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June 2009

June 30

TIP: More Workarounds for Leopard 10.5.7 NAS bug

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Two readers found two different methods of getting around the problem of Mac OS X 10.5.7 not recognizing network attached storage (NAS).

Michael FitzGibbon altered his login items list:

I have a LaCie NAS that has shown this behavior. I had added the share to my login items under the Accounts preference pane so that it would mount on boot. It worked for a while, then it stopped working. I deleted the share from the login items and re-added it, thereby placing the share at the end of the items that started up at boot time...

Read entire story here

Sun VirtualBox 3.0 looks to multi-CPU server virtualization

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today Sun Microsystems released VirtualBox 3.0 for Mac OS X, Windows, and Unix/Linux host systems. The new version of the virtualization platform adds support for symmetric multi-processing, enhanced graphics, and enhanced support for USB storage and iPhones. The new version can also now support Window 7 and Windows Server 2008 as both guest and host operating systems... Read entire story here

Leopard problem, with VNC through Cisco VPN connection

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dennis Christopher can't get a VNC remote control to work on a Cisco virtual private network connection using Mac OS X 10.5.7:

I'm having a problem getting VNC to work thru the Cisco VPN client. I am running 10.5.7 and have downloaded the latest Mac client from Cisco. We have a Mac server at work that I can VNC into from the Finder, and it works fine. When I try it from my home environment (10.5.7), theconnection fails.

If you've seen this problem

VNC Enterprise 4.5 adds printing, chat

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

RealVNC has released VNC Enterprise Edition 4.5 (US $50), a new version of the cross-platform, secure, remote control/desktop sharing software aimed at large organizations. The software is available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux/Unix. The new version now supports remote printing from one computer to another running VNC Viewer, even when running different operating systems on each computer. VNC Enterprise 4.5 also supports cross-platform VNC chat between Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux or Unix. Previous versions only support VNC chat between Windows machines.

Group Logic hot fix for MassTransit

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Group Logic has released MassTransit hotfix 6.0.2x18, a patch for the cross-platform file transfer and workflow software. The hotfix enables support of Unicode text in file and folder names. A knowledgebase article provides configuration information and some limitations with the Unicode support. MassTransit owners can download the hotfix here.

June 25

TIP: Workaround for Leopard 10.5.7 NAS bug

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cory Siansky has the problem with the Mac OS X 10.5.7 update not being able to see network attached storage (NAS storage); But, Siansky can get it mounted using Connect to Server:

I have a WD World Book 1.5TB NAS. My Mac mini identifies this NAS as an SMB share and is configured to mount it as a login item on boot. Up until I upgraded to 10.5.7, this worked flawlessly. Since I upgraded to 10.5.7, I receive a message during the boot sequence indicating that the device could not be found...Read entire story here

Kerio Mailserver available in Parallels VM

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kerio Technologies has released Kerio MailServer Virtual Appliance for Parallels, a virtual machine for running in Parallels Desktop and Parallels Server for Mac OS X. The virtual machine includes a preconfigured copy of CentOS 5.3 Linux as the guest OS, and a preconfigured copy of Kerio Server, the company's groupware solution for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Kerio also has a virtual appliance for VMware software.

Kerio offers a version of Kerio Mailserver directly for Mac OS X, but the Virtual Appliance for Parallels release is meant to take advantage of the benefits of virtualization, such as more efficient use of hardware resources and easy deployment. Kerio Mailserver has similar functionality to Microsoft Exchange Server, but is focused on small-to-medium business enterprises. Kerio MailServer works with multiple Microsoft and Apple desktop clients including Microsoft Outlook and Entourage, Apple Mail, Address Book, and iCal, as well as smartphones.

First reader reports on CrossOver 8.0

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Three readers sent their reports about the new CrossOver 8.0, software that enables some Windows software to run on Mac OS X, without Windows. Two of those readers report problems with Internet Explorer that they did not see with CrossOver 7.

Eric Ahnell is happy with it:

CrossOver 8.0 is brilliant - it runs all 3 Windows apps I use regularly perfectly! Those are Winamp (2.95, an older version), Silence Remover (an audio processing program) and Castles of Adventure (a game).

Eric La Fleur sees an Internet Explorer issue... Read entire story here

A theory on Boot Camp blue screen crash with multi-touch pad

Thursday, June 25, 2009

We have more reader reports about Windows crashing in Boot Camp on MacBook Pros with multi-touch trackpads. Jon Mojica has a theory:

The reason why this is occurring to the user is because the chipset from older MacBook to newer MacBook Pro is significantly different to cause the blue screen. The user can try to uninstall the various drivers for the chipset, graphics, and networking hardware of the Boot Camp load first before transplanting the image of the drive to the new MacBook Pro...Read entire story here

More on 10.5.7 update blue-screening windows in Parallels

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Two readers commented on a previous report of the Mac OS X 10.5.7 update causing Windows to crash in Parallels Desktop.

Steve Smith sees the problem:

I have recently experienced the same issue, although haven't downgraded Leopard to try and fix it. The machine worked fine for a couple of weeks after the 10.5.7 update, but now whenever it boots, it gets as far as loading the default apps, but then a short time later, blue screens... Read entire story here

VMware Fusion 2.0.5 update fixes 80 bugs

Thursday, June 25, 2009

VMware has released VMware Fusion 2.0.5, a maintenance update of the virtualization software for Intel Mac. The company says that the update fixes 80 bugs, and reduces CPU usage when a guest operating system is idle.

Also new is the ability to run Mac OS X Server as a guest operating systems on Macs with Intel Xeon 5500 and 3500 Series processors (based on Nehalem micro-architecture). The release notes also mention "experimental" support for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Server as a guest operating system, the previous version also supported Snow Leopard Server. Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard client is supported as a host operating system (32-bit only). The update also now supports Ubuntu 9.04 as a guest operating system, including features the VMware Tools pre-built modules.

See also VMware Tips and Reports. If you've seen tried VMware Fusion 2.0.5

Mediafour MacDrive 7.2.9 fixes Boot Camp/Vista issue

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mediafour's MacDrive 7.2.9 is a maintenance update to the software that enables Windows to read and write Mac-formatted storage media MacDrive also enables Boot Camp users to access the Mac partition from within Windows. The update fixes a problem with Boot Camp and Windows Vista 64-bit where drive letters were not being assigned to Mac drives. It also fixed a problem where no drive letters were assigned to GPT disks modified by iPartition.

Virtual PC CD workaround for Leopard works

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Amy McVay verified a workaround for the Leopard/Virtual PC incompatibility where Windows can't see the internal drive:

I just wanted to let you know that adding an external drive worked great for me. Third party software is installing right now.

Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac is a discontinued Intel emulator for running Windows on PowerPC Macs. (See also Virtual PC 7 Tips and Reports.)

