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VPC won't run Windows Me golden master. August 31, 2000 -- Jay Weiss discovered he could not install Windows Millennium Edition (golden master) under Virtual PC 3.0.3a. Connectix told him that this was a problem with no current workaround, but that it would eventually have a fix. Weiss says that the problem is that the Windows Me installer looks for PCs with processors of 150 MHz and greater, but Virtual PC does not report a processor speed. However, after 35 attempts, Weiss was able to get Windows Me to install on VPC. You can read his report on our Virtual PC 3 Special Report page.

OrangePC claims, then denies discontinuing PC compatibility cards. August 31, 2000 -- When Douglas Wing tried to purchase an OrangePC 660 PC compatibility card from the Orange Micro web site, he was told that it was no longer being manufactured:

Unfortunately, OrangePCs are out of stock as of August 18th. Orange Micro will continue to support the product. However, we are not scheduled to manufacture the product at this time.

Thank you,
Paul Kim
International Account Manager
Orange Micro, Inc.

However, when MacWindows checked with Orange Micro yesterday, Marketing Manager Mr. Jan Olof Hellsund told us that the company is still shipping the OrangePC 660.

Mac OS X beta release set for Sept. 13. August 31, 2000 -- Steve Jobs announced that the public Mac OS X beta would be released on September 13 at the Apple Expo in Paris. Jobs claimed the ship date of the completed 1.0 version would be in early 2001. Jobs made the announcement at the Seybold San Francisco keynote speech.

New Tip: Printing to non-Postscript NT Printer. August 31, 2000 -- Daniel Sabo sends this tip:

Ghostscript (a PostScript processor) in combination with RedMon (a program that creates a port that a printer can use to send data directly to a program same site) can be used to allow color printing to a non-Postscript on a Windows NT/2000 server. It can do this by providing an artificial Postscript printer and processing the data sent to it. Windows acts only as a spooler and shares the printer like it was a real PostScript Level 2 printer (giving color printing capabilities). The best part about it is that it's all free and not very hard to set up.

X-platform image editing for PDF files. August 31, 2000 -- Lantana announced a September ship date for PDF ImageWorks 1.0 (US $295 ) for Macintosh and Windows (95/98/NT/2000). PDF ImageWorks is a native image editing program for Acrobat that enables the in-place editing of images in a PDF document.

DataViz will add PDF support for Palm devices. August 31, 2000 -- At the Seybold San Francisco show, DataViz announced that a future version of Documents To Go would allow Palm OS devices to view PDF files created on Windows and Mac OS machines. Documents To Go allows Mac and Windows users to view Word, Excel and other files on Palm OS handheld devices. DataViz did not announce a ship date.

InDesign fails in market despite media hype. August 31, 2000 -- A TrendWatch report says that a mere 1 percent of graphic designers and 3 percent of corporate design departments have replaced QuarkXPress with InDesign in their production workflows. This was despite heavy press hyping of InDesign, according to TrendWatch:

The graphic arts press covered InDesign's release as if it were the Second Coming; it was the press, not Adobe that branded it with the term "Quark killer." Most reviews for InDesign were overwhelmingly positive, yet one interesting little factoid sticks out: 37 percent of graphic designers (and 23 percent of creatives in general) decided against switching - even after reading the reviews of InDesign.

-- Excerpted from "TrendWatch Graphic Design & Production #9" Fall 2000.

More on Apple's Knowledge Base site. August 31, 2000 -- On August 25 we reported that the NetCraft web site reports that Apple's new Knowledge Base site is hosted on a Windows 2000 Server using the Microsoft IIS 5.0 web server. MacNN claimed that Apple has acknowledged this. However, reader Mats Åhlberg suspects NetCraft is confusing Windows 2000 with Mac OS X:

I just used Interarchy and sniffed the traffic when connecting to and the server sent the following in return on a request:

00000030> 20 47 4D 54 0D 0A 53 65 72 76 65 72 3A 20 41 70 GMT..Server: Apache/1.3.9

00000040> 61 63 68 65 2F 31 2E 33 2E 39 20 28 4D 61 63 20

00000050> 4F 53 20 58 20 53 65 72 76 65 72 29 0D 0A 4C 61 (Mac OS X Server)

So it seems that Netcraft mistakes Mac OS X for a Windows 2000 machine. If you read the document at Netcraft they look at the packets the server returns and it seems like MacOS X sends similar packet to Windows 2000.

ExtremeZ-IP 2.0 to add IP printing, performance boosts. August 28, 2000 -- At the Seybold San Francisco show this week (booth 2609) Group Logic, Inc. will be demonstrating the ExtremeZ-IP 2.0, a future upgrade to the AFP-over-IP file server for Windows NT and Windows 2000 hosts and Macintosh clients. A major new feature is IP-based printing from Macs, which Group Logic claims is faster than AppleTalk printing. The ExtremeZ-IP 2.0 server can deliver print jogs to Windows printers, AppleTalk printers, and directories for further processing by a RIP or OPI server. Other improvements in ExtremeZ-IP 2.0 include

A release date has not yet been announced.

Basilisk II and AppleTalk problem due to Mac ROM problem. August 28, 2000 -- Rui Martins reports that his AppleTalk problems with Basilisk II (a Mac emulator for PCs) were caused by the Quadra 650 ROMs he was using:

It was a ROM file problem. Some ROMs simply don´t support AppleTalk in Basilisk II. The ROM extracted from a Quadra 650 have that limitation.

Using an ROM from a Centris 650 (almost the same hardware...) it worked fine... File sharing, printing, even Timbuktu Pro...

DAVE and file locking. August 28, 2000 -- Jean Pierre Savoie reports that DAVE has a problem with Quark Xpress files: "When opening a file from a Mac station, this file is not locked, which means the file can be opened by another person on a Mac and a PC." His description of the problem is on our DAVE Special Report page.

Apple goes X-platform: runs its own tech support site on Win 2000. August 25, 2000 -- The NetCraft web site reports that Apple's new Knowledge Base site is hosted on a Windows 2000 Server using the Microsoft IIS 5.0 web server. MacNN reports that Apple has acknowledged this.

New workaround for Prosoft NetWare client and Office 98 conflict. August 25, 2000 -- Paul St. Amand sent us another workaround for the conflict between the Prosoft NetWare Mac client and Microsoft Office. He keeps Office 98 running by uninstalling the Prosoft NetWare client and turning on FTP on the NetWare server. You can read Amand's description on our NetWare and Mac Issues page.

MS Outlook Mac for Exchange session in Dallas TX. August 25, 2000 -- Jensen Harris, Microsoft's program manager for Outlook for Macintosh, will present a session at the Microsoft Exchange and Collaboration Solutions Conference 2000 in Dallas, Texas (formerly known as the Microsoft Exchange Conference.)

Harris will present a session called All About Microsoft Outlook for Macintosh (session 4-320). He told MacWindows that it "will include tips and tricks on using Exchange in cross-platform environments as well as an in-depth demo and walkthrough of Watson, our next-generation Outlook client for Macintosh," which Harris describes as "the most comprehensive Watson demo I've done to date."

Prospects for synching Palms with Outlook for Exchange Server. August 25, 2000 -- Luis Antezana wanted to know if someone was going to create Mac software to sync Palm Pilots with Outlook for Exchange Server. So he wrote to three manufactures of software for Windows asking if they were planning on a Mac version. The responses were negative, but Chapura seemed slightly more likely than the others:

PumaTech, maker of Intellisync: "we have no plans at this to support the Mac OS."

Basilisk II: workarounds for network and MacOS Setup Assistant problems. August 24, 2000 -- Rui Martins sent us workarounds for two problems he found with the Basilisk II Mac emulator for Windows:

Basilisk II (build 130) is an amazing solution. A true miracle. Still I found some troubles... Here some solutions found until now:

1) If the AppleTalk keeps telling that "an error has occurred", just use TCP for file sharing (Windows 2000 server, AppleShare IP, support it natively)

2) If the "MacOS Setup Assistant" freezes when choosing your keyboard layout. Remove all extensions to a "staging" folder, boot the Mac execute manually the Assistant, configure all that it requests, reboot, and restore all the extensions in the staging folder.

Update on Mac Client for NetWare and Office 98 conflict. August 24, 2000 --Shane Palmer reports that after extensive troubleshooting of the conflict between the Prosoft NetWare Mac client and Microsoft Office, he can add two points to our discussion:

Palmer also has been active on the Prosoft NetWare Client mailing list. We've posted some of these comments on our NetWare and Mac page.

Tips on Macs, Virtual Private Networks, and Outlook. August 24, 2000 -- Ed Dyer offered to share this information on Virtual Private Networks with MacWindows readers:

I've done some extensive testing of NTS's TunnelBuilder for Mac VPN client, MS Outlook 8.2.2, etc. I've put a quickie page with a PDF (7 pages or so) which goes into great detail on how to setup a system VPN into an Exchange server using PPTP, and get Outlook mail. Hope it is helpful. I'm still testing other VPN clients that don't need to have respectively branded server counterparts.

SyBrowser ODBC client apps updated. August 24, 2000 -- MacSOS today posted an upgrade for SyBrowser 3.1 (US $45), suite of ODBC client applications for Mac OS and Windows that allows clients to to SQL queries on Sybase and MS SQL databases hosted on UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers. The new version adds some interface improvements and provides more administrative information.

