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June 2000

Microsoft names email/PIM in Office 2001. June 30, 2000 -- Microsoft has given the name Entourage 2001 to the email/personal information manager/calendar in the upcoming Office 2001 for Macintosh, due out before the end of the year. Microsoft also has posted more details at it's web site. Entourage 2001 can synchronize with Palm Handhelds and MSN Hotmail accounts.

Readers verify fix for VPC and DAVE conflict. June 30, 2000 -- More readers wrote to say that the networking conflict between Virtual PC and DAVE can be avoided by using Virtual PC's unique IP mode with a static IP address. Greg Newton says he also needs to use a fixed IP address with Orange Micro's Orange PC pentium cards when used with DAVE. We've posted some reader comments on our Virtual PC 3 special report page.

NTS (maker of VPN client for Mac) acquired. June 30, 2000 -- Network TeleSystems, Inc. has be acquired by Efficient Networks, a supplier of digital subscriber line (DSL) products. NTS makes the TunnelBuilder virtual private network client for Macintosh. The NTS web site is still active at this time. There was no specific information on what would happen to the NTS product line.

Deneba ships NT/2000 based graphics servers for web clients. June 30, 2000 -- Deneba is now shipping the Deneba Internet Graphics Server 2.0 (DIGS) (free for 1 user, US $995.95 for 5 users), a graphics server for Windows NT/2000 Server. Clients on any platform can use a web browser without plug-ins or Java to retrieve and view Canvas graphics. Zooming, processing and navigation functions are performed by the DIGS server, which then sends small GIF and JPEG files to the web client.

Sony drops patent infringement claim against Connectix. June 30, 2000 -- A CNET story reports that yesterday Sony dropped its US patent infringement case against Connectix for its Virtual Game Station, a software emulation of Sony's PlayStation for Macintosh and Windows.

Server appliance lets Mac authenticate to NT domains. June 28, 2000 -- The Quantum Snap Servers are standalone, cross-platform server appliances that plug into a network and are administered from a web browser. The latest version of the Snap Server software, version 2.3 (free download), lets you add a Snap Server to an NT domain and enables Mac clients to authenticate from the existing domain. Reader Scott Krajewski adds:

This is a great feature for people like me who use an NT domain and MacaNTee for Mac authentication. Previously, all Mac clients had to login using local usernames and password configured by hand on the SNAP -- a big problem when you have many users in your domain.

(Quantum Snap Server is listed along with other cross-platform server appliances on our Network Solutions page.)

Readers verify Virtual PC and DAVE networking conflict. June 28, 2000 -- Several readers wrote to say that they have seen the Virtual PC and DAVE networking conflict we reported yesterday. (John Lockwood uses the DAVE Control Strip module to turn DAVE's NetBIOS off and on as needed.) Just one clarification: it is not we who claim that the problem is with NetBIOS--it is Connectix, which says this in its tech support article 4318:

"The computer will only be allowed one instance of NetBIOS per network adapter. This is a protocol limitation not specific to either Windows or Macintosh."

However, two readers wrote to say that they can get around the problem by using Virtual PC's unique IP mode with a static IP address. The Connectix article does not mention this as a solution.

Mac OS X to have Unix command line. June 28, 2000 -- Apple told attendees of the MacHack conferernce that Mac OS X will include a BSD (UNIX) command line--the first Mac OS product with a command line. A ZDnet story says that Apple will not make it obvious to the average user, but the command line will be there for those who want it.

Microsoft works on Java-like language. June 28, 2000 -- Microsoft announced that is developing a new programming language called C# (C sharp), which, according to a ZDNet story, is a Java-like language.

Thursby Software to get a makeover. June 28, 2000 -- Thursby Software, makers of DAVE and MacNFS file sharing software, announced that it will change its marketing, logos, advertising, and product graphics at next month's Macworld Expo.

Virtual PC networking conflict with DAVE. June 27, 2000 -- Connectix' tech support database (article 4318) reports of a problem where running Thursby's DAVE networking software on the Mac prevents Virtual PC from getting a network connection from Windows. The problem is that NetBIOS only allows one NetBIOS setting per Ethernet port, and both DAVE and VPC Windows are setting their own instance of NetBIOS. Connectix suggests disabling disabling TCP/IP in DAVE's NetBIOS' control panel. This prevents the Mac side from accessing PC networks, but enables Virtual PC Windows access to the network.

MS info on IIS/NT Server file saving problem. June 27, 2000 -- Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q182626 describes a problem with Internet Information Server (IIS) that causes an "Access is Denied" message when trying to save the ISS FTP server on Windows NT. This seems to be similar to the file saving problem reported by users of Services for Mac and DAVE that we have been reporting on recently. The Knowledge Base article describes a registry edit that disables file caching that can prevent the problem. (Thanks to Rick Zeman for alerting us to this article.)

Admin lockout from PC MacLAN for Win NT/2000. June 27, 2000 -- The Miramary System tech support web site has information on troubleshooting a situation where administrators cannot access MacLAN File Server in Win 2000 and Win NT.

More on NT SFM save problem; readers point to IIS. June 26, 2000 -- We've had more reports of readers having the problem of Mac users being unable to save to Win NT services for volumes. Craig Arko reports that a suggestion posted here last week of using AppleShare client 3.8.3 did not fix the problem, which now seems to occur with Windows NT Server 4 Service Pack 5, 6, and 6a, as well as Thursby's DAVE.

Arko and other readers suggest that Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) is the problem. Arko writes:

I'm becoming fairly certain that IIS is locking the page and taking its sweet time about unlocking it.

Rick Zeman proposed an explanation:

IIS caches writes so his success or failure is dependent upon whether IIS has flushed itself or not.

Bruce Bowden also suspects IIS, but doesn't run SFM, and has the problem with DAVE:

If a file is accessed by a web browser, IIS appears to write protect the file, preventing saves. For our production sites, with lots of users, we solved the problem by using FTP to update files. For the test site, where only a few users are viewing the files, we sometimes have to make sure that nobody is viewing the file in a browser before editing.

Bowden also sees the problem with Windows 95 clients.

We've added a full discussion of this topic to our Windows NT Unsolved Mysteries page.

