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April 1999

New MacWindows page: cross-platfrom AppleShare IP issues. April 30, 1999 -- We've created a new AppleShare IP Cross-platform Issues page, which is all about running Windows clients with the server. The new page contains a list with links to Apple Tech Library reports on known bugs and other cross-platform issues. The page also contains reader reports on not-so-known bugs, and there's a list of recent bug fixes from Apple.

AppleShare IP corruption with Windows. April 30, 1999 -- In putting together our new AppleShare IP Cross-platform Issues page, we discovered that there are some known AppleShare IP bugs that can cause file corruption with Windows clients. (Earlier this month, we reported on a problem with PowerPoint, for instance.) We also received some reader responses on the problem. This list of bugs for the problem and the reader responses are on our new AppleShare page.

New tip and insight into MS Outlook/Exchange. April 29, 1999 -- Mike Weber sent us a report about how Microsoft Exchange works with the Mac Outlook client and how calendars are shared, a report that some may find enlightening. Weber addresses several problems reported by readers, including this one:

"If your primary machine is a Mac, and you keep your schedule on your Mac calendar, it will appear as though Windows Outlook 98 clients can't see your calendar. They can, but the Outwalk calendar is "getting in the way." The only way I've found to clear things up again so that Windows Outwalk users can see the calendars of Mac Outlook 8.1 users is for those Mac users to delete the "calendar" folder that appears in their inbox and reset the permissions from the Tools:Set Access Permissions menu item in their Mac calendars."

You can read Weber's full report on the MacWindows MS Exchange page.


Problem with AppleShare IP 6 corrupting Windows files. April 29, 1999 -- Craig Moritz reports that he is having a problem with Windows clients of AppleShare IP 6 (on Mac OS 8.5), where Windows files are being lost or corrupted when Windows users save them to the server. If anyone else has this problem or knows a fix, please let us know.

A Better Finder Creators & Types. April 29, 1999 -- Version 1.6 of the shareware A Better Finder Creators & Types is now available. This is a Mac contextual menu plugin that lest you change the type and creator codes of batches of files, something Mac users sometimes need to do to to render encoded files from Windows and UNIX users readable to decoding software. The new version adds the ability to create "droplet" files for drag and drop converting of batches of files.

StuffIt Expander 5.1.3 for Mac a minor upgrade. April 29, 1999 -- Aladdin Systems has posted StuffIt Expander 5.1.3 for Mac, the latest version of the freeware unzipper, unstuffer and decoder. (The Windows version is still at 5.0.) This upgrade, which Aladdin calls "optional," fixes a problem with Internet Explorer, .SIT and .PF (encryption) files:

"The main reason you would want this optional upgrade would be if you use Microsoft Internet Explorer as your web browser AND you want to change the default settings for the way StuffIt (.sit) and Private File (.pf) files are handled after downloading."

StuffIt releases upgrade for StuffIt Deluxe 5.1. April 28, 1999 -- Aladdin Systems has posted a StuffIt Deluxe 5.1 update that brings the Mac utility StuffIt Deluxe 5.0, 5.0.1 and 5.0.2 up to version 5.1. The new version fixes a number of problems, including a problem with MacBinary decoding and Zip decompression.

Apple software solutions fixes OrangePC/Blue and White G3 conflict. April 28, 1999 -- Orange Micro has announced that software fixes by Apple have enabled the Series 500 and 600 OrangePC Windows compatible cards to run in the Blue and White Power Mac G3. Users only need Apple's G3 Firmware Update 1.0.2. In January, Orange Micro said that Blue and White G3 compatibility would require a new ASIC chip set for the cards, and that only the 600 series would be supported. Orange Micro also said that it would release a new version of the OrangePC software to support Blue and White G3 features, such as USB, by the end of June.

Thursby releases bug-fix patch for DAVE 2.1. April 28, 1999 -- Thursby Systems has posted a DAVE v2.1p3 patch for use with DAVE 2.1. The patch fixes some of minor bugs, as described in the ReadMe file. DAVE is Mac software that enables Macs to participate on Microsoft networks using Microsoft protocols.

SigSoftware releases NameCleaner 1.9.5. April 28, 1999 -- Sig Software has release Version 1.9.5 of NameCleaner, a shareware utility useful converting Mac file names to Windows file names. The new version adds a number of new mappings for file type codes and PC name extensions (to automatically add extensions based on the type code).

FileMaker releases ODBC driver "preview" for Win and Mac. April 27, 1999 -- FileMaker, Inc. has posted a free FileMaker Pro ODBC Driver Technology Preview for use with the Windows and Mac versions of FileMaker Pro 4.1. The driver lets you move FileMaker Pro data to ODBC-compatible databases and to access databases from FileMaker Pro. ODBC-compatible software includes Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle 7, and Microsoft Access 97. This ODBC driver preview will work until January 31, 2000. This is the first time FileMaker is providing ODBC export drivers for FileMaker Pro. Last fall, it shipped a preview import ODBC driver. (For more info, see FileMaker's on-line reviews guide.)

File Solutions update: RealView universal file viewer. April 27, 1999 -- We've added RealView ($25) to the listings on our File Solutions page. RealView is a shareware utility for Mac that can open text-based or graphic files (Mac and PC) and display the contacts as plain text or styled text, hexadecimal, or as a graphic image. It uses the Mac's QuickTime to open BMP, GIF,JPEG, Photoshop, PICT, TIFF and other image formats. The creators claim it will open any file.

Mac OS X Server includes BSD "find" command. April 27, 1999 -- Apple Tech Info Library article 30966 says that you can use the BSD (UNIX) find command in Mac OS X Server to search on HFS, HFS Plus, and UFS (Unix File System) volumes. The article describes the syntax to use.

Thursby Systems acquires COPSTalk. April 26, 1999 -- Thursby Software Systems, makers of DAVE networking software, today announced that it has acquired the COPSTalk from COPS, Inc. Thursby plans to release a new version of COPSTalk within six weeks, and promises "major enhancements" over the next twelve months.

COPSTalk is an AppleTalk/AppleShare file/print client for PCs. (DAVE is a Microsoft SMB, NetBIOS client/server for Mac OS.) Unlike it's main competitor, PC MacLAN from Miramar Systems, COPSTalk does not enable Macs to access PC files.

Lismore posts beta add-ons. April 26, 1999 -- Lismore has posted a pair of beta add-ons to it's Blue Label Power Emulator. The first is a Control Strip module called Blue Label Launcher CS is a Control Strip module, which allows you to open the Blue Label Loader, Blue Label Setup and Blue Label Components. The second is a Mac OS 8.x contextual menu module called PC Disk Mounter CM, which allows you to mount PC virtual disk images created by Blue Label PowerEmulator, VirtualPC, SoftWindows, or RealPC.

Apple posts tips on AppleShare IP Win client troubleshooting. April 26, 1999 -- A short Apple Tech Info Library article 30963 provides some basic information SMB Windows client troubleshooting with AppleShare IP.

Further insight into NT-Mac DHCP dropout. April 22, 1999 -- Daniel Schwartz sent us some clarification and solutions to the problem of DHCP dropout that we have reported on the MacWindows NT Unsolved Mysteries page.

Sony wins a round: Connectix halts shipments of Virtual Game Station. April 22, 1999 -- Connectix has stopped shipping Virtual Game Station, its Sony PlayStation emulator for Mac OS, in order to comply with a court order prompted by Sony's legal battle against the emulator developer. Sony claims that the Connectix software infringes on its intellectual property rights. The order, issued by the San Francisco Federal District Court, does not apply to existing inventory or updaters, according to Connectix, which plans to continue development on future Mac versions and the as yet unreleased Windows version.

