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February 1999

Cross-platform JAVA authoring tool for non-programs. February 26, 1999 -- Zat Inc. is now shipping a preview release of Spin ( $495 ), a JavaBeans-based authoring tool for non-programmers. The cross-platform tool runs on Mac OS and Windows, and can be used to create server and client Internet applications. The 1.0 version is expected to ship in late summer.

NT printing problem update. February 26, 1999 -- We have previously reported that the LaserWriter 8.6 driver that comes with Mac OS 8.5.x causes a problem with NT Server SFMprint. We've also reported that the solution is to back-grade to 8.3x. Marcus Reese just wrote to say he is using 8.5.1 because of performance superiority over 8.3x. Reese says 8.5.1 has a minor bug as well, but he offered a workaround. His latest comments at our Mac OS 8.5 cross-platform issues page. He also found the problem to occur with AppleShare IP.

New Tip: Making the Ascend MAX TNT talk Appletalk over PPP. February 26, 1999 -- Mike Perbix send some information on how to configure an Ascend TNT Max dial-in system using AppleTalk over PPP. We've listed his message at the Server Tips page.

Special Report: Lismore Blue Label PowerEmulator. February 25, 1999 -- We've posted a new special report on the Lismore Blue Label PowerEmulator. We have not seen the software ourselves, but our source sent us screen shots and a report. The author wishes to remain anonymous. Our source claims that the emulator has several features not found in Virtual PC and SoftWindows, but does not seem to have a performance advantage. Our source expects that emulator to ship within a few months.

AppleShare IP 6.1.1 update fixes bug with Mac and Windows clients. February 25, 1999 -- Apple has posted AppleShare IP 6.1.1 update, which fixes bugs in Web & File Server:

"1) The AppleShare IP 6.1 Web & File Server may overflow the memory limits set on its cache size.
2) The AppleShare IP 6.1 Web & File Server may become unresponsive (or "deaf") to AFP over TCP and Windows File Sharing (SMB) login requests."

Apple posts work-around for Mac Runtime for Java 2.1/ Int.Explorer problem . February 25, 1999 -- Apple TIL article 60051 has detailed information on configuring the new Mac Runtime for Java 2.1 to work with proxy servers. MRJ 2.1 has a problem with MS Internet Explorer which prevents loading of JAVA applets from behind a firewall.

Vapor PC emulator looks real: Lismore said close to release. February 23, 1999 -- We have acquired a report from a source who says he has acquired a beta copy of a new PC emulator for Macintosh, the Blue Label PowerEmulator from Lismore Software Systems, Ltd. Lismore has had a web site claiming the imminent release of the emulator for several years now, and has never returned our inquiries. (The Lismore web site has currently been taken off line.)However, our source has sent us screen shots and a report of the software, which he says is in the final beta stage. We hope to publish his report within a few days.

Aladdin announces new Zipping tool for Mac, releases DropStuff 5.1. February 23, 1999 -- Aladdin Systems announced DropZip, a new Zip compression tool for Mac to ship in March. The Zip format is the most common compression format on PCs. As with Aladdin DropStuff, DropZip will enable you to drag and drop files or folders onto an icon to compress, this time using a Zip engine.

Today, Aladdin also released DropStuff 5.1 for Mac (free upgrade for 4.5 users), which creates .SIT and .SEA archives. The new version supports the new cross-platform StuffIt 5.0 compression format. Registered DropStuff users can upgrade to StuffIt Deluxe for $29.95.

Adobe GoLive goes cross-platform. February 23, 1999 -- Adobe announced yesterday that it will do a Windows version of the currently Mac-only html editor and site manager, GoLive CyberStudio. (Adobe purchased GoLive Systems in early January.) The software, which has been renamed Adobe GoLive 4.0 ( $299), will ship for Windows version in spring of this year, according to the press release. The Mac version of GoLive 4.0 is now in beta and will ship during the first week of March.

Solutions update IPNetRouter February 23, 1999 -- We've added IPNetRouter ($89) to our Network Solutions page. IPNetRouter is a shareware software router for Mac that you can use to use a single Internet connection and end user account to connect an entire network of Macs and PCs to the Internet. It also supports PPTP for Windows NT Virtual Private Networks and Windows NetBIOS filtering.

Compression Solutions update: MacRAR. February 22, 1999 -- We've added MacRAR to our Compression Solutions page. The freeware solution (now in beta) is the only RAR tool for Macintosh. RAR is a PC compression standard that offers high compression ratios. MacRAR both compresses and extracts RAR archives. It also supports MacBinary III encoding, used in Mac OS 8.5.

Tip update: use printer cables for Mac-to-PC file transfers. February 22, 1999 -- We've updated our tips for using a null modem cable for moving files between one Mac and one PC. A reader wrote to say some Apple printer cables are already null-modem cables. (We also have a reader report that says camera cables are already null-modem cables). As for software, we have another endorsement of Star Gate:

" Star Gate is a winner! When you have no Ethernet (usually a PC short-coming), it's a super way to shuttle files back and forth between a PC and Mac."

Solutions update: Cross-platform group calendar and scheduler. February 22, 1999 -- We've updated our Network Solutions page to include Teamsoft's Team Agenda, a cross-platform group scheduler, contact manager, and project management tool. Teamsoft offers on-line technical support using Netopia's Timbuktu Pro remote control software to control your Mac, to show you what's what.

File Solutions update: Cleaning Mac file names. February 22, 1999 -- Todd Houle has written a utility called Stella's Mover to removes characters from Mac file names that are illegal in Windows. It also adds PC name extensions to files based on their Mac type code.

No USB support Orange PC cards yet. February 22, 1999 -- Brian Durant wrote to say that the current Orange Micro PC coprocessor cards don't yet support USB peripherals. However, the company seemed to indicate to him that it is working on it:

"As of yet there is no support for USB for the Orange Micro card. However there may be some support upcoming soon, though I am not sure as to the time table."

Virtual Game Station does $ 1 million/week. February 22, 1999 -- Connectix Corporation announced that Virtual Game Station has received more than $3,000,000 in orders during the past three weeks. VGS emulates a Sony PlayStation on a Mac. Sony is currently suing Connectix for violation of intellectual property.

Apple article on ASIP Windows troubleshooting. February 19, 1999 -- Apple has posted Tech Info Library article 24800 called AppleShare IP 6: Windows Client Troubleshooting.

IBM to offer Linux. February 19, 1999 -- It was announced yesterday that IBM will offer Linux with its server, desktop, and laptop PCs, as supplied by Red Hat Software. According to the IBM press release. IBM will over "enterprise-level" technical support of the OS. According to IBM, "Red Hat will also perform hardware certification testing and provide dedicated customer training."

New Mac-UNIX info site. February 19, 1999 -- macUNIX is a new web site that will "cover mac-unix internetworking issues," and will be "a reference site for SysAdmins, NetAdmins, and MacManagers who deal with MacOS and UNIX on a day-to-day basis." macUNIX has information about Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS X Server.

OS 8.5.x/NT SFM print problem caused by LaserWriter driver. February 18, 1999 -- Reader Robert Robinson wrote to say that he has found the cause of the Mac OS 8.5.x/NT SFM print problem:

"We have several customers that have had the same problems. The problem is not with system 8.5x but with the LaserWriter 8.6 print drivers. When they down graded to LaserWriter 8.33 the problems seem to have disappeared."

Many readers have reported having this problem, but this is the first time we've heard the problem pinned on LaserWriter 8.6.

NT Service Pack 4 problem--SFM stops responding. February 18, 1999 -- Rob Ward reports a problem with NT Service Pack 4 where Services for Macintosh stops responding after a few hours of operation. The problem goes away when he back-tracks to Service Pack 2, and returns upon reinstallation of SP4. He's rebuilt the Mac volumes to no avail, and says he's seen the problem mentioned at other places on the Internet. We've posted Ward's descriptions of the problem at our Win NT Service Pack 4 page.

Minor upgrade to MacZip. February 18, 1999 -- MacZip 1.0.2 is a minor upgrade to this shareware Zip compression utility for Macs. Some buttons have been relabeled for clarity, and some bugs were fixed.

BeOS to support Pentium III. February 18, 1999 -- Be, Inc. has announced that it's BeOS Release 4.1 will run on Intel's upcoming Pentium III processor. BeOS R4.1, which is also available for Macintosh hardware, will be released in Spring 1999. R4.1 will also include improved OpenGL performance for faster 3D rendering.

