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On this page, MacWindows News items from July 1998. Includes Report from MacWorld Expo

July 1998

New Tip: Linux on Virtual PC. July 31, 1998 -- Christopher Schobert sent us his experiences with running Linux on Virutal PC on a Mac. We've added his comments another Linux tip on the MacWindows Emulator Tips page. The installation was successful except for thin white lines distorting the cursor movement and refresh in X Window. If you have some tips on installing Linux on VPC, let us know.

Mac-Windows NT integration presentation on the web. July 31, 1998 -- Boyd Waters has posted the slides for the 7-hour, Mac-NT integration presentation he gave at the recent Macworld Expo in New York. The 112-slide presentation is called Windows NT for Mac Managers. You can view it on-line or download it.

Another security hole for MS Exchange: this time it's the server. July 31, 1998 -- PC Week reports that Microsoft Exchange 5.0 (including Service Pack 1 and 2) and 5.5 have a security bug that allows a hacker to shut down or stop the server, preventing email from being sent or received until the server is restarted. This new bug comes just as Microsoft posted a fix for an Outlook Express security bug.

Modem-to-Modem file transfer tutorial. July 31, 1998 -- John Meshkoff has posted a tutorial on connecting two computers using modems but no telephone line. The tutorial describes how to build a simple line simulator, and how to use terminal emulation software to transfer files between Macs and PCs.

Apple TIL Article on AppleShare Client 3.8. July 31, 1998 -- Apple has posted a Tech Info Library article (#24521) on the AppleShare Client 3.8 update we reported on July 29 (see below). The article discusses new features and upgrading procedures.

Apple posts new utility to fix PC Exchange bug. July 30, 1998 -- Apple has posted a new free utility, DOS Format Fixer 1.0 , which you can use to fix the disk-corruption problem caused by PC Exchange 2.1.1, which shipped with Mac OS 7.6 through OS 8.0. (See MacWindows Tips for a discussion of the problem and other work-arounds. Click here for the DOS Format Fixer Readme file.) This problem was fixed in PC Exchange 2.2, which is included with Mac OS 8.1. DOS Format Fixer can prevent PC Exchange 2.1.1 from corrupting floppy disks formatted with Windows 3.1 or DOS 5.0. However, it can't fix corrupted disks. The only way to fix a floppy disk corrupted in this way is to reformat the PC disk as a Macintosh disk, then reformat the disk as a PC disk. (Tech Info Library article 24525 was published on July 31, 1998.)

New AppleShare Client 3.8 for Mac enhances IP support. July 29, 1998 -- Apple has posted AppleShare Client 3.8 for Mac, beefing up support for TCP/IP file service. From the 3.8 readme file:

"The AppleShare Client 3.8 software automatically uses TCP to make connections when users choose an AppleShare IP file server that is set up for TCP connections."

"The 3.8 Client supports a new, transport independent UAM (User Authentication Module) Interface. This allows UAM plug-in modules to connect to Servers using AFP over TCP/IP. You will need to contact your UAM vendor to obtain a new UAM that conforms to this interface.The old UAMs will still work."

Apple posts AppleShare IP 6 info. July 29, 1998 -- Apple has three new Technical Info Library article about AppleShare IP 6, currently in beta 2.(See the AppleShare IP 6 readme file for new features.) TIL article 30635 is How Privileges are Stored; article 24513 is Help With Access Privileges and Security; and a very short article 24509 is AppleShare IP 6.0: When Is Mail Administrator Account Created.

New info on TCP/IP Printing. July 29, 1998 -- Apple has published and new Technical Info Library article (#24512) called "What is LPR?" The article covers the LPR (Line Printer Remote) printing protocol for TCP/IP, how it works, with some comparisons to AppleTalk's Printer Access Protocol (PAP).

Email security flaw in Microsoft's Outlook for Mac and Win, Netscape for Windows. July 29, 1998 -- MacWeek reports on a security bug in Microsoft's Outlook Express 4.x and Outlook 98 for Windows and Mac and in the Windows version of Netscape Communicator 4 and later e-mail software. The bug can enable Trojan horse viruses to be sent via mail attachments. Microsoft has a fix for the Windows version of Outlook, but not the Mac version.

