio 405, Text Cleaner 1.03 ($110) and Text Cleaner Lite 1.03 (free), to our MacWindows File Integration Solutions page. They're useful cleaning up files from Windows, among other things, and are targeted at desktop publishing professionals. It uses drag and drop in the Finder.

MacRun adds a Windows-like Run command to Mac OS. August 13, 1998 -- MacRun 1.2 adds a Run command to the Mac OS Apple Menu. By typing in a path name, MacRun will launch applications and open files and folders or open documents. Version 1.2 adds the ability for MacRun to open World Wide Web and FTP sites.

Miramar fixes PC MacLAN NT/Superprint bug. August 13, 1998 -- Miramar Systems has fixed a problem that caused an "Out of disk space" error when attempting to use Zenographics' SuperPrint with PC MACLAN for Windows NT. Miramar has posted a Tech Note on the issue.

Mounting a Windows NT volume on Mac: generic icon. August 13, 1998 -- Microsoft has published an article explaining how to assign LIST permissions used by the client to mount the shared volume, so that the Mac user don't see a generic file icon on the Desktop instead of a standard Windows NT Connected Drive icon.

Aladdin announces DropStuff for Windows. August 12, 1998 -- Aladdin Systems announced DropStuff for Windows 1.0, a PC version of the cross-platform compression utility. The utility, available as downloadable shareware ($20), provides StuffIt (.SIT) and .ZIP compression and decompression from a Windows context menu and from the DropStuff menus. It will also read the type and creator code of Mac files and assign the appropriate file name extension (such as .doc or .jpg). DropStuff for Windows can also automatically attach StuffIt-compressed files to outgoing email messages, and can segment and join Mac or Windows files.

Orange Micro confirms printing, file sharing problems. August 12, 1998 -- Orange Micro has confirmed some problems with the current OrangePCi software that ships with the company's x86 coprocessor cards for running Windows on Macs. The OrangePC 620 has a communication problem with the emulated PC serial and parallel ports that prevents printing to certain non-Postscript printers, including Epson printers, and to a lessor degree, HP printers.(Unlike other OrangePC models, the 620 does not have actual PC parallel and serial ports, but emulates them through the Mac printer port.) Another problem is that file sharing, which lets users access Mac folders from Windows, only supports 8.3 file names, and does not support Windows 95 long file names. Orange Micro says that it is working on fixes for both of these problems for the next release of the Orange PCi software. The company declined to give an estimated ship date for the update.

New Netware Mac Client up at Novell site. August 12, 1998 -- MacWindows reader Miguel Chavez reports that a beta of a new NetWare 5.11 Macintosh Client, MCLUPD6.BIN, has been posted at the Novell web site. There doesn't appear to be any information about it at the Netware site, but it is being discussed in Novell's web forums. This beta supersedes "MCLUPD4.BIN" ( the apparently unsuccessful MCLUPD5.BIN has been yanked from the site.) Chavez reports that the update has a new NetWare Control Strip, an updated NetWare Print Access and NetWare Print Chooser that fix bugs.

Forbes puts Linux on cover. August 12, 1998 -- A Forbes magazine cover story about Linux in the August 10 issues says the free version of UNIX now has 7 million users after just 7 years. The story looks at how the software industry views a free operating system, and describes how its Swedish creator, Linus Torvalds, came up with Linux. (See MacWindows Solutions for a list of Linux implementations for Macintosh.)

Microsoft Outlook update clarifiation. August 12, 1998 -- Jay Rolls points out that the full version number of the new Microsoft Outlook Mac client reported yesterday is 8.01.2232.7. We should also mention that Outlook 8.0.1 is an Exchange client only, not a POP/SMTP email client.

Microsoft Exchange Version 5.5 Service Pack 1 includes new Outlook Client. August 11, 1998 -- Last week Microsoft posted a free update to the Microsoft Exchange Server, called Version 5.5 Service Pack 1. This supersedes Exchange Server Version 5.0 Service Pack 2. You can download the Server upgrade and Outlook clients for Windows and Mac. The new Mac Outlook client includes support for OS 8. Exchange 5.5 Service Pack 1 Mac client is available in two versions, a zip compressed file (SP1_55MA.exe, 21 MB) and a BinHex encoded file (SP1_55MA.hqx, 28 MB). If that's a bit much to download, you can buy the CD-ROM (call 800-370-8758, $14.95 US/$19.95 Canadian plus a shipping and handling charge of $7.50 US/$12.00 Canadian). (Thanks again to Richard Birchall for his help on this item.)