Future of Macs in NetWare: native AFP/IP server support. August 24, 2000 -- Mike Maday said he found the answers to how Novell will support Macs in the future by going to and opening novell.macintosh forum. He says:

There's good info on what's on tap for Mac's in a Novell environment. In fact, Dan Lawyer and Tim Meyer are two guys in charge of the Apple product protocol suite, due out in beta in a few months. You can talk to them directly!

In a nutshell:

Confirmed: conflict between Mac Client for NetWare 5.13 and Office 98. August 22, 2000 -- Several readers have confirmed yesterday's report of a conflict between the Prosoft NetWare Mac client and Microsoft Word and Excel. Rick Zeman reports that Prosoft Engineering acknowledged the problem on their mailing list on 12 July 2000, but indicated that it was uncertain when or if the bug would be fixed.

This is a known issue and has been reported to engineering. The same thing will happen if you click on the clock before you click on a menu item. This is not being addressed. If there is a future release of the IPX client then it may be addressed at that point, but there is no plan to update the IPX client. When a contract is finalized with Novell our networking resources will be devoted to the IP client. Since this is a known issue it is something that the engineers will be considering with the IP client.

For now, this is going to have to be something the users don't do.

David Neil
Support Escalation Engineer
Prosoft Engineering, Inc.

Zeman takes Novell to task for leaving users "in limbo" on our NetWare and Macintosh Issues page. Also on that page, Johann Dijkstra speculates that the order of installation of updates to Office, Outlook for Exchange Server or other Microsoft products may have be playing a roll with this conflict.

3dfx to include Apple's new Mac-only monitor connector. August 22, 2000 -- A Macworld UK story says that 3dfx will support the new Apple Display Connector (ADC) on its future graphics cards. (See also 3dfx press release.) The ADC connector, used on Apple's current displays, combines display, power, and USB in a single connector. However, because there are no ADC-to-VGA converter cables, none of Apple's current monitors can be run on a PC, or an any Mac than isn't the current lineup of Power Macs. Although a graphics card could allow any Mac with a PCI slot, and potentially a PC, to use the new monitors, the Macworld UK story does not mention if PCs would be supported. (See also this CNET review of the Apple Studio Display.)

Small business version of ODBC X-platform package. August 22, 2000 -- August Software is shipping ODBC ROUTER Small-Office/Home-Office (SOHO) Edition (US $400), a low-cost version of its Open Data Base Connectivity package for Macintosh and Windows. The company says the new version provides the features of high-end ODBC ROUTER Enterprise Edition, but support 1 to 3 database sessions. August Software described it to MacWindows:

AUGSOFT'S ODBC ROUTER serves Windows compatible databases to entire networks of Mac's and PC's running Microsoft Office, web servers and other ODBC-aware applications. Because ODBC ROUTER itself runs on Windows NT/2000 and relies upon standard ODBC drivers to complete the database connection, Macintosh clients have access to virtually all database systems, from the oldest releases of COBOL, PL/I and VSAM based mainframes to the latest public betas of SQLServer 2000 and ORACLE.

NetWare-FireWire conflict and workaround. August 22, 2000 -- Paul Rinkes reports of a conflict between Prosoft's NetWare Client 5.13 for Mac and a FireWire hard drive. Fortunately, he also sent us a workaround that involves turning off the Radialogic drivers. The problem and Rinkes' workaround are listed on our NetWare and Macintosh Issues page.

MS Proxy password/authentication problems. August 22, 2000 -- On our MS Proxy Special Report page, Bruce Bowden reports of a problem where web "authentication failures are being counted as logon errors and three in a row are locking out the account. This happens a couple of times a day." If you have a clue as to what the problem might be, please let us know.

Mac emulator for Linux is updated. August 22, 2000 -- Mac-on-Linux 0.9.49 is the latest updated to the open source Mac OS emulator that runs on top of LinuxPPC (on Macs). The new version improves performance, enables communication between Mac OS and Linux with Netatalk networking improvements, and supports Linux 2.4 kernels.

Law Offices going cross-platform? August 22, 2000 -- A story in Law Office Computing claims that Macintoshes are appearing inside law offices, which are known to be quite mono-platform. The story doesn't mention if (or how) the new Macs are being integrated into PC work flows.

More on Macs can't change Win2K domain passwords. August 21, 2000 -- Responding to our Friday post of another reader whose Mac users can't change their passwords on Windows 2000 Server, Seth Bokelman describes a new twist:

I've had the same problem here, and it gets even weirder than that. If I create a new user, and check the "User must change password at next login" box, and the user then logs in with a Mac, they are prompted to change their password. If they then go to a PC, their new password does not work, but their old one will! However, from a Mac, the new password works, so in effect, the user has two passwords for the same account. Changing their password again from a PC seems to clear up the problem.

Update on Win2K key equivalents tip for VPC. August 21, 2000 -- Reader Victor Y sent some additional information on using the keys Delete = (Fn + Period key) and Insert = (Fn + M key) for the Windows Insert and Delete keyboard functions in Virtual PC on a PowerBook G3 (Pismo).

I have found several cases (both under MS-DOS and Win9x emulation) where they don't work. However I have found that if you hit Fn+6 (Function Modifier Key and '6') first, the above sequences will do fine thereafter. I admit that I'm at a loss to explain why it works, though.

A complete description is on our Emulator Tips page.

Update on Macs hanging during NT logon. August 21, 2000 -- Joerg Erdei updated his experiences with a problem with Macs hanging during logon to NT Server. He discovered an Apple TIL document (32027), but comments on it:

All in all it confirms my findings, but misses to explain that the problem only occur if there is an alias to the server or an item on the server in the Apple Menu (thus turning off the Apple Menu completely should never be necessary). It says that the problem is solved in MacOS 9.

Erdei confirms that there is no problem with Mac OS 9. He also reports that the problem also occurs with Windows 2000 Server, and the same workaround fixes it.

Mac Client for NetWare 5.13 and Office 98 problem. August 21, 2000 -- Francis Barr reports some problems with the Prosoft NetWare Mac client and Word and Excel. We've posted it on our NetWare and Macintosh Issues page.

Helios product announcements this week. August 21, 2000 -- Helios will announce PCShare 3 support for Windows Me this week at the Seybold Conference in San Francisco (booth 3915 ). PC Share is Helios SMB file sharing server for Unix hosts and Windows clients. It will also demonstrating PDF Handshake 2.0, which makes the Acrobat Distiller available for all major UNIX platforms.

Update to UNIX on Mac listing. August 21, 2000 -- We've added OpenBSD to our listing of UNIX and Linux releases that run on Macintosh on our OS Solutions page.

A view of VPC with Linux. August 21, 2000 -- has posted a review of Virtual PC with Linux.

New Tip: VPC on PowerBook, 2000 keys. August 18, 2000 -- Reader Victor Y. send in a tip for using the Windows Insert and Delete keyboard functions in Virtual PC on a PowerBook G3 (Pismo), which doesn't have these keys. He discovered undocumented keyboard equivalents:

Delete = (Fn + Period key)
Insert = (Fn + M key)

A complete description is on our Emulator Tips page.

New Tip: Creating Mac CDs with Mac emulator on a PC. August 18, 2000 -- Jim Watters of the Macintosh Emulation Station web site sent us a tip on how to create a Mac HFS CD-R on a PC using a Macintosh emulator and some other software. The procedure is listed on our Mac Emulators for PCs page.

pcSetup 2.1.7 for PC Compatibility Cards now shipping. August 18, 2000 -- FVDCS is now shipping pcSetup 2.1.7 (US 39.95, free upgrade for 2.0.1 owners), a new version of it's 32-bit software for the old Apple/Reply/Radius DOS/PC Compatibility Cards for running Windows 95/98 on Macs. The new version updates both Macintosh and Windows drivers to fix bugs. New features include:

Mac users can't change Win 2000 domain password. August 18, 2000 -- Urban Wallin reports that his Mac users can't change their passwords on Windows 2000 Server, a problem we've reported before. (Wallin's domain also contains 80 Windows NT Severs.) If you've seen this, please let us know.

Team ASA to ship cyanPrintIP and MacServerIP Workstation. August 18, 2000 -- Team ASA told us that it will begin shipping cyanPrintIP at the Seybold San Francisco show next week. (cyanPrintIP is not yet on the Team ASA web site.) cyanPrintIP is a printer server for Windows NT/2000 that runs over TCP/IP and serves Mac and PC clients. Team ASA claims it is up to 5x faster than other print servers. Team ASA describes it this way:

The print server lets you manage the printers on your AppleTalk and Windows network and your production workflow for maximum efficiency. The server can do PostScript analysis and pre-flight check for all print jobs before printing and it can display the analysis and resource information of these jobs graphically. A load balancing protocol distributes print jobs to the fastest idle printers, while a font management utility ensures that all fonts are loaded on the job.