AT&T and British Telecom hope to exploit IP. July 29, 1998 -- A ZDNN story discusses how the joint venture between telecom giants AT&T and British Telecom hopes to exploit IP-based technology to offer global services.

Cross-Platform Photoshop 5 Benchmark. July 29, 1998 -- A beta of PS5bench, a cross-platform performance benchmark for Photoshop on Mac and Windows, is now available. PS5bench will measure how fast your computer performs 21 Photoshop 5 operations. You can use the results to compare your computer's Photoshop performance to that of other Macs and Windows machines.

PowerPC Linux Inc. releases PowerPC Linux Release 4. July 29, 1998 -- LinuxPPC Inc. released PowerPC Linux Release 4, which boots into the KDE graphical interface on startup. LinuxPPC says version 4 is more stable than previous versions and includes Netscape Communicator 4.0.5.

Debabelizer for Windows gets QuickTime, ports AVI to Macs. July 28, 1998 -- Equilibrium is offering a free Video/Animation Service Pack for Equilibrium DeBabelizer Pro 4.5 for Windows. The update adds QuickTime for Windows support, new animated GIF compression (GIF 89a) and improved Photoshop filter and layer handling. New AVI support lets Windows 95/98/NT users convert Video for Windows files to QuickTime 3.0 or to animated GIFs for cross-platform use.

Access-compatible database runs on both Windows and Mac. July 28, 1998 -- Component Software Corp. is now shipping FileFlex 3.0 ($295), a relational database compatible with Microsoft Access and FoxPro when running on Windows 95/98, Windows NT, or the Mac OS on Power Macintosh. The data files run unaltered on any of the platforms. The focus of the database is for creating cross-platform Director multimedia productions such as CD-ROMs. FileFlex also comes in a multiuser version ($495).

Tenon updates UNIX for Mac, cuts price. July 27, 1998 -- Tenon Intersystems has released Power MachTen 4.1.1, a BSD 4.4 UNIX with a Mach kernel foundation, which operates in concert with Mac OS. The new version adds enhanced performance and security, as well as enhance UNIX software development tools based on the latest GNU gcc 2.8.1. MachTen 4.1.1 is available for US$495, or $250 to education. An OpenGL option is $199, or $149 to education.

Free thin-client remote control now has Mac client. July 24, 1998 -- ORL has released a Mac client for its free Virtual Network Computing (VNC) thin-client, remote viewing software. Like some of the commercial thin-client systems, the VNC client can view Windows or UNIX machines running the X Window server software. (Citrix' Winframe, on the other hand, is based on the proprietary ICA protocol). Connections also work across the Internet. (For other thin-client products, see MacWindows Solutions.)

Digital video editing goes cross-platform, QT3 for NT and Mac. July 24, 1998 -- Media 100 has announced Media 100 qx and Media 100 qxc for Macintosh and Windows NT, to ship in August. The video editing package, which includes Adobe Premier 5.0, allow for creation and editing of content on either platform for playback on Windows or Mac OS. The company said that the new products are the first integrated digital video systems on Windows NT that support QuickTime 3.

Aladdin ships Expander for Windows 2.0. July 23, 1998 -- Aladdin Systems is now offering version 2.0 of its freeware Expander for Windows, a utility to decompress Mac StuffIt (.SIT) files and other archive formats,,.arc, .arj, and gzip (.gz). Expander for Windows can also decode Mac encoding schemes such as BinHex (.hqx) and MacBinary (.bin), as well as the cross-plaftorm UUencode (.uu) and base64 (MIME).

Motorola, AMD cross platforms to challange Intel. July 22, 1998 -- PowerPC processor Motorola has signed an agreement with AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), maker of K86 Pentium clone processors, to share technology to compete against Intel. AMD will be able to license Motorola's current copper interconnect and HiPerMOS technologies, which are expected to be used in PowerPC G3 processors later this year. The companies will collaborate future copper processes that will allow them to build processors with clock speeds up to a gigahertz. For its part, Motorola will get to use AMD's flash-memory technology, and the two companies will co-develop process technology for embedded flash for use in embedded processors, an area in which Motorola is very active.