The Associator 2.5, x-platform file utility. June 26, 2000 -- Peter Mellow has released The Associator 2.5 (US $10), a new version of the Macintosh cross-platform file utility that makes "foreign" files easier to open on Mac or Windows. The utility maps PC extensions to Mac type and creator codes, adds correct PC extensions to the file names, and gives PC files the correct Mac file type and creator codes. New features include:

GraphicConverter 3.9 available. June 26, 2000 -- Lemke Software has released GraphicConverter 3.9, an upgrade to the Macintosh file translator for graphics formats. The new version adds some new format, the ability to open and display of QuickTime movies, and some bug fixes.

Solution for Win NT SFM Save problem. June 23, 2000 -- Several readers have also reported having the problem we reported yesterday with Mac clients being temporarily unable to save to a Windows NT Server 4 Services for Macintosh volume.

Jason Bartlett offered a solution. (Barlett's group experienced the problem with PhotoShop.) He found the problem to be the AppleShare client 3.8.4 and 3.8.5. Going back to version 3.8.3 fixed all their save problems.

Craig Arko describes the problem further:

I've been seeing this on NT 4 with SP5 and SP6a installed, MacOS 8.51, 8.6 and 9.04. I've noticed it particularly when in BBEdit changing web pages. The file appears to be locked, forcing a "Save As" with a new name. One can easily delete or rename the original file in the Finder (using SFM), but cannot save over it. The vexing part is, the problem is not 100 percent reproducible, i.e., sometimes "Save" works. For all I know, Internet Information Server (4.0) may be the culprit, or an NTFS bug. I don't recall this happening under SP4.

Update to our report on AirPort and PCs. June 23, 2000 -- We've updated our Special Report on AirPort wireless networking and PCs with several new reader reports. Mike Searer uses the AirPort Base Station with all PCs (no Macs) and comments on the Java control program on PCs. Kevin Bolduan, who purchased the AirPort Base Station before he had any Macs, discovered an issue with Windows 2000 Professional connecting to AirPort Base Station. Michael Perbix comments on configuring with the Lucent card and roaming access. The reader comments are at the end of the special report.

Free backup for Exchange Server. June 23, 2000 -- Dantz Development Corporation has introduced the Retrospect Exchange Agent (free download), for backing up Microsoft Exchange Server unattended. The software does not require you to own Retrospect Backup. The press release describes it:

Unlike other Exchange backup agents, the Retrospect Exchange Agent operates as a stand-alone backup application and peacefully coexists with other backup software, including VERITAS Backup Exec and Computer Associates ARCserveIT.

Eric Ullman of Dantz described the new software to us like this:

It uses Microsoft APIs to back up the Exchange data to another directory or disk. The copy may then be backed up to any other media with any other backup software. Both full and incremental backup operations are available, and restores only require a single operation.

Reader reports strange NT SFM save issue. June 22, 2000 -- Victor Wise has reports this problem with Windows NT Server 4 SP5:

A user has a volume mounted with SFM on MacOS 8.6. If they open a file and edit it once or twice... they can't do a "save" back to the volume--it forces them to do a "save as". If they wait long enough they can eventually save. Is there some sort of timer or keep alive that would stop the save vs save as?

If you've seen this problem or know the solution, please let us know.

TIP: VPC and network. June 22, 2000 -- Roy Leamon offered this clarification regarding networking Virtual PC:

I used one tip on your VPC page (about sharing an Internet connection) to solve a problem mentioned elsewhere on the page -- VPC 3.03 had problems locating the NT 4.0 domain controller despite the best efforts of my network group. I finally got a static IP address for the VPC, but still no go, until I read the tip about changing the VPC Preference to change the Network setting to "Use Unique IP Address."

Novell releases GroupWise 5.2.8 Client for Macintosh. June 22, 2000 -- Novell has posted GroupWise 5.2.8 Client for Macintosh, an bug fix upgrade to its groupware software.

MacPopUp 2.0, upgrade to x-platform messaging. June 21, 2000 -- Kanex Group released MacPopUp 2.0 (shareware, US $25, free upgrade), a major upgrade to its cross-platform instant messaging utility for Mac and Windows. MacPopUp is also compatible with other instant messaging utilities for Windows and Unix/Linux. New features include:

Farallon acquired by Proxim. June 21, 2000 -- Farallon, maker of cross-platform networking products, has been acquired by Proxim, a maker of wireless network products for PCs.

MS FTP sites temporarily unavailable. June 20, 2000 -- Many of Microsoft's web sites were asking for passwords for a time yesterday, but seem to be back to normal now. This includes the Outlook/Exchange for Mac 8.2.2 directory and the Windows NT upgrade site. (A reader, Dr. David Toub, first brought this to our attention, and we confirmed it.) This may have been related to an infection of Microsoft servers by the VBS_STAGES virus, the latest VisualBasic Script worm to hit the Internet.

Mac-on-Linux emulator bug fix upgrade. June 20, 2000 -- Mac-on-Linux 0.9.48 for PowerPC fixes a cursor freezing problem and an Ethernet problem. The emulator runs Mac OS on Linux running on Mac hardware.

Windows Millennium Edition now in manufacturing. June 20, 2000 -- Microsoft announced yesterday that Windows Millennium Edition is final and will ship Sept. 14, 2000. This next version of Windows 98 has been released to manufacturing and will be aimed at home users, according to Microsoft. The company is also calling this version "Windows Me" (lower case E). ZDNet calls Windows Me a "minor upgrade for Windows 98 and Windows 98 Second Edition." Pricing is set at US $209 for the full package and US $109 for the upgrade

Web design firms using NT, Mac, and Unix servers. June 20, 2000 -- Trend Watch reports that 82 percent of Web design firms use two or more servers of varying types:

The most common platform is Windows NT (46 percent), followed by Unix (22 percent ). Mac servers were preferred by interactive agencies (40 percent ) and web developers (18 percent ). As expected NT is highest among corporate webmasters and Unix is highest among portals.

Moving Contacts from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 8.2.2. June 19, 2000 --Shane Palmer told us about a useful help file with guidelines on importing addresses into Outlook 8.2.2 (Mac) for Exchange Server:

If you select Import from the File menu then click the Help button on the following screen you will get a very helpful set of guidelines to follow when creating a CSV file to import. I tried a small test of 5 contacts and I exported just the Email Display Name and the Email address from Outlook 2000. I copied the resulting file to my Mac and opened it in Word 98, changed the field names according to the Help file, and saved it as a text only document.