Adobe Acrobat 4 not quite cross-platform. February 17, 1999 -- Adobe announced that Acrobat Version 4.0 ($249, $99 upgrade) will be available at the Boston Seybold Seminars conference in Boston on March 2. The Seybold Editors have chosen Acrobat 4 as a "Hot Pick" for the show because it adds features that enable people to use it to review and annotate tool office documents and web pages. However, the Macintosh version will not support many of the new editing features, including Web Capture (which converts HTML to PDF), PDFMaker (a drag and drop PDF-creation feature available in Acrobat for Windows 3), and the ability to convert PDF tables to Microsoft Word tables and Excel spreadsheets.

Helios offers education discount for UNIX-based servers. February 17, 1999 -- Helios Software GmbH is offering a free upgrade to education sites for it's EtherShare 2.5 AppleShare-compatible file and print server for UNIX. With the purchase of a 20-user license (US $3900), Helios will upgrade the user license to 250 users, a savings of US $5,300.

New version of ASCII Converter released. February 17, 1999 -- ASCII Converter 1.1 (shareware 10$) is Mac software that converts the ASCII tables of Windows and Mac text files, including characters with accents. (ASCII Converter and other similar utilities are listed on our File Integration Solutions page.)

ZDNet starts Linux forum. February 17, 1999 -- ZDNet has create a new discussion forum ZDLinux, for discussion of Linux issues.

Cross-platform legal software update. February 17, 1999 -- DeNovo has released TRIAL De Novo 1.9, and update to its law firm case management system for Windows and Macintosh.

New Mac Runtime for Java 2.1 five times faster. February 16, 1999 -- Apple announced Mac Runtime for Java 2.1, a free update to its Java virtual machine for Mac OS. The company claims the new version runs up to 5 times faster than the previous version when running CaffeineMark3 benchmarks.MRJ 2.1 is based on Sun's Java Development Kit 1.1.6, which offers better Java compatibility, according to Apple.

Reader reports bugs in GoMac 2.0. February 16, 1999 -- Gregory Newton reports two bug in Power On Software's GoMac 2.0, a utility that adds a Windows-like start menu and task bar to Mac OS. The problems do not occur with version 1.6. On bug changes all of the Finder's fonts when you select Auto Hide option in the Action Utilities control panel. The other bug occurs after you uncheck Auto Hide and restart the Mac: " all of the pop up folders that were so neatly aligned above the taskbar before the reboot are now just full sized windows scattered all over the desktop...the only way to straighten it out is to again drag each title bar in the open window to the bottom of the screen to create the pop up tabs again."

Network Solutions update: Linux server supports Win, Mac clients. February 16, 1999 -- We've added Corel's NetWinder Group Server ($1339 and up) to our Network Solutions page. This laptop-sized, RISC-powered, Linux server appliance supports both Windows SMB (SAMBA) and Macintosh AFP file sharing clients. Last month, Corel announced it was going to sell it's NetWinder division to Hardware Canada Computing, a UNIX VAR. At this point, Corel is still selling NetWinders. (Thanks to William West for pointing NetWinder out to us.)

Keyboard Solutions Update: iMate USB-to-ADB adapter puts Mac keyboards on PCs. February 12, 1999 -- Kurt Sellner noticed Griffin Technology's iMate ADB-to-USB converter iMate, which lets you connect standard Mac keyboards, mice, tablets, etc. to iMacs, also supports Windows 95 OSR2 B and Windows 98, according to the Griffen web site. In addition to letting you use a favorite Mac keyboard on a PC, Sellner points out that it would be used to add a PC to an existing Mac KVM switch, such as Dr. Bott's MoniSwitch. We've added the iMate to the MacWindows Keyboard Solutions page.

DataViz fix February 12, 1999 -- DataViz has posted a patch to MacLinkPlus Deluxe 10.003 that fixes a problem of crashing or freezing when translating files with AppleWorks/ClarisWorks or other software that uses the Easy Open technology. The patch brings MacLinkPlus 10.003 up to version 10.003p1.

Serial Mac-Windows file transfer utility. February 12, 1999 -- Star Gate is a shareware utility that lets you do drag and drop file transfers between a Mac and a Windows PC connected by a null-modem serial cable. (Thanks to Kjell Olausson for the tip.)

MS Outlook hangs when accessing Exchange server. February 12, 1999 -- A reader has described a problem with Outlook 8.01.x and 8.1.x that temporarily locks up the Mac. We've added his comments to our MS Exchange 5.5 Service Pack 2 page.

Company offers support for Linux on Macs and PCs. February 12, 1999 -- LinuxCare is a company selling technical support for Linux running on both PCs and Macs. The LinuxCare web site doesn't mention support of LinuxPPC or MkLinux running on Macintosh hardware, but the company told MacWindows that it supports both hardware platforms.

Update on NT printing printing problem -yes, it is OS 8.5.x. February 11, 1999 -- One more time: Turns out Marcus Reese mistyped when he include OS 8.1 in the versions of Mac OS that show the NT MacPrint problem that requires you to restart the server. It is clearly related to OS 8.5 and 8.5.1, so we've moved it back to our Mac OS 8.5 cross-platform issues page, along with some more comments from Reese.

New version of NetFinder FTP client. February 11, 1999 -- The Mac FTP client NetFinder 2.0v8 was posted yesterday. The new version fixes a some FTP/HTTP problems and adds some interface enhancements. NetFinder is notable because it is compatibatible with the SOCKS protocol, which means it can get through a Microsoft Proxy Server.

Sonnet says Virtual Game Station works on it's upgrade cards. February 11, 1999 -- Dispite the fact that Connectix warns users not to run Virtual Game Station with G3 upgrade cards, Sonnet Technologies says VGS works on its cards. Sonnet claims both performance and compatibility of the Sony PlayStation emulator are fine on its Crescendo PCI G3 upgrade cards.

More on Windows NT Sever printing problem. February 10, 1999 -- Marcus Reese of NBC did some testing with the NT Server print problem (SFMPRINT.exe halts) that readers have reporting and sent us some of the details about what is happening.

ShareWay IP 2.0 ships. February 10, 1999 -- Open Door Networks is now shipping ShareWay IP 2.0 ( $79), a gateway that enables Mac users to access and AFP-compatible file server (including Windows NT) over TCP/IP. Version 2.0 adds the ability, through Mac OS 8.5's new Network Services Location technology, to browse and access servers (as with the AppleTalk Chooser), and the ability to provide file service, as well as logging features.

Connectix Virtual PC rebate. February 10, 1999 -- Connectix is offering a $40 rebate on Virtual PC with Windows 98 with a mail-in coupon on product boxes. Customers can also download and print the rebate coupon from the Connectix web site. The offer runs through March 31, 1999.

Sun ships PC coprocessor card for UNIX - February 9, 1999 -- Sun is now selling the SunPCi, a PC co-processor card that can run Windows on Sun's UltraSPARC workstations under the Solaris Operating Environment. The card $495 has a 300 MHz AMD K6-2 processor and 64 MB to 256 MB of PC memory. (As a point of comparison, the new Sun card is slower than the fastest PC coprocessor for Mac, the Orange Micro Orange PC 665 with 400 MHz K6-2 processor. But is less expensive than a 300 MHz OrangePC.) Currently, you can run Windows on Sun hardware with Insignia Solutions' SoftWindows for Unix emulator. (Thanks to Richard Birchall for alerting us to this announcement.)

Reader says latest Virex update fixes OS 8.5 file sharing conflict. February 8, 1999 -- Reader Sam Cox says the Virex 5.91 update fixes the OS 8.5 mounted network volume problem. The information at the Dr. Solomon web site doesn't mention this problem.

OS 8.5.1/Win NT Server print problem update. February 8, 1999 -- A few readers have verified the problem we reported last week about printing to NT with Mac OS 8.5.1. However, Greg Newton reports that he doesn't see this problem running Thursby Systems' DAVE on his Macs.

Windows 2000 beta runs only 60 percent of NT apps. February 8, 1999 -- A PC Week story says the current beta of Microsoft Windows 2000 can only run about 60 percent of existing Windows NT applications. According the story, the level of NT compatibility at this time does not meet Microsoft's goals.