In a statement issued by the company, Connectix President Roy McDonald said "This brief pause in no way diminishes our plans for aggressive marketing and sales of Connectix Virtual Game Station...We are confident that we will be able to resume shipments once this matter has received further review at the appellate level."

Miramar ships new file renaming utility for Mac. April 22, 1999 --Miramar Systems is now shipping A.K.A. ($19.95), a file renaming utility for Macintosh that removes characters illegal in Windows and adds PC file name extensions. A.K.A can automatically add new types of files to it's database, which you can also edit manually. We've added A.K.A. to our list of similar products on our File Solutions page

(Miramar also makes PC Migrator, a similar product for Windows that is a plug in for PC MacLAN .)

Intel Gigabit Ethernet doesn't affect NT SFM. April 22, 1999 -- In response to our information on problems with 3Com's gigabit Ethernet drivers for Windows NT Server and Services for Macintosh (SFM), Robert Burke wrote to say that his Intel gigabit Ethernet card doesn't affect SFM on his NT 4 SP3 setup.

New Tip: 3Com Gigabit Ethernet and NT SFM. April 21, 1999 -- John DeMillion has sent us an NT registry edit that is a work around for a problem in which a 3Com Gigabit Ethernet card in an NT server prevents Services for Macintosh from running. (See MacWindows News from April 7 and 8 below.) We've posted DeMillion's tip our Server Tips page.

3Com says it will attempt to correct the problem with the next release of the cards' driver, but can't say when that will be.

DropStuff for Windows discount. April 21, 1999 -- For a limited time, Aladdin Systems is offering DropStuff for Windows for $14.95 instead of $20. DropStuff for Windows is a utility that can compress/decompress and decode in PC and Mac formats, including .SIT and ZIP.

Apple posts QuickTime 4 Preview Release for Mac/Win. April 21, 1999 -- Apple has posted a Preview Release of QuickTime 4 for Mac OS and Windows. This version of the client is free, but is a beta, so is not completely bug-free. The new features include support for streaming video and the ability to read and play more video, sound, and graphic formats.

Multiple IP addresses in Mac OS X Server. April 21, 1999 -- Apple Tech Info Library article 60301 describes how to configure multiple IP addresses in Mac OS X Server with a single Ethernet adapter.

Mac OS Server 1.0-1 Patch supports new QuickTime Server. April 21, 1999 -- Last week, Apple released a Mac OS Server 1.0-1 Patch, which improves NetBoot performance and supports the new QuickTime Streaming Server 1.0 for Mac OS X Server, which will server Windows and Mac clients.

Be OS reaches 10,000 Developers. April 21, 1999 -- Last week, Be Inc. announced that it had 10,000 registered developers for Be OS, an operating system available for both Macintosh and PC hardware. Be targets it's OS at graphics, multimedia, and video production.

Silicon Graphics is no more. April 21, 1999 -- Silicon Graphics, Inc. has officially changed its name to SGI, which has been the nickname of the Unix workstation vendor for many years.

New Tip: Defragmenting NT SFM volumes. April 12, 1999 -- Consultant Daniel Schwartz sent us an article in response to one of our Windows NT Unsolved Mysteries on defragging SFM volumes. In it, Schwartz discusses 3 ways Mac files can be stored on servers.

DataViz releases MacLinkPlus 10.1 with Y2K compliance. April 12, 1999 -- DataViz has release MacLinkPlus 10.1, which adds year 2000-compliance and translators for Lotus 1-2-3 97 and 98. The upgrade is $39.95 ($59.95 for annual upgrade subscription.) At this point DataViz is offering the upgrade via CD or floppy, but does not have a download option. MacLinkPlus is a Mac-Win file translation utility for Macintosh.

Hybinette to ship Mac OS X Server platform. April 12, 1999 -- Hybinette is planning to release a rack-mounted Mac OS X Server platform in June. The hardware will include redundant power supplies, fans, voltage and temperature sensors, and other features. Pricing is not available at this time.

Small developer takes on Sony and Connectix with PlayStation Emulator. April 9, 1999 -- MacWeek reports that a San Diego company, Bleem LLC, consisting of 3 developers, will release a Sony PlayStation emulator for Windows next week. Bleem! (the emulator), will ship later in the year for Macintosh. Sony, which is pursuing legal action against Connectix for it's Virtual Game Station for Mac, is also trying to stop Bleem through the courts. Connectix is planning a Windows version.

Aladdin updates Expander and DropStuff for Mac. April 9, 1999 -- Aladdin has released update 5.1.2 for Expander and DropStuff for Mac, it's decompression/decoding software. (The Windows versions are still at 5.0.) The updates fix some bugs. DropStuff 5.1.2 now decodes MacBinary encoded StuffIt 3.x or 4.x StuffIt archives. In Expander, bug fixes include correctly decoding a MacBinary-encoded Zip file.

Serbians flood U.S. DoD, NATO servers with Melissa virus. April 9, 1999 -- Internet Wire reports that Serbian hackers have been attacking the computer networks of NATO in Europe and the U.S. Department of Defense with Melissa virus variants an other techniques.

Orange PC coprocessors don't support DSL connections. April 9, 1999 -- Reader Mark Okada reports that Orange Micro's Orange PC 660 card does not support ADSL service from Windows. He tried and failed to get it working, and then Orange Micro tech support confirmed the problem, and said there were no plans to add DSL support at this time.

Microsoft announces new post-Win 98 consumer Windows. April 8, 1999 -- In a shift from previous plans, Microsoft has announced that it will produce one more consumer version of Windows after Windows 98. The new OS, to be based on Windows 95/98, will ship in the year 2000, according to Microsoft. The company's previous plan was to combine Windows NT and Windows 95/98 lines with Windows 2000. Some analysts are speculating that the reason for the delay in combining the product lines is the hot game market for Windows 95/98, which gives easier access to hardware than does NT. Microsoft did not give a name to the new version of Windows.

NT 4 Service Pack 4 and SCSI. April 8, 1999 -- Sean Rose sends this tip about Windows NT 4 Service Pack 4 and SCSI:

"My Adaptec 1505 SCSI adapter causes the blue screen of death if I have UDMA for a Maxtor 8.4 GB drive enabled under SP4. Only when you access a device on the card... turn off UDMA and all's well."

Another reader has problem with 3Com Gigabit Ethernet an NT SFM. April 8, 1999 -- Thomas Averkamp responded to our news item yesterday about a problem with gigabit Ethernet and NT Services for Macintosh:

We have the same problem as we are changing a 10/100BaseT Card with a 3Com 3C985-SX. The only solution was to reinstall the SFM but that´s a waste of time because you must recreate all SFM-Volume. I hope there is a better solution.

Lismore issues another bug fix update for PC emulator. April 7, 1999 -- Lismore Systems has issued Update 3 for Blue Label PowerEmulator. This is another bug fix update, which the company says fixes 9 bugs, including these:

(If you're new to Lismore, see our Blue Label PowerEmulator screen shots, and our reader reports.)

Gigabit Ethernet prevents NT SFM from running. April 7, 1999 -- John DeMillion found that a gigabit Ethernet card in his NT server prevented Services for Macintosh from running:

"I just tried installing a 3COM Gigabit NIC (3C985B-SX) into my NT 4 (SP4) server and SFM refused to run with it installed. I just get a message that says 'Unable to read the AppleTalk Registry Section' when I try to configure SFM in the Network Control Panel. MS's article Q172152 says "The NIC driver may not contain a section for media type descriptor that is required for Services for Macintosh and the AppleTalk protocol". It recommends updating the driver, but I'm at the latest driver."