We've posted more details of the procedure on our Outlook/Exchange special report page.

Microsoft to raise price of Exchange Server, SQL Server. June 19, 2000 -- Microsoft will raise the price of some of its server products with the releases of Exchange Server 2000 and SQL Server 2000. According to a ZDNet story, the new pricing scheme will result in a "typical" cost of US $3, 999 for Exchange Server 2000, and $1,999 to upgrade from older versions.

pcSetup 2 discussion forum. June 19, 2000 -- The DOS Support for Macintosh forum is now discussing the new 32-bit pcSetup 2 software for the old Apple/Reply PC Compatibility Cards, which run DOS and Windows on Macs.  

New Tip: Outlook and Global Address Lists. June 16, 2000 --Kurt Dikkers reports that too little memory allocated to Outlook for Macintosh for Exchange Server prevents access to the Global Address List. Increasing memory fixes the problem (There have been other Outlook for Mac problems that have been resolved by increasing Outlook's memory allocation in its Get Info box.) You can read Dikkers' description on our Outlook/Exchange special report page.

AppleWorks 6.0.4 fixes conflict with MacLinkPlus translators. June 16, 2000 -- AppleWorks 6.0.4, released two weeks ago, fixes a bug that prevents you form converting a file to another format from within the Save As dialog box using MacLinkPlus translators. (We reported the problem on May 10.) When you try, AppleWorks creates a ClarisWorks 4 file. The 6.0.4 update also adds translation of RTF (rich text format), a cross-platform word processing format.

The DataViz web page about AppleWorks 6.x mentions the bug fix and other issues. MacFixIt has also covered the issue.

Helios ships EtherShare 2.6, AFP server for Unix. June 16, 2000 -- Helios Software has begun shipping EtherShare 2.6, the latest version of its AppleShare-compatible (AFP) file and print server for Unix hosts, running over TCP/IP and AppleTalk. Among the features:

Last week we reported that Helios began shipping PCShare 3.0, a Unix file and print server for Windows clients that works with EtherShare.

Cross-platform charting package upgraded. June 16, 2000 -- Computer Systems Odessa Corp. has released ConceptDraw 1.4 (US $125 download, US $149 CD-ROM, manual) for Windows and Macintosh. Every file format used for flowcharts, organization charts, timelines, and other charts is compatible with both Windows and Mac, including documents, libraries, and templates. Version 1.4 adds Export to Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), some new tools, and bug fixes.

Microsoft posts more info on Mac Office 2001. June 15, 2000 -- Microsoft has posted additional information on Office 2001 Macintosh Edition. In April, Microsoft described the new Office e-mail and PIM client. The new information describes all of the applications and includes screen shots. It does not mention any new cross-platform features. The Access database program in Office for Windows will not be included in Office 2001. The only information on when it will ship is the phrase "soon-to-be-released." The April press release said Office 2001 would ship before the end of the year.

MacaNTee 2.0 to integrate OS X, NT domains. June 15, 2000 -- Alaran Software has announced that MacaNTee 2.0, an upgrade to its Mac-NT domain integration software, will include support for Mac OS X. The upgrade will ship in August. The software enables users to logon to both AppleShare IP and NT SFM with one logon. It also gives AppleShare IP access to an NT domain's users list.

4th Dimension 6.5.6 for Mac and Windows. June 15, 2000 -- 4D Inc. (formerly known as ACI) has released 4th Dimension 6.5.6, a maintenance release for the cross-platform relational database available for for Windows 95/98/NT and Macintosh.

Reader affirms performance boost in AirPort 1.2. June 15, 2000 -- Michael Perbix says he has noticed a performance boast on 4 Macs since updating to AirPort 1.2 (reported yesterday).

AirPort 1.2 improves wireless Networks. June 14, 2000 -- Apple has released AirPort 1.2 software, an update to the Mac software for AirPort wireless networks. Apple says the new version provides "enhanced performance, compatibility, stability," and a new security feature. There's also a new PDF document Designing AirPort Networks available.

Apple doesn't promote this fact, but AirPort can be used with Windows PCs, as described in our AirPort for PCs special report by Henry Norr.

Fusion 3.0 upgrade Mac emulator for PC released. June 13, 2000 -- Yesterday Emulators, Inc. released the upgrade to Fusion PC 3.0 (US $49.95), the first new version of the Macintosh emulator for PCs, since Emulators Inc. acquired the product from Microcode. The full version will not be available until then end of July, on CD-ROM. Emulators said it included code from it's flagship Mac emulator, SoftMac 2000, into Fusion 3.0. New features include:

The upgrade price includes a "bonus" item of a Mac OS 8.x CD-ROM, ClarisWorks 4.0, or another item.

Analysis of MS Outlook virus patch for Windows. June 13, 2000 -- Yesterday, Henry Norr of the San Francisco Chronicle examined Microsoft's new antivirus patch for Outlook 2000 and 98. Norr points out some deficiencies, including the lack of any way to uninstall the patch, as well as lack of any choices in installing the new precedures and dialog boxes.

RealServer 8 now has x-platform QuickTime. June 13, 2000 -- RealNetworks' RealServer 8 can now deliver Apple's QuickTime-based streaming content to Mac and Windows users running QuickTime players. The two companies have also agreed that each company's player applications would not change the user's default player selection without first asking the user.

No AppleTalk support in new Apple print share utility. June 13, 2000 -- Showing it's continual shift away from the AppleTalk protocol, Apple released a new USB Printer Sharing utility that works only over TCP/IP. The utility allows a Mac user to share a printers connected to the USB port with other networked Mac users. This is similar to a feature that Windows has had for many years, and to a feature old Macs once had with a few Apple printers and AppleTalk.

Correction: Cross-platform KVM switch sources. June 13, 2000 -- On June 9, we incorrectly reported that a ADB-PS/2 CyberGuys KVM switch (US $119) was the same as the IOGear MiniView DP KVM switch (US $199), except without the cables. In reality, the $119 switch was the equivalent of IOGear's 4-port USB MiniView ($199). The Cyberguy sells the IOGear MiniView DP as the IOGEAR GCS12DP for US $185. We regret the error.  

