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December 2010

December 29

Oracle VirtualBox 4.0 revamps user interface, improves networking

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oracle has released VirtualBox 4.0, a major new version of the virtualization software for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and Solaris hosts. The new version sports a revamped VirtualBox Manager, the window that displays a list of installed virtual machines, and makes improvements to networking and other virtual hardware, and usability enhancements, among other changes.VirtualBox 4.0 is free for personal use, and starts at US $50 per user for enterprise use.

VirtualBox Manager adds some of the features of the virtual machine lists in Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion. It now provides preview images of the current state of virtual machines. Users can sort the list and edit virtual machine settings from this window. VirtualBox 4 also makes it easier to create shortcuts to launch virtual machines from the Desktop, without having to open VirtualBox Manager......Read entire story here

Parallels Desktop 6.0.11992 updates for performance, fixes Boot Camp errors

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Parallels has released Parallels Desktop 6.0.11992, a maintenance update of the virtualization software for Mac OS X. Parallels said the update improves general performance and fixes some bugs, including disk access errors with virtual machines that use Windows on Boot Camp partitions. The update is free for owners of version 6.x; for owners previous versions, the upgrade is US $40.

The update also fixes a problem with SATA virtual CD/DVD drives in a virtual machine with more than 2 GB of memory, and problems with incorrect handling of HTML links and files. Graphical problems with the Need for Speed Hot Pursuit game are also fixes in this update. The previous build, 6.0.11990, also fixed a number of issues, including networking problems, which some readers had reported when first updating Parallels Desktop 6.

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TIP: workaround for Win 7 video resolution problem in Boot Camp 3.2

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A reader in our discussion forum posted a solution to the problem with Boot Camp 3.2 in which Windows 7 keeps reverting to a lower video resolution. He was also seeing an error message "Hibernate & Sleep Unavailable due to legacy driver vgasave." This was the gyst of his fix:

The original Nvidia driver had been flagged by Windows 7 (reason unknown). I manually disabled the driver. After disabling the Nvidia driver, I reenabled the driver and rebooted.

You can read his full post here. If you've tried this fix, , or post a note in our discussion forum.

Option-boot workaround for Boot Camp 3.2 Windows boot problem

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Temujin Kuechle responded to last week's report "Windows booting problems with Boot Camp 3.2 update," reporting how he gets around the problem:

I have experienced a similar issue. I haven't been recording the boot issue with Windows (XP pro sp3 x86). I noticed that if I tried a restart from within Mac OS 10.6.4 then Windows often won't boot up. I tried a shutdown and then start up with option key depressed. This seems to work for me mostly. I have had the start in safe mode issue a few times but can't remember specifics right now.

If you've seen this problem

Confirmation and advice for turning off notify in nsmb.conf for slow SMB browsing

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Felix Aumaitre writes that the tip "Details on turning notify off in nsmb.conf for slow SMB browsing" solved the file sharing problem for him in Snow Leopard. He also added a step:

This trick works and fixes this issue for me in two iMacs with Mac OS X 10.6.5. Also, I modify the /etc/hosts file as root user and add a line with the IP and filename of my SMB server. After a reboot the iMac mounts a SMB share with as a normal way and showing the folder contents is fast as other machines in the same LAN. Thanks a lot to

If you've tried this

December 22

Workaround for Cisco VPN and Snow Leopard: kill racoon

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nico Bos in the Netherlands reported a workaround for the apparent Cisco VPN client incompatibility with Snow Leopard. He says the problem is the racoon deamon, a Unix process that Mac OS X uses for VPN connections. His workaround is to temporarily stop raccoon:

After updating to MacOS 10.6.5 (I think it started then) my Cisco VPN client stopped working. I did some searching and found that the reason for this is racoon. As it happens, I have several L2TP configurations. When initiating A L2TP connection, racoon starts up. But is not terminated after closing down the connection. As a result UDP port 500 is occupied so Cisco VPN client cannot use it. Workaround is the Terminal command sudo killall racoon before initiating a Cisco connection.

If you've tried this

Another report of Boot Camp 3.2 video driver problem

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Leon Gelbak in Austrailia responded to the report "Boot Camp 3.2 creates graphics problem for reader:"

I have the same issue. Initial install was fine, the resolution was ok, after some software installation -- MS Office, Eset Antivirus, VLC player, Windows updates -- the machine was restarted in Mac OS, then when it returned to Windows 7 Pro, the display driver was changed to a standard VGA. I have tried to remove and re-install the driver, downloaded drivers from the NVidia site, no luck. I have loaded the latest version of Boot Camp and this occurred about one week ago.

If you've seen this problem

More on CNAME DNS problem for iOS4 and Snow Leopard

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kevin Parker responded to two reports about DNS problems with CNAME lookups with iPhones ("TIP: DNS fix for iPhone iOS4 error in Exchange inbox") and with Snow Leopard ("Mac OS X 10.6.5 breaks DNS CNAME lookups"). They may be related:

We are experiencing this, but it appears to be a bigger DNS issue with CNAMEs, and in our case, affects Mac OS X 10.6.x, iPhones, and iPads. I added comments to this Apple thread, but also copied them here below:

I am experiencing the same issues re: unable to connect to a server via its CNAME record pointing, a FQDN (server1.ourdomainname.NET), internally to an A record. I can look up the information and see the A record and IP to which this ".net" zone CNAME points, but I can't ping it.....Read entire story here

December 20

TIP: displaying created groups in Outlook 2011 for Mac

Monday, December 20, 2010

Rudi Bekkers in the Netherlands responded to a previous report about created groups in Outlook 2011 not appearing in the Contacts list:

I also noticed this problem about not seeing Outlook 2011 for Mac contact groups in the regular window. However, if you do "contact search" and type a few letters of your group, it appears and it indeed can be edited.

These groups are only stored in the 'On My Computer' folder, not in the contact lists of any of the synchronized accounts. In the regular contacts view, you might need to activate the view of 'on my computer' before you see these groups.

If you've tried this

Reader confirms fix for PowerPoint in Boot Camp

Monday, December 20, 2010

Peter Schott confirmed last week's fix for problems running PowerPoint 2007 in Windows 7 on a Mac with Boot Camp: I tried this on MacBook Air 13" running latest Boot Camp v3.2 upgrade. It works fine.

Reader has Windows booting problems with Boot Camp 3.2 update

Monday, December 20, 2010

Patrick Fox is having problems booting Windows since updating Boot Camp to version 3.2:

I recently updated to 3.2 and the following has been my experience:

It's back: CS4 files copied to Win Server become read-only, and workarounds

Monday, December 20, 2010

Thomas Zwack reports that on new Macs, Adobe Creative Suite 4 files that are saved from within the application to a server become read-only to other users. This is the same problem that Office and Adobe users once had with Snow Leopard, but which was reported to have been fixed with the 10.6.3 update. One reader last week suggested doing a Get Info on the mounted share on the Mac, which he said seemed to refresh permissions, but this didn't work for Zwack. He did have some workarounds that:

We recently purchased and installed 8 new Mac's. Our users are able to connect to our Microsoft file server and create a file and work on it. When they go back to the file or someone else tries to open it, everyone now gets Read Only permissions. When we check the file permissions on the server, the users are set to have read write access......Read entire story here

Citrix updates Receiver for iPad and iPhone for virtual Win desktop

Monday, December 20, 2010

Citrix has released ">Citrix Receiver for iPad and iPhone 4.2.1, and update to the device app that connects to a XenApp server to control a virtualized Windows 7 desktop. The new version supports Apple iOS multi-tasking, enhanced scrolling gestures, and an on-screen track pad that makes the entire screen useable as a track pad.

Along these lines, last month Splashtop released released Splashtop Remote Desktop, which enables iPhones and iPads to control a Windows PC remotely.

December 17

TIP: An approach for iOS updates for Windows non-admins

Friday, December 17, 2010

Doug McIntyre responded to our report "iPhone/iPad updates don't work for Windows non-admins," where updates for the devices forced an administrator to give PC users administrator privileges: McIntyre talks about Windows permissions and how to use Windows tools to get around this:

I don't have specific experience with these specific programs, but do have quite a bit of experience for other Windows programs. I too am an IT admin that doesn't permit windows users to have any admin privileges on their workstations. Generally, there are two areas of permissions that need to be relaxed for these classes of applications that are developed with the silly assumption that every user is an admin user. (A problem with letting developers be the admins in a software company I think, but that's besides the issue). Those are the file system privileges, and the registry tree privileges......Read entire story here

If you tried this approach

Exchange appointments not appearing in the iPhone calendar

Friday, December 17, 2010

Gareth Weston has the same problem as decribed in "Exchange appointments not appearing in the iPhone calendar:"

Having the same problem as described by others on an iPhone 4 also on my old iPhone 3G. I have Entourage with Exchange Server. About 20 percent of calendar entries do not sync. WebMail and Entourage show correctly. No pattern on the missing items.

Office 2011 update addresses Outlook for Mac crashes

Friday, December 17, 2010

Microsoft released Office for Mac 2011 14.0.2, a maintenance update that fixes an Outlook for Mac problem that caused it to close unexpectedly when importing a .pst file that contains categories that don't have category names assigned to them.

Reader reports Outlook 2011 Mac security issue

Friday, December 17, 2010

Robert Liebsch found a security loophole in Outlook 2011 for Mac:

I found a security problem with Outlook today. Initially I thought it was because my role as an Exchange Administrator. After testing other users accounts on their computers, I have verified the bug. In calendar view, under File, select Open then choose Other Users Folder. Pick someone's calendar to view. Wait for the Autoconfigure to complete and begin downloading their calendar.

Next, create a new email message. In the From: field change the username......Read entire story here

Outlook 2011 slows with slower net connections

Friday, December 17, 2010

Two readers report that the Outlook 2011 for Mac user interface appears to become less response with slower Internet connection. We've previously reported that network syncing (or email downloads) is slower in Outlook than in Entourage. Arnold Shapiro says that this is a problem on slower networks:

Yes, slow sync with Outlook 2011 is definitely a problem. It isn't very noticeable when syncing via Gigabit Ethernet (I guess "slow" is relative so you don't really notice it unless you are syncing a lot of data). However when you are at a remote location (in my case at my home via fast DSL) it is definitely a problem. I don't buy Microsoft's explanation because......Read entire story here

"Outlook to Entourage" utility moves data from PC to Mac

Friday, December 17, 2010

CME Software Support offers a utility called Outlook to Entourage (US $15) that transfers email, address book, contacts and calendar from Outlook for Windows to a Mac's Entourage account. Outlook to Entourage converts the Outlook PST file into an Entourage-compatible format, and will create an Entourage account just like the Outlook account. The company also offers similar products, Outlook to Mac Mail, Outlook Express to Mac Mail and Outlook Express to Entourage.

December 13

TIP: details on turning notify off in nsmb.conf for slow SMB browsing

Monday, December 13, 2010

A reader (name withheld by request) updated his previous tip on fixing slow SMB file sharing by turning off notify in the nsmb.conf file. Here, he provides the steps needed to do this:

To clear some things up here are step-by-step commands to run to disable notify_off in nsmb.conf file, doesn't sound like the people who responded turned the notify off:

  1. Enable "root" user and set password (In 10.6.x go under System Preferences, then under Accounts, then under Login Options to get to Open Directory Utility)
  2. Open "Terminal" and type "su root" and then type in the root credentials. Should notice command prompt change to something like "sh-3.2#".
  3. After you are logged in..........Read entire story here

More feedback on port 139 workaround for SMB file sharing

Monday, December 13, 2010

We have more readers reports regarding the tip "Login with port 139 to access SMB shares with Snow Leopard." Most report success with one form or another. Michael Katchen found that form originally reported didn't work, but another did:

smb://share:139 did not work, but smb://servername:139 worked great! I'm using Windows Server 2003 with a Snow Leopard Mac. Thanks for the info.

It did not fix slow file transfer times for Aaron Muñoz..........Read entire story here

TIP: Workaround for problem with PowerPoint 2007 with Boot Camp

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dave Robbins suggested we search the Apple forums for a solution to problems running PowerPoint 2007 in Windows 7 on a Mac with Boot Camp. We did, and found this workaround:

  1. In Windows 7, open Control Panel
  2. Press "Change keyboards or other input methods" from "Clock, Language, and Region"
  3. Press "Change keyboards..."
  4. Press "Add..."
  5. Roll down "English (United States)" (if it's not already expanded)
  6. Select "US"
  7. Press "OK"
  8. Press "OK"
  9. Press "OK"
  10. Close the Control Panel

If you've tried this

Windows 7 blue-screening on MacBook Air in Boot Camp

Monday, December 13, 2010

Two readers in our discussion forums (here and here) are reporting that new MacBook Air (late 2010) crashes when they try to boot with Windows 7 using Boot Camp. Both report a blue screen displaying "applemtp.sys." One reader also reports the message DRIVER_UNLOADED_WITHOUT_CANCELLING_PENDING_OPERATIONS.

If you've seen this problem or post a reply in the forum.

Reader's VMware 3.1.2 update crashes Windows 7

Monday, December 13, 2010

Heather Wortz reports that after VMward Fusion updated itself to version 3.1.2, Windows 7 started crashing:

My Windows 7 is crashing after it attempts to repair but fails. Is there any way to roll back to previous version of VMware Fusion? I'm really new to the Mac and am completely stumped as to how to stop this crashing. I have been using VMware Fusion on my Mac successfully for 5 months. After Fusion updated suddenly the glitches started. They seem to just worsen with every attempt to right them to the point where it no longer runs Windows 7 at all. But it runs Windows XP no problem. I can't get into Windows 7 anymore so installing any driver is unlikely.

If you've seen this problem

December 10

MokaFive Suite 3.0 adds Win 7 support in "LivePC" VMs

Friday, December 10, 2010

MokaFive has released MokaFive Suite 3.0, a new version of the virtual machine management solution for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The new version adds complete support for running Windows 7 in a "LivePC" layered virtual machine package, enabling Windows 7 to be deployed remotely, without going to the PC or Mac. Version 3.0 also includes anti-malware scanning from AGV, built-in as a layer. If malware is detected, the virtual machine is shut down. A reboot restores it to its pre-virus state, but with user data intact. Version 3.0 also adds a new Service Provider Edition......Read entire story here

TIP: suggestion for iOS updates and Windows users

Friday, December 10, 2010

Chris Denesha has an idea about what to do about the issue where iPhone/iPad updates only work where Windows users have admin privileges:

I do not have the solution but can perhaps point the way to one here. The idea is to use FileMon and RegMon to determine what is being accessed by the update process, and selectively applying permissions accordingly.