Team ASA will also begin distribution of the workstation version of Cyan's MacServerIP, and AppleShare-compatible (AFP) server for Windows NT  

DataViz upgrades file translators for Macs and Windows. August 16, 2000 --DataViz released upgrades to Conversions Plus 6.0 for Windows (US $69.95) and MacLinkPlus Deluxe 12.0 for Macintosh (US $99). (The upgrade price for each is US $39.95.) The utilities can convert between hundreds of Macintosh and Windows file formats, as well as decode and decompress encoded e-mail attachments that you are having trouble opening. New features include:

ExtremeZ-IP 1.1.3 optimized for Win 2000. August 16, 2000 -- Group Logic today released ExtremeZ-IP 1.1.3, a free update to the AFP-IP file server for Windows NT/2000. The new version is optimized for Windows 2000, and is twice as fast as Windows 2000's built-in Services for Macintosh, according to Group Logic. On both Windows NT and 2000, the new version allows the server to appear in the Mac OS Network Browser (via the Service Location Protocol) so that you don't need to type in an IP address. (SFM does not support the Service Location Protocol).

Orange Micro will not do Mac OS X drivers for OrangePC. August 15, 2000 -- David Faibish reports that Orange Micro informed him that it will not be producing Mac OS X drivers for its OrangePC Windows Compatibility Cards for Macintosh. The company told him simply "We will not be developing support for OS X for the Orange PC."

More on the Win2k SP1, Services for Mac problem. August 15, 2000 -- Tim Fisher send a report on the Windows 2000 Service Pack 1-SFM problem, in which the Server stops appearing in the Chooser of Macs after SP1 is installed. Fisher says that restarting the MacFile service does not help the situation. He offers a theory as to why this might be so, and offers a work-around to the problem. You can read Fisher's report on our Windows 2000 Mac issues page.

A suggestion for MS Proxy Server problem with IE for Mac. August 15, 2000 -- Jack Stoller is another user who reports having the problem with Internet Explorer for Mac and Microsoft Proxy Server where web pages load with some images missing.Stoller found an alternative:

I can confirm that this behavior has been experienced at our site. For this reason, we've got most of our Mac users running on the SOCKS server. Right now our network staff is testing an authenticating proxy server named Gauntlet. I have my Mac pointing to it. So far, it appears to be immune to this problem, as well as the "page never stops loading" problem in IE 5.0, and it only authenticates once when you start the browser.

Update to "Explorer" file browser for Macintosh. August 15, 2000 -- Macintosh Explorer 1.5 (US $10 ) is a file browser for Mac along the lines of Windows Explorer. The new version adds display of type and creator codes, moving and copying of files, browsing of invisible files, among other things.

New Tips for Virtual PC. August 11, 2000 -- Connectix QA Manager Jeff Woolsey has sent us over half a dozen new tips for using Virtual PC. We've posted them on our Emulators Tips page. These include:

Beta version of new Visio to ConceptDraw converter. August 11, 2000 --Computer Systems Odessa Corp. has posted a beta version of the Visio to ConceptDraw file converter used to convert Microsoft Visio documents into the ConceptDraw format providing. The converter is client software that uses an Internet-based server.

Update on Win2k SP1, SFM problem. August 11, 2000 -- Brian Kearney sent us details on his server configuration, as an update to his report on the Windows 2000 Service Pack 1-SFM problem.

Connectix recommends Win 98 VPN client on VPC. August 10, 2000 -- Jeff Woolsey, QA Manager at Connectix, told MacWindows that the virtual private network (VPN) client that ships with Windows 98 works with Virtual PC:

We use VPN quite a bit when we're on the road or to tunnel in from and we use the built-in Microsoft VPC Client that comes with Windows 98. This client also works very well with Virtual PC and it's included with Win 98 for free.

In the future, I'll try and make sure that Tech Support has better info on this.

Woolsey also responded to our August 2 report about a problem getting InfoExpress' PowerVPN working with VPN. He says that it has worked for Connectix:

We've set up and tested this configuration and it worked immediately with Virtual PC's default setup. No special setup was necessary other that installing and configuring the client. We also tested "mistyping" the address as Mr. French described (both with Shared IP and using Unique IP Addresses) and again, it worked as expected. An error came up and we continued by retyping and tunneling in successfully.

More on Win 2000 SP1 and SFM. August 10, 2000 -- Brian Kearney reports another angle on the Windows 2000 Service Pack 1-SFM problem we've been reporting:

I installed SP1, and all was well. Then today, I had to shutdown for a few hours due to a power outage. When I restarted, SFM was shown to be running, but the Macs couldn't see it in Chooser, and the service refused to shutdown. I changed it to "disabled" and rebooted. Then, I switched it to "manual" and started the service. I can see it fine now on the Macs.

DAVE file browsing limit? August 10, 2000 -- Tim Benoit wants to know if Thursby's DAVE can display all of the files on his NT server volume:

When I open folder from within an application to acquire or save a file, DAVE will only allow a maximum number of files to be displayed. I have as many as 5,000 items in a folder on the NT server and can only view or pick from about a few hundred. I've called the creators of DAVE about this and have not gotten a workaround.

We don't know the answer. If you do, please share it with us.

X-platform AirPort wireless nets: reader advice. August 10, 2000 -- Karen Arms just installed a cross-platform wireless network, and has some tips for beginners on our AirPort Base Station and PCs special report page. She describes how to get the correct Lucent adapter, configuring it (she says "Installing the adapter and Orinoco card in the PC is a nightmare if you're Windows-illiterate") and setting up Miramar's PC MacLAN wirelessly for file sharing.

3dfx releases Voodoo5 graphics cards for Macs. August 10, 2000 -- 3dfx has released its Voodoo5 PCI cards with Macintosh drivers. The card is aimed at 3-D gamers.

Mac version of magazine-to-web software. August 10, 2000 -- Digimarc Corporation recently released a Mac version of its Digimarc MediaBridge Reader (free download), formerly Windows only. The software allows you to access a web site by scanning Digimarc-enabled magazine pages in front of web camera attached to a Mac or PC. Participating magazines include Popular Mechanics and Wired magazines. A digital code is embedded in ads and editorial content will launch a web browser and load a web site. (Thanks to Raine Santee of Secretary Savvy for the tip.)

Adobe offers OpenType X-platform fonts. August 9, 2000 -- Adobe has created an OpenType web page where it will provide information about the new cross-platform font--the first font technology that uses the same font file on both Macintosh and Windows. Adobe is now selling six OpenType font families. OpenType was created jointly by Microsoft and Adobe, which describes the technology:

The OpenType format is an extension of the TrueType SFNT format that can support PostScript font data and new typographic features. OpenType fonts containing PostScript data, such as those in the Adobe Type Library, have an .otf suffix in the font file name, while TrueType-based OpenType fonts have a .ttf file name suffix.

Another tip from Microsoft on Win 2000 SP1 SFM. August 9, 2000 -- Ethan C. Allen of the Microsoft NT SFM Lab offered more advice for people with problems with Services for Macintosh when Service Pack 1 is installed on Windows 2000 Servers. In order to check that SFM is installed and running after SP1 installation, he offers this advice:

Go to the "Run" item on the Start Menu and type "cmd" and then when the command window pops up, type "net start". After a SP1 install the "File Services for Macintosh" and "Print Services for Macintosh" should both show up on the list if they were installed.

MS investigating Win2K SP1/SFM problem reports: offers suggestions. August 8, 2000 -- Microsoft told MacWindows that they are looking into our reader reports of problems with Services for Macintosh when Service Pack 1 is installed on Windows 2000 Servers. (The server no longer shows up in the Chooser.) At this point, Microsoft is still looking into the issue.

In the meantime, Ethan C. Allen of the Microsoft NT SFM Lab offered a couple of suggestions to try:

  1. After installing SP1, uninstall SFM and then reinstall it.
  2. Switch the AppleTalk control panel connection from Ethernet to Modem/Printer or Remote only. Close the control panel, then open and switch it back to Ethernet.
  3. If that doesn't work, do a reboot the Mac after installing SP1. He says "The Mac has a tendency to take a while to recognize AppleTalk networks so the IP may work but the AppleTalk might not right after SP1."

If you are seeing this problem, please let us know if these suggestions work. Also tell us what kind of PC SP1 is running on, and if your installation procedure was out of the ordinary in any way.

Reader Pete Van der Goore reported that he is not seeing this problem with Macs running OS 8.x and OS 9.04.

Possible explanation: SP1 for Win2K turns of Mac File Service? August 8, 2000 -- Paul Tornaquindici says that File Services for Macintosh was turned off by the Service Pack 1 installation

I too had the same issue. I looked at the services menu and the Mac Services (Mac AppleShare File server) was NOT STARTED after the update. Simply start the service and make sure automatic is selected and all is well.

However, other readers have reported being able to log in to the server by typing the server's IP address in the Chooser, which indicates that File Services is turned on in their cases.

Image loading problem with MS Proxy problem. August 8, 2000 -- We've had several more reports of a problem with Internet Explorer for Mac and Microsoft Proxy Server where web pages load with some images missing. (This is not the same as the "page never stops loading" problem.) We've posted some of the reports on our MS Proxy Special Report page.

Update on Mac Emulators reader reports. August 8, 2000 -- Shareware developer Peter Job shares his experiences with Mac Emulators on our Macintosh Emulator report page. He reports that running Basilisk in 16-bit color in a 800x600 Direct-X window works best. He also shares some experiences with SoftMac SR-1, the version previous to the current version.