Updated info re: Windows clients AppleShare IP. June 12, 2000 -- Apple has updated Tech Info Library article 31041, printing from a Windows client to an AppleShare IP print queue. It also updated some other AppleShare IP TIL articles, including number 43040, PC Compatibility Overview, and 24448, Using Windows File Sharing Feature. The latter article discusses issues of browsing, including differences between NetBIOS and the AppleTalk Name Binding Protocol.

NT Logon hanging recommendation works for reader. June 12, 2000 -- Frank Santore reports that Scott Krajewski's recommendation fixed his problem with OS 9.0.4 Macs hanging during logon to Windows NT Server SFM. The suggestion is to set the Apple Menu Options to remember 0 servers. Santore tried it and:

Voila. No more hangs. My workaround was to always put away the NT network volumes prior to logging out under multi-user and the hang would also not occur.

SuSE Linux for PowerPC available. June 12, 2000 -- SuSE Linux, a vendor of Linux for Intel-based computers, is now shipping SuSE Linux for PowerPC, which runs on Macintosh hardware. Based on SuSE Linux 6.4, the PowerPC version includes the Virtual Machine Mac on Linux (MOL), which enables you to start the Mac OS in Linux and switch from one program to the other.

pcSetup 2.0 for Apple Compatibility cards ships. June 9, 2000 -- FVDCS is now selling pcSetup 2.0 ($39.95) on-line. The software implements 32-bit drivers for Windows running on Apple's old DOS/PC Compatibility Cards and the clone cards from Reply and Radius. However, pcSetup is not yet available for PCI Macs, except for the 4400. (PDS and NuBus versions are available.) The procedure is to first download the drivers for Macintosh, then drivers for Windows, a manual, and then purchase the software on-line. Reader Mark Hattam reports that FVDCS told him that the PCI installers are currently being readied, though no release date was given.

PCShare 3.0 supports Win clients, runs on OS X Server. June 9, 2000 -- Helios Software GmbH is now shipping PCShare 3.0, a Unix file and print server for Windows clients that can be used with Helios' EtherShare 2.6 for Mac clients. The software runs on Mac OS X Server and Linux (Intel hardware), as well as Sun and other Unix versions. The new version supports for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT/2000 clients with SMB/CFIS file and print sharing, DHCP, WINS, WINS proxy, name service routing between network cards, and other services.

Theory about Win 2000 SFM file size errors. June 9, 2000 -- Marcus Reese is also seeing the Windows 2000 Server Services for Macintosh file size errors we've been reporting (see June 6 and 7 News below). Reese has a theory as to the cause:

I'm running Windows 2000 Server. On a 200 GB volume my Mac reads a 38K file as 2.9 MB and a 3.6 MB file as 8.7 MB. Even on the 4 GB system volume a 3K file reads as 64K. So it looks like the Mac's Finder is seeing all Win 2000 Server volumes as Standard HFS format not HFS Plus. So the bigger the volume the larger the blocks size use to write the file. Changing the block size when you format a volume in Windows doesn't help. All though Windows users reads the file size correctly. So it looks like an AppleShare Extension Modification is needed.

Another source for KVM switches at a good price. June 9, 2000 -- A reader says that the IOGear MiniView DP KVM switch boxes we mentioned on June 7 are actually repackaged ATEN boxes, which and can be purchase from CyberGuys for a lower price ($119), though without the cables.

Reactions to judge's Microsoft ruling vary. June 9, 2000 -- Judge Penfield Jackson's ruling to break up Microsoft has produced a wide variety of opinions. Peter Lalor, president of Infoasis (which hosts MacWindows), is optimistic about the ruling. In a ZDNet story, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer predicted higher prices for software and for PCs should the order be carried out. This story also reports on European reaction to the Judge Jackson's decision. Other commentators fault the judge for being too harsh. However, although Judge Jackson agreed with the Clinton Administration's Justice Department, Jackson is a conservative Republican appointed to the bench by Ronald Reagan. (You can read Judge Jackson's ruling here.)

Solutions update: Mac--PC KVM adapter. June 7, 2000 -- We've added IOGear's MiniView DP KVM switch (US $199) to the product listings on the MacWindows Keyboard Solutions page. The switch let you use a single ADB or PS/2 keyboard, mouse, and monitor to operate an older (ADB) Mac and a PC, using an included Mac ADB-to-PS/2 converter (also available separately). The MiniView USB works with 2 (US $149) or 4 (US $199) USB Macs and PCs.

Windows 2000 Server SFM file size errors. June 7, 2000 -- Mark Novak updates yesterday's report on Windows 2000 Server Services for Macintosh reporting file sizes inaccurately:

The file size being incorrect only seems to be a problem with files that are smaller than 1 MB. Someone told me that they ran into the same problem when they upgraded from NT4, but mine was a fresh install on a brand new computer with brand new RAID.

Solutions update: Internet sharing software. June 7, 2000 -- We've added Asante FriendlyShare (US $49) to our list of Network Solutions products that let you share an Internet connection among multiple Macs and PCs. FriendlyShare is gateway software that runs on a Mac and supports up to 4 PCs and Macs (a license for an additional 10 can be purchased). FriendlyShare first shipped last November.

Using Airport to share DSK link. June 7, 2000 -- Nate Caplin explains how he uses AirPort BaseStation to share a DSL line with both wireless and Ethernet computers, on our AirPort Special Report page.

Macintosh Explorer similar to the Win Explorer. June 6, 2000 -- Rage Software's Macintosh Explorer (US $10) is a file browser for Mac OS that is similar in concept and functionality to the Windows Explorer of Windows. You can use ti to find, copy, move and delete files and folders. We've added it to the list of Windows-like interfaces for Macs on our User Interface Solutions page.

More suggestions for OS 9.0.4 and NT Server problem. June 6, 2000 -- Mike Craney has experienced the reported problems of Mac OS 9.0.4 freezing at NT log ins as well as the file transfer delays. Craney says he has solved the log-on problem by "deleting the AppleSharePrep file, the Finder preferences and using Micromat TechTool to do a clean desktop rebuild." He has some further recommendations and comments on our Mac OS 9 Special Report page.

Danny Thomas noticed some similarities of this problem with another with AppleShare IP caused by an alias of a Eudora folder on the server. Thomas' message is also on the Mac OS 9 Special Report page.