PowerPrint 4.5 adds new PC printers for Macs. August 11, 1998 -- InfoWave is now shipping PowerPrint 4.5 ($99 U.S.), the latest version of its software to enable Macs to print to PC printers. The new version adds Desktop Printer support, a new Mac printer driver for the HP DeskJet 890C printer, as well as support for Apple Color Science ColorSync.

Open Door release beta of new DoorStop Firewall. August 11, 1998 -- Open Door Networks has posted a beta of Doorstop, a new firewall software product form Macintosh servers. (See news item, August 5 below.) Doorstops enable's administrators create a list of client IP addresses to be denied access to a specific services.

FileMaker releases big promotional bundle. August 11, 1998 -- FileMaker, Inc., is now offering the FileMaker Pro Workgroup Solution Kit ( $3449 U.S., an $800 discount), a bundle of FileMaker Pro database products for workgroups, for a period of a month ending on September 11, 1998. The bundle includes 10 new FileMaker Pro 4.0 Licenses and software for Mac OS and Windows, 10 Upgrade Subscriptions for 10 new FileMaker Pro 4.0 Licenses, 1 FileMaker Pro Server, 1 FileMaker Pro 4.0 Developer Edition, Home Page 3.0 for Windows and Mac OS, Runtime Binder Software, External Plug-in APIs, Java Classes and other software. 1-800-725-2747.

Popular QuicKeys macros software moves to Windows. August 11, 1998 -- CE Software has created a Windows version of QuicKeys, the long-time favorite Macintosh macro automation software.

Microsoft to hold an Exchange Conference. August 11, 1998 -- Microsoft will hold the Microsoft Exchange Conference in Boston on September 9-11, 1998. Microsoft says the conference "will profile innovative customer solutions in messaging, collaboration, management, and deployment, and will focus on Exchange-based solutions to the real business problems faced today."

Microsoft seeks a few good beta testers for NT 5.0 beta 2 and ARA access. August 10, 1998 -- The Dejanews web site has posted a message from a Microsoft engineer asking for beta testers for the Apple Remote Access features of Windows NT Server 5.0 beta 2. The message also mentions that NT 5.0 will support the AppleTalk Control Protocol (ATCP), which enables a Mac to dial into NT 5.0 Server and gain simultaneous access to AppleTalk and TCP/IP network services. (Thanks to Richard Birchall for pointing us to this item.)

Microsoft Exchange bug causes BCC names to become exposed with Mac, Win 3.1 senders. August 10, 1998 -- Microsoft has reported a bug in Exchange Server 5.0 and 5.5 that affects Mac and Windows 3.x clients. When a user of Exchange client 5.0 for Mac or Windows 3.x, or of Outlook 8 for Mac or Windows 3.x receives a message with blind carbon copies and embeds this message in another message, the BCC names become visible. The problem does not happen when Win 95/98/NT user embed the message in another message. You can download a fix from the Microsoft FTP site. The fix requires that you have at least Exchange Server 5.0 Service Pack 2 installed. The Intel version of the fix is called PSP2STRI.EXE. The Alpha version is PSP2STRA.EXE.

Miramar to ship file renaming utility this week. August 10, 1998 -- On August 15, Miramar Systems will ship PC Migrator, which renames files moving from Mac to Windows clients or servers. PC Migrator removes illegal characters (such as "*" or "\") from the file names and looks at the files' type and creator codes to add the correct Windows extensions to file names, which in turn gives the files the correct Windows icons on user's PCs. PC Migrator will also keep folder names and subfolder structures.

MacWindows Network Solutions Update: VNC thin client.- August 10, 1998 -- We've add ORL's free Virtual Network Computing (VNC) to our listings at MacWindows Solutions. Not only is the Mac client free, but the server is free as well.