IOGear KVM switch problem with older Apple monitor. August 8, 2000 -- Hernan Epelman-Wang reports that his Iogear Miniview DP KVM switch does not work with his older (beige) 17-inch multisync Apple monitor. He said Iogear tech support told him it will now work and that there is now work around. The spec sheet for the Miniview DP says it will work with Mac monitors, but doesn't mention specific models.

Another reader reports Win 2000 SP1/SFM problem. August 7, 2000 -- Roland E. Miller, III reported the same problem with Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 that we reported last Friday:

I can confirm that when I installed SP1 on Windows 2000 Server, the server failed to show up on the AppleTalk network. I can also confirm that connecting via the IP address works.

I have removed SP1 and the server shows up again in the Chooser on our Macs.

Image loading problem with MS Proxy problem. August 7, 2000 -- Shan Younker describes a problem with Internet Explorer for Mac and Microsoft Proxy Server that we hadn't heard before:

IE 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0 on the Mac going through MS Proxy does not always load all images for a web site every time. This is not the same as the "page never stops loading" problem. The page finishes loading but images are missing. If you refresh the page then the missing images may come in but different ones will be missing. Netscape on the Mac does not have this problem neither does IE or Netscape. It seems to be isolated to IE on the Mac.

If you've seen this problem or know of a fix, please let us know.

More on SoftMac sound problems. August 7, 2000 -- Torsten Fastbinder has not been able to produce sound with the latest version of SoftMac 2000 Service Release II, a Macintosh emulator for Windows. You can read his report on our Mac Emulators page.

Another set of Mac emulator benchmark results. August 7, 2000 -- Simon Biber has a set of Mac Emulator benchmark results by Brian Weber posted. The tests show SoftMac 2000 running faster than Fusion and Basilisk II. All three emulators have been revised since these tests were posted last December. (On August 4, we posted a link to another set of benchmark results by Jim Waters [see below].)

Asset Trustee 5.0, X-platform asset manager. August 7, 2000 -- FileWave has released Asset Trustee 5.0, automated asset-tracking software that can track and manage the resources installed in Macintosh and Windows PCs. The new version has a newly designed asset database that includes ODBC connectivity. Version 5.0 comes in two versions, a lower-end runtime version and a higher-end client/server version requiring a 4D server.

SFM problem with Win 2000 SP1. August 4, 2000 -- Dan Tesch reports a problem that Service Pack 1 appears to cause with Services for Macintosh:

I installed SP1 yesterday and my server does not broadcast its name in the Chooser for the Macs anymore. It definitely did prior to the update. I can still connect by typing in the IP address.

I de-installed SP1 and the server reappeared in the Chooser, reinstalled the SP and it disappeared again.

If you've seen this problem, please let us know.

Using Macs w/UNIX, VPC, to access virtual private networks. August 4, 2000 -- Mike Schienle has a web page describing how to establish a virtual private network connection using Unix and Windows running on a Mac. He uses Virtual PC and Windows security software to make the connection, then redirects the output to Tenon's MachTen, in which he uses UNIX X-Window programs. A very creative solution, Schienle told MacWindows "I was probably the most surprised of anybody that it worked."

File Solutions update: icWord unzips, views, prints, Word files. August 4, 2000 -- We've added icWord (US $19.95) from Panergy Ltd. to the list of products on our File Solutions page. icWord is a full-featured Macintosh utility that views and prints Word for Windows or Word for Mac files. icWord can also decompress the file (zip or. sit format). icWord includes a customize font matching feature that displays the font closest to the one used in the original Word document. It also creates jumpmarks for navigating the document. icWord does not let you edit files, but it does let you copy the text of Word documents for pasting into other files.

Readers report problems with SoftMac and sound. August 4, 2000 -- Several readers report that they have not been able to get sound and/or printing to work in SoftMac. (Some other readers were not specific about versions.) Jordan Bettcher, webmaster of EmuMac, describes the sound and printing problem on our Mac Emulators page.

If you've seen this problem or know of a fix, please let us know. Include a description of the symptoms, and the version of SoftMac, Windows, Mac OS, and the processor in your PC.

Basilisk II problem running Mac OS 8. August 4, 2000 -- Kareem Trabelci ran into this problem with the Basilisk II Mac emulator for PCs:

I bought Mac OS 8.0 and installed it on Basilisk II (Win 98 build). I selected of course the universal worked smoothly until I found out that you can do anything while running Mac OS 8 on Basilisk except accessing your own files and folders!

If you've seen this problem or know of a fix, please let us know.

Benchmark test results for Mac emulators for PC. August 4, 2000 -- Jim Waters has posted benchmark results of several Macintosh emulators for PCs. His tests on a 500 MHz AMD K6-2 PC show Basilisk II running slower than SoftMac 2000 and Fusion.

SuSE Linux for Mac info at Macintouch. August 4, 2000 -- Macintouch has a SuSE Linux for Mac reader report page. Topics include documentation, installation and setup, BootX, and other topics.

Update on AirPort and PCs: Lucent limitation. August 3, 2000 -- Todd Anello's sent in a report about using AirPort wireless networking with Windows machines. Anello describes how he set up the PCs. In his report mentions that Lucent 's PCI version of its WaveLAN IEEE 802.11 adapter only runs in motherboards that contain only PCI slots. His report is on our AirPort for PCs page.

Emulators, Inc. replies about SoftMac. August 3, 2000 -- Emulators Inc. President Darek Mihocka responded to yesterday's reader report comparing the SoftMac, Fusion, and Basilisk II Mac emulators, all distributed by Emulators Inc. Mihocka corrects some erroneous statements about SoftMac's features--it does support sound and printing. He also offers his perspective of the three emulators, and talks about future product plans. You can read his statement on our Mac Emulators for PC page.

More on Mac Emulators for PC. August 3, 2000 -- Meanwhile, Jody Nickerson, a fan of Basilisk II, told us where to get Basilisk tech support. Readers interested in Mac emulators may want to investigate Al Hartman's MacEmuList.

Update to MacExplorer, Mac volume analyzer for NT. August 3, 2000 -- Patrick Peccatte has posted MacExplorer 1.1c, a new version of his free Windows NT Server utility for analyzing Macintosh volumes. The new version:

A Win 2000 SP1 includes a Mac Outlook fix. August 2, 2000 -- Service Pack 1 for Windows 2000 does have at least one bug fix related to Macintosh: It restores the ability of Outlook for Macintosh users to change passwords over AppleTalk. This was available in Windows NT Server, but broken in Windows 2000 Server. (Thanks to Robert Taylor for alerting us to this.)

Mac emulators for PCs: a reader's comparison. August 2, 2000 -- Jim Watters of the Emulators Unlimited web site has had problems with Emulator Inc.'s SoftMac 2000 Macintosh emulator for PC. He prefers the free Fusion and Basilisk II, both of which Emulators Inc. includes on its SoftMac 2000 Suite. (Fusion 3.0 is also a free download from Emulators, Inc.) You can read Watters report on our Mac Emulators for PCs page.

VPC and VPN hit and miss. August 2, 2000 -- Walt French reports of a problem with Virtual PC and Virtual Private networks:

My corporate network access is through a "PowerVPN" tunneling system provided by InfoExpress, Inc. I can access our secure server but if I mistype an address I get "disconnected" messages that I never recover from. The s/w eventually crashes Win98 with a GPF (somewhere in WinSock?).

Connectix tech support sez "Some [VPN systems] work; some don't."

Sharing an home 'net connection with Asante Friendlyshare. August 2, 2000 --John E Coia has good things to say about using the Asante Friendlyshare Internet gateway software to share an Internet connection with a network of Macs and PCs:

I have now had the opportunity to try [Asante Friendlyshare] on a home network which has an iMac, an SE/30, and 3 PCs running Windows 95 and Windows 98. I use the iMac as the server for Internet access. The system works extremely well, has so far proved robust, and is very simple to configure. For those looking for a simple Mac-based solution for modem sharing across a mixed network I would wholeheartedly recommend it (it's pretty cheap too).

Win 2000 Service Pack 1 fixes bugs, no SFM changes. August 1, 2000 -- Microsoft has posted Service Pack 1 update for Windows 2000. Microsoft says the updates "are a collection of fixes in the following areas: setup, application compatibility, operating system reliability, and security." Service Pack 1 does not appear to affect Services for Macintosh. The Server version is a 29.6 MB download (13.8 MB for the Professional version). A CD-ROM is also available.

Fusion 3.0 Mac emulator now free download. August 1, 2000 -- Yesterday, Emulators, Inc. made the full version of its Fusion 3.0 Macintosh emulator for PC available as a free download. This is on the same page as the demo version SoftMac 2000, Emulators' higher-speed Mac emulator.

More Virtual PC incompatibility reports. August 1, 2000 -- We've received some more reports from readers about software that doesn't run with Virtual PC. Jeff Herscovitz said Adaptec's GoBack v2.2 (a demo version) has severe problems with Virtual PC 3.03--it destroyed his C: drive image file:

After a "successful installation," I was prompted to restart. Windows 98 would not boot up after that. I got as far as a black screen and a blinking cursor. I had to force a restart of my Mac. After several failed attempts to launch VPC, I went into my VPC folder and tried to open the Windows 98 SE disk image in order to trash the GoBack folder. A message appeared saying that the disk was unreadable (just like a defective floppy or Zip). What was once a well working version of VPC was history!

