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Another fix for Outlook logon problem in Mac OS 8.6. June 30, 1999 -- J. Jordan sent a fix for a problem he was having with Mac OS 8.6 and Outlook 8.1. It sounded similar to a problem caused by a Microsoft Shared library file. Jordan seems to have located a problem file:

One of my Mac Outlook ES 8.1 users reported a solution to the inability to logon under OS 8.6 as there being a conflict with the "ObjectSupportLib" extension leftover from a previous system. Removal of the extension made for many happy logons.

Farallon introduces X-platform Internet sharing kit. June 30, 1999 -- Farallon is now shipping its soup-to-nuts Internet Starter Kit ($149), which comes with everything you need to share a single Internet connection over an Ethernet network between Macs and PCs. The kit includes:

  • 2 PCI Ethernet Cards & Cables with drivers for Mac and PC.
  • 5-port 10BaseT Starlet Hub
  • Vicomsoft's SurfDoubler Internet gateway software that allows either Mac or PC to be the Internet Gateway.
  • Free tech support

Farallon and Vicomsoft are also offering another deal: buy a Farallon hub, download SurfDoubler free.

Readers verify that the Sherlock/NT fix works. June 29, 1999 -- Several readers wrote to say that they have had success with the fix reported yesterday for the problem with opening files on NT servers via Sherlock. (The fix is to not have Mac volumes in the root directory, c:, e:, etc.) Kudos to Rick Zeman.

Todd Parkhill said that putting the Mac volume in a sub-directory also solved the titlebar navigation problem, which agrees with what we've had posted on our Mac OS 8.5 issues page. An explanation on this page says that "SFM translates the volume's root directory 'hidden' flag as 'invisible' to the Finder, and the Finder behaves as such."

We suspect that moving a Mac volume to a subdirectory from the root may solve other problems reported here. If it does for you, please let us know.

New MacWindows Solutions page: User Interfaces. June 29, 1999 -- Since readers keep asking, we've added a User Interface Solutions page to list software to make Windows look and act like Mac OS, and to enable Mac OS to look and act more like Windows. We reported on most of these products before.

Mac interface "themes" for Windows. June 29, 1999 -- A reader named Andrew pointed us toward WindowBlinds, which can make Windows look more like a Mac or other OS's. You can change the style of titlebars, buttons, toolbars and other aspects. Each theme, called "skins," gives Windows 95/98/NT a different look. One skin looks like Mac OS, another looks like Mac OS X Server, and others are available that look like a variety of operating systems. WindowBlinds is a component of Stardock's Object Desktop.

Win 98 2 gateway to Mac now works with Farallon HomeLINE. June 29, 1999 -- Farallon says that Windows 98 Second Edition solves a limitation with sharing an Internet connection between Macs and PCs using the HomeLINE in-wall telephone wire network adapters and software. Farallon's Nicole E. Martin wrote:

Our QA department has just confirmed that the HomeLINE PCI card in a Mac functions with the "Internet Sharing Connection" feature of Win 98 Second Edition. This means, a Macintosh can now access the Internet through Win 98 Second Edition on a PC over a HomeLINE network.

With earlier versions of Windows 98 (or Win 95) in a cross-platform environment, HomeLINE requires the Macintosh to be the Internet gateway since SurfDoubler for Mac is NAT based.

TheLinuxStore sells PCs without Windows. June 29, 1999 -- TheLinuxStore sells laptop, desktop Intel-based PC loaded Linux (no Windows). There's no Mac (or Windows) connection here, but we thought some of you might want to know.

Theory on Sherlock/NT Server problem, proposed solution. June 28, 1999 -- Rick Zeman found that Mac volumes at the root level of the NT server created the problem with being unable to open files on NT servers via Sherlock:

I've been able to duplicate/fix the problem. I only have 1 server to play with so I don't know if it's really true or not.

If a Mac volume is created at the root (by highlighting c:\ in winfile), Sherlock will have the dimmed/invisible problem. If the Mac volume is create lower down (like c:\macvol or c:\macvol\files), Sherlock has no problems.

Mind you, this is on a sample of _one_ NT4/SP5 server. I could be way off base on this. I don't have enough data points to say this with any assurance.

If you are having this problem, please let us know if your volumes are at the root level.

Advice on Norton AV and Mac volumes on NT. June 28, 1999 -- Rob Anglin sent us his method of virus checking NT Server Mac volumes, with which some readers have reported problems:

The trick is drill down far enough in the directory structure and examine more manageable chunks of the volume. The downside is that it's time-consuming in that you have to sit there and point it to directory after directory. Hope this helps.

Anglin's full message and other reader comments are on our NT Unsolved Mysteries page

Orange Micro announces X-Platform FireWire PC Card. June 28, 1999 -- Orange Micro has announced the HotLink FireWire PC Card ($229) a PCMCIA card that will add two FireWire (IEEE-1394) ports to notebook Macs (PowerBooks) and PCs with a PC Card Bus slot. The HotLink FireWire PC Card will ship early 4th quarter. Orange Micro also announced a set of other Firewire-related products, including a repeater, a hub, and a FireWire/SCSI converter.

Thursby confirms rumor: CopsTalk to ship as TSStalk within days. June 25, 1999 -- Thursby Software Systems has confirmed the rumor we reported below: it is getting ready to ship a CopsTalk-based AppleShare client for Windows, called TSStalk for Windows 95/98. CEO William Thursby told us that:

TSStalk for Windows 95/98 is our first product derived from the COPStalk technology. Due to the large number of backlogged customer requests for the product, we are providing those customers with access to the electronic version first. Our web site should have full details posted by the middle of next week...

Printed media and docs are on schedule for release by the middle of July. Electronic purchase will be available via Digital River next week. Pricing is the same as DAVE - including multi-packs.

(DAVE, an SMB, NetBIOS over TCP/IP client and server for Macs, starts at $150 for a single copy.) We will have more information as it develops.

Connectix released details of Virtual PC 3.0. June 25, 1999 -- Connectix has announced that Virtual PC 3.0 will be released in September. Improvements to the PC emulator will include faster networking and disk performance, according to the company. There is no mention of general emulator speed improvement, or of support for Linux (Connectix dropped Linux support in version 2.1.3). Pricing is $179 for Windows 98, $149 for Windows 95, $49 for PC-DOS.

Rumor: Thursby getting ready to ship CopsTalk-based file sharing product. June 25, 1999 -- A source has told MacWindows that Thursby Systems, makers of DAVE, is getting ready to ship an AppleShare Windows client based on CopsTalk, acquired in April by Thursby. (DAVE is an SMB, NetBIOS over TCP/IP client and server for Macs.)

MacVision, Mac-like GUI for Windows. June 25, 1999 -- Jeff Bargmann has created a new version of MacVision, a program that makes Windows look and act more like Mac OS, including adding an Apple menu (see screen shots). Among the new features, this new version adds "a Control Panels menu to the Apple menu which automatically fills itself with the contents of the control panels list on your computer."

Reader has Outlook 8.2 problems. June 25, 1999 -- Damon Casey reports of some problems with Outlook 8.2 and the UK version of Mac OS 8.5.1. His report is on our Exchange and Outlook page. Also, Robert Mroch that 8.2 fixed a problem for him, and mentions that "upper and lower case in the user name is an issue when logging on from the Macs."

New web site about Mac emulators for PC. June 25, 1999 -- Weston Pawlowski has posted some information about Mac emulators for PC at the vMac site (vMac is a free Mac emulator for PCs). Pawlowski is a developer who wrote some of the vMac code. (Also see the MacWindows list of Mac emulators for PC.)

Apple posts beta of new version of AppleShare IP First Aid. June 25, 1999 -- Apple has posted AppleShare IP 6.2.1a2c1 First Aid Tool, a beta version of the repair utility for checking, repairing, backing up, and restoring the Users and Groups and AppleShare PDS files. Multi-Ad Cumulus new X-platform print, web asset manager. June 24, 1999 -- Multi-Ad Services has shipped Multi-Ad Cumulus ($299 single user, $2500 network version with 5 clients), a new cross-platform media asset manager for print and web publishers for Mac, Windows, and Unix. It supports over 110 file formats.

Workaround for Sherlock/Windows NT Server problem. June 23, 1999 -- We've updated our discussion of the Sherlock/Windows NT Server with a workaround sent to us by Eric Binversie. It involves Option-Command dragging from Sherlock to use aliases to open the file. Binversie and other readers have reported that the problem occurs with OS 8.5/8.5.1/8.6, but Rick Zeman says 8.6 has indeed fixed the problem with his NT4/SP5 server.

Minor upgrade for MacaNTee 1.0.3, NT domain integration for Macs. June 23, 1999 -- Alaran has released update 1.0.3 to MacaNTee, software for integrating Macs into NT domains. Version 1.0.3. Reader Michael Perbix says of the new upgrade:

A small upgrade to MacaNTee which does not quit the replicator on an ASIP server when you log out (part of the new "services" function).

