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April 2000

Connectix issues another VPC upgrade: 3.0.3A replaces 3.0.3. April 28, 2000 -- Virtual PC 3.0.3A Updater , which fixes bugs in the 3.0.3 updater released a few days ago. (See yesterday's MacWindows News below.) The 3.0.3 upgrade has been removed.

Microsoft announces Office 2001 for Mac. April 28, 2000 -- Microsoft announced Office 2001 Macintosh Edition. The press release doesn't say much, except that it will include "a new integrated e-mail and personal information manager." Microsoft says it release Office 2001 during the second half of this year. It will run on on Mac OS 8.x and 9.x, not OS X. Yesterday, MacFixIt reported more details based on an interview with Microsoft.

Reader Matthew Smith points out that the email/PIM client description sounds like Outlook Exchange Server Edition, but will not support the Exchange Server.

Virtual Game Station 1.4 fixes bugs. April 28, 2000 -- Connectix release Virtual Game Station 1.4 for Mac OS yesterday, the latest version of its Sony PlayStation emulator. The new version fixes a problem with multi-format DVD and fixes some game-specific problems.

Virtual PC 3.0.3 updater for Win 2000, Linux, AltiVec support. April 27, 2000 -- Connectix has posted Virtual PC 3.0.3 Updater yesterday. The readme file is also posted and says that the update adds compatibility with Microsoft Windows 2000 and RedHat Linux 6.1. It also adds support for the PowerPC G4 Velocity Engine (AltiVec), which could mean significant performance gains on Power Mac G4's.

MacLinkPlus OS-9 updater available. April 27, 2000 -- DataViz has posted MLP-OS 9 updater, a patch for MacLinkPlus 11.00 that updates it for OS 9 compatibility. DataViz says it solves problems with contextual menus and decompressing Stuffit archives (an error -119). The free update is available for English, French, and German versions of the Mac utility for translating between Mac and PC files.

QuickTime 4.1.2 update for Windows 2000, other improvements. April 27, 2000 -- Apple has released QuickTime 4.1.2 for Mac OS and Windows. New features include compatibility with Windows 2000, better streaming through firewalls and proxies servers, and the ability to use MP3 playlists (previously, QT could only play one song at a time and did not support playlists).

StuffIt Deluxe 5.5.1 fixes bugs. April 27, 2000 -- Aladdin has posted StuffIt Deluxe 5.5.1, a free bug-fix update for the Mac compression/encoding utility that supports cross-platform archives.

Readers confirm problem with ASIP and Win 2000 clients. April 25, 2000 -- Several readers have reported also having the problem reported yesterday where folders created by Windows 2000 clients on AppleShare IP servers cannot be renamed. Yesterday's report mentioned ASIP 6.2, but other readers report having the problem with version 6.3 and 6.3.1 as well. We have some of these report on our AppleShare IP Special Report page.

More about ASIP and long Windows file names. April 25, 2000 -- Nick Collingridge reports that Windows clients trying to save files with long file names to an AppleShare IP server get an error message. We had one other report late last year about a problem with moving files with long names, which may or may not be related. If you've seen this, please let us know.

Creator of PKZip dies. April 25, 2000 -- ABC News reports that Phillip Katz, the creator of PKZip compression software for PCs, has died. The .zip format is the most popularly used compression format for PCs, and can also be used by Macs. (See the MacWindows Compression Solutions page.)

SoftMac 2000 emulator to ship in Europe and Asian channels. April 25, 2000 -- Emulators, Inc., announced that its SoftMac 2000 Macintosh emulator for PCs will be available from resellers in Europe and Asia. It is currently available from US distributors.

FileMaker Developer 5 adds XML. April 25, 2000 -- FileMaker, Inc. has released FileMaker Developer 5 (US $499) for Windows and Mac OS, which allows developers to create royalty-free runtime database applications for workgroups or the web. Version 5 adds support for XML and includes ODBC and JDBC (Java) drivers. FileMaker, Inc., is offering mail-in rebate rebates ( US $100 or Canadian $150) for Licensed users of FileMaker Pro 4.0 Developer Edition until the end of the year.

GraphicConverter offers minor upgrade. April 25, 2000 -- Lemke Software has released GraphicConverter 3.8.1 (US $30), the latest version of its Mac utility for translating between Mac and PC graphics file formats. The new version speeds up some processes, adds PICT from resource import and export and Electric Image export, and fixes bugs.

Why Virtual PC supports Voodoo2, but not ATI 3D hardware. April 25, 2000 --Stuart Cairns asked Connectix if Virtual PC supported the 3D graphics acceleration of the ATI Rage Mobility chipset in the new G3 laptops. Connectix replied with the reason why it does not. We've posted it on our Virtual PC 3.0 Special Report page.

IBM ships Linux on servers. April 25, 2000 -- ZDnet reports that IBM will preload Linux on its Netfinity servers, which will be available directly from IBM. The company is offering Caldera OpenLinux eServer, Red Hat Linux 6.2, and TurboLinux.  

Win 2000 client problems with ASIP 6.2 server. April 24, 2000 -- Hanz Makmur reports of two problems with using Windows 2000 as a client to AppleShare IP 6.2:

If you've seen this, please let us know.

Free NT utility for Mac files is updated. April 24, 2000 -- Patrick Peccatte has posted MacExplorer 1.1 (freeware), and update to the Windows NT utility for modifying Mac file type and creator codes and displaying sizes of data and resource forks. New features include the ability to open a file with double-click even if a Windows extension is missing; can display Microsoft Office Properties (Title, Author, Subject, Keywords, etc.).

Update to Mac extenion/type-creator mapping tool. April 24, 2000 -- Pete Mellows has posted The Associator 2.02, and update to his Mac utility for mapping PC extension and Mac type and creator codes. The update includes "interface improvements and a speed boost in launching."

pcSetup 2.0 finished--32-bit drivers PC Compatibility Cards. April 19, 2000 -- FVDCS has completed pcSetup 2.0 (US $39.95), and expects to be offering it for sale at the web within days. The software upgrades the software for Apple's discontinued DOS/PC Compatibility Card and the clone cards from Reply and Radius. These cards contain an Intel processor and run Windows on a Macintosh. Features include:

However, pcSetup 2.0 does not support Windows Ethernet networking under Mac OS 8.5 and greater. FVDCS will release a version 2.1 to fix this at a future date.

It has taken several years to get to this point. After Apple dropped the PC Compatibility Cards, owners were angered that they were not completely compatible with Windows 95, and were urging several companies to update the software. Orange Micro entered into negotiations with Apple, but decided not to go further with it. FVDCS, a small developer firm, signed a contract with Apple 11 months ago to produce pcSetup 2.0.

Fixes for NetWare multiple mounting problem. April 19, 2000 -- We've had a number of responses to our report about a problem with NetWare that prevents Macs from mounting multiple volumes from one server. First, most readers say that the problem is not specific to Mac OS 9, but occurs with all Mac OS versions. We've also recieved several solutions. Several readers said this was a known problem with aliases and creation dates. They suggest a utility from JRB Software called setvdate. John DeMillion suggests using the freeware KeyChain AutoUnlock. One user, J. Garland Tillery, reports that he does not have this problem using the Netware Client for Mac OS v5.13 with Mac OS 9.0.4.

