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March 1998

QuickTime 3.0 ships cross-platform. 3/31/98 -- Apple has shipped QuickTime 3.0 , multimedia software for Mac OS, Windows 95 and Windows NT. (See Apple press release.) QuickTime 3 can play back of over 30 Macintosh and Windows audio and video file formats (including AVI) on either platform. It also offers real-time streaming of audio or video without the use of a special server. Mac and Windows users can download QuickTime 3.0 , or download a free upgrade.

QuickTime 3 Pro, which has an enhance playback authoring environment, is available for for $29.99. It features full screen video playback, the ability to save in JPEG, BMP, Photoshop, PICT, and other formats, and preparation and compression of content for streaming delivery from any web server.

New Apple Tip: Installing QuickTime 3 Plugin for Windows, 3/31/98 -- Apple Tech Info Library article 24443 details the procedure for installing QuickTime Plug-in 2.0 (that is part of QuickTime 3.0) for Windows. Basically, you need to remove some .dll files before installing the plugin.

Outlook on Outlook for Mac. 3/30/98 -- Several readers responded to Patrick Leyden's report about Outlook from the Exchange 5.5 CD and Mac OS 8.0/8.1 (see News item 3/27/98 below). John Wolf says that although the readme file that comes with Outlook states that Outlook is not supported under Mac OS 8, he has been using it successfully for over a month under Mac OS 8.1. He says:

"I can't speak for 8.0, but I have been speaking with tech support at Microsoft, they stated that it was a matter of Outlook not having been tested with 8.X, not that it didn't work with 8.X."

Michael Buckbee of said this:

"I have been using Outlook Exchange Server Edition on my Mac with OS 8.1 for almost 2 months now (we are a Microsoft Developer and I snagged the beta), it has some serious limitations as compared to the Outlook 8.03 for Windows. Notably, only the messaging aspects of the product work properly, the calendar, notes, and contacts do not. This is clearly documented in the support literature as Microsoft has said that this version is only an "interim" product."

Other readers had similar experiences, saying that they could run Outlook on OS 8.1, but that it did not have the capabilities of Outlook for Windows.

Orange Micro says "no problem with Office 98." 3/30/98 -- Orange Micro Customer Service Manager Ed Garcia responded to the problem reported by Phil St-Louis on 3/27/98.

"I have not been able to successfully duplicate this problem at all. I have installed every component of Office 98 that I could find on the Office 98 CD-ROM... Phil is the only customer that has reported this issue. However; I will continue my effort to find a solution to his problem."

Office 98 update: problems with Mac-Windows integration. 3/27/98 --

Office 98, OrangePC card on G3. MacWindows reader Phil St-Louis reports a problem with Office 98 and an Orange Micro OrangePC 540 card with 233 MHz Pentium MMX on his G3/266. He says that with Office 98 installed, the Orange Micro software 2.2 or 3b2 both freeze as soon as Windows starts up, and he can't switch back into Macintosh mode. Reinstalling Mac OS 8 and then 8.1 and reinstalling Office 98 did not help.

"I tried trashing the Orange micro application and virtual disk and reinstalling (with Office 98 still installed). This results in another freeze in which there is no keyboard response. So it becomes impossible to reinstall the Windows 95 operating system."

Office 98 and MacLink Plus. MacFixit reports a problem with Microsoft Office 98 and MacLink Plus, where double-clicking a Word 98 file caused MacLink Plus 9.7 to convert the file to a Word 6 for Mac. Rebuilding the desktop fixed the problem.

MS Outlook and Mac OS 8.0, 8.1. This one isn't an Office 98 problem, but is related. MacWindows reader Patrick Leyden reports that the version of Microsoft Outlook on the Exchange 5.5 CD-ROM does not work with OS 8 or 8.1. He says Microsoft claims it's an Apple problem.

Insignia releases Updaters for SoftWindows 95 5.0.3 and RealPC 1.0.3. 3/27/98 -- You can now download updaters for SoftWindows 95 5.0.3 and RealPC 1.0.3. The x.0.3 versions include 3Dfx graphics cards support, so you don't need a separate updater. Both updates include "preliminary support" for Windows 98, and you can now record sound within Real PC. Both updates support plug and play joysticks within Windows 95 and both will display the type of joystick that is attached. There are numerous bug fixes, including fixes specific to many different DOS and Windows games.