Renamer 2.0 file renaming utility posted. June 23, 1999 -- Pseudogod Software has posted Renamer 2.0 (shareware, $7), the latest version of the Mac file renaming utility that can remove file name characters that are illegal in Windows, and change the type and creator code based on the file name extension. The new version revamps the interface adds new features, including a contextual menu plugin. (For more products similar to this for Mac and Windows, see the MacWindows File Solutions page.

Using Sony camera on PowerBook G3. June 23, 1999 -- Alessandro Gaja was having trouble figuring out a way to use a Sony digital camera (model # DSC-F55) with his PowerBook G3 266. The camera came with Windows software and a PC serial cable. Gaja simply bought Sony's PCMCIA adapter card for "memory stick," Sony's new generation flash memory. He plugged it into the PowerBook G3 266, and to his surprise it worked.

Grayed-out Mac files on NT similar to another Sherlock problem. June 22, 1999 -- Several people responded to a problem we reported yesterday with Mac files being grayed out on Windows NT Servers when found by Sherlock. (When you try to double-click the file from within Sherlock, an error message says the files are inside an invisible folder.) Several readers seemed to confuse this with a similar (but different) known problem that was fixed with Mac OS 8.6 (which we list on our Mac OS 8.5 Issues page). However, Apple says the this older problem does NOT affect Windows NT. Also, several readers reported the problem with MacOS 8.6.

Todd Parkhill thinks the problem may be related to the registry hack that allows NT to report a drive size over 2 GB.

Updated Tip: Windows printing to old LaserWriters, but faster. June 22, 1999 -- John Hunter added some information to our tip on printing from Windows to old LaserWriter without a network. The tip describes how to build a parallel-to-Mac serial "null" cable, and to print at 9600 bps. However, Hunter describes how to increase this default 9600 baud rate to 57600 bps. He then sends Postscript print jobs using Microsoft HyperTerminal. Kudos to both the original contributor, Matthew Schwartzberg, and to Mr. Hunter.

Virtual PC 3.0 ad in Macworld magazine. June 22, 1999 -- MacFixIt reports that the August issue of Macworld magazine (the paper issue) has a Connectix advertisement for Virtual PC 3.0. MacFixIt speculates that Connectix is getting set for an announcement at Macworld Expo in July.

Tutorial update: Even more bad file names for NT Server. June 22, 1999 -- In response to yesterday's item on bad Mac file names for Windows NT servers, Todd Parkhill reminds us that you can't any names of PC ports as a file name. This includes com1 thru com9, lpt1 thru lpt9, con, nul, and prn.

We've added a section to the MacWindows Tutorials: Using Files with Windows and Macintosh page that summarizes file naming conventions that Mac users should avoid with Windows NT Server.

Farallon ships Gigabit Ethernet card for Mac and Windows. June 22, 1999 -- Farallon began shipping its Gigabit PCI Card ($949.00), which includes Macintosh and Windows drivers. The card includes a 1000Base-SX fiber-optic port for gigabit connectivity, and comes with a 3 year warranty and free technical support.

Farallon also began shipping the Fast Starlet Dual Speed Hub/24 ($629.00), a 10/100 Ethernet hub with 24 ports. The company also announced a $299, palm-sized, 8-port 10/100 Ethernet hub, the Fast Starlet Palm Switch 10/100, which will ship in July.

Commodore 64 emulator for Mac. June 22, 1999 -- Power64 2.4 is a Commodore 64 emulator for Power Macintosh. the Power64 web page also has links to sites with Commodore 64 games.

Linux vendor Red Hat to go public. June 22, 1999 -- Leading Linux vendor Red Hat has filed for an initial public offering of common stock with the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The lead underwriter is Goldman, Sachs & Co.. Thomas Weisel Partners LLC and E*TRADE Securities, Inc. are also underwriters.

PC formatted 2 GB Jaz disks work on Mac OS 8.5 and later. June 21, 1999 -- Responding to our item last Friday about problems with 2 GB Jaz cartridges and Mac OS 8.1. Blake Garner points out that this problem is fixed in Mac OS 8.5 and later.

Mac files on NT SFM grayed out, unavailable. June 21, 1999 -- When Eric Binversie performs a find from a Mac for a file on an NT server and tries to open it, but the files are grayed out and an error message tell him the files are inside an invisible folder. We would have suggested a rebuild of the index file on the NT, but the problem only occurs on Mac OS 8.5, 8.5.1, and 8.6, and not on Mac OS 8.1. We've posted his full message on our NT Unsolved Mysteries page. If you think you have an answer, let us know.

More bad file names for NT Server. June 21, 1999 -- It's widely known that certain characters in file names (such as \ / , *) are illegal in Windows and should be avoided when Mac users create files for Windows NT Server. We've also reported that file names ending in a space or a period can cause files to be unopenable by Windows clients.

Reader Thomas Doan reports some more bad file names: that that end in com1 and com2. When saved to the NT server, the backup and virus scanner software cannot process the files, and the files can't be removed from a PC. The only recourse was to rename the files from a Mac.

Intel to release 600 MHz Pentium in September. June 21, 1999 -- PC Week reports that Intel will release a .18 micro, 600 MHz Pentium III in September.

Problem with 2 GB PC-formatted Jaz disk on Mac. June 18, 1999 -- Stephen Huen discovered a problem with mounting 2 GB JAZ cartridges on a Mac:

I am wondering if you or your users have come across any problems reading PC formatted JAZ 2 GB disk on the Mac. I have PC Exchange 2.2 [Mac OS 8.1] and it complains about allocation block size greater than or equal to 32k and eject the disk after. I checked apple web site and it says that for disk over 1 GB, it needs to be FAT32, which is not supported by JAZ officially.

We found verification of the FAT32 requirement in Apple's Tech Info Library article 30423.

Cross-platform database development tool. June 18, 1999 -- Valentina SDK for Mac OS and for Windows is a C++ developer tool that allows you to embed the Valentina engine of into your application. Paradigma Software just released version 1.2.2. According to the company, "Valentina SDK is built on the ultra-fast Valentina database kernel. The kernel has been tested as indexing and searching 100-500 times faster than many popular Macintosh-based databases on the market, and with sorting tests ranging up to several thousand times faster." The introductory price is $279 per platform, or $499 for both ($499 for each starting July).

Outlook 8.2 OK with Mac OS 8.6. June 18, 1999 -- Many readers have written in to say that they have no problem running Outlook 8.2 with Mac OS 8.6, as one reader reported yesterday.

Meeting Maker 6 for Mac and Windows adds Java, Palm synchronization. June 17, 1999 -- On Technology announced that the new version of its cross-platform calendaring and scheduling software, Meeting Maker 6, will include support for Java-based Web interface and direct Palm synchronization. This enables users to "schedule from virtually any client platform, including: Windows, Macintosh, Solaris, HPUX, the Palm Computing platform, and additional platforms that run a standard Web browser with Java support." Meeting Maker 6 will ship for Mac and Windows on June 30.

Miramar patch speeds up PC MacLAN print spooling. June 17, 1999 -- Miramary System has issued a patch for PC MacLAN that it says can improve the performance of the software's Print Server by as much as fourteen times. (PC MacLAN is Windows software that enables two-way AppleShare-based (AFP) file and printer sharing between Macs and PCs.)

Miramar has also posted a Tech Note with tips relating to a problem of not being able to see printers or AFP servers or receiving error messages, such as, "...MacLAN installation is not complete" and "Unable to register XXXX on the network."  

New security bug found in Windows NT Server. June 17, 1999 -- ZDNet reports that a new security bug in Windows NT Server allows intruders to crash the server or to control it.

Macromedia ships Flash 4, vector Web authoring for Windows and Mac. June 17, 1999 -- Macromedia is now shipping Flash 4, the latest version of it's vector-based development tool for web-based multimedia, available for Windows and Macintosh.

Reader can't get Outlook 8.2 to run on Mac OS 8.6. June 17, 1999 -- Gerson Crespo reports that he can't get the new Outlook 8.2 for Mac to run on Mac OS 8.6 (G3/266), although he has had no problems with other G3's running OS 8.1.

Outlook 8.2 looks good. June 16, 1999 -- The new Microsoft Outlook 8.2 for Mac looks good, according to John Wolf, who has been running it during the past few days:

The drag and drop for enclosures is a very welcomed addition. Drag and Drop not only works with enclosures, but it works with text. If you have a Word document open, you can select a portion of your email message and drag it over to your Word document... and vice versa!

For a list of what's in Outlook 8.2, see the MacWindows Exchange/Outlook page.

Worm.ExploreZip virus infects Macs running emulators. June 16, 1999 -- MacWeek has a short report on Macs and Worm.ExploreZip virus, a new dangerous virus that erases files on Windows hard drives. It says that Macs running Windows via PC emulators can become infected and loose certain files.

Alaran posts another upgrade to MacaNTee, Mac-NT domain integrator. June 16, 1999 -- After posting a bug fix update last week, Alaran has posted another update, MacaNTee 1.0.2, software that integrates Macintosh clients into Windows NT domains. The update applies to the Windows NT module and the Macintosh module. (There is also an AppleShare IP module.) Michael Perbix has been using the software and reports these improvements:

(For more info, see our June 7 news item.)