Sun releases NT-compatible services for UNIX. April 7, 1999 -- Later this month, Sun will ship Solaris PC NetLink, software for UNIX servers that provides Windows NT-compatible services "more reliably and on fewer servers than Windows NT systems." PC NetLink implements NetBIOS and WINS, file and print service (NTFS), Service Pack compliance, and other services. It does not provide Services for Macintosh. PC NetLink will come as part of Sun's Enterprise servers for no additional cost and with an unlimited client license. PC NetLink will also be available separately starting at $1495.

Sun also announced the SunPCi coprocessor card ($495) for Sun's Ultra workstations. The card contains a 300 MHz Intel-compatible processor and up to 256 MB RAM for running Windows software. (You can read the Sun press release here.)

Win NT MacPrint freezes with LaserWriter 16/600. April 6, 1999 -- Eric Marthinsen was having the problem with NT SFM printer server halting, which we have frequently report. The problem was, the solution of downgrading from LaserWriter 8.6 to 8.5.1 did not solve the problem. Marthinsen discovered that this was a different problem that occurs with Apple LaserWriter 16/600 PS. Ironically, Microsoft claims that "this problem was fixed in the latest Apple LaserWriter driver," which would be version 8.6. Marthinsen found that this was not the case. A description for Marthinsen is on the Server Tips page.

Web site for MS Exchange and Outlook info. April 6, 1999 -- The Slipstick Systems Exchange Center is a web site that provides news an information relating to current and future versions of Microsoft Exchange and the Outlook client, including links to resources. The site is run by Sue Mosher, author of "The Microsoft Outlook E-mail and Fax Guide."

HybinetteIP is actually Cyan's MacServerIP. April 6, 1999 -- MacWindows has verified that Hybinette's HybinetteIP and TeamASA's MacServerIP are both based on the MacServerIP product from the European developer Cyan Software GMBH. (MacServerIP is a server for Windows NT that provides AFP-over-IP file sharing for Mac clients.) One source involved with the product thought well of Cyan's multi-vendor strategy:

"Presumably both TeamASA and Hybinette will be able to add value to the basic product in their own ways -- TeamASA by integrating with their Gigabit Ethernet products, and Hybinette by integrating with their high-capacity storage and high-performance network products."

(For more information, see our MacServerIP Reader Reports page.)

IBM ships Lotus Notes R5 Win client--Mac client due Q3. April 5, 1999 --IBM is now shipping the release version of Lotus Notes R5 client for Windows. IBM says the Mac version will ship later this year:

"The Lotus Notes R5 client is available now for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT 4.0. Lotus Domino R5 is available for Windows NT 4.0 (Intel and Alpha), IBM AIX 4.3.1, Sun Solaris (2.6 SPARC and Intel)...Beta versions of the Notes R5 client and Domino Designer R5 for Macintosh and of the Domino servers for OS/2, S/390 and HP-UX are available for evaluation now, and will ship during the third quarter."

One reader who is a beta tester was skeptical, predicting that the R5 Mac client would not ship before October. As for the beta, he says:

"I can run the current beta Mac client for about 30 seconds before getting an application fault."

Outlook Exchange page update. April 5, 1999 -- We've added another reader experience with Outlook to our MS Exchange 5.5 SP2 page. Rich Tench can't view his own Outlook 97/98 calendars using Mac Outlook 8.1.

Postscript for Antarctic crashing NT Server. April 5, 1999 -- K. Scott Myers wrote to say that he had a similar NT Server/SFM crashing problem as Dean Klein of Antarctica. Meyers also had a similar fix.

FileMaker developer conference to take place in Aug. in San Diego. April 5, 1999 - FileMaker, Inc. will hold it's next annual developers conference in San Diego, CA during August 24-27. People signing up before July 9 will get $100 off the $899 fee. You can register on-line from FileMaker's site. (File Maker Pro is a popular cross-platform database.)

New Linux web site provides Mac/Win information. April 5, 1999 -- Richard Birchall pointed us towards a web site called Linux Services for Macintosh and Windows Users. The site provides some good information and links about using Linux as a server for Mac and Windows clients.

PC MacLAN for Win 3.x is now freeware. April 2, 1999 -- Miramar Systems is now giving away its Windows 3.x and Windows for Workgroup version of Personal MacLAN Connect, an AppleShare/AppleTalk peer-to-peer file/print sharing solution.

AFP-over-IP for Win NT competition heats up with 3rd server. April 2, 1999 -- A third (AppleShare-compatible) AFP-over-IP file server for Windows NT Servers is set to ship soon. HybinetteIP is set to ship on April 5 from Hybinette, Inc., a prepress solutions vendor. HybinetteIP runs as a NT service and replaces Services for Macintosh.

AFP-over-IP service can be several times faster than AppleTalk. Two other similar products have been announced recently, MacServerIP from Cyan software (see next news item), and Intergraph's ExtremeZ-IP, expected to ship before June (see our news item of March 15 in our News Achieve). Windows 2000 Server, now set to ship in October, will also have AFP-over-IP file sharing for Mac clients.

Team ASA, not COPS, ships MacServerIP for NT in U.S. April 2, 1999 -- Team ASA Inc. has begun shipping MacServerIP (US $495 for 10 users), a replacement for Services for Macintosh from Cyan Software. This is a change, as previously, COPS had announced that it be the North American distributor of MacServerIP.

The server provides AppleShare-compatible (AFP) file service of TCP/IP for Mac clients. It also includes some features not found in SFM, such as support of CD-ROMs and removable media, sharing of non-NTFS volumes, and remote administration. For some reader test results, see our MacServerIP Reader Reports page.

Apple identifies 3 Windows client problems with AS IP. April 2, 1999 -- Apple has identified three new problems with Windows clients and AppleShare IP 6.1, but does not currently have solution for either problem. Apple says it is working on a fix for the bugs for the next AppleShare IP release.

  1. Tech Info Library article 24868 identifies a problem with PCs saving Quark XPress 4.04 for Windows to an AppleShare IP 6.1 server. Users get a an error message "Bad file format" when they try to open the file.
  2. Tech Info Library article 30938 reports a that when a user with Internet Explorer 4.0 for Windows does an FTP download with a guest connection, the server administrator sees an FTP connection that won't disconnect, even manually. Work around: use IE 5.0.
  3. Tech Info Library article 60207 reports of a file corruption problem with PowerPoint 97 files saved to ASIP 6.1 via an SMB connection. The file seems to save, but PowerPoint can't open the file. Apple says the bug is "partially solved by updating to PowerPoint 97 with Office 97 Service Release 2 (SR-2). Apple offers two work arounds: Locking the files before uploading them, and copying the files to a local driver and copying them back to the server.

QuickTime 3 for Windows bug causes freeze. April 2, 1999 -- Tech Info Library article 24872 says that QuickTime 3 for Windows will freeze when you try to open Movie Player when the required video drivers are not installed. The article offers two fixes.

AppleWorks 5 for Windows file saving problem. April 2, 1999 -- Tech Info Library article 30937 reports that saving AppleWorks 5 for Windows documents an SMB file server (such as NT Server of AppleShare IP) can give you a "disk is full" error message. The problem occurs only with files bigger than 1 MB. Apple recommends mapping a network drive to a drive letter in Windows to avoid the problem, or save the file to the local hard drive, and then copy the file to the server.

Update: reader comment on Exchange/Outlook. April 2, 1999 -- Sam Swett confirms a problem we've reported where Outlook temporarily hangs. He also proposes a cause, on our MS Exchange 5.5 SP2 page.

Reader corrects statement on Win NT SP4 problem. April 2, 1999 -- Erik Schils wrote to correct a statement he made that we published yesterday about Windows NT SP4 causing an error message. He elaborates on our Win NT Service Pack 4 page.