We've posted some of these reports, including explainations of the problem and other suggestions, on our Netware and Macintosh Issues page.

ACI US renames itself 4D, Inc. April 19, 2000 -- Following the example of Claris/FileMaker Inc., ACI US, Inc. publishers of the 4th Dimension database software, is changing its name to 4D, Inc. The 16-year-old company also has a new domain name:

Potential serious security hole in AppleShare IP 6.3. April 17, 2000 -- Andrew Hald reports of "a pretty severe security hole in ASIP v.6.3" that is being discussed on the AppleShare IP Mailing List. The problem was discovered by going to the and typing in the URL of a page served by an AppleShare IP 6.3 web server. The site translates your site into a different language, but appends but random information from the ASIP server's hard drive--including text from a user's e-mail mailbox. Hald postulates that the problem may have something to do with ASIP's web cache.

Update on Mac IE 5 and MS Proxy 2.0 SP1, problems with frames. April 17, 2000 --Ron Kuhlmeier reports that he had success with the solution for the "perpetual web page loading" problem with Internet Explorer 5 for Mac and MS Proxy 2 SP1. (See our MS Proxy Server Special Report for more on this problem.) However, he has a new problem:

I now am having trouble loading multiple frames on certain sites. I get the infamous Error 403 message from the Proxy Server. Clicking "reload" sometimes gets more frames but I have yet to see an entire page load the first time around.

If you've seen this problem, please let us know.

Mac Managers mailing list moving; x-platform questions accepted. April 17, 2000 -- The Macintosh Managers mailing list is moving list servers beginning April 20, 2000. Current subscribers should subscribe now to the new server but maintain their subscription on the old server until the old list is shut down. More

Chuck Goolsbee, the manager of mac-mgrs, tells us that "cross-platform questions are OK so long as it has something to do with a Mac." The ten-year-old list deals with troubleshooting issues with networks of Macs or Macs and other platforms. Anyone, including non-subscribers, can search the mac-mgrs archives.

Mac OS 9 won't mount mulitple Netware volumes. April 17, 2000 -- Bryan Forrest reports a conflict between Mac OS 9 and NetWare that prevents Mac OS 9 from mounting multiple volumes from one server. When selected to mount at startup, one or more of the volumes fail to mount. We've posted his report, which includes a workaround, on our Netware and Macintosh Issues page.

Cross-platform FileMaker Pro templates. April 17, 2000 -- ISO Productions, Inc. has released the Everything CD for FileMaker Pro Volume 4 (US $67; US $33.50 upgrade) for Macintosh and Windows. It contains database templates, tools, and other goodies for FileMaker Pro versions 3.x, 4.x and 5.x.

Corel Linux on VPC 3 still a no-go. April 17, 2000 -- Regarding the inability to run Corel Linux on Virtual PC 3: David Lawson reports that he tried the reader suggestion of pressing the I key while Corel LINUX is booting, but it did not enable Linux to boot. "I just had a screen full of "i" characters once it reached the command prompt."

Older Linux runs on VPC 3. April 17, 2000 -- Gary Leach is successfully running Red Hat Linux 5.0 (an older version) on Virtual PC 3. His report is on our Virtual PC 3 page.

Instant Linux server on a Mac. April 17, 2000 -- Terra Soft Solutions is now offering Yellow Dog Linux Champion Server 1.2 preinstalled on a hard drive (US $289), which you can add to a Mac to create a dual-boot Mac OS/Linux server. The drive is a Western Digital Ultra DMA 66,7200 RPM, 10.2 GB drives with Yellow Dog Linux Champion Server 1.2. A script takes you through configuration.

Deneba Software posts Canvas 7 for Linux Beta. April 17, 2000 --Deneba Software last week posted a free beta (pre-release) version of Canvas 7 Linux Edition. (Canvas is a professional graphics program for Mac OS and Windows that includes vector drawing, diagraming, technical illustration, creative drawing, image editing, and page layout.)  

Lismore is back. April 14, 2000 -- This Lismore Systems web site is now back up and running. (See yesterday's news.) This isn't the first time that the Lismore web site has gone offline only to return, though it was the first that an ISP had inserted a less-than-cordial message. (Lismore makes the Blue Label PowerEmulator PC emulator for Macintosh.)

Additionally, Paul Uspensky, Sales & Marketing Manager for Lismore, told MacWindows that the company is getting ready to do a major announcement in the near future. We will follow the story.

Lismore web site disappears once more. April 13, 2000 -- The on-again, off-again Lismore Systems seems to be off again. The web site for the maker of Blue Label PowerEmulator now consists entirely of what seems to be a message from an ISP: "Offline until payment is received." (Thanks to all the readers who mentioned this.)

VPC Helper 2.1.1 fixes bug. April 13, 2000 -- VPC Helper 2.1.1 is an update to the Infamus Software utility for optimizing Connectix' Virtual PC on a Mac. The new version fixes a single bug that prevents you from selecting Virtual PC in the preferences.

New Tip: Daylight Savings, NT time stamps, and QuarkXPress. April 13, 2000 -- Eric Anondson came across a Quark TechNote (last updated in April '97) concerning the time stamp issue of Windows NT and clients. The article recommends time synching the clients and the NT Server. He also found a fix for the Daylight Savings problem with NT in a post in Quark's Forums (message #28462) concerning the Daylight Savings time stamp issue we've reported. You can read a summary on our Windows NT/2000 SFM time stamp special report.

New Tip: Solution for MS Proxy and never loading web pages in Explorer. April 13, 2000 -- Peter Norman discovered a fix for the problem of Internet Explorer 5 for Mac web pages never stop loading. We've posted Norman's fix on our MS Proxy Server special report.

Readers verify Corel Linux/VPC3 problem; one offers workaround. April 13, 2000 -- Several readers reported having the same problem we reported yesterday when attempting to install Corel Linux on Virtual PC 3--VPC hangs at the message "starting Corel Linux." (This was Shane Anderson, Editor of SemperMac and reader John Dennis.)

Another reader named Adly suggested a workaround, though he didn't try it. His basic idea is to boot without hardware auto detection by pressing I during booting. His suggestion is on our VPC 3 Special Report page.

New Tip: How to move Outlook PAB files from PC to Mac. April 12, 2000 -- Several readers responded to yesterday's question about moving Outlook personal address book files from PC-to-Mac. We've post some of them on our Outlook/Exchange/ page.

OrangePC-OS 9.0.4 conflict only with virtual memory. April 12, 2000 --Michael Corn wrote to say that the conflict between Mac OS 9.0.4 and its Orange Micro's software (which we reported yesterday) only occurs with virtual memory turned on. Turning VM off gives you normal operation.

Decoder 2.1 for Windows and Mac released. April 12, 2000 -- Etresoft has released Decoder 2.1 (US $20), and upgrade to its Windows and Macintosh utilities for decoding Mac, Windows, and UNIX standards, including AppleSingle, BinHex, MacBinary, UUencoded, and MIME formats, used in e-mail attachments and on the Internet. The new version includes user interface improvements, bug fixes, rewritten documentation, and an new installer for the Windows version.