June 23

TIP: URLScan may be behind Entourage "+" sign syncing problem

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Long-time MacWindows contributor Peter Kloss believes an application on Exchange Server causes the problem of plus (+) symbol in email messages causing Entourage to not syncing with Exchange Server 2007. Kloss reports:

Emails not syncing from Exchange to Entourage because there is a '+' in the subject line are usually because the application URLScan has been installed on the Exchange Server to improve the security of IIS. By default it blocks certain characters in URLs including the '+' sign that could be used to construct malicious...

...Read entire story here

TIP: Using Deep Freeze and Macs dropping off AD every 15 days

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chris Hansen responded to a previous report about Macs dropping off of Active Directory every 15 days. Hansen believes it is due to the use of Faronics' Deep Freeze, software that takes a snapshot of the state of a Mac and returns the Mac to that state every time it boots. He also offered a solution:

In our case, the only Macs that dropped off the AD after 15 days were those in our school labs. On those, we use Deep Freeze for Mac, and the machines would request and receive a new machine password after 15 days. After rebooting, all changes are lost to the Mac (great for keeping a lab pristine) but not to the AD. So the Macs would use the previous password, and the Network Accounts would stay unavailable, seen in the login window as a Red Light.

If this is your situation, in Terminal:

Dsconfigad -passinterval n

Where n = number of days before the machine password expires. O will set it to never, 365 will set it to a year, etc. The default from Apple is 15 days, and it is not a problem for us with unfrozen machines.

I first saw reference to this at this blog.

If you've seen this issue with or without Deep Freeze, or tried this approach,

Leopard 10.5.7 startup problem with AD and Open Directory

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Andrew Ariotti reports having a problem we reported two years ago about Macs that won't start up when clients are configured to connect to both Microsoft Active Directory and Apple Open Directory. Ariotti is using Mac OS X 10.5.7, and found that our two-year-old solution worked.

Like Brad and Justin I am having this issue as well. I'm running the latest 10.5.7 version of Leopard. I've been tinkering with the AD and OpenDirectory authentication integration in OSX for the past few days and things have been working great until this morning. I came in and was greeted with my Mac Pro not wanting to boot. I did some investigation and found a Crash Report that was looping and never stopping no matter how long I waited. The crash report was for the Directory Services process and it was trying to run but then would crash. With the help of a co-worker we were able to find your site and use Brad's solution above and it worked like a charm. It'd be nice to know what causes this to happen.

If you've seen tried this approach

Problem with Active Directory and NFS

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Surendra Perera of Sydney, Australia, reports that binding to Active Directory prevents NFS file sharing from working. She said that Thursby Software ADmitMac fixes the problem:

One of the problems I am facing with the Macs is that while using mobile accounts and bound to the Active Directory (Windows Server 2003 R2), via Apple's AD Plug-in, I am unable to browse/write to NFS mounts (Netapp Filer) with permissions 750 or 770 through Finder. In the terminal I am able to with no issue...

...Read entire story here

Leopard SMB problem moving from Win Server 2008, ADmitMac works

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Randall Araquistain verified a previous report that ADmitMac fixed a Leopard SMB file share issue caused by migrating from Windows Server 2003 to 2008:

We have been trying to get Mac computers with OS X to authenticate to a Windows 2008 server with no luck. I found this solution at MacWindows and it works great. Very easy solution and the SMB client included in ADminMac works great with Windows Server 2008. Shame on Apple for not fixing a simple and required function for any computer in a corporate environment with Leopard.

Another problem with Mac Cisco VPN and certificates

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ozgun Ataman confirms a previously reported problem with the Cisco VPN Mac client access to certificates:

I wanted the confirm the following problem: Although all certificates are visible under the keychain and the Cisco client itself, I cannot select them from the pull-down menu in the connection setup.

If you've seen this problem

June 17

CrossOver 8.0 supports more Win apps, improves Outlook on Mac

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

CodeWeavers yesterday released CrossOver 8.0, a major new version of the software that enables Mac OS X and Linux to run Windows applications natively, without the use of the Windows operating system. The new version adds support for more Windows applications and improves the performance of Outlook and Microsoft Office 2007 running natively on Mac OS X and Linux. The company said that users can now install Service Pack 1, and that Outlook users with large offline data files should see noticeable speed increases... ... Read entire story here

Sycn'Em 1.30 fixes Exchange issue, simplifies setup

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Derman Enterprises released Sync'Em 1.30, an update to the Mac software for syncing iCal and Address Book with Microsoft Exchange and Google Gmail and calendars and contacts. The new version works around an Exchange Server issue and a limitation with Google contacts. Sync'Em 1.30 also includes a new, simplified setup assistant that helps everyone easily use the full power of advanced Sync'Em setups.

Sync'Em can sync multiple configurations, each involving multiple information sources with each syncing bidirectionally or unidirectionally. Sync'Em has its own sync engine that syncs non-Apple sources directly, enabling it to sync Exchange-to-Exchange, Exchange-to-Google and Google-to-Google, as well as syncing these sources with Apple iCal and Address Book. Sync'Em can also perform multi-source conflict resolutions in one interaction.

TIP: Fix for Entourage 2008 can't sync or access Exchange inbox

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Two readers responded to Monday's report about a problem with Entourage 2008 not being able to sync with Exchange Server's inbox.

Mike McCallum found a fix that involved editing the Windows Registry on the server:

We had been fighting this for a number of weeks and after many hours with Microsoft Tech Support, our Windows engineers resolved using the solution listed below.

As discussed find the below commands which helped in resolving this issue...

... Read entire story here

June 15

Reader ties Leopard NAS storage problem to AirPort

Monday, June 15, 2009

Patrick updates his previous report about a problem accessing network attached storage (NAS) with the Mac 0S X 10.5.7 update:

I just note that if I connect my Mac to the network with cat5 Ethernet cable, the NAS can be detected as usual. If I connect my Mac to the network by wireless, the NAS cannot be detected. And, when I check it with the "arp" command the NAS returns with the correct IP but shows the MAC address as incomplete.

If you've seen this issue

Reader seeks script to check Mac AD connection

Monday, June 15, 2009

Alex Oumantsev is looking for a script that can check for a Mac connection to Active Directory, similar in function to one for Windows:

I am trying to come up with a script that would check to see if the Mac is connected to AD (i.e. users can authenticate off AD), and if the Mac is not connected, to connect it to AD using the hostname (with some formatting).

So far I found the dsconfigad command, that allows:

dsconfigad -show

However this seems to only show the local setup of the machine, not the real AD connectivity status. My test machine is an example. It was cloned from another machine that is connected to AD, and now it still thinks it is connected to AD, but it will not allow me to log in and authenticate off AD, rather it will only login from a local account.

Is there an equivalent of a Windows command netdom.exe verify "hostname" /d:"domain" which actually checks the connection validity?

