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On this page, MacWindows News items from January 1998

January 1998

Fix for OS 8.1, NT "jumping icons" problem. 1/30/98 -- A reader reports that a Microsoft employee has posted a "Hot fix" for Windows NT Server that fixes the "jumping icon" problem (see news item 1/29/98). The problem occurs on Mac OS 8.1 clients with NT Services for Macintosh volumes. This fix is not supported by Microsoft, however. Rumor has it that Microsoft and Apple are working on an official fix.

Mac OS 8.1 printing through TCP/IP. 1/30/98 -- Several readers have reported success in printing over TCP/IP using the new LaserWriter drivers of Mac OS 8.1. One reader reported printed through Unix print servers using the new LaserWriter 8.5.1 driver on Mac OS 7.6.1, but not on all printers. He had no problem on HP LaserJet 5M or HP Color LaserJet 5M, but it fails with a QMS 2060.

Also, Richard Birchall advises that people who have not been able to print over TCP/IP may have a Windows NT Server that has "captured" the printer. The fix is to connect to the printer either using SMB (Thursby's DAVE client on the Mac) or AppleTalk (Services for Macintosh on NT Server), or release the printer from the NT Server if the printer is a stand-alone Ethernet printer.

Be to demo Be OS Pentium, Mac at San Francisco Conference. 1/30/98 -- Be, Inc. will demonstrate the BeOS running on Macintosh and Intel systems at the Software Development '98 Conference February 10-12, at Moscone Center in San Francisco. Be well also give out the first complete copies of BeOS for Intel Pentium processors at the Be Developer Conference on March 19-20, 1998, at the Westin Hotel at the Santa Clara Convention Center in San Jose, California.

More Mac OS 8.1, NT problems. 1/29/98 -- A reader confirmed the "list view" problem that Mac OS 8.1 has with Windows NT volumes (MacWindows News, 1/27/98), but also reports something worse. On Mac OS 8.1 with mounted Services for Macintosh volumes from NT 4, SP3, he says "items in a list view will jump around erratically and randomly. If they sit still and you're able to double-click on one, the Mac will report 'file could not be opened because it cannot be found.' Changing to icon view and double-clicking solves the problem."

Thanks to Victor Lombardi of MEDSCAPE for passing that info to us.

Apple article on Open Transport 1.3 multi-homing IP. 1/29/98 -- Apple has posted a detailed Tech Info Library article on setting up multiple IP addresses on the same hardware interface single sink multi-homing, a feature of Open Transport 1.3, which comes with Mac OS 8.1.

PCI for PowerBook 3400 and G3 enables use of PC coprocessor boards. 1/29/98 -- Magma is now shipping its PowerBook PCI Expansion System for the Macintosh PowerBook 3400 and PowerBook G3. Starting at $995 for 3 PCI slots (and available in 7-slot and 13-slot versions), the expansion bay isn't an inexpensive solution, but does let you run an Orange Micro, Apple, or Reply coprocessor card on a PowerBook. You can email Magma for more info.

MacWindows reader finds DAVE 2.0 printing bug: Thursby responds with fix. 1/28/98 -- If a Mac user printing through Thursby's DAVE 2.0 Print Client sets the number of copies to something greater that one, then subsequent print jobs from any Mac using DAVE will print with the same number of copies (even though they are printed with copies set to one). A MacWindows reader told us about this bug, so we asked Thursby Systems about it.

Thursby immediately came up with a patch that fixes the problem. DAVE owners can get it by emailing Thursby's tech support . The patch adds a control-d character to the end of each print job sent to the PC. This character helps the printer know when a PC print job is finished. (AppleTalk print jobs don't need this character because the AppleTalk connection closing does the same thing).

Thanks Gregory Newton (who is very happy with DAVE 2.0) for reporting the problem, and thanks to Thursby Systems for responding so quickly.

New Tip: speeding up TCP/IP printing with DAVE. 1/28/98 -- Speed is one thing Thursby's DAVE Macintosh-Windows networking software is noted for, but this tip speeds up printing over TCP/IP.