If you've tried this approach

TIP: suggestion for Snow Leopard/ Win Server unmodifiable folders

Friday, December 10, 2010

Graham Patterson sent us a simple suggestion for Snow Leopard problems of not being able to make changes to SMB shares on Windows servers:

It is often possible to sort out the permissions on new folders created on Windows shares by 10.6 Macs by doing a Get Info (Command I) on the offending item. That seems to re-sync the permissions from Finder's perspective.

It is not a universal fix, but it does help with some otherwise inaccessible folders/files on Active Directory systems. A lot depends on the Windows permission settings, and whether the Mac is joined to AD.

If you've tried this

This approach was suggested once before, for a similar problem with Office files and Adobe files. However, the Mac OS X 10.6.3 was supposed to have fixed it, according to Apple.

Mac Bootcamp 3.2 problem with PowerPoint 2010 and 2007

Friday, December 10, 2010

Jeff West has a problem with the new Boot Camp 3.2 and PowerPoint. He found a fix for PowerPoint 2010 but not for 2007:

I cane across your website when I was looking for solutions to a problem I am having with PowerPoint 2007 running on a MBP 15" i5 in Boot Camp. It is referenced in a thread here and there is a workaround for 2010 but not 2007. It has something to do with a keyboard layout change that was made in 3.2. It's really annoying. It took hours for me to find an answer for 2010 and I still don't have one for 2007.

If you've seen this issue or know of a solution for PowerPoint 2007

Entourage Email Archive X 5.2 offers better Snow Leopard support

Friday, December 10, 2010

Softhing has released Entourage Email Archive X 5.2 (US $30), a new version of the Mac OS X utility that archives email and attachments received or sent using Microsoft Entourage 2008 and Web Services Edition (WSE). Version 5.2 adds improved compatibility with Snow Leopard. It also adds a new feature to generate MBOX files starting from .eml files (the native Entourage file format) that have been archived with any previous version of Entourage Email Archive X.

December 6

TIP: repair Boot Camp in Windows enabled upgrade to 3.2

Monday, December 6, 2010

Temujin Kuechle responded to last week's report by a reader who can't upgrade from Boot Camp 3.1 to 3.2. Kuechle found a fix:

Boot Camp 3.2 wouldn't install. I tried a few things that didn't work at first, like installing Boot Camp 3 from the install DVD. Didn't work. I was about to erase BC entirely through the control panel to remove software until I noticed the option to repair. After repairing the installer in for BC 3.1 all of the following upgrades have worked correctly.

If you've tried this approach

Dec 12 Update: Kuechle sent this clarification:

I repaired the installer software in Windows for the BC 2.1, then upgraded to 2.2, then installed 3.0 from DVD, then updated to BC 3.2. if SoliWorks was Mac OS X native, I wouldn't be doing any of this.

Boot Camp 3.2 creates graphics problem for reader

Monday, December 6, 2010

Barney Smith in Austrailia has a problem since upgrading Boot Camp to version 3.2:

I find that I keep losing the graphic driver, as when booting in Windows 7 32 bit, it keeps reverting back to 1280 resolution, versus 1440, which it originally displays when you load the drivers.Very frustrating.

If you've seen this problem

VMware Fusion 3.1.2 fixes problems with Outlook 2007, OS X Server

Monday, December 6, 2010

VMware has issues VMware Fusion 3.1.2, a maintenance update to the virtualization software for Mac OS X. The update fixes 14 bugs and glitches, including a problem with Outlook 2007 in Unity mode, a problem switching from full screen mode to single window mode, and an issue with hand-held USB devices in Windows XP. It also fixes a problem booting Mac OS X Server running in a virtual machine, and plugs some security issues.

If VMware Fusion 3.1.2 fixes any issues for you

Mac OS X 10.6.5 update wiped out readers' DNS settings

Monday, December 6, 2010

Responding to last week's report "Mac OS X 10.6.5 breaks DNS CNAME lookups," Michael Watts reported a different DNS problem with the update:

My previously reliable wireless connection at work came to an end with the update. I know just enough about networks to go to Prefs, and discovered that the DNS settings for the company's wireless network had vanished. Looking forward to another update.

If you've seen this problem

TIP: Reader suggestion for Outlook 2011 sync with Google Calendar

Monday, December 6, 2010

Outlook 2011 doesn't yet have the ability to sync with iCal, but George Watson found a way to get it to sync with Google Calendar:

I found a way to sync Outlook 2011 with my Mac and Google Calendar. No problem! I love this program! I used Sync'Em along with's Exchange Hosting service. It's only $4/month. For the cost of a coffee I thought it was worth it! Sync'Em is $50 one-time fee.

If you've seen used this approach

Microsoft comments on slow Outlook 2011 email access

Monday, December 6, 2010

We asked Microsoft to comment on reports that accessing email was significantly slower in Outlook 2011 than in Entourage. A Microsoft spokesperson provided this explaination:

In response to your inquiry regarding Outlook for Mac 2011 running slower when accessing mail than Entourage - In Outlook 2011 launch time is actually faster and interactions like sorting, searching the address book, and searching mail is significantly faster as well. While yes POP and IMAP downloads are slower, this was a tradeoff the MacBU had to make to improve the overall customer experience. It's a balancing act - network performance competes with UI performance and we pulled back the network a bit to make the UI more responsive for the user.

Meanwhile, another reader wrote to say that slow downloading in Outlook is a problem. His report is here.

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Reader finds Safari quicker email access than Outlook 2011

Monday, December 6, 2010

Ruaraidh Petre is having problems with slow performance with Outlook 2011, both with Exchange and without it:

I have a slow connection (I live in Botswana). First I tried migrating everything to Outlook from Entourage. That worked, but then the application started trying to download my whole Gmail account anyway. I deleted that account and started again, this time just starting with Gmail as a new IMAP account. It has managed to retrieve all the headers, but now forever says that it is receiving 9 / 10998 mail messages. The 9 never changes.

I also set up an Exchange account for work. That seems to function but is also desperately slow. To give a measure of how slow, I find it quicker to access both Gmail and Exchange through Safari! This is quite disappointing given that I had actually got used to Entourage 2004 and had it working pretty smoothly.

If you've seen these kinds of issues

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Outlook 2011 not compatible with Blackberry Server; calendar permissions don't play with Windows

Monday, December 6, 2010

John Cotton reports adds to our list of missing features in Outlook 2011 with three more:

Just thought I would add a few quirks to your list.

  1. Outlook 2011 is not compatible with the Blackberry Enterprise Server for syncing calendar to your Blackberry phone. Once you install Outlook 2011, your Blackberry calendar goes blank. Blackberry tech support does not know how to fix the problem and claims they cannot get Microsoft to do anything about it. Microsoft says they never knew it did not work and has promised to look into it.
  2. Calendar permissions do not seem to work in a mixed Windows Outlook environment. ......Read entire story here

Reader problems importing messages, rules into Outlook 2011

Monday, December 6, 2010

Vincent Battesti reports some problems with mail imported into Outlook 2011 for Mac:

I'm sending this message with Entourage as I gave up Outlook 2011. Yes, no Project Center, it is a shame as I manage all my Research projects (publications, works with colleagues). But also, the feature when displaying a message to show the answer I wrote or the original message does not work for the 10 years of messages I imported in Outlook. All the rules I made to redirect ingoing or outgoing messages to different folders and other rules are badly not imported at all in Outlook 2011.

If you've seen these issues

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December 1

Xserve owners will run them for years, survey says

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

By John Rizzo

Most Xserve owners won't replace Apple's discontinued server hardware any time soon, according to a new survey of 1200 IT administrators released today by the Enterprise Desktop Alliance (EDA). When they do migrate, more will continue using Mac OS X Server than will move to Windows Server or Linux, though a large number of respondents were undecided on this point.

Sixty five percent of the respondents said that they would keep their Xserves for two or more years, or until the hardware stops functioning. When they do move to new hardware, by a large margin said they would prefer Mac OS X Server for client management......Read entire story here

Deadheads get their own streaming iPhone app

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jerry Garcia may be gone, but Deadheads can now listen to the Grateful Dead 24/7 on their own iPhones, with today's release of a streaming app by The organization currently broadcasts entire Grateful Dead concerts, which can last almost three hours, over the Internet and iTunes, and now the iPhone. GDRadio also streams shows from the current tour of Further, a band made up of some of the Dead's surviving members, as well as other Grateful Dead-related content. The app also enables users to browse the set lists of every Grateful Dead show, and those of the band members, from the past 45 years. A long strange trip, indeed.

November 2010

November 29

Splashtop Remote Desktop puts Windows on an iPhone remotely

Monday, November 29, 2010

Splashtop Inc. has released Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPhone and iPod Touch, an app that enables device users to view and operate Windows 7, Vista, or XP running remotely on a PC. The company said that iPhone users can operate any Windows application, including reading and composing email in Outlook, editing Office documents, and accessing any file on the PC or on a network the PC has access to. Documents and files remain on the PC, so there is no need to sync files with the iPhone. Support for controlling a Mac from an iPhone is now in beta......Read entire story here

Reader response to Boot Camp 3.2 update: an improvement and a problem

Monday, November 29, 2010

Eric thinks the Boot Camp 3.2 update makes Windows XP run better on his Mac:

I upgraded to Boot Camp 3.2 running Windows XP. No problems upgrading. Seems that the system runs faster. Graphics and colors seem smoother and more refined.

On the other hand, Luca Capanna gets nothing but crashes:

I've tried to update Boot Camp drivers from 3.1 to 3.2 but it always shows me an error that it cannot continue. It then crashes and closes the installation process. I've tried using Apple Update but also downloading the 32-bit version. Nothing works, I have the same issue.

If you've seen this problem

TIP: Novell OES 2 SP2 fixes Snow Leopard incompatibility

Monday, November 29, 2010

Pete Fuller commented on the reported incompatibility between Novell's AFP file server and Snow Leopard. He says that a newer version of the server released a few months ago works:

This is an old issue, there are Open Enterprise Server updates that fixes this issue. AFP support was awful in the first release for OES2-SP2, but has been very stable in our environment since the mid-summer patches were released. I'm typing this on a 10.6.4 Mac with AFP connections to several of my servers that have been active since before the weekend.

If you've tried these new patches

TIP: Fix for Mac access to Win Server 2008 R2

Monday, November 29, 2010

Daniel posted a fix in our File Sharing discussion forum for a problem where Macs could no longer connect to Windows Server after updating it to 2008 R2. The fix involves changing a setting on the server to allow cryptography algorithms compatible with Windows NT 4.0. Read how in the forum -- if this works for you, please post a reply.

iPhone/iPad updates don't work for Windows non-admins

Monday, November 29, 2010

Doug Starkey says updates for iPhones and iPads are forcing him to give PC users administrator privileges:

I generally do not let my users have admin level privileges on their PC's. But as time has gone by, I have more and more users with iPhones and iPads. They want to do their updates but find that they cannot because they are not "administrator-level" users. The only solution I have found is to make them a "local" administrator on their PD; but this is only preventing them from trashing my servers. They can still make a mess of their machine just by surfing the web.

I have searched for some method of allowing non-admins to update Apple software on a PC but I'm finding nothing. I'm hoping someone in the MacWindows community has some experience with this and, possibly, a solution.

If you've seen this issue

More iPhone/Exchange status icons not syncing

Monday, November 29, 2010

Mike Page also has the problem of iPhones not syncing status indicators with Exchange Server:

Been searching everywhere for a fix for this and this is the first site I've found with sensible info. I've set up ActiveSync on iPhone, which was quite easy. It worked like a charm but no status icons, which makes me question the worth of the whole thing. If I don't know if I've replied or forwarded a mail, what's the point? It really is time this was fixed.

If you've seen this

TIP: Eliminate "dot underscore" with named streams on SMB NAS and servers

Monday, November 29, 2010

Daniel Öhman in Sweden sent us an Apple article called "Mac OS X v10.5, v10.6: About named streams on SMB-mounted NAS, Mac OS X, and Windows servers." The article describes how turning off named streams in Terminal can prevent errors in SMB access for network attached storage and file servers. In fact, this an explanation for a tip that we've previously reported for the -36 error message. Öhman and the article also say that this fixes another issue:

I found a very nice way to avoid AppleDouble (._) "dot underscore" files on SMB shares. It requires minimum Mac OS X v10.5 with manual enabling. Mac OS X v10.6 seems to handle Alternate Data Streams / Named Streams automatically. See this Apple article.

If you've tried this

Reader says Mac OS X 10.6.5 breaks DNS CNAME lookups

Monday, November 29, 2010

Dan Parker reports that the Mac OS X 10.6.5 update breaks CNAME looks in DNS. He also provides a link to some Apple discussion forums about the problem:

The issue is with CNAMEs to .local addresses are broken. Of course, A records work but CNAME lookups are failing. IP and internal FQDN are fine directly. Also, .local CNAME to .local FQDN are also fine. This isn't a huge problem for most folks but I can imagine it wreaking havoc in the enterprise.

I've opened an incident with AppleCare Education and was told it was "Accepted" to be reviewed by Apple's Engineers and have an incident number. I've also spoken with one of their .edu reps and he confirmed multiple internal and external reports of the issue.

From my understanding, the mDNSresponder is supposed to do XX.local lookups but pass on xx.xx.local or *.xx.local lookups to DNS. Since 10.6.5, this results in an unknown host error. The commands host, nslookup and dig all yield the correct information.

There are a few threads around the Internet referencing this issues with various levels of detail. Here's one. Another referencing mDNSresponder lookups of .local hostnames.

If you've seen this problem

Readers: no success with notify in nsmb.conf for slow SMB browsing, but domain/username helps

Monday, November 29, 2010

Two readers tried the recent tip for fixing slow SMB file share browsing, which was to turn off notify in the nsmb.conf file. Both readers said the suggestion doesn't work. Kyle Salewski also reports that logging in with domain/username does help:

In regards to the most recent post of changing the nsmb.conf file to change slow SMB browsing: It wouldn't let me change the file as the admin, I had to use the root account. I haven't seen an improvement yet, I still need to do some more testing but I am still seeing a 2-5 second delay to have folders populate when browsing the network

I have been following the slow SMB browsing on this site for a while since my company has been experiencing issues ever since we went to Snow leopard in July. I have tried pretty much every suggestion on this site without any success sadly. Our greatest improvement was to login with DOMAIN\Username [as the user name] when mounting the share. It went from a 10-15 second delay to a 2-5 second delay when browsing folders, and it is still always intermittent.

Tim also could not use this suggestion:

I have no nsmb.conf file in /etc. I do have an smb.conf. When I try the command, I get access denied. I connect to SMB shares every day. Sometimes they are slow to display the contents.

If you've tried this

November 24

Outlook mail retrieval significantly slower than Entourage

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tests results from MacTech magazine show that Outlook 2011 for Mac is significantly slower than the two previous Entourage versions in downloading mail from POP and IMAP servers. However, the magazine found that tasks in managing mail on the Mac were faster in Outlook than Entourage.