Aladdin ships Expander 5.1 for Mac, Expander 5.0 Windows Beta. February 8, 1999 -- Aladdin Systems has upgraded it's free Mac and Windows compression utilities. StuffIt Expander 5.1 for Macintosh is now shipping with added support for .ZIP and .GZ (GZIP) decompression and .UU decoding. Aladdin also posted the first beta version of Expander 5.0 for Windows (v5.0b1). The new version adds decoding of MacBinary III, a new Mac OS 8.5 format, decompression of StuffIt 5.X archives (.sit), including .SEA archives that are self-extracting on Macs. The new beta version can also open .ARC compressed files that contain hierarchical folders.

PowerPrint USB problems with MS Outlook Express. February 8, 1999 -- InfoWave reports a conflict between Microsoft Outlook Express and PowerPrint USB, a software package that provides Mac printer drivers for PC printers. The report says that PowerPrint crashes the Mac when you try to print from Outlook Express. The InfoWave report is minimal, but MacFixIt has a much more detailed report.

German Linux on Mac site adds English. February 8, 1999 -- The formerly all-German web site Linux am Mac has now added some English. The site features news and information about running LinuxPPC and MkLinux on Macs.

Correction. February 7, 1999 -- The MacBochs PC emulator for Mac is shareware (US$25), not free, as we had previously stated. We regret the error.

eMediaweekly ceases publication. February 5, 1999 -- The February 1, 1999 issue of eMediaweekly is the final issue, according to Mac Publishing, LLC. The magazine, formerly MacWeek magazine, covered cross-platform issues in publishing. Among its regular columns was BackPanel, a technical Q and A covering Mac-to-NT issues written by MacWindow's John Rizzo. The MacWeek/eMediaweekly staff was a highly creative, highly skilled group of journalists, and we enjoyed working with them. We wish them luck in their next endeavors.

OS 8.5.1 preventing printing to Win NT Server. February 5, 1999 -- Ole Frandsen has a problem printing to NT with Mac OS 8.5.1. We've posted his problem at our Mac OS 8.5 cross-platform issues page.

Update: Win NT Service Pack 4 problems. February 5, 1999 -- We've added the comments of server readers to our Win NT Service Pack 4 page, including a problem moving large files.

File Solutions Update: Windows system font for Macintosh. February 5, 1999 -- ASI_Font for Macintosh is a shareware Macintosh font that is a clone of the Windows MS Sans Serif used by Windows operative system for windows, menus, alert boxes. It can be useful when creating for writing cross-platform software. We've listed it on the MacWindows File Solutions page.

SheepShaver 2.0 ships, Mac runtime for BeOS. February 5, 1999 -- SheepShaver 2.0 for BeOS for PowerPC R4 is now available on BeDepot.(Free upgrade from version 1.1.) The runtime environment can run Mac OS inside the BeOS environment. The new version offers an icon on the Mac desktop to access BeOS files, detection of removable media, and some bug fixes. A LinuxPPC version of SheepShaver is in the works.

Sony fails to obtain restraining order for Virtual Game Station. February 5, 1999 -- In its first legal skirmish against Connectix, Sony lost its bid to get a temporary restraining order to stop shipments of Connectix Virtual Game Station, a Sony PlayStation emulator for Mac. The San Francisco Federal District Court said that Connectix could continue shipping the emulator even though Sony has filed suit against Connectix for violating Sony's intellectual property rights. (See news item from January 28 below.)

Win NT Service Pack 4 update. February 4, 1999 -- Gary Swick had a problem of some files disappearing when he installed Service Pack 4 on his NT servers. Turns out the problem wasn't NT4, but a corrupted index file. We've posted his story on our Win NT Service Pack 4 page.

File Maker fix for NT Service Pack 4 conflict. February 4, 1999 -- FileMaker Pro Server NT 3.0v4 Updater fixes a problem with NT Service Pack 4 described on our Win NT Service Pack 4 page.

Orange Micro announces cards and fix for Blue and White G3, w/speed improvements. February 4, 1999 -- Orange Micro has announced new OrangePC coprocessor boards compatible with Apple's new Blue and White Power Mac G3. It also announced upgrades for current OrangePC models, which are incompatible with the Blue and White G3 (see news item January 25 below).The new cards, called OrangePC 625, PCfx! (655) and OrangePC 665, include a new ASIC chip and updated software. as do the upgrades for current models ($79 including shipping). Orange Micro also claims that the new ASIC will increase hard drive performance by up to 200-to-400 percent, due to new burst mode and DMA data transfers capabilities. Both the cards and the upgrades will ship at end of March. Prices for the cards will start at $499 (including Windows).

Orange Micro also announced a line of SCSI cards for the Blue and White G3, the Grappler SCSI ($49-$149) to ship later this month. The cards will enable you to boot from an external drive, a problem with many SCSI cards in the Blue and White G3.

Microsoft updates PowerPoint 98, fixes X-platform problems. February 4, 1999 -- Nicholas Bacon noticed that Microsoft has posted a new version of the PowerPoint 98 Viewer for Mac. Microsoft hasn't mentioned it, Bacon says the new Version 8.1 of the Viewer fixes a problem displaying Windows presentations:

"...the first release of the viewer, v.8.0, had severe problems showing presentations from Windows that contained graphics. Most often, the graphics would never appear. The new version has fixed this, although there was, as far as I could find, any mention made of the new version or its fixes."

The free Viewer, a 6.9 MB download, allows you to view PowerPoint presentations without the full version of PowerPoint.

Update to MacBochs PC emulator for Mac. February 4, 1999 -- There's a new version of MacBochs, a shareware PC emulator for Macintosh (U.S. $25). The new version, called MacBochs-990127, offers improved support for mounting Bochs hard disk images in the Finder, a minor speed improvement, and some bug fixes. The developers warn "MacBochs is in an early stage of development, and is likely to contain many bugs." The MacBochs web site now has screen shots of MacBochs running Windows 3.1 and DOS. Additionally, David Ross has started an FTP site for Bochs hard disk images with preinstalled operating systems.

Outlook Express for Mac bug. February 4, 1999 -- Nate Caplin found a bug in Outlook Express for Mac that causes a hard system freeze:

"Go to Outlook Express Help. Click Index. An alphabet of anchor links appears at the top with the index below. Try clicking on any of the letters, like S. Nothing happens. Try clicking back to A. After a few clicks, your Mac will freeze."

Music and audio apps for BeOS. February 4, 1999 -- Be Inc. says that within the next 3 months, 26 developers of professional music and audio products will ship versions for BeOS, an operation system that runs on Macintosh and Intel-based computers.

Miramar Ships PC MacLAN 7.2. February 3, 1999 -- Miramar Systems is now shipping PC MACLAN for Windows 95/98 7.2 ( $199), its AppleShare-compatible network software for Windows. The new version combines remote and LAN capabilities, and adds AppleShare-compatible file sharing over TCP/IP for Windows 98. It also correctly displays the volume sized for volumes greater than 2 GB. There's also simplified installation and some user interface enhancements.

Orange Micro Upgrades software. February 3, 1999 -- Orange Micro has posted Orange PCi 3.3 update, which updates the BIOS for the 400, 500, and 600 series coprocessor boards (including the PCfx). New features include Windows NT support for SCSI driver, Clipboard Exchange, FastSwitch, and CD-ROM auto-play. There's also use of MacOS 8.5 navigational services, and serveral bugs have been fixed.

Aladdin's Expander for Windows 5.0. February 3, 1999 -- According to a source, Aladdin Systems plans to ship Expander for Windows 5.0 this Friday, along with Expander 5.1 for Mac (see Feb. 1 news item). A source told us that then new Windows Expander will support the new StuffIt (SIT) 5.x compression format, and support for Unicode. This version won't have NTFS support.

Update on MacWindows Thin-Client Solutions. February 3, 1999 -- We've updated our information on cross-platform thin-client solutions for Mac access of Windows applications. Several products have dropped out, Citrix MetaFrame was added, and the links were updated.

98lite -- Removing browser from Win 98 gains speeds, runs on SoftWindows. February 2, 1999 -- An Australian biologist has done what Microsoft says is impossible -- remove Internet Explorer from Windows 98. Despite Microsoft's arguments to the U.S. Department of justice that Internet Explorer can't be removed from Windows 98, Shane Brooks has done just that with 98lite, a free utility that works with the Win 98 and 95 CDs. The program replaces the Windows 98 Explorer shell with the Windows 95 Explorer shell, removing the Active Desktop Components, Internet Explorer 4.0, and Internet Connection Wizard, but leaving the core Windows 98. The result is a faster version of Windows 98 -- as fast as Windows 95.