Linux Server for Mac G3 hardware. April 2, 1999 -- Terra Soft Solution is now shipping Yellow Dog Linux Champion Server, a Linux server for Macintosh G3 hardware. Champion server includes a software bundle of Apache web, SAMBA (file sharing for Windows clients), and Netatalk (file sharing for Mac clients) servers, and a web-based Install Support Manager, user GUI. A 2-CD set is available for $24.95 for 2 CDs, or for $ 54.95 with 30 days of support (other pricing options also available).

October 6 Ship Date set for Windows 2000. April 1, 1999 -- PC Week reports that Microsoft will ship Windows 2000 on October 6.

Cyan Responds to MacServerIP test results. April 1, 1999 -- Cyan Software GmbH has responded to a test report about MacServerIP from a competitor to Cyan. (We also have a more positive review from a reader.) MacIPServer is an AFP over IP file server for Windows NT. You can read Cyan's response on our MacServerIP Reader Reports page.

A Win NT SP4 caused mystery message. April 1, 1999 -- Erik.Schils wrote to tell us about a problem he had after installing Service Pack 4 on Win NT Workstations--stopping and starting Services for Macintosh fixed it. His message is on our Win NT Service Pack 4 page.

Update on reader reports on Outlook for Mac, Exchange 5.5 SP2. April 1, 1999-- We've updated our Exchange 5.5 SP 2 Reader Reports page with a message from Byrne Lovell, discusses accessing calendars and other topics.

March 1999

Macs can transmit Melissa virus, but don't suffer symptoms. March 29, 1999 -- The Melissa virus that has infected hundreds of thousands of computers around the world since being discovered last Friday is cross-platform, but only Windows suffers the symptoms. The Melissa virus is a Microsoft Word macro virus that uses Visual Basic for Applications to use MS Outlook to send an email message in your name to the people in your address book. The message contains an infected Word document with a list of pornographic web sites. Melissa takes over the Normal template, so any new Word files you create are infected.

On Macs, Melissa can't access access Outlook to send the mail. However, the virus does infect Mac Word 98, taking over the Normal template. Any Word 98 files created will be infected, and Mac users can pass infected files on to Windows users.

Symantec and others release fixes for Melissa. March 29, 1999 -- There are now remedies to block and detect the Melissa virus. Symantec released Melissa fixes for Norton AntiVirus for Windows (you can download it here).A ZDNet report lists other fixes as well.

Orange Micro offers 400 MHz AMD K6-III coprocessor. March 29, 1999 -- Orange Micro is now offering an Orange PC 660 card with a 400 MHz AMD K6-III processor. Current owners of OrangePC 660 and 620 cab upgrade their card to the new processor. The 660 card is a 12-inch PCI card that can run Windows 95/98/NT. A version for the "Blue and White" Power Mac G3, the OrangePC 665, is due in May.

TransMac 3.4c disk reader for Windows files NT problem. March 29, 1999 -- Acute Systems TransMac 3.4c (US $64) is a Windows utility that can read, write and format Macintosh high density diskettes, CD-ROMs, and SCSI drives. The new version 3.4c fixes a problem on NT machines with Zip drives. You can download TransMac 3.4c here or here.

Antarctican fixes NT SP4, SFM crashing problem. March 29, 1999 -- Dean Klein of Antarctica solved his NT blue-screen problem with Services for Macintosh. He simply reinstalled Service Pack 4, with SFM active--something Microsoft does not recommend. Meanwhile Richard Berg tells of a similar crashing problem with Service Pack 2. We've posted both their messages on our NT Unsolved Mysteries page.

Lismore posts update 2 for PowerEmulator. March 29, 1999 -- Lismore has released Update 2 to Blue Label PowerEmulator, which we reported on March 24 (see news item below). Bugs fixed include:

( Blue Label Power Emulator

MacWindows Compression Solutions Update: MacZip. March 29, 1999 -- We've added MacZip ,a new zipping utility, to the MacWindows Compression Solutions page. MacZip can compress and decompress in the PC-standard Zip format. MacZip is a free port of the Info-ZIP utility. (The old standard ZipIt is a shareware port of Info-ZIP.)

SAI updates DOS Mounter to 2.0. March 29, 1999 -- Software Architects Inc. has released DOS Mounter 98 2.0, a replacement for the Mac's PC Exchange. The new version adds native PowerPC drivers optimized for OS 8.5 for faster file access, drivers for both SCSI and IDE PC drives, and the ability to create HFS+ partitions. (We've updated our Disk Solutions page to reflect this new version.)

Responses to Antarctican NT crashing problem. March 29, 1999 -- In response to our item about NT SFM crashing problems by a network administrator at Palmer Station, Antarctica, serveral readers have written in with solutions.Many people mentioned virus protection programs. We have a tip about Virex and NAV on our Server Tips page, but several people also mentioned Inoculan. We've posted these new comments on our NT Unsolved Mysteries page.

Orange Micro to ship Blue and White G3 upgrades in May. March 29, 1999 -- Jim Palmer passed on a message from Orange Micro about compatibility of their Pentium coprocessor cards in the "Blue and White" G3. Current cards are incompatible, but the company had announced a new ASCI chip to upgrade 600 Series cards. Palmer asked about when the upgrade would be available and received this reply:

"The availability now for the ASIC chips is mid-May (approx May 10th.) I have 90% faith in this date. It was held up at production. We will take our final count for the first shipment by April 2nd, just in case you still want to place your order.

Diskeeper can defragment SFM volumes. March 29, 1999 -- There was a question some time ago about how to defragment Services for Macintosh volumns on NT Servers. Dave Gammage sends this message:

"I just got off the phone with Executive Software (Diskeeper), and they verified with me that version 4 of Diskeeper does, in fact, defragment SFM volumes. I was told it "will defragment most of the volumes". I have not tried it yet, but I am going to very soon. The only consequence I can think of is that the resource fork would be stripped, making all the files on the volume appear as generic documents."

NT SFM Crashing Mystery from Antarctica. March 26, 1999 -- We can now say that MacWindows has received email from every continent on the planet. We received an email message from Dean Klein, the network administrator for Palmer Station, Antarctica. His Antarctic NT Server crashes whenever a Mac tries to copy files to it. We've posted his message on our NT Unsolved Mysteries page. We sent him some suggestions, but if you'd like to help out the cause of Antarctic cross-platform networking, send us your suggestions. Another reader, Devon Copley, is having a similar problem. We've posted his message along with Klein's.

32-bit drivers for PC Compatibility Cards to go beta in June. March 26, 1999 -- Mark Fonnemann's Apples and Orange's site reports that FVDCS Inc., has come to an agreement with Apple, and expects to produce a beta of 32-bit driver software for Apple's old DOS and PC Compatibility card in June. The discontinued Apple, Reply, and Radius coprocessor cards can not run 32-bit Windows drivers. FVDCS is writing version 2.0 of the PC Setup software.

Update: Alternative viewpoints of MacServerIP beta. March 26, 1999 -- On March 19, we posted a reader's test report on a beta of MacServerIP, an IP file server for Windows NT for Mac clients. The report was mostly positive. However, we've now received two new reports from two other readers, reports that are less positive. Scott Christopher of Miramar Systems tested MacServerIP 6.1 against his own company's PC MACLAN for NT V4.1 and Thursby Systems DAVE 2.1. We've added these to the report page.

On the other hand, Hide Yoshida of COPS Japan sent us this on the latest version:

"The latest MacServerIP can support multiple Ethernet cards with multi-homing in an NT machine.You can allocate the memory mapping and network buffers for faster transfer between Mac and NT."