Claris to downsize: focus on FileMaker. 1/28/98 -- In yet another corporate downsizing move, Apple announced that it will change the name of its Claris subsidiary to "FileMaker, Inc." an Apple spokesperson told MacWindows that the only products the new company would retain would be FileMaker Pro and Claris Home Page. Beginning February 1 in the U.S. and April 1 elsewhere, Apple will distribute Mac OS 8 and will take over the Mac and Windows version of the other Claris products, including ClarisWorks, Emailer, and Organizer. However, the spokesperson would not say if Apple would continue to develop future version of any of these products.

Apple will also lay off 300 Claris employees. Claris has been one of Apple's few profit-making subsidiaries, and earned record profits last fall.

Motorola to use Java in its consumer and embedded products. 1/28/98 -- Motorola and Sun issued a joint press release announcing that Motorola will use Java in its products, which include silicon systems and solutions, smart cards, automotive components, wireless devices. The announcement also said that Motorola technology may be incorporated into Java. Java code can run unaltered on any computer.

MS Outlook Express compatible with MS Proxy Server 2.0. 1/27/98 -- Microsoft has verified that Outlook Express 98 for Macintosh supports SOCKS and will be compatible with MS Proxy Server 2.0. The new email/newsgroup client will ship with Office 98 Macintosh Edition (see Office 98 special report). The SOCKS authentication protocol is required for Mac clients to communicated with the Internet via MS Proxy Server 2.0 (see Proxy special report). Internet Explorer 4.0, which also does email, is also supports SOCKS.

AppleII emulation mailing list started. 1/27/98-- F.E.Systems has started a mailing list for Apple II emulation. The company is developing a shareware Apple IIgs emulation package for Macintosh called Bernie ][.

Mac OS 8.1 may aggravate NT list view problem. 1/27/98 -- The Macintouch Mac OS 8.1 special report mentions that the upcoming Mac OS 8.1 may not solve, and in fact may aggravate a problem with list views of Windows NT volumes mounted in the Finder. When users log onto the server, and open a volume, the Mac automatically sees the volume in the "Icon" view, instead of in the List view.

Is TCP/IP printing over Mac OS 8.1 feasible? 1/26/98 -- One reader reports that his department has been unsuccessful in using the Mac OS 8.1 LaserWriter driver new TCP/IP printing feature. They tried unsuccessfully to print to a Postscript printer connected to a Windows NT server using DHCP.

Has anyone else with Mac OS 8.1 attempted to use TCP/IP printing? MacWindows would like to know. Send use your stories of success and failure, and how you configured the system. We'll post a summary of your experiences if enough people respond.

New Tip: Simultaneous connecting of Mac OS, Win via VPC to NT Server. 1/26/98 -- Although SoftWindows has the ability to let you run simultaneous Mac and Windows network sessions over a single connection (such as with a single IP number), Virtual PC lacks this ability. However, Gregory Newton of Delta "T" Systems, Inc., has figured out a way to have both Mac and Windows (via Virtual PC) logged on to a Windows NT Server via IP at the same time using DHCP, using Thursby's DAVE 2.0. His tip is in MacWindows Tips.

New Tip: PC Compatibility Card, Windows 95 Compatibility Mode, and 32-bit drivers. 1/26/98 -- Owners of Apple's PC Compatibility Card running Windows 95 may see the message that the drives are running in "Compatibility Mode." This indicates that 16-bit drivers are being used instead of 32-bit drivers. Unfortunately, Apple's card cannot use 32-bit drivers, though Orange Micro's cards can. See MacWindows Tips for more on this topic.

Microsoft reverses position on tech support for Novell NDS for NT. 1/24/98 -- An Infoworld story says Microsoft will provide technical support for its Windows NT customers running Novell NDS for NT. A few days ago, a ComputerWorld story reported that Microsoft would not support NDS.

Apple releases Personal Web Sharing 1.5. 1/24/98-- Last week Apple released a free upgrade to version 1.5 of Personal Web Sharing, Macintosh software which lets you share a Mac folder with users of Windows, Mac, or any computer with a Web browser. The new version supports aliases, interface to add/edit/delete CGI's, the ability to upload to a server, and automatic flat compression of files for upload or download. Personal Web Sharing comes with Mac OS 8, but can be used with Mac OS 7.6.