OneWorld goes cross-platform. July 21, 1998 -- OneWorld Systems (formerly Global Village) is offering an upgrade for owners of the old Mac-only OneWorld 100 communications server to the new multi-platform OneWorld 5000 Suite Server for $3,895, $1000 off the suggested list price. The OneWorld server provides Internet access and routing, fax, remote access and network modem technologies in a single box. The upgrade price includes four 56k modems. (For contact info, see MacWindows Network Solutions.)

New Linux bundle for Mac combines previous efforts. July 21, 1998 -- TurboLinux for PowerPC includes both the Mach microkernel used in Apple's MkLinux -- the same microkernel that is the base of Rhapsody and next year's Mac OS X -- and the native kernel ported by Paul Mackerras and the pmac team. A Mac installer lets you choose which kernel you want and installs the appropriate control panels, extensions, etc. for starting Linux. TurboLinux for PowerPC is a two-CD set ($49.95) available from Walnut Creek CDROM and Pacific Hitech. We've added TurboLinux/PPC to our list of Linux implementations on the OS Solutions page.

Blue World Lasso 3.0 to add cross-platform support. July 21, 1998 -- Blue World has announced the Lasso 3.0 dynamic Web database publishing tool for ODBC databases and for FileMaker Pro databases. The new versions, to ship in the third quarter, will add support for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95/98, in addition to its current Mac OS support. Blue Worlds Lasso 3.0 will have 100 new features, including a a Java-based API and a new security database engine. Pricing has not been announced.

Microsoft posts fixes for security bug in Office 98 for Mac, 97 for Win. July 20, 1998 -- Microsoft has posted a fix for the Office 98 security bug, which Microsoft calls the Office 98 Extraneous Data Issue. (See news items of June 30, July 1, and July 8 below and on the News Archives page.) The bug causes Office apps to include parts of previously deleted material in files.

The problem also occurs in Office 97 for Windows when running on Windows 95 and 98. The Office fix for Win 95, 98 is also available, under the name of Oleupd.exe. The problem does not occur on Windows NT, which automatically initializes disk space when files are deleted.

New Tip: using PC MacLAN to download Windows fonts to printer. July 20, 1998 -- We've added a tip on downloading fonts from Windows 95 or NT to an AppleTalk printer using Miramar's PC MacLAN (see MacWindows Peer-to-Peer Tips.)

Network Solutions update: token ring support for OS 8.1, OT 1.3. July 20, 1998 -- Steve Mekata points out that Madge Networks' Mac driver for its PCI token ring board now supports Mac OS 8.1 and Open Transport 1.3. (We've updated the Network Solutions page.)

WinMac mailing list now has web archive page. July 20, 1998 -- If you don't like to subscribe to mailing lists, you can check out messages posted to Darryl Lee's WinMac mailing list at his new WinMac list web archive. The discussion list deals with issues Mac and Windows integration.

New Tip: Installing Linux on Virtual PC 2.0. July 17, 1998 -- Bill Reynolds sent us some notes on installing Linux Pro 5.4 on Connectix' Virtual PC 2.0 emulator. We've posted his notes at the MacWindows Emulator Tips page. If you have some tips on installing Linux on VPC, let us know.

Networking problem with PC Compatibility Card and Power Mac G3. July 17, 1998 -- Apple Tech Info Library article 28526 reports of a problem with using the discontinued PC Compatibility Card in a Power Mac G3 using 100-BaseT Ethernet. The article says that although the Windows 95 environment will appear to see a network, you won't be able to do anything beyond moving small files. Apple recommends disabling the Driver for the 100-BaseT card when you network from Windows. Apple is not planning a fix.

Network Solutions Update: ATM for Mac. July 17, 1998 -- We've added IXMicro's ATM GailForce/Lighting card for Macs to our list of network interfaces on our MacWindows Network Solutions page. (IXMicro also offers graphics accelerator cards.)