Faster Windows is of interest to people running PC emulators on Macs. MacFixIt and Macintouch report of a user successfully installing 98lite on SoftWindows. You'll need to reinstall Insignia's mouse driver after running 98lite.

Connectix ships Virtual Game Station. February 2, 1999 -- Connectix Corporation is selling Connectix Virtual Game Station ($49.95) for the first time since Macworld Expo. Version 1.1 of the Sony PlayStation emulator for Mac is on sale at the Connectix software online store to residents of the Canada and the United States. The limitation is in accordance with Sony's territorial restrictions on PlayStation games. Additionally, Virtual Game Station 1.1 added better copy protection than version 1.0, which never went into distribution. However, this hasn't stopped Sony from suing Connectix over violation of intellectual property. (See news item from January 28 below, as well as a MacWeek article.)

MacVision gives a Mac OS 8.X look and feel to Windows. February 2, 1999 -- MacVision is free software that gives Windows the look and feel of Mac OS 8.x. This is the closest thing we've seen to a real Mac on Windows without using a 680x0 emulator and real Mac software. MacVision Mac OS-like menu bar at the top of the screen and makes windows look like Finder windows. It replaces the Windows window frames, buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, and progress bars with those of Mac with OS 8.x. It even installs the Chicago font on Windows.

Updates to two Zipping utilities for Mac. February 2, 1999 -- Two .ZIP compression utilities for Macintosh got updated recently. MacZip 1.0.1, fixes some minor bugs, including one with AppleScript. A beta version of ZipIt 1.4b3 has been posted. (The current version is 1.3.8.) Both utilities can compress and decompress files in the PC .ZIP format.

 StuffIt Expander 5.1 now unzips, UU decodes. February 1, 1999 -- By this Friday, Aladdin Systems will ship a free upgrade of it's Macintosh decompression/decoding utility that adds PC formats. StuffIt Expander 5.1 .ZIP and .GZ (GZIP) decompression and .UU decoding, in addition to the other formats already supported. Aladdin also says the new version is up to twice as fast as v5.0.

LinuxPPC Live boots from Mac OS without partition. February 1, 1999 -- LinuxPPC Live is a new version of LinuxPPC Release 4 that lets you boot it from Mac OS without requiring you to partition the hard drive. Live includes the K Desktop Environment (a GUI), basic disk utilities and commands, Netscape Communicator, and the GNU Image Manipulation Program (Gimp). The newsstand edition of an upcoming Macworld magazine will include a LinuxPPC Live CD-ROM. LinuxPPP Live can even be booted right off the CD-ROM, though not at optimal performance. LinuxPPC Live can also be downloaded.

Cross-platform messaging now available. February 1, 1999 -- Advanced Ideas InformUser ( $200 for 25 users), a new cross-platform messaging too, is now available. Administrators can send messages to Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX machines that run the InformUser receiver. No server is required. The administrator sendor module is currently Mac only, but a Windows version is planned. An administrator can choose which machines to send messages to.

January 1999

Connectix announces Virtual Game Station 1.1. January 29, 1999 -- Yesterday Connectix announced Virtual Game Station 1.1, just after Sony filed suit against the company in Federal District Court in San Francisco (see yesterday's news). A free updater for owners of version 1.0 is now available. (Version 1.0 was only sold on the floor of Macworld Expo earlier this month.) Connectix said version 1.1 will be available in stores "soon," but did not give a date. Virtual Game Station is Mac software that emulates a Sony PlayStation.

Minor update to Virtual PC posted, aimed at iMac, Blue and White G3. January 29, 1999 -- Connectix has posted Virtual PC 2.1.2 Updater. The update adds support for the Imation USB SuperDisk and the VST USB Floppy Drive. The Hard Drive Expander utility can now recognize if a hard drive image is part of a saved state.

Sony Sues Connectix over Mac PlayStation emulator. January 28, 1999 -- The SF Chronicle reports that Sony Corp. has file suit against Connectix that claiming that it violated Sony's intellectual property rights and copyrights. The target is Connectix' Virtual Game Station, Macintosh software that emulates a Sony PlayStation. The Chronicle article quotes a Sony spokesperson as saying that Virtual Game Station does not accurately reproduce the "PlayStation experience." Since selling 3000 copies of on the floor of Macworld Expo in San Francisco earlier this month, Connectix has not been offering Virtual Game Station for sale, fueling speculation of impending Sony legal action.

Connectix CEO Roy McDonald, in an interview with MacWindows, said that he didn't believe Connectix had violated Sony's intellectual rights. With Virtual Game Station, Connectix did not seek permission from Sony. This differs from Windows emulators Connectix Virtual PC and Insignia Solutions' SoftWindows, where both companies worked with Microsoft to develop the products.

New MacWindows page: MS Outlook client for Mac. January 28, 1999 -- We've created a new MS Exchange 5.5 Service Pack 2 page that lists some of the many responses reader have sent in about problems they've been having the Mac Outlook client, as well as some other problems, and some solutions, too.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has posted an Outlook paper in the form of a Word file that " explains the enhancements to Outlook for Macintosh, Exchange Server Edition and discusses future improvements for the next release."

Lotus posts second beta of Notes R2. January 28, 1999 -- Lotus has posted Lotus Notes R5 beta 2 for Win 95, NT and Macintosh on the client side, and Win 98, NT, OS/2, AIX, Solaris/SPARC, Solaris/Intel, and HP-UX on the server.

File Solutions Update: a cross-platform icon converter. January 28, 1999 -- We've added MacIco to our File Integration Solutions page. MacIco is a free Macintosh utility that converts Mac icons to Windows icons. (Thanks to Vladimir Krstonosic for the tip.)

Update to Creator and Type code utility. January 28, 1999 -- A Better Finder Creators & Types 1.4 has been released. The Mac utility lets you change the type and creator codes of groups of files that have no type and creator codes, such as those received from Windows or from the Internet. The new version remembers settings from one session to the next.

Hewlett-Packard to offer Linux with servers. January 28, 1999 -- ZDnet reports that Hewlett-Packard will offer Red Hat Linux with its NetServer hardware. The story also says that Silicon Graphics will announce Linux support today.

High-speed file transfer for Win NT, Mac, UNIX. January 27, 1999 -- Team ASA Inc. is shipping version 1.5 of the PDQ Protocol, high speed file transfer software for Windows NT ( $1995.00), Macintosh ( $250.00), Sun SPARC, SGI, and Novell servers. The software supports multiple platforms simultaneously, optimizing speed using, Fat Packets, dynamic frame and packet sizing. The company claims PDQ can move a 10 MB file in 2 seconds. The new version allows users to select between Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Ethernet, or FDDI networks. Team ASA also sells Gigabit Ethernet adapters.

Cross-platform LAN message broadcaster to debut next week. January 27, 1999 -- Advanced Ideas will release a new network utility called InformUser, which will allow network administrators broadcast messages to Mac and Windows users without a server. The receiver software for Mac, Windows, and UNIX will be available next week, as will the Mac sender software. A Windows sender will be added in the future.

New German Mac-Linux site. January 27, 1999 -- Linux am Mac is a German-language web site providing tips on running mkLinux and LinuxPPC on Macs.

ZDNet reviews Citrix MetaFrame 1.0. January 26, 1999 -- ZDNet has posted a short review of Citrix MetaFrame 1.0, the thin-client server that runs on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server, but supports Macintosh and UNIX clients as well as Windows clients.

Update to Mac version of free cross-platform thin-client/server. January 26, 1999 -- ORL has released version 3.3.2 alpha release 1.1 of MacVNS (Virtual Network Server). Based on X Window technology VNS is free thin-client/server software that enables networked clients to access applications running on servers. MacVNS is a server for Macintosh.

Orange Micro goes back to free tech support. January 26, 1999 -- Orange Micro has stopped using a 900 telephone number for technical support for it's OrangePC coprocessor boards. The support number is listed at Orange Micro's support page.

Netopia Timbuktu partners with McAfee. January 26, 1999 -- Netopia has partnered with McAfee Software, a business unit of Network Associates to distribute Netopia's Timbuktu Pro cross-platform remote control software. You can now download a trial version from Timbuktu from McAfee's site.