Update to MS Office 98 special report: Outlook collaboration. 1/23/98 --. MacWindows reader John Bartleson points out that Outlook Express 98 for Mac is only an email/newsgroup client, while the Outlook for Windows found in Office 97 includes the workgroup client features for use with Microsoft Exchange Server. However, Mac users can collaborate with Exchange with Windows users using Outlook 97 for Macintosh, which comes with Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5. Our special report on the Mac-Windows integration aspects of Office 98 now includes these details.

Also, a reliable source reported that Microsoft is working on an Outlook 98 for Macintosh, which would have the features of the Windows version.

Updates to MS Office 98 special report: and European versions. 1/23/98 -- Doug Reider of Warsaw, Poland points out that in past Mac European versions of Office for Mac, the dictionary, grammar checker, and thesaurus were in English, while the Windows version support the European language. Microsoft told MacWindows that the proofing services in Office 98 Macintosh Edition will support the native language in all versions of Office 98, including Japanese.

Reider also points to a problem with moving Word files between Mac and Windows:

"While the file formats may be the same for MS Word 6 between the Macintosh and Windows, that is certainly not true for documents in the Central European character set. MS Word 6 assumes that the character set in use is the standard Western European character set and translates the characters accordingly--in other words it garbles the Central European characters with values above 127!"

Microsoft told MacWindows that native character sets would be used in at least it was too early to tell if this would be the case with Office 98 Macintosh Edition.

ComputerWorld covers Microsoft's Decision not to support Novell NDS on NT. 1/23/98 -- A ComputerWorld story says that consultants don't believe Microsoft's reasons for not supporting Novell's Netware Directory Service for NT. (Thanks to Macintouch for alerting us to the ComputerWorld story.)

Reader reports that FWB CD-ROM Toolkit helps VPC, G3.1/22/98 -- Kevin Frazier reports that found FWB CD-ROM Toolkit was the only thing that would enable Virtual PC running Windows 95 to recognize audio CDs and many CD-ROMs on his Power Mac G3. (We reported in a 1/20/98 item below that CD-ROM Toolkit has problems with VPC ). Frasier says that sometimes he got the "E: \ is not accessible" message, while other times the CDs were "invisible" in both Windows and DOS mode.

Connectix told him that the Power Mac G3's 24X CD-ROM was "too fast" for VPC. They suggested trying older CD ROM extensions than the OS 8 version, but these didn't work. Frazier tried FWB's CD-ROM Toolkit as a last resort, and it fixed the problem--though he still had to use the tip we referred to in the 1/20 news item.

NameCleaner 1.8.0 in available for downloading. 1/22/98-- The new version of Sig Software's file manipulation shareware tool NameCleaner includes removal of leading spaces and periods, a new help system, and logging of cleaning operations.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 patch allows Macs to access secured sites. 1/22/98-- Microsoft released a new 128-bit patch for IE 4 that accesses all secured Web sites. Anyone who downloaded the patch before 7 p.m. on January 16 may have been blocked from some secured sites.

Special Report: Microsoft Office 98 Macintosh Edition, cross-platform issues. 1/21/98 -- MacWindows reviewed a beta version of Microsoft Office 98 Macintosh Edition and found good compatibility with Office 97 Windows, but the suite isn't up to par with the Windows version.

Tip Update: Virtual PC and FWB CD-ROM Toolkit. 1/20/98-- Virtual PC has a problem with using CD-ROMs with FWB CD-ROM Toolkit. We've include a workaround tip from Connectix. (Yesterday we reported a different problem with SoftWindows and CD-ROM Toolkit.)

Mac OS 8.1 upgrade now available, includes cross-platform enhancements. 1/19/98 --Mac OS 8 users can download Mac OS 8.1 for free (it comes in 15.9 MB and 21.6 sizes). Mac OS 8.1 contains several cross-platform enhancements:

Orange Micro offers trade in for Apple PC Compatibility Cards. 1/19/98 -- Until April 30, 1998, Orange Micro is offering $125.00 off the OrangePC 550 card list price or $75.00 off of the OrangePC 530 card list price with the trade in of an Apple or Radius/Reply PC compatibility card. Orange Micros cards are the only Pentium/Cyrix/AMD cards for Mac that come with 32-bit drivers and can run Windows NT. Orange Micro's 32-bit drivers will not run on the Apple or Radius/Reply cards. (Orange Micro also offers a $25.00 discount off the list price of any OrangePC card with the trade in of Virtual PC or Soft Windows software emulation products.) Contact info is at MacWindows Solutions, or email.