The MacTech tests show that Outlook 2011 for Mac took more than twice the time to download POP email than it took with Entourage 2008 and with Entourage 2004. IMAP email syncing took about twice the time it did with Entourage 2008, and slightly longer than Entourage 2004. Outlook took five times longer to empty deleted mail than did either version of EntourageHave you noticed slower mail retrieval with Outlook for Mac? If so, does it matter? ......Read entire story here

Windows connected to OS X Server lose Outlook.pst files

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bryon posted a question in our discussion forum, about a problem with Windows PCs connected to Mac OS X Server lose their Outlook.pst files:

We have a fairly new Mac Mini server that has been running smoothly for a couple months now. There are only two Windows machines joined to AD through it - everyone else runs a Mac. For whatever reason, within the past week these two Windows users had their Outlook.pst files mysteriously disappear. Any ideas what could be causing it?

We have checked both the userprofile and userprofile.domain folders and the file simply is not there anymore.

When setting up the server I wanted to disable roaming profiles for both these machines so I was told to set the profile directory to C:\Documents and Settings\userprofile. This is a screenshot of my config. Could this be what's causing it?

If you you've seen this problem or post a response in our forums.

Reader: Outlook 2011 not likely to come with Exchange CALs

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Todd Stout responded to our report "MS could distribute Outlook Mac with Exchange Server", which said " Previous versions of Outlook for Windows and Entourage for Mac are included as separately installable applications on disks included with Exchange Server Client Access License purchases." Stout said:

Unfortunately, this hasn't been the case since Exchange 2003. Exchange 2007 and 2010 do NOT include Outlook licenses with the Exchange CALs anymore. (See the first question on the Exchange Licensing FAQ. ) Outlook must now be licensed separately as part of a Microsoft Office suite.

Related: Outlook 2011 Tips and Reports; Outlook 2010 First Look

Reader problems creating groups in Outlook 2011

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

John Kahn reports problems with created groups in Outlook 2011 for Mac:

Creating a Group cannot be done effectively. A Created Group does not "appear" or is displayed in the Contacts List. The Label (or Name) of the specific Group and it contents are "hidden" or unseen, that is, Name of the Group. A Created Group tends to be placed at the Beginning of the Contact List.

The process to create a group seems as usual, is simple. It's that the Group Label cannot be seen in the Contact List. However, there could be a "display selection", I have not "checked-off".

If you've seen this issue

Reader success with fix for iPhone not getting email from Exchange 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Amanda Hartman confirmed a suggestion for fixing an iPhone problem of not receiving mail from Exchange 2010. The suggestion recommends "to move the mailbox to Exchange 2010 or change the URL in the iPhone to the legacy URL." Hartman did the later:

I just changed the URL to point to the legacy server and it worked like a charm! Thanks so much!

If you've seen this work

Related: iPhone Tips and Reports

Another report of duplicate email iPhone/iPad/Exchange email

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mike Cottingham is seeing duplicate email sent from an iPad, and thinks it's the sync:

Our President's iPad recently started seeing the types of issues mention here. Emails are sending multiple times, the sync times seem to be very long or do not occur at all. It's like the iPad is restarting the sync process several times.

If you know of a workaround

FileWave to manage iPhone/iPad, Mac, Windows clients from same server

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

FileWave, Inc., announced that early next year it will add support for iOS devices to its FileWave client management server system. This will enable the management of iOS, Windows, and Mac clients from a single management console. The Filewave server is available to run on Windows and Mac server hardware.

November 22

Boot Camp 3.2 improves graphics, peripheral support in Windows, fixes bugs

Monday, November 22, 2010

Apple has released Boot Camp 3.2, in versions for Windows 32 bit and Windows 64 bit, and update to the software for booting Macs with Windows. The update includes "critical bug fixes," though Apple doesn't specify which bugs. The update adds official support for the Apple USB Ethernet Adapter and MacBook Air SuperDrive. Boot Camp 3.2 also adds support for the ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics card, which is used in the current Mac Pro and which Apple offers in an upgrade kit for Mac Pros going back to early 2009. The update requires Boot Camp 3.1 to be installed, and works for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

If you've updated to Boot Camp 3.2

TIP: turn off notify in nsmb.comf for slow Snow Leopard SMB browsing

Monday, November 22, 2010

A previous contributor (who wishes to remain anonymous) sent another suggestion for slow SMB file sharing in Snow Leopard. He suggests turning off "notify" in /etc/nsmb.conf:

As I said before I think we are seeing some different things happening. Some people are saying slow SMB share mounting, slow SMB browsing on shares, etc.

Personally my issue is slow browsing on the SMB shares and I may have just gotten the fix or at least a workaround. I have tested it and so far no slow browsing like I had before.......Read entire story here

TIP: Applescript fix Snow Leopard Novell AFP Server

Monday, November 22, 2010

David Ritter responded to our report Novell AFP Server incompatible with Snow Leopard by sharing an Applescript to fix the problem:

I am a tech support person for a chain of weekly newspapers. We use Novell servers at many of our locations. When installing new Macs running Leopard or Snow Leopard we have found that the only way we are able to connect to the Novell servers is to enable "clear text" logins on OS X.

I found a short AppleScript to help with this. I compiled this to a small script app that we use when setting up new OS X installations......Read entire story here

Reader says Novell file sharing NOT incompatible with Snow Leopard

Monday, November 22, 2010

Garvin Boudle doesn't agree that Novell AFP Server is incompatible with Snow Leopard:

We use Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES) every day from Mac's running 10.6.4 without incident. It just works. Would be helpful to know what version of Novell is being used. OES can actually be installed as either Netware 6.5.x or as a SUSE Linux Enterprise server.

Is this what you're seeing?

Confirmation/clarification of 2 tips for Win 7 access to Mac OS X server

Monday, November 22, 2010

Two readers wrote about getting Windows 7 to access Mac OS X Server's file service. Jim Wilson confirmed tip from May 3 about tweaking NTML authentication settings on the Windows client. But he also found one of our old tips from 2007 works by changing NTLM on the Server. Wilson also added his own steps to the procedure. He reports:

This suggestion worked: TIP: Win 7 settings for accessing Mac OS X Server Monday, May 3, 2010

This other one worked as well, for all of our computers, without modifying local clients: TIP: fixing Vista's problems connecting to OS X by changing NTLM settings (setspn resolution). This second was the superior resolution in our case as it required no client touching/group policy. We have several domains also so I had to also do the following......Read entire story here

VPN Tracker 6.2.3 adds more device profiles, improves Juniper support

Monday, November 22, 2010

Equinux has released VPN Tracker 6.2.3 (US $129), a "universal" VPN client for Mac OS X that supports dozens of different VPN gateways and servers from a variety of vendors. The update adds support for the Cisco Small Business RVS4000 and WRVS4400N, FRITZ Box 7390 and 7570. It also improves support for Juniper devices.

November 19

ExtremeZ-IP 7.1 expands Mac/DFS integration offering; will help migrate from xServe

Friday, November 19, 2010

Group Logic has released ExtremeZ-IP 7.1, an update to the AFP-based file and print server platform that runs on Windows servers to support Mac clients. The update focuses on enabling smaller Mac networks to integrate with Microsoft's Distributed File System (DFS). The company also announced that it would provided services to help customers migrate from Apple's soon-to-be discontinued Xserve hardware platform to Windows-based servers.

Since version 6.0, Group Logic has made Mac DFS integration a feature only of the Enterprise Class site licensing, unlimited version of ExtremeZ-IP. Version 7.1 enables smaller Mac networks to gain access to DFS file shares by providing an optional add-on called DFSConnect. The new DFSConnect option enables as few as 10 Macs to access DFS shares......Read entire story here

Apple updates Snow Leopard Server (again) to address mail security issue

Friday, November 19, 2010

Apple has released another update to Mac OS X Server just days after releasing version 10.6.5. The new update, called Mac OS X Server 10.6.5 Update 1.1, adds a new security fix for the mail server included with Snow Leopard Server. Apple said the issue exists only in the first 10.6.5 update:

A memory aliasing issue in Dovecot's handling of user names exists in Mac OS X Server v10.6.5 (10H574). On systems configured with Dovecot as a mail server, a user may receive mail that was intended for other users. This issue is addressed through improved memory management. Dovecot is only provided with Mac OS X Server systems. This issue only affects systems running Mac OS X Server v10.6.5 (10H574). This issue does not affect the Dovecot open source project.

More on Cisco incompatibility with Snow Leopard and getting around it

Friday, November 19, 2010

Three readers commented on our reports about the Cisco VPN Client's incompatible with Snow Leopard. One said Snow Leopard already has everything you need. A second said deploying the Cisco Client fails with JAMF Casper or Apple Remote Desktop. A third reader said it all works just fine.

Doug McLaughlin says there is no need to use any Cisco software on Snow Leopard:

There is no need to use the Cisco VPN Client software with Mac OS X 10.6.x. Cisco worked with Apple directly and the Cisco software is available as a Network "service". In the Network System Preferences, click _+_ to add a service and choose "VPN" interface. Then choose the _Cisco IPSec_ as the VPN Type. You may need a _Shared Secret_ or certificate from your network or security department to configure the VPN settings......Read entire story here

TextOne app bridges phones & computer SMS and email

Friday, November 19, 2010

ProcessOne has released TextOne (US $0.99), an iPhone app that blends SMS texting with email on computers and jabber-compatible SMS clients on Macs, Windows, and phones, and Facebook discussions. TextOne can chat with multiple differing SMS text clients on phones and with with any XMPP ("Jabber") client on computers, including iChat on Macs.

TextOne phone users can send and receive email inside of the chat conversation, enabling other uses to join the chat via email on computers or phones. The email is sent through ProcessOne's servers. If a user turns the phone off, ProcessOne stores the messages. The service is free, and there is no per-message charge. Phone numbers are not used.

Users can connect the TextOne contacts to the address book to obtain contact names and photos. TextOne users can also add Facebook contacts to TextOne's database with a single click.

TextOne also works on iPad and iPod Touch. Blackberry and Android versions are currently in beta.

November 15

Mac OS X 10.6.5 improves AD binding, Exchange connections, AFP file sharing

Monday, November 15, 2010

Last week Apple released Mac OS X 10.6.5, an update to Snow Leopard and Snow Leopard Server that addresses several enterprise issues. Apple said the update improves performance for users bound to an Active Directory domain, and that it improves reliability with Microsoft Exchange servers.

Mac OS X 10.6.5 also includes security updates, including one that fixes two vulnerabilities in the built-in AFP server of Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server. One of the fixes prevents a remote attacker from detecting the existence of an AFP share with a given name. Mac OS X 10.6.5 also includes about two dozen other general usability improvements, several of them dealing with the Dock.

Apple also released the Server Admin Tools specifically for Mac OS X Server 10.6.5. Server Admin Tools 10.6.5 is available only through Software Update.

If Mac OS X 10.6.5 fixes any problems for you

Fix Confirmed: Restarting SMB Sharing Service on Windows 7 fixes post-sleep connection issue

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jason Morley-Nikfar confirmed a fix for a problem where a Mac can no longer access an SMB share after waking from sleep:

I just wanted to confirm that the fix in the post titled, "Snow Leopard problem connecting to Win SMB after wake from sleep" from Friday 10/22 did fix the same problem for me. I was also having difficulty connecting to a windows share after waking from sleep. The Mac went to sleep while copying a file to a Windows 7 share. After waking, it could no longer connect to the server by IP or hostname. I restarted the file sharing service (known as just the "server" service on Windows 7) and this immediately fixed the issue. Please relay my thanks to Michele Lundquis for this tip!

If you've tried this fix

Wizard101 works with CrossOver Games 9.2

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jana Schmid of CodeWeavers points out that on old problem with CrossOver Games running the Windows game Wizard101 in Mac OS X is no longer a problem with the current version of CrossOver:

I noticed on your CodeWeavers CrossOver Reports that on the report for CrossOver 7 a review stated that CrossOver games does not work well with Wizard101. With the release of CrossOver Games 9.2, Wizard101 works beautifully. You can also visit the CodeWeavers community page for Wizard101 on Mac.

And, you can visit MacWindows discussion forums to leave a comment about CrossOver Gamers, or how it works for you.

Reader confirms Win 7 settings for accessing Mac OS X Server

Monday, November 15, 2010

Connie Brown-Caldwell confirmed a suggestion for changing Windows 7 security settings to enable access to Mac OS X Server:

This also worked for me, after having tried in vain enabling SMB, Workgroup gymnastics and the like on the server in question. Thank you. Simple and effective.

November 12

More Entourage features missing from Outlook Mac: Week numbering, travel time, drag-drop mail accounts

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thomas Andersen in Oslo points out three more Entourage features that didn't make it into Entourage.

Thanks for your great articles about Outlook 2011. I'm one of really few using Macs in our Microsoft-loving company, and most of the compability stuff is very welcome to me and my little team of designers. But I find it very annoying that some lovely features are lost (like the simple "resend"). Here's two others, one in fact a BIG issue being lost: Week numbers in the calendar (!) and travel time on calendar events. Grr, Microsoft!

Another minor one is that before, if having two mailaccounts, you could drag and drop emails between them (moving), but now it gets copied.

Ken Swanson wants to upgrade to Outlook but can't:

I was very disappointed to discover my company Exchange Server is 2003, as a result I'll have to continue using Entourage until they upgrade to Server 2010 sometime next year.

Do these features matter to you?

MS could distribute Outlook Mac with Exchange Server

Friday, November 12, 2010

Long-time MacWindows contributor Luis Antezana points out another way Microsoft could distribute Outlook for Mac, outside of the Office suite:

Your Outlook 2011 article mentioned that it is not available apart from Office 2011. Previous versions of Outlook for Windows and Entourage for Mac are included as separately installable applications on disks included with Exchange Server Client Access License purchases, so it's possible Outlook 2011 may be available that way, too, if not immediately, then when the next version of those install discs is created.

If you know something about Microsoft's plans along these lines

Reader comment on Outlook 2011 lack of calendar synchronization

Friday, November 12, 2010

Michael Cook in Austraila commented on our report about Office 2011, and the lack of support of iCal/iPhone syncing:

Thanks for the review and the information about Mac Office 2011. Having purchased Microsoft Office for Mac (Home and Business 2011) for $AUS 379.95 and committed to the process of installation on my iMac and MacBook two days ago, I would have preferred that Microsoft had placed a large ORANGE sticker on the rather empty box say "Warning: This product will cripple your calendar synchronisation process with your iPhone." To have a WTF experience now after having invested the time and effort into getting calendar synchronisation going with Entourage is unacceptable to Mac users who continue to pay premium prices for substandard products.