AppleScript converts Mac-to-PC file names. June 16, 1999 -- Thomas C. García has sent us an AppleScript that reads the type and creator codes of Mac files and adds the equivalent PC extension.. The script uses OS 8.5, in which you attach the script to a folder. Upon placing an item (or several items) into a folder which has this script attached to it, the code does the following:

You can get this AppleScript here.

Windows version of A Better Finder Rename, new Mac update. June 16, 1999 -- Frank Reiff Shareware has posted A Better File Rename 1.0, ($10) a Windows utility that can be used to rename batches of files, converting Mac and UNIX file names to Windows file names using a search-and-replace interface. We've added A Better File Rename to our list of file tools on our File Solutions page.

The utility is a Windows version of Reiff's Mac software, A Better Finder Rename, a contextual menu plugin for the Macintosh Finder that can do the same file-name conversion in Mac OS. Reiff has posed A Better Finder Rename 2.2.1, a minor bug-fix upgrade.

New Tip: Word lock up. June 16, 1999 -- Michael Curtis found another way around the problem of Microsoft applications locking up:

I had exactly the same problem at a client with Word ' 98 locking up every time you went to any Word menu. If the server wasn't mounted it was fine.

In the end we found it the preference telling Word to remember the last x (9 by default) number of jobs opened in the file menu. We set it to zero and it was fine.

New Tip: Turning FIND FAST off in Windows NT. June 16, 1999 -- The MacWindows Server Tips page reports that NT Server can slow down when the FINDFAST utility gets busy. David Bleuzet wrote in to say that he turns it off with an icon in the Control Panel called "Fast Finding" (or something similar--Bleuzet uses the French version of NT 4.0).

Microsoft posts Outlook for Mac 8.2. June 15, 1999 -- Microsoft has posted Outlook for Mac 8.2, a new version of the email client. However, there is still no sign of Exchange Service Pack 3. We reported in a June 8 news item that Microsoft had briefly posted a Knowledge base article about Service Pack 3, saying that Outlook 8.2 was part of it. We'll have more details tomorrow.

Mocha SMB provides native Microsoft client for Mac--low-cost competitor to DAVE. June 14, 1999 -- Reader Scott Krajewski pointed us toward MochaSoft's Mocha SMB (US $25 single user or $100 for a company License), a SMB file sharing client for Macintosh. (SMB file sharing is Microsoft's native protocol for Windows clients. SMB is used instead of NT Services for Macintosh.) This sounds similar to what Thursby Systems' DAVE (US $149 single user). However, Mocha SMB may not be as full-featured as Thursby Systems's DAVE, as evidenced by this statement from MochaSoft: "The idea of the program is not to integrate the Macintosh with the Microsoft environment, just to make it easy to copy files." We've added Mocha SMB to our Network Solutions page.

New Mac-to-NT file transfer software. June 14, 1999 -- Idem (US $83) is a new shareware utility for Windows that automatically synchronizes or mirrors files between Macs and Windows NT. Patrick Peccatte, the author, describes it like this:

Idem secures critical data duplicating them from a computer location to another one. It is a good solution for "mirroring" important folders from a Windows NT server toward another one. Idem is distinguishable from other expansive mirroring or clustering products by its ability to fully preserve Macintosh filenames and structures stored on a Windows NT 4.0 server.

We've added Idem to our Network Solutions page.

X-platform remote display system MacVNC beta 2 released. June 14, 1999 -- Last Friday, AT&T Laboratories Cambridge posted beta 2 of Mac VNC (short for Virtual Network Computing). VNC is cross-platform, open-source software for running software located on another computer, similar to Citrix' thin-client software, X Window software, or Netopia's Timbuktu. (For a comparison of VNC with Citrix and other similar products, see our Windows NT Application Servers list.)

LinuxPPC Release 5.0 now available. June 14, 1999 -- LinuxPPC Inc. released LinuxPPC Release 5.0 (also called "LinuxPPC 1999) last Friday. This version of the Linux operating system for Macintosh includes a new graphic user interface that includes a "theme" that looks more like Mac OS. There's also a newer, easier-to-use installer, as well as new core libraries.

Windows NT web site. June 14, 1999 -- There are lots of Windows NT web sites, but a we ran into quite a good one this weekend. i386 the NT Source has some detailed info on Windows NT administration, setup, communications, and Windows 2000, among other things.

New Tip: Windows printing to a LaserWriter without networking. June 11, 1999 -- Matthew Schwartzberg figured out a way to print to from Windows 95 to a LaserWriter Plus, an old Postscript printer with a only a LocalTalk port. However, he did it without using AppleTalk on the PC. Instead, he build a parallel-to-serial cable and communicated with the printer in a 9600 bps serial mode. He also found that the Windows "LaserWriter" driver worked, but the "LaserWriter Plus" driver did not. We've posted the details, including the specifics about the cable an the settings, at the MacWindows Peer-to-Peer Tips page.

New Tip: Mac to WinCE device file transfer. June 11, 1999 -- We've added a tip on moving files between Mac and Windows CE sent to us by Bob Mihalovich. He used a null-modem cable, a connector adaptor, and terminal emulation software.

Follow up NT SP5 printing problem. June 11, 1999 -- Chris Santos sent us an update on a printing problem we reported on June 3 with the LaserWriter driver 8.6.5 (Mac OS 8.6) and Windows NT SP5. When Macs try to print, he gets a Blue Screen on NT Server. We've added his message to our discussion of Windows NT/Mac OS 8.5 printing problems.

PowerPoint cross-platform problem. June 11, 1999 -- Reader Milind Lele reports of a problem moving PowerPoint files via disk from Windows 95/Office 97 to Mac OS/Office 98, and then back to PC:

If you open a PC file (from a disk) on a Mac, work on it and save it back in 4.0 format (PP95) and open it again, there's overprinting.

This is NOT the known problems we reported in April about AppleShare IP corrupting PowerPoint for Windows files. (See our News Archive page and do a text search for "PowerPoint.")

Apple ships QuickTime 4 for Windows and Mac. June 10, 1999 -- Apple is now shipping the final version or QuickTime 4 for Windows and Macintosh. As with QuickTime 3, there a a free version you can download and a $30 "Pro" version with editing and saving features enabled.

Microsoft ships Windows 98 SE. June 10, 1999 -- As of today, Microsoft is shipping Windows 98 SE ($110; $20 upgrade). A CNET story calls the launch "a decidedly low-key affair."

Group to distribute Apple's Darwin with Windows client support. June 10, 1999 -- A group called Twin Forces, in collaboration with a group called Info Magic, will offer Missing Link, a Unix operating system distribution for Mac based on Darwin, Apple's open source core of Mac OS X Server. The distribution is called Missing Link because it will contain services that Mac OS X Server lacks, including SAMBA, the open source Microsoft-compatible (SMB) file server for Linux and Unix. Their plans are somewhat long range:

"Initially, MissingLink will be primarily targeted at Mac OS users who want powerful Unix tools. Eventually, we hope that funds from MissingLink will allow us to massively contribute into making a Darwin-based Unix distribution a reality."

Solutions update: a Linux for parallel processing Macs. June 10, 1999 -- We've added Yellow Dog Linux from Terra Soft Solutions to our list of Unix and Linux for Mac.

Lismore issues Update 4 for Blue Label Power Emulator. June 9, 1999 -- Lismore Systems has posted Update 4 for Blue Blue Label Power Emulator, a PC emulator for Macs. Along with bug fixes, the new update allows you to use floppy disk images and to install operating systems from non-bootable CD-ROMs. (For more on BLPE, see our Blue Label Power Emulator page.)

MacaNTee update released for NT-Mac domain integrator. June 9, 1999 -- Alaran has posted MacaNTee 1.0.1, which fixes some bugs and adds a few features in the Macintosh component of it's Mac-NT domain integrator. (There's also a component for Windows NT and AppleShare IP, as described in our June 7 news item. There is now an option in the "MacaNTee settings" control panel to allow the workstation to be shutdown from the lock/login screen. You can also require that the user be logged in as the local administrator in order to shutdown the workstation.

Thanks to Michael Perbix for bringing this to our attention.

Tip: getting Exchange Server to access a POP account at ISP. June 9, 1999 -- In response to a question on our MS Exchange 5.5 and Macs page, John D. Peterson has sent in some info on how to have Exchange Server 5.5 dial up an ISP's POP server. You can find Peterson's advice at the link in the previous sentence.

Microsoft ships Office 2000. June 8, 1999 -- Microsoft is shipping its Office 2000 desktop suite for Windows. As we announced on May 19, Microsoft has a web page called Microsoft Office 98 Macintosh Edition and Microsoft Office 2000: Ensuring a Smooth Working Relationship, which describes the file compatibilities and differences in functionality between the two.

MS info on next version of Outlook 8.2 for Mac posted, then pulled. June 8, 1999 -- Greg Newton ran into a Microsoft Knowledge Base article on June 4 that described Exchange Server Service Pack 3 (which isn't out yet) and Outlook 8.5 for Mac (also not out yet). The article was dated June 1, but by June 6, the article had been removed. We've posted the full text of the article, called XLCN: What's New In Outlook 8.2 for the Macintosh.