New tips: Improving SoftWindows speed. 1/19/98 --MacWindows Tips has a pair of new tips on increasing performance on a PowerBook 5300 and using CD-ROMs with FWB CD-ROM Toolkit from within SoftWindows.

NFS Client for Mac. 1/19/98 -- Ascend Communications has a TCP/IP client for Mac called IntragyAccess ( $299), which includes access to NFS servers. A MacWindows News item of 12/30/97 said that there were no longer any NFS clients for Mac. Ascend bought Intercon NFS/Share, an old package that included an NFS client.

New Tip: raising the Mac volume size past 2 GB on Win NT Services for Mac. 1/17/98-- Several readers have written that Macs connected to Windows NT Services for Macintosh can only see server volumes as 2 GB, even though the volumes are bigger. The reason is that the NT registry's maximum size defaults at 2 GB. (Microsoft did this because prior to system 7.5, Mac OS did not support volumes bigger than 2 GB.) You can edit the NT registry to report the volume size up to 4 GB. MacWindows Tips now has an item explain how to do this. Users registered at the Microsoft's site can access article Q120739.

Citrix will expand Mac access to Windows NT apps. 1/17/98 -- Citrix Systems systems told MacWindows yesterday that the result of it's purchasing NTrigue from Insignia solutions will be more product options for Mac users accessing Windows NT applications over a network. (See 2 related News items of 1/14/98 below.) Current Insignia NTrigue customers will have several migration choices from multiple vendors.

NTrigue enables multiple Mac users to connect to a Windows NT machine over a network and run NT applications from the Macs. NTrigue is based on Citrix' WinFrame server technology, as well as the UNIX X11 technology. Citrix told MacWindows that it will do a WinFrame-based client for Mac. WinFrame is based on a Windows technology called ICA (independent computing architecture), which enables connections over low bandwidth links including modems, which the industry is now calling "thin-client" connections. While NTrigue uses the Citrix ICA server software, Citrix will deliver will deliver ICA clients for Mac and UNIX.

Citrix will also license X11-based client technology (similar to that now in NTrigue) to Tektronix and NCD (see related News item of 1/14/98). Citrix indicated that the new Citrix and licensee clients for Mac should become available within the next 6 months.

Microsoft Article on Mac-Win NT integration. 1/16/97-- The Microsoft Web site has an article on integrating Macintoshes into a Windows NT 4.0 network. If covers several interesting issues, including connecting to NT RAS (remote access server).

Mac remote access to NT RAS using Microsoft protocols. 1/15/98 -- NTS PPP 4.0 from Network TeleSystems, Inc. (NTS) enables remote Macs to connect to Windows NT Servers using Microsoft's PPTP and MS-CHAP protocols. PPTP creates a secure encrypted "tunnel" over the Internet to your LAN, while MS-CHAP is Microsoft's authentication protocol for Windows NT Remote Access Servers (RAS). NTS PPP also supports AppleTalk over PPP for getting to printers and AppleShare servers on the network. NTS PPP 4.0 comes bundled with Ping under the name TunnelBuilder ($99) or in a bundle of Internet applications and utilities called TCP Pro ($119). For contact info, see MacWindows Solutions.

ODBC Router enables cross-platform database sharing. 1/15/98 --August Software's ODBC Router sits on a Windows NT Server and enables Mac OS and Windows 95 applications to access any ODBC database residing on the NT machine or on other computers on the network. Mac ODBC applications, including the upcoming MS Office 98 Mac Edition, can access over 265 mainstream database systems via both AppleTalk and TCP/IP. ODBC Router routes ODBC requests between the NT Server's 32-bit ODBC drivers and computers running August's ODBC OverDRIVER, which works with MacODBC on a Mac. For contact info, see MacWindows Solutions.

End of the line for NTrigue. 1/14/98 -- Insignia Solutions has sold its NTrigue X11 system to Citrix Systems, which does not plan to market the product. NTrigue lets Macintosh and UNIX users access and operate host-resident Windows NT applications from their own machines. Citrix, which said it will use some of NTrique's components in other products, said it will provide an migration path for former NTRIGUE customers to WinFrame, upon which NTrigue is based. Insignia will continue sales and shipments of NTRIGUE products until early February, and will support NTrigue owners for approximately 6 months. For more information, see Insignia's press release. and a Citrix FAQ.