If you know the answer

Reader success with article on AD setup for Mac OS X Server

Monday, June 15, 2009

Charlie Galliher had success setting up Mac OS X Server using the article How to Use Active Directory and Macintosh Clients without Schema Changes:

It was pretty intuitive - I bound it to AD and then set up the server as an OD master, and I can populate my permissions with my AD account users & groups. I also wiped out the config and then rebuilt it - just to see how much trouble we'd be in if an update cracked the binding - seems pretty manageable.

Thanks for the FAQS - they are appreciated!

Reader verifies kerberos file fix for Mac AD binding problem

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tommy Birchett verified that removing a kerberos config file solves a problem with Macs losing binding to Active Directory: "We are seeing this problem pop up more frequently now. Deleting the Kerberos file works."

Entourage problem deleting email continues

Monday, June 15, 2009

Gazz has the problem of deleting email from Entourage, sometimes:

I have started having the same problem about four weeks ago. But interestingly it seems to depend on where the mail comes from. From individuals, it seems to delete. But my work mail from the company server will not. I thought that it was something that they had done until I saw this post.

If you've seen this problem

Reader's Entourage 2008 can't sync or access Exchange inbox

Monday, June 15, 2009

Allyn Martin has an Entourage user who can't see his Exchange Inbox:

We have lost ability to sync or see Inbox messages from Exchange in Entourage 2008. OWA and Outlook on the PC work fine. We are at wit's end why one user cannot access/see his Inbox items. We can see the size reported back to us with content there. I broke down the Size of Inbox to be more manageable.

Deleted Cache and all items are gone: it doesn't rebuild listings except Deleted Items, Junk Mail and 1 inbox folder containing 2 eMails from 2006 in it.

Now we are looking at permissions on the Exchange 2007 server to see what it could be. We just migrated last Thursday fine and it was working until Monday AM - then BOOM!

If you've seen this problem

Last month, we had reports of corruption of Entourage 2008 databases, though we don't know if Martin's problem is related.

Another Boot Camp user sees continuous blue-screen-reboot cycle

Monday, June 15, 2009

Randy Bishop verified a cycle of Windows in Boot Camp crashing then rebooting endlessly:

I just wanted to add my two cents. I recently mirrored my old MacBook's hard drive onto a brand new MacBook Pro only to find that the Vista side of things booted to a blue screen fleetingly before it restarted automatically. I tried running the automatic repair on the Vista installation disk, but it was not able to repair it. I am still trying different things to fix it, but to not much avail.

Based on what I have read, it sounds like the problem could be RAM related, or possibly the Mac drivers are screwed up somehow- these are just guesses though. I really don't want to reinstall from scratch, because I have a ton of software on there that will take weeks to fix.

If you've seen this problem

Reader says 10.5.7 update causes blue-screening Windows in Parallels

Monday, June 15, 2009

Alisa Kerr reports that updating to Leopard 10.5.7 causes Windows in Parallels Desktop to crash:

After installing the Mac OS X 10.5.7 update, the Mac hangs on a Windows blue screen. I'm running Parallels using Windows XP. I uninstalled application enhancer but it did not fix the problem. I had to reinstall OSX 10.5.4

If you've seen this problem

June 9

Parallels to target VM techonology at high-end Mac users

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today Parallels demonstrated new technology that will be part of future high-end virtualization products for Mac OS X. The technology, called Direct Assignment, can dedicate an entire Mac Pro's graphics card to a virtual machine for graphics and for general processing, resulting in native performance for a virtual machine. For a Mac Pro with three NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards, two can be dedicated to two virtual machines.

Parallels currently uses the technology in Parallels Workstation Extreme for Windows and Linux, which shipped in April.... Read entire story here

Apple previews Exchange features in Snow Leopard, quietly drops ZFS

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Apple listed support of Microsoft Exchange as one of three major feature areas of the upcoming Snow Leopard OS. Apple demonstrated the Exchange integration features built into Mail, Address Book, and iCal in Mac OS X 10.6 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco yesterday. Apple said that along with Exchange support, the other two major changes in are user refinements to Leopard and "powerful new technologies," such as 64-bit and handling of multiple cores. Apple also set a ship date of September for the new OS.

Apple did not mention or demonstrate Snow Leopard Server, but issued information in a press release and at the Snow Leopard Server web pages.... Read entire story here

June 5

Google releases Chrome for Mac alpha

Friday, June 5, 2009

Yesterday, Google posted an early build of a Mac version of Chrome, a new web browser that has been available for Windows. Google calls this build a developer release that is "not appropriate for consumer use." Basic features such as printing and bookmark importing are not yet working. Google also released the first Linux build of Chrome.

Last year, CodeWeavers beat Google by releasing CrossOver Chromium, a Mac port that used Google's open source code and CodeWeavers WINE open source code. CodeWeavers said that the port was also an early version, a "proof-of-concept" build. CodeWeavers is the developer of Crossover, software that enables Mac OS X and Linux that to run Windows applications without Windows or virtualization software. CrossOver Chromium is a standalone application that doesn't require the Crossover product.

Turning off Stealth Mode fixes Leopard file sharing issue

Friday, June 5, 2009

Laura Smith verified a previously reported fix for problems with Mac OS X 10.5.x displaying network file shares. The fix was shutting off a Leopard advanced firewall setting called Stealth:

After working many hours on the problem of not seeing other computers on the network, in addition to having my Airport settings constantly reseting themselves, I found and followed Kevin Wheeler's suggestion and changed the firewall settings of "Enable Stealth Mode" to off. I could see the other computers on the network instantly. Thank you for your post Kevin!

Random appearing/disappearing of Win shares from Leopard

Friday, June 5, 2009

Philip Mayall confirms a previously reported problem with Mac OS X 10.5.x where files on Windows shares randomly disappear from view:

Regarding your report Windows shares appearing and disappearing from the Mac's view at random, this happens to me on my iMac 2.66 Intel Core 2 Duo running 10.5.7 connecting to my WinXP machines.

Previously, we reported a workaround that involves removing a space at the end of the name of files and folders on the Windows shared drive. If you've tried this fix for this problem

Details on Boot Camp blue-screening with multi-touch trackpad

Friday, June 5, 2009

Eli Rarey provide some more details on the problem of Windows crashing in Boot Camp on MacBook/MacBook Pro's with the last Multi-Touch Trackpad update is installed. (Apple released the update last February.) Rarey reports:

In my Vista 32 Boot Camp install on my unibody MacBook Pro, I find that if the multi-touch trackpad driver update is enabled, I get a random blue screens of death between 1 and 30 minutes afterward. I can get an instant, absolutely guaranteed blue screen of death if I enable the trackpad driver and open a program called xpadder, which is used to turn input from USB connected joysticks into key strokes (often used to play Windows games using an Xbox 360 controller, very popular). The only time I have experienced a BSoD in this install of Vista is when the updated driver is enabled. Once it is disabled, everything runs as before the driver was updated.