The article described several improvements in the Mac Outlook client, including this" "Handles network problems better." Also of interest is a feature many MacWindows have asked about: the ability to import address book data (via comma separated text files).

X-platform scheduler Meeting Maker 6 now in Beta. June 8, 1999 -- On Technology has released a beta of Meeting Maker Version 6, the cross-platform calendaring group scheduling program. The new version, to be released this summer, lets you synchronize calendar/datebook, addresses/contacts, and to-do items between Mac or Windows and Palm Pilots. The new version also has a Java client that runs in a web browser. To get a copy of the beta, send an email with subject "beta request."

Problem with FileMaker Pro Server NT SP4 reappears with Service Pack 5. June 8, 1999 -- Francois Morin reported that an old NT Service Pack 4 problem with File Maker Pro Server has reappeared with NT Service Pack 5. The problem is that Mac and Windows FileMaker clients can no longer see the FileMaker server--Morin has to type in the IP address of the server on each client.

The problem first appeared with NT SP4, but was fixed with FileMaker Pro Server 3.0v4 (the version Morin is using.) You can read a description of the original problem and Morin's new comments on the MacWindows NT Service Pack 4 page.

Exchange Server 5.5 SP2, configuring the Mac hosts file for name resolution. June 8, 1999 -- Greg Newton sent us information on how to configure the Mac TCP/IP hosts file for name resolution with Outlook and the Exchange Server 5.5 SP2. The procedure is described in MS Knowledge Base article Q189906.

MacaNTee integrates Macs with Win NT domains. June 7, 1999 -- Michael Perbix pointed us to a new product from Alaran called MacaNTee 1.0, which integrates Macs with Windows NT domains. The software consists of 3 modules that install on the Mac, an AppleShare IP server, and the NT primary domain controller. The MacaNTee modules give the list of NT domain users to AppleShare IP servers and to users' Macs, where it automatically installs the NT domain users into the Mac user and groups. It also makes the Mac subject to NT's user controls, including machine restrictions and login times. Perbix explains:

This software works together to give you a log-on screen for the Macintosh that uses the PDC to authenticate log-on to your NT user list. Once logged on you can also LOCK your computer and walk away. Only you and the local administrator (whose password you set when you first install software) can unlock the machine. (AppleShare IP part not needed for this feature)

This allows you to use ONE USER account and password to access NT and AppleShare servers. Groups are not supported yet so you still need to manually add users to groups on the AppleShare Server. The PDC is polled at a given time interval you can change. So new users and changed passwords will not be in effect until the next polling time, you may poll at any time via an on-screen button.

Pricing for the three modules: US$ 250.00 per AppleShare IP Server, US$ 500.00 for Win NT domain controller, US$ 25.00 per Mac.

Perbix (who works for a school district and has no connection with Alaran) says "Since this is only version 1.0 there are a few things that need polishing but overall the product performs as advertised."

Win NT/Macs in prepress training class in Illinois. June 7, 1999 -- London Litho's Summer Training Program in Lincolnwood, Illinois, will begin July 6 with a 3-day session titled Windows NT Server in a Prepress Environment. "This class focuses on the administration of Windows NT Server in a prepress environment that typically includes Mac OS clients and Postscript printers." Contact Natalie Kegley at 1-800-695-2105 for more info on this and other prepress classes.

MS app slowdown due to MS shared library. June 7, 1999 -- Chris Erickson reports that the problem with Mac Microsoft applications we reported on June 4 is caused by either Outlook's Shared Libraries of Outlook or Internet Explorer, according to MacFixIt. We've posted Erickson's comments on our MS Outlook page.

Advanced Ideas seeks beta testers for cross-platform messaging application. June 4, 1999 -- Advanced Ideas is seeking beta testers for a new version of InformUser, a cross-platform messaging application. System administrators can broadcast instant messages to Windows and Mac users without a server, making it a good tool for when servers go down. People with at least 5 Macs on a TCP/IP network can apply to be a beta tester for the Mac and/or Windows version.

Reader experiencing hanging with OS 8.6 and Outlook, and other MS apps. June 4, 1999 -- John D. Peterson reports of a problem with Mac OS 8.6 and Microsoft applications, including Microsoft Outlook, Office, and Internet Explorer. These apps cause the Macs to slow down and temporarily hang. He's tried the usual troubleshooting techniques, to no avail. We've posted his report on our MS Outlook page.

Update on NT SP4 Y2k installation problem. June 4, 1999 -- We asked Paul Brain, who reported of problems installing Windows NT Service Pack 4 Y2K, whether he had tried SP5. He had, and the solution that worked for SP4 did not for SP5. We've added his SP5 comments to his others at our Windows NT SP4 page.

Update on the NT print problem, NT Service Pack 5, and Mac OS 8.6. June 3, 1999 -- Chris Santos reports that the problem of NT SFM hanging after 1000 prints is fixed with the Mac LaserWriter driver to 8.6.5 that comes with Mac OS 8.6, but he has a new server crashing problem related to printing. He says the problem does not occur with SP3. (Most people agree that the problem does not occur with LaserWriter driver 8.5.1.)

Wim de Lange says his NT print crashing problem disappears when he does the full upgrade to Mac OS 8.6, but doesn't when he just uses the LaserWriter driver 8.6.5 that comes with OS 8.6.

The comments of Santos and de Lang have been added to our Mac OS 8.5 Issues page.

DAVE Print crashing when printing to NT with Mac OS 8.6. June 3, 1999 -- Wayne Robarge reported a problem with DAVE 2.1 Print Client client to print to color laser printers (Tektronix 350 and 840) and a HP 755CM plotter connected to NT Print Server print queue:

Connecting with DAVE has been successful but recently after we upgraded the NT server I started experiencing much more frequent crashes and freezes will printing. It was tolerable under 8.5.1 but 8.6 was averaging a crash after every other page.

However, Robarge did not have the problem with the LPR feature of the Apple Print Utility.

I have set up both the color laser printer and the plotter server connections in this fashion with not a single problem (using 8.5.1 and 8.6). You simply select the correct PPD file and enter in the server name (I use the IP number) and the Queue name on the NT Server. Hit create or save and you are done. So far I have not had a single crash for any number of pages in a job or size of file sent.

Problem and solution with NT SP4 Y2k installation. June 3, 1999 -- Paul James Brain, a systems integrator in Dublin, Ireland, had problems installing Windows NT Service Pack 4 Y2K (SP4 Y2K.exe). The problems disappeared only when he installed ntsp4i.exe after SP4Y2k.exe. You can read his comments on our Windows NT SP4 page.

Free FileMaker Pro Server will 10 or more users. June 3, 1999 -- FileMaker, Inc., is giving away a free copy of FileMaker Pro Server for Windows NT or Macintosh with the purchase of a FileMaker Pro 4.1 Volume License Agreement for 10 or more users ($1,590 for 10). The promotion for the cross platform database is offered in the United States and Canada and ends June 18, 1999.

Opening files with long file names on Mac OS X Server disconnects clients. June 3, 1999 -- Apple TIL article 60380 reports that Mac OS Server will accept files with more than 31 characters (such has files with Windows long file names), but when you try to open one from a Mac client, the server will disconnect all clients. SoftWindows supports Windows CE connections. June 2, 1999 -- Insignia Solutions tells us that it's SoftWindows emulator works as to communicate with Windows CE devices. Product manager Leigh Dworkin writes:

I saw your recent comment on connecting the Mac to Windows CE devices using ReUDO's Xin/XoutIII Windows CE software [May 28 below]. I just wanted to let you know that Windows CE Services works just splendidly on SoftWindows.

As our new product (the Jeode platform) enables you to run Java programs on Windows CE devices using a small and fast Embedded Virtual Machine from Insignia, I have had the opportunity to connect several Windows CE devices to my PC, which happens to be my G3 PowerBook running SoftWindows. Using both a Philips Nino and a Sharp Mobilon, SoftWindows running Windows CE services connected to these devices exactly as you would expect.

Sig upgrades Name Cleaner and Cross Platform. June 2, 1999 -- Sig Software has minor upgrades to two shareware utilities, Name Cleaner ($20) and Cross Platform ($20). NameCleaner 1.9.7 is a utility for converting between Mac and PC file names. Cross platform 1.1, a database of Mac and Windows file formats and their interoperability, sports an improved user interface and data on hundreds of additional file formats.

ASCII Converter adds Euro support. June 2, 1999 --Marco Bambini has updated ASCII Converter to Version 1.4 ($10), a utility that converts between Mac and Windows text. Among the new features are support for the Euro character.

MacWelt magazine names "Top Web Site." June 1, 1999 -- In it's July 1999 issue ( page 11), the German-language magazine MacWelt has named as "Top Web Site of the month." We are honored by the designation, and would like to thank the editors of MacWelt for their consideration.