OrangePC incompatible with Blue and White G3's; a fix in the works. January 25, 1999 -- Orange Micro has informed us that the new "Blue and White" Power Mac G3 models are incompatible with Orange Micro's coprocessor boards. Orange Micro is planning a new version of an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chip to remedy the problem, though no date was offered. Orange Micro Director of Engineering Joel Vink wrote:

"All current OrangePC products are incompatible with the Blue and White G3. It will completely hang the Blue and White G3 as the OrangePC tries to start up....Orange Micro is doing an ASIC respin which will allow us, for a fee, to upgrade all OrangePC 600 series boards (OrangePC 620 and 660, not 400 or 500 series). We are also taking orders for OrangePC 620 and 660 with the new ASIC specifically for the Blue and White G3 that will be shipping once the ASIC respin is complete. Orange Micro will continue to ship the current OrangePC 620 and 660 to all people who do not have the Blue and White G3 because OrangePC remains completely compatible with all previous PCI Power Macs, including the original G3."

Apple's new Power Mac has other compatibility problems, according to Macintouch, MacFixIt, and Apple. The problems include conflicts with some SCSI cards, the inability to boot from USB drives, and problems with some utilities. Apple TIL article 58248 notes the Blue and White G3's incompatibility with certain Apple ADB keyboards.

Microsoft to supply MacLink Plus for Educators. January 25, 1999 -- Microsoft is offering education customers 5-Packs of DataViz' MacLinkPlus and/or Conversions Plus for $149.(The ordinary education price is $419 for a 5-pack.)

SheapShaver 2.0, Mac OS runtime BeOS; version for LinuxPPC to come. January 25, 1999 -- A new SheapShaver 2.0, a Mac OS runtime environment for BeOS for PowerPC, will be released later this month, according to its creators, Marc Hellwig and Christian Bauer. The new version will run on BeOS R4 and will add new features, including an icon that will allow users to access files on BeOS volumes from Mac applications.

SheepShaver for LinuxPPC is also now in the works, to be delivered in the first half of this year. It will allow users to run Mac OS and Mac applications from within LinuxPPC. As with SheapShaver for BeOS, the Linux version runs only on Mac hardware.

Insignia betas Jene, JAVA for embedded systems. January 25, 1999 -- Insignia Solutions, maker of SoftWindows, is in beta testing for a Jene, a JAVA for embedded systems. The company said the beta testers included developers of networking equipment, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), mass storage systems (including Quantum), and color printers to its beta test program. At Macworld Expo earlier this month, Connectix (makes of Virtual PC) announced PerkVM, a JAVA Virtual Machine.

Apple releases free, but arcane, file translator. January 25, 1999 -- Apple has posted Convert2DOS is a Mac utility that translates MacDraw Pro files into ClarisDraw for Windows and ClarisImpact for Windows formats.

Mac emulator for PCs upgraded; PowerPC, iMac emulator promised. January 22, 1999 -- Emulators, Inc. is now shipping Gemulator Pro, the latest upgrade to its Macintosh emulator for PCs, which it has been shipping since 1993. For $149.95, Gemulator Pro comes with a CD-ROM containing the 68040 emulator, a card for the PC, and actual Macintosh ROMs that fit in the card. Mac OS runs in a Windows window, and you can run Mac disk devices.

Emulator, Inc. says it expects to demonstrate the industry's first PowerPC emulator for Windows at Macworld Expo in Boston this summer. (Microcode Solutions promised a PowerPC emulator for its Fusion product last summer, but has not delivered.) Emulator, Inc.also promises to have an iMac emulator on display at next summer's show. The company is also working on support for Mac OS 8.5.

International character not crossing platforms. January 22, 1999 -- Stefan Strand has been having a problem with moving Swedish characters between a Mac 8.5.1, International English version and Windows 95, Swedish version. When he copies a folder or file from the Mac to an AppleShare IP 6.1 server (on Mac OS version 8.5.1, International English version), a Swedish character get mistranslated when he views the server from the Windows machine. A lowercase "o" with two dots (umlaut) is translated in a "u" with an accent above it, which is not a Swedish character. Other characters, such as an umlauted a, an "a" with a circle above it, and the uppercase of all three, come through unaltered. Strand suspects AppleShare IP as the cause of the problem.

Third-party software 32-bit update for Apple Compatibility card on hold. January 21, 1999 -- FVDCS Inc., a small company that last November said it would create version 2.0 of PC Setup for Apple's discontinued PC Compatibility Cards, has put the project on hold. Apple's versions of PC Setup are not compatible with 32-bit drivers, and conflicts with Mac OS 8.5. Mark Fonnemann's web site has a letter from the company that says it has run into problems with Apple, which hasn't given the developer access to the source code. Earlier last year, Orange Micro abandoned it's project to create a new PC Setup that is compatible with 32-bit drivers when it ran into the same problem with Apple.

Miramar reports incompatibility with IBM PCMCIA Ethernet. January 21, 1999 -- Miramar Systems reports that it's PC MacLAN Ethernet software for Windows is incompatible with IBM's EtherJet PCMCIA Ethernet cards. The problem is IBM's NDIS implementation. (For more PC MacLAN tips, see the MacWindows Peer-to-Peer Tips page.)

Update to our Windows 2000 SFM report. January 20, 1999 -- We've updated our special report Macintosh and Windows 2000, a Preview. We've added more information about features gained by the new NTFS, more info about Virtual Private Networks, and more info on the AppleShare client 3.8. We also corrected some small errors. For instance, Windows 2000 SFM requires AFP 2.2, not 2.0 as we previously reported.

New Tip: File locking on NT volumes. January 20, 1999 -- John Wolf found an intermittent problem where Word for Macintosh locks up when opening them from an NT server. Symantec verified that the cause was Norton antivirus 5.0.3. The problem and the solution are described on the MacWindows Server Tips page.

Special Report: Macintosh and Windows 2000 Server--a Preview. January 19, 1999 -- We've put together what we know about Macintosh support in Windows 2000 Server with a few screen shots in this special report.

Samba Team releases Samba 2.0 --fastest windows server. January 19, 1999 -- Samba Team has released Samba 2.0, and open source SMB/CIFS fileserver for UNIX and Linux servers for the support of Windows clients. The developers claim that new version is the fastest file sharing server software for Windows clients. Samba 2.0 can now be integrated into Windows NT domains, as it includes first non-Microsoft implementation of the Windows NT Domain authentication protocols. Mac OS X Server will run Samba when it ships next month, according to Apple. (Samba is the Microsoft/Windows equivalent to Netatalk for Mac clients.)

DAVE on Mac works with Samba on UNIX. January 19, 1999 -- A reader asked if a Mac running Thursby Systems' DAVE could access a UNIX machine running Samba, the open source Windows SMB/CIFS fileserver for UNIX and Linux. The answer is yes. Thursby has a note on how to use DAVE with SAMBA at it's site. It's not new, but it's news to us.

Eudora Planner beta lacks Mac-to-Palm Pilot solution. January 19, 1999 -- Brian A. Carb is a beta tester for Eudora Planner for Macintosh, the replacement Now Up-to-Date/Contact 3.6.5 (see news item January 15 below). He likes it, but mentions an unresolved issue:

"The only unanswered question has to do with synchronizing to the Palm Pilot. We synchronize Now-Contact using Now Synchronize. Eudora Planner for Windows uses 3rd party software (IntelliSync?) for synchronizing Palm Pilot on the PC. We asked about the Mac, but we have received no word yet."

Windows 2000 Beta 3 slips to April. January 18, 1999 -- ZDnet reports that Microsoft has pushed the ship date for Windows 2000 Beta 3 to April. Dates for the final Windows 2000 Server and Advance Server are still before the end of the year.

Solutions update: another file renaming tool. January 18, 1999 -- The shareware program NameChum 2.1 can remove file name characters that are illegal in Windows.

Readers confirm Mac Outlook, Exchange 5.5 SP2 doesn't work as advertised. January 18, 1999 -- Several readers responded to our report of January 15, saying that they also could not use the new Outlook 98 Client for the Power Mac that comes with Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 2 to access calendars created by Windows. Microsoft says the new version is supposed to enable Macs to have read-only access to Windows calendars. Dan Kessler's comments were representative of most of the email we received on this topic:

"Frankly, the only difference I can see is a vertical menu on the left-hand side of the screen. I still can't see any calendars prepared by Outlook 97 for Windows. The only calendar I can see is what I create. I can't even see a calendar created by other Mac users!"

However, one reader, Scott Ullrich, disagrees "I use this upgrade with no problems whatsoever. It's too bad the Exchange client is not getting the attention it deserves."