Problem installing Corel Linux on Virtual PC 3. April 12, 2000 -- David Lawson tried and failed to install Corel LINUX on Virtual PC 3. He created a floppy disk image, ran Corel's "make boot floppy" utility, and booted VPC from it. The problem occurs in the boot sequence after "Detecting hardware" appears. Lawson says "The screen refreshes itself a couple of times, after which it ejects the LINUX CD and reboots from the boot floppy. The reboot hangs at the 'Starting Corel Linux...' message." (The specifics appear on our VPC 3 Special Report page.) If you can confirm this as a problem or know of a fix, please let us know.

Solutions to Windows NT/2000 SFM time stamp problems. April 11, 2000 -- We've received a number of messages regarding the various Windows NT/2000 SFM time stamp problems that readers have been reporting recently. This is where server-resident files have different modified time stamps when viewed from different Macs, even when all Macs are set to the same time zone. We've received suggestions for fixes and workarounds. In summary:

You can read these reports on our new NT-Mac time issues Special Report page.

OrangePC conflict with Mac OS 9.0.4. April 11, 2000 -- Bradford Pollock reports of an incompatibility between the recently released Mac OS 9.0.4 and 9.0.2 and Orange Micro's OrangePC software (for its PC coprocessor cards for Macs). Pollock says Orange Micro has admitted the problem, which causes all keyboard key strokes to be repeated (as in "MMaaccWWiinnddoowss" instead of "MacWindows").

Fix for disappearing Sent Items Outlook messages. April 11, 2000 -- Dan Foshee sent us his solution for his problem where Sent Items were no longer visible from any Mac Outlook client on Exchange Server. The Synchronize filter on the Views properties for the folder view was turned on and left on. To fix it, he created a new folder view. His description is on our Outlook/Exchange for Mac page.

New beta of Windows Media Player for Macintosh. April 11, 2000 -- Microsoft has posted Windows Media Player for Macintosh 6.3 Beta 2, a utility for playing downloaded and streaming audio and video content in Microsoft's and other formats. (Meanwhile, Microsoft will ship Windows Media Player 7 for Windows next month.)

Aladdin ships French version of StuffIt Deluxe 5.5. April 11, 2000 -- Aladdin System is now shipping the French version of StuffIt Deluxe 5.5, the cross-platform compression/encoding utility for Macintosh. (French distributors are Tech Data and TCI.)

Free SuSE Linux with MacTech Magazine. April 11, 2000 -- MacTech Magazine will be including a free CD-ROM containing the soon-to-be-released SuSE Linux for Mac in the June 2000 issue of the magazine. (Check here for subscription information.)

Moving .PAB files from Outlook Windows to Outlook Mac. April 11, 2000 -- We've had some reader requests on a method of moving Outlook personal address book .PAB files from a PC to a Mac. (We have a suggestion for going from Mac to PC, but not the other way around.) If you know a method, please share it with us.

New Tip: Configuring Vicomsoft FTP Mac for MS Proxy Server. April 7, 2000 -- Terry Martinez sent us the settings for configuring the new Vicomsoft FTP Client 3.0.1 (see April 4 news item below) for use with Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0. We've posted the tip on our MS Proxy Server Special Report.

MacFixIt reports conflict with Timbuktu Mac, IE 5, Outlook Express 5. April 7, 2000 -- MacFixIt yesterday reported a conflict With Timbuktu Pro for Mac and Internet Explorer 5 and Outlook Express 5. MacFixIt reports that Netopia confirmed the conflict.

Aladdin ships Expander for Linux beta. April 7, 2000 -- Aladdin Systems is conducting a public beta test of Aladdin Expander for Corel Linux and Red Hat Linux (free). The decompression/decoding utility has similar features to the Mac and Windows versions, supporting StuffIt (.sit), ZIP, gzip, UUencode, BinHex (.hqx), Arj, MacBinary (.bin), and MIME, among other formats. This versions runs on PCs. Aladdin said it working on a version for Linux on Macs.

File Time Stamp problems on Win NT/2000 SFM. April 7, 2000 -- We've received a number of messages regarding the various Windows NT/2000 SFM time stamp problems that readers have been reporting over the past few days. Readers have verified the problems of server-resident files having different time stamps when viewed from different Macs (even when all Macs are set to the same time zone). This includes verification of the half-hour difference problem and Daylight Savings Time problem. We've also received suggestions for fixes and workarounds. We'll be creating a report on based on these messages over the weekend, and will post it on Monday.

Apple asks open source developers to port OS X core to Intel. April 6, 2000 -- Yesterday Apple released Darwin 1.0 (free download or US $20 for CD set), the open source operating system core of Mac OS X. Darwin 1.0 is based on FreeBSD UNIX and the Mach 3 kernel. Though aimed at developers, Apple says Darwin 1.0 has "one-click installation."

Most interesting to us was this statement about support for the Intel-based platform:

The Darwin 1.0 source code includes preliminary support for Intel, allowing developers to begin bringing Darwin to the Intel platform. All sources compile for Intel, and there is preliminary support for some Intel systems. However, in order for Darwin to run on Intel, driver development and work on platform support will be necessary. Apple looks forward to working with the community to make Darwin a great cross-platform operating system for the open source community.

Apple at one time had planned to do a version of Rhapsody (the predecessor to Mac OS X) for Intel PCs. Our contacts at Apple had told us that the port to PC proved too difficult to warrant, due to precisely some of the issues Apple is now asking developers to take on, as well as higher-level Mac services and interface. (Darwin does not include the Aqua interface of Mac OS X). Because of this, we are more likely to see Darwin servers running on Intel before we see desktop versions.

There is also a new web site, in addition to Apple's Darwin site.

AppleShare IP 6.3.1 fixes Windows client disappearing files bug. April 6, 2000 -- Apple has posted an AppleShare IP 6.3.1 update to its cross-platform server for Mac OS. The main improvement is a fix for the disappearing Windows files and folders bug, in which only 6 items are displayed on the PC client. (This was a known bug which we have reported before.) Apple says with ASIP 6.3.1, Windows SMB clients can now always view all items available in a directory. Other improvements include:

(For more on ASIP, see our AppleShare IP Server Cross-platform Issues page.)

Darwin Streaming Server update runs on Windows NT. April 6, 2000 -- Part of yesterday's Darwin 1.0 announcement included an upcoming update for the Darwin Streaming Server, the open source version of Apple's QuickTime Streaming Server software. Apple says the update "makes the Darwin Streaming Server available for Windows NT-based systems, expanding support for developers creating streaming server products based on five different operating systems--Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris and now Windows NT."

Netscape 6 Preview Release uses X-platform browser engine. April 6, 2000 -- Netscape released Netscape Communicator 6 Preview Release 1, which features the Gecko browser engine and developer API, an open source, cross-platform technology for Windows, Mac OS , and Linux. The new browser supports XML and HTML 4 and is supposed to be faster while using less memory than version 4.x.

Adobe web site lets you create PDF files. April 6, 2000 -- Create Adobe® PDF Online is a new Adobe service that lets you upload files to turn them into cross-platform PDF files. You can create 3 PDF files for free. Subscriptions are US $9.99/month or US$99.99/year.(Currently available in U.S. and Canada only.)