New prepress software for Mac and Windows. August 7, 1998 -- Markzware Software has announced iScout, prepress software for Windows 95/98/NT and Mac OS 8.x that examines job elements in native documents and separates the files appropriately within any prepress workflow system such as Scitex Brisque and Agfa Apogee. iScout will process documents created from Quark XPress, PageMaker, FreeHand, Illustrator, FrameMaker, Multi-Ad Creator, as well as EPS, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, HTML and XML.

BeatWare adds support for Windows, Mac formats. August 7, 1998 -- Version 2.1 of BeatWare's Be Basics suite for BeOS ($69) now supports Windows and Macintosh file formats. Be Basics 2.1 can open and save files in either a Rich Text Format (RTF). HTML support will be supported in a future release. The suite includes a word processor and spreadsheet.

MacWindows Solutions update: MacZIP. August 6, 1998 -- We've updated the MacWindows Compression Solutions page to add information for Zip for Mac, now in beta from Info-ZIP. Info-ZIP has not set a date for when the finished version will be released.

NT 5.0 beta 2 out by end of month; final still 13-to-16 months away. August 6, 1998 -- A ZDNet story quotes Microsoft as saying the beta 2 of Windows NT 5.0 will be released by the end of this month. The story also says that the final version of NT 5.0 won't ship until the 3rd or 4th quarter of 1999. This is also the same time frame Apple has promised for the release of Mac OS X.

Open Door promises DoorStop, an IP firewall for Macs. August 5, 1998 -- Open Door Networks has announced DoorStop, a software-only firewall for Macintosh Internet servers, including AppleShare IP, WebSTAR, and Open Door's ShareWay IP. DoorStop specifies which machines should have access to which services. A beta will be available this week, according to Open Door.

Insignia offers instant SoftWindows 95 rebate. August 4, 1998 -- Insignia Solutions is offering $40 off the $199 retail price of SoftWindows 95 5.0, Insignia's Windows emulation software for Mac. The rebate is "instant," so customers receive the discount at purchase time. Insignia, which this month will begin selling SoftWindows 98 (including Windows 98), is offering the discount on the Windows 95 version until supplies run out.

Translation Solutions update: Word to Quark XPress converter beta4. August 4, 1998 -- Thomas Kaltschmidt has posted beta 4 of XPress 4 converter, a free macro that converts Word 97 (Windows 95/NT) and Word 98 (Mac OS) files to Quark XPress 4 and 3.x. It translates style sheets, character attributes, footnotes, and other aspects of the Word file. It works from within Word on either platform. We've updated our Translation Solutions page to include XPress 4 converter. (Thanks to Macintouch for first reporting this item.)

Be Release BeOS 3.2 updater. August 4, 1998 -- Be, Inc. has release an updater for BeOS 3.2 updater for both Intel and PowerPC versions of the operating system. Owners of BeOS 3.0 or later can install the free updater, which contains bug fixes and some new features.

Apple posts bug fix for AppleShare IP. August 3, 1998 -- AppleShare Memory Manager INIT 1.0 is an extension file that prevents a random freezing condition on the AppleShare IP 5.0.x and 6.0 server running on Mac OS 7.6 through 8.1. The freeze condition has been reported to most often occur when Retrospect is running on the AppleShare IP server, but occurs at other times as well. A symptom of the problem can be seen in the "About this Computer" window, which displays the Mac OS as using 3.9 GB of memory, far less than it ordinarily would. AppleShare Memory Manager Init does NOT fix the symptom, but does prevent the random system freezes. Technical Info Library article 24526 provides additional information.

New Rhapsody Site Name and URL. August 3, 1998 -- At Macworld Expo in New York last month, Steve Jobs announced that Rhapsody 1.0 had been renamed "Mac OS X Server." Apple has also renamed its Rhapsody web site. The new URL is

Apple Updates MkLinux. August 3, 1998 -- Apple has released MkLinux Developer Release 3, its version of the free UNIX operating system based on the Mach kernel for PowerPC. You can obtain a MkLinux DR3 CD-ROM from Prime Time Freeware for a nominal fee, or you can download DR3 from Apple's FTP site. The new version supports more Mac models, including the NuBus Power Macs (6100, 7100, 8100) and most PCI models, a few PowerPC Performas, some PowerBooks (3400, early G3), and, to a limited extent, on the latest G3 Desktops, Mini-towers, and PowerBooks.

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