Apple posts new Windows 95 printer drivers for LaserWriters. 3/27/98 -- Apple has posted the new version 4.2.2 LaserWriter drivers for Windows 95. The software works with the LaserWriter 8500, Color LaserWriter 12/660 PS, Color LaserWriter 12/600 PS, LaserWriter 12/640 PS, LaserWriter 16/600 PS, LaserWriter Pro 600, LaserWriter Pro 630, and LaserWriter Select 360.

Timex Watch update: Virtual PC 2.0 fails to work. 3/27/98 -- Mark Booth who found he could use Real PC 1.0 to program the Timex Datalink watch, has discovered that Virtual PC 2.0 won't run the software. Booth said his initial tests indicate that Virtual PC 2.0 does not support fast enough screen update when attempting to use the Timex DataLink software to successfully program a DataLink Watch. He also experienced a few "General Protection CRT Fault" error messages in some video modes. Some of them would seem to work but then fail during the actual programming of the watch.

New tip: Macs hanging while connected to NT server. 3/25/98 -- We have a new tip about the issues of Macintosh clients temporarily "hanging" or freezing when connected to a Windows NT server. Based on some research and some tips from readers, it turns out there can be several sources of this problem. See MacWindows Server Tips for details.

New Tip: Files disappear from Win NT server volumes mounted on Macs 3/25/98 -- Several readers have reported a problem with Services for Macintosh on Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0, where files on the mount server volume on Mac clients disappear, but are still visible on Windows clients and from the server. This is an acknowledged Microsoft bug that was fixed with Windows NT Service Pack 3 for Windows NT 4.0. For more information, see MacWindows Server Tips.

Free utilities transfer data from Mac to Timex Watch. 3/25/98 -- Running the Windows-only Timix DataLink software is one way to us a Mac to program the watch (see MacWindows Tips), but there are a now a couple of free utilities that let you program the watch under Mac OS. You can download version 0.9 beta 1 of John Hall's Mac DataLink, which lets you enter appointments, anniversaries, phone numbers, to do's, and other items into the watch from a Mac. (You can also set the time.) Aron Nelson's DataLinker a program that transfers data from Now Up-To-Data/Now Contact running under Mac OS to the Timex Data Link 150 watch.

New Tip: Speeding up Windows NT servers for Mac clients. 3/24/98 -- I've compiled a list of tips for speeding up Windows NT servers running Services for Mac which readers have sent in. This new Tips entree includes responses to my question on 2/26 about how to raise the priority of the SFM service from normal to high. The list isn't complete, as I'm still going through a back-log of email, but if you have a speed tip that works, please let us know.

Apple Tip: Running Windows 95 at 800 x 600 on DOS Compatibility Card. 3/24/98 -- An new Apple Technical Information Library article, number 24430, tells you how to run Windows 95 at 800 x 600 resolution on the DOS Compatibility Card. The card, an early card that predates the PC Compatibility Card, does not technically support Windows 95 because the video drivers that came with the card are for Windows 3.1. This tip offers a work around.

Adobe Premier to go cross-platform. 3/24/98 -- Version 5.0 of Adobe Premier, ( $895) a video editing application, will be released for Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, as well the Power Macintosh in May 1998. Adobe promises "complete compatibility" and file compatibility across the three platforms, which will all support Apple QuickTime 3.0 and Microsoft DirectShow.

Updates to MacWindows Solutions 3/23/98 --We've updated the product listings in the MacWindows Solutions department with new entries. These aren't necessarily new products, but they haven't been listed in Solutions before, and fit within our mission of enabling Macintosh-Windows integration.

Keyboard Solutions page We've started a listing of Macintosh mice that work well as 2-button PC mice when running Windows or DOS via emulation or compatibility card. We only have 2 entries now, so if you're using a mouse for Windows emulation that works well, let us know.

Compression Solutions Page We've added a couple of free compression utilities for Mac, MacGzip and UnZip.

Operating Systems Solutions Page A new entree, NetBSD, is a free Unix available for multiple platforms. We've also updated the information for Virtual PC 2.0, SoftWindows 95 5.0, and RealPC 1.0.2.

File Translation Solutions Page We've added Altura Software's QuickHelp, a way to port Windows WinHelp on-line documentation on Mac OS.

Network Solutions Page A new entry, Sagem PPP 2.0, enables a LAN of Mac and Windows to access Internet over ISDN. Installs on Mac with a single Sagem Planet ISDN GeoPort adapter (S.P.I.G.A.) or Planet ISDN board.

Insignia responds to RealPC, Timex watch issue. 3/23/98 -- Insignia Solutions has responded to our 3/19/98 news item (see below) that Mark Booth's tip on using Real PC to program the Timex Datalink watch no longer works with RealPC 1.0.2. Product Manger Leigh Dworkin believes that the problem is one of timing, and that RealPC 1.0.2 is too fast for the Timex software on Booth's Mac:

"We added some graphics improvements to the SVGA, Vesa and DirectX graphics in this version, which has meant that our games benchmarks show RealPC to be better than VPC (1.0) in every test.

"From Mark's previous findings, support of the Timex Datalink was only on certain Macs at certain resolutions, so the program is obvously very timing sensitive. Unfortunately, our speed up must have pushed the graphics out of the window of where it works. There is probably a slower machine where this works on 1.0.2 now.

"The bottom line is that it has stopped working on this person's Mac, which is a great shame, but at least with the free upgrade to 1.0.2, he can get at 1.0 for Timex and use 1.0.2 for the best games performance if his PC needs increase."

New MacWindows Tip: 1-to-1 PC MacLAN without a hub. 3/20/98 -- Bruce Epstein of Zeus Productions sent us information on how to use PC MacLAN to network a Mac and a PC without an Ethernet hub, using a cross-over cable. See MacWindows Tips for details.

Miramar shows AppleShare IP support for PC MacLAN for Win 95. 3/20/98 -- At the Seybold show in New York, Miramar Systems for the first time demonstrated a beta version of its PC MacLAN for Windows 95 networking software running over IP networks. This upgrade will enable Windows 95 PCs to access AppleShare IP 5.0 servers. Currently, PC MacLAN connects Macs and Windows over AppleTalk networks.

Be ships BeOS for Intel. 3/20/98 -- Be, Inc., shipped its first version of BeOS to run on Pentium-based PCs, Be Operating System Release 3 ( $99.95 list, $69.95 introductory pricing for a limited time ). BeOS runs on PCs with Pentium, Pentium MMX, Pentium Pro, and Pentium II processors.The PowerPC version Release 3 will ship on April 20. Jean-Louis Gassée, CEO of Be once again compared BeOS to Linux. "Just as Linux is the specialty OS for the Internet, the BeOS is a specialty OS for digital video and audio, designed to run alongside general purpose OSes like Windows 95 and the Mac OS. Be says their are 5700 registered Be developers and a million copies of the BeOS distributed.

Apple tip: connection a Mac and Windows PC to the same Color StyleWriter 6500. 3/20/98 -- Apple Technical Information Library Article ID 30448 discusses how to connect both a PC and a Macintosh to the Color StyleWriter 6500 at the same time.

Jumping icon fix posted at Microsoft newsgroup. 3/19/98 -- A reader noticed that the jumping icon fix was posted at Microsoft's newsgroup at news:// The specific message is:

Subject: Jumping Icon Fix - MS Official fix - File is attached
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 16:47:19 -0600
From: "Ernesto Molina"

RealPC 1.0.2 breaks watch connection. 3/19/98 -- Mark Booth, who sent us the tip on using Real PC to program the Timex Datalink Watch under Windows 3.1, reports that upgrading to RealPC version 1.02 "broke" compatibility with the Datalink Watch software. Apparently, Insignia changed the screen drivers enough that it just won't work. Booth has switched back to RealPC version 1.0, but hasn't tried SoftWindows 95 5.0 or Virtual PC.

Apple, Adobe to port ColorSync to Windows, Adobe to support. 3/19/98 -- Apple announced that it will release a Windows of its ColorSync color-matching technology by the end of the year. Future versions of ColorSync will consist of Mac OS and Windows versions. ColorSync is system software that enables desktop color calibration and matching with printing.

Adobe said it would support ColorSync in future versions of both Windows and Mac OS versions of Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe PageMaker. Today, ColorSync is only supported in PageMaker and Illustrator for Mac.

SoftWindows 95 5.0 Special Report updated to include graphs. 3/18/98 -- We now have graphs of all the test data posted at our SoftWin 95 5.0 Special Report.

Quark ships XPress for Digital Alpha-based Windows NT workstations. 3/18/98 -- MacWeek reports that Quark announced a shipment of XPress for Windows NT for Alpha processors at the Seybold show in New York. MacWeek also reported that Quark will be creating new client-server products based on Microsoft technology.

Virtual PC 2.0 begins shipping. 3/17/98 -- Connectix began shipping Virtual PC 2.0 ($149) yesterday. Connectix claims the new version is up to 40 percent faster than the previous version, and has DirectX support that is usable. Like Insignia's SoftWindows 95 5.0, Virtual PC 2.0 can take advantage of 3Dfx hardware graphics acceleration, which looked very impressive in beta. MacWindows will begin testing when a copy becomes available.

MacWindows column debuts in MacWeek. 3/16/98 -- The print version of MacWeek magazine today debuts a new column by MacWindows' John Rizzo entitled "Back Panel." The new column will uses a question-and-answer format to deliver information about integrating Macs and Windows NT, and will run once a month. If you have a question you'd like to see answer in Back Panel about Mac-to-NT integration, drop us a note.

For the first time, Windows NT for Alpha can use Macintosh drive media. 3/16/98 -- At the Seybold Exposition in New York today, Media4 Productions introduced MacDrive 98 Alpha ($65), the first utility to allow Windows NT running on Digital's Alpha processor to read and write Mac-format removable media. Supported disks include floppies, CD-ROMs, Iomega Zip and Jaz disks, SyQuest and SyJet disks, and various other media. Like the version of MacDrive 98 for Intel (See MacWindows Solutions ), the new Alpha version assigns a driver letter to Mac-formatted disks, letting you access them from the Windows NT desktop, the Explorer, and from within applications. MacDrive 98 Alpha is available for electronic download from Digital's Web Storefront.

NTS LAN TunnelBuilder for Mac OS gives Macs a PPTP connection over LAN. 3/14/98 -- Network TeleSystems has released a LAN version of TunnelBuilder for Mac OS ($99), which gives a Mac client an encrypted and authenticated Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) connection to a Windows NT Server. While previous versions allowed remote users to dial in, this version enables users to tunnel from a LAN connection, including a cable modem. A fully functioning (30 day time out) evaluation version can be downloaded a the NTS site. (Select TunnelBuilder for Mac 1.0 LAN. (An evaluation version of our Remote TunnelBuilder for Mac OS can also be downloaded from that page.)

Web page provides 32-bit driver info concerning Apple PC Compatibility Cards. 3/14/98 -- Mark Fonnemann has set up The 32-bit Driver Campaign Homepage to provide information regarding the fact that Apple's Apple PC Compatibility Cards don't support Windows 95 32-bit drivers, while Orange Micro has 32-bit support in beta. Fonnemann is trying to persuade Orange Micro to enable Apple's cards, which are no longer made, to support 32-bit drivers.

Freeware makes Windows 95 look like the Mac Finder. 3/14/98 -- A reader pointed us to WinMac, a freeware front-end for Windows 95 that makes the desktop look like the Finder of System 7.5 or Mac OS 8. The author of WinMac is Niklas Bergqvist of Vaxjo, Sweden. Bergqvist recommends a 486 or better and a high color display. The latest version is 3.02 (beta).

Slow TCP/IP printing could be caused by MacIP, but that AppleTalk printing is faster. 3/13/98 -- Apple Technical Info Article 30449 recommends you not use MacIP for the Mac's TCP/IP connection to print to laser printers over IP. Check in the TCP/IP control panel under "connect via"). The article says: "If you are using MacIP you are basically using TCP/IP packets through an AppleTalk connection, in effect going from TCP/IP to AppleTalk and back to TCP/IP." However, Apple says that printing via AppleTalk will be somewhat faster than with TCP/IP.

The article says that printing directly to the printer is faster than printing to a print queue on a print server. "If the printer is an Apple LaserWriter that supports LPR printing, you can get the printer's actual IP address via Apple Printer Utility, or by looking on the startup page of the printer."

Apple PC Compatibility Card Sound and Mac OS 8.1. 3/13/98 -- Setting the DOS or Windows audio for a PC Compatibility Card in a Mac with Mac OS 8.1 is different than with previous versions of the OS, according to Apple Technical Info Article 24416. Because the sound architecture in Mac OS 8.1 is different from that of previous versions of Mac OS, you now must set the sound source to CD to be able to hear PC audio. According to the article"

"PC Setup used to take the setting of the sound source when switching to the PC. When switching back to Mac OS, PC Setup would switch the sound source back to whatever it was. This no longer functions under Mac OS 8.1, so you must manually set the sound source to CD for PC audio to work properly."

Apple adopts Microsoft's brand of Java. 3/13/98 -- Apple says it will use Microsoft's Java technology in a future Java Virtual Machine for Mac OS. Apple's Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) will incorporate a variety of Microsoft Java technologies. Currently, both Apple and Microsoft offer Java virtual machines for the Mac OS.

In other Java news, Metrowerks has posted a beta of Metrowerks 1.2b7 Java compiler, which will soon ship with CodeWarrior Pro 3.

Helios to demo Rhapsody server products at Seybold, New York. 3/13/98 -- Helios Software GmbH will show new beta versions of its server products running on Rhapsody at Apple's booth (#522) during the Seybold Seminar in New York, March 17-19. These include EtherShare, PCShare, EtherShare OPI, and PDF Handshake networking products, which currently run on Unix hosts.

Running Windows software on Mac -- Citrix releases free ICA client for Macintosh. 3/10/98 -- Macintosh and Unix users can now run Win 32 applications using a free Citrix ICA client and Citrix' WinFrame ICA server software running on Windows NT. The client is based on Insignia Solutions NTrigue, which Citrix purchased from Insignia in January (see 1/17/98 News item).Citrix has also posted migration and pricing information about its NTrigue Migration Program for NTrigue owners who want to switch to Citrix' products.

Tenon releases new Unix for Macintosh. 3/10/98 -- Tenon Intersystems is shipping Power MachTen 4.1, a POSIX-compliant, BSD 4.4 UNIX, with a Mach kernel for Power Macintosh computers. New features include a native fast file system that provides a ten-fold performance improvement, according to Tenon. Also included is the latest Apache web server (version 1.2.5), a validated Ada compiler, an enhanced suite of UNIX software development tools, including Objective-C and Java, and a high-performance X display and development environment. Unix networking includes Sun's Network Information Service (NIS) and NFS file sharing.

MachTen runs alongside of Mac OS rather than replacing it, but UNIX applications run in a full preemptive multitasking, multi-threaded environment. Power MachTen runs with Mac OS 7.x, 8.0, or 8.1 and is compatible with HFS and HFS+.

A reader's experience with super shielded cables. 3/10/98 -- Andy Largent bought some $10 super shielded cables and a new switch box from to share a monitor with is Mac and PC, and had this comment:

"Yes they were cheap, but at a price... They had no secure ordering online, or any confirmation that I ordered after I filled out the form. Their rep's reply-to address was wrong. The cables they sent me work great. But I have yet to get a switch box. And on the invoice they charged me for two switch boxes. Remarkably, this was still less than a switch box and two unshielded cables at the local computer store."

New beta of GoMac, a start menu and program bar for Mac. 3/10/98 -- Proteron has release beta 2 of GoMac 1.5, a utility that adds a Windows-like Start Menu and Program Bar to Mac OS. You can also download the current GoMac 1.44 ($19.95). The new version supports Control Strip modules, uses 100 percent PowerPC native code, and sports a new look.

Apple claims new Server G3 is faster than Dell server. 3/10/98 -- Apple said that its new 266 Mhz Macintosh Server G3 is faster than a a Dell Server 2200/300, using Ziff Davis' NetBench over a 100BASE-T network with 32 clients. Apple also claims the Server G3 is twice as fast as the older Apple 9650/350 server. Apple's new Macintosh Server G3 comes with AppleShare IP 5.0.2 for print, email, FTP, and web serving capabilities. It features the PowerPC 750 processor and includes RAID storage, 100BaseT networking, and Mac OS 8, and can be ordered in more than 500 possible build-to-order configurations through the Apple Online Store. Prices start at . $3,749 for a 233 MHz/64 MB SDRAM model with 4 GB UW SCSI Hard Drive and 10/100 Fast Ethernet.

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