If you've seen this problem

Reader: workaround for Garbled iPhone, Entourage doesn't work

Friday, June 5, 2009

Antony Harris says that the previously reported workaround doesn't work for a problem with garbled email in iPhone, Entourage and Exchange:

I am also experiencing the garbled message problem. This is almost certainly an Entourage problem as if I look at the same messages using Outlook (2007) the messages are fine.

The given workaround is not viable for me as I send emails from a number of different places, including the webmail interface to Exchange. To your knowledge is there a more "workable" fix which actually addresses the issue rather than working around it?

One reader said that this caused by a problem with ActiveSync and Entourage. We've reported two workarounds, here and here. If you've seen this problem

Enterprise cross-platform event in Virginia

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Enterprise Desktop Alliance is hosting a mini-conference event on June 17 in Reston, Virginia. The Alliance will present solutions to common issues wit integrating Macs in a Windows environment. Presentations will be made by cross-platform solutions developers Atempo, Centrify, Group Logic, LANrev, and Parallels.

June 1

ADmitMac for PIV provides secure card logon

Monday, June 1, 2009

On Friday, Thursby Software Systems announced a new product, ADmitMac for PIV, a new addition to the company's line of Active Directory integration software for Mac OS X. ADmitMac for PIV provides Macs with a single sign-on environment using a U.S. government Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card instead of a password. The software verifies a PIV card against a centralized network authority in Active Directory. It also lets Entourage 2004 or Outlook Web Access users access Exchange Server email with a PIV card instead of passwords... Read entire story here

EDA webinar on Mac-Windows integration

Monday, June 1, 2009

Tomorrow, June 2 (10am PT/1pm ET), the Enterprise Desktop Alliance will hold a webinar called Integrating the Mac into a Windows Infrastructure - 5 Case Studies. The session will describe how organizations use multiple products to deploy, integrate, and manage Macs. It will also describe strategies and technologies that keep the total cost of Mac ownership comparable to Windows systems. (Click here to register.)

Members of the Enterprise Desktop Alliance include Parallels (virtualization), Group Logic (file/printer services), Centrify (Active Directory integration), LANrev (remote client management), and Atempo (enterprise backup that can backup to an Apple XSan).

More reader feedback on Virtual Box 2.2.2: problems and good experiences

Monday, June 1, 2009

Two more readers sent reports on the latest Mac version of Sun's VirtualBox virtualization software. David Iwanicki has an unusual setup. He's running a Dell notebook hacked with Mac OS X, then using Virtual Box to run Windows 7 Beta. (There are directions on how create a "Hackintosh" on a Dell notebook here.) He's also running VirtualBox on a real Mac. He has problems with both... Read entire story here

And reader verifies 10.5.7 problem with WorldBook NAS

Monday, June 1, 2009

Julian Darley is another reader seeing the problem with Mac OS X 10.5.7 update and NAS storage:

I am having major issues between my MacBook and a 1 TB WorldBook NAS. The connection has never been great, but now, on the rare occasions when the MacBook recognizes the drive, the chances are high that during a file transfer the connection will just be dropped. Mind you, I continually have to renew the DHCP lease on this Mac, and the problem might even be worse with 10.5.7.

If you know of a workaround

Citrix virtualizes AppleTV

Monday, June 1, 2009

Just when you thought you'd seen everything, a video at YouTube shows what happens when you have a Citrix client installed on an AppleTV to get access a Windows PC running XenDesktop. The video shows an AppleTV user turning a TV into a PC, editing a PowerPoint presentation and viewing video from a desktop on the big screen.

MAY 2009

May 27

Julia uses MAPI for iCal/Exchange syncing

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Danish company called 42tools has released new software that uses syncs iCal with Microsoft Exchange Server using Microsoft's MAPI, the native protocol in Outlook. Julia 1.0 uses software on a Mac and on a Windows server to automatically synch all meetings and dates. When an iCal user accepts a meeting invitation, Exchange is updated so that Outlook users can see it. iPhones synced with the Mac will also be synced with Exchange. Julia will work with any version of Exchange Server... Read entire story here

Reader says Spotlight AFP search problem seen with 10.5.7 Server

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jason Riggs says that updating Mac OS X Server to version 10.5.7 caused a problem with searching the AFP file server. He is seeing the problem with Tiger clients.

This sounds similar to a bug that appeared in Mac OS X 10.5.6 in the client version, but did not appear with Leopard Server. Apple and AFP server developer Group Logic both said that the bug was fixed in the 10.5.7 update to the client. However, Riggs isn't using 10.5.x clients:

We provide maintenance for a large publishing company that has 50+ users, 49 of which on Mac OS X 10.4.11, with the Administrator on 10.5.7. They have three Apple Xserves, two are on Mac OS X 10.5.7 Server and one on 10.3 Server. After the update to 10.5.7 server, the 10.4 clients still cannot do a spotlight search on the AFP shared volumes on either server: it returns no results.

We have just found a thread on the Apple forums suggesting that you stop the Spotlight Search function on the share point, save the changes, and then re-enable: this will refresh the index on the volume and they have said works on the forum. We are yet to test this.

If you've seen this

More on the 10.5.7 update and NAS

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two readers responded to previous reports of the Mac OS X 10.5.7 update breaking communications with network attached storage (NAS). Patrick reports on one suggestion that does not work:

I have the problem with Mac 0S X 10.5.7 update and NAS storage. Someone told me to change something in the router:

  • Uncheck SPI (stateful packet inspection, or dynamic packet filtering)
  • Use "endpoint independent' with both UDP & TCP endpoint Filtering

However, it did not solve the problem.

Meanwhile, Chris Duffy got his Buffalo 1TB to work:

A quick update: I don't know why, but all is well. I can now see and access the TB now.

Parallels 4 fixes reader's problem with accounting software

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lee Spalding reports that Parallels Desktop 4 fixed a problem he had with version 3 and Sage Business Vision accounting software. Upgrading to version 4 fixed the problem:

I have a MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo with 4 GB RAM and I use Parallels. At work we use accounting software called Sage Business Vision and we are on Version 7.23. While using Parallels Desktop 3.0 I would get errors in BV. It would be a user error and it would kick me out of BV. Once I logged back in, BV would work fine until I let it sit for a few minutes. When I went back to access something, like inventory for example, it would produce another error and kick me out. Our local BV specialist was looking into it for me and could not come up with any solution. He checked with the BV people direct and nobody knew anything.

I recently upgraded my Parallels to version 4 and the problem has magically disappeared! It works and I am happy.