Win 2000 file size reporting errors. June 6, 2000 -- Mark Novak noticed that Windows 2000 Advanced Server isn't reporting file sizes accurately:

I recently installed Windows 2000 Advanced Server on a dual Xeon server. This server has 500GB of RAID attached. I have set up SFM to share out the RAID as two 250GB volumes. The amount of free space reported seems to be (fairly) accurate, but the actual file size reported is much larger than the actual size. I posted this on the Mac-NT newsgroup, and other users have the same problem and the only fix seems to be to use a third party SFM product. I did a search on Microsoft's TIL, and came up with an article (that I can't find anymore) that stated the problem was with Apple's implementation of the Finder. At this point, I don't want to go with a third party product, so I am looking for a solution.

Emulators, Inc., release Fusion 3.0 beta; bundles Mac software with SoftMac. June 6, 2000 -- Emulators, Inc. has news about its two Macintosh emulators for Macintosh, Fusion PC and SoftMac 2000. It has released the beta version of Fusion PC 3.0 for DOS. The company says this version is 30 to 100 percent faster than previous versions.

When you purchase the SoftMac 2000 Premium Edition CD (US $199.95), which Emulators Inc. says runs up to twice as fast as Fusion, the company is offering a bonus give of either the ClarisWorks 4.0 or Mac OS 8.1 CD-ROM, amoung other choices.

Apple's iReview rates MacWindows. June 6, 2000 -- We'd like to thank Apple's iReview web site for posting a review of The review gives us 4 out of 5 stars. The review page is also taking reader reviews, if you'd care to through in your own 2 cents.

Solutions Update: Make x-platform CDs on any platform. June 1, 2000 -- We've added CDEveryWhere from Interactive Information R&D, to our Solutions listings of Macintosh and Windows disk utilities. CDEveryWhere is software for Windows, Mac, and Unix that lets you create cross-platform (hybrid) CD-ROMs that include ISO9660, Joliet, RockRidge and HFS (Mac format). It supports AutoStart for Macintosh and AutoRun for Windows. CDEveryWhere is available in three versions, Professional (US $295.95), Standard (US $195.95), and Personal (US $39.95), and is available in Chinese, English, French, German, and Spanish versions. (Thanks to Dr. Muhlin Chen for the tip.)

Apple looking into ASIP/Win2000 client folder problem. June 1, 2000 -- An Apple technician acknowledged that Apple is looking into the problem with AppleShare IP 6.x and Windows 2000 clients, where folders created from Windows 2000 on the ASIP server cannot be renamed. The acknowledgement came in Apple's Tech Exchange forum. MacWindows readers have reported this problem since April, but there is no known fix at this time. (Thanks to Albert Varon for reporting this notice.)

Bug fix update for Joliet CD utility for Macs. June 1, 2000 -- Less than a month after version 1.0 debuted, Thomas Tempelmann has posted Joliet File System for Mac OS 1.2, and update to the free software that enables Macs to read the full file names on Windows Joliet-formatted CD-ROMs. Version 1.2 fixes some incopatibilities with AppleShare, Outlook Express, Apple's ISO 9660 File Access, and other items. You can browse the Readme file here.

Service transfers browser bookmarks between Mac and Windows. June 1, 2000 -- BookMarkSync is a free cross-platform service and utility for transfering web browser bookmarks on PCs and Macs (the Mac version is a pre-release beta). It works with the web site. The client software uploads the bookmarks (or IE Favorites) to the web site, where you can download it from another machine. (Thanks to Thomas Lindbom for alerting us to this service.)

Suggestion for OS 9.0.4/NT freezing problem. June 1, 2000 -- For the readers whose Mac OS 9.0.4 freezes during NT Server logon Scott Krajewski recommends cleaning out the Servers folder in the System folder and setting Apple Menu Options not to remember recent servers. If you are having this problem and have tried this, please let us know if it works for you. (Meanwhile, Etienne Douaze reports having this problem with an iBook.)

Apple ships QuickTime Streaming Server for Win NT/2000 2.0.1. June 1, 2000 -- Apple has posted version 2.0.1 of QuickTime Stream Server for Windows NT and 2000. Apple says the new version "includes minor performance and reliability enhancements" and is equivilent to the Mac OS X Server version.

May 2000

Emulators Inc. buys Fusion, readies 3.0 release. May 31, 2000 --Emulators Inc., makers of the Gemulator SoftMac line of Macintosh emulators for Windows, has purchased Fusion, another Mac emulator from Microcode Solutions. Emulators Inc. said it will merge the SoftMac and Fusion products in the long term. The company also plans to add a Macintosh emulator for Linux on Intel hardware to it's product line.

Emulators also announced it will release Fusion version 3.0 for DOS within the next few weeks. The version has mainly speed improvements based on code from SoftMac. Fusion 3.0 will be demonstrated at Emulators' Macworld Expo booth in New York on July 18th.

More readers seeing OS 9.0.4 freeze with NT logon. May 31, 2000 -- Several more readers have report having problems with the Macs running OS 9.0.4 freezing when logging on to Windows NT Servers. David Jackson gets the "Finder unexpectedly quit" message while logging on. Paul Proudfoot says users on his network are reporting freezes for 15-30 seconds. Other readers have reported not having the problem. So far, the only suggestion has been to delete the AppleShare Prefs file in the Preferences folder.

We've compiled the reports we've received on the topic on our Mac OS 9 Cross-Platform Issues page.

Preventing IE 5 from replacing Outlook 8.2.2 files. May 31, 2000 -- Shane Palmer found a way to prevent Internet Explorer 5 from replacing Outlook files:

I deleted the Microsoft Internet Self-Run folder found in the Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 folder (after first backing it up somewhere - I just used Dropstuff to make an archive out of it). IE 5 works fine with the libraries that Outlook 8.2.2 installs and once you remove the Self-Run folder IE 5 works without complaining. I have been using it this way for about 3 weeks now without any problems.

However, Microsoft has told MacWindows that IE 5 does not remove any of the bug fixes in Outlook 8.2.2.

GeeThree updates software for PS/2 to ADB Mouse Adapter. May 31, 2000 -- GeeThree has released version 1.1 of its PS/2 - ADB Mouse Control Panel for its PS/2 to ADB Mouse Adapter ($24.95). The software is used for configuraiton and detection of the mouse. The new version improves support of scrolling wheels, adds an option-click as a choice to program each mouse button, and improves speed.