New Tip: Mac printing to HP LaserJet via NT Server. June 1, 1999 -- Mark Short sent in a tip about printing a document with the Palatino font to and HP LaserJet PCL printer connected to a Windows NT Server. We've added his solution to some information on the subject on the MacWindows Server Tips page.

Minor upgrade to DAVE Print Client. June 1, 1999 -- Thursby Systems has posted DAVE Print Client v2.1p2, a minor upgrade that fixes a bug that prevented the use of passwords when printing. It also includes the v2.1p1 fix, allowing an option to allow binary printing.


Netopia releases Timbuktu Pro Mac 5.0 adds IP browser. May 28, 1999 -- Netopia has updated the Mac version of it's cross-platform remote control software. Timbuktu Pro 5.0 for Mac OS includes an IP browser, which gives Macs the ability to view other Timbuktu users on TCP/IP networks. Netopia is hosting an Timbuktu Pro Internet Locator server that lets Timbuktu 5 users find other users on the Internet. According to Netopia, Timbuktu Pro 5 yields up to 200 percent better speed on dial and Internet connections. Timbuktu runs only on Mac OS 8.1 or later. Pricing starts at $99.00 for one user, upgrades for $29.95.

AppleShare IP 6.2 Update now free. May 28, 1999 -- You can now download AppleShare IP 6.2 Update for free. Previously, Apple was asking $499 for the upgrade, or $19.95 if you purchased ASIP 6.1 between April 19 and June 19, 1999.

Windows CE and Mac OS. May 28, 1999 -- Several readers have asked if one can synchronize a Windows CE device with Virtual PC or SoftWindows. It has been known to happen, but you don't have to. You can synchronize it with Mac OS using ReUDO's Xin/XoutIII Windows CE software.

TIP: PC MACLAN refuses additional users. May 27, 1999 -- Miramar Systems has posted an article that fixes to a problem when the PC MacLAN server won't allow additional users to log on. Corrupt IDX/DAT files or a non-starting AppleTalk Messenger (ATMsg.exe) can cause Mac user to get this message: "This file server will not allow any additional users to log on. Try again later."

Infowave ships for PowerPrint for Networks: Mac printing to PC printers. May 27, 1999 -- Infowave Software is shipping PowerPrint for Networks ($249), software that enables Macs to print to PC printers over Ethernet. PowerPrint for Networks replaces PowerPrint Pro, a LocalTalk product which Infowave discontinued several months ago. PowerPrint for Networks includes Infowave's printer drivers for 1600 printers, a 10/100BaseT print server, and a printer cable.

Mac OS 8.6 doesn't fix printing problem. May 27, 1999 -- Marcus Reese reports that Mac OS 8.6 hasn't fixed a printing problem with NT Server for him. (One reader said it did fix it for him.) Reese says:

LaserWriter driver 8.6.5 that comes with Mac OS 8.6 did not fix my problem of printing with Freehand 8 and LaserWriter 8.6 using Windows NT 4.0 Server as a print spooler for my Macs. This problem I have reported to you in the past. I don't get any error messages on the NT Server and I still have to restart the NT Server to stop Freehand 8 from locking up on my Macs. I'm going back to LaserWriter driver 8.5.1.

Outlook client Still hangs with OS 8.6. May 27, 1999 -- Rob Eberhardt reports that Mac OS 8.6 hasn't fixes the problem of Mac Outlook "hanging." (One reader had reported that OS 8.6 did fix the problem.)

New beta of QuickTime 4 fixes bugs on Mac and Win 95/98/NT. May 27, 1999 -- Apple has released QuickTime 4b24, which fixes a variety of bugs on Mac and Windows 95, 98, and NT.

New version of cross-platform medical billing software. May 27, 1999 -- The Medical Billing Circle 6.4.1 for Mac and Windows is now available from the d.i.d. Circle Organization. The release includes 72 feature enhancements, according to the company. You can download the upgrade for free. Full copies are $960.

Reader says NT SP5 solves problem with deleting files on NT Server. May 26, 1999 -- Reader Craig Cooley reports that he was having the problem of Macs crashing when deleting files on NT Server, until he updated to Service Pack 5. The problems have disappeared.

Equilibrium to ship graphic conversion software with digital cameras, scanners. May 26, 1999 -- Equilibrium announced OneButton, graphic conversion software for digital still and video cameras and scanners. Equilibrium makes DeBabelizer for Windows and Mac, a batch graphics editing program that supports dozens of Mac and PC file formats. OneButton will allow users of cameras and scanners to instantly convert images into a variety of file formats from the device itself. OneButton will be release in the third quarter as a bundle with digital cameras, scanners, photo printers and video cameras. It will not be sold separately.

Bug fix release for text cleaners. May 26, 1999 -- A pair of text cleaning utilities for Mac have bug fix updates. Taylor Design has released TextSpresso 1.1.1 ($29), and Marco Bambini has release ASCII Converter 1.3.1. Both are utilities that can clean up text files received from PC users via email, converting special characters.

Farallon HomeLine comes with demos of PC MacLAN and Timbuktu. May 26, 1999 -- Farallon and Miramar Systems has announced that Farallon's HomeLine home phone working network cards include a demo copy of Miramar's PC MacLAN AppleShare software for Windows. The software is a full-featured three-hour trial version of PC MACLAN for Windows 95/98. The card also comes with trial versions of Netopia's Timbuktu remote control software for Mac and Windows.

Apple releases AppleShare IP 6.2, claims it is faster than NT. May 25, 1999 -- Apple yesterday released AppleShare IP 6.2 ($499 for 10-client license; upgrade $499; upgrade $19.95 if you purchased ASIP 6.1 between April 19 and June 19, 1999 ). Among the new features is "secure printing for Windows LPD clients."

An Apple press release boosts that the new version "allows users to transfer files twice as fast as Windows NT." This is when running on Mac OS 8.6. Apple has posted some benchmark results for Mac and Windows clients.

PC Compatibility Card patch for OS 8.5 also works with OS 8.6. May 25, 1999 -- We asked Jason Linhart of if his PC Compatibility card patch for OS 8.5 also works for Mac OS 8.6. Linhart told us that it does:

My patch for PC Network Extension 1.6.4 still works under Mac OS 8.6. As before, on some machines it is also necessary to remove Apple Enet and replace it with Ethernet (Built-In). Ethernet (Built-In) can be found on the Mac OS 8.5 install CD, in the System Folder. This change, removing Apple Enet, can cause minor problems for some users under Mac OS 8.6, while it did not cause any problems under 8.5.

(For more info on the patch, see our Emulation Tips page.)

32-bit drivers for PC Compatibility Cards on track: Apple gives up source code. May 25, 1999 -- Fonnemann's Apples and Orange's site reports that Apple has signed a contract with developer FVDCS that will enable the later to develop 32-bit drivers for Apple's old DOS and PC Compatibility Card. According to Fonnemann, FVDCS will release a beta version of PC Setup 2.0 should be released in early July 1999.

Installing Central European Fonts in Windows for LaserWriter 8500. May 25, 1999 -- Apple posted a new Tech Info Library article (24921) that provides instructions on how to install the Central European fonts that came with the LaserWriter 8500 in Windows.

Farallon offers cross-platform home networking. May 24, 1999 -- Farallon Computing has introduced HomeLine, hardware and driver software for Macs and PCs that establishes an Ethernet-like network over a building's existing in-wall telephone wiring. The 1.2 Mbps PCI card is based on Intel's AnyPoint chip set and complies with a specification by the Home Phoneline Network Alliance (HomePNA), which includes Intel, 3Com, AMD, Compaq, and IBM. Farallon told MacWindows that it has exclusive rights to market the Intel chip set for Macintosh.

Every HomeLine package includes a CD-ROM with both Windows and Mac driver software, as well as software to share an Internet connection. The HomeLine Starter Kit ($139) contains two PCI cards and software. The Single Pack ($79) contains one PCI card and and Mac and Windows software.

We asked Farallon if it was going to do an external version for iMacs, along the lines of its Ethernet-to-LocalTalk iPrint converter. The response was a firm "no comment."

New Tip: Virtual PC conflict and workaround on Blue and White G3. May 24, 1999 -- John Malm of Connectix reports of a freeze with Virtual PC and the Blue and White G3's under certain conditions when dragging a folder or disk image to the VPC toolbar . He also sent us a workaround, which we've posted on our Emulator Tips page. (Connectix is currently working on a permanent fix for the problem.)

More on Virtual PC and floppiless Macs. May 24, 1999 -- Responding to our new tip about installing Windows software in Virtual PC with floppiless Macs, John Malm says there is an easier way--and it's described in the Virtual PC manual on page 69. If you'd rather stay electronic, here's Connectix method:

You can drag a floppy image to the "Eject Floppy" button on the toolbar (at the bottom of the VPC window). When an installation program asks for a new disk, eject the floppy image and drag the next one to the toolbar. Floppy images must be in the read/write format and uncompressed.

However, Blue and White G3 users can run into the VPC freezing problem described above.

Mac OS 8.6 improves SoftWindows speed. May 24, 1999 -- Marc Hoffman reports on his OS Emulation Home Page that Mac OS 8.6 improves the performance of SoftWindows over that of Mac OS 8.5.