Update on Windows 2000 SFM time stamp issue. April 6, 2000 -- We receive a lot of feed back on the SFM time stamp problem we reported a few days ago, including suggestions and reports of other problems related to time stamp issues.

Many readers have written in to say that they've seen the SFM time stamp problem when the time zones are set differently on computers. However, Rob Simons says that all his Macs are set to the same time zone, but didn't say if the Windows 2000 Server was synched. (Rich Pape notes that Microsoft and Apple both default to the Pacific Time zone.)

Thomas Clifford is experiencing differences of half an hour on different Macs for the same file with Win NT 4.0 SP5.

Both Simons and Clifford are having their problems with Macs running OS 9, but John Stone is having another time-stamp related problem with OS 8.5-8.6 Macs, and not OS 9. (Stone is also running NT 4.0 SP5). Stone reports that when Daylight Savings Time changes in April and October, NT changes last modification dates of all the files.

You can read Clifford's and Stone's new reports on our Windows 2000 Special Report.

Mac OS 9.0.4 improves Mac DHCP. April 6, 2000 -- Apple has released Mac OS 9.0.4 (North American and International-English), a minor upgrade to its client operating systems. It includes some improvements in the way DHCP works on Mac clients.

A Better Finder Rename 3. April 6, 2000 -- A Better Finder Rename 3.0 (US $15) is a new version of the shareware contextual menu plugin for the Macintosh Finder that can rename batches of Mac files. The new version includes:

Sun considering private antitrust suit against Microsoft for Java. April 6, 2000 -- ZDNet reports that Sun Microsystems is considering launching a private antitrust suit against Microsoft based on U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's has ruling against Microsoft. Sun is looking at Jackson's declaration that Microsoft prevented the creation of cross-platform Java software.

Update for Outlook Mac for Exchange problem. April 5, 2000 -- We received a lot of good suggestions for Jeremy West's problem with where Macs can't log on to Exchange Server and Outlook quits. However, West seems to have solved his problem more simply: by restarting all of the Microsoft Exchange services. We thank everyone for their suggestions, which should prove help for other readers.

ProTERM 1.5 telnet, terminal emulation for Mac. April 5 , 2000 -- ProTERM Mac v1.5 (US $69.95) is a telnet-terminal emulation program from InTrec Software, Inc. The software lets you save text as Mac, PC or UNIX format, or prepare for import into databases and spreadsheet, etc. Among numerous new features is PT Network, which allows the telnet host mode to work with ProTERM, Windows 9X and UNIX Telnet clients, and you can now write scripts which accept incoming telnet connections.

Microsoft guilty of antitrust violations. April 4 , 2000 -- U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson has ruled that Microsoft violated U.S. antitrust laws (the Sherman Act) by using anticompetitive practices to maintain and create monopoly power. Microsoft stock plummeted by 15 percent on the news, but the company said it would appeal the ruling. The appeals could go as far as the U.S. Supreme Court in summer of 2002. Some coverage from around the Internet:

Vicomsoft adds SOCKS, W2K support to its FTP client. April 4 , 2000--Vicomsoft FTP Client 3.0.1 (US $30) is a new version of the Mac utility that adds support for the SOCKS protocol, making it compatible with Microsoft Proxy Server. Vicomsoft also says the new version has "support for Windows 2000 and Quantel HAL FTP servers."

Netatalk patches available. April 4, 2000 -- A reader points out that the latest Adrian Sun patches for the Netatalk AppleTalk/AppleShare stack for Linux are available. The reader (Victor Y.) also reports getting 7.8 MB/sec performance from Netatalk running on Pentium/133, 100 MB Ethernet, and RedHat 6.1 Linux. (Performance measured by Helios Lantest.) His report is on our Linux as a X-platform server page.

Free BeOS 5 problems on Virtual PC 3. April 4, 2000 -- A reader reports that he had problems running the new free BeOS 5 Personal Edition running on Virtual PC 3.0 on a PowerBook (Pismo). Installation went okay, but there were display problems and problems with configuring IP network. Victor's report is on our Virtual PC 3 Special Report page.

Windows 2000 SFM getting time stamps wrong. April 4, 2000 -- Rob Simons has a problem with his Windows 2000 Server running Adobe Distiller. The same file will appear to have different modified dates from different Macs (with correct configured, synched Date and Time settings):

A file with a modified time as 3:37pm appears as 6:37pm on one OS9 machine, it appears as 2:37pm on another OS9 machine, a third OS9 machine shows the time correctly as 3:37pm, and 3 separate OS 8.6 machines show the time correctly.

If you've seen this, please let us know.

IE 5 printing problem confirmed with "perpetually loading page." April 3 , 2000-- Benjamin Iseman is having the same problem we reported Friday about Internet Explorer 5 for Mac not printing while web pages never stop loading. Readers blame the perpetually loading page on MS Proxy Server, but the printing problem is new with IE 5. Iseman noticed that Internet Explorer appears to try to load a graphics that are already displayed. He also offers a workaround.

March 2000

Proxy Server, IE 5 also never finishes loading, adds printing problem. March 31, 2000 -- Bente Saugmann reports that Internet Explorer 4.5 and now version 5 has the problem where Internet Explorer 4.5.x for Mac never finishes loading a page when going through MS Proxy Server. Additionally, with IE 5.0, he can't print. (We've added Saugmann's message to our MS Proxy Special Report.)

Proxy problems: related to Server Gated Cryptography bug? March 31, 2000 --Meanwhile, David Valentine sent us a clue which may or may not be related to the MS Proxy problems readers have been reporting. Microsoft Knowledge Base article A249863 says:

Web clients may fail to connect to Web sites that use Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) for strong encryption when a secure connection is required. If either the Internet server or Web client is running Microsoft products, then the connection may fail. If the Internet server and Web client are both running Microsoft products, then no problem occurs.

Valentine had problems with a Windows machine, but as with some of the IE Mac/MS Proxy, going to Netscape worked without problems.

A patch for NT Server is available to fix this Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) bug.

VPC Helper 2.1 fixes bugs, works with OS 9. March 31, 2000 -- Infamus Software released VPC Helper 2.1 (US $10,upgrade free), a new version of the utility to configure a Mac for optimal performance of Connectix Virtual PC. The new version fixes several bugs, including one that crashed Mac OS 9.

The latest popular e-commerce platform for Linux: IBM mainframes. March 31, 2000 -- ZDNet reports that IBM's port of Linux to its s/390 mainframes is proving popular for use in e-commerce. The story says Linux enables the historical hardware to support Windows file sharing clients via Samba. We wonder if Macs could be supported through Netatalk. So much for the PC revolution...

Confirmed: raising RAM does fix Outlook notification problem. March 30, 2000 -- Khang Than-Trong wrote confirmed that yesterday's reader suggestion to increase the memory partition of Outlook/Exchange for Mac does in fact fix the problem of Outlook not receiving notification of new mail.

BeOS 5 also available for some Macintoshes, but not free. March 30, 2000 -- Although Be, Inc.'s free BeOS 5 is available for Intel-based PCs only, the commercial Be OS 5 Pro is available for both PC and Macintosh platforms, according to a Be press release. However, Be also says that it won't run on Macs with G3 and G4 processors

The Pro version comes with audio and video codecs and multimedia-related applications. The Mac version will not come with a CD burner, which does come with the PC version.  