Group Logic moves. May 31, 2000 -- Group Logic Inc., the Virginia maker of the ExtremeZ-IP AFP-IP server for Windows NT, has moved its corporate headquarters to 4350 North FairfaxDrive, Suite 900, Arlington, VA 22203. The phone number (703-528-1555) and fax number (703-528-3296) remain the same.

New Outlook for Win virus deletes files. May 19, 2000 -- A new virus similar to the Iloveyou virus is now infecting Windows and Windows emulators on Mac running MS Outlook. The new virus comes in the form of an e-mail message with an attachment ending in ".VBS" but with a different name every time, beginning with "FW:" News reports say this virus deletes all files on Windows disk as well on network volumes mounted on the machine by setting the bit length to zero. Disabling Visual Basic Script or using another e-mail client will prevent the spread of the virus.

Win 2000 problem with ASIP also occurs with SAMBA. May 18, 2000 -- Hanz Makmur reports that the problem he another others reported seeing with Windows 2000 clients and AppleShare IP servers also occurs with Linux/UNIX servers. Fortunately, Makmur reports that the Samba 2.0.7 update from fixes the problem.

Joliet bug fix update in the works. May 18, 2000 -- The web page for the Joliet File System for Mac OS utility notes that a version 1.2 will be release soon to fix several bugs and conflicts. The utility enables Macs to display up to 31 characters of CD-ROMs that are formatted using Microsoft's Joliet file system for Windows CDs.

Cross-platform notes from the Apple Developers Conference. May 17, 2000 -- There were a few items related to cross-platform issues at the Apple Worldwide Developer's Conference.

Macs hang with large NT SFM volumes. May 17, 2000 -- Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q150355 describes a problem that causes Macs accessing large NT Services for Macintosh volumes to hang. The article offers a registry edit to fix the problem. (Thanks to Grant Caunter for alerting us to this.)

Another way to move contacts from Outlook Win to Mac. May 17, 2000 -- Rolf Lohr sent in another method of moving contacts from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 8.2.2 for Mac for Exchange server. He and other readers have reported that the contact import function does not function correctly. Lohr's tip is on our Outlook/Exchange page.

Another take on the ASIP, Win 2000 folder bug. May 17, 2000 -- Reader Jin Kim is having the problem with ASIP and Windows 2000 clients unable to rename folders, which we reported last month. He says Apple has not responded to reports of the problem at its Tech Exchange forums.

Free ASCon-A 2.0 text converter adds 68k-support. May 17, 2000 --Medienwerkstatt Muehlacker has released ASCon-A 2.0 (or in German) for Macintosh with 68k and PowerPC processors. ASCon-A is a free utility for converting text between MacOS and Windows.

Response to issues with IE 5, Outlook/Exchange. May 15, 2000 -- A Microsoft source has responded to our report of Internet Explorer 5 replacing files installed by Outlook 8.2.2. Our source, who wishes to remain anonymous, explains the issue this way:

Regarding the issues with Outlook 8.2.2 and Internet Explorer 5:

After installing Outlook 8.2.2, IE 5 runs first run setup again. This is expected and correct. Outlook 8.2 actually installs older IE components, which IE then updates when it runs next time.

Contrary to information published on your site, IE 5 does not overwrite any components which have been patched by Outlook 8.2.2. All bug fixes in version 8.2.2 are in the file "Microsoft Outlook", which IE does not touch.

So, in summary:

Update on AirPort for PC report. May 15, 2000 -- We have updated the report on AirPort for PCs with some new information from Henry Norr. He sent some more information about using the Lucent Orinoco with AirPort Base Station. He also points out that the Lucent's RG-1000 residential gateway turns out to be an expensive proposition.

Apple to reveal Mac OS X plans today. May 15, 2000 -- Steve Jobs will reveal the latest plans for Mac OS X today at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, CA. We will be there looking for the cross-platform angle, and will report tomorrow.

Special Feature: Cross-platform wireless networks. May 11, 2000 -- We have posted a special feature Using Apple's AirPort Base Station with Windows PCs by Henry Norr, staff writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. Norr discusses several Airport-compatible cards for PCs, as well as Configuring the Apple Base Station without a Mac using AirPort configuration utilities written for Windows.

Utility enables Macs to read PC Joliet CD-ROMs. May 11, 2000 --Thomas Tempelmann's Joliet File System for Mac OS is free Mac software that enables Mac OS to display file names on Windows "Joliet" formatted CDs up to 31 characters. (Mac OS truncates these names to 8.3 format.) Joliet Volume Access also lets Mac OS read fragmented files on Joliet CDs, which Mac OS normally can not do. It also comes with a control strip module that allows you to turn the ISO 9660, Joliet, or UDF file systems on and off. This is handy for a hybrid CD-ROM. (We've added Joliet Volume Access to the list on our Disk Solutions page.)

FileMaker plugs security hole. May 11, 2000 -- FileMaker Inc. released FileMaker Web Companion Update 5.0v4 (WorldWide English ) to fix a security bug.

VNC 3.3.3 Mac: upgrade in x-platform app sharing. May 11, 2000 -- AT&T Laboratories Cambridge has released VNC 3.3.3beta for Mac, the latest version of the free, cross-platform remote control/application sharing software. The new version of the server is faster and more stable. The client viewer has some minor new features, such as the abilities to save your connection information as a text file.

More on IE 5/Outlook 8.2.2 problem. May 11, 2000 -- Bruce Bowden is having the problem of Internet Explorer 5 replacing files installed by Outlook 8.2.2. The IE 5 First Run utility seems to be deleting more files than it installs. Bowden sent us the list of files after Outlook 8.2.2 installation, and then after running IE5, which you can see our Outlook/Exchange special report page.

NetOctopus adds support for Windows. May 11, 2000 -- Netopia's NetOctotpus 3.6 asset management software adds PCs to the list of devices for which it can check configurations. (Check here for contact info.)

IE 5 removing newer Outlook 8.2.2 library files. May 10, 2000 -- Two readers have reported that after installing the new Outlook/Exchange 8.2.2 for Macintosh, launching Internet Explorer 5 will run the Internet First Run utility. This reinstalls the older Microsoft extension files--removing the files Outlook just installed. Both readers also said that this process removes bug fixes in Outlook 8.2.2. Bruce Bowden also said that running Word "triggered another sequence of messages that it was configuring various components."