NT Server 5.0: end of year or mid-1999? July 17, 1998 -- Dave Pooser took us to task for being so optimistic when we said that Windows NT Server 5.0 is supposed to ship later this year. He's been hearing predictions of Q2-Q3 1999.

Wells Fargo keeps Mac on-line banking. July 17, 1998 -- A MacWeek story reports that Wells Fargo has reversed its decision to abandon online banking and bill payment services for customers using Quicken for Macintosh. Wells Fargo says that it "goofed," according to MacWeek.

Windows NT 5.0 to support AppleShare over TCP. July 16, 1998 -- Richard Birchall reports that Windows NT 5.0 Services for Macintosh will support the AppleTalk Filing Protocol (AFP, the bases for AppleTalk-based file sharing) over TCP/IP. This information comes from a Microsoft Software Test Engineer for Windows NT Services For Macintosh. The Microsoft engineer also said that NT 5.0 SFM would also include support for Apple Remote Access and AppleTalk Control Protocol (ATCP - which is AppleTalk over a PPP connection), Disk Quotas, and better integration with NT administration tools. Windows NT Server 5.0 is supposed to ship later this year.

On May 4, 1998, we reported that a source had told MacWindows that Windows NT 5.0 would provide AppleShare IP services. On January 13, we published a list of enhancements for Macintosh clients that Microsoft told us would be in Win NT 5.0. The features we published in January are:

LAMG launches web site for Mac-compatible USB products. July 16, 1998 -- The Los Angeles Macintosh Group (LAMG) has launched USB4Mac, a web site for listing Mac-compatible Universal Serial Bus (USB) peripherals. USB is the cross-platform I/O standard that Apple will first adopt with the iMac on August 15, but to become standard in all Macs eventually (see July 10 news item below.)

BugLink offers cross-platform developer tool. July 16, 1998 -- PandaWave has released BugLink 1.0 ($299), a bug tracking system for Macintosh and Microsoft Windows 95/NT software developers. BugLink consists of a central bug database and server application that works over TCP/IP. Mac and Windows users can log into the same database running on either platform.

The Mac's first LDAP server. July 16, 1998 -- One Click Systems is shipping ClickMail Central Directory, a master email address book which the company says is the first LDAP server for Mac OS. Mac and Windows versions email clients can look up email addresses over a network.

New version of FTP server for Mac. July 16, 1998 -- A few people have asked about FTP servers for Mac. Maxum has shipped Rumpus 1.2, an FTP server for Mac OS that Maxum says has good performance and ease of use. The new version has new options that simplify FTP server management, strengthen security, and automate administration.

Physicists find work around for Windows NT SFM alias problem. July 13, 1998 -- Tom Ackenhusen of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory told us of a work around he uses to for the Windows NT SFM alias problem (see news July 8 and earlier). The problem occurs with the latest Microsoft hotfix installed on the server, which sometimes causes aliases to point to the wrong file/directory. The fix:

"Every time we reboot our NT server, we go into the Windows File Manager on the server and delete and recreate the Mac volume. Note that we don't delete or touch the NT directory or contents in this process. We just use the MacFile menu of File Manager to remove the Mac volume for the network folder and then recreate it. Since you can't remove the volume when users are connected, we often have to stop and restart SFM before doing this if users have connected."

Retrospect for Windows NT shown at Macworld Expo, New York. July 13, 1998 -- Here's one we missed from Macworld Expo last week. Fortunately, a source saw an off-the-floor demonstration of an early version of Dantz's Retrospect for Windows 95/NT/NT Server, which the company is planning to ship at the end of the year.According to our source, the interface looks much like the Mac version with an added window for Windows networking administrators.The new version looks like a good way to backup and restore Services for Macintosh files on NT-servers. Pricing was not disclosed.