MacWindows access problem fixed. March 29, 2000 -- Early yesterday you may have found that access to MacWindows stalled during the banner display. There was a hardware problem at our ISP. It has been resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.

NT SFMPRINT freezing problem with LaserWriter 8.7. March 29, 2000 -- Tim Larsen reports having the problem of the NT SFM Print server stopping, which many readers reported with LaserWriter 8.6. Only Larsen is using LaserWriter 8.7 (OS 9). We've had one other report of problems with LW 8.7. You can read Larsens report and the other LW8.7 report.

Lack of Exchange mail notification may be memory issue. March 29, 2000 -- Luis Antezana has seen the problem we reported yesterday about Mac Outlook for Exchange not receiving notification of new mail. Antezana found that allocating more RAM to Outlook 8.2.1 fixed the problem. With VM off, the problem disappeared with 21000k-to-23000k allocated.

Free BeOS for PCs now available. March 29, 2000 -- Be, Inc. has posted a free version of its operating system, BeOS 5 Personal Edition for PCs. (See Be's list of hardware.) The download is only 40 MB. Be says:

You can download BeOS 5 Personal Edition via a Web browser and store it as a file within Windows. No repartitioning is necessary, and launching BeOS 5 is as simple as double-clicking an icon on your desktop.

Be recommends reading the Readme file before downloading. Download sites for North and South America are Be, Inc., BeOSCentral, BeForever, RoadRunner.Com, and, after 9 am PST, CNET/ and ZDnet. There's AARNet in Australia, World Online in Paris, PH-Freiburg in Germany, the University of Milan, and many other sites.

Connectix ships Virtual PC with Windows 2000. March 28, 2000 -- Connectix is now shipping Virtual PC with Windows 2000 (US $329), a version of the emulator bundled with Microsoft's latest OS release. (See also the press release.) Announced at Macworld Expo in January, this is a first for Connectix, since it never offered a bundle of Windows NT with Virtual PC. Connectix also began shipping Virtual PC with Linux several weeks ago.

Windows 2000 and Exchange Server/Outlook glitch. March 28, 2000 -- Khang Than-Trong of a problem with using Windows 2000 NAT as an Internet gateway. His problem is with Outlook for Exchange Server for Macs, which aren't receiving notification of new mail. He says: "Macintosh clients...have to switch folders (which causes the client to go out to the server) or manually press command-M to 'deliver' the new email." We've posted Khang's full description on our Outlook/Exchange page. If you know what's going on, please let us know.

pcSetup 2.0 ship date slips. March 28, 2000 -- It appears that FVDCS will miss its the April 1 ship date for pcSetup 2.0, new 32-bit software for the old Apple DOS/PC Compatibility Cards. (The April 1 date was announced in February.) The web site lists current bugs in the beta and promises daily information updates.

Miramar PC MACLAN shipped today: demos available. March 27, 2000 -- As we reported last Friday (see below for details), Miramar Systems announced PC MACLAN for Windows 2000. Demo versions can be downloaded (US and Canada or International). We will have pricing shortly.

New NT utility for analyzing Mac files. March 27, 2000 -- MacExplorer is a new free Windows NT utility by Patrick Peccatte for analyzing Mac files stored on a Win NT Server with SFM. You can use it to modify Mac file type and creator codes, as well as display file types and sizes of data and resource forks. MacExplorer also highlights paths containing file or folders with PC-illegal characters. MacExplorer is available in English and French. (We've added MacExplorer to our list of products on our File Solutions page.)

Champion Server 1.2 ships, Linux server for Macintosh. March 27, 2000 -- Terra Soft Solutions has released Yellow Dog Linux Champion Server 1.2 for PowerPC Macintosh hardware. The 3-CD-ROM release includes Red Hat 6.2-based core components, the ability to run Mac OS on Linux (with Mac-On-Linux application), and applications and tools.

Miramar to announce PC MACLAN for Win NT/2000. March 24, 2000 -- On Monday, Miramar Systems will announce PC MACLAN for Windows NT/2000, a new version of it's AppleShare/PAP networking software for putting PCs on Mac networks. (Miramar's web site is not yet updated, but has a free demo.) As we've previously reported, PC MACLAN v4.1 for Windows NT is incompatible with Windows 2000. In addition to Win 2000 compatibility, this version offers new features:

Black Lab Linux to support G4 AltiVec: 10X speed gain. March 24, 2000 -- Terra Soft Solutions, Inc., announced that the kernel of its Black Lab Linux for Macintosh will support the PowerPC G4 AltiVec parallel processing unit (which Apple calls the "Velocity Engine"). It also announced "full development support" for AltiVec so that PowerPC Linux developers will be able to make Linux software AltiVec-a ware. Terra Soft Solutions said that some Linux applications could see performance gains of up to 10 times (1,000 percent).

Quark problems with DAVE, Linux/SAMBA. March 24, 2000 -- Andrea Turner has DAVE 2.5.1 on a few Macs, but not to access Windows NT Server. Instead, they access a Red Hat Linux server running SAMBA. There is also an NT Server running Exchange Server and a DHCP server.

The odd thing is that users saving and opening Quark Xpress files on the Linux SAMBA server (mounted with DAVE) are experiencing corrupted files with end-of-file errors. If this sounds familiar, that because there was an known bug in an older version of MacServerIP, which has now been fixed. However, sometimes users who rebuild the Mac desktop can then open the file. (Turner says one of the Macs machine always starts with a NetBIOS error, which may not be related.)  

MS Proxy Server-- Real Audio streaming problem. March 23, 2000 -- Shawn Williams reports a repeatable problem with MS Proxy Server and audio and video streaming with RealPlayer Plus 7 for Macs (final, purchased version):

They connect fine, start loading, and begin playing for about 45 seconds and then they crash. This is true on G4, G3, OS 8.6, and OS 9. Is there anything known to cause this? If I connect direct via a modem these problems go away.

If you've seen this problem, please let us know.

Sent Items messages disappear. March 23, 2000 -- Dan Foshee noticed that just recently that his Sent Items were no longer visible from any Mac Outlook client on Exchange Server. Yet, he can see the Sent Items messages on an account set up on a Windows PC. Foshee suspects an undocumented "feature," but hasn't been able to find it:

It all started when our e-mail group moved my account to another server. Since then, we've moved the account back to the original server, but the problem remains.

If you know what's going on, please let us know.

Solution for locked out of Outlook client. March 22, 2000 -- Murray J. Miskelly found the solution to his problem of not being about to open Outlook/Exchange:

Using the Outlook setup application I eventually set up a new profile duplicating my original settings. This has worked implying that my old profile was corrupted. I therefore assume that profile information is kept 'protected' when reinstalling components of Outlook and system software.

Solution for MS Proxy Server prompting Macs for passwords. March 22, 2000 -- Max Wall has the problem we reported with Internet Explorer for Mac and MS Proxy Server prompting Mac users for a password for every web page. He suggests the following solution:

The problem was on the Proxy Server and that the local logon it uses, IUSR_SERVERNAME had a different password to what was being used in the Proxy Admin program. So I just changed the password in User Manager and Proxy Admin program to the same thing and the problem has gone away.