Sure Outlook is more stable than Entourage, I don't miss the Project Center, I've never had OneNote so I don't miss that either, the new Excel (now manages more than 8000 rows!) and Word and Powerpoint seems to perform as good as my Office 2003 products that I run on Windows XP.

However, the prospect of printing out my Outlook Calendar to enter the appointments into my iPhone will madden me on a daily basis and I will curse the name "Microsoft" everyday that I have to do it and every time I miss an important appointment. I wish it was not so.

Want to sound off about Outlook 2011? Post a note in our Outlook discussion forum.

Boot Camp Win 7 fixed by Graphics Firmware Update 1.0 for iMac/Mac Pro

Friday, November 12, 2010

Peter Kuric confirmed that Apple's Graphics Firmware Update 1.0 for iMac and Mac Pro released earlier this year fixes the problem ofWindows 7 crashing in Boot Camp:

I was having issues running Win7 on a 2006 Mac Pro, it was BSOD-ing on the final part of the install where it boots into windows. The error was something about "attempting to reset display driver."

I installed the firmware update for my 7300GT and it resolved the issue.

November 10

Apple dumps Xserve; still no word on Mac OS X 10.7 Server

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On Friday, Apple announced that it will discontinue the XServe server hardware as of January 31, 2011. In an online document called Xserve Transition Guide, Apple advises people to use the Mac Pro or Mac mini as a server platform for Mac OS X Server.

In the document, Apple said "Mac Pro systems deliver performance and expandability equal to or surpassing Xserve" and that " a single Xserve could be replaced with one or multiple Mac mini server systems." The company also said that the Mac mini is "Apple's most popular server form factor."

Regarding support of existing Xserves, Apple said this......Read entire story here

EDA asks how organizations will transition from Xserve

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Enterprise Desktop Alliance (EDA) is asking organizations how they will manage the transition away from Xserve when Apple discontinues the hardware next January. EDA has posted a survey here, and hopes to publish the results next week. The survey asks questions about what organizations will do for Xserve-based services and applications, when they plan to do it, and what the expected cost is. EDA will award a $50 Amazon gift certificate to one of every 100 respondents.

The Enterprise Desktop Alliance is a group of companies that offer products that help Macs integrate into Enterprise environments, including IBM, Group Logic, Centrify, WebHelpDesk, and Absolute Software.

First reader reports: Outlook 2011 lacks AD groups view, GAL browsing, batch sending

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our first reader reports about Outlook 2011 for Mac point to more Entourage features that did make it into the new Exchange client. These are addition to some of things we mentioned in our First Look article. Mark Allen says Outlook lacks Active Directory and Global Address List viewing features:

Another thing that is missing in Outlook 2011 is the ability to see members of Active Directory groups in Contacts. In Entourage if you double clicked an AD group it would show you the members of that group. Not so in Outlook 2011. Also there is no way to browse the Global Address List in Outlook 2011. The best you can do is search for a contact.

Tony in Australia can no longer send batches of email, as he could with Entourage.......Read entire story here

November 8


Outlook 2011 restores lost Windows-compatibility features, but drops some Entourage features

By John Rizzo
Friday, November 8, 2010

With the release of Office 2011 for Mac, Microsoft has restored Windows-compatibility features that it had previously stripped from Mac versions, and added some new ones. Outlook 2011 is the most significant restored feature. But Entourage fans may not feel as comfortable with the new Exchange client, which dumps some of Entourage's features, including iCal (and thus iPhone) syncing.

Microsoft has a schizophrenic record of adding Windows-compatibility features to Office for Mac only to remove them in later versions. For instance, Microsoft added VBA macros in Office 2004 but removed it from Office 2008, apparently deciding that only Windows users need the automation feature. This turned out to be a bad business decision, as it forced many Mac users (including myself) to stick with Office 2004 in order to maintain Windows compatibility. VBA macros have returned in Office 2011, enabling the 2004 holdouts to upgrade......Read entire story here

Kernel panics: Cisco VPN not compatible with Snow Leopard

Monday, November 8, 2010

Rob Campbell responded to a reader report about kernel panics with the Cisco VPN client since updating to Mac OS X 10.6.4. He found that Cisco says it's not compatible with Snow Leopard:

I kernel panic almost every time I use the Cisco VPN Client software ( I had thought it was Apple Remote Desktop, but it seems that even in Safari will cause it to crash. I have tried to pair down my system to check for conflicts, but to no avail.

I have read this on the Cisco website:

New Feature in Release 4.9

The VPN Client for Mac OS X now supports the Intel processor for Mac OS X. This VPN Client release for Mac OS X supports only OS X 10.4 and 10.5 on both PPC and Intel processors. It does not support earlier and later releases.

For Snow Leopard, another reader previously recommended using Cisco's Anyclient instead of Cisco VPN Client.

Another report of no write access in AD for OS X 10.6

Monday, November 8, 2010

Andrew Brezina responded to a previous report "No write access in AD for OS X 10.6" with some more details:

We are having the same issue. What is odd is that it does not happen with all of our servers, and being a domain admin seems to get around it. I am not making all my users domain admins so we are stuck with this until I figure out a work around. I am starting to think this has everything to do with the following:

A. Our domain is (domain).local
B. Our DC has "_" in its name.
C. Because of the previous two issues Kerberos struggles to stay authenticated.

This of course opens up the void between Mac and PC integration, which I have been sucked into…

If you've seen this problem

Reader says Novell AFP Server incompatible with Snow Leopard

Monday, November 8, 2010

Although most of our reports with file sharing problems with Snow Leopard are with SMB, Dan Mazzola can no longer use the old Novell AFP file server for Mac clients:

I am writing to let you know that I cannot connect to Novell now that I have 10.6.4

If you've seen this

October 2010

October 22

CrossOver Games 9.2 adds support of Civilization 5 on Mac and Linux

Friday, October 22, 2010

CodeWeavers released CrossOver Games 9.2, which adds support for running the new Civilization V from Firaxis directly in Max OS X. CodeWeavers also released a 9.2 update to CrossOver, which is optimized for running Windows business applications in Mac OS X, without the Windows OS. There are also versions for Linux.

CodeWeavers said that Civilization V runs best on Snow Leopard, and not as well on Leopard. Both CrossOver Games 9.2 and CrossOver 9.2 includes other stability improvements, including a new version of Wine, the underlying engine for both products.

CrossOver and CrossOver Games sell for US $40. The updates are free for existing CrossOver customers.

If you've tried CrossOver or CrossOver Games 9.2

TIP: Workarounds for iPhone/Exchange problems deleting email, calendar syncing

Friday, October 22, 2010

Ken Stevens found methods of getting around problems with iPhones and Exchange Server. These include deleted emails still remaining on the iPhone and calendar syncing problems:

My wife has had many of the iPhone 4 and Exchange problems that are shown on this site. I believe that we have found a fix/easy work around -- it worked for us and many others so far. We are in Australia and all the phone concerned are on the Telstra network but this fix may work for other networks as well. We have not yet been able to test it on another network........Read entire story here

TIP: Workaround for iPhone not receiving email from Exchange 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

Kym Blackwell sent us a workaround for a problem where iPhones stop receiving email after upgrading to Exchange Server 2010:

I had the very same thing last week when we migrated from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010. What I did to resolve was go to the Active Directory Users & Computers, under each user that has a iPhone problem "Properties" > Security > tick the inherit permissions" box. If it is already checked then try unchecking it, Apply then check it again. After that, you need to delete the Exchange for Mail account profile from the IPhone and recreate.

If you've tried this fix

Lion preview focuses on user interface, but not a peep about a server version

Friday, October 22, 2010

Apple made no mention of a server version of Mac OS X 10.7, nicknamed "Lion," when it announced its next OS this week. In its announcement, Apple focused on user interface enhancements most of which originated on the iPhone and iPad. Apple said that Lion would ship in the summer of 2011.

The absence of any mention of a server in an OS announcement is unusual for Apple. For instance, when Apple announced Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, the company also announced that it would ship Snow Leopard Server at the same time........Read entire story here

Snow Leopard problem connecting to Win SMB after wake from sleep

Friday, October 22, 2010

If Michele Lundquist's MacBook is connected to a Windows 7 SMB share before going to sleep, it can no longer access the share after waking. Only restarting the SMB service on the Windows PC fixes it:

I came across your site when I was unable to connect to shared folders on my Windows 7 computer from my MacBook. Before updating to Snow Leopard, I could connect without a problem. My problem started after I copied my iTunes library from my Windows computer to my Mac over WiFi. Then, while the Mac was still connected to my Windows computer via SMB, I closed the lid and put it to sleep. After that, I could not use Connect to Server to get to my Windows computer........Read entire story here

Developer releases Beta of AFP Server based on ZFS, Time Machine support

Friday, October 22, 2010

Guenther Alka has posted napp-it 0.325, a pre-release, open source AFP (netatalk) and SMB file server based on ZFS. He is looking for beta testers. It also has Time Machine support, ACL support, and Active Directory support, and includes a web and database server. Alka described napp-it for us:

1. It's appliance-software to build a server appliance. You can run it on real hardware or virtually. It is based on NexentaCore or OpenIndiana (free successor of Opensolaris). You could install it virtually without problem if Open Solaris is supported........Read entire story here

October 14

TIP: Microsoft fixes for iPhone not receiving mail from Exchange 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Magnus Björk in Sweden sent us two links to Microsoft pages describing possible fixes for problems with iPhone receiving email from Exchange Server 2010. Björk reports:

I think you might have hit the redirect issue with iPhone and Exchange 2010. When an iPhone connects to the new Exchange 2010 CAS (Client Access Server) and the mailbox is still on Exchange 200x (coexistence) the users gets redirected to the CAS (or Front-End) of Exchange 200x. It seems like iPhone doesn't honor the URL sent back and therefore doesn't work. How this is done in Exchange is described at this Microsoft blog. A way to fix it is to move the mailbox to Exchange 2010 or change the URL in the iPhone to the legacy URL.

A second suggestion: If the first solution I sent you doesn't work you might have a problem described here. Scroll down to "7. iPhone, OWA Premium and POP3 & IMAP4 issues due to invalid accepted domain." The given resolution is to run the a command under Exchange Management Shell.

If you tried either of these two approaches

Suggestion and more reports for iPhone/Exchange calendar problems

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A number of readers responded to the report Exchange appointments not appearing in the iPhone calendar with reports of this and similar problems. Jim Dwyer sent a suggestion:

My Exchange account has created a separate calendar related to that e-mail address which appears at the bottom of my (much too long) calendar list on iPhone. It could be that others have failed to find and activate this account so that it will appear with any other calendars they have checked for inclusion in the calendar display.

If this helps you

Steven Cross, who first reported the problem, sent an update........Read entire story here

Microsoft updates Entourage WSE for syncing with Exchange

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Microsoft released Entourage Web Services Edition WSE 13.0.7 for Mac, an update that improves calendaring and adds support for Exchange syncing notes, tasks, and categories. Microsoft also released security updates for Office 2004 (version 11.6.1) and Office 2008 (version 12.2.7) for Mac, as well as Open XML File Format Converter for Mac (version 1.1.7).

Deleting SIDs for slow SMB doesn't work for reader

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dan Ball responded to this week's tip Fix for 10.6 slow connections to SMB shares in Active Directory: delete SIDs. The suggestion was that unknown Security Identifiers (SIDs) in file/folder permissions cause slow SMB access by Snow Leopard clients. However, this isn't the case for Ball, who has previously reported that another tip also didn't work. Here's his new report and observations:

Just double-checked our settings in AD and we have no unknown SIDs in our permissions so I don't think this is a full fix. Hopefully it helps someone out and appreciate the feedback from Mark, but unfortunately not the fix for here at my school.

Also I want to note there may be a couple different issues. Some people say logins to shares are slow, I am seeing no problems with that on my end. The problem we are having is browsing shares and it taking a while for things to show sometimes, even with an empty folder you can see the wheel turning at the bottom of the finder window thinking. I double checked perms and thinks are set correctly and with no unknown SIDs.

Another issue being seen is if a user is logged in and in there personal folder they create a new folder but they are unable to edit the name. They usually have to go under the folder and come back out and then are able to edit the name. Almost as if 10.6.x isn't seeing the ACLs correctly.

VirtualBox 3.2.10 update improves stability, fixes bugs

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oracle has release VirtualBox 3.2.10, a maintenance update of the virtualization software for running Windows, Linux, and Unix in Mac OS X and in other host operating systems. The update fixes several dozen bugs in areas including general computing, VGA and 3D graphics, audio, and shared folders. There's also a performance increase for virtual machines with more than 2 GB RAM allocated.

Note that there is an open-source edition, which does not include USB support, and a “closed source” edition, which has more features. Both are free for personal use. Use for enterprise (include tech support) is $50.

If you've tried VirtualBox what you think. Or, post a note in our new VirtualBox forum.

For our previous coverage, see VirtualBox Tips and Reports.

October 11

TIP: Fix for 10.6 slow connections to SMB shares in AD: delete SIDs

Monday, October 11, 2010

Mark Lewis reports that he discovered the cause of slow SMB file sharing with Snow Leopard on Active Directory networks. He said the cause is Security Identifiers (SIDs). Windows domain controllers assign SIDs to identify logged on users, and which are used with Access Control List (ACL) permissions. Lewis reports:

We were experiencing the SMB connection slowness described by other contributors. After working with Apple we discovered the root cause: unknown SIDs in file/folder permissions. A full description of the problem, the cause and a link to the MS tool which will cleanup the unknown SIDs can be found on our Knowledge base. Note: the issue only affects Macs that are bound to our AD.

If you've tried this approach

More slow SMB file sharing linked to Active Directory, and more on DNS

Monday, October 11, 2010

Like some other readers, Tyler Ward sees a direct connection between slow SMB file sharing in Snow Leopard and Active Directory:

I have observed the issue of slow SMB mounting/browsing to be related to my workstation being joined to the AD domain. When joined, it is a rare occasion that I can connect to file shares on our server (Win 2008 Standard) in a timely manner, but when not joined to the domain, the same connection is almost instantaneous. I have tried every single suggestion I could find and found none of them to work consistently.

A change in DNS has helped some readers, though not everyone. Another take on the DNS, posted here, worked for another reader. However, Steve Cross reports that the later didn't work for him: I have tried this but no success. I may not have set it up correctly on our Windows server 2003.

If you're experiencing this

Migrating existing local user to Active Directory account

Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Macs in Active Directory forum has a thread about how to migrate existing local Mac users to an Active Directory account. A reader provides a link to the answer. If you've done this, please post a reply in the forum.