New free Mac emulator for Win, BeOS from the creator of SheepShaver. May 21, 1999 -- Developer Christian Bauer has posted Basilisk II, a new open source 68k Mac emulator for Windows 95/98/NT, BeOS, Amiga, and UNIX. (Christian Bauer is also one of the creators of SheepShaver ($50), a commercial Mac runtime environment for BeOS and Linux.) Bauer says that this first release "is currently in alpha stage and not completely finished." This hasn't kept several MacWindows readers from trying it out. We've posted their comments on our new Mac Emulators page. Part of G. Alan's comments include this:

The main drawback to Basilisk II is the lack of GPL (GNU Public License) 68040 emulation code. Currently it is using the 68020 codebase from the UAE (Unix/Universal Amiga Emulator)...So if you or anyone know of GPL-able 68040 emulation code please contact the authors of Basilisk II so they can continue to make the best FREE Macintosh emulator even better.

Driver for Epson 900 conflicts with Virtual PC. May 21, 1999 -- Connectix Knowledge Database Article # 4194 describes a printer problem with Virtual PC and the Epson 900 printer that produces a "Resource not found" error message when attempting to print. The problem is that Epson printer driver 5.5 (which currently ships on the Epson CD-ROM) has a conflict with Virtual PC. Connectix recomments upgrading to Epson driver 5.6 AE. Connectix also gives this advice:

"Be sure to use the pre-installed "Mac Printer" driver in Windows 95/98. Also make sure to turn off background printing on the Mac. In some cases having VM or RAM Doubler on can cause the file to spool but never print. If this occurs disable extended memory on the Mac."

New Tip: installing software in Virtual PC. May 21, 1999 -- Stuart G. Kern sent us a simple but effective tip for installing Windows software on Virtual PC on a floppiless Mac. We've posted it on our Emulation Tips page.

NTS ends single copies of TunnelBuilder. May 21, 1999 -- Network Telesystems has told MacWindows that it will no longer offer single copies of TunnelBuilder (formerly $129), a Virutal Private Network client for Macintosh that implements Microsoft's PPTP Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol and MS CHAP on Macintosh. TunnelBuilder is now available only in 50-paks for $2,500. No reason was given for the change.

Tenon upgrades XTen 6.1, X Window Server for Mac OS. May 21, 1999 -- Tenon Intersystems today released XTen 6.1 ($175; upgrades from XTen 6.0 $99), an X Window server for Macintosh, which Tenon says is the fastest for Mac. The new version includes support for encrypted passwords, multiple password-protected desktops, and OpenGL ($99 extra). XTen supports both local X Window managers and local X clients.

Insignia responds: no problem with SoftWindows and Mac OS 8.6. May 19, 1999 -- Responding to our May 17 report of a problem with Mac OS 8.6 and SoftWindows 5.0.5 (the current version), Insignia Solutions has denied that there is conflict. SoftWindows Product Manager Leigh Dworkin wrote:

We did not find any problems with Mac OS 8.6 during its various beta versions.To double check, I just installed Mac OS 8.6 as picked up from the WWDC on my PowerBook G3. I managed to boot all of RealPC 1.0.5, SoftWindows 95 5.0.5 and SoftWindows 98 5.0.5 without a hitch.

I tried both having booted off the Mac OS 8.6 CD and also having installed it on a hard disk and booting off that hard disk. The only problem I did notice was when booting off the CD, as the system folder is locked and so preference files cannot be written to the system folder. In this case, the amount of emulated Intel memory was reset to too small a value to boot Windows 95 or Windows 98. However, it is very simple to fix this in the SoftWindows 9x Setup panel.

That is the only way I can reproduce anything like the report from your user, and the obscurity of the setup is such that I may not be experiencing what he is. I would encourage him to contact our tech support group via so that we can best help him.

The bottom line is 8.6 seems to work just fine with RealPC, SoftWindows 95 and SoftWindows 98.

Microsoft posts tips on using Office 98 Mac with Office 2000 Win. May 19, 1999 -- Microsoft has put a new web page called"Microsoft Office 98 Macintosh Edition and Microsoft Office 2000: Ensuring a Smooth Working Relationship." It details the features of the new Windows version that are not supported in the current Mac version, and describes the result.

Open Door Networks releases ShareWay IP Pro 2.0. May 19, 1999 -- Open Door Networks has released ShareWay IP Pro 2.0 ($479, upgrades $119), a gateway that enables Mac users to use TCP/IP to access AppleShare servers on AppleTalk. The 2.0 of the Pro version adds support for the Service Location Protocol (SLP), which enables users browse and select servers over IP (just as the Chooser currently browses for AppleTalk devices). (The 2.0 version 2.0 of the personal version of ShareWay IP shipped several months ago.)

Apple adds Intel Indeo Video support to QuickTime. May 19, 1999 -- Apple has posted an Intel Indeo Video 5 codec for QuickTime 4 for Windows as well as for QuickTime 3 Pro and 4 for Mac. The Mac and Windows compressor "supports the password protected media keys, and the transparency features of Indeo Video." Apple recommends a G3 processor for the Mac version.

Update: AppleShare IP corruption problems with Windows files. May 17, 1999 -- We've updated our page on AppleShare IP and Windows clients with two more reader reports. Arthur Deptford from the United Kingdom adds some more detail to the already reported problem of corruption of WordPerfect files.

Dave Peterson is experiencing the problem with ASIP and AutoCAD, which causes the the server to hang when users work on AutoCAD files located on the server. Upon rebooting ASIP server, the AutoCAD files are corrupted, showing to be ok in size. Peterson asks the question: "Does anybody know what "map node #2040" is and how(or if) it can be fixed?" (Click here to read both new reports.)

New tip: Windows 95/98 LPR printing to Mac printers. May 17, 1999 -- Consultant Steve Frank recommends ACITS LPR Remote Printing to enable Windows 95/98 to print to Apple LPR (TCP/IP) printers. (Unlike Windows NT, Windows 95 and 98 do not come with built-in LPR support.) We've posted his comments on the MacWindows Peer-to-Peer Tips page.

Updated on SoftWindows and Mac OS 8.6. May 17, 1999 -- Responding to our posting on May 14 (see below) about SoftWindows failing to boot under Mac OS 8.6, Steve Husty has verified that he was running SoftWindows 5.0.5, the most recent version.

Disappearing NT SFM volumes could mean an index problem. May 17, 1999 -- Responding to our May 14 report of a reader whose NT SFM volumes disappear after reboot, Mark Szulc suggests the need to rebuild SFM indexes:

"Sometimes after rebooting an NT server the indexes have to be rebuilt for each Mac Volume, and the great the amount of small files, the longer it takes. We have a 2 GB Mac volume with a large collection of fonts, and it can take up to 15 minutes to index this. You can usually tell if the server is indexing because the drive activity is going bezerk."

 NT SFM Print problem appears solved with OS 8.6. May 14, 1999 -- Reader Jeremy M. Van Zee reports that LaserWriter 8.6.5 provided with Mac OS 8.6 does indeed solve the problem of stopping NT MacPrint, which LaserWriter 8.6 causes.

"I can confirm that the 124th print cycle initiated from a Mac using LaserWriter 8.6 will cause NT 4.0 (SP3&4) SFM Print to stop accepting print requests. The good news is that LaserWriter 8.6.5 (Installed with the Mac OS 8.6 upgrade) does not appear to halt SFM Print. I have been able to successfully print over 1000 jobs - still no error. By luck or design, Apple may have fixed the problem."

Mac OS 8.6 and SoftWindows 5.0. May 14, 1999 -- Steve Husty reports that SoftWindows 95 5.0 won't work with Mac OS 8.6: "I had it working fine under 8.6b3, but under the final version, it won't boot." One note: SoftWindows 5.0.5 is the most current version. Virtual PC requires at least version 2.1.2 to run with Mac OS 8.6. (See the MacWindows Emulation Tips page.)

Disappearing NT SFM volumes after reboot. May 14, 1999 -- Some of Mickey Tan's Mac volumes disappear when he reboots NT:

I have a problem sometimes when I reboot our NT Server 4.0 SP3. Some of our shared Mac volumes do not automatically reshare. When I go to File Manager to Create a Mac Volume. It says after I set the name and privileges, " device not attached" and I can't share the volume. I have found that after I run chkdsk /f /r I can now go back and do the same things and it works...We have a 70 GB partition that takes over and hour to run chkdsk.

PC Magazine compares Linux and Windows NT. May 14, 1999 -- An interesting PC Magazine story called Linux 2.2 Gives NT a Run for Its Money--for Free compares the strengths of the two operating systems.

Reader confirms Mac OS 8.6 print problem, this time with NetWare. May 13, 1999 -- A reader confirmed a problem we reported yesterday about the new LaserWriter 8.6.5 in Mac OS 8.6 causing a error message, this time with NetWare. Victor (he didn't give his last name) reports:

I read the note from Adam Sonzogni, and found it interesting. Using LaserWriter 8.6 (comes w/Mac OS 8.5/8.5.1) printing to my Netware 3.11 fileserver queues (NetWare for Mac 3.011), I get that same -8993 error message. Printing directly to the printers and reverting to LaserWriter 7.1.2 works fine.