LaserWriter 8.6.1 doesn't fix NT SFM print problem. March 26, 1999 -- Wim de Lange reports that Apple LaserWriter driver 8.6.1 does not fix the problem that causes NT SFM to stop after 125 print jobs.

Dave Gammage found the problem beyond SFMPRINT, in Color Central spoolers on NT.

We've added both messages to the discussion on our Mac OS 8.5 cross-platform issues page.

More on SAMBA and Windows 98. March 26, 1999 -- Sean M. Brannon has more to add to the Microsoft tip about SAMBA and Windows 98 we reported on March 23, below:

"The Samba tip stating that Samba uses clear text passwords is not entirely correct. You can enable encrypted passwords (and which types, i.e. Lanman, NT, etc.) through switches in the smb.conf file. I have a stock (no apps installed or registry settings manually modified) Win98 box that has no problems connecting to Samba 1.9p18 or 2.x servers. Likewise with NT."

Mac OS X Server WebObjects incorrectly labeled for Win NT. March 26, 1999 -- Apple notes that the WebObjects CD-ROM that comes with Mac OS X Server is mistakenly labeled "for Windows NT." See Tech Info Library article 60182.

LaserWriter 8.6.1 released. March 25, 1999 -- Apple has posted and updated LaserWriter 8.6.1 driver for use with Mac OS 8.5.1. There is no mention of fixing the conflict with Windows NT Server we've been reporting, which cause the printer server to freeze. Apple says the only change is new "support for secure printing to the AppleShare IP 6.1 (or later) Print Server."

More on Mac LPR printing problem through NT. March 25, 1999 -- Jim Cowing commented on one of our NT Unsolved Mysteries which involves printing problems to NT Server via LPR. Cowing says the work around that Microsoft suggests also applies to HP printers.

Lismore to release another update for PowerEmulator. March 24, 1999 -- According to a source, Lismore is preparing to ship a second update to it's Blue Label PowerEmulator, possibly within days or weeks. The new update, to be called "Components Update 2," will fix the following problems, according to our source:

Lismore has also updated it's support page, providing some help with specific hardware problems. (Also see our Lismore reader comments page and PowerEmulator preview page.)

New text utility, TextSpresso 1.0, ships. March 24, 1999 -- Taylor Design released TextSpresso 1.0 ($29), a new text cleaning utility for Macintosh with 83 filters for automatic text processing, including converting text files between Mac and PC formats. We've added TextSpresso to our list of Mac file tools on our File Integration Solutions page.

InfoWave replaces PowerPrint Pro with new product. March 24, 1999 -- InfoWave's web site is reporting that a new product PowerPrint for Networks, is "coming soon." The company describes the product as " PowerPrint for Networks gives Mac users the freedom to print to virtually any PC printer on a network." This could also describe InfoWave's PowerPrint Pro, which Macintouch reports as being discontinued.

Virtual GameBoy 1.5 for Mac and Windows ships. March 24, 1999 -- Marat Fayzullin has released Virtual GameBoy 1.5 ( $35), a Nintendo GameBoy emulator for Mac OS and Windows. Among the new features is the ability to save the state of a game at any point during the game.

Adobe Postscript driver for Win NT crashes with AppleTalk. March 23, 1999 -- Greg Barry warns that the AdobePS 5.1 Postscript print driver for Windows NT released February 26 crashes with AppleTalk. He says this is indicated in the readme file:

"...a single paragraph says that using AppleTalk with the driver (instead of TCP/IP or DLC for HP Jetdirects) will cause blue screens....What this means is that if you have printers that only support AppleTalk you can not use the latest AdobePS driver. Adobe has no comment on why this is so or if they even care about doing a fix."

Blue World to port Lasso to Mac OS X Server. March 23, 1999 -- Blue World announced yesterday that will port its Lasso web database engine to Mac OS X Server. The company says a beta will go out before June and the final product will ship before the end of the year.

Word to Quark converter macro upgraded. March 23, 1999 -- XPress 4 Converter is a free Microsoft Word macro that converts Word files to Quark XPress files. It runs on both Word 97 for Windows and Word 98 for Mac. Version 1.2 has just been released.

New Tip: Sharing Epson inkjet with iMac & Windows. March 23, 1999 -- R. Nantelle sends us a method of sharing an Epson Stylus printer between and iMac and a Windows PC. You can read it here.

New Tip: Windows 98 and SAMBA. March 23, 1999 -- Windows 98 can't log onto SAMBA, an open source SMB file server supporting Windows clients on Linux, Mac OS X Server, and other UNIX variants. SAMBA servers use plain text passwords, while Win 98 sends only encrypted passwords. Microsoft recommends a Win 98 registry edit that enables plain text passwords:

Add the Registry entry EnablePlainTextPassword (reg Dword) 1 in this Registry location:


More on Windows NT Server slowdown. March 22, 1999 -- Recently, some readers pointed us to several known bugs that cause NT Server to slow down to a crawl, near 100 percent utilization. We moved our collection of comments from our NT Unsolved Mysteries page to our Server Tips page, since the issue was no longer unsolved. So we thought.

Over the past few days, other readers have sent in additional instances of this problem. We've posted these on the NT Unsolved Mysteries page, with a cross-link to the known solutions on the Server Tips page.

Seagate NT software causes pause for Mac clients. March 22, 1999 -- Frequent contributor John Wolf reports a newly confirmed problem with Seagate's Storage Migrator for Windows NT software. It interferes with Services for Macintosh, causing 10-to-15 second pauses in Macs. From Seagate:

"Until further notice, Seagate Software does not recommend the installation of the Storage Migrator products into a network environment that includes SFM and multiple AppleShare clients."

NT SP4 conflict with NIC prevents Macs from seeing server. March 22, 1999 --There is a known conflict between Windows NT Service Pack 4 the Intel EtherExpress 8/16 that prevents Mac clients from accessing SFM files. We've described it on our Win NT Service Pack 4 page. Microsoft has a fix, but has not posted it. You need to call Microsoft. Thanks to Brian Mark for bringing this to our attention.

More reader reports on Blue Label PowerEmulator. March 22, 1999 -- We posted the latest batch of reader reports on the $20 Lismore Blue Label PowerEmulator, several with some useful tips on how to get it working.

New twist on the NT printing bug in Mac OS 8.6. March 22, 1999 -- Wim de Lange finds that printing 126 print jobs to Windows NT from Mac OS 8.5.1 stops the printing service on the NT server. (This is the same problem caused by printing with LaserWriter driver 8.6.) We've added Lange's comments to our Mac OS 8.5 cross-platform issues page. Lange is with Intergraph Computer Systems in the Netherlands.

Samba for Mac OS X Server available for SMB Win clients. March 19, 1999 -- Apple reports that SAMBA for Mac OS Server is now available and works on Apple's new UNIX-based OS to support Windows clients. SAMBA is an open source implementation of Microsoft's SMB/CIFS file sharing for Windows clients.

Beta of MacServerIP for Win NT looks promising. March 19, 1999 -- Reader Bob Burke has sent us a report on tests with MacServerIP, a beta of AFP-over-IP file server for Windows NT Server. Burke found it easy to install, and significantly faster than Services for Macintosh over AppleTalk.

MacServerIP is expected to ship next week. Another product from Intergraph, ExtremeZ-IP, is expected to ship before June (see our news item of March 15 below).

Reader has problems with Lismore PowerEmulator update. March 19, 1999 -- Detlef Beyer has installed the Update 1 for Blue Label PowerEmulator, but is still having problems. We've added his report to our Lismore reports from readers page.