Compaq to ship Linux. January 18, 1999 -- PC Week reports that Compaq will ship Linux with servers in a deal to be announced in February. Red Hat Linux 5.2 will come preinstalled, and Compaq will offer 24-hour, 7-day a week support for the systems.

Problem with Mac Outlook, Exchange 5.5 SP2. January 15, 1999 -- Reader David Dutt has tested the new Outlook 98 Client for the Power Mac that comes with Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 2 and is still not able to view calendars created by using Outlook 97 for Windows. The new version is supposed to provide read-only access to the calendars created by Windows. He is also unable to display any Public Calendars. (We first reported the new SP2 on December 31.) If anyone else has experience with this upgrade, please let us know.

Richard Birchall notes that you can also download the 33 MB SP2 from a Microsoft FTP site.

NT Unsolved mystery solved: backing up very large NT SFM volume. David Dutt reports that his problems backing up his 70 GB NT Services for Macintosh volume that we reported on November 20 in NT Unsolved Mysteries were caused by not shutting down SFM before installing Service Pack 3. Dutt credits Microsoft tech support for getting to the bottom of the problem.

X-platform calender Eudora Planner 4 replaces Now Up-to-Date/Contact. January 15, 1999 -- Qualcomm's Eudora Planner is a replacement for the cross-platform Now Up-to-Date/Contact 3.6.5 scheduler and contact manager. Eudora Planner for Windows 4.0 ($79) is shipping, and 4..0.1 updater is available. Eudora Planner for Macintosh is in beta. Both Macintosh and Windows versions can access the same scheduling contacts data over a TCP/IP network.

Sony holds off on suing Connectix over Virtual Game Station. January 15, 1999 -- A Wired story reports that Sony is not planning a lawsuit over Connectix Virtual Game Station, Mac software that emulates a Sony PlayStation. Meanwhile, Connectix issued a press release saying that it had sold over 3000 copies of Virtual Game Station at it's Macworld Expo booth last week. However, the product is currently not available, and Connectix hasn't said when it will be.

TextSpresso cleans up x-platform text. January 15, 1999 -- Taylor Design's TextSpresso 1.0b3 is a Mac utility that includes over 65 converter filters for converting text files between Mac and Windows, for preparing files for publishing, and other purposes. You can run multiple filters at once and on multiple files. The software is now in beta and is free.

FileMaker plug-in adds cross-platform full-featured messaging. January 15, 1999 -- The BoardRoom ($79) from Advanced Database Systems is a FileMaker plug-in that provides cross-platform messaging over TCP/IP, IPX, and AppleTalk. The Boardroom provides instant messaging with email-like features, such as message history and logging, automatic "new message" notification, time/date stamping of deliveries and receipts, quoted text in replies, and a spell checker.

Prosoft ships NetWare Client 5.12 for Mac OS. January 14, 1999 -- Prosoft Engineering has shipped its NetWare Client 5.12 for Mac OS ($49.95). The new client lets you mount NetWare IPX volumes and printers from the Chooser. It will also report the correct amount of volume space, and is optimized for the G3 processor and Mac OS 8.x.Currently, you can only buy the software at Prosoft's web site. However, if you download before February 28, Prosoft will send you a CD-ROM when it becomes available.

Prosoft is also working on a Mac client for Novell NetWare 5. (NetWare 5 doesn't currently support Macs.) Prosoft says it will ship an IP Native Novell Client for Mac OS this year, as well as AppleShare/IP NetWare for Macintosh server software in the form of NetWare Loadable Modules (NLM).

Solutions updates: Windows X-platform font converter and disk utility. January 14, 1999 -- We've updated our Solutions pages with two Windows utilities from Acute Systems. CrossFont ($45) converts TrueType and Postscript Type1 fonts between Mac and Windows formats. TransMac ($64) enables Windows to read, write and format Macintosh floppies and SCSI drives. You can check out these and the competition at the MacWindows File Integration Solutions page and our Disk Solutions page.

Connectix Virtual Game Station currently not available. January 13, 1999 -- Macintouch reports that Connectix is not currently selling Virtual Game Station, though it was last week. Meanwhile, the IGNPSX site reports rumors that Sony is getting ready to sue Connectix for infringing on it's intellectual rights. Connectix CEO Roy McDonald told MacWindows last week that he didn't think that Connectix was violating Sony's intellectual property rights by emulating Sony's PlayStation.

Apple TIL article on NT capturing of printer. January 13, 1999 -- Apple Technical info article 30882 describes how to "uncapture" an AppleTalk printer on Windows NT Server, enabling Macs to print directly to it.

File Integration Solutions update: ASCII Converter. January 13, 1999 -- We've added a new utility to those listed on the File Integration Solutions page. ASCII Converter 1.0 converts Windows text documents to Mac, correctly converting special characters.

Open GL Java for Mac. January 13, 1999 -- Although Apple announced OpenGL support in a future Mac OS, you can access OpenGL graphics from Java program using Gerard Ziemski's GL4Java 1.0, free for the downloading.

Caplin NT bug fixed in Win 2000 beta; reader offers work around for NT 4. January 12, 1999 -- The bug pointed out to Microsoft by Nate Caplin (see news January 8 below) is already fixed in Windows 2000, according our contact at Microsoft. (The bug creates a trash file that can't be deleted.) Microsoft says the bug is located in File Manager, which is not used in Windows 2000.

We now have a full description of the Caplin bug on the Server Tips page, as well as a work-around offered by reader Adam Adamov.

Windows NT Service Pack 4 security issue. January 12, 1999 -- Hood Gardner points out that Windows NT 4 Service Pack 4 makes some irreversible changes to the security structure of the system it's applied too. Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q196603 describes some of the changes and mentions that "previous versions of certain files cannot access Windows NT system security information after Service Pack 4 is applied." (For more info about the effect of Service Pack 4 on Mac-related issues, see our Win NT Service Pack 4 issues page.)

Virtual Game Station patch plays non-U.S. and bootleg PlayStation games. January 12, 1999 -- A day after Connectix Virtual Game station was released, someone wrote a VGS patch that gets around Connectix protections that prevent the use of VGS to play illegal copies of Sony's games. According to a source, the patch enables the Sony PlayStation emulator to play non-U.S. games, as well as bootleg copies on CDR discs of Sony PlayStation discs. (For further information, see our interview with Connectix CEO Roy McDonald.)

NuBus DOS Compatibility Card and OS 8.5 requires VM. January 12, 1999 -- Henry Donzis has found that the NuBus Apple DOS Compatibility Card requires virtual memory turned on with Mac OS 8.5. However, the PCI PC Compatibility Card does works on OS 8.5 with virtual memory turned off. You can read Donzis' comments on the Mac OS 8.5 cross-platform issues page.

First binary release of MacBochs emulator. January 12, 1999 -- David Batterham has posted the first binary version of his MacBochs PC emulator for Mac. The version is still in the early stages, but no longer requires a compiler to run. Batterham has also posted a hard disk image with FreeDOS, a DOS-like OS, preinstalled. Batterham told us:

"It hasn't been tested on many machines, so I'm now looking for brave testers to try it out and let me know how it runs on their Macs. The install process is still very fiddly. However, the program should be working enough to be usable (I've fixed the keyboard support and made some other improvements)."

We've added MacBochs to our Operating Systems Solutions page, which lists PC emulators for Mac, and Mac emulators for Windows.

SGI Bundles Debabelizer with new NT Workstations. January 12, 1999 -- Silicon Graphics introduced a new line of Windows NT workstations, the Visual Workstations 320 and 540, bundled with Equilibrium's DeBabelizer Pro 4.5 LE installed on the hard drive. DeBabelizer is an batch graphics editor that supports and can convert between over 100 Macintosh and Windows file formats.

Macworld Expo denies booting Intergraph from Macworld Expo. January 12, 1999 -- PC maker Intergraph and Mac Publishing CEO Colin Crawford denied that IDG Show Management booted Intergraph out of Macworld Expo last week, according to MacWeek. We reported on January 8 that with some pressure from Apple, Macworld Expo officials kicked Intergraph out of Macworld Expo for planning to demonstrate Intergraph's 450 MHz NT workstation -- next to Apple booth.

Intel unveils the Pentium III. January 12, 1999 -- Intel has announced the Pentium III processor, to be introduced in March.