Boot Camp install hang with FireWire attached

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Unseelie responded to our April 24 report of a FireWire drive preventing Windows from installing in Boot Camp. He sees the problem with Windows Vista SP1, but not SP2:

I can reproduce this issue with Vista SP1 100 percent of the time. Leaving a FireWire drive attached (and turned on) will cause Vista SP1 installation to hang. However, it does not reproduce with Vista Gold (no service pack), and with the current beta of Vista SP2. I have not tried with XP as I do not own a copy. Taking that into account, and that Boot Camp drivers are not installed yet, perhaps we're looking at a Windows bug?

If you've seen this problem

Boot Camp/Windows won't boot with DVI video

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eric Brooks can get Windows XP to boot his Mac mini with a DVI cable to the monitor. It does work using VGA:

I have a 3-year-old Mac mini running Leopard (everything is up to date), Windows XP Pro, trying to use a Dell 22" display. With a DVI cable, when it boots, I get to the "Windows XP" screen, then it goes black, nothing at all, never gets to the windows "chime" on start up. I can boot into safe mode. I think it's a display resolution issue. When in safe mode, I change the resolution, restart, and the same issues exist (I guess the changes I make while in safe mode are not saving).

I don't know if I "fixed" it but I got it to work. I replaced the DVI cable to the monitor with a VGA cable with a VGA-to-DVI at the computer. It works, though it doesn't look as good as using the straight DVI.

If you've seen this

May 21

MacDrive 8 beta supports Win 7, Time Machine

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mediafour has posted a public beta of MacDrive 8, the next release of the software that enables Windows to read and create Mac-formatted media, and lets Boot Camp access the Mac partition. MacDrive 8 Beta adds support for Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7, both the 32- and 64-bit versions. This includes support for Windows 7 Libraries in Boot Camp. Medifour describes it:

Windows 7 can aggregate content from multiple locations. For example, if you have photos in a "My Pictures" folder, on your desktop and in a "Travel" folder Windows 7 can combine all of the photos into one "Pictures" folder. MacDrive 8 adds to this powerful feature by automatically adding content from the Mac partition on a Boot Camp Mac to your Windows 7 libraries.

MacDrive 8 Beta also enables Windows to browse backed-up Time Machine files and copy contents to Windows. It adds support for drives over 2 TB in capacity, and adds support for the burning more types of Mac-format discs, including Blu-Ray and Dual Layer DVD.

Mediafour plans to release MacDrive 8 later this summer. When MacDrive 8 ships, Mediafour will provide a free upgrade to version 8 for customers who purchased version 7 after May 1, 2009.

Mediafour also released MacDrive 7.2.8, a maintenance release that fixes a problem with the Activation Wizard.

Reader reports VirtualBox 2.2.2 installation issues, good speed

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dan Foster reports that the most recent build of Sun's free VirtualBox was difficult to install, has a problem with an anti-virus program, but performance is good:

I installed VirtualBox 2.2.2 on my early 2008 Mac Pro last weekend under 10.5.6 and now 10.5.7. It was my first experience with VirtualBox. Outcome: installation was more difficult than it should be owing to lapses in the product manual. Once installed, with Guest Additions (also a cumbersome install) it was snappy running Windows XP. It was, in fact, much snappier than my Fusion VM. To be fair, I imported a Boot Camp installation as my Fusion guest, while I used the actual XP install disk to create a fresh guest in VirtualBox. Don't know how performance would compare if I had used actual XP install media inside Fusion. That aside, my one critical Windows program - Qimage - opens in 5 seconds under VirtualBox 2.2.2 compared with up to 2 minutes under Fusion. And I'm having fewer printer issues too. So far, a nice improvement over Fusion.

However, VirtualBox choked big time with my BitDefender 2009 anti-virus app. Trying to scan or update the app locks the VM up solid. A known issue apparently, from what I could Google.

If you've used Sun VMware Fusion 2.2.2 what you think of it.

More reports of Entourage losing messages

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two readers respond Monday's report of Entourage losing email due to database corruption, and how to deal with it. Joshua Bierman reports an odd twist to the problem:

Same problem as reported, except that we have seen where it replaces the messages with empty folders of the same name. The answer (and it is not much of an answer) is to use OWA or outlook (or the server if you have direct access) to undelete the mail, then do as the other fellow said: delete the entourage account, clean out entourage, reboot and rebuild.

Jane MacPherson sees this only on one Mac:

This just started happening to me a few days ago. I haven't changed any settings and it's not happening to the other Mac in the office. Only to mine. Very, very frustrating!!

If you've seen this issue

Another OS X 10.5.7 problem with network drive

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chris Duffy responded to Mondays report of the Leopard 10.5.7 disabling access to a network drive:

My MacBook (2007, 2.1 GHz , 4 GB RAM, 160 GB) won't recognize a Buffalo 1TB drive after upgrading to Mac OS X 10.5.7.

If you've seen this problem

TIP: Fix for Mail app not working on a 10.5.6 update

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Will shared a fix for a Mail problem with Mac OS X 10.5.6:

Per the note at MacWindows, we are letting you know our Mail app was no longer working after our upgrade from Tiger 10.4.11 to Leopard 10.5.6. I ran all the updates on all software, and still it didn't work. Then I found these instructions to see if this information works to fix it. Their instructions worked perfectly:

Close all running applications, then go into your ~User/Library/Mail/ directory and move everything with a white paper icon temporarily to your desktop, leaving all files with folder icons in the directory. Restart your computer and then open Mail and you should be at the Import Your Messages screen. Go through this section and when you're done Mail should open up and be working.

Update: Once you can confirm that Mail is working and you are able to send and receive messages, you can delete the white paper icons from your computer.

If you tried this fix

May 18

Kerio MailServer 6.7 adds more Exchange-like features, GAL support

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kerio has released Kerio MailServer 6.7, a major update to the groupware server for multiple servers and client platforms. The new version adds global address list functionality that is similar to that in Microsoft Exchange Server. Other new features include a new tool for automatically configuring Entourage to work with Kerio, enhanced syncing with iCal and Address Book, push email, and an enhanced anti-spam gateway... Read entire story here

Handling Entourage 2008 database corruption, lost email

Monday, May 18, 2009

John Underhill is having frequent corruption in Entourage databases, resulting in losses of thousands of email messages. He found he could recover them from Exchange Server using Microsoft's PFDAVAdmin:

Our Entourage mail databases routinely become corrupt, resulting in bizarre behavior in Entourage, or warnings from Entourage that its database is corrupt. Rebuilding the database sometimes helps, sometimes not...