Backgrounder: NTrigue competitors also based on Citrix technology. 1/14/98 -- The Windows NT-base server software that Intrigue is based on, Citrix WinFrame, is also the basis of two other products, WinDD from Tektronix and WinCenter from NCD. These Win NT systems let any computer running X11 (or "X Window") client software act as an "X terminal" for the Win NT server, which means the users can see and operate the application from their computers. However, where NTrigue comes with a Mac X client tailored to this task, these other two products do not. Instead, Mac users must find there own X-compatible client, such as Apple's Mac X, which was originally developed to access applications on Unix servers from the Mac.

NT 5.0 to enhance Macintosh client integration. 1/13/98 -- With Windows NT 5.0, Microsoft is promising some enhancements for Macintosh clients. These include:

Microsoft says Windows NT 5.0 will ship this year, but some analysts believe it will be later.

New tip: Changing a Win NT password from a MS Exchange Mac client. 1/13/98 -- This Microsoft Knowledge base page explains how to change your Windows NT 4.0 password from a Macintosh, by using the MS Exchange Mac client. You can read it here in MacWindows Tips. Or, if you're a registered MS Tech Support user, you can also access the article at Microsoft's site. If you're not registered, you have to go through a lenthy registration process before you're allowed to access the article.

The article ID is Q156182. Thanks, Richard Birchall.

Gemulator 98 discount to continue until February 15. 1/12/98 -- Emulators, Inc. is expanding its Macworld Expo show discounts to everyone until 2/28/98. Gemulator 98 is a Mac emulator for PCs. (See news items below 1/8/98 and 12/29/97.) The special is Gemulator 98 for $99.95, or Gemulator 98 with Mac Plus ROMs for $149. Just mention you want the Macworld discount.

Convert custom AppleGuide help to WinHelp. 1/12/98 -- StepUp Software is offering its free guideWorks Translator, a utility that converts Apple Guide source code files to WinHelp files. Mac Developers can use it wtih StepUp Software's Guide Composer 1.2.1 ($99) to create cross-platform active assistance help.

Cross-platform News from Macworld Expo:

Mac OS 8.1 to support Win 95 long file names--almost. 1/10/98 -- Mac OS 8.1, shown at the Apple booth at Macworld Expo, will display up to 32 characters of Windows 95 long file names on PC floppies. Currently, Mac OS and PC Exchange truncates Win 95 long file names to 8.3 format. This ability will be provided by PC Exchange 2.2 control panel and a new Mac file system, HFS+. Apple said that because of HFS+, a future Mac OS will support entire 256-character file names for both Windows and Macintosh disks. Mac OS 8.1 update will be available free of charge for current Mac OS 8 customers at the Apple Software Updates site in February.

Mac OS 8.1 and OT 1.3 to support single-link multi-homing. 1/10/98 -- Mac OS 8.1 will come with Open Transport 1.3 network system software. A main feature is single-link multi-homing, a feature that will allow a server to use multiple IP addresses over a single network link

Software Architects to update cross-platform disk software. 1/10/98 -- Software Architects will rename Here and Now, it's Windows software for mounting Mac disk storage. The new name will be "MacMounter," which will support HFS+ Mac disks created by Mac OS 8.1. DOS Mounter, the Mac software that is a more feature-rich replacement for the PC Exchange control panel, will upgraded at the same time, which will be sometime this quarter. Software Architects would not say what new features would be added.

Software Architects utilities support Mac HFS+, DOS, UDF. 1/10/98 -- Software Architects announced updates to two drive formatting utilities. Disk Drive Tuneup 2.0 ($79.95), will let you partition hard drives and removable media in mulitple DOS, Mac HFS, and Mac HFS+ formats, all on the same disk. (HFS+ is the new format that will be used in Mac OS 8.1.) FormatterFive Professional Version will partition in UDF, DOS, Mac HFS, and Mac HFS+ formats. UDF (Universal Disk Format) is the new cross-platform file system standard for optical DVD discs.