We posted another suggested solution to this problem yesterday on our MS Proxy Server Special Report.

IE/Proxy pages that never finish loading. March 22, 2000 -- Several readers responded to yesterday's report about Internet Explorer 4.5.x for Mac never finishing to load a page, which may be an MS Proxy problem. Benjamin Iseman has problems with certain sites (MacWindows in not one of them), which he keeps in their own windows.

Network Browser locks on Windows 2000 network. March 22, 2000 -- Tim Fisher reports that the Mac OS 9 Network Browser locks up on all his Macs when attempting to browse a network with Windows 2000 Server in it. (He wondered if lack of SLP support in Windows 2000 SFM had anything to do with it.)

Aliases to Windows 2000 Server. March 22, 2000 -- Tim Fisher suspects that aliases to Windows 2000 Server only when all the Macs on the network are using the same UAM. You can read why he thinks so on our Windows 2000 Special Report page.

Mac first-time logon problem with W2K domain. March 22, 2000 -- Charlayne Beavers reports of logon problem for Mac users on a Windows 2000 domain:

If the the user logins the first time with a Macintosh the password is changed and it is fine on all platforms except for the Windows 2000 Pro and Server platforms. These platforms continue to think the initial password is still viable and that it is not expired. If you go back to Mac or any other windows client they require the new password not the expired one.

You can read the details of Beavers' report on our Windows 2000 Special Report. We'd like to hear from you if you are seeing this problem.

Locked out of Outlook client. March 22, 2000 -- Murray J. Miskelly was doing fine with Mac Outlook 8.2.1 for Exchange Server until another problem forced him to reboot from a frozen screen:

Now when I try to log in to Outlook it gets past requesting my password and then presents me a dialogue box stating "The set of folders could not be opened. The information store could not be opened", with an 'OK' button as the only option. This quits the program.

You can read Miskelly's entire message on our MS Exchange and Outlook for Mac page.

Another IE problem possibly related to MS Proxy. March 21, 2000 -- Peter Norman reports of a problem with Internet Explorer 4.5.x that he suspects may be related to MS Proxy Server. He says that IE for Mac never finishes loading a page--the progress meter is always in progress. (He also noted some problems with DHTML.) If you've seen this, please let us know. You can read Norman's more detailed report at our MS Proxy Server Special Report.

More on Exchange/Outlook logon, quitting problem. March 21, 2000 -- We've had a few more responses to our post of a reported problem of Outlook Mac clients failing to log on to Exchange Server and then quitting. We've posted these new suggestions on our Outlook/Exchange page.

NT SP6a not fixing Macs logon problem. March 21, 2000 -- Joerg Erdei, who reported that NT 4 Service Pack 6a had fixed a problem with Macs hanging during logon to NT Server, now reports that the problem has reappeared. His suggested workaround of Disabling "Remember recently used items" in Apple Menu Options does still work with SP6a, as it did with SP6.

FileMaker Pro site explains XML. March 21, 2000 -- FileMaker Pro has created a set of documentation and examples of using FileMaker Pro with Extensible Markup Language (XML) in its new FileMaker XML Central web site. FileMaker Developer 5 (US $499), to ship in April, will contain the XML Central documentation and examples, as well as FileMaker Pro 5 for Mac OS and Windows, royalty-free runtime distribution, and the ability to rename FileMaker files and share FileMaker data using XML, JDBC and ODBC.

Server Market: Linux gains on NT. March 21, 2000 -- A ZDnet story quotes International Data Corp. numbers for marketshare in the 1999 network server market:

  1. Windows NT at 38 percent (no change)
  2. Linux at 24.6 percent (increase)
  3. NetWare at 19.4 percent (decline)
  4. UNIX at 15.3 percent (slight decline)

However, UNIX is first in revenues; Linux is last.

MacPopUp 1.2 messaging fixes bug w/Windows 2000. March 21, 2000 -- Kanex Group Inc. released MacPopUp 1.2 for Mac and Windows ($25, shareware), an upgrade to cross-platform instant messaging software. (MacPopUp can exchange instant messages with Windows 95/98/NT/2000 users running Microsoft WinPopup and compatible software.) Version 1.2 is the first shipping Windows version. The 1.2 Mac version fixes bugs with sending messages to Windows 2000 as well as a conflict with Suitcase 3. There is also now a Mac 68K version available.

StuffIt Deluxe 5.5 German version ships. March 21, 2000 -- Aladdin Systems has released the German verison of StuffIt Deluxe 5.5 (US $79.95, upgrades US $19.95), its cross-platform compression/encoding software for Mac OS. As with the previously released version, this version can create StuffIt and Zip files as well as self-expanding (.exe) Windows archives on a Mac.

Special Report update: Macs and MS Proxy Server. March 20, 2000 -- We've updated our Macs and Microsoft Proxy Server Special Report, reorganizing and rewriting the material we had and adding new tutorial material and new reader comments we've recently received. We've also moved it from the MacWindows NT Server Tips page to its own page subject (at the above link). As always, we appreciate your comments and corrections.

Among the new messages posted is one from Peter Norman, who found a fix for the problem with MS Proxy Server 2.0 asking for a password per page in Internet Explorer. He points to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q198266, which tells you to set Proxy Server to use ClearText or Anonymous authentication instead of NTLM (challenge/response) authentication.

Netopia ships Timbuktu Pro 2000; more x-platform, more features. March 17, 2000 -- Yesterday Netopia introduced Timbuktu Pro 2000 for Windows and Macintosh, a major new version of its cross-platform remote control software. The new version contains both Mac and Windows 9X/NT/2000 software in the package and now supports direct dial modem-to-modem connections between the two platforms. Timbuktu Pro 2000 also adds new Internet communication features, including:

Timbuktu Pro 2000 is priced at US $159.95 for a two-pack, $599.95 for ten licenses, $1499.95 for a 30 licenses. (Site licensing also available.) Until March 31, North American customers can get a free additional license with the download purchase of Timbuktu Pro 2000.

Proxy Server SP1 password problem limited to IE; new FTP problem. March 16, 2000 -- Several readers responded to yesterday's item (below) that Microsoft Proxy Server Service Pack 1 causes Internet Explorer for Mac to prompt the user for a password on every page that it loads. We don't yet know the cause or a fix, but several readers had a simple workaround: use Netscape Communicator, which only asks for a password for the first page that loads. Rich Barron offered some details:

If you quit Netscape and launch it again, you have to put in the password again too. IE can remember the name/password/domain combo so that you just have to hit "OK" each time (even after a restart of the machine - which could be useful in a lab). Netscape doesn't have a place to put in your domain, so you may have to enter it as:domain\user_name to get it to work correctly.

Mark Martin also found a new problem with FTP transfers:

This MS Proxy update also killed all FTP transfers using any FTP client with the exception of Communicator or Explorer. Even SOCKS aware applications will not go through the Proxy...It worked with the older Proxy Server.