Using an Apple Studio Display on Windows NT Server 4.0. January 12, 1999 -- A new Apple Tech Info Library article 30880 describes using an Apple Studio Display with Windows NT Server 4.0. The procedure differs from Windows 95.

Report from Macworld Expo, San Francisco, January 11,1999

Special Report: Interview with Connectix CEO Roy MacDonald. January 11, 1999 -- Last Thursday, MacWindows interviewed Connectix President and CEO Roy McDonald. Our special report about the interview includes topics such as the new Virtual Gaming Station, the next version of Virtual PC, and Connectix new Java Virtual Machine.

Windows version of Virtual Game Station on the way. January 11, 1999 -- We neglected to mention last week that Connectix is developing a Windows version of Virtual Game Station.

Web Objects for Mac available next month. January 11, 1999 -- In our Expo report on January 6, we neglected to mention that Mac OS X Server will come with Apple's Web Objects 4 web application server software. This will be the first time Web Objects will run on Macintosh hardware. Web Objects has been available for Windows and Unix.

No Mac OS X Server for Intel, but APIs still cross-platform. January 11, 1999 -- When we spoke to Apple's Director of OS Technologies Ken Bereskin last week, we asked about the similarities and differences from Apple's previous plans for Rhapsody. Although Apple previously planned an Intel version for Rhapsody, Bereskin said that Apple has no plans for an Intel version of Mac OS X Server . However, he said that Rhapsody's cross-platform "Yellow Box" APIs are included in Mac OS X Server. This means developers can use these APIs to create applications that will run on both Mac OS Server and Windows NT. Bereskin also said that Mac OS X Server contains AppleScript in the Yellow Box, and that the server also contains the Rhapsody "Blue Box," which can run Mac applications.

Miramar Systems combines LAN and Remote versions of PC MacLAN. January 11, 1999 -- Miramar Systems has combined the LAN and remote versions of PC MacLAN AppleTalk/AppleShare software into a new product called PC MacLAN for Windows 95/98. (The NT version is unchanged.) The previous products were called PC MACLAN Pro and Remote for Windows 95/98 v7.0. The new combined product has a version number of 7.2.

Report from Macworld Expo, San Francisco, January 8, 1999

TunnelBuilder 5.0 to add L2TP to VPN client, helps with Firewalls. January 8, 1999 -- Network TeleSystems (NTS) told MacWindows that version 5.0 of TunnelBuilder ($129) will add support of two new Virtual Private Network protocols that would help Mac and Windows clients to log in through firewalls using encrypted Virtual Private Network technology. TunnelBuilder 5.0 implements the Level 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP), and industry standard that is an alternative to Microsoft's PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol). L2TP uses UDP Port 1701, which most Firewalls allow to pass more readily than PPTP's GRE port 47. Another alternative will be NTS's proprietary NTS Tunneling Protocol (NTS-TP) encapsulates PPTP within HTTP, which all firewalls will let pass. NTS-TP requires the TunnelMaster server (starting at $2500). Booth #3553.

Version 5.0 of TunnelBuilder for Mac and Windows will also include both LAN and remote capabilities. NTS expects to ship TunnelBuilder 5.0 by the end of February. (For info on TunnelBuilder as a solution to enable Macs access NT RAS, see the Server Tips page.)

NT jumping icon hotfix created a disappearing icon bug. January 8, 1999 -- A Microsoft NT Services for Macintosh specialist told MacWindows that last year's hotfix for the jumping icons bug (and other bugs) created a new bug on volumes with large numbers of files. With over 10,000 or so files on a volume, the SFM hotfix causes some file icons to disappear from mounted volumes on Macs. (For other Disappearing icon problems, see the MacWindows Server Tips page.) Upon rebuilding the Mac volume, the server can occasionally crash.

However, Microsoft said that NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 fixed this new problem, and recommends it for anyone running Services for Macintosh.

Microsoft to release a Service Pack 5. January 8, 1999 -- Microsoft told MacWindows today that a Service Pack 5 would be release for NT Server before Windows 2000 Server ships. No ship date was given.

Microsoft demo's AppleShare over IP on Win 2000 at Macworld Expo. January 8, 1999 -- We got a demonstration of AppleShare (AFP) over IP running on Windows 2000 Server at the Microsoft booth (number 1017 in the South Hall) at Macworld Expo. Once again, Microsoft assured us that it AFP over IP will be in the final version. Microsoft is running the next version of Beta 2 that will be released at 1017 in the South Hall of Moscone Center. We will have more about Windows 2000 Services for Macintosh in a Special Report next week.

MacWindows reader points out new NT 4 bug to Microsoft. January 8, 1999 -- At Microsoft's Macworld Expo booth, MacWindows reader and contributor Nate Caplin showed Microsoft SFM specialists (and MacWindows) a bug in Windows NT 4.0 Services for Macintosh that Microsoft was not aware of. Caplin, a systems manager at Knight Ridder Tribune, reproduced the bug with a Mac and NT Server PC at the booth. The bug causes a file and folder to be unable to be deleted from the server when you disconnect a Mac volume from the server, and a Mac user has placed a file in the Trash. We will have more on the Caplin Bug next week.

Connectix announces Java Virtual Machine. January 8, 1999 -- Connectix jumped into the Java market by announcing PerkVM for Macintosh and Windows, a new high-performance Virtual Machine. Based on Sun's Java 2, PerkVM will deliver consistent performance between Mac and Windows and will use RAM efficiently, according to Connectix. Connectix plans to license PerkVM to developers of Java applications and tools, organizations, and "computing platform vendors." (Apple is a computing platform vendor.)

Next week: Interview with Connectix CEO: January 8, 1999 -- Yesterday, MacWindows interviewed Connectix President and CEO Roy McDonald. We will present a special report about the interview next week. Topics included the new Virtual Gaming Station, the next version of Virtual PC, and Connectix new Java Virtual Machine.

Applix "office" for LinuxPPC. January 8, 1999 -- Mac users running LinuxPPC will soon have a word processor, spreadsheet, and a drawing application to run. Applixware from Applix, Inc. is a product line that ships at the beginning of February. Applix Words will email-enabled so you can send and receive documents from within a the application. Applix Graphics will support Mac, PC, and Unix file formats. Other products in the Applixware products include Applix Spreadsheet and Applix Mail. Applix is hoping to bundle the LinuxPPC operating system with the software.

PC maker Intergraph booted out of Macworld Expo. January 8, 1999 -- TechWeb reports that Macworld Expo officials, with some pressure from Apple, kicked Intergraph out of Macworld Expo for planning to demonstrate Intergraph's 450 MHz NT workstation -- next to Apple booth.

Report from Macworld Expo, San Francisco, January 7, 1999

Helios ships Print Preview PDF prepress tool. January 7, 1999 -- Helios Software, maker of the EtherShare AFP-based server product line for UNIX, is shipping Helios Print Preview, a proofing system based on the UNIX server. The system previews Postscript jobs as PDF files, and uses EtherShare's font server. (Helios is at Booth 3851 at Macworld Expo.)

MacDrive98 3.0 adds HFS Plus support for Window. January 7, 1999 -- Media4 has announced that MacDrive98 3.0, the company's Windows utility for using Mac disk media on PCs, will support Mac devices formatted with HFS Plus. (Media4 is at Booth 749 at Macworld Expo.)

Silicon Graphics Enters Mac Market. January 7, 1999 -- Silicon Graphics entered the Mac market with the 1600SW Flat Panel Monitor ( $2,895), bundled with a Number Nine Revolution IV-FP graphics card. The company calls it the "first professional LCD monitor" for Macintosh.(On Tuesday, Steve Jobs announced that Apple would license SGI's OpenGL 3D modeling technology.)

Report from Macworld Expo, San Francisco, January 6, 1999

Jobs Introduces Apple's new UNIX server: Mac OS X Server. January 6 1999 -- At his keynote speech yesterday, Interim CEO ("iCEO") Steve Jobs introduced Mac OS X Server by simultaneously booting 50 iMacs from the server over a 100BaseT network and running server-based QuickTime movies on each. The server was running on Apple's new 400 MHz Power Macintosh G3. (Apple told MacWindows that the server had 256 MB RAM.) The ability to boot Macs over a network is a feature called NetBoot, which works with iMacs and the new Power Mac G3 introduced today, both of which have BootP-based code in ROM.

Mac OS X Server, based on the company's Rhapsody, contains a fair amount of open software, including the Mach 2.5 kernel, BSD UNIX 4.4 (including the command line utilities), Java, and the Apache web server.