DeBabelizer 3.0. 1/10/98 -- Equilibrium's Debabelizer 3.0 for Mac now supports over 100 Mac and Windows file formats. Debabelizer automatically processes batches of graphics files for out put on electronic and print media. It is also useful for translating between Windows and Macintosh file formats. The new supported formats include Photoshop CMYK, Scitex CT, TIFF CMYK, JPEG CMYK, DCS, video and QuickTime 3.0. The new version surpasses the Windows NT version in terms of features and is expected to ship in a few weeks ( $595.00 list, $399.95 if you order online.)

Rhapsody demo'd as three OS's in one. 1/10/98 -- Although the user interface wasn't finished, Apple had much of Rhapsody running at Macworld Expo. This included Mac OS applications running in the Blue Box, native Rhapsody applications in Yellow Box and UNIX applications at a UNIX command line.

Future Mac OS may include Mach kernel. 1/10/98 -- An Apple source indicated that the Mach Kernel used as the lowest levels of Rhapsody may eventually be used under Mac OS. The result would be faster I/O, and better compatibility with Rhapsody.

Steve Jobs Macworld Expo Keynote: the cross-platform take

Connectix says replacing Finder with Virtual PC has no benefit. 1/9/98 -- Connectix Virtual PC technical project leader Jorg Brown debunked a tip circulating on the Internet that recommends renaming the Virtual PC application "Finder" and dropping it into the System folder to speed up the emulator's performance. Brown told MacWindows that there is little or no benefit to this procedure for most Macs. The exception would be a Mac with 32 MB or RAM or less. In this case, removing the Finder would free up some more RAM for Virtual PC, which would increase speed. On Macs with more memory, this procedure runs at the same speed as Virtual PC in full screen mode with the Finder.

This myth has been widely circulated. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently published the tip on Apple's Evangelist.

SoftWindows 95 5.0 now shipping, Virtual PC 2.0 demo'd. 1/9/98 -- The emulator booths are among the most crowded at Macworld Expo San Francisco. Insignia Solutions' SoftWindows 95 5.0 (see MacWindows news 12/18) is shipping. In addition to a 25 percent speed boost, there's an improvement in DirectX performance, according to Insignia. The Windows emulator now comes with more Windows Internet software, including EarthLink Total Access. MacWindows has a copy of SoftWindows 95 5.0 , and will be testing it next week.

Connectix previewed Virtual PC 2.0 (see MacWindows news 1/2/98, expected to ship next month. Connectix claims a 25-to-40 percent speed boost and some new features. Most impressive is the ability to copy files between Mac and Windows desktops simply by dragging and dropping them between the Finder and Windows. Connectix also claims to have fixed problems with DirectX by emulating a new video card. MacWindows will test Virtual PC 2.0 as soon as we get a copy.

PC MacLAN for NT status update. 1/9/98 -- The ship date of Miramar's MacLAN networking software has been delayed (see MacWindows news 12/13/97). Miramar expected Golden Master today, with shipment in a week or two.

Sagem lets Macs, Windows share single ISDN connection to Internet. 1/8/98 -- Sagem is now shipping PPP 2.0, which enables an Ethernet LAN of Macs and PCs to share a 128 kbps ISDN line. PPP 2.0 is Mac software that acts as an IP router and ships with Sagem's Planet ISDN GeoPort Adapter ($395). The adapter and software do not require a server, and can run on a user's Macintosh. Current users can download PPP 2.0 for free.(Macworld Expo booth 2545.)

Thursby offers show discount for DAVE 2.0. 1/8/98 -- Macworld Expo attendees can order a single copy of Thursby System's DAVE 2.0 for $49 (60 percent off) by stopping by booth 3262 and pick up an order form. DAVE 2.0 is Mac software that enables two-way file sharing and printing with Windows 95 and NT machines.

Gemulator 98 to come with Mac ROMs. 1/8/98 -- Emulators, Inc. is now offering Mac Plus ROMs ($50 extra) with its Gemulator 98 Mac emulator for PCs. (See news item below 12/29/97) Attendees of Macworld Expo can order Gemulator 98 for $99.95, or Gemulator 98 with Mac Plus ROMs for $149.

Mac OS Runtime environment for BE OS demo's at Macworld Expo. 1/8/98 -- At Macworld Expo, two German physics undergraduate students demonstrated a beta version of SheepShaver, a new runtime environment for Be OS that can run Mac OS, the Finder and Macintosh application in their entirety. The beta doesn't yet support Mac networking, but co-creator Christian Bower says they plan on implementing TPC/IP and AppleTalk. SheapShaver is not an emulator, but runs on top of Be OS, much like Apple's Blue Box will run on Rhapsody. SheapShaver will sell for under $50 through the Be Web site in a few months. Expo attendees can see SheepShaver at the Be booth, number 1847.