Helios to port servers to Linux and Windows 2000. March 19, 1999 -- Helios is now shipping a Linux version of EtherShare 2.5, EtherShare OPI 2.0, PDF Handshake and Print Preview AppleShare-compatible products for the Intel platform. Helios PCShare 3 for Windows clients will be available for Linux later this summer. Helios currently has versions for UNIX and Mac OS X.

Helios also announced that it will ship Windows 2000 versions of its server software:

"The HELIOS EtherShare networking products will use the Windows 2000 built-in SFM AFP and CIFS server to support Macintosh and Windows clients. EtherShare will use its well-known print spooling which includes a font server, printer drivers, LPD-compatible spooling with remote administration."

Update to ODBC/SQL Plugin for FileMaker Pro 4.X for Mac and Win. March 19, 1999 -- Professional Data Management has released version 1.2 of its ODBC/SQL Plugin for FileMaker Pro 4.X ($ 89 for one user) for Mac OS and Windows. The ODBC Plugin enables FileMaker Pro to retrieve, update and insert data into ODBC and SQL databases. The new version includes several new features, such as the ability to handle images, faster data transfer speed from FileMaker to the database, and improved transaction handling.

Fujitsu to ship PCs preinstalled with BeOS in Europe. March 19, 1999 -- Fujitsu Computers will ship Be OS with its Silverline 450 MHZ and 500 MHz Pentium III PCs in Europe in May. A dual boot option will allow users to install Windows or Linux as well.

Print-your-own version of MacWeek to emerge in PDF. March 19, 1999 -- Computer Advertisers Media Advisor reports that Mac Publishing LLC CEO Colin Crawford said that MacWEEK well be offered as a 12-page PDF file to users who register. As with the now defunct print magazine, the PDF MacWeek will be free. The MacWeek web site will continue to operate.

Apple releases Mac OS X Server as open source. March 17, 1999 -- Apple has released Mac OS X Server ($499--half the price announced in January). The new product is combination of a UNIX-based Mach kernel and BSD 4.4, as well as network services for Mac clients. (See our Macworld Expo report for more on Mac OS X Server features.), Apple claims Mac OS X Server pre-configured on Power Mac G3 ($4999) is the fastest Apache web server for under $5000. (See also Apple press release.)

SMB file sharing support for Windows clients is not included. Apple's Director of OS Technologies Ken Bereskin told us in January that the open source SAMBA, should be able to run on Mac OS X Server. He also said build-in SMB support was a possible future feature.

Apple also made core portions of Mac OS X available as open source in a release called Darwin. Within a few weeks, Apple will offer free downloads of the Darwin source code, which Apple says includes:

"the foundation layer of Mac OS X Server, including enhancements to the Mach 2.5 microkernel and BSD 4.4 operating system, as well as core Apple technologies like AppleTalk, HFS+ file system and the NetInfo distributed database."

With open source code, such as Linux, developers post any modifications and advances they add to the software to the community. (See also Apple press release.)

Lismore release first bug fix update for PowerEmulator. March 17, 1999 -- As we reported would happen yesterday, Lismore Systems has posted Update 1 of its Blue Label PowerEmulator. The update fixes:

Meanwhile, Chris Carlton has sent us another detailed report, which we've to our Lismore reports from readers page.

NT Tip Update: Windows NT Server slow-down problems. March 17, 1999 -- Readers have sent us several more solutions to problems with Windows NT Server slowing down to a crawl, near 100 percent utilization. We've posted these solutions, as well as consolidated information that we had on our NT Unsolved Mysteries page and our Server Tips page. You can now find all of the information on the Server Tips page. To summarize:

More on slow Mac client file transfers. March 17, 1999 -- A reader has responded to the posting on our Mac OS 8.5 Cross-Platform Issues page about file transfers on OS 8.5 machines getting slow. But for Jeff Lucia, it's not an Ethernet driver problem.

Quark/Scitex Spot Colour XTension and NT Server. March 17, 1999 -- Thomas Evers has some ideas on the problem we've reported concerning Quark XPress and the Scitex Spot Colour XTension running on NT Server.

New cross-platform Laptop computer web site. March 17, 1999 -- Laptop Guide is a new searchable database with technical information on Windows and Mac OS laptop computers.

Source confirms Blue Label Power Emulator bugs, update due soon. March 16, 1999 -- A source who wishes to remain unidentified reports that the just released Lismore Blue Label Power Emulator has known incompatibility with iMac rev B,C and B&W G3, and bugs with creating hard drive images, and some others. He also tells us that a new release will fix all of these bugs soon.

More reader reports about the Blue Label Power Emulator. March 16, 1999 -- We've updated our Lismore reader reports page concerning the new Blue Label Power Emulator with a few more reader reports. As with yesterday, the reaction is mixed.

New Internet connection-sharing software works with mixed platforms. March 16, 1999 -- A few weeks ago, MiraLink released the Nshare Internet Connection Expander ($99.95 for an unlimited number of clients), Windows software that enables multiple computers to share an Internet connection, but is not a proxy server. (It's pitched as a home or small office solution.) We've added it to our Network Solutions page.

A reader (who didn't give us his or her name) tried it on a cross-platform network with good results:

"I'm just coming to the end of searching for a workable solution. I installed Nshare on the NT server from Miralink and its working perfectly on all the PC and Mac clients I have, including ICQ and Hotline."

Tip: Running Windows MIDI software in SoftWindows. March 16, 1999 -- Adam Schabtach has a web page describing how run MIDI on SoftWindows:

"It describes how I'm using a somewhat novel hardware hack to run Windows MIDI software under SoftWindows. While the article was written for a specific audience using a specific MIDI synthesizer and its accompanying software, and hence is rather jargon-laden, the method I use is applicable to other MIDI software."

Readers give Blue Label PowerEmulator mixed reviews. March 15, 1999 -- Since the new PC emulator for Macintosh, the Lismore Blue Label PowerEmulator started shipping last week, several readers have sent in report, which we've posted on a new reader Lismore reports page. So far, the reactions are mixed. (You can also read our preview with screen shots.) Some readers give the emulator high marks, others are more critical.

Better solution to OS 8.5/NT print server conflict. March 15, 1999 -- Sascha Ballweg wrote to say that the work-around to the LaserWriter 8.6-NT SFMPRINT conflict that we've mentioned has drawbacks. Back-stepping to LaserWriter 8.5.1 works, but as Ballweg points out, you loose certain features, such as custom page sizes where the width is greater than the height. The solution--use Adobe's PSPrinter Postscript driver, which offers more features. It's been working for more Ballweg for over two weeks.

Intergraph adds AppleShare over IP to Windows NT. March 15, 1999 --Intergraph, a maker of NT server PCs aimed at Macintosh environments, has announced ExtremeZ-IP, software for Windows NT that adds AppleShare (AFP) over TCP/IP file serving for Mac clients. The company claims that ExtremeZ-IP delivers up to three-times the performance of AFP over AppleTalk (a figure that is in line with what we have seen for AFP over IP servers). ExtremeZ-IP is expected to ship in the second quarter for $999 for the NT Server version, and $299 for an NT workstation version. The software will also be available in bundles with Intergraph's ExtremeZ server PCs.

(Thanks to Stephen L. Starkman and Phil Thomas for pointing us to this announcement.)

File Solutions update: Transverter Pro file translators. March 15, 1999 --We've updated our File Solutions page to include several newer versions of TechPool Software's graphics file converter utility, Transverter Pro. There's a Transverter Pro Plus, plug-ins for Quark, Photoshop, and painter, and Painter, and Windows versions of everything. (We've also added contact info.)