October 7

TIP: Workaround for mail deleted on Entourage that stays on iPhone

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Archna Johnson follows up on her previous report with a workaround to the problem of email not being deleted on the iPhone after being deleted in Entourage:

I was able to fix the problem by emptying the cache for the folder and restarting Entourage.

Our first report of the problem was for an iPad. If you've tried this workaround with an iPhone or iPad

Duplicate iPhone/Exchange email also seen with iPad

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Leonard Chesongol is also experience the problem described in Reader's iPhone/Exchange duplicates email sevenfold. Except that Chesongol is seeing the problem with iPads:

I found your post regarding Exchange duplicate emails. I'm experiencing a similar issue with my iPad users and was wondering if you had a solution to this annoying issue?

Elsa Gonzales has the problem in the iPhone 4:

Regarding the problem of an iPhone 4.0 (which works with Exchange) sending multiple emails (of the same message). One of our associates has recently experienced this situation (on 9/27/2010) while he was at the AirPort. He sent the email out to his secretary and a couple other associates and it was delivered 5 times to each recipient. It hasn't reoccurred.

If you've seen this problem

Exchange appointments not appearing in the iPhone calendar

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Steven Cross reported a problem where Exchange appointments are not synching with an iPhone:

I have seen a problem that appointments sent to me and accepted do no get synched to the iPhone calendar. They do show in OWA and in Entourage/Outlook. I have not found a workaround. I did try the Apple profile update mentioned. It did not work. I am using iOS 4.1.

If you've seen this problem

TIP: Windows Live Mesh drivers can prevent installation of Boot Camp drivers

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Alfredo Vargas in Bogota, Colombia reports that in addition to other video drivers and VNC display drivers, Windows Live Mesh drivers can prevent Boot Camp drivers from installation. (Today, another reader reports that LogMeIn drivers do the same.) Vargas described how he fixed it:

I just checked the post where a user from Finland could finally install Boot Camp after been getting the error "The installer encountered errors before Boot Camp could be configured."

In my case, I didn't change the Spanish language at all. I went to the device manager and found that Live Mesh had installed a display driver. I uninstalled Live Mesh, which uninstalled the device too, tried again to install Boot Camp with the Snow Leopard Install disc on my XPSP3, and this time it worked!

If you've seen this

Reader verifies LogMeIn drivers can prevent installation of Boot Camp drivers

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jo Wiewauters in Belgium that LogMeIn drivers installed in Windows can block installation of Apple Boot Camp drivers, and that removing them fixes the problem. (Today, another reader reports that Windows Live Mesh drivers do the same.) Wiewauters wrote:

I had trouble installing Boot Camp 2.2 drivers over the previous Boot Camp 2.1 drivers (which I first needed to install, in order to be possible to install Boot Camp 3 drivers, so I learned). The upgrade installation program started, but after a while just 'disappeared'. It seemed to shut down without warning. Indeed, the 2.2 drivers did not install.

After removing the LogMeIn Mirror display driver (Control Panel-> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager -> Display Adaptors) and restarting, the Boot Camp 2.2 driver installed without problem. A few seconds later (after rebooting) the Boot Camp 3 drivers installed also perfectly. Indeed, this solved the problem. The Apple Wireless Magic Trackpad was recognized without a problem and works fine.

If you've seen this

October 4

Numeric password for SMB NAS device enabled alpha password

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bill Griffin confirmed that using a numeric password allows Snow Leopard to connect to a network attached storage (NAS) device, with an odd, positive side effect:

This worked for me. I lost connections to our NAS after upgrade to Snow Leopard. We reset the password to 123 and it worked. Then, the weird thing was we changed the password back to the original and this worked too. Adding :139 did not.

Many other readers have confirmed that using a numeric password works with different types of SMB file servers. If you've tried this, does changing the password back to alphabet character now work?

Variation on Juniper SSL VPN 6.2.0 tip

Monday, October 4, 2010

Paul Schmocker has a slightly different Terminal command than the one previously given to fix problems running the Juniper SSL 6.2 virtual private network client in Snow Leopard:

I got Juniper 6.2 to work on Mac OS X 10.6.3 using the following commands as suggested my it department:

sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/juniper/nc/6.2.0
sudo mkdir "/Applications/Network"

Does this work for you?

Reader verifies fix for Boot Camp driver install problem

Monday, October 4, 2010

Clint Bucco had success the fix called TIP: Dual display drivers can prevent install of Boot Camp 3 drivers:

Great Tip! I've been trying for days to install/update Boot Camp drives with no success. Your tip about multiple video drivers did the job. I deleted the second video driver (something for smart sync software) and the Boot Camp drivers installed perfectly.

Windows app quits in CrossOver when typing in input field

Monday, October 4, 2010

Graham Dodd reports a problem with CrossOver, software that enables Mac OS X to run Windows applications directly, without Windows

Help - running a Windows application called Family Historian v4 on Snow Leopard OS (MacBook Pro) vis Crossover by CodeWeavers - with Windows Visual C++ 6.0 in same bottle. Everything functioned well except that when I start to type something in an input field using the keyboard (rather than a drop-down menu which appears to work OK), the application (Family Historian v4) shuts down.

If you've seen this problem

CampTune 8 resizes Boot Camp partitions on the fly

Monday, October 4, 2010

Paragon Software's CampTune 8 (US $20) is software that can redistribute free hard drive space between Boot Camp (Windows) and Mac OS X partitions. CampTune enables a user to move free space from the Mac partition to the Windows/Boot Camp partition, should the Boot Camp partition run out of hard drive space, or from the Boot Camp partition to the Mac partition. There is no reformatting or repartitioning involved in the process.

September 2010

September 29

Office 2011, Outlook for Mac, to ship October 26; Amazon takes orders

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that October 26 is the day it will ship Office 2011 for Mac, including the return of Outlook for Mac. Amazon has begun taking preorders for the Home and Business and Home and Office versions, in bundles of 1 or multiple licenses. The Home and Student version does not include Outlook, which replaces Entourage in the Home and Business edition.

Office 2011 for Mac will include a number of Windows compatibility features, including coauthoring over a network with Windows users. Outlook 2011 will be able to import .PST files from Outlook for Windows, enabling users to move messages stored on Windows clients to Outlook on the Mac, and support for Web Apps.

For a more complete rundown of Office 2011's cross-platform features, see our Office 2011 preview.

Reader can't accept invitations in Entourage

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

David Kline has a problem with Entourage that prevents the him from accepting invitations:

My issue is very much what Mic Stremel reports on this page. Oddly enough, Mic works just up the hall from me. I'm not the user he reports consulting with but another am another user in his company.

If you've seen this problem

Another fix for Parallels 6 Upgrade networking problem: reinstall Tools

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

For Phil Brown, Parallels' fix for Parallels 6 networking problems did not work. Another simple fix did:

The solution provided did not work. I had to re-install the Parallels Tools and that enabled the network card to be recognised and used to connect to the LAN and Internet.

If you've tried this approach

Upgrade to Exchange 2010 stopped iPhone from receiving email

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Since updating Exchange Server 2010, Alan Oh can no longer receive email on his iPhone:

We just upgrade to Exchange 2010 and iPhone stopped receiving emails. I just upgraded the iPhone IOS to 4.1 but the problem was still there.

If you've seen this problem

iPhone 3G and 4 also have problem of email deleted in Entourage not deleting on iPhone

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Archna Johnson saw both iPhone G3 and iPhone 4 having the problem of email not being deleted on the iPhone after being deleted in Entourage. (The problem has also bee reported on iPads.) Johnson wrote:

I started seeing this problem a couple of weeks ago on my iPhone 3G. I just bought the iPhone 4 and it seems to have the same problem. I do see this as being reported on the site.

If you've seen this problem

DNS fix for iPhone, status icon sync, seen on more iOS versions

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sophal Tea confirms the Exchange problem with the iOS for iPhone that produces an error in an Exchange inbox, fixed with a DNS tweak. Tea also sees the problem with status icons not syncing with Exchange:

I have just found out the same problem regarding the DNS and CNAME. I think that's retarded. I found out by downloading a DNS lookup tool on the iPhone and whenever I Query the Exchange Server, it would hang the app and eventually give out an error. I don't believe it's just iOS4, it's been a problem period.

The other problem that I see is the status icon not syncing. That's the same since iOS2 or whatever you want to call it. It hasn't been fixed. That's never addressed. The other component that iPhone is lacking is the Task List. WinMo5 had this support, not sure why Apple decided that we don't need to sync to-do lists.

Looking for a few good Mac users in PC environments

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jim Freely of IDG is looking for Mac users in Windows network environments to profile:

I'm profiling people working in industries such as pharmaceuticals, finance, aerospace, and manufacturing. Places where one would expect to find Windows machines, but may be surprised to find Mac users.

You can read Freely's entire post in the MacWindows Community Forum.

September 27

TIP: turn on Internet sharing as workaround for slow SMB

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jay Bradford sent in a suggestion for fixing problems with slow SMB file sharing:

I have been having the same slow connections to SMB server. I have found that enabling Internet sharing has made the SMB browsing much, much faster. This tip came from MacRumors.

If you've tried this

Numeric password tip confirmed for Snow Leopard SMB browsing

Monday, September 27, 2010

Alan Cruz confirmed a previously reported workaround for SMB file sharing problems in Snow Leopard:

Changing the password to numeric worked for me I think it most be some thing in the way Leopard sends the passwords to the server. Changing my /etc/hosts didn't worked at all. My SMB server is over a Solaris 10 X86.

If you've tried this

Apple updates Boot Camp Windows drivers for Cinema Display, Magic Trackpad,

Monday, September 27, 2010

Apple has released updated Windows drivers that enable Mac users running Boot Camp to use the Apple Magic Trackpad and the 27-inch LED Cinema Display. There's a Windows 32-bit version and a Windows 64-bit version. The drivers work with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

In July, Apple first provided Magic Trackpad support for Boot Camp. This release updates that support and adds support for the 27-inch LED Cinema Display.

Reader reports success with Parallels 6 networking fix

Monday, September 27, 2010

Scott Buchart reports success with the fix for Parallels Desktop 6 networking issue:

I upgraded to Version 6 (from version 5) today on a MacBook Pro 4GB machine. Networking in Windows 7 would not work at all. It was working fine before running the upgrade. [The fix] worked, than you.

Reader says Parallels 6 good for CAD software

Monday, September 27, 2010

Eric Scheuermann reports success using the new Parallels Desktop 6 upgrade with CAD and graphics mapping software:

Just wanted to let you know that I upgraded to Parallels Desktop 6 this past weekend and all is well. I'm using Windows XP Pro on a MacBook to run Microstation V8 (Select Series 1) and ArcMap 9.2 mainly.

what you think of the new Parallels Desktop 6 upgrade, or post a note in our Parallels Desktop Forum.

Spotlight re-indexes after each login for AD users

Monday, September 27, 2010

A reader in our Macs and Active Directory forum reports that his Snow Leopard clients reindex their Spotlight index when logging into Active Directory, a process that takes several hours. You can read his report in our forums. If you've seen this, please post a reply to his report in the forum.

September 20

TIP, Snow Leopard AD workaround: remove home path, then recreate

Monday, September 20, 2010

Although we have some posted workarounds to Snow Leopard Active Directory issues, Timothy Skimina send us another:

Long before I found your workaround I was also successfully doing the following for Macs running 10.6.x and bound to a Windows 2008 cluster. As a workaround:

  1. Remove the Home folder path specified in Active Directory for the user.
  2. Log in to the Mac OS X v10.6 client.
  3. Create the mobile account when prompted.
  4. Specify the home folder path in Active Directory for the user.

The user should now be able to log in to the Mac OS X v10.6 client.

If you've tried this approach

StuffIt 2011 compression focuses on auto file transfer/compression

Monday, September 20, 2010

Last week, Smith Micro released StuffIt Deluxe 2011 Mac (US $50 or US $30 for upgrade), a new version of the file compression software Mac OS X, which now includes a licences for the Windows version. StuffIt Deluxe 2011 adds new features that automate the transfer and compression of files. It includes a new user interface that features StuffIt Destinations, a drag-and-drop floating toolbar application designed to streamline workflow and securely transfer files with a drag and drop. The new version is also optimized for 64-bit mode and improves compression of the StuffIt X format. As with previous versions, StuffIt Deluxe 2011 also compresses in many other formats, and can provide lossless compression of PNG, TIFF and other 24 bit image formats, as well as audio and PDF. StuffIt Deluxe 2011 also acts as a client for Smith Micro's cloud-based file transfer service for very large files.

StuffIt Deluxe 2011 for Mac includes an installer for StuffIt Deluxe for Windows and a unique, 3-seat "One Source" license model that allows the user to mix and match up to three installations of the Mac and Windows version......Read entire story here

ArchiveConnect 1.1 file previewing expands to Enterprise vault

Monday, September 20, 2010

Group Logic has released ArchiveConnect 1.1, an update to the software that makes Mac clients more compatible with file system archiving (FSA) solutions, specifically Symantec's EnterpriseVault and CommVault's Simpana. ArchiveConnect 1.1 adds new usability enhancements and support for network-based home directory environments with active enterprise FSA deployments. The update prevents Mac OS X's Spotlight indexing process from inadvertently bringing archived network home directory files online in order to index them. In addition, the ArchiveConnect GUI has been enhanced to enable Mac users to instantly detect when a file has successfully been brought online......Read entire story here

Specifying new network location can help wireless SMB filesharing

Monday, September 20, 2010

Peter Duniho found that one of our older tips on our Leopard page fixed his problem with SMB file sharing on a wireless network. Basically, he created a new "location" in System Preferences>Networking and specified Workgroup as the workgroup name:

Once again, your web site has saved the day.

Today's problem was the sudden failure of my Mac to be able to see any of my Windows LAN. I've made a few changes since the last time I accessed the LAN via my Mac, but none seemed likely to have caused a problem......Read entire story here

Reader says iOS 4.1 fixed problem with undelivered mail

Monday, September 20, 2010

Michel Wijnstekers updated his previous report about upgrading to iOS 4 causing iPhone email to not get delivered through Exchange. He said the iOS 4.1 update fixed it:

Regarding iPhone email not getting delivered through Exchange. The Problem is resolved after the last iPhone update. Everything works fine now.

If you've seen had the problem and updated to iOS 4.1

September 16

Parallels 6 full version now available; small build update released.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Parallels has made available the full version of Parallels Desktop 6, the latest version of the virtualization software for Mac . Last Friday, the company released an upgrade version in advance of the full version. The company also updated the build, which is now Build 6.0.11822, which fixes some bugs in the original Build 6.0.11820 released in the upgrade version. (Parallels also issued a fix for a problem that readers reported with networking, described here.)