Be demos applications for multiplatform Be OS. 1/8/98 -- Be, Inc. demonstrated applications for Be OS at Macworld Expo booth 1847 and at a press conference yesterday running on Macintosh and Intel-based systems (the Intel versions hasn't been released yet). The third-party applications included video production software, graphics, Web server, office suites (spreadsheet, word processor, etc.). Be OS can run on a drive partition on Macintosh and Windows PCs.

Be CEO Jean-Louis Gasse (an former Apple executive) compared the market for Be OS to that of Linux, the free Unix which is reported to have 5,000,000 users worldwide. "What Linux is to programming and development, Be OS will be for multimedia." said Gasse, indicating that independent popular support for Be OS is growing. Be and Linux run on both Macintosh and Intel systems. However, Be is not a Unix-based OS.

Windows NT Server for Mac Users. 1/7/98 -- Mac clone maker Mactell is showing an Alpha-based NT server called the MediaServer, which it is aiming at Mac users. Mactell will bundle Miramar PC MacLAN for NT AppleTalk networking software and an as-yet undetermined utility to enable the NT server to read Mac floppy disks. Mactell president Pat Berry said the company will use Mac-savvy tech support personnel for the MediaServer.

Apple to Ship Orange Micro cards in its PC Compatible Macs. 1/7/98 -- Orange Micro said that Apple has chosen its Orange PC cards to bundle in PC Compatible Macintoshes. Orange PC cards have several advantages over Apple's PC Compatibility cards, including the ability to run Windows NT, faster processors at the high end, and 32-bit drivers.

Linux group ships new version of Linux for PowerPC. 1/7/98 -- The PowerPC Linux Group showed its new January 1998 version of Linux for PowerPC at Macworld Expo. For $32, users get the protected multitasking operating system that supports TCP/IP, AppleTalk, and IPX networking, and a range of programming languages, including C++, Perl, and Fortran. The Group claims there are 5 million Linux users on all platforms today.

UNIX/Windows virtual G3 system on Mac OS. 1/6/98 -- SciTech International (888-462-6231) and Hughes Data Systems (800-603-3639) are selling Tenon System's vision of a G3 UNIX Workstation, which includes an Apple Power Macintosh G3 machine pre-configured Tenon's MachTen UNIX, OpenGL from Conix, and Virtual PC (emulated PC) from Connectix. MachTen is not an emulated UNIX, but a Mach 2.5/BSD 4.4 UNIX OS that runs on top of Mac OS. Tenon says that applications that run on MachTen should be able to run on Rhapsody with a recompile.

Apple turns a profit. 1/6/97 -- Steve Jobs surprised the experts by announcing that on January 14, Apple will report a $45 million profit on $1.575 billion in revenue for its most recent quarter. (Apple lost $120 million this quarter last year.) Analysts had been predicting that this quarter would amount to 6 cents a share. CFO Fred Anderson attributed Apple's return to profitability to a stabilization in revenue at nearly $6.5 billion in the past few quarters, an increase in gross margins due shipping 133,000 G3 systems, and cost cutting. Jobs was interrupted by a heckler just before making the unexpected announcement, but quickly recovered.

Forty Oracle client applications come to Mac. 1/6/98 -- Steve Jobs announced that Oracle will ship 40 enterprise and workflow applications for the Mac in April. Oracle has created JAVA clients versions of its accounting, human resource, sales force automation, and other workflow applications. "It's everything they've got," said Jobs.

Jobs shows off QuickTime 3.0. 1/6/98 -- The first version of QuickTime with identical Mac OS and Windows code will ship in February. Jobs demo'd high fidelity music over a 14.4 modem, as well as full screen, streaming video over a 28.8 modem. Apple is advising developers to learn some Mac OS programming, even for the Windows version.