It's official--Novell off-loads NetWare for Macintosh. July 10, 1998 -- As previously reported here, Prosoft Engineering and Novell have signed an agreement that gives Prosoft responsibility "for the current and future development, distribution and support of all Macintosh connectivity solutions for NetWare." The companies issued a press release describing the agreement.

Report from Macworld Expo New York, July 1998

Cross-platform USB to become standard on all Macs. July 10, 1998 -- Apple Director of Desktop Product Marketing David Moody said yesterday that the cross-platform Universal Serial Bus (USB) being introduced in the iMac will become standard across the entire Macintosh desktop and laptop line. At a press conference at Macworld Expo in New York, Moody said that USB will replace Apple Desktop Bus (ADB), the current serial ports, and SCSI on the motherboard. Apple will continue to support SCSI on higher-end Macs through an Ultra SCSI PCI card, according to Moody. He also said that Apple's high-speed Firewire interface will become standard on higher-end Macs at some point, and that floppy drives will be phased out. Mac users will be able to use the same USB peripheral devices as Windows users, as long as a Mac driver is written. Moody would not specify a time frame for these changes to take place.

Several dozen companies have committed to shipping USB peripherals with Mac drivers, or USB-serial adaptors. The companies include Hewlett-Packard, Epson, Iomega, Syquest, Newer Technology, Cannon, Connectix, Imation, LaCie, UMAX, Palm Computing, Eastman Kodak, and others. Several products were being demonstrated at Macworld Expo.

Apple backtracks on integration - drops MacLink Plus from Mac OS. July 9, 1998 -- In a retreat from a long-held commitment to Windows compatibility, Apple will no longer include DataViz's MacLink Plus file translators with Mac OS CD-ROMs and Mac systems. As of July 1st last week, Apple quietly stopped bundling the Macintosh-Windows compatibility software with Mac OS 8.1. Apple will sell out the remaining inventory of Mac OS 8.1 CDs that contain MacLink Plus, but discs now being produced do not contain the software. OS 8.5, due to ship in September, won't include the software either. DataViz will offer MacLink Plus as a third-party utility. Apple said the "unbundle" was a part of it's cost-cutting move to reduce the amount of third-party software included with Mac OS.

In an ironic moment during Steve Job's keynote speech, a demonstration of Mac OS 8.5 used the MacLink Plus translators to automatically convert a ClarisWorks file. Mac OS 8.5 will be able to access file translators from the new Find File utility.

MacLink Plus 10 to add decompression, decoding, more translators. July 9, 1998 -- DataViz announced MacLink Plus 10 ($99), which will include new translators, a new application, and the ability to translate files from OS 8.x contextual pop-up menus. New translators include the ability to decompress .zip files and the ability to decode email attached files via uuencode and MIME. In a demonstration for MacWindows, DataViz selected an entire email message containing a text message, headers, and an "ASCII gibberish" encoded file, dragged the selection to the desktop to create a text clipping. MacLink Plus 10 then separated the encoded file from the body of the message, decoded it, unzipped it, and displayed a JPEG file. MacLink Plus 10 will ship in late August.

MacLink Plus 10 will also include translators for MS Office 98 for Mac and MS Office 97 for Windows (the latter is included in the current version 9.7.1, but not in the most recent version shipped with Mac OS, version 9.0). It will also include translators for GIF, JPEG and translators from HTML.

MacLink Plus 10 also expands the ways in which users can translate files. From the Finder, users will be able to translate a file by clicking while holding the control key to bring up the Mac OS contextual menu. You will also be able to view files from the contextual menu without opening an application. A new application lets you translate, view, and correct or add Type and Creator codes for files. You will still be able to translate using the current Document Converter icon, or the current Macintosh Easy Open dialog.

DataViz announces minor upgrade to Conversions Plus Windows translators. July 9, 1998 -- DataViz announced Conversions Plus, 4.5, a new version of it's file translation software for Windows that will ship at the end of August. Conversions Plus will include translators for Office 98 for Mac and Windows 98 drivers.