Apple offers VirtualPC/PowerBook bundle. March 15, 1999 -- Apple is offering a special promotion for its PowerBook G3 Series line (starting at a reduced price of U.S.$1999). Through April 30, buyers get a choices of a free copy of Virtual PC 2.1 with Windows 98 or 64 MB of additional RAM at no cost. The deal is valid for all PowerBook G3 models, including 233, 266 and 300 MHz models.

Keyboard Solutions update: cross-platform keyboards in KVM switch. March 15, 1999 -- We've added Magenta Research's cross-platform KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switches to our Keyboard Solutions page. The switches go from 2-ports to 8-ports, and support PS2, Sun5, Macintosh (ADB) or Dec LK 201/401 keyboards, including the Windows 95/NT4 keyboards, as well as supporting the different computers. (Most similar products only support PC keyboards.) You can also put it all in drawer--pull the drawer out, lift up the display and connect to any one of eight computers.

Connectix revs Virtual Game Station despite new restraining order. March 15, 1999-- Connectix has posted and upgrade for Virtual Game Station 1.2. The update of the Sony PlayStation emulator for Mac OS is good news and bad news for Sony, which is suing Connectix for violation of intellectual property rights. The good news (for Sony ) is beefed up anti-piracy production. The bad news is support of more Sony games (200), which is good news for users. It also now supports the DexDrive saved-game format.

This upgrade was released in the shadow of a temporary restraining order granted to Sony by a U.S. District Court Judge in San Francisco. The order blocks Connectix from developing the Windows version in the next 20 days, according to a report by ZDNet. Connectix claims the restraining order does not stop them from further development.

PC MACLAN problem with BB EDIT. March 15, 1999-- Miramar Systems reports a problem and some solutions with BB Edit and PC MACLAN AppleShare product for Windows. A summary from Miramar:

"Problems may occur while saving files to a PC MACLAN server from the Mac application BBEdit. Corruption of the file server database will result. When a file is saved using the "save as" function while in BBEdit any future attempts to save documents will be met with server errors or out of disk space errors."

Microsoft talks about future Mac releases. March 15, 1999-- Microsoft's MacTopia web site has some information about future releases of Mac software as discussed by Ben Waldman, Manager of MS's Macintosh Business Unit.

PCWeek looks at the Windows 2000 schedule. March 15, 1999-- An balanced PCWeek story looks at the state of the release of Microsoft's Windows 2000 in light of several factors, including action by the U.S. Justice Department.

Lismore ships Blue Label Power Emulator. March 12,1999 -- After several years of promising a PC emulator for Mac Lismore Software Systems is now shipping the Blue Label Power Emulator for $19.95 without Windows or DOS. (For a look at the new emulator, see our Blue Label Power Emulator preview, posted two weeks ago.)

New Tip: Seagate changes NT registry setting for the worse. March 12,1999 -- Richard Pape, a Mac-Windows integrator at Allsysgo, sent us a tip about undoing some damage to Windows NT caused by Seagate's Backup Exec software. We've post the tip on the MacWindows Server Tips page.

Apple posts Web Objects bug fix for all platforms. March 12,1999 -- Apple has posted Enterprise Objects Framework 2.2 patch 1 for Mach, Windows NT, Solaris, and HP-UX. The update incorporates a long list of bug fixes, including those in the WebObjects 3.5.1 Database Adaptor Patches and the WebObjects Java Patch 2. Apple also has a list of Web Objects patches at article 70037.

Mac drivers for Microsoft and Interex PC USB keyboards. March 12,1999 -- Developer Khalid Shakir has posted a Macintosh drver for Microsoft's Natural Keyboard Elite USB. He says:

"This driver moves the Open-Apple and Option keys to a more familiar position for Mac users. Also, the PC Application key has been remapped to a power key, that can be used for shutdown, restarting, sleeping and entering debuggers."

Additionally, Interex has posted a Mac driver v 1.0.2 for it's USB Scrolling Mouse. The "scroller roller" feature that several PC mice have had has been rare on Mac mice. The ought-2 version fixes bugs and adds support for scrolling in more Mac applications.

Microsoft porting MS Office to Linux. March 12,1999 -- PC Week reported rumors that Microsoft is porting MS Office to Linux. The story says that developers are reporting that the Microsoft is currently working on the project.

AppleShare IP 6.1.1 conflicts with ATTO SCSI card. March 12,1999 -- Apple Tech Info Library article 30919 reports that the ATTO SCSI card in a Mac server will prevent AppleShare IP 6.1.1 Web and File Server from starting up. The problem is the card's firmware. You need at least ATTO driver version 1.3.4, just posted on March 9, to enable the Web and File Server to run properly.

Apple posts troubleshooting info for LPR printing with AppleShare IP. March 12,1999 -- Apple Tech Info Library article 30921 provides some trouble-shooting tips for LPR (TCP/IP) printing with AppleShare IP 6 Print Server. It includes some brief instructions on adding network printers to a Windows server NT server.

AppleShare IP disconnect message doesn't work with latest clients. March 12,1999 -- Apple Tech Info Library article 58292 reports that in order for Mac users to receive a message that they are being disconnected from the server to inactivity, they must be running AppleShare client 3.7.4 or earlier. With v3.8 will be disconnected, but won't receive the warning message.

Insignia SoftWindows Update supports USB. March 10,1999 -- Insignia Solutions has posted a v5.0.5 upgrade to SoftWindows 95 and SoftWindows 98. The free upgrade adds support for USB drives such as the iMation SuperDrive, and lets you create larger virtual hard drives, now up to 2 GB.

Win NT Service Pack 5 set for second quarter. March 10,1999 -- According to a ZDNet report, Microsoft will release NT Service Pack 5 before June. The story says that an early version of SP5 has gone out to a small group of beta testers.

Miramar giving away copies of PC MacLAN. March 10,1999 -- Miramar Systems is giving away a copy of PC MacLAN every week. PC MacLAN is the company's AppleTalk-based file/print sharing software for Windows. To enter the contest, download a demo version of PC MacLAN for Windows 95/98 or Windows NT at the Miramar web site.

DataViz ships Documents to Go 2.0, cross-platform Palm tool. March 10,1999 -- DataViz has shipped Documents to Go 2.0 ($39.95), which connects Windows 95/98/NT and Macintosh to a Palm Organizer. It enables you to view PC or Mac word processing and spreadsheet files on a Palm Organizer.

Lemke releases Graphics Converter 3.6 March 10,1999 -- Lemke Software has released Graphics Converter 3.6, a new version of its shareware utility for converting graphics files from multiple platforms. The new version adds some new formats, fixes bugs, and adds some new minor features.

Two NT Unsolved Mysteries solved. March 4,1999 -- John Wolf has solved two of our NT unsolved mysteries: a problem where Illustrator files won't open, and a problem with Word 8 files locking up.

New NT Unsolved Mystery. March 4,1999 -- John Wolf discovered another problem that causes NT Server to intermittently slow to a crawl (system usage 97 percent). He's not sure what's causing it,but turning certain tasks off seems to fix the problem. You can read about it on our NT Unsolved Mysteries page.

New Tip: Mac client slow down after adding OS 8.5. March 4,1999 -- There is a known problem with OS 8.5 that causes network transfer rates transfer rates to dramatically drop after upgrading. The problem is not a server problem, but is caused by the OS 8.5 installer occurs when Farallon or Asante Ethernet cards are present. Turning off the Apple Enet extension in the Extensions Manager fixes the problem. More details on our Mac OS 8.5 cross-platform issues page.

Cross-platform EPS converter posted. March 4,1999 -- EPSMover ($14.95) is a Mac shareware utility that can convert between PC and Mac EPS files.

Installing Linux on Macintosh. March 4,1999 -- ZDnet has an article by Todd Stauffer on running and installing Linux on Macintosh.