Read entire story here

TIP: Replacing .dylib files to fix Leopard VPN

Monday, May 18, 2009

Guan Ming Teo commented on a problem where Leopard erroneously installs PowerPC versions of two virtual private network (VPN) files on Intel Macs. He tried the suggestion on our Leopard VPN Reports page, but found that it made the problem worse. He found another solution... Read entire story here

Reader says ADmitMac fixed Leopard SMB file share issue

Monday, May 18, 2009

Shane Hunter reports that upgrading Windows Server from 2003 to 2008 is preventing Macs from accessing shares using SMB. Thursby's ADmitMac fixes the problem:

We have been struggling with a problem when attempting to connect to a shared drive from a Mac. We can successfully connect to a share being hosted by Windows Server 2003 in Active Directory. The Mac is NOT bound to AD. We are trying to migrate to Windows Server 2008 and we are not able to connect to a share. We have tried with both Mac OS X 10.5.6 and 10.5.7. I just spent the last 3 hours on the phone with Microsoft and they say the connection appears to be failing at the SMB portion of the connection. MS upgraded to SMB2 for Windows Server 2008. We attempted to disable this in the server's registry and that had no effect. I installed ADmitMac and that did solve the problem.

ADmitMac includes an SMB client that replaces Mac OS X's built-in Samba client. It also includes Active Directory integration functionality. Another product, Thursby's DAVE, includes only the SMB client.

If you've seen this issue

Reader problem with Mac OS X 10.5.7 update and NAS storage

Monday, May 18, 2009

After upgrading to Mac OS X 10.5.7, Tommie Carter can no longer connect to his WD My World Book network attached storage drive:

I have found that after the upgrade to MacOS 10.5.7 my Mac will no longer connect to my WD My World Book 1TB drive. Previously I was able to connect via the network but something appears to have changed in the networking daemons which prevents the password from being authenticated by the WD.

If you've seen this problem

More readers report Boot Camp Windows blue screen with Skype

Monday, May 18, 2009

Three more readers reported Windows XP and Vista crashes in Boot Camp with Skype installed. Indications are that it may be an issue with video drivers.

T. Brown's experience is related to video:

Every time I start watching a video on YouTube or speaking to someone on Skype, my 15" unibody MacBook Pro will suddenly have a blue screen. This doesn't happen every so often, it happens every time I use Skype or every time I visit a video site like YouTube. It is very annoying and from what I have read it is an Apple driver problem.

Michael Spence:

I have a MacBook late vintage 2008 running Windows Vista. Skype routinely cause Vista to crash with the blue screen. I am not sure why. I have used an up-to-date version of Boot Camp to reinstall and repair drivers.

King-Fai Li sent us the error codes:

I got this same problem and the report was:

BCCode : 1000008e BCP1 : C0000090 BCP2 : BAC338DF BCP3 : BACD3ADC

BCP4 : 00000000 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 3_0 Product : 256_1

I if you have a suggestion for the problem

May 13

Leopard 10.5.7 client update fixes AD binding problem, AFP server search bug

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Mac OS X 10.5.7 update that Apple released yesterday fixes a number of bugs, two of which we have been covering. One is the problem of Leopard Macs losing Active Directory binding. The other a bug with searching AFP server volumes. Both problems were caused by changes made in the Mac OS X 10.5.6 update... Read entire story here

Mac OS X Server 10.5.7 addesses minor issues

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yesterday, Apple released Mac OS X Server 10.5.7, an update that fixes a number of small bugs and issues. A partial list of these fixes:

  • Fixes an AFP file server problem with viewing nested sharepoints. ?If you mount an AFP volume that contains another sharepoint, the nested sharepoint will now be visible.?
  • Addresses a delay in seeing Finder label changes made by another user to a file located on an AFP volume. Such changes will now be immediately visible to other users.
  • Administrators can now uses Server Preferences to remove sharepoints.
  • Improves Directory Services reliability when promoting an Open Directory replica to Open Directory master.
  • Improved logging and log rotation by Mail service processes.
  • The Mail service /var/amavis/ file is now cleaned up on relaunch if the Mail service unexpectedly quits.
  • Improved wiki editing in the wiki service

if the OS X Server 10.5.7 update fixes or causes problems for you.

Another report of Entourage problem deleting mail

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ivan Drucker is having the problem Entourage 2008 not deleting email:

I've observed the same thing others have, at least with whatever version of Exchange Server Intermedia is using. I've seen it on both our clients' accounts and my own. If you delete a message in Entourage, or change its flagged status, it looks fine in Entourage but the change doesn't actually happen on the server; this is easy enough to see by using webmail. (If you delete it in webmail, however, Entourage does get the change.) I don't know how long this has been going on, but I think a client first reported it to me at least a couple of weeks ago.

Of course, any other devices (other computers, iPhone, etc) are similarly affected. Precise steps to reproduce: open Drafts folder. Save test message into Drafts. Synchronize now. Look at web mail, verify that it shows newly created test message. Delete test message in Entourage.

I have verified this in Entourage 11.4.0 (2004), 12.1.5, and 12.1.7. I haven't tried other versions, but the fact that it happens in both 2004 and 2008 makes me suspect the Exchange server. In any event, it's very frustrating.

If you've seen this

Reader problem with Windows endless boot cycle in Boot Camp

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tim Hulford reports an endless cycle of rebooting for Windows XP SP2 with Boot Camp 2.0, and with Windows XP SP3 with Boot Camp 2.1. He offers a "not so great fix":

I noticed on your forum that others have been having problems with Windows XP endlessly rebooting after installing in Boot Camp. When I initially install XP SP2, it works fine and is stable. It is only after installing the Mac drivers that XP reboots continuously. I've tried getting in there in Start Mode and unchecking "automatic reboot" so I could get an error report, but strangely enough the computer reboots anyway...

Read entire story here

Boot Camp Vista overheating cured by undervolting

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We've previously reported problems with Mac Book/MB Pros running very hot with Boot Camp and Windows Vista. One solution is to use a piece of software called Input Remapper to turn on the fans. Bob Estes used another approach:

This may not be news to everyone, but it was to me. I have found a solution to Vista (and probably XP) running too hot under Boot Camp on a MacBook Pro (or MacBook presumably): undervolting. I've written about it in a blog post.

The problem I had was so severe that fans were of no use even at maximum speed. The undervolting cuts about 20 degrees C off the temperature though, in my case. Problem solved.

If you've tried this

May 7

Read entire story here

VirtualBox 2.2.2 adds OVF, Snow Leopard support

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sun has released xVM VirtualBox 2.2.2, an update to its free, open source virtualization package for Mac OS X, Windows, and Unix/Linux. The new version adds support for the Open Virtualization Format (OVF) for importing and exporting virtual machines from VMware, XenSource and other virtualization environments.

The Mac version of VirtualBox 2.2.2 also adds preliminary support for running on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, the next version of Mac OS X still under development by Apple. There are also a number of bug fixes, including a problem with cursors in Windows guests.

See also Virtual Box Tips and Reports.

If you've used xVM VirtualBox 2.2.2 for Mac OS X

TIP: fix for Mac Office crashing Parallels 3

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Brian shared a fix for a problem of Word for Mac causing Parallels Desktop 3.0 to freeze. (Parallels 4 is the current version.) Brian said:

I had a similar issue where by after using Parallels 3, apps may crash, including Parallels with XP. Restarting the Mac would take 10-15 minutes.