Parallels said that Parallels 6 runs 3D graphics 40 percent faster than version 5, and that boot time for Windows is 41 percent quicker. The new version now sports a fully 64-bit virtualization engine, which the company says can better take advantage of 64-bit Macs. It also provides faster access to USB drives and shared network folders or servers. Spotlight integration I improved, with faster searches of Windows virtual machines from Mac OS X's Spotlight. Boot Camp virtual machines can now be suspended. Parallels Desktop 6 also supports 5.1 surround sound......Read entire story here

TIP: Fix for Parallels Desktop 6 networking issue

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yesterday, Parallels posted a simple procedure intended to fix a problem with Windows networking after upgrading to Parallels Desktop 6, a problem that MacWindows readers have been reporting. The fix is to delete the Network driver from within Windows and reinstall it. The article states that this can happen if Windows doesn't correctly install the driver.

If you've tried this suggestion ......Read entire story here

Parallels ships free app for running Windows on iPad, iPhone

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Parallels has released a free mobile app that enables users to run Windows from Apple iOS devices, the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The app, called Parallels Mobile, enables users of Parallels Desktop 6 and Parallels Desktop 6 Switch to Mac Edition to operate Windows applications, including Microsoft Outlook, as well as to print and view Flash-based websites. Parallels Mobile uses a new service called My Parallels. The company did not provide much information about My Parallels. Parallels Mobile can be downloaded from Apple's iTunes App Store.

Parallels is not the first to bring Windows to iPads. Last March, Citrix released Citrix Receiver for Mac, a free client for the company's XenApp 6 server, which enables users to operate Windows applications from iPads.

If you're using Parallels Mobile what you think of it.

September 14

ADmitMac PKI 3.0 adds support for US CAC Next Generation cards

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thursby Software Systems has released ADmitMac PKI 3.0, a major upgrade to the Public Key Infrastructure version of Thursby's Active Directory integration software for Mac OS X. The new version adds formal support for more smart cards, including all U.S. Government CAC Next Generation authentication cards, including Gemalto TOP DL GX4 144K and Oberthur ID One 128 v5.5 Dual, and PIV (Personal Identity Verification) smart cards. It also adds support for Snow Leopard.

As with the other ADmitMac products in the line, ADmitMac PKI 3.0 installs Thursby's own SMB/CIFS file and print client/server in Mac OS X, which typically has fewer problems than Mac OS X's built-in Samba. It supports Microsoft DFS, single sign on over VPN, and the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP). Single sign-on identity and access management (IAM) for Macs is supported from either Microsoft Active Directory/Group Policy Objects (GPO) or Apple's Mac Workgroup Manager.

Reader reports Parallels 6 networking problem

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Greg Eaton reports that upgrading to Parallels Desktop version 6 knocked out networking in a Windows 7 virtual machine. He said that Parallels has acknowledged that there is an issue. However, a second reader is not having a problem with networking First, Eaton's report:

I upgraded to Parallels 6 from 5 this weekend from the download. When I came into work Monday morning and tried to log-on to our campus network, nuthin'! I have a MacBook Pro, 10.6.4, the Mac side connects as usual, but I cannot connect from the Windows 7 virtual machine. My email/contact/calander world is maintained by Outlook from our Microsoft Exchange Server......Read entire story here

TIP: Juniper SSL VPN 6.2.0 works if you run mkdir in the proper way

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Massimo Carboni responded to a previous report of a problem with the Juniper SSL VPN Mac client and a fix that didn't work. He points out an error with a previous reader's attempt to use Terminal to fix it:

To Terence, run your commands in this way:

sudo chmod -R 755 /usr/local/juniper/nc/6.2.0
sudo mkdir "/Applications/Network"
sudo chmod 4711 /usr/local/juniper/nc/6.2.0/ncncproxyd

The problem is that in UNIX a space is a command separator, then you need to join the two Unix strings in one string.

If you've tried this approach

Windows 7 Broadcom driver tip works for wireless in Boot Camp

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ankit verified a tip to get Windows 7 wireless networking running in Boot Camp, which is to install a driver that comes with Windows 7

My wireless driver wasn't installed, so I searched for a solution using my Ethernet connection and the Google search yielded your website. And I am happy to implement your solution to install the Broadcom 802.11n Network adapter, and it worked just fine. As a matter of fact, I am sending this e-mail to you using my wireless connection. Thanks a ton.

Another report of iPhone/Exchange status icons not syncing

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Harry Kok has the problem of status icons for replied and forwarded messages not syncing between iPhone and Exchange Server:

This problem indeed is exactly what I see as well, and is quite annoying. I wonder why this has not been resolved. Blackberry, my previous phone did not have this problem.

September 10

Parallels 6 gets faster performance, 64-bit, 5.1 sound; Upgrade available now

Friday, September 10, 2010

On September 14, Parallels will ship Parallels Desktop 6 (US $80), a major new version of the virtualization environment for running Windows and other OS's on Intel-powered Macs. The company, however, is offering an upgrade from earlier versions today (upgrade, US $50), available as a download. The new version has 80 new features and a number of performance improvements over version 5, according to the company.

Parallels said that Parallels 6 runs 3D graphics 40 percent faster than version 5, and that boot time for Windows is 41 percent quicker. The new version now sports a fully 64-bit virtualization engine, which the company says can better take advantage of 64-bit Macs. It also provides faster access to USB drives and shared network folders or servers. Spotlight integration I improved, with faster searches of Windows virtual machines from Mac OS X' Spotlight. Parallels Desktop 6 also supports 5.1 surround sound......Read entire story here

September 7

Move over Linux: iOS is now number 3

By John Rizzo

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Decades of predictions of Linux becoming a standard user platform were put to rest this summer, not by Windows or Mac OS X, but by the iPhone. Apple's iOS for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad has surpassed Linux as a web-browsing platform, according to a report from Net Applications, a web analytics company.

The company said that iOS share of web traffic exceeded that of Linux beginning in July. In August, iOS generated 1.13 percent of all web traffic, while Linux fell to 0.85 percent. Oddly, iPhone-as-a-browser-platform growth seems to be coming at the expense of Linux. iPhone grew at the same rate that Linux is falling, according to the report. In August, iPhone was where Linux was at in May, and vice versa......Read entire story here

Exchange email deleted with Entourage stays on iPhones

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kirk Spencer has the problem where Email deleted with Entourage stays on iPhones. We've had a previous report, and a suggested fix, about the problem occurring with Outlook. Spencer reports:

I finally found someone with my problem. I have found lots of web pages with solutions for syncing problems, but not this specific problem. I had been using 3G iPhone (iOS 4.0.2) and Entourage 2008/ Exchange server on Intel Mac with no problems. Only recently -- the last several weeks -- the iPhone receives new email messages fine, but when you delete in Entourage, the messages stay on iPhone.

I can delete emails on iPhone. I can send new mail from iPhone. I receive new emails on iPhone. Calendar and contacts sync fine.

If you've seen this problem

Netatalk's network Trash folder a relic from the past

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bryan Schappel has an answer to last week's reader question about the inability of Mac OS X to use a Network Trash folder created by a Linux server:

The folder that netatalk creates is for Mac OS 9 clients. The ability to use the network trash folder was removed from OS X. Back in the days of 10.1 I went around and around with Apple on the demise of the network trash folder. Apple said they removed the functionality because other operating systems on the market had no such functionality. Since OS X can connect to file servers over various protocols (SMB, WebDAV, etc.) having AFP provide a network trash folder would be inconsistent. I tried to argue that removing a feature that Mac users loved since the invention of AFP was more inconsistent, but I was not successful. Managing the network trash folder is actually the responsibility of the client and not the server. The AFP client in OS X does not support this feature anymore.

Snow Leopard files disappear when copied to SMB share

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stephen Farr reports problems with browsing SMB file sharing in Snow Leopard, as many readers have, but also finds that some files copied to the share disappear:

I have the same problem as James Spencer reported last year. All my home-based business is on an SMB share and I do all my work on Macs. I am dead int he water because Snow Leopard Finder no longer shows on my Macs any SMB folder to which I have written from another Macs. Also, when you save a file to an SMB volume from some apps, such as TextEdit, it is invisible to Finder. You can see it in the Save File dialog from the App that created it, but not in the Finder. Snow Leopard is a disaster. To be able to work again, I need to revert all my Macs back to Leopard - not a happy undertaking!

If you've seen this problem

JAMF Casper Suite 8 to add support for iOS 4 Mobile Device Management

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

JAMF Software announced Casper Suite 8 will expand the Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities of iOS 4 on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch. The new version of the client management software will ship this fall. A company spokesperson said that the new version "will provide IT administrators with more extensive control over the Apple devices in their expanded network to ensure regulatory and security compliance."

The expanded enterprise iOS 4 MDM capabilities in Casper Suite 8.0 will include the ability to remotely manage configuration profiles, enroll and configure devices, and gather inventory information, from a single console in the JAMF Software Server.

The Casper Suite 8 will also support new security features in iOS 4, such as the ability to perform remote device locking, secure data wipes and passcode administration, good features to have in the event of a lost device.

The company said that by integrating with directory services, the Casper Suite eliminates the need for a separate authentication system for mobiles.

September 2

TIP: Apple fix for Snow Leopard AD force-rebind issues

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dean Cole followed up his Monday report with the solution to his force-rebind problem after restarting Snow Leopard clients. Turns out his fix, described in Apple Support article TS3248, is the same that another reader reported as the solution for "Snow Leopard clients bound to Active Directory getting stuck in screen saver mode." Cole reports:

I actually found a KB article on Apple's website to fix this, the fix has solved the issue on all of my Mac clients running Snow Leopard 10.6. I'm not sure if this fix works on OS X server as I am not experiencing any AD issues on that to try it out.

If you've tried this

Adobe Bridge as workaround for slow Snow Leopard SMB

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jason Sloaf suggests another Finder alternative for getting around slow SMB file sharing in Snow Leopard. Readers have previously suggested the Path Finder utility. Sloaf suggests Adobe Bridge:

The other product that gets around the SMB issue in the Snow Leopard Finder is Adobe Bridge. Adobe used to offer an option in the Creative Suite applications to use their own dialog box interface when opening and/or saving a file instead of the Finder's interface........Read entire story here

TIP: fix for Finder not deleting files on SMB Linux share

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Alexis Rosen forwarded a fix for problems with Snow Leopard clients not being able to delete files on Linux SMB shares. There were also issues copying files. The fix is to edit the /etc/samba/smb.conf file on the Linux server. Editing this file can fix other issues as well. This time, the trick is to remove the "netbios name = XXXXX" line. Rosen's report:

I am running a stock Ubuntu Lucid, fully updated, with the standard Ubuntu packaged samba (v3.4.7). I spent several hours trying to get it working properly with OS X 10.6.4 last weekend. This is a new installation, so I have no track record of previous success or failure with this combination of software. The problem I was seeing was that the Finder could not delete files within folders of the share, failing with the message "The operation can't be completed because you don't have permission to access some of the items." Also, copying files into folders would work, but the Finder would leave them with a file type of "brkn"........Read entire story here

TIP: Another take at adjusting DNS fallback for fixing slow SMB file sharing

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jack Fruh had success with a previously reported tip for fixing slow SMB file sharing in Snow Leopard, and shared an alternative method:

Just wanted to say I tried the tip "DNS/Kerberos Setting workaround for slow SMB browsing." Like another reader, it cut approx 25 seconds off my time. (In my case, the delay is easy to measure repeatedly, as I have an Applescript that mounts the disk, so I don't have to type anything in.) Previous to this, it took 30 seconds from connect to 'login prompt', now it takes about 6........Read entire story here

Citrix VPN Client and AnyConnect are not always interchangable

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Responding to Monday's report of using Cisco AnyConnect instead of Cisco VPN Client for better results in Snow Leopard, Oliver Block warns that the two are not always interchangeable:

Readers should understand that Cisco AnyConnect is not simply a substitute for Cisco VPN Client 4.x. Cisco AnyConnect works with recent Cisco devices and supports SSL VPN. The Cisco AnyConnect VPN client is not compatible with the IPsec VPN tunnels available on many older Cisco devices, e.g. Cisco PIX 500 series firewalls. If a user's network supports Cisco AnyConnect connections, then the user should work with his or her network admin to move to AnyConnect, but that won't be the case for many users. Readers can review this FAQ from Cisco for more information about Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client.

Question on network trash folder on Linux server

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Alexis Rosen has a problem with a Linux server and a network trash folder with Mac clients:

If anyone knows how to enable a functioning trashcan on a network share (either AFP or SMB) I'd love to know about it. I see that my share has a "Network Trash Folder" and that netatalk knows to hide that from me, but I still can't hold files in the trash - the Finder destroys them immediately upon throwing them out (after warning it's going to do so). There was some comment on the netatalk mailing list *years* ago that this was "known broken" and that Apple was working on it. I didn't even try to see if samba could use one. (Apparently samba has a VFS module that will put all removed files into a trashcan, but that doesn't help me with netatalk, and I'd like something more Mac-like if I can manage it.)

If you know the answer

August 2010

August 30

Reader says use Cisco AnyConnect, not VPN Client in SL

Monday, August 30, 2010

For Macs running Snow Leopard, John Brigance recommends Cisco's Anyclient overCisco VPN Client:

We quit using Cisco VPN Client for Mac here at UT Austin because it was too unreliable. We now use Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client for all our Macs running on Snow Leopard. You can check it out here. I never have a problem with it.

If this fixes your Snow Leopard/Cisco VPN problems

Snow Leopard clients requires forced-unbind from AD

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dean Cole is having a problem with Snow Leopard clients requiring force-undbinding:

Hi I am just contacting you with regards to a post on your site on the 22nd September 2009 titled Reader's Mac OS X 10.6 Server requires forced-unbind after restart. I am experiencing the same issues on my Snow Leopard clients however it doesn't seem to happen every time the machines are restarted. Just the majority of the time!

If you've seen this

Another reader can't send iPhone/Exchange mail after iOS4

Monday, August 30, 2010

After upgrading to iOS4, Michel Wijnstekers is having the same problem described in the report "Reader's iPhone email not getting delivered through Exchange." He says:

I have the same problem as described in the website. We updated our e-mail server (new install) to Exchange 2010. Everything was working fine. But when iPhone users updated their IPhone to version 4, they were unable to send mail from their iPhone. There's no error message on the iPhone and the mail is not in the sent folder. Also, some of the users must fill in their password on there iPhone several times in a week.

We using Exchange 2010 and Microsoft UAG to publish Exchange to the web.

If you're seeing this issue

Laplink Switch & Sync moves files, converts Outlook to Mail

Monday, August 30, 2010

Laplink Software has released Switch & Save (US $40), a product that can move or synchronize files and folders and settings from a PC to a Mac, and converts email, contacts and calendars to Mac formats. Switch & Sync can convert Windows Mail, Outlook Express 6 and later, and Outlook 2000 and later to Mac Mail and Address Book and Microsoft Entourage formats. The product consists of a USB cable and software that installs on both Mac OS X and Windows.