Mac OS X beta may ship next week. May 10, 2000 -- MacWeek reports that Apple may distribute the first beta of Mac OS X next week at its Worldwide Developers Conference.

Moving contacts from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 8.2.2 a chore. May 10, 2000 -- Responding to our report of Outlook 8.2.2 unexpectedly quitting when trying to import contacts from Outlook 2000, Luis Antezana described what he does to import contact. Antezana says that because of differences in data fields and other attributes in the Windows and Mac versions, he has to first message the data in Excel before importing into the Mac version. He concludes "With a lot of trial and error you can make it work." You can read Antezana's message on our Outlook/Exchange Special Report page.

MacLinkPlus problems with AppleWorks 6.0.3. May 10, 2000 -- MacFixIt reports that some users of AppleWorks 6.0.3 can not save documents from the Save As dialog using MacLinkPlus translators.

New version of Mac emulator for Windows. May 10, 2000 -- Emulators, Inc., has released SoftMac 2000 Service Release 1, an updated to its Macintosh emulator for Windows. The new version adds support for Windows 2000 and the Pentium III Coppermine processor, as well as adding customization features.

OS 9.0.4, NT Server no problem for other readers. May 10, 2000 -- Several readers have responded to say that they have not seen the problem of the Mac OS 9.0.4 Chooser freezing when logging in to a Windows NT Server, which we've been reporting for the past few days. Rick Kerr, one of the readers who first reported the problem, said that he solved the problem by replacing a faulty Ethernet cable.

Keyspan USB parallel printer adapters for Win and Mac. May 10, 2000 -- Keyspan is shipping the USB Parallel Printer Adapter (US $39 ) which enables Mac and Windows 98/2000 users to connect parallel printers via USB. Mac users can connect to Epson Stylus Color and Stylus Photo inkjet printers using Epson printer driver v5.5 or later.

Clarification: The Iloveyou virus can not delete files on Macintosh. We apologize for the typo in our story of May 8 (which we have now corrected).

New Win 2000 SFM UAM supports OS 9 Keychain. May 9, 2000 -- Microsoft has posted the Mac User Authentication Module 5.0.5 for Windows 2000 Server Services for Macintosh. (The MS UAM is optional logon software for Macs that provides more security than the default Apple UAM.) The new version supports the Mac OS 9 Keychain. The Password field now acts like a standard text box. There are other bug fixes as well.

Suggestion for OS 9.0.4 freeze with Win NT 4 logon. May 9, 2000 --John DeMillion suggests a fix for yesterday's report on problems with the Mac OS 9.0.4 Chooser freezing when logging in to a Windows NT Server: delete the AppleShare Prep file in the Preferences folder. DeMillion reports his experience with freezing and OS 9.0.4:

I have about 15 machines running MacOS 9.0.4 hitting a number of NT 4 SP6 volumes with no problems directly related to the volumes (although I've noticed random hard freezes that even MacsBug doesn't handle with v9.0.4 that we didn't have before).

Progress report on PCSetup 2.x for PC Compatibility Cards. May 9, 2000 -- FVDCS has posted an updated progress report for its PCSetup 2, a new version of software for the discontinued Apple PC Compatibility Card and Reply/Radius clones. The company says it has found a workaround for the Ethernet bug using NDIS2 instead of NDIS3.

Dr. Bott announces KVM switch for LCD displays. May 9, 2000 --Dr. Bott announced the MoniSwitch Pro LDI (US $399), a KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) switch that lets you share digital flat panel displays between multiple Macs and PCs. In particular, the switch supports SGI's digital 1600SW SuperWide Flat Panel Display.

Iloveyou virus and variants not quite cross-platform. May 8, 2000 -- Mac users can relax--the Iloveyou virus and variants that made headlines last week don't infect Macs and can't delete Mac files. However, they can infect Windows running on PC emulators (Virtual PC, SoftWindows, and Blue Label PowerEmulator). The viruses propagates through Microsoft Outlook and a Visual Basic Script (VBScript). The Macintosh version of MS Office does not have Visual Basic scripting capabilities of Office for Windows. In reality, this Iloveyou is a Microsoft Office for Windows virus.

However, although the virus and its variants can delete files, some of the worst problems have been the huge amounts of e-mail traffic it generates, which have been clocking SMTP and POP e-mail servers and bringing them to a halt, whether they run Windows, Mac OS, or Linux/Unix.

Analysis: Lack of software diversity fosters viruses. May 8, 2000 -- The lack of software diversity in large organizations is fertile ground for virus developers. While the programmable features of VBScript are useful, that fact is that if there were not a monoculture of software in large organizations, viruses like Iloveyou and Melissa would not spread as far and wide. For instance, if half of the users were running Eudora instead Outlook, or if VBScript were disabled, Iloveyou would not have brought down the world's e-mail servers.

There are parallels in the natural world. A monoculture of a farm crop species has economic and market benefits, but it makes an entire region susceptible to a single disease. This is one reason scientists promote the importance of biodiversity--variety in the gene pool of plant and animal species and in ecological systems.

Analysts are estimating the losses caused by the Iloveyou outbreak to be in the billions of dollars. Organizations need to consider whether the convenience of having all their user software from a single source and automatable by VBScript is worth the risk.

Mac OS 9.0.4 freeze with Win NT 4 SP6 logon. May 8, 2000 --Several readers have reported that Macs running OS 9.0.4 freeze when they try to log into and mount a volume with NT Server, Services for Macintosh. Vinh Phan reports the problem with a Power Mac G4)logging into a Windows NT Server with Service Pack 6. He says "I get the username and password prompt but I cannot access the share." Rick Kerr had the problem with a G4/450 and a PowerBook G3: "[The Mac] sees the server, but freezes the machine when trying to mount the server." Both readers said their Macs with OS 8.X don't have this problem. If you have seen this problem, please let us know.

Problem moving contacts from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 8.22. May 8, 2000 -- Matthew Smith reports that of a problem moving contacts from Outlook 2000 into Outlook 8.22 for Mac:

I exported contacts from Outlook 2000 (for PC) into Comma Separated Values (text). When importing them into outlook 8.22, I am able to select the fields I want, but when it goes to import, Outlook unexpectedly quits (error of type 2). Has anybody else experienced this? It seems to happen with 8.21 as well.