The fix was to make sure that the user account that installed Mac Office ran the MS Auto Updater and applied the updates. Give it a try as each user on the Mac if need be. After the MS updates, check OS X updates and then Adobe updates.

If you've seen this problem and tried this approach

See also Parallels Tips and Reports.

Windows Repair fixed reader's Vista upgrade problem in Parallels

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nicholas Greksouk fixed a problem with a Windows Vista update in Parallels Desktop, but is having performance problems:

I let Vista try to upgrade itself in Parallels 4.0, and after the reboot I got a black screen that said I had a corrupt file, and to insert my installation disk. I restored my virtual machine from Time Machine, went through the update process, and exactly the same thing happened. Parallels had been running very slowly, both before and after the upgrade to 4.0. I am a long time MS Money user and don't want to give that up.

I had some help from Parallels support. We needed to run Windows Repair, so I needed to boot from my installation disk. The very helpful support person showed me how to bring up the Parallels configure screen, and we got Windows to boot from the DVD drive. (Note: after changing this configuration we had to restart Parallels for the change to take effect.)

Once Windows Repair ran, I was able to reboot and get Microsoft Money to work again.

Now that a few days have passed, I still have the extreme slowness issue when running my virtual machine. I am using an early '07 MacBook Pro with 2 GB RAM, which otherwise works beautifully.

If you've seen this problem

See also Parallels Tips and Reports.

Virtual PC 7 for Mac problem with IE8 in Windows XP SP3

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fred Horvat reports that Internet Explorer 8 doesn't work in Virtual PC 7 for PowerPC Macs:

Just a quick note to Mac VPC 7 users. Currently Internet Explorer 8 under Windows XP SP3 installs fine but does not work properly. It appears to load and render Web Pages but does not display them to you. All you get is a white page displayed in the browser window.

On Microsoft's VPC for Mac newsgroup microsoft.public.mac.virtualpc there are a few users working on the issue. For the latest info go there. Currently the only solution to get IE working again is to revert back to IE7.

If you've seen this problem

Win blue screen in Boot Camp with Skype may be audio driver

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Justin Platt verified a previously report problem about Skype causing Windows to crash in Boot Camp:

I have seen this. I run a MacBook Air 80GB HD and have a 15GB partition with BootCamp running XP SP3 I have had Skype cause a blue screen 3 or 4 times. Microsoft error reporting claims it is an unspecified audio driver problem. I am hoping for an XP SP3 audio driver update for bootcamp. Or a firmware update for the intel graphics card.

If you've seen this problem

See also Boot Camp Tips and Reports.

APRIL 2009

April 30

Kroll recovers email from corrupt Entourage, Mail files on dead hard drives

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kroll Ontrack is now offering a newly enhanced version of its Ontrack Data Recovery service, which recovers data from damaged hard drives. The company said that newly developed proprietary technology enables it to recover email and calendar items from Entourage and Mail files even when the files are corrupt.

Before, if there was any corruption to an Entourage or Apple Mail file, then all of the email would be lost.

"It used to be an all or nothing scenario," said Jeff Pederson, manager of Data Recovery Operations at Kroll. "Now we can go into the file and try to repair it. If that's not possible, we can pull out messages."

Pederson said that because of the way Entourage and Mail write to a hard disk, there used to be no way to recover any email if any portion of the file was corrupted. Kroll's new Ontrack Data Recovery service will attempt to repair the files. If they can't, the can now extract individual email messages. They will put recovered email in database file that the user can then import into Entourage or Mail. The data file is of a propriety format based on a MIME type format, but which the email programs can read and import. Kroll uses different formats for Mail and Entourage.

Pederson said that customers always know what they are getting before they committee to the full recovery fee. For a $100 diagnosis fee, Kroll will tell you exactly what it can and can't recover from a damage hard drive. If you decide to order the data recover, Kroll will charge between $500-to-$2500, depending on the scope of the recover. The company recommends sending it just the damage hard drive, but it will access an entire Mac if you send it to them for data recovery.

TIP: Fix for Citrix profiles disappearing

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Charlie Nancarrow offered a fix for a problem of Citrix Mac client profiles that disappear:

By default the launch.ica files generated by the Web XenApp are set to RemoveICAFile=yes

Change this to no in XenApp administrator or remove this from your manual .ica files.

If you've tried this

Readers says Entourage email deleting problem affects OWA

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Harry Fahey in Australia reports a twist to a problem with Entourage 2008 not deleting email:

In response to the case reported on April 15, at our school one of our Mac users can delete messages from Entourage, but they will show up as not deleted when he accesses his Exchange inbox via Outlook Web Access. Strangely, he cannot delete items from Outlook Web Access until they have been deleted from Entourage first.

If you've tried this issue

Reader's Cisco VPN client can't see certificate

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ariel Ojeda reports a problem with the Cisco virtual private network client:

I am having a problem with the Cisco VPN client with my Mac. I am running OS X 10.5.6 and the Cisco client is 4.9.01 (100). I cannot get the client to see the certificate CA within the client.

If you've seen this problem

Banana VPN drops Mac connection

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mike Smith reports a problem with the Banana virtual private network system. We've had previous reports about Banana and Leopard, but Smith has the problem with Tiger:

I have the same problem as a couple of your readers. I bought a Banana VPN yesterday and have a Mac with Tiger 10.4.11. I am able to connect for 1 minute before it drops. During that minute, no Internet works and I can't ping Google.

If you've seen this problem

April 24

Suggestion for deleting hard-to-delete Entourage email

Friday, April 24, 2009

Daniel Tangney sent in a suggestion for a problem deleting email from Entourage 2008:

Use the Edit>Purge Deleted Items command for emails that don't delete normally. There must be something special about these stubborn emails.

The Purge command, however, doesn't seem to always be visible. The Entourage Help system mentions the command:

Delete the messages from the server. When you delete messages from the server, Microsoft Entourage automatically removes them from the Message list. To delete messages from the server, click Purge Deleted Items on the Edit menu.

If you've tried this

We also received new reports of the problem from readers... Read entire story here

Boot Camp multi-touch causes video apps to crash

Friday, April 24, 2009

Paul Liddell found that the Multi-Touch Update for Boot Camp is incompatible with video:

I've found that when using Boot Camp on my MacBook, if I use the trackpad with multi-touch update, video will crash if you use the mouse during playback. Occurs on Flash video in websites (such as YouTube), and DVD playback in WMP Does not occur if I plug in an external mouse, and use that instead. Does not crash the system, just the application that is playing the video.