Another report on Windows 2000 support for Mac clients. March 16, 2000 -- We've added a short report by Marcus Reese about Windows 2000 and Services for Macintosh. He describes some problems he had with installation and then makes some comments about running it. As for performance, Reese says that over system performance is slower than NT 4.0. He also said that file sharing is about as fast as an AppleShare IP server. You can read Reese's note on our Windows 2000 Special Report page.

AppleShare IP and NT client disappearing files traced to hardware. March 16, 2000 -- Jason Wilkening says he has fixed the AppleShare IP problem of disappearing Windows files, where only the first 6 items on a mounted share in Windows are displayed. His authorized Apple Service provider agree to replace the motherboard, and the problem disappeared.

Mike Benges reports of a somewhat similar problem. When NT PCs save a file to ASIP 6.3, the attributes are changed so that the file becomes invisible.

More on Exchange Server and DNS issues. March 16, 2000 -- Jean-Paul Boucher sent us some additional information on Outlook for Exchange Server and DNS, on our Outlook Exchange page.

Solution for MacServerIP disappearing files. March 15, 2000 -- Last month, we reported that MacServerIP Build 1.122 fixed a problem with Quark XPress files corrupting when being saved the server. Jon Buckley notes that the build also fixed the problem of disappearing files problem we report a few weeks ago. Buckley also deleted the desktop database for each volume inside NT Administrator/MacServerIP.

Suggested fixes for Macs log on problem with Exchange Server. March 15, 2000 -- We've had several responses to the problem reported yesterday where a reader's Macs can't log on to Exchange Server, resulting in Outlooks quitting. Marcus Reese thought the Mac TCP/IP isn't resolving the Host File DNS entry. Matthew Smith also suspected an improper IP address for the name of the server, and had some different suggestions. Jeff Lucia reports having had a similar problem that was caused by multiple profiles.

You can read these suggested solutions along with a description of the problem on our Outlook Exchange page. Our thanks to everyone who responded.

Problems with LaserWriter 8.7. March 15, 2000 -- Marcus Reese is having problems with Mac OS 9's LaserWriter 8.7 on his Windows NT network:

If it's installed on even one computer on my network of 25+ Macs, weird things start to happen. Printers will show up twice in the Chooser, printers will be delayed showing up in the Chooser and when selecting a printer, two or three will be highlighted also. All the Macs on the network will be affected. So I'm staying with LaserWriter 8.5.1. It's stable. LaserWriter 8.7 isn't.

We've had many reports of problems with LaserWriter 8.6 and the SFM Print server. Version 8.5.1 always is free of these problems.

Macs hanging during logon to NT Server SP3. March 15, 2000 -- Joerg Erdei responded to a tip we posted last month on fixing a problem with Mac hanging during logon to NT Server. He says that with NT SP3, he found that turning of the Apple Menu Recent Server aliases in the Apple Menu Options control panel fixed the problem for him. This is interesting, since if you scan the MacWindows NT Unsolved Mysteries page, you'll see that the Recent Server aliases have been suggested as the culprit for several other unrelated problems with Mac clients and NT Server.

Erdei said NT SP5 fixed the problem, but introduced another similar problem. NT SP6a fixed the problem for good. We've posted Erdei's detailed report on our NT Server Tips page.

MS Proxy 2.0 SP1 prompts Macs for passwords. March 15, 2000 -- Russ Johnson reports:

I have a lab of about 20 iMacs. After installing MS Proxy 2.0 SP1 and configuring IE on the Macs to use Proxy, the client is prompted for a password for every page that loads. Any ideas?

We had no ideas. If you have any, please share them with us.

Deneba porting Canvas 7 to Linux. March 15, 2000 -- Deneba Software is porting Canvas 7 to Linux and will have a free beta version available next month.

MacServerIP review. March 14, 2000 -- We've posted a review of MacServerIP by John Wolf on our AFP-over-IP for NT page. In it, Wolf describes the highlights, as well as some problems that he found work arounds for. Some highlights:

(MacServerIP is an AppleShare-compatible/TCP/IP file server for Windows NT.)

Virtual PC with Red Hat Linux now available. March 14, 2000 -- Connectix began offering Virtual PC 3 with Red Hat Linux ($99) at its online store. (See also the press release.)

Solutions update: WinMac Mac-like front end for Windows. March 14, 2000 -- We've add WinMac to our list of Mac-like front ends for Windows on our MacWindows User Interface Solutions page. WinMac is a free program that adds a Mac-like menu bar at the top of Windows. (Thanks to Navarsky Eliezer for the tip.)

MS Proxy Server and FTP access. March 14, 2000 -- For people having problems with FTP access through MS Proxy Server, Steven Lyles told us about a Microsoft Knowledge base article that suggests putting the FTP in passive mode by editing the Registry of the NT Server running MS Proxy.

Outlook for Exchange Server. March 14, 2000 -- Reader Jeremy West is having a problem with Outlook Mac clients and Exchange Server. The Macs can't log on and Outlooks quits. His report is on our Outlook Exchange page.

Internet Explorer 4.5.1: new FTP problem with MS Proxy Server? March 13, 2000 -- Alan Baker believes there is a change in Internet Explorer 4.5.1 that prevents FTP access through Microsoft Proxy Server. He writes:

An organization for which I do Mac support uses MS Proxy Server 2.0 with NTLM (Windows NT) authentication to allow access to the Internet. This has always been somewhat problematical (with the UserID and password dialog popping up multiple times in any session) but it at least has been functional. Ever since updating from IE 4.5 to 4.5.1 however, I have lost the ability to download files from FTP sites -- indeed to communicate with an FTP site at all.

Microsoft has made some change to 4.5.1 that causes an attempt to communicate with an FTP site to fail while trying to "Connect" to the proxy server. Interestingly, if you look at the "Proxies" configuration panel it no longer contains any reference to FTP access.

If you know anything about this, please let us know.

Importing .QIF files from Quicken 98 for Windows. March 13, 2000 -- MacFixIt Forums has a discussion of how to import .QIF from Quicken 98 for Windows to Quicken 2000 for the Mac.

How to install RedHat Linux on Virtual PC. March 13, 2000 -- An article by Matt Snider at the Accelerate Your Mac web site discusses how Snider installed RedHat 6.1 on a G4 running Virtual PC 3. We have more accounts of installing Linux on VPC 3 on our Virtual PC 3 Special Report page.

MacPopUp for Windows, 1.1 for Macs released. March 13, 2000 -- Kanex Group Inc. has released MacPopUp 1.1 ($25), a new version of its utility that lets Mac user to exchange instant messages with Windows 95/98/NT/2000 users running Microsoft WinPopup and compatible clients. The new version improves speed and fixes bugs. Kanex also released the first beta version of MacPopUp 1.0b for Windows.

StuffIt Engine 5.5 available to 3rd party products. March 13, 2000 -- Aladdin Systems Systems is shipping the StuffIt Engine Software Developer Kit 5.5 for Macintosh, which enables developers to add cross-platform compression/decompression to their Mac products. The new version offers support for Zip compression, BZip compression and decompression, compatibility with Mac OS 9.0, and 25 percent tighter compression over the old format, according to Aladdin.

Solutions update: printer/fax sharing software for Mac-PC. March 5, 2000 -- We've added Unicorn from EsComputer Co. (US $50 shareware) to the product listings on our Network Solutions page. Unicorn is lets you share Mac with Windows peripherals over a network. This includes printers, scanners, fax modems, and PDAs that are connected to a Macintosh's modem or printer port or a Window's COM LPT Port.