Mike Cowan says that Schwab's Velocity On-Line trading software "chokes in Virtual PC because it uses high level JavaScript to execute." However, there is now a Macintosh version.

P. M. Ericsson found two Windows applications that don't work (Windows 98 on a new PowerBook G3 with FireWire) with VPC 2 or 3. One is DataTrack, an application for retrieving dive data from Uwatec's dive computers. The other one is Polar Training Advisor which retrieves data from the Polar heart rate monitors. Ericsson says:

It worked on my old PB G3 Series and VPC 2, but it won't work on any of the USB to serial interfaces I've tested with VPC 3 (had to upgrade to get it to work with OS 9). Since VPC 3 supports USB it's seems impossible to "fake" an ordinary serial port using Keyspan or PalmConnect USB.


Cobalt Networks may sue Apple over G4 Cube. July 31, 2000 -- ZDNet reports that Cobalt Networks may pursue legal action against Apple for copying the design of the Cobalt Qube (US $999) 7.5-inch cube Linux server with PCI slot. Apple's Power Mac G4 Cube is an 8-inch cube on a 2-inch stand. The Cobalt Cube has been selling for over two years. Cobalt claims Apple has infringed on its trademark for using a similar name, shape, and size. Cobalt's claims are very similar to the Apple claims against companies who produced PCs similar to the iMac.

(MacWindows first speculated on the possibility of legal action on July 20.)

New MacWindows feature: VPC conflict list. July 31, 2000 -- We've posted a Virtual PC software conflict list, which contains a summary listing of applications that won't run with Virtual PC. Most are Windows applications, but there is some Mac OS software in the mix.

Our thanks to everyone who sent in reports of conflicts. If you know of a VPC conflict that should be on the list but isn't, please let us know.

We've also updated and reorganized our Virtual PC 3 special report page.

Mac programming guide for Windows developers. July 31, 2000 -- Apple has posted a 12-chapter document called "An Introduction to Macintosh Programming for Windows Programmers" at its developer site. The document is also available as a downloadable PDF file at the site.

Problem with SoftMac 2000 Mac emulator for PC. July 31, 2000 -- Vladimir Yamshchikov reports of several problems with the demo version of SoftMac 2000, a Mac emulator for PCs. He's finding problems accessing some disk media, and finds Mac OS 8.0 crashing during boot. His full report is on our Mac Emulators for PCs page. If you've seen these problems with SoftMac 2000 or Gemulator, please let us know.

Prerelease Windows ME won't run on VPC. July 31, 2000 -- Shane Anderson (the "List Dad" of Mac EvangeList ) reports that he has tried to install a prerelease version of Windows ME on Virtual PC, but receives an error message that he doesn't have a processor at least 150MHz.

MacServerIP timeout errors with large copies to jukebox. July 31, 2000 -- Jan Suhr reports of a problem with Cyan's MacServer IP running on Windows NT Server along with PointSoftware for a DVD jukebox. When copying more than 40 MB from the Mac via MacServerIP to the jukebox, he receives timeout errors. Suhr said that Cyan knows of the problem. The odd thing is that when Suhr copies the contents of DVD discs in a Mac to the jukebox, there is no timeout. You can read Suhr's report on our MacServerIP special report page. If you know anything about this problem, please let us know.

MacVision, Mac-like front end for Windows, being remodeled July 31, 2000 -- Jeff Bargmann is restructuring MacVision, a program that makes Windows look and act more like Mac OS, including adding an Apple menu. Bargmann does not have a ship date for the new version, but says it will have a new name. Among the improvements, Bargmann reports these:

MacVision's bar has been rewritten from scratch, is going to be renamed, supports skinning, and is now one of the most flexible and customizable tool products available. (Yes, it will work fine on all operating systems.) When it's available there will be a theme to make it look and work just like the current MacVision build, but also there will be ones that will make it work like Mac OS 8, 9, X, and also there will be several alternate views available...

(For other software that makes Windows more Mac-like, and Mac OS more like Windows, see MacWindows User Interface Solutions.)

Apple confirms Mac OS X Server incompatibility with new hardware. July 27, 2000 -- Apple Tech Info Library article 86063 confirms that:

Mac OS X Server version 1.2 or earlier does not work with the PowerMac G4 (Gigabit Ethernet) or PowerMac G4 Cube computers.

The article does not mention when or if a fix will be available. Last Friday, we reported that the Apple Store is no longer listing Mac OS X Server for sale. Earlier this week, a reader reported that the incompatibility was the reason for pulling OS X Server off of the Store.

Microsoft: no ship date for Watson at this time. July 27, 2000 -- Microsoft has told us that it has not yet determined or announced a ship date for Watson, the next version of the Outlook/Exchange client for Mac OS. Earlier this week we reported that a Microsoft representative told a reader that Watson was scheduled for a Q1-2001 release. Microsoft said that it did not announce a release date at Macworld Expo.

More on Entourage vs. Watson. July 27, 2000 -- A Microsoft web page comparing Entourage vs. Outlook for Exchange Server identifies the types of users the company thinks would use Entourage, the e-mail/PIM software to be included with Office 2001, and Outlook for Exchange Server. Information on the latter also would seem to apply to Watson, a future version of the Outlook/Exchange client for Mac OS. Based on this page and others at Microsoft, we reach the following conclusions.

Entourage will be an Internet standards mail client with some built-in, single-user calendaring capability. It will connect to any POP/IMAP server --including the one in Microsoft's Exchange Server--for sending and receiving e-mail. However, it won't access Exchange Server's collaborative calendar/scheduling features.

Watson (a code name for the Exchange client) will provide messaging and calendaring compatibility with Windows Outlook for Exchange Server. If you configure Exchange Server to send and receive e-mail through the Internet, Watson will be capable of exchanging mail over the Internet as well as through a corporate e-mail system. However, Watson users will not be able to access there own non-corporate, personal e-mail accounts.

Thus, there will only be a need to use both Watson and Entourage if users want to access personal e-mail accounts as well as corporate accounts.

Orange Micro still in the Pentium card business. July 27, 2000 -- Orange Micro responded to our report (below) that it may discontinue its line of Pentium cards for Macs:

Your article "Orange Micro may discontinue OrangePC cards. July 25, 2000," currently displayed on your website is a tad inaccurate. We have discontinued the 620 model, but the 660 model is still in production.

Jan Olof Hellsund
Marketing Manager
Orange Micro

Using WinProxy to share net connection with Mac, PC. July 27, 2000 --Matthew Smith reports on using WinProxy from Ositis Software for sharing an Internet connection with a network of Macs and PCs. Smith notes an unusual feature, but recommends WinProxy. You can read Smith's report on our MS Proxy Server special report page.

Watson won't support POP/SMTP, but Entourage may support Exchange. July 25, 2000 -- David Toub confirms our report that Watson (the next Mac version of Outlook for Exchange Server) will not support Internet (POP/SMTP) e-mail. However, he also reports that Microsoft's Irving Kwong told him that we will be able to use Entourage with Exchange Server. (Entourage is the POP/SMTP mail client and PIM that will ship with Office 2001 for Macintosh.) Toub's report is on our Outlook/Express page.

Orange Micro may discontinue Orange PC cards. July 25, 2000 -- David Carroll reports that Orange Micro will soon discontinue its OrangePC Pentium cards for Macintosh. Carroll says:

I received an unconfirmed report from a colleague who spoke to the Orange Micro folks at Macworld last week that they are discontinuing the OrangePC cards for the Macintosh. I thought their absence (the OrangePC cards) at the show was odd, now I know why! This will leave no hardware emulation option open to Mac users...

Advice on alternatives to MS Proxy Server. July 25, 2000 -- Gregg Eshelman reports on two Internet gateways for Windows, and how they faired with Mac Clients. He had trouble getting Macs through with WinGate 3.0, a firewall and proxy server for Widnows, but had better success with SyGate 3.0. (These and other Internet sharing products are listed on our Network Solutions page.) You can read his report on our Microsoft Proxy Server special report page. 

Cross-Platform News from Macworld Expo, New York

First PowerPC Emulator for Windows demonstrated. July 24, 2000 --Emulators, Inc., demonstrated the world's first PowerPC Mac emulator for Windows PCs at Macworld Expo last week. The emulator, called SoftMac 2000 Professional, will be the first Mac emulator to run Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. Emulators, Inc. says that within the next few months it will release public beta at its web site for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 for running Mac OS 9. The company plans a second release called SoftMac X for running Mac OS X in 2001, which is when OS X is scheduled to ship.

During the past five years, several companies have promised PowerPC emulators, but so far none have delivered. All of today's Mac emulators are 680x0 emulators.

Watson for Exchange, Entourage still to leave problems. July 24, 2000 -- Dan Schwartz spoke to Microsoft product reps at Macworld Expo about its upcoming Mac e-mail products, Watson for Exchange Server and Entourage (in Office 2001). He says that business users will still have to use BOTH e-mail clients, as Watson for Exchange Server for Mac will not support Internet POP3/SMTP servers. He concludes:

What does this mean for us poor slobs? If we have to connect a Power Mac up to an Exchange Server, we can look forward to Watson. But if these same Macs also need to connect to the Internet for POP3/SMTP service, then you'll *still* need to load either Outlook Express, Entourage 2001, or the stripped down Outlook Express version of Entourage (when available).

We've posted Schwartz' full report on our Outlook/Express page.