Mac OS X Server comes with AFP (AppleShare) over AppleTalk and TCP/IP, as well as NFS file sharing services. Director of OS Technologies Ken Bereskin told MacWindows that SMB file service for Windows clients was not in this version, but that it would be included, possibly before the end of the year. He also said that SAMBA, the open SMB service for UNIX, can run on Mac OS X Server.

Mac OS Server will ship in February for $995 for the server, unlimited client license. It will also be offered on the new Power Mac G3 models.

Xinet ports to Mac OS X Server. January 6 1999 -- Xinet announced that its server product line for Silicon Graphics and Sun SPARCstation servers would be ported to Mac OS X Server. The products include Fullpress, a prepress server with file serving, print spooling, and Open Prepress Interface (OPI) software. Color Vérité, an integrated color management engine, and WebNativeTM, a web distribution and image management tool. Shipping dates will be announced at a later date.

Apple Adopts OpenGL. January 6 1999 -- At his keynote speech yesterday, Steve Job announced that Silicon Graphic's OpenGL standard would be adopted as MacOS's standard 3D modeling standard.

New Macintosh G3 includes cross-platform technologies. January 6 1999 -- The newly redesigned Power Mac G3 line will contain several cross-platform technologies, including USB and 400-Mbit Firewire, and an option for Gigabit Ethernet. The ATI RAGE 128 graphics card with 16MB of SDRAM Will support OpenGL and QuickDraw. The new Macs start at $1599.

(In an interesting slip of the tongue, Steve Jobs said that the new Mac would use processors "from both Motorola and Intel." He meant to say IBM.)

Connectix emulates Sony PlayStation. January 6 1999 -- Connectix is now shipping a new emulator, Virtual Game Station ($49), which emulates the Sony PlayStation on Apple G3 Macs (older Macs with upgrade cards not supported). Demonstrations on the Expo show floor on the new 266 MHz iMacs ($1199) showed snappy performance of games, perhaps not as fast as on a Sony GameStation, but faster and smoother than on Virtual PC with Windows. Since it doesn't need to emulate a Pentium and PC subsystems, and doesn't need to run Windows, the entire emulator and games run in 10 MB RAM. Virtual Game Station supports ADB and USB game controllers and keyboard control. The emulator runs U.S. versions of PlayStation CDs.

Carmack on Mac Gaming, on and off stage. January 6 1999 -- At his keynote speech, Steve Jobs emphasized new games available for Mac, and brought up John Carmack, cofounder of ID Software (developer of Quake), who demo'd the upcoming Quake Arena. Onstage, Carmack praised Apple, saying "Apple has finally gotten their act together about 3D graphics, both hardware and software." Off of the stage, he was less generous, as we overheard him commenting "programming on Mac bites. It'll be better with OS X, but we'll have to wait."

MindVision introduces free cross-platform decompressor/decoder. January 6 1999 -- MindVision, maker of InstallerVise for Macintosh and Windows, shipped a preview release of MindExpander, a new, free cross-platform decoder/decompressor. MindExpander will expand popular Internet formats, including MacBinary, BinHex, StuffIt, and Zip on Macs and on Windows.

New Microsoft Macintosh Web. January 6 1999 -- At Steve Jobs keynote speech yesterday, Microsoft announced a new Macintosh-focused a web page that includes links to info about Mac products, including NT Services for Macintosh.

Aladdin's StuffIt 5.0.2 fixes bugs. January 6 1999 -- Aladdin Systems released StuffIt Deluxe 5.0.2 Updater to fixes problems with expanding older archives. It also "modifies the StuffIt Engine (and related components) to increase its speed significantly," according to Aladdin. The 5.0 format adds some cross-platform features, including not using a Mac file's resource fork to store archive info. (Windows ignores the resource forks of Mac files.)

Adobe to reassess GoLive cross-platform plans. January 6 1999 -- In an interview Adobe and GoLive executives, MacWindows got some more details of Adobe's cross-platform plans with the just-acquired GoLive products (see yesterday's news below). The planned Windows version of the CyberStudio web page editor is still in the works "at Internet Speed," according to Andreas Poliza, founder of GoLive Systems. Bruce Chizen, Adobe Executive VP, Worldwide Products and Marketing, indicated that future Mac and Windows releases would be concurrent. However, Adobe is reevaluating GoLive's former plans to release the upcoming Web Publishing System on 7 platforms. Adobe also said CyberStudio would acquire the look and feel of the Adobe product line, as well as the Adobe plugin APIs and scripting technologies.

More Macworld Expo News, January 5, 1999

New MacLAN for Win NT adds SFM compatibility, improvements. January 5 1999 -- Miramar Systems today released PC MacLAN for Windows NT 4.1 ( $249, upgrade $99). The new AppleShare client/peer software for Windows NT now supports Mac resource forks on NTFS volumes, complete compatible with NT Services for Macintosh, and an accurate display of large volumes over 4 GB, despite the limitations of AppleTalk/AppleShare. Other improvements include a simplified user interface, security improvements, and the ability of network managers to administer user and group privileges using the native Windows NT User Manager function. (Miramar Systems is at Booth 1148 at Macworld Expo this week.)

Adobe Buys GoLive -- Windows version still on track. January 5 1999 -- Adobe has purchased GoLive Systems and it's main product, the GoLive CyerberStudio html editor. A representative said the planned Windows version is still on track. We will be meeting with Adobe later in the week and will report on that status of the planned multi-platform GoLive Web Publishing System. (Adobe Systems is at Booth 717 at and GoLive Systems is at Booth 2017 Macworld Expo this week.)

OS 8.5 Sherlock and DAVE conflict. January 5 1999 -- Greg Newton reports of a conflict between Sherlock running on Mac OS 8.5 and Thursby's DAVE 2.x, the SMB file sharing software for Mac. The conflict occurs with when Sherlock searches Windows volumes mounted with DAVE. We've posted Newton's description on our Mac OS 8.5 Issues page.

More Macworld Expo News, January 4, 1999

COPS to market AFP-over-IP file server for Windows NT. January 4, 1999 -- COPS will be the North American reseller for MacServerIP, an AppleShare-compatible file server for Windows NT that works over TCP/IP networks. (Microsoft's NT Services for Macintosh requires AppleTalk.) MacServerIP, created by Cyan Software GmbH of Germany, also supports sharing of non-NTFS volumes. COPS said it would ship MacServerIP for Windows NT in January 1999, with a Windows 95/98 version to follow at a later date.

Tenon announces WebTen 4.0 for Mac OS X Server. January 4, 1999 -- Tenon Intersystems today announced WebTen 4.0 for Mac OS X Server, Apple's upcoming UNIX/OpenStep based server OS based on Rhapsody. (Info on the new version is not yet up at Tenon's web site.) WebTen is Tenon's Apache-based Web server. Tenon's free WebTen Software Developers Kit can be used to create Apache modules for WebTen on Mac OS, WebTen on Mac OS X Server and Mac OS X, and with the open source Apache included with Mac OS X Server, MkLinux and LinuxPPC. WebTen 4.0 for Mac OS X Server is $299 until Mac OS X Server ships. (Tenon is at the NetInnovator's Pavilion, Booth #3550 at Macworld Expo this week.)

Open Door announces ShareWay IP 2.0--beta available. January 4, 1999 -- Open Door Networks Inc. today announced ShareWay IP 2.0, a new release of its gateway that enables Macs to access AppleShare-compatible servers over TCP/IP networks. Then new version adds user features previously available through AppleTalk, including the ability to browse IP to locate and access servers (as AppleTalk does with the Chooser), and the ability to provide file service over IP. ShareWay IP also continues to support access from Web pages through AFP URLs. A beta version is now available.The release version is expected to ship in February. (Open Door is at Booth #3550 at Macworld Expo this week.)

MacWindows Solutions Update: Mac-to-Win CE solution. January 4, 1999 -- We've added a listing of ReUDO's XIN/XOUT III Windows CE to our File Integration Solutions page. If you know of any other Win CE-to-Mac solutions, please let us know.

MacRun 1.5 adds a Windows-like Run command to Mac OS. January 4, 1999 -- SearchWare Solutions has posted MacRun 1.5, an update to the utility that adds a Windows-like "Run..." command to the Apple menu. MacRun enables you to launch applications and open documents and folders by typing a path name. The new version adds several new features, including a type-ahead capability that suggests text strings based on what you've typed and what files have been opened.

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