German Magazine tests MacServerIP. May 13, 1999 -- An article in the German-language magazine PrePress reports that file sharing with MacServerIP, an AFP over IP server for Windows NT, is up to 4 times faster than other AppleShare-compatible servers for NT.

Don't upgrade Mac OS X Server "Blue Box" to OS 8.6. May 13, 1999 -- Apple TIL article 58378 recommends not upgrading the Mac OS X Server "Blue Box" to OS 8.6. The Blue Box is the part of Mac OS X Server that runs standard Mac OS software.

New Tips: Mac OS and Virtual PC and Mac OS 8.6. May 12, 1999 -- Connectix has told us that you need Virtual PC 2.1.2 or later (the current version is 2.1.3) in order to run the PC emulator with Mac OS 8.6. Kathy Westergaard, Connectix' product manager for Virtual PC, told us that changes in the Mac OS nanokernel in Mac OS 8.6 are the reason for this requirement.

Another tip came from New Zealand. Andrew Glennie noticed that within Windows with Virtual PC, his tab key stopped working after upgrading to Mac OS 8.6. Turns out that he was using an Australian keyboard layout and then non-Australian-localized version of Windows defaulted to a standard 101 keyboard. Glennie changed to an International layout, and the Tab key began working. That fact that this wasn't a problem with OS 8.5 seems to indicate that OS 8.6 is a bit fussier with keyboard layouts.

(See our Emulator Tips page for more tips about Virtual PC.)

Team ASA ships MacServerIP for Alpha version of NT Server. May 12, 1999 -- On Monday, Team ASA Inc. released Cyan Software's MacServerIP for the Alpha version of Windows NT Server ($695 for 10 users). MacServerIP provides AppleShare-compatible file service over TCP/IP, which NT Server lacks. (Team ASA shipped the Intel version of MacServerIP in North America on April 1.) The MacServerIP also supports CD-ROM changers and sharing of non-NTFS volumes. We've now added MacServerIP to our listings on our Network Solutions page.

Good and bad news on Mac OS 8.6 LaserWriter driver. May 12, 1999 -- The LaserWriter driver 8.6.5 which comes with Mac OS 8.6 seems to have advantages and detractions. First the good news: Connectix says that Mac OS 8.6 fixes a printing problem with Virtual PC found with OS 8.5 when desktop printing enabled.

The bad news is that reader Adam Sonzogni gets an error message:

I finished installing the OS 8.6 update on all my Macs at home (I have a beige G3, a 6500/275, a 6360 and a 6100 currently running) on my NT/Be/Mac/Linux network I am getting error -8993 when using the LaserWriter 8.6.5 that installs with OS 8.6

I have also installed it on my 5215 at work (no it's not the fastest, but hey, I have a Mac at work!)  I have the same problems at work as well (NT/HP Unix/win95/Mac) Reverting to an older version makes things right.

Mac OS 8.6 fixes Outlook for Mac problem. May 12, 1999 -- Mikkel Pedersbæk reports that after installing OS 8.6, MS Outlook no longer "hangs" the system. This problem was reported by several readers MS Exchange/Outlook issues page. (Our email thanking Pedersbæk's got bounced back to us, so we'd like to say thanks Mikkel.)

Macintosh Runtime for Java has several version numbers. May 12, 1999 -- We reported yesterday that Macintosh Runtime for Java 2.1.2 is now posted for download and part of Mac OS 8.6, according to Apple. However, Peter Gunn points out that the Golden Master version released to developers not too long ago contained MRJ 2.1.1. However, the full-install of Mac OS 8.6 has some later versions of items on the golden master, and contains items that are not on the the upgrade version of OS 8.6.

Microsoft's explanation of Mac Exchange clients and Outlook contacts. May 12, 1999 -- The Microsoft Knowledge Base article called XCLN: Outlook for the Macintosh Cannot Use Outlook Contacts explains a deficiency in the Mac version of its Exchange client.

News from the Apple WorldWide Developers' Conference

Items of cross-platform interest from iCEO Steve Jobs' keynote address yesterday .

Dragon to port NaturallySpeaking to Mac. May 11, 1999 -- Dragon Systems CEO Janet Baker announced that Dragon will ship a Mac version of NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software by the end of the year. The company said the first versions would be American and British English, and that French, German and Japanese are planned. Pricing was not announced. NaturallySpeaking is considered the top speech recognition software, currently Windows-only and unmatched by any Mac offering.

(Apple also released a new version of it's own English Speech Rec 1.5.4, which fixes problems with iMacs and Blue and White G3s.)

New LaserWriter driver for Mac OS 8.6. May 11, 1999 -- Apple released OS 8.6 as a free download for Mac OS 8.5 users (35 MB), a CD-ROM upgrade ($19.95), or as a full install ($19.95 plus proof of 8.5 purchase). Other the new Java (see story below), there is little of cross-platform interest in the new OS upgrade. One note is that there is a new LaserWriter driver. (The LaserWriter 8.6 of OS 8.5 can cause NT SFM Print server to halt. We did not determine if the new driver fixes this problem.)

Sonata OS to adopt some more Windows features. May 11, 1999 -- Apple demonstrated a future version of Mac OS 8.x code-named Sonata, which will ship in the fall, and was released as an "alpha" version to developers yesterday. Steve Jobs said the new OS will have 50 new features, including several found in Windows. This includes the ability for different users to logon to a Mac using passwords, with different views, settings, and preferences for each users. They'll also be a method to use a single logon to access Mac OS and all servers, a feature called the Keychain. There will also be built-in password-protected file encryption, as found in Windows NT. Sonata will also support LDAP email servers, so that users can look up email addresses.

Mac OS X includes enhanced Yellow Box--no mention of Windows compatibility. May 11, 1999 -- Apple released Developer Preview 1 of Mac OS X yesterday, handing out CD-ROMs to attendees. It also demonstrated the early version of Mac OS X, which it says will now ship in early 2000. Mac OS X will include beefed-up versions of the components of Mac OS X Server, including the Yellow Box, now called "Cocoa." At the WWDC two years ago, Apple had trumpeted Yellow Box as way to write Mac software that would also run on Windows. However, this year, neither Jobs nor anyone else even mentioned running Cocoa applications on Windows.

Mac OS X will also include the Mach 3.0 kernel (up from Mach 2.5 in the Server). The Display Postscript imaging system will be replaced by an enhanced system called "Quartz," based largely on Adobe's PDF standard.

Apple ships JAVA engine w/5X speed increase; future version even faster. May 11, 1999 -- Apple has posted Macintosh Runtime for Java 2.1.2, which Steve Jobs said is five times faster than 2.0, but is still 30 percent slower than the current Windows Java engine. MRJ 2.1.2 is based on Sun's Java 1.1.7, and Apple says it can run any Java applet created on any platform. Jobs also demonstrated a newer, unreleased version of MRJ based on Sun's Java 2, which ran several times faster on a G3 than the "most recent Windows version" did on a PIII in a demonstration. MRJ 2.1.2 also comes with Mac OS 8.6, also released yesterday.

Apple releases OpenGL for Mac. May 11, 1999 -- Apple released a free download, OpenGL for Macintosh, an API and software Library for graphics. OpenGL is a standard used in Windows and UNIX, and is used by many 3-D games, and will be standard in Sonata (the next version of Mac OS 8.x that will ship next fall) as well as in Mac OS X. (Mac OS X will support QuickDraw as well as Open GL.

Apple Releases new Mac AppleShare Client. May 11, 1999 -- Apple has posted AppleShare Client 3.8.3 for Macs, which includes a number of new features and fixes. In OS 8.5 and 8.6, there are improvements with third-party UAMs, such as the Microsoft UAM for Windows NT, which are now supported in the Network Browser, and can be installed by dropping them on the System Folder. The new client also includes a new UAM for Mac OS X server called "DHX UAM."

Mac OS 8.6 to be released today. May 10, 1999 -- It widely expected that Steve Jobs will announce the introduction of Mac OS 8.6 at this mornings Worldwide Developer's Conference. MacWindows knows the way to San Jose, and will be there. We'll report any cross-platform news from the event tomorrow.

New tip: Solution to OS 8.5/NT SFM command-click problem. May 10, 1999 -- We have posted a proposed explanation and a solution to the problem with OS 8.5 and NT Services for Macintosh, in which a command-click on a title bar of an NT Server Services for Macintosh volume won't open the pop-up menu. The report is on the MacWindows Mac OS 8.5 cross-platform issues page.

Apple describes Mac OS 8.5.x, LaserWriter 8.6 printing problem. May 10, 1999 -- Apple Tech Info Library article 24906 describes a printing problem with the LaserWriter 8.6 driver, which comes with Mac OS 8.5.x. The problem is an error when printing an LPR job over TCP/IP. However, the article does not mention the problem the LaserWriter 8.6 and Windows NT SFMPrint bug, which we have reported here at length.