See below for Macworld Expo news from previous days.

TIP: Using Apple Cinema Display with Dell PC. July 24, 2000 -- Peter Gun describes how to use an Apple Cinema Display with a Dell PowerEdge Workstation. (Thanks to Stephane Matis for the tip.)

Mac OS X Server not compatible with new Macs. July 24, 2000 -- Last Friday, we reported that the Apple Store is no longer listing Mac OS X Server for sale, which is still the case. Chris Nelson reports that an Apple rep. told him that the new Power Mac G4 and G4 Cube do not support Mac OS X Server 1.2. (MacFixIt and Macintouch had similar reader reports this weekend.) Nelson said that the Apple rep hinted that Mac OS X Server would be back at the Apple store when new version for the new Macs was ready.

Mac Internet problems with WinGate. July 24, 2000 -- Dean Conway reports having some of the same Mac Internet access problems often associated with MS Proxy Server, only he is using WinGate:

The Macs can get browser, email, and limited ftp. For example: using Fetch or Vicomsoft's FTP Pro, we can get to anonymous websites but anything other than anonymous (those requiring credentials) are just hanging.

If you've seen this before with WinGate, please let us know.

News from Macworld Expo, New York

Microsoft shows off Office 2001 for Mac. July 21, 2000 -- Microsoft showed Office 2001 for Macintosh to Macworld Expo. A new cross-platform feature in the Save dialog box allows you to automatically add a file extension (such as .doc) to the file name, handy when sending the file to a Windows user. Microsoft says that "we don't give our Mac customers a subset of the features that are in our Windows product." However, Office 2001 does not contain a Mac version of the Access database. The new Excel now includes a FileMaker Pro Import Wizard. Office 2001 also includes the new Entourage 2001 personal information manager.

Microsoft also announced an Office 2001 ship date for October in the US, later in other countries.

Terra Soft offers Linux for home Mac users. July 21, 2000 -- Terra Soft Solutions has released a beta version of Yellow Dog Linux Gone Home, a version of Linux for Macs aimed at home users. (No information yet on the web site.) The release focuses on easy users installation and configuration. The software is available at the Terra Soft Solutions booth (number 1720) for free for Macworld Expo attendees in New York.

Classroom Planner now available for Mac. July 21, 2000 -- Schepp Turner's Classroom Planner, education software formerly for only Windows, is now available for Macintosh.

See below for Macworld Expo news from previous days.

CNET buys ZDNet for $1.6 billion. July 21, 2000 -- San Francisco-based CNET has purchased rival ZDNet. The deal includes the web site, the Computer Shopper magazine, and other on-line properties. It does not include ZDTV or such flagship magazines as PC Magazine or PC Computing.

ConceptDraw 1.5 adds new import/export features. July 21, 2000 -- Computer Systems Odessa Corp.released ConceptDraw v1.5 for Windows and Mac OS (US $125, update free), a cross-platform business drawing package. The new version improves export and import of GIF, EMF, WMF, PICT, and EPS formats, adds new drawing modes, and fixes some bugs.

Mac OS X Server missing from AppleStore. July 21, 2000 -- Robert Pritchard points out that the Apple Store is no longer listing Mac OS X Server for sale, though AppleShare IP is still offerred.

News from Macworld Expo, New York

New Apple G4 Cube "borrows" Cobalt's Linux Qube design. July 20, 2000 -- Apple introduced the Power Mac G4 Cube, basically a low-end Power Mac in an 8-inch cube. MacWindows readers may recognize that the new G4 Cube is similar in size and shape as the Cobalt Qube, a Linux server that has been shipping for several years. Considering how Apple's legal department has diligently pursued copiers of the iMac design, one wonders how Apple would react if Cobalt took the same action. (Yes, the old NeXT box was a cube, but much bigger than Qube/Cube.)

Microsoft to port games to Mac. July 20, 2000 -- At the keynote address yesterday, Microsoft committed to port all of its Windows games to Mac OS. This includes games from Bungie, which Microsoft acquired a few months ago.

Farallon introduces wireless access point, PC card. July 20, 2000 -- Farallon announced that this fall it will ship the SkyLINE Access Point and a PCI card for Mac and Windows, both products for 11 MB IEEE 802.11 wireless networks compatible with Apple's AirPort. Farallon already has a wireless PC Card adapter for notebook computers that comes with both Windows and Macintosh drivers.

Low cost wireless access point rivals Apples. July 19, 2000 -- TechWorks is now shipping the AirStation (US $279), an IEEE 802.11 wireless networking access point with Internet gateway for sharing an Internet connection. AirStation is slightly less expensive than Apple's AirPort Base station. Like Lucent's access point offerings, it comes with Windows configuration software.

Jobs keynote at Macworld Expo today. July 19, 2000 -- Steve Jobs will give his keynote speech at Macworld Expo in New York today. We'll let you know if he makes any announcements of a cross-platform nature in tomorrow's news.

Microsoft releases Windows Media Player for Mac 6.3. July 19, 2000 -- After a lengthy beta period, Microsoft has posted Windows Media Player for Macintosh 6.3, software that plays streaming and file-based Windows Media Format movies and sound. Microsoft recommends uninstalling and betas of WMP Mac 6.3 before installing this release version.

Windows 2000 SFM: some problems old and new. July 19, 2000 -- Rui Martins sent us a report on Windows 2000 Services for Macintosh. He describes:

You can read Martins' full report on our Windows 2000 and Mac Special Report.

New Tip: running Napster 2.0 beta in Virtual PC 3.03. July 19, 2000 -- Gilles Raymond sent in a procedure on how to get Napster 2.0 beta running in Virtual PC 3.03. You can read it on our Virtual PC 3 special report.

MS source says: Apple to drop AppleTalk after OS X release. July 18, 2000 -- In a message at ZDNet, an ex-Microsoft employee say that Microsoft decided to drop AppleTalk in Whistler, the next version of Windows 2000, after Apple told Microsoft that Apple would phase out AppleTalk when Mac OS X shipped. The ex-employee, Chris Moller, also discusses NetBEUI, IPX and IP6 in future Windows servers. (Yesterday we reported that ZDNet says that Microsoft will drop support of AppleTalk in Whistler.)

Tenon to do X Window software for Mac OS X. July 18, 2000 --Tenon Intersystems announced that will create X Window application for Mac OS X. Tenon said the new software (which was not named) will:

allow remote X applications to be displayed on the Mac OS X desktop, [and] will also include complete set of X tools and libraries to support local execution of X applications and X games on OS X.

Tenon said a public beta of its X Window application will be downloadable as as soon as Apple's Mac OS X public beta is available--which could be as soon as tomorrow. Apple CEO Steve Jobs may announce the public beta at his Macworld Expo keynote address tomorrow.

More Virtual PC incompatibility reports. July 18, 2000 -- Here are just some of the reports of PC software that won't run on Virtual PC that we've received in the past few days:

Llaneza, Michael says Starfleet Command won't run: "sfc.exe starts, begins to load, and quits to Windows, config.exe crashes with an illegal instruction error." (VPC Win98, PMac Blue & White G3, OS 9.0.4.)

Randy Padawer (of the US) reports that ListMate, an email/bulkmail management program does not work with Virtual PC.

A reader named Steve from the UK said Network Associates Total Virus Defense doesn't run "It installs OK but its crash central thereafter."

Tony Gott of the UK:

I tried running Prime95, the Windows freeware program searching for Mersenne Primes on VPC2K but it immediately through up the hardware error signals when testing under the LL conditions. However it seemed to run the factorial program OK. I think that this is do with how the program is specifically optimized for the Wintel architecture.

Heinz Wiegandt says that, Settler 3, the farm management software, won't run.

SoftMac 2000 Suite now shipping: multiple Mac emulators on 1 CD. July 18, 2000 -- Emulators Inc. is now shipping SoftMac 2000 Suite (US $99.95), a CD-ROM containing 4 Mac emulators and 2 Atari emulators for MS-DOS, Windows, and Linux. Among the items on the CD are: acquired. July 18, 2000 -- Noted author Ted Landau has sold the MacFixIt web site to, the parent company of VersionTracker. Landau will continue in his role as MacFixIt editor. (Landau is the author of Sad Macs, Bombs, And Other Disasters.)

Thursby creates new X-platform file sharing software. July 17, 2000 -- Thursby Software Systems has announced that it will ship MacSOHO, a new file sharing software package for Mac OS that enables Macs to communicate on PC networks. MacSOHO will be similar to Thursby's DAVE, but will use the NetBEUI protocol instead of TCP/IP, and will be easier to set up, according to the company. Thursby is aiming MacSOHO at the small office/home office market. Like DAVE, MacSOHO will implement Microsoft's SMB file sharing on Macintosh.

Mac users running MacSOHO will be able to access PC files using a new MacSOHO browser window. (DAVE, on the other hand, uses the Mac Chooser.) As with DAVE, PC users will see Mac users in the Network Neighborhood. (No software is required on the PCs.)

NetBEUI (pronounced "net-boo-ee") is old PC networking protocol created by IBM in 1985 for DOS. NetBEUI is easy to configure but is not routable--that is, it can only run on a single network segment. Until now, NetBEUI has never been ported to Macintosh.