If you've seen this problem

Another Boot Camp Windows that won't install/boot with external drives attached

Friday, April 24, 2009

John McCraine reports that after upgrading Windows XP to Service Pac 3 in Boot Camp, Windows can't boot if there is an external FireWire drive attached:

I've recently had this problem on my 20" iMac purchased August 2007. It is one of the first aluminum iMacs. I recently installed SP3 on the Boot Camp partition for Win XP. I had to modify the registry in order to get this SP to install, I was getting the "not enough disk space" error message. I have a WD external hard drive that is formatted for Mac OS and connected with the FW800 connection. Previously I could just leave this HD connected and boot into Win XP with no problems. I think it was after the SP3 install that the computer would hang when booting. After disconnecting everything, the computer will finish the boot routine. My fix now is to disconnect the FireWire cable when using Windows.

We've reported the FireWire issue before. If you've seen it

McCraine didn't mention what version of Boot Camp he is using. Windows XP SP3 requires Boot Camp 2.1.

Reader: Running Word for Mac kills Parallels 3, Word, and Mac OS X

Friday, April 24, 2009

Geoff Saulnier finds that launching Word for Mac has a negative effect on an older version of Parallels Desktop, version 3:

I am running Parallels Desktop 3, latest version, and Mac OS X 10.5 latest update. Parallels works like a dream, running XP SP 3 faster than my machine at work does. This is true for my MacBook Pro 15" as well as for my Mac Pro 8-core.

If I have Parallels up running XP and I start Word for Mac from Office 2004, Word fails to start right, then Parallels stops working (freezes or hangs), and even force-quitting both apps, the Mac is left in a terrible state. Apps will fail to start, can't reboot - basically, I have to hold the power switch down to power off. On powering back on, box boots fine and all is well.

The same happens on both the MacBook Pro and the Mac Pro, whether running Windows from Boot Camp or from a separate install.

Also, today, it my OCR driver on my scanner decided to start the old Internet Explorer for Mac that I just never got round to uninstalling. That produced the exact same effects. I have not tried other Microsoft products to see what happens then.

Oddly, if I have Parallels running on my account with XP up, and my wife fast-switches to her account, she can run all the Office stuff she wants with no problems, and my XP is still working fine when I switch back to my account.

If you've seen this problem

Sync'em 1.28 adds iCal-to-Exchange sync functions

Friday, April 24, 2009

Derman Enterprises released Sync'Em1.28, an update to the Mac OS X software for syncing Mac iCal and Address Book calendars and contacts with one or more Microsoft Exchange Server and Google accounts. Sync'Em 1.28 adds the ability for iCal users to sent invitation, update, and cancellation events via Exchange so all the normal Exchange-based features will work. These include Free/Busy calendar and attendee tracking. Version 1.28 also improves performance when syncing numbers of items, adds some user interface improvements and fixes some bugs.

April 15

ExtremeZ-IP 6.0 adds DFS for Macs, Spotlight for Win servers

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yesterday, Group Logic released ExtremeZ-IP 6.0, a major update to the AFP server for Windows servers supporting Mac clients. The new version features the addition of native support of Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS) for Mac clients. It also adds the ability for Mac clients to do full Spotlight searches of content of files located on Windows Servers--a feature that is unique to ExtremeZ-IP 6... Read entire story here

Another case of can't delete email from Entourage 2008

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Andy Meng verified a report about a problem with Entourage 2008 not deleting email:

I am experiencing this exact problem. I can access my Exchange account via Outlook and iPhone. When I delete messages with either of these, they truly delete. When I delete from Entourage they don't delete from Exchange and still appear on my in box in both outlook and iPhone. If I sync my inbox on Entourage the "deleted" emails show back up. This appears to be a bug in Entourage where it's not actually deleting emails from the Exchange servers.

If you've seen this

Entourage/Exchange "plus sign" sync problem: more characters involved?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bob Potter has a theory on the Entourage/Exchange problem of not syncing when a plus (+) symbol is in the subject field:

We have the same issue. We cannot even read these messages in OWA. We get an error "The system cannot find the file specified."

And I think it may extend to hypen (-) and percent (%) characters as well. Our IT dept. says they think it has to do with SPAM blocking. They are hesitant to do the workaround because they said we are getting many SPAM messages that have those characters in the subject.

Recently we reported a workaround for the problem.

Reader verifies workaround for OS X Server ignoring ACLs

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jeff Franklin backs a workaround we reported for the problem of Mac OS X Server ignoring ACL permissions:

I too have used Gerrit DeWitt's advice numerous times. He had given me this same CHMOD method and it works perfectly on our Xserve file server. I applied it to a shared Xserve RAID with many hundreds of thousands of files and it worked like a charm. Since I applied this method I have had zero ACL/permissions problems. I have also used it on other RAIDS with similar success.

If you've tried this

VMware Fusion 2.0.4 plugs security hole

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

VMware released VMware Fusion 2.0.4, and maintenance update for the virtualization software for Mac OS X. The update fixes a security issue where hostile code from a guest operating system could run code on the host OS, Mac OS X. The update is the second maintenance update this month for VMware Fusion.

See also VMware Tips and Reports.

April 9

TIP: Workaround for OS X Server ignoring ACLs -- AFP, too

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Adam Glick reports having the problem of Mac OS X Server ignoring access control list (ACL) permissions. Previous reports were with SMB file sharing, but Glick sees the issue with AFP file sharing. He forwarded a workaround that involves setting the ACL entry with inheritance:

I've got an XServe running OS X Server 10.5.6 that also ignores ACLs with AFP clients. I have torn down the shares and rebuilt them, both using the server apps and from the command line with the same results. I've used the method posted by Gerritt DeWitt in the Apple forums. Here's one of his posts as an example.

(BTW, I've found over the years that his posts are some of the most informative, helpful posts I've found anywhere. Thank you, Gerritt!)

I'm beginning to think that something is truly broken in OS X Server. This was an issue when Apple introduced ACLs in 10.4 and it is still an issue.

If you've tried this

TIP: workaround for Macs dropping off AD every 15 days

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kurt Fattic passed along a workaround he found for Macs that drop off of Active Directory every 15 days. It's a Terminal command that will get the Mac back on. Fattic reports:

I can't take credit for this, but it was on a listserve. This may help some folks out:

...The issue that we found was that every 15 days the Macs would drop off the AD, this is because it would request a new QUID from our AD server. We have had lots of success with the following:

Dsconfigad -passinterval 0

This is a Terminal command to have the Mac never request a new QUID. Don't know how your systems are setup but this has worked very well in our environment. The only issue here is that when reimage or unbind and rebind you need to remember to type in this command or in 15 days it will again fall right off the wagon.

Another issue we have with our Macs on the AD is the computer account information. When you unbind and rebind to the domain is should ask to rejoin the existing account. If it does not that means that it has created a new account with the same name. Most of the time these duplicate accounts cause problems down the road and is best to start fresh.

-- Steve Rodman

If you've tried this