Connectix looking for Virtual PC business stories. May 10, 1999 -- Is your business successfully using Virtual PC? If so, Connectix Corp. would like to hear from you.

Macs crashing when deleting trash from NT Server. May 7, 1999 -- Joe Hughes reports of a problem with Macs crashing when trying to delete files from Windows NT Server SP4. We've posted his report on the MacWindows NT Unsolved Mysteries page.

More on OS 8.5/NT SFM command-click. May 7, 1999 -- Paul Kannan reports that he has the OS 8.5/NT SFM command-click problem on relatively small volumes (2 GB), as well as larger ones. However, he doesn't have the problem with Cyan's MacServerIP.

Windows 98 Second Edition goes to manufacturing. May 7, 1999 -- Microsoft has finished work on Windows 98 Second Edition (U.S. $109), which Microsoft plans to have on the shelves this summer. The new version adds improvements in hardware support, including better USB support, as well as Internet Explorer 5.

More information on NT Service Pack 5. May 6, 1999 -- On May 4, we reported that Microsoft had posted Windows NT Service Pack 5. Microsoft has now put up information about the release, including a main NT Service Pack 5 page. Knowledge Base article Q225037 called List of Bugs Fixed in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5 is a starting place to other Knowledge Base articles describing new and old bugs fixed with this service pack.

You can download SP5 or order a CD-ROM ( U.S. $14.95, plus $5 shipping and handling. Canada $19.95 plus shipping $7.50.) This is probably the last NT Service Pack before Windows 2000 ships.

Update AppleShare IP Windows problems. May 6, 1999 -- We've added Jeff Lucia's comments to our AppleShare IP page . Lucia is having problems with Drawbase files corrupting with Windows clients.

Aladdin discounts for StuffIt Deluxe and Private File May 6, 1999 -- Aladdin is now offering StuffIt Deluxe 5.0.1 for $49.95 (upgrade $29.95; list price $79.95) and Private File for Mac and Windows for $19.95 (list price price $49.95). StuffIt Deluxe is a Mac compression/encoding utility that handles Windows and Mac formats. Private File is cross-platform encryption software.

OS 8.5/NT Server SFM and command-click. May 6, 1999 -- Todd Parsons noticed that on our Mac OS 8.5 Issues page, some readers reported that with Mac OS 8.5, command-clicking on a title bar of an NT SFM volume won't open the pop-up menu, but that one reader reported that it worked for him. Parsons also has the problem, but has a theory that the problem is related to the volume size. We've added his comments to the OS 8.5 Issues page.

SETI looking for a few good little green men. May 6, 1999 -- The SETI at Home project (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) is looking of Windows and Mac beta testers for software that will use your computer to analyze radio signals received from space. Version 0.49 for Windows and version 0.29 for Mac are now available. (We assume any intelligent beings out there will be using cross-platform networks...)

AppleShare IP Windows file corruption. May 5, 1999 -- We've updated our AppleShare IP page with a message from another reader having problems with Windows files being corrupted, this time with Omnis7 database files. Jamie Hornstein thinks it has something to do with some kind of server caching.

Farallon 10/100 driver behind Network Assistant conflict. May 5, 1999 -- Nate Caplin has discovered that the Network Assistant problem reported here on May 3 (below) is not caused by QuickTime 4, but by a Farallon 10/100 PC Card NIC. (There's a Farallon Tech Note about the problem.) Caplin reports:

"If the PC Card is in the PC Card slot while the PowerBook starts up, performance is negatively affected, and other unpredictable problems occur (system slowdowns, freezes, etc.) I have confirmed through rigorous testing that Network Assistant's Copy Items feature (for copying items to remote computers) does NOT work with the Farallon 10/100 cardbus adapter. Also, workstations cannot be seen over TCP/IP with it, only AppleTalk. Also, we have encountered severe slowdowns printing to Fiery RIPs over this adapter.

"Farallon says it's an Apple problem, and that the issue is largely avoided if you startup the PowerBook first, then insert the card. But this is of course, very inconvenient to do every time you restart. And regardless, it still doesn't work right w/Network Asst., even when I do insert it after startup."

Tip: printing large files to Win NT SP4 from Mac. May 5, 1999 -- Mateja Miljacki sent us this piece of advice:

"I've had a problem with SFM printing on NT4 sp4. Any large print job from a Mac would blue screen the NT server. Solution was to spool the entire document BEFORE attempting to print."

Microsoft posts NT Service Pack 5. May 4, 1999 -- Microsoft has posted Windows NT Service Pack 5. At this point, there aren't any references to it at the Microsoft web site, and it isn't at the usual FTP site. Richard Birchall reports some Mac-specific changes in the notes:

Mac OS 8.6 conflict with Virtual PC 2.1.1. May 4, 1999 -- A reader reported a problem with the beta version of Mac OS 8.6 (to be released within months) and Virtual PC 2.1.1. However, VPC 2.1.3 works fine. The problem (on a PowerBook G3/233):

If you upgrade Mac OS 8.5 with VPC 2.1.1 to 8.6, VPC will continue to work. But, If you Install Mac OS 8.6 and then VPC 2.1.1 it will just freeze...

The trick to use VPC on 8.6 is to install 2.1.1 and update immediately to 2.1.3. Otherwise it will be a complete system freeze...This seems to be the only way to get it to work with 8.6. After installing VPC 2.1.1 and then Updating to 2.1.3, VPC would boot successfully on 8.6.

QuickTime 4 and Network Assistant okay with some readers. May 4, 1999 -- In response to yesterday's story about a problem with QuickTime 4 and Network Assistant, readers wrote to say that they were running the two without problems. Christopher Erickson said "I have been running the QuickTime 4.0 Beta's in various flavors (Beta 16, 18, 21) with ANAT 3.52 *daily* with NO conflicts on a B/W Yosemite under 8.5.1 and 8.6 GM." Steve Elliott of the Laptop Guide reported "I also use Network Assistant v3.5.2 and have had no problems with it when using QuickTime 4.0b21. I have all available QuickTime extensions loaded, save the FireWire enablers (that's not ready for a PowerBook G3 quite yet)."

New version of GoMac, Taskbar for Mac OS. May 4, 1999 -- Power On Software has released ACTION GoMac 2.0.1 ($49.95; upgrade free for 2.0 owners), a Windows-like taskbar for Mac OS. The new version offers reporting of available memory when you launch an application in low-RAM situations, drag and drop support for Timbuktu Pro, and some other improvements.

MacWindows File Solutions update: free Renamer. May 4, 1999 -- We've added Pseudogod Software's free Renamer 1.6 to our list of file renaming utilities on our File Solutions page. It remove characters illegal in Windows, and changes the type and creator code based on the file name extension.

Microsoft releases Windows 2000 Beta 3. May 3, 1999 -- Microsoft has released Windows 2000 beta 3, said the be the final beta of the next-generation of Windows NT operating system. Among other new features, Beta 3 includes and AFP over IP server for Mac clients (AppleShare compatible.) The company said it will distribute 650,000 copies of beta 3 of Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, and Windows 2000 Advanced Server. Microsoft is charging customer $59.95 for a copy.

We've updated the MacWindows Windows 2000 page with links to stories about the new OS from around the web.

Disappearing Windows files and folders with ASIP. May 3, 1999 -- Len Laughridge reports a strange problem with his AppleShare IP 6.1.1 server, in which the PCs can only see the first 6 items of any volume. The only fix is to reboot the server and the clients. You can read his message on the MacWindows AppleShare IP page.

QuickTime 4 for Mac breaks Apple Network Assistant. May 3, 1999 -- Nate Caplin reports that the QuickTime 4 beta conflicts with Network Assistant:

After downloading and installing the current QT4 beta yesterday on my PBG3-300 running Mac OS 8.5.1, I found that Apple Network Assistant (3.5.2, the latest version) will no longer launch. I just get an error message on startup that says that for Network Assistant to work, AppleTalk must be enabled and the Network Assistant Startup Extension 3.5.2 must be loaded. However, AppleTalk was running normally and the extension did load on startup.

Uninstalling QT4 (including manually deleting the beta Sound Manager extension that the uninstall doesn't delete), then reinstalling QT 3.0.2 fixed the problem.

Gigabit Ethernet gets cheaper as Team ASA cuts Win, Mac prices. May 3, 1999 -- Team ASA has cut the price of its Stallion-GE-II Gigabit Ethernet adapters for Mac and PC by 33 percent. Both versions are now $995.00. TeamASA has also extended the warranty from one year to three.

Installing/removing QuickTime 4 for Windows. May 3, 1999 -- Apple Tech Info Library article 43083 shows you have to install QuickTime 4 beta for Windows 95/98 and NT, while article 60342 tells you have to uninstall QuickTime 4 beta for Windows 95/98 and NT. Both articles include screen shots.

ASCII Converter 1.3 available. May 3, 1999 -- ASCII converter 1.3 (10$) is now available, a shareware utility for Mac that converts text files between Mac and Windows versions as a drag-and-drop operation.

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