MacSOHO could provide competition to Miramar System's PC MacLAN, which adds AppleTalk and AppleShare file sharing to Windows, and is generally easier to set up than DAVE. Thursby will ship MacSOHO in early September, 2000 and will be demonstrating the software at Macworld Expo in New York later this week (booth 860).

Thursby is looking for beta testers for MacSOHO. If you are interested, email a request to Thursby's beta group.

Microsoft to drop AppleTalk support in SFM in Whistler. July 17, 2000 -- According to a ZDNet story, Microsoft is planning to drop support of AppleTalk in Whistler, the successor to Windows 2000 ("NT 6" by older terminology). ZDNet also says that Microsoft will also drop NetBEUI in Whistler and will add support for IP version 6. (This is the same story we referenced last Friday about Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 and the Whistler preview.)

Conflict between Win FileMaker Server and IE 5.5. July 17, 2000 -- Francois Morin reports a conflict with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and FileMaker Server for Windows on NT Server 4.0 SP6:

For all of you that use the Windows version of FileMaker Server (5.0 and 5.0v2), do not install Internet Explorer 5.5 of the same computer. With IE 5.5, I'm unable to configure the server with the FileMaker Console. Uninstall IE 5.5 and reinstall IE 5.01SP1 fixes the problem.

If you've seen this problem, please let us know.

Update: Outlook launching problem linked to NT Server. July 17, 2000 -- Jeremy West has evidence that the problem where Outlook/Mac won't launch and can't find Exchange Server may be caused by the server:

We then noticed that our engineers were running some performance monitors on the server, and when we stopped the monitors and restarted again, the Macs could now get on to Exchange. Our engineers seem to think it is an RPC problem with the server and are working directly with Microsoft to figure this out.

You can read West's full report on our Outlook/Exchange and Mac page.

Mac/PC use of 802.11b WEP encryption (Airport and 3COM). July 17, 2000 -- Tom Willis has sent use a report about his experience using Wireless Encryption Protocol (WEP) with 3COM AirConnect and Apple AirPort wireless network products. He describes the configuration he used to get WEP going on our AirPort and PCs special report.

Farallon updates driver for Skyline IEEE 802.11 wireless July 17, 2000 -- Farallon has posted SkyLINE Mac driver version 2.1 of its 11 Mb IEEE 802.11 wireless PC Card, which is compatible with Apple's AirPort and Lucent's access points with wireless encryption. The most current version of the Windows driver is 1.0.1.

Win 2000 Service Pack 1 due next week. July 14, 2000 -- A ZDNet story says that Microsoft will release Service Pack 1 for Windows 2000 sometime next week. ZDNet says this first Windows 2000 update fixes bugs with security, reliability, and software compatibility. The ZDNet story also reports on Microsoft's preview of Whistler, the successor to Windows 2000 (or "Windows NT 6" in the older terminology), which Microsoft expects to ship late next year.

Solutions update: new Mac emulator for PCs. July 14, 2000 -- We've added Mace (freeware) to the MacWindows list of Macintosh emulators for PC and Unix platforms. Mace is a emulator for Windows and Linux still in it's early stages. Mace does not emulate Mac hardware, but instead emulates the Macintosh operating system and Toolbox (the ROM), enabling you to run Mac software on a PC. Unlike most other Macintosh emulators, Mace does not require a Mac ROM or the Mac OS. The emulation of the Mac OS and Toolbox (ROM) will be less compatible than other emulators, but it will be faster, according to the developers. They also say:

It will also be pretty transparent; it will make Macintosh applications look like applications that were designed for the computer that Mace is running on. Mace will do for Macintosh applications what Wine does for Windows applications.

An Italian Virtual PC report. July 14, 2000 -- Software developer Sandro Bilbeisi from Rome, Italy, sent us a report of his positive experiences with Virtual PC 3.03 on an iMac and Italian software. Amoung other things, Bilbeisi is successfully running ColdFusion Studio 4.5.1 under Windows NT. (Previously, another reader reported problems with the English versions of ColdFusion Studio 4.5.1, though not with v4.0.) Bilbeisi also said the Logitech QuickCamVC works better under VPC than from Mac side. You can read Bilbeisi's report on our Virtual PC 3 special report page.

"NTSecurity" domain auctioned at eBay. July 14, 2000 -- The domain name "" is being auctioned at As of yesterday, the high bid was US $810. The sellers say they want to complete a sale by August 1.

Meeting Maker 6.0.6 update, X-platform calendar. July 12, 2000 -- ON Technology has released Meeting Maker 6.0.6, a client and server update to the cross-platform calendaring and scheduling system. The update, available for Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Macintosh, Solaris, and HP-UX, "adds functionality and resolves issues" according to ON Technology. Version 6, release last month, added a Java-based Web interface and Palm synchronization.

MassTransit 3.6, Mac-NT high-speed file transfer. July 12, 2000 -- This coming Friday, Group Logic will release MassTransit 3.6, the latest edition of the company's high-speed digital file transfer, remote proofing, and remote workflow software. The new version now automatically renames Mac files that have characters that are illegal in PC file names. It also promises a 20 percent speed boost and access to features over a web browser. The new Windows version adds features previously available only in the Macintosh version.

Update Virtual PC incompatibilities. July 12, 2000 -- We had a few responses to yesterday's call for information on PC software that won't run under Virtual PC. Jeffy Milsted of Macworld reports that ZD Labs' Business Winstone v1.3 does not run on Virtual PC. ZDLabs verified that the benchmark software times out during the Corel Office test.

Pierre Campio could not play the game Hexplore (Ocean) on VPC 2.1.3, 3.0, and 3.0.3 on Windows 95 as well as 98. He said:

I always get the message "Disk Verification Error" when I try to launch the game, whatever the installment (small, normal, full). It is, of course, the original CD (not a copy). I never asked Connectix about it, because it was only a game.

Additionally, Michael Perbix confirms that some seemingly incompatible Windows software will run from the VPC C: drive, but not from shared folders.

We are compiling a list of PC software incompatible with VPC. If you know of any, please tell us about it.

MacWindows to compile Virtual PC software incompatibility list. July 11, 2000 -- We have been posting reports of software incompatibilities with Virtual PC (along with other issues) on our Virtual PC 3 Special Report page. However, some readers have requested a simple list of software conflicts. If you know of Windows or DOS software that won't run on Virtual PC, please tell us about it. Let us know if the conflict was confirmed by Connectix tech support, and what version of VPC and Mac OS, and the you're running.  

Virtual PC/Intel Postcard fix may apply to other conflicts. July 11, 2000 -- Tom Chiara found a workaround to the problem of Intel's Postcard software not running on Virtual PC--a solution that could apply to some of the other VPC incompatibilities readers have been reporting recently.

The workaround is simple: run the Postcard from the Virtual PC C drive; Running on the C: drive is a requirement for this software. Both Chiara and Connectix Technical Support, which verified the conflict, had been running the software on "shared drives." To get it to work, Chiara simply copied the Postcard .exe file to the Windows desktop on C: and ran it from there.

This restriction may also apply to other Windows software.

More on Outlook launching problem July 11, 2000 -- Greg Shaw has had the problem where Outlook won't launch because it can't find the Exchange Server that we've been reporting. Shaw says the fix is to delete some Outlook settings on the Mac client and then to recreate them. We've posted Shaws description of the fix on our Outlook/Exchange special report page. We've also posted more details of the problem from Jeremy West.

Solutions for running X Window on Virtual PC. July 11, 2000 -- We've had several responses to our July 7 report about a reader not being able to run X Window software ( XWin32 and MI/X) under Virtual PC). Matt Bieneman suggests using a fixed IP address, among other things. He has been running X-Windows programs on a PowerBook over an AirPort network. Bieneman also reports of problems with Virtual PC and a three-button mouse. You can read his report is on our Virtual PC 3 page.

Paul Lambert correctly points out that the "client" software running on the Mac is actually called a display server in the case of X Window. He also sent several suggestions. One is to skip Virtual PC altogether, as there is free a Mac version of MI/X. Lambert's report is also on our Virtual PC 3 page.

(By the way, for those readers who have the book Macintosh Windows Integration, these and other X Window topics are covered in Chapter 17.)

Updates to AirPort for PCs special report. July 10, 2000 -- We've updated our AirPort wireless networks for PCs special report with a new section by Henry Norr of the San Francisco Chronicle about the Orinoco RG1000, the Lucent-branded equivalent to Apple's AirPort Base Station.

We also added some observations from reader Olaf von Rein about AirPort Base Station Configurator for setting up Apple's AirPort Base Station from a PC. He also reports on using the 3COM Airconncect 802.11b card with AirPort and other topics.

Meanwhile, Apple has posted an explanation of the new Network tab in the AirPort Admin Utility 1.2.

Another VPC incompatibility: Intel Email Postcards. July 10, 2000 -- Tom Chiara reports that Virtual PC 3 won't run Intel Email Postcards, a utility in the Intel PC Camera Pro Pack and PC Camera Pack that lets you add video and photos in e-mail. Chiara says Connectix tech support has confirmed the incompatibility, and that there is no fix yet or workaround yet. If you know of one, please let us know. (For other reported conflicts, see our Virtual PC 3 Special Report.)

pcSetup 2.1.7 beta for PC Compatibility Cards. July 10, 2000 -- FVDCS has posted pcSetup 2.1.7 beta for registered users of the 32-bit software for the old Apple/Reply/Radius DOS/PC Compatibility Cards. FVDCS Project Manager Randall Venhola described it to us this way:

We released pc Setup 2.1.7 (beta) that now supports all machines and all versions of Windows 95 and 98. We pounded away at it, it seems quite stable. All that is left is the notorious shutdown bug (when Windows shuts down, it gets a blue screen of death, its nondestructive, as its the swap file that gets re-created at next boot anyway).