Mac OS 8.1 to support DVD. 1/6/98 -- Mac OS 8.1 will be the first desktop OS to support digital video disks (DVD) when it ships next month. Rand Miller, co-founder of Cyan, demonstrated a DVD version of Riven, the successor to Myst. On CD-ROM, Riven occupies 5 discs. Mac OS 8.1 will also come with Mac OS Runtime for Java 2.0 (see news item of 12/23/97 below)

Microsoft Demo's Office 98 on Mac. 1/6/98 -- At Macworld Expo, Steve Jobs introduced Microsoft Office 98 for Mac, which will ship in March, before the Windows version. For the most part, it appears Office 98 follows Mac human interface guidelines. However, you will no longer be allowed to remove the OLE extensions: Office will automatically reinstall them if it detects they are missing.

News before Macworld expo:

Apple PC Comptability cards work in Power Mac G3. 1/5/98 -- Apple said today that most its PCI PC Compatibility cards will work in Power Mac G3 systems, except for the 12" PCI Pentium (100Mhz card). Apple has released a Tech Info note with instructions on installing 7" and 12" PCI PC Compatibility cards. The note mentions that owners of the 7" PCI 586 100Mhz card will need need to supply their own ATAPI CD audio cable for the G3's ATAPI CD-ROM drive.

Microsoft Newsgroup for Mac/NT integration questions. 1/3/98 -- Having a problem connecting Macs to a Windows NT Server? Post your question on Microsoft's Windows NT/Services for Macintosh Newsgroup. It's one of dozens of newsgroups Microsoft sponsors to take the pressure off of it's heavily used tech support system. Here, people ask about not just Services for Mac, but all Mac-NT integration issues. You can read about how to use Microsoft newsgroups here.

Virtual PC 2.0 to get 25-40% speed boost. 1/2/98 -- Connectix announced that the 2.0 version of its PC emulator, Virtual PC, will ship in February, approximately the same time that competitor Insignia Solutions will ship it's SoftWindows 95 5.0 (see MacWindows News item from 12/18/97 below). Connectix said the new version of Virtual PC will be run 25-to-50 percent faster than 1.0.1 and will run Windows 98 when Microsoft ships it. The company also promised to fill some of the holes found in version 1.0, including DirectX support, copy & paste between Mac and PC environments, long file name support and sound input capability.

Miramar identifies minor PC MacLAN problems and solutions. 1/2/98 -- Miramar has tech notes identifying potential minor problems and solutions for its PC MacLAN AppleTalk networking software for Windows:

These problems and their solutions have also been added to MacWindows Tips.

File utilities added to MacWindows Solutions --1/2/98. MacWindows Solutions some new listings: Sig Software's NameCleaner and Cross Platform, two Mac utilities for working with Windows files.

Correction: 1/1/98 -- Two typos in the Running Windows 95 on Mac Special Report have been corrected. The price for Virtual PC with Win 95 is $149. Also, the G3 processor speeds for the Newer MaxPower Pro and the PowerBook G3 are both 250 MHz, not 225 MHz as previously stated.

PC MACLAN for Windows NT demo, message board available on ZDNet LaunchPad. 1/1/98 -- For one week starting January 6,the ZDNet LaunchPad website will offer a free trial version of Miramar's PC MACLAN for Windows NT. (See MacWindows News item of 12/13/97 below.) LaunchPad will also provide a message board area to discuss the new Mac-Windows networking software with Miramar staff. The site will also provide product information. After 1/12/97, the trial version will be available at Miramar's Web site.

Proxy Server for Windows NT, Win 95 supports Mac clients. 1/1/98 -- For connecting networks of Windows and Macintosh clients to the Internet via a Windows NT or Windows 95 server, consultant Adrian Keil recommends shareware WinProxy 1.4 from LAN-Projekt (free download, $99 to keep). He says it's easy to set up from a browser, "rock solid," and Macs can connect to it. (See MacWindows Tips Special Report for problems associated with Mac clients and Microsoft Proxy Server for NT.) WinProxy 1.4 has a firewall, and supports most protocols, including SOCKS, HTTP, FTP, GOPHER, Telnet, SMTP/POP3, and RealAudio. ZDNet tends agree with Keil, giving WinProxy 1.4 a perfect 5-star rating. (WinProxy 1.4 is not the same product as the $299 WinProxy 2 from Ositis Software of California.)

Keil consults for MacSolutions of Tasmania, Australia. MacWindows Solutions now contains additional WinProxy contact information.

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