Lara Croft to come to the Mac, but Jobs ignores Mac-Windows integration issues. July 9, 1998 -- Apple Interim CEO Steve Jobs ignored Macintosh-Windows integration issues in his keynote address at Macworld Expo, New York. The speech focused on Apple's turn-around, the new iMac (which will now include a 56 kbps modem instead of the 33.3 kbps originally specified), OS 8.5 and OS X, and the number of new games being ported to Mac OS. This includes the popular Tomb Raider II, starring the animated Laura Croft character.

Steve Jobs barred from Expo floor. July 9, 1998 -- According to first hand reports, Steve Jobs was temporarily barred from walking into the Apple booth before the show opened at Javitz Center in New York, because he did not have an exhibitor badge. An Apple executive who tried to convince the badge-checking personnel that Jobs should be allowed in had his badge confiscated. Sources say Jobs was not amused.

Rhapsody 1.0 be renamed Mac OS Server. July 9, 1998 -- In his Macworld Expo keynote speech, Steve Job said that the NeXT-based Rhapsody 1.0 operating system that will ship this fall will be renamed " Mac OS Server" early next quarter.

Microsoft Windows NT Server, SFM, absent from Macworld Expo. July 9, 1998 -- All traces of Windows NT Server and Services for Macintosh are missing from Microsoft's both at Macworld Expo in New York. In fact, there was no one at the booth who could answer questions about the Services for Mac alias bug report here recently (See news item from July 8). The booth focused on MS Office 98 and Internet Explorer.

Windows NT SFM alias bug causing other problems. July 8 -- Dave Dalton reports that the alias problem caused by the most recent Windows NT 4.0 SFM hotfix (see news below) is causing Macs to hang when they mounted an NT server. He also found a work-around:

"The Apple Menu Options 'Remember recently used items' had a major conflict with the NT server running the most recent SFM hotfix. I am guessing that this is a result of the alias corruption problem. Turning off 'Remember recently used items' appears to have fixed the problem."

New Tip: converting HyperStudio stacks for Windows. July 8 -- Teacher John Kocijanski told us how he converts his Mac-created HyperStudio presentations for use on Windows. See MacWindows Tips.

Microsoft promises fix for MS Office 98 security bug next week. July 8 -- Microsoft admits the Office 98 security bug (see news of June 30 and July 1 below) in a web posting called Office 98 Extraneous Data Issue. The post promises a fix:

"Microsoft is aware of a security issue in Office 98 for the MacIntosh [sic] and is in the process of fully testing a fix to be posted at next week. Microsoft takes any reported security issues seriously and more information regarding the bug will also be available at this site."

Perhaps there will be a fix for the misspelling of "Macintosh" as well.

Microsoft moves NT SFM hotfix. July 8 -- Microsoft has moved the latest Services for Mac hotfix -- the one that fixes about ten bugs, including the jumping icon problem, but creates a new bug, the alias problem (see news items of June 24 and June 18 below). We've updated the Server Tips page to reflect this change. Thanks to Thomas Clifford for tipping us off.

iMac OS may not contain MacLink Plus. July 7, 1998 -- According to a source, Apple's new iMac will be the first Mac in years not to include DataViz' MacLink Plus file translators on hard drive or on the system CD. Word is, to bring the price down, Apple has eliminated everything that it has to pay licensing fees from the iMac. We will confirm this once Apple starts giving details about the iMac.

Connectix announces Virtual PC 2.1 with Windows 98. July 7, 1998 -- In August, Connectix will ship Virtual PC 2.1 with Windows 98 ($179). (Insignia Solutions has previously announced that it will ship SoftWindows 98 in August, see July 1 news below.) Virtual PC 2.1 with Windows 95 and with PC DOS will also be available. Version 2.1 also includes improved Windows NT application support, improved video compatibility, Voodoo 2 support, user-selectable ethernet devices, and support for hot-swapping PowerBook drives. Attendees of Macworld Expo New York can see VPC 2.1 at booth 1236.

Orange Micro says HFS Plus works just fine. July 7, 1998 -- Orange Micro Software Engineering Manager Craig Petersen told MacWindows that there is no conflict between Orange Micro coprocessor boards and HFS Plus formatted disks. We reported yesterday that Macintouch had reported such a conflict.