Apple admits problem with LaserWriter 8.6, but only partially. March 4,1999 -- Apple has posted a Tech Info Library article 24830 reporting a problem with LaserWriter 8.6 printing to a GCC printer. The article recommends replacing the driver with version 8.5.1. There is no mention of the printing problems to Windows NT Server and other destinations that we've been reporting here. I our case, LaserWriter 8.5.1 also fixes the problem.

Apple ships ColorSync SDK for Windows. March 4,1999 -- Apple announced that ColorSync Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows is now available. However, there is no information about it yet at Apple's web site. Apple also announced that ColorSync 3 will ship simultaneously for Windows and Macintosh later this year. This will be the first Windows version of the color management system.

Mac OS X Server to ship soon. March 4,1999 -- An Apple press release says Mac OS X Server will ship with the next few weeks. The software was supposed to have shipped last month. The server will run on Power Macintosh G3 or Macintosh Server G3 hardware.

More NT SP4 problems: Mac volume creation and print spooling. March 3,1999 -- Microsoft recently posted Knowledge Base articles on two known problems with Windows NT Server 4 Service Pack 4.Article Q216952 describes a problem when creating a new Mac volume after creating a new Macintosh after you install Service Pack 4. The problem produces an error message and requires a server reboot. Article Q201730 discusses a problem with the LPD (TCP/IP) print server. After installing SP4, Postscript print spooling hogs the CPU, slowing the LPD to a virtual stop. Microsoft recommends replacing the SP4 version of lpdsvc.dll with the version from Service Pack 3. (The path is winnt\system32\lpdsvc.dll)

(Thanks to Scott Krajewski for alerting us to these articles.)

Microsoft releases hotfix for NT SP4 security problem with Win, Mac clients. March 3,1999 -- Last month Microsoft posted a hot fix for a security problem in NT 4 Service Pack 4. The problem enables Mac and Windows clients to use a blank password to log on to the server and connect to shared volumes. Microsoft calls the the bug a "logic error in Service Pack 4." (Thanks to Soren Schmidt for alerting us to this hotfix. Schmidt experienced the problem after he installed SP4.)

LaserWriter 8.6 bug goes beyond NT. March 3,1999 -- Reader Rault Kehlor has seen problems with LaserWriter 8.6 and File Maker Pro. He gets repeatably gets error messages when trying to print databases directly to a printer. LaserWriter 8.5.1 drivers fixed the problem. Readers began reporting the problem with Windows NT Server printer, which causes MacPrint to halt, but it's also been reported with AppleShare IP print server. You can read Kehlor's new comments and the older reports at our Mac OS 8.5 Cross-Platform Issues page.

Keith Bumgarner of TechInfo, Inc. has not experienced the problem. He would like people who have to email him about it. He'd like to get more information about it.

Virtual PC electronic registration crashes Blue and White G3. March 3,1999 -- MacFixIt reports that the electronic registration program that comes with all versions of Virtual PC is not compatible with the new Blue and White Power Mac G3.

Xinet ships Mac OS X Server ports of its publishing server. March 2,1999 -- Xinet Inc. is now shipping a port of its UNIX-based FullPress prepress server software to Apple's Mac OS X Server. The software includes AppleShare-compatible file sharing for Mac clients and an OPI server. Xinet claims to get client throughput of 5.3 MB per second "under full load" with the new port.

Xinet also announced that it is shipping the a new 9.04 version of FullPress for UNIX, as well as WebNative v1.04, a graphics arts server fro web production. FullPress 9.04 adds a Java graphical user interface for administration from any platform, as well as enhancements to security. WebNative 1.0.4 adds a This watermarking capability.

The Mac OS X port of FullPress is being demonstrated at Booth #432 at the Seybold conference in Boston this week.

OSBooster claims to improve emulator speeds on pre-G3 Macs. March 2,1999 -- OSBooster ($35) from Cogco International UK is a shareware utility that is supposed to speed up Virtual PC, SoftWindows, or RealPC on non-G3 Macs. (The current 1.0.3 version is incompatible with G3 Macs). With OSBooster installed, the utility will boot your Mac directly into the emulator when you hold the backspace key down during startup. The company says OSBooster will " launch your application as the only process running in the largest possible partition." However, in the past, Connectix has told us that quitting the Finder does not make Virtual PC run faster. (Thanks to Chuck Wohlfarth for bringing this to our attention.)

Cross-platform PDF tools. March 2,1999 -- Lantana Research Software Corporation announced a new version of PDF PowerPack II ( $1499), a bundle of Lantana's professional PDF publishing and printing tools that include Enfocus PitStop 4.0 (preflight and editing), Quite Imposing Plus (PDF-based imposition), OPI Doctor (OPI & image management) and Crackerjack™ 3.0 (output control) from Lantana. The new version accesses new features in Adobe Acrobat 4.0 and will ship for Mac and Windows in the second quarter of 1999.

Cross-platform USB restrictions. March 2,1999 -- Brian Durant points out that InfoWave's PowerPrint USB (Mac printer drivers for PC PCL printers) won't support Macs with Keyspan's USB Card. PowerPrint USB on runs on iMacs and the Blue and White G3's. Durant also passed on some info about PC keyboards and the Keyspan card:

"Macally states that they as of yet don't know if their Win 9.X products (beige versions) of their iMac keyboard and mouse support the Keyspan USB cards on Mac OS computers, but that they will investigate."

Apple posts Win NT-to-OpenStep/WebObjects info. March 2,1999 -- Apple Tech Info Library article 70034 describes a procedure for linking a Windows NT DLL "into a compiled OPENSTEP Enterprise 4.1 application on Windows NT. The procedure also applies to WebObjects version 3.0 on Windows NT."

ASCII Converter 1.2 available. March 2,1999 -- ASCII converter 1.2 ($10) is Mac software that converts the ASCII tables of Windows and Mac text files, including characters with accents. Version 1.1 was only posted a few weeks ago, but there's no mention of what's new in this version.

Aladdin Ships Expander for Windows 5.0, x-platform compression. March 1,1999 --Aladdin Systems has posted it's free .SIT (StuffIt) and .ZIP decompression and decoding utility, Aladdin Expander 5.0 for Windows. The new version for Windows 95/98/NT (which supports 32-bit long file names) adds the ability to decompress StuffIt 5.X archives (.sit), the ability to decode MacBinary III encoded files. Expander for Windows can also decode and decompress a variety of PC, Mac, and UNIX formats.

Helios announces PC Share 3.0 and a Mac OS X version March 1,1999 -- Helios has announced three new cross-platform products. PC Share 3.0, an SMB/CIFS file/print server for UNIX supporting Windows clients, will ship this summer. To the network, a PC Share 3.0 UNIX server looks like a Windows NT server, and includes WINS and WINS proxy name server and DHCP main and backup server.

Today, Helios is demonstrating ports of its server products to Mac OS X Server at the Boston Seybold conference starting today. The ported products include EtherShare, EtherShare OPI, PDF Handshake, and Print Preview. Mac OS X Server, which is based on Apple's discontinued Rhapsody project, was to have shipped in February, according to Apple. However, it has not, and Apple has not announced a new ship date.

At the Seybold conference, Helios will be at Apple's booth #2105 and at the SGI booth #506 in the Hynes Convention Center.

MacBochs update. March 1,1999 -- MacBochs Version .990219, the latest version of a shareware x86 PC emulator, has been posted. MacBochs now comes with a FreeDOS hard disk image you can use to boot MacBochs for the first time. The new version adds right mouse button emulation (command-click), and can read Linux-formatted floppy disks. There's also preliminary support for 680x0 Macs.

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