Users can also perform two-way syncing of files and folders, either manually or automatically with a schedule. Drag-and-drop copying of files is also supported. The Switch & Sync software only copies the portions of files that have changed since the last sync. This results in fast syncs of large amounts of data, according to Laplink. The software can also recognized when files have been renamed, replaced, or deleted.

August 24

Mac Q2 Enterprise Sales Surge Past PCs, but Is it Sustainable?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It was a good quarter for PC sales, but a great quarter for Macs. Mac sales in business and government saw their biggest increases ever in the quarter ending in June, outstripping growth of the general PC market. According to Needham & Company analyst Charles Wolf, as reported by AppleInsider yesterday, Mac sales to enterprise jumped 49.8 percent, three times the 15.7 percent of the PC market. Mac sales to government surged a whopping 200 percent, 16 times the 12.1 percent growth of the market. Mac sales in enterprise grew faster than Mac sales to homes, Apple's traditional stronghold......Read entire story here

August 23

Quest Authentication Services 4 boosts Mac AD integration, releases free management console

Monday, August 23, 2010

Quest Software has beefed up its Mac Active Directory offerings with two new tools. Quest Authentication Services 4.0 is an agent-based Active Directory bridge solution that adds Active Directory's authentication and group policy capabilities to Mac OS X, Unix, and Linux. The other release, Quest Identity Manager for Unix, is a free web-based console for managing Macs, Unix, and Linux clients from any platform--with or without Active Directory......Read entire story here

August 18

Readers say fix for Mac AD in .local domains works, and some info from Apple

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A number of readers report that a fix for Mac authentication in .local domains works for them. There were also questions and a further suggestion. Alan Silcott reports:

Just wanted to say that the article: "TIP: Fix for Mac AD authentication failure after reboot on .local domains" fixed my problems with Snow Leopard losing the AD connection with our .local domain. This article was incredibly helpful.

It also worked for Clint Baxter, but he had a question about notebooks.......Read entire story here

Another report of Cisco VPN error 51 in Mac OS X

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

David Gilding is another reader getting error 51 when he tries to connect to a Cisco VPN from Snow Leopard:

I appear to have the same problem as Ramon Espinosa (Tues Jun 1, 2010). Until last week, the Mac VPN client worked beautifully. Now it asks for password (via token), 'connects' for a second or two and then disconnects. Very annoying - colleagues with PCs were told to reinstall software from discs, which seems to have solved the problem for them.

If you have any ideas about this issue

We've previously reported some suggestions, but they don't seem to work for everyone.

VMware Fusion 3.1.1 runs vSphere in a VM

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

VMware has released Fusion 3.1.1, a maintenance update to the virtualization software for Intel Macs. The update enables users of VMware Fusion to run VMware vSphere 4.1 as a guest OS on a Mac. vSphere is sometimes referred to as a "cloud computing OS." The update also fixes a problem accessing iSight cameras and a problem with recording audio when the sample rate was not 44.1 kHz. The VMware Fusion 3.1.1 is available from the Software Update feature within VMware within Fusion 3.x.

Mac OS X Server update for VPN, SMB, other issue with Mac Pro

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Apple has released "Mac OS X Server 10.6.4 Update for Mac Pro (Mid 2010)," an update of its server package. Apple lists about a dozen fixes for the update. These include a problem "copying, renaming, or deleting files on SMB file servers" and reliability of VPN connections. It also fixes an issue with CalDAV querying of email addresses with Active Directory and Open Directory servers. The update is for only the recently upgraded Mac Pro hardware running Mac OS X Server 10.6.3.

Does this release fix any issue for you?

Snow Leopard update to close gaming performance gap with Windows

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Apple released the Snow Leopard Graphic Update, which is designed to fix performance and stability of specific games. It addresses frame rates in Portal and Team Fortress and Team Fortress 2, and bugs with Aperture 3 or StarCraft II. However game manufacture Steam said that performance of its games had been below that of Windows.

At it web site, Steam indicated that a "lot of buzz about performance, particularly relative to Windows" spurred them to contact Apple about it. Steam has a lengthy technical post about the update, including this:

...we have spent a large chunk of effort in the intervening months working with Apple and their GPU vendors to close the performance gap with Windows. The combination of changes in our code and the latest graphics update available from Apple today removes a variety of software bottlenecks, resulting in significant graphics performance enhancements for Mac gamers.

Is there a gaming performance gap between Snow Leopard and Windows in general? Post a note in our forums.

August 15

TIP: Rebuild .OST to fix Outlook, iPad, Exchange sync problems

Sunday, August 15, 2010

John Lundell said that problems with Outlook and iPads and iPhones, such as where messages deleted in Outlook remain on the iPad, are due to a corrupt Outlook file in Windows:

The user having these issues needs to re-create their .OST file. We've seen similar things (not just with iPads or iPhones) all related to corrupt .ost files.

Microsoft has information on how to fix a .OST file here.

If you've tried this approach

iOS4 breaks Exchange mail for some readers; ActiveSync update didn't help

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Readers are reporting Exchange email problems after upgrading iPhones and iPod Touches to iOS4. We've previously reported Apple's release of a new ActiveSync profile, but that doesn't help some readers. David Kerwin saw multiple problems on his iPod Touch with iOS4:

The moment I downloaded iOS4 I knew I'd made a mistake (iPod Touch 3G purchased 12-09). The battery doesn't last more than a day with normal use whereas before it would last a few days. My work email (Outlook 2003) instantly stopped functioning and I've tried every fix except jailbreaking and reverting to iOS 3.1.3......Read entire story here

How to turn off "simple file sharing" in XP Home

Sunday, August 15, 2010

John Thow in the United Kingdom answered another reader's question about turning of Windows XP's "simple file sharing" option:

Regarding this page: TIP: Fix for Mac OS X connecting to Win XP as a non-guest. I came across this as I'm trying to do the same thing on a friend's machine. The answer to Phil Gate's problem can be found at on this WikiHow page.

Reader says Win 7/Boot Camp fix for wireless network doesn't work

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Patrick Reese said that a reported fix for wireless networking problems in Boot Camp didn't work:

I've tried the following fix: TIP: A fix for Windows 7 wireless drivers on a MacBook Boot Camp 3. But it just gives me an error message that the software failed to install. My Internet still won't work in Boot Camp in Windows 7.

If you've seen this problem

ThinVNC does remote control of Windows without a client

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cybele Software has released ThinVNC, a new, free remote desktop solution that allows remote control of Windows from any OS running an HTML5 web browser, including Safari, Firefox, and the iPad's browser. Unlike other VNC-based remote desktop solutions, ThinVNC does not require installing any plugin or software on the computer doing the accessing. ThinVNC is installed only on the computer being accessed remotely. ThinVNC uses SSL for security.

With the software's ThinVNC Presentation Manager, users can invite people to attend online demonstrations. Attendees don't need to download anything. IT administrators can also set up ThinVNC as a gateway to proxy other ThinVNC instances. The company said “By publishing only one IP, users can remotely get access to desktops on the LAN just by entering the internal IP/PC name in the welcome screen.”

ThinVNC is free for noncommercial use. For commercial use, contact Cybele Software.

August 9

DNS/kerberos workaround cured slow SMB for reader

Monday, August 9, 2010

Matt Horn fixed his slow SMB file sharing browsing with a recent tip about creating a kerberos file with a DNS setting. Horn reports:

I have been following the Mac SMB sharing problems for a while and found Kyle Rabe's solution to resolve the problem for me. I did a packet capture for communications between my MBP running OS X 10.6.4 64-bit and noticed the same DNS lookups for _kerberos.server.domain.local. Once I created the /Library/Preferences/ file my total connection time went from about 50 seconds to 5 seconds. I thought I would provide some positive feedback and thank Kyle for his suggested solution.

More sync problems with iPad, Exchange and Outlook

Monday, August 9, 2010

Nick Atalla is another reader reporting a problem syncing iPad and Exchange Server. He also reports another problem, where messages delted in Outlook remain on the iPad:

I've run into the same problem that Katrina Thomas reported in your blog. I'm running Outlook 2010 on my laptop and syncing my iPad with my domain Exchange service - Exchange 2010. It appears that once I've opened/replied to an email message on my client, before a sync could take place with my iPad, I never see the message on my iPad. I can't be sure that this is always the case - I'm going to try and follow more closely.

I've also found that when I delete a message in Outlook, the message remains on the iPad. When I try and delete the message on the iPad, I get a message on the iPad that the action could not be completed.

I'm hoping this isn't what happens on my iPhone - I just ordered a new iPhone 4G. Also hope that the issue around sync go away when the iPad is updated with iOS 4. I love the iPad -- but it has to work properly with Exchange.

If you've seen this

Reader's iPhone/Exchange duplicates email sevenfold

Monday, August 9, 2010

Brian Beck reports an annoying problem with duplicate email sent from iPhones through Exchange Server:

If my boss responds to or sends out an email to anyone at our company, they get several copies of the same email. Every time he sends an email from his phone, 7 copies of the same message are sent to the same person over an hour's time.

If you've seen this

Reader's iPhone email not getting delivered through Exchange

Monday, August 9, 2010

James Linck's email doesn't get delivered through Exchange:

You said if you've tried Apple's fix for the Exchange email problems on the iPhone and it didn't work, let you know. Well, I did and it doesn't work. Very often (although I have no idea when or why it will occur) my e-mail simply stops getting delivered. It doesn't stay in my outbox, go to sent mail or any other folder and never gets to the recipient. You can imagine the problems this causes. I won't notice it, will have replied to many people, then I'll realize that e-mail isn't working. I cannot recall which emails I sent and they are gone!

If you've seen this problem

Softhing ships Entourage Exchange Accounts Optimizer 1.8

Monday, August 9, 2010

Softhing has released free update for Entourage Exchange Accounts Optimizer. Entourage Exchange Accounts Optimizer automatically moves old mail an Exchange account to a replicated structure within Entourage. The new Version 1.8 is twice as fast as the previous version, according to the company, and is fully compatible with Snow Leopard (version 10.6.3 and later). There's now a log that can show session information, and a feature that let's you move forward in 10-day increments with the Option key and 50 days with the Command key. Entourage Exchange Accounts Optimizer 1.8 is available for direct download here.

LaCie ships AFP NAS server

Monday, August 9, 2010

LaCie has shipped the 5big Storage Server, a network-attached-storage device that uses the AFP protocol to serve Mac clients, as well as SMB and NFS. LaCie says it is designed to serve or 25 to 100 PC, Mac, or Linux workstations with up to 10 terabytes of storage capacity. The 5big Storage Server runs Microsoft Storage Server 2008 Standard Edition, powered by a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor.

Besides AFP, other Mac-specific features include support for Time Machine and Spotlight. The unit bears a resemblance to the HAL 9000, except the red "eye" is blue. (We assume it will open the iPod bay doors when asked...)

August 4

TIP: USB audio workaround for Boot Camp speakers problem

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

John Borges found that using a USB audio adapter works as a workaround to the problem of Mac speakers not working in Boot Camp:

I had to help a friend with a 2009 iMac with the same problem, he installed Boot Camp just to play Starcraft II and his audio out didn't work in Windows 7. No updated Realtek drivers worked, and unfortunately he did not have an optical input on his amplified speakers.

I did find a relatively cheap and elegant solution. I had a 10-year-old SoundBlaster Live! USB audio adapter. I used it on my Mac Pro before to get my old unamplified microphone to work. It also functions as a very good audio output device for OS X......Read entire story here

TIP: Fix for Mac AD authentication failure after reboot on .local domains

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Patrick Timms shared a DNS fix for an Active Directory authentication problem with .local domains. His article describes what is happening and provides a StartupItem shell script:

This is a general post aimed at everyone who has a .local domain and is still frustrated with the Active Directory authentication issue on Snow Leopard, i.e. where at least 50 percent of the time the Macs will fail to authenticate AD users following a reboot and display "This domain is not responding" in Accounts -> Login Options. I haven't seen any other definitive fixes for this problem yet, so I thought I'd post something that works 100 percent for us.

The problem, as I understand it, comes down to Apple's buggy Multicast DNS Responder implementation (the processes "mDNSResponder" and "mDNSResponderHelper"), whereby .local domains conflict with the Bonjour service and the KDC(s) for the Windows domain can't be resolved, causing authentication to fail. None of the multitude of "fixes" I've seen posted so far have had much success at my workplace.......Read entire story here

Reader has no success with AD/screen saver tip

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shaun Runham reports no success with the Apple workaround for Snow Leopard clients bound to AD getting stuck in the screen saver:

I tried this one (sadly didn't work) and also another tip (found via Google) is to kill the DirectoryService every 10 minutes. This didn't work either. It doesn't happen every time but most of the time after my lunch hour. I will keep looking and will hopefully find the solution one day. Then (at long last) I will be able to go to lunch and not have to power off the Mac to be able to login with any AD account.

Note that we also have this suggestion from last month. If you've tried it

Does server:139 SMB logon clear old credentials?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Charles Powell has a thought as to why using server:139 to log on to a SAMBA share works for some people:

This worked for me as well with OS X 6.4. I could connect as other users but not as myself. I guess changing the port designation cleared the prior credentials.

What do you think?

Reader says Juniper VPN update doesn't fix Snow Leopard problem

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Adriana Blandford says that the lastest version of the Juniper SSL VPN Mac client doesn't work, as previously reported.

I have had exactly the same problem that Terence reports. We are now on the current version 6.5R4, and I am still having tunneling issues. When connected to the VPN, cannot access the Internet or network at all. Disconnecting allows me to access the Internet, AND the network.

If you've seen this problem

July 2010

July 29

ADmitMac 5.1 "deeper" AD policy support, improved DFS access

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursby Software released ADmitMac 5.1 and DAVE 8.1, updates to its Mac OS X software for integrating Macs into Windows networks. DAVE 5.1 provides two way file and print sharing with Windows, including support for accessing Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS) systems. It implements SMB, but doesn't have the problems of Mac OS X's built in SMB support. ADmitMac 5.1 is an Active Directory client for Mac OS X that also includes the functionality of DAVE.

New features include what Thursby calls "broader" support for DFS and better network volume integration for popular Mac applications such as Adobe's Creative Suite and Apple Final Cut Pro. ADmitMac 5.1 adds "deeper" support for Active Directory Group Policy Objects (GPO) with Apple's Workgroup Manager (WGM) for identity and access management from a Mac, as well as from Windows PCs.

If you've used these new versions Or, post a note at our ADmitMac discussion forum.