There is a demo mode for the product. Anyone who has purchased pc Setup 2.0 can beta test 2.1.

More advice for Outlook/Mac not launching problem. July 10, 2000 -- Responding to last Thursday's report of a problem where Outlook Client 8.2.1 for Mac won't launch, Ed Hagihara offers a few thoughts. He reports that too many active fonts can do Exchange Server problems, as well as some tips on using TCP/IP to access Exchange Server. Hagihara comments are posted on our Outlook/Exchange page.

Joliet Volume Access update fixes bug. July 10, 2000 -- Thomas Tempelmann has posted Joliet Volume Access 1.3, a bug fix update for his free Macintosh utility for reading Joliet (PC) formatted CD-ROMs. Tempelmann is planning to release another update for mid-September.

Solutions update: decoding utility. July 10, 2000 -- We've added Decode da Code (US $12 ) from Felt Tip Software to the product listings on the MacWindows Cross-Platform File Compression and Encoding Solutions page. Decode da Code is a Macintosh helper application for Internet News programs (such as NewsWatcher) for decoding MIME Base64 and uuencoded files.

New version of RAR compression tool for Mac. July 10, 2000 -- Guillaume Dufay has released MacRAR 2.5, the lasted version of the only RAR compression/decompression utility for Macintosh. RAR is a PC compression standard that offers high compression ratios. The new version adds drag and drop compression and fixes a number of bugs. (The MacRAR web page is also available in the French language.)

FileMaker Pro Web Companion update released. July 10, 2000 -- FileMaker, Inc. has released FileMaker Pro Web Companion 5.0v5, a bug-fix update to its software for publishing FileMaker 5 databases on a web page.

Readers verify Virtual PC incompatibility with HomeSite 4.5. July 7, 2000 -- Several readers responded to yesterday's report to confirm the incompatibility between HomeSite 4.5 and Virtual PC. Tony Martin says that earlier this year he reported it to Connectix, which reproduced and confirmed that it was an incompatibility. Mike Slaven reports that he and 4 others he knows have also had the problem.

ColdFusion Studio conflict with VPC? July 7, 2000 -- Helmut Doll has an experience with Virtual PC 3.0.3 and ColdFusion Studio 4.5.1 which sounds similar to the one with HomeSite 4.5:

It crashes on startup with a general page fault (I think that's hat it was.) Version 4.0 runs without problems.

Trouble running X-Window client under VPC 3. July 7, 2000 --Terry Brady reports being unable to use two different Windows 98 X Window clients under Virtual PC 3.0. His description of the problem is on our Virtual PC 3.0 special report page.

Readers verify/offer fixes for Outlook/Mac no-launch problem. July 7, 2000 -- Responding to yesterday's report of Outlook for Mac being unable to launch, several readers have verified having the problem. A couple of readers offer workarounds. Another is seeing the problem on Windows clients as well. You can read their reports on the MacWindows MS Exchange and Outlook for Mac page.

PowerPoint 98 updater adds Win compatibility. July 7, 2000 -- Microsoft has posted an Office 98 Updater that adds future Windows compatibility to the PowerPoint 98 (for Macs). According to Microsoft:

This patch enables PowerPoint 98 to open documents created with future versions of Windows PowerPoint and PowerPoint for the Macintosh. PowerPoint 98 opens all document created using current and previous versions of PowerPoint both for Macintosh and for Windows.

The Updater also fixes some bugs in Word 98.

Cross-platform PDF creator. July 7, 2000 -- txt2pdf 3.6 (US $55, shareware) is a utility that converts text files to PDF format. Written in cross-platform PERL5, txt2pdf runs on a variety of PC, Macintosh, and UNIX platforms.

Black Lab Linux Kernel Update fixes G4 Ethernet problems. July 7, 2000 -- There is now an update to Terra Soft's Black Lab Linux kernel (for Macintosh hardware) that fixes problems with the Power Mac G4 built-in Ethernet driver. The main problem is described like this:

Prior to this update, you may have experienced slow data rates and/or unexpected disconnects when attempting data throughput at 100 Mbps.

The upgrade requires kernel-2.2.17-0.6.1.ppc.rpm and kernel-headers-2.2.17-0.6.1.ppc.rpm

Windows utilities configures AirPort Base Station. July 6, 2000 -- Rop Gonggrijp's FreeBase is a free Windows utility that lets you configure the Apple AirPort Base Station from a PC. (Apple does not supply any PC software to configure Apple's IEEE 802.11 DSSS-compliant wireless network .) According to the developer, the FreeBase also enables "replacing the WaveLan card with a 'WaveLan/Orinoco Gold' card so users can have strong encryption."

There are also a pair Java utilities, the AirPort Base Station Configurator and Modem Hangup Utility from Jonathan Sevy, which will let you configure the Base Station from Windows, Unix, or Macintosh running a Java 1.1.8-compliant runtime environment.

We have updated with our AirPort and PC special report page with this and other new information.

AirPort with PCs running Lucent cards. July 6, 2000 -- Adam Glick sent us a report on configuring the AirPort Base Station with Windows 98 PCs. The PCs were using Lucent wireless cards and versions 6.0.4 of the Lucent firmware and 3.0 of the Lucent software. Glick says the new Lucent updates were important. You can read Glick's report on our AirPort and PC special report page.

Six emulators for PCs on 1 CD to ship July 17. July 6, 2000 -- On July 17, Emulators, Inc. will ship the CD-ROM for SoftMac 2000 Suite ($99), a CD-ROM containing 4 Mac emulators and 2 Atari emulators for MS-DOS, Windows, and Linux. The CD includes:

Emulators, Inc., will be selling SoftMac 2000 Suite at Macworld Expo in New York later this month.

Free copies of Fusion 3.0 emulator at Macworld Expo. July 6, 2000 -- Emulators, Inc. will be giving away several hundred copies of its Fusion PC 3.0 Mac emulator for Windows at Macworld Expo in New York on July 19th. This will be a full working copy with documentation. Fusion PC 3.0 is Emulator Inc.'s lower-end Mac emulator, which the company says is slower than SoftMac 2000.

Virtual PC won't run HomeSite 4.5 July 6, 2000 -- Craig Stein reports that Virtual PC 3.0 won't launch HomeSite 4.5, the Windows HTML editor. However, earlier versions of HomeSite do run on VPC 3. Stein tried Windows 98 and Windows 2000. If you've had this problem or have been able to get it to work, please let us know.

FTP problem with NT Service Pack 6a. July 6, 2000 -- Matt Dillon reports of a problem using a Mac to access the FTP server running on Windows NT 4 Server Service Pack 6a. When trying to access FTP, the user gets this error message:

FTP error:opening ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls

Dillon has seen this problem with Fetch, Adobe GoLive, and Dreamweaver. The problem has also been reported at the Adobe Forums and at MacFixIt earlier this year. So far, users have a theory that the problem is Service Pack 6a, particularly the tcpip.sys file.

Reader problem: Outlook/Mac won't launch. July 6, 2000 -- Jeremy West has a reoccurring problem with Macs running Outlook Client 8.2.1 and 8.2.2, Exchange Server 5.5 SP3 and Windows NT SP5. When Macs try to open Outlook, they get an error message:

The set of folders could not be opened. The Microsoft Exchange Server computer is not available. Either there are network problems or the Microsoft Exchange Server computer is down for maintenance.

West says the Mac clients can access POP from the Netscape browser e-mail function. (Additional information on our MS Exchange and Outlook for Mac page.)

If you've seen this problem, please let us know.

Win NT SFM problem in Win 2000 domain model. July 5, 2000 -- Microsoft KnowledgeBase article Q225152 reports of a problem with Windows NT Services for Macintosh running in a Windows 2000 domain. In this case, Services for Macintosh doesn't start, but yields one of three error messages. Microsoft has a "hotfix" for the problem, but you must contact Microsoft Product Support Services to get the fix. (This requires a paid tech support telephone call.)

PDF Startup for CD-ROM developers. July 5, 2000 -- PDF Startup (600 Euros, approximately US $570) is software for Windows and Mac OS CD-ROMs that will launch a PDF document when a CD is inserted. PDF Startup, aimed at producers of CD-ROMs, takes 150 KB of disc space. It can also install Acrobat Reader on the user's computer if it isn't installed.

Minor upgrade for GraphicConverter. July 5, 2000 -- Lemke Software has posted GraphicConverter 3.9.1, a minor upgrade to the Macintosh file translator for graphics formats. The new version mostly fixes bugs. (Version 3.9 shipped less than two weeks ago.) 

Sony refiles suit against Connectix. July 3, 2000 -- CNET reports that Sony has refiled its patent infringement lawsuit against Connectix for the later company's Virtual GameStation, software that emulates the Sony PlayStation. As we noted last Friday, Sony had dropped one of its lawsuits against Connectix last week, which Sony says had a procedure problem, according to CNET.


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