Please let us know if you are seeing this problem.

Future Outlook/Exchange for Mac to be compatible with Outlook 2000 Win. May 4, 2000 -- Microsoft has announced an Outlook/Exchange Mac client compatible with the Windows Outlook 2000. The future version, code named "Watson," will have group scheduling, calendar, and task management features that are format-compatible with the Windows version of the client for Exchange Server. Both Mac and Windows versions will use the same data. Microsoft has not announced when Watson will ship. (For information and issues dealing with Macs and Exchange Server, see our MS Exchange and Outlook for Mac special report.)

New version of Mac emulator for PC in beta. May 4, 2000 -- Emulators, Inc., has posted a beta version of SoftMac 2000 version 7.1, a Macintosh emulator for Windows. New features include optimizations and bug fixes for Windows 2000 and Intel Pentium III Coppermine, faster 68040 and FPU emulation, and more video modes. Emulators, Inc., is offering to pay $100 to beta test who report "good bugs."

Virtual PC and Win 2000: Integration features only with bundled OS. May 4, 2000 -- Paul Derby points out that Virtual PC's Mac-PC integration features only work with Windows 2000 if you buy the OS from Connectix. The features, including drag and drop file copying, moving the mouse from Mac to Windows, and shared folders, did not work when Derby upgraded to Virtual PC 3.0.3A and used Microsoft 's Windows 2000 upgrade disc to upgrade from Windows 98. He also got I/O errors during the installation of Word 2000 from the Word install disc. Derby says:

I contacted Connectix and learned they don't have a way to release the "extras" to make these items work. The person I spoke with on the support line at Connectix blamed Microsoft for the inability to have an upgrade path. He said it was licensing issues between Connectix and Microsoft.

VPC with Win NT/2000 on USB keyboard: add shift key. May 3, 2000 -- Connectix has responded to our report about Virtual PC 3.0.3A running Windows NT/2000 where the control-option(alt)-delete combination no longer works on the Apple USB keyboard. Connectix QA Manager Jeff Woolsey told us that you now need to add the shift key to this key combination. He says that it's not a bug, but a design decision that was inadvertently left out of the updater readme file. You can read Woolsey's explanation on our VPC 3 Special Report page.

MS releases new Outlook/Exchange 8.2.2 client for Mac. May 3, 2000 -- Microsoft has posted Microsoft Outlook 8.2.2 for Macintosh, a new update to the client for Exchange Server. According to the online readme file, the update contains may bug fixes, including problems with corrupted calendar information, problems with such as NAT (Network Address Translation) gateways such as AirPort Base Station, and a Y2K fix. (Thanks to the readers who brought this to our attention.)

AppleShare IP Web and File 6.3.2 fixes security problem. May 3, 2000 -- Apple has posted AppleShare IP Web and File 6.3.2 to fix a security problem in AppleShare IP 6.1 and later Web server. According to Apple, "When an invalid range request is made to the Web server by a client computer, the Web server can return an extra 32 kilobytes (kb) of data."

We suspect this is a fix to a security problem that we reported on April 17.

AppleWorks update adds RTF translation. May 3, 2000 -- Apple has posted AppleWorks 6.0.3, and update to its applications suite that adds translation of cross-platform RTF (rich text format) files. The upgrade also "improves the performance, compatibility and stability of AppleWorks 6," according to Apple.

FileMaker Inc. admits to security holes. May 5, 2000 -- MacWeek reports that FileMaker, Inc., has admitted to several security holes in FileMaker Pro 5 Web Companion that enable unauthorized Internet users to view the contents of Web Companion databases, access e-mail functions, and at to send anonymous e-mail.

X-platform dbases: Valentina for REALbasic Professional 1.8. May 3, 2000 -- Paradigma Software today announced Valentina for REALbasic Professional 1.8 (US $299.95; upgrade $100) a toolkit for compilation of REALbasic database applications on Macintosh and Windows. The cross-platform application generation environment is designed for use with REAL Software's REALbasic Professional 2.1. Among the new features is support for RDBMS relational structures for importing of non-Valentina databases. (The upgrade cost goes to $149 on June 1, 2000.)

VPC and Who Wants to be a Millionaire. May 5, 2000 -- Responding to our report from May 1 that the PC game Who Wants to be a Millionaire does not run on Virtual PC 3.0.3A, Rick Ewing says that it also does not run on the older 3.0 version.

VPC 3.03A problem with USB keyboard and NT. May 1, 2000 -- Steve Elliott of reports of a problem he has with the new Virtual PC 3.0.3A and the 3.0.3 updates with Windows NT. The control-alt-delete combination no longer works on the Apple USB keyboard. His message is on our Virtual PC 3 Special Report page.

On Friday April 28, MacFixIt reported that the 3.0.3/3.0.3A updates have a problem with the PC cursor. MacFixIt also overs a solution.

Also, Kevin Kubarych reports that he can't run the game Who Wants to be a Millionaire on VirtualPC 3.03A or 3.0. He says "I tried the help ideas--lowering hardware acceleration in System->Performance->Graphics to no avail."

VPC 3 looses monitor sync, DSL connection. May 1, 2000 -- Steve Cordova reports a problem where Virtual PC 3 looses monitor sync and disconnects his DSL Internet connection.

More on AppleShare IP and long Win file names. May 1, 2000 -- François Trudeau is another reader experiencing the AppleShare IP problem with files with names longer than 32-charactors. He also finds the same error when accented letters are used in the names.

ExtremeZ-IP 1.1.2 boosts performance. May 1, 2000 -- Group Logic has released ExtremeZ-IP 1.1.2 for Windows NT on Intel and Alpha platforms. The new version of the AFP-over-IP server for Mac clients increases the speed of reading and writing of files, increased support for shared databases, and adds an optional configuration for a non-default TCP port for better access across firewalls.

Opera web browser for Mac to be small. May 1, 2000 -- Opera Software says that its Mac port of the Opera web browser will run in 2.5 MB of RAM. The company, which has a Windows version out, is working on Mac and Linux versions. The MacOpz web site has a preview of the Opera for Mac port. 

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