Explanation for Exchange e-mails on iPhone/iPad marked as read

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Luis Antezana has an explanation of why people see all Exchange mail marked as read on iPads and iPhones:

I've seen this happen, too, but the explanation seems pretty straightforward. iPad always has an e-mail selected in its mail app, which is marked as read. If your iPad is set to automatically check for new mail and you're viewing and deleting mail from another location.......Read entire story here

iPad/iPhone Exchange sync problem a known issue

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Katrina Thomas found some information about a problem with iPad and Exchange, where icons for replied and forwarded messages don't sync. Thomas found the problem also occurs with iPhone. She also found some information pointing to a technical problem with the way Apple's software communicates with Exchange:

I have reproduced this problem with the iPhone and Exchange 2003. I had to do some research on this a while back and this is what I found. This is from an article from Windows IT Pro......Read entire story here

July 28

CrossOver, CrossOver Games 9.1 improve Office 2007, StarCraft II on Mac

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today, CodeWeavers released CrossOver 9.1 and CrossOver Games 9.1, its two products for running Windows applications directly in Mac OS X and in Linux, without the use of a Windows OS. The new versions improved support of some Windows business software and add support for more games. The updates also include a newly updated underlying engine, the open source Wine 1.2, which has a long list of changes and bug fixes. CrossOver is focused on running business applications. CrossOver Games is optimized for running Windows games in Mac OS X and Linux.

CrossOver Games 9.1 adds support for several games previously not supported, including StarCraft II, Star Trek Online, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and Alien Swarm.......Read entire story here

Apple releases Magic Track, Windows drivers for Boot Camp

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Along with updated desktop Macs and a new display, Apple yesterday release a new Magic Trackpad, a stand-alone, oversized, wireless navigation device that can replace a mouse. Similar to the trackpad on Apple notebooks, the Magic Trackpad uses finger gestures for navigation, scrolling, panning, zooming, and other functions.

Apple also released Windows drivers for Magic Trackpad for use with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 when a Mac is booted with Boot Camp. There's a version of the drivers for 32-bit Windows and another for 64-bit Windows. The Trackpad does not work with non-Apple computers. It is not known at this point if the Magic Trackpad will work with Windows running virtual machines. As of yesterday, Neither VMware nor Parallels had released or announced updates to their "tools" drivers.

If you've used a Magic Trackpad with Windows

July 20

EZ-IP 7.0 adds option to put Macs on MS VSS

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Group Logic has released ExtremeZ-IP 7.0, a major update for the AFP file and printer server for Windows hosts serving Mac clients. The update adds several dozen new features, performance and security enhancements, and bug fixes. A new option enables Macs to work with Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) Service, which enables Mac users to access previous versions of files from a Windows server........Read entire story here

TIP: Getting ACK=0 to stick through reboot for slow SMB

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chris Thompson provided a way get a workaround for slow SMB connects to be retained through a report: edit the /etc/sysctl.conf file.

The sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.delayed_ack=0 tip worked for me. I found all these posts interesting and helpful as I have been looking for a fix for the slow Windows fileshare browsing issue for quite a while! I will probably try the Windows server registry hack as well. To make the setting "stick" through a reboot, you need to edit the /etc/sysctl.conf file by adding net.inet.tcp.delayed_ack=0 to it.........Read entire story here

Reader confirms DNS fix for iPhone iOS4 error in Exchange inbox

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TIP: DNS fix for iPhone iOS4 error in Exchange inbox

David Martin confirmed a tip for fixing the problem with iOS4 for iPhone that produces an error in an Exchange inbox:

This works and is the resolution if you are looking up a local DNS name on a windows network that has .local as the domain extension. I have xxx.local and my exchange system uses the external dns name of when I had a CNAME in the DNS for pointing to the xxx.local the email reader would not connect to the server. I changed the CNAME to an A using the IP address, and presto, the local resolution now works.

iPad/Entourge problem reported for iPhone 4; Exchange emails marked as "read"

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

James Miller sees email from Exchange Server all marked as "read" on his iPhone 4. The problem was previously reported with the iPad. Miller reports:

I am using Gmail on my iphone4 and have it set up per Google's instructions to use the "Exchange Server" option. Sometimes emails in my "all mail" folder show up as read when I know I haven't read them on my iphone4 or my computer. Why is this happening?

If you've seen this problem with an iPad or iPhone

July 12

Centrify will offer free versions of AD management suite

Monday, July 12, 2010

Later this month, Centrify will offer Centrify Express, as set of free portions of its Centrify Suite Active Directory integration tools for Mac OS X and Unix/Linux clients. The main piece is DirectControl Express for adding Macs and Unix/Linux to Active Directory. Centrify will also offer DirectManage Express, a free version of new product not yet offered, that will automate analysis and deployment of AD integration. Centrify Express will include "Centrify-enabled" versions of Samba, Kerberos, and OpenSSH to work with the Express software......Read entire story here

TIP: Creating DNS records to fix slow SMB browsing in Active Directory

Monday, July 12, 2010

Gunno Ivansson added to the article DNS, kerberos, Active Directory, and slow SMB browsing, with a suggestion:

We had to create two DNS records to make it work, a _kerberos-master._udp.domain-name.local record, but also a _kerberos-master._tcp.domain-name.local record.

If you've tried this approach

Reader problem with OS X Server 10.6 Mail and Outlook 2007

Monday, July 12, 2010

A reader in our Mac OS X Server forum can't get his Windows clients running Outlook to connect to Mac OS X Server's mail server:

I am trying to get some of the PCs that we have on our network with Outlook 2007 to connect to our OS X 10.6 Server and the mail component. I am having a hell of a time trying to get it to work...

If you can help, please post a response in our forums.

TIP: Empty SMB folders may be DFS servers

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ryan Palamara responded to TIP: folder names with periods on server show up empty, with a reminder about accessing servers using Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS) systems:

One thing to make note of is that OS X will not work with DFS setup on a Windows server. If you have a mac and browse to a DFS share, you will see the folders, but they will all be empty. You will have to find the true UNC path of the share and browse to it that way.

We would add that there are some third-party solutions that give Macs access to DFS, including Thursby Software's ADmitMac and Group Logic's ExtremeZ-IP.

Norton Firewall on Mac OS X blocks Win 7 in VM

Monday, July 12, 2010

Justin Montgomery responded to previous reports of Windows networking not working in a VMware virtual machine:

I had this problem too but with VMware Fusion 3, Windows 7 on Leopard. Turned out it was my Norton firewall on Mac that was blocking it because once I disabled it and reset the adapter everything worked. Norton must be blocking something that VMware needs and I just haven't found out what yet.

July 8

Details on DNS, kerberos, Active Directory, and slow SMB browsing

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jelmer Jaarsma in Amsterdam found a server-side solution to slow SMB browsing in Active Directory, and commented on the article "DNS/kerberos setting workaround for slow SMB browsing:"

I would like to comment on the articles that mention switching off DNS fallback to fix slow connections to SMB. I've run into similar problems, but solved them in a different way. First of all, Kyle says that using Wireshark, he saw mDNS requests being made to the local multicast address. As far as I know that request should have been preceded by a regular DNS TXT lookup on the same record (that's what I've seen in my environment anyway). If not, have a look at for resolving .local domains........Read entire story here

Mixed results for Apple's fix for iOS4 iPhone/Exchange bug

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Apple's new ActiveSync profile for iOS 4 for iPhone and iPod Touch may -- or may not -- fix the slow syncing with Exchange and/or server slowdown. Scott Hutchinson said it doesn't for him:

Sadly, this fix does not work and iOS4 has totally bricked my 3G as far as work email goes.

Jacob Pyle had better luck:

I had this issue with an Exchange 2007 server. The new profile seems to have fixed it. I hope it's included by default in an upcoming iOS4 release.

If you've seen tried Apple's fix

Reader: MS fix for Entourage "+" problem didn't work, but WSE did

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Craig Pepper reports on Microsoft's fix for the Entourage problem of not receiving email messages with a plus (+) sign in the subject:

We tried the Microsoft fix, which fixed the problem for a short time but then came back. Upgrading Entourage to version 13 (the Web Services Edition) fixed the problem permanently for us.

If you've tried the Microsoft approach, or upgrading to Entourage WSE

More on Cisco VPN error 51: the update works, and other workarounds

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Several readers responded to a report that updating the Cisco VPN Client for Mac to version 4.9.1(0180) fixes the Error 51 that people are reporting. Several readers also had some other thoughts. Matt Allaire reports:

I too was getting the error. I have OS 10.6.4 and had VPN client Following your advice I got and it worked perfectly.

Gustav Petersson agrees, and had some other ideas:

Just some general comments on Cisco errors -51. At first vpnclient-darwin- is working noticable better than vpnclient-darwin- - they are both available from Cisco.

The error -51 is an error message telling us that the vpn-client can't see a network interface with an IP-address on it. I have noticed that you sometimes can workaround this by connecting the computer to a network. For example, using WiFi/Airport at home I sometimes get the error -51, if I connect my machine by cable it's fine even though my top priority connection is still AirPort. I've sometimes managed to get this workaround with iPhone and internet tethering as well. Other ways to get it working.......Read entire story here

July 6

TIP: Microsoft fix for Exchange/Entourage "+" sign problem

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Responding to a report last Friday, Brad Morris shared a Microsoft fix for the problem where Entourage doesn't receive email messages that contain a plus (+) sign in the subject:

The documented solution from Microsoft is to enable double escape characters in IIS on the Exchange Server. I ran into this when we deployed in 2008 and this solution resolved. There are security implications people should be aware of before implementing, but in our case we had no choice.

If you've tried this fix

iTaskX for Mac adds support for MS Project 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Techno-Grafik Software has released iTaskX 2.6.2, project management software for Mac OS X that adds support for and integration with Microsoft Project 2010. iTaskX 2.5.2 supports Microsoft Project MMP, MS Project MPX, and MS Project XML file formats. It can exchange calendars, resources and data in over sixty task fields with Microsoft Project. iTaskX can also open and save OPML files, ICS (iCal) files, and text files (Tab or Comma delimited). The update is free to owners of iTaskX 2.

TIP: Keeping Exchange email on iPad: use POP3

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A reader in our forums answered the question how to stop deletion of email on the iPad when it is deleted from the Exchange Server. He suggests setting up the account as POP3.

Partial screen when connecting to PC with RDC

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In the MacWindows discussion forums, a reader says:

Our graphics designer connects to a PC in our office using remote desktop. However, he only gets a partial screen to work with. How can he get a full screen of the PC on his Mac?

If you have a suggestion or are seeing this problem, post a note here.

TIP: Win 7 settings for accessing Mac OS X Server

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rusty Myers confirmed a tip for changing Windows 7 settings to enable it to authenticate to Mac OS X Server:

I have a fresh install of Windows 7 and 10.6.3 OS X Server. I could not authenticate the local admin from the server through the SMB share, connecting via windows. This tip solved my issues. Just FYI, Thanks!

Active Directory error "bad forest or domain"

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Michel posted a note in the forums seeking help with an Active Directory error message he's seeing:

I have a small problem with laptop snow leopard 10.6.3 or 10.6.4 and win 2003 AD. Network ok, attach manually to share folder or share printer ok with my administrator login, but snow leopard does not attach to AD. An AD plugin said "bad forest or domain". I have testing with uppercase, lowercase, .com or not, etc.

If you can help, please post a response here.

July 2

Apple fixes slow iOS 4-to-Exchange syncing, server slowdown

Friday, July 2, 2010

Apple has released a new ActiveSync profile for the iOS 4 operating system for iPhone and iPod Touch. The profile fixes a problem where iOS 4 devices experience slow syncing of mail, contacts, or calendars with Exchange server, or experience no syncing at all. Even worse, Apple said that the problem could cause Exchange Server to slow down.

The new ActiveSync profile increases the amount of time the iOS 4 device waits for Exchange Server to respond to sync requests. The default is 30 seconds, which causes the iOS 4 device to make repeated requests to sync with Exchange Server.

If you've seen this issue and tried Apple's fix

Related: iPhone/iPad and Exchange Tips and Reports.

Keeping Exchange email on iPad

Friday, July 2, 2010

In our iPhone and Exchange forum, Craig asks:

Does anyone know how to stop deletion of email on the iPad when it is deleted from the exchange server? I want to be able to keep the emails on the iPad even when it is deleted off the exchange server.

If you know the answer, post a reply to his message here in our forum.

Another report of plus character in email and Entourage/Exchange sync problems

Friday, July 2, 2010

Eric Pho is seeing a problem we reported (with suggested workarounds) over a year ago:

I'm experiencing the problem which occurs when I got a "+" symbol in every subject in a messages, the mail won't be received in the Entourage client, but the mail is present in webmail.

If you know of a fix

Reader sees kernel panics with Cisco VPN and Mac OS X 10.6.4 update

Friday, July 2, 2010

Connie Woodward is seeing kernel panics with the Cisco VPN client since updating to Mac OS X 10.6.4:

Gosh, my machine has crashed already 3 times today, and has been crashing several times daily while on Cisco VPN with software client Since I've gone to 10.6.x this has been a problem, but not near as frequently as sent I updated to 10.6.4. My machine only crashes when I'm connected on VPN. I can hardly use my machine for work any more. We use Cisco IPsec over UDP so from what I read the built in Mac VPN won't work with that only TCP, do you know differently?

Our IT department does not support Mac (I'm using my home machine to connect to work), so they are no use. I've tried re-installing the VPN client, etc.

If you've seen this problem

Some see Error 51 with Cisco VPN, 10.6.4; others don't

Friday, July 2, 2010

Tim Haley responded to the reader report that Mac OS X 10.6.4 update broke Cisco VPN:

Yes, I see the Error 51 failure of Cisco VPN every time I attempt to launch it since updating to 10.6.4. Re-installing the client did not seem to help.

However, it works just fine for Bob Crummett:

I am using Cisco's VPN Client with no problems in OS X 10.6.4 (iMac 27" i7)........Read entire story here

Group Logic MassTransit gets speed bump and SFTP server

Friday, July 2, 2010

Yesterday, Group Logic released MassTransit HP 7.0 (formerly called MassTransit), a new version of the company's enterprise-level managed file transfer suite for Windows and Macintosh. The new version supports a new UDP-based protocol which the company says is up to 20 times faster than FTP-based solutions, and faster than other UDP-based products. MassTransit is also secure, while FTP is not.

Group Logic released a new, free server called MassTransit SFTP (short for secure file transfer protocol). Current versions of MassTransit, which have been peer-to-peer solutions, can now act as clients to MassTransit SFTP.

DNS fallback didn't fix reader's slow SMB browsing

Friday, July 2, 2010

Dan Ball said the suggestion from earlier this week did not fix slow SMB file sharing in Snow Leopard:

Nope, this does not help with the issue. I already have DNS fallback to "no" on my OS X and it's still having the issue.

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