Another WinProxy works with Macs. July 7, 1998 -- Dave Dalton reports that he successfully uses WinProxy from, a proxy server running on Windows 95 to connect 25 Macs at a K-8 school via a cable modem connection to the Internet. Dalton says WinProxy "supports all the usual protocols, was very reasonably priced and relatively easy to configure." Note that this is a different "WinProxy" (from LAN-Projekt) that we've had listed at MacWindows Network Solutions. We've added this other WinProxy to the Network Solutions list.

New web site geared toward newspaper Macintosh managers. July 7, 1998 -- Mark Crosten of the San Jose Mercury News has started Macink, a Web site for managers of Macs at newspapers. It is mostly Mac but does cover some Macintosh-NT integration topics.

Miramar MacLAN Pro adds AppleShare IP support. July 6, 1998 -- In a week or so, Miramar Systems will ship PC MacLAN Pro 7.1, which will allow a Windows 95/98 user to see an AppleShare 5.0 server over the Internet. It does this by adding an AppleShare IP file client to it's AppleTalk-based 2-way file and print sharing features. IP servers will be accessed through the Windows Network Neighborhood.

REALbasic offers Visual Basic compatibility. July 6, 1998 -- REAL Software is shipping REALbasic for Mac OS ($99.95), an object-oriented programming language that is compatible with Microsoft's Visual Basic for Windows. REAL says that you can easily port Visual Basic projects to Macintosh using REALbasic. REALbasic also supports QuickTime, QuickTime Musical Instruments, drag and drop, and AppleScript.

Tenon releases WebTen 2.1, UNIX web server for Macs. July 6, 1998 -- Tenon Intersystems is now shipping WebTen 2.1 ($350), an upgrade to its Apache-based Web server for Power Macs. Tenon says that WebTen 2.1 can sustain 1000 hits/second and is 100% compatible with HTTP/1.1. It includes DNS, multihoming FTP (for uploading web content on a virtual host-by-virtual host basis), NFS (for off loading content), and SSL 3.0 (for supporting eCommerce with multiple secure certificates on a single machine).

AppleLink web site offers page for Mac IS Professionals. July 6, 1998 -- The AppleLink Web site (not part of Apple) has a page called Resources For The Macintosh IS Professional listing free and paid services and information.

FDDI controller boards for Macintosh. July 6, 1998 -- For those of you who have asked about FDDI for Macintosh, Digital offers a PCI FDDI controller board for Power Macintosh.

Orange Micro conflict with HFS Plus. July 6, 1998 -- Macintouch reports of a conflict between Orange Micro's coprocessor cards and the HFS Plus drive formatting option in Mac OS 8.1. Macintouch says that Orange Micro is working on a fix for the problem.

Insignia to ship SoftWindows 98 in August. July 1, 1998 -- Insignia will ship a copy of Windows 98 with a new version of SoftWindows in August. SoftWindows 98 will be priced at under $200. Upgrade pricing has not been announced for current SoftWindows 95 and RealPC customers. Unlike Connectix Virtual PC, which can now run Windows 98, SoftWindows 95 and RealPC will require a patch in order to run Windows 98. Insignia will offer the patch for free at its web site for users who want to install their own copies of Windows 98.

Insignia also announced a bundle deal with MySoftware. Specially-marked boxes of SoftWindows 95 5.0 will contain an offer for free Windows software for small business from MySoftware.One bundle includes MyMarketingMaterials and MyMailManager. Another bundle includes Pacifica Personal WebPage Designer and Jalapeno Hot Banners and Hot Buttons.

Two weeks ago, Insignia announced that Sun Microsystems would be distributing RealPC for the Solaris® operating environment will be distributed. Sun began distributing SoftWindows 95 for Solaris in January.

Wired reports on Word, Office Security. July 1, 1998 -- A Wired story says that the security problem with Word also extends to Excel and PowerPoint. Wired doesn't mention Mac, but the Macintouch and Bugnet reports mentioned yesterday do.

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