Update on pcSetup 2.0 for PC Compatibility cards. March 5, 2000 -- FVDCS has released more information about its current pcSetup 2.0 beta software for Apple/Reply/Radius PC Compatibility Cards, for running Windows on Macs. The site lists current problems with the beta. FVDCS is now saying that in addition to providing 32-bit drivers for Apple's cards and OS 8.x/9.0 compatibility, pcSetup 2.0 provides fixes to bugs in Apple's PC Setup 1.6.4.

Windows 2000 and Solaris on Virtual PC. March 5, 2000 -- Dan Willis wrote to say that he is running Solaris and Windows 2000 on Virtual PC 3.0. He reports:

Windows 2000 runs great. Solaris is a little slow and the colors are weird on the interface. Both took a long time to load but installed easily. I'm running it on a 366 MHz beige G3 with 192 MB Ram and an ATI Xclaim VR 128 graphics card.

Novell points to Win 2000 security hole that Microsoft denies. March 5, 2000 -- C|net News reports that Novell claims that the Windows 2000 Active Directory contains a security bug. Microsoft denies that a bug exists. Active Directory is a competing feature to Novell's NetWare Directory Services (NDS).

(On March 2, below, we reported that Novell had announced new Macintosh support.)

More X-platform implications of AppleWorks 6. March 5, 2000 -- MacFixIt reports that AppleWorks 6 is missing the file translators for Mac and PC versions of software that were available in AppleWorks 5.

On March 1, we reported that AppleWorks 6 is missing the Communications module, which many of our readers have reported using to move files between Macs and PCs over a direct serial or modem-to-modem connection.

Solutions update: Free text converter. March 5, 2000 -- We've added ASCon-A to our File Solutions page. ASCon-A is a free Mac utility that converts text between Mac and Windows. It can be automated with AppleScript. The developer is Medienwerkstatt Muhlacker.

Windows 2000 AFP-over-IP 5X faster than NT SFM. March 2, 2000 -- Marko Rakar did some tests with Windows 2000 File Services for Macintosh and found file transfers to be more than 5 times faster than NT Services for Macintosh. However, he also found slightly slower than MacServerIP on Windows NT. Rakar had some other observations:

You can read Rakar's full report on our Windows 2000 Server and Macintosh special report page.

Novell to directly support Macs in NetWare again. March 2, 2000 -- Yesterday Novell announced that it would take over development of Mac client support from Prosoft Engineering and produce its own product called NetWare 5 File and Print Services for Macintosh. The new product, to ship later this year will provide file and printer access for Mac clients over TCP/IP, the default protocol for NetWare 5. Prosoft's current Client for Macintosh is IPX-based, and Prosoft's NetWare 5 Services for AppleShare installs AppleTalk on the NetWare server. Novell said that Prosoft could continue to sell the current products.

The Novell announcement gave few details about the File and Print Services product. Novell did not indicate whether the new product will be a completely server-based solution or whether it would have client components. Novell also did not mention whether the new product would give Macs access to NDS (NetWare Directory Services).

A MacWeek story questions the impact of the announcement on cross-platform networks.

Readers verify disappearing files problem with MacServerIP. March 2, 2000 -- In response to our report yesterday about files disappearing from mount MacServerIP for NT volumes, several readers have reported also seeing the problem. We've added two of our readers' comments to our AFP-over-IP for NT page. One reader agreed that clicking on the triangle in list view brought the missing files into view. However, this did not work for the other reader.

Farallon opens new on-line store. March 2, 2000 -- Farallon is now selling its lines of cross-platform wireless and wired networking products at its own on-line e-commerce site, Farallon Direct.

ExtremeZ-IP 1.1.1 adds speed boost, multi-domain support. March 1, 2000 -- Developer Group Logic and vendor Intergraph Computer Systems announced the release of ExtremeZ-IP 1.1.1 (starting at US $999, free upgrade). The new version of the AFP-over-IP server for Windows NT offers several new enhancements, including:

(For more on ExtremeZ-IP, see our AFP-over-IP on NT special report page.)

SoftWindows 98 5.1 ships. March 1, 2000 -- FWB software is now shipping SoftWindows 98 5.1. As we reported on February 21, the new version of the emulator includes Windows 98 Second Edition, Internet Explorer 5.0 for Windows, 3Dfx graphics drivers, a new Hard Disk Mounter to access PC files using the Finder.

The price was dropped to US $159.95, but the upgrade price is a whopping US $119.95. Most of this probably goes to Microsoft for Windows 98 Second Edition. FWB says that the emulation engine in versions 5.0.9 and 5.1 is the same. So if you've installed the free 5.0.9 patch, you can install your own copy of Windows 98 Special Edition update if you have it.

Windows 2000 Server SFM bug with user profile. March 1, 2000 -- An InfoWorld bug report describes a bug in Services for Macintosh in Windows 2000 Server, Advanced Server, and Datacenter Server. The bug gives you an error message when you have a user profile on a Macintosh volume. InfoWorld says a fix will be included in the first services pack for Windows 2000. You can also get a fix from Microsoft. (Thanks to Jeff Lucia for the tip.)

Disappearing files in MacServerIP. March 1, 2000 --Jack Stoller reports of a problem he has with MacServerIP concerning files that temporarily disappear in the list view. Clicking a triangle on any folder brings all of the files back into display. He has a recent build, If you've seen this problem, please let us know. You can read Stoller's report on our AFP-over-IP on NT special report page.

Another reader's solution to Macs and MS Proxy Server. March 1, 2000 -- A reader named Richard writes that he had problems with Mac e-mail and Microsoft Proxy Server that we mentioned on February 28. He had a different solution: I also had to use port 1080 but.... did not need a DNS on the local side.... the fix was to apply Service Pack 1 for MS Proxy Server.

AppleWorks 6 removes cross-platform Communications module. March 1, 2000 -- We noticed that the specs for the recently released AppleWorks 6 did not include the Communications module, so we asked Apple about it. (The AppleWorks Communications module was a terminal emulator similar to Windows' HyperTerminal.) Apple's Vanessa Rios replied:

Yes, the Communications module was removed. It was quite outdated -- it used to be relevant when folks connected to Bulletin Board Services (BBSs). But, the web replaced BBSs -- and the Communications module needed to be removed.

The only problem is that many MacWindows readers use the terminal emulator to move files between Macs and PCs over a direct serial or modem-to-modem connection.

Farallon offering hardware grants for education. March 1, 2000 -- Farallon is giving away $30,000 in networking hardware grants to K-12 schools in the Unites States and Canada. The hardware includes Ethernet and Ethernet cards, adapters, hubs and switches, Gigabit cards and switches, and SkyLINE wireless LAN cards (all of it cross-platform).

The application deadline is April 2000. Farallon will notify 10 finalists by May 15, 2000.

Macintouch, Apple tributes to Don Crabb. March 1, 2000 -- The MacInTouch Don Crabb memorial page has tributes to the late Macintosh columnist from those who knew him and from fans. Also see Apple's new Tech Info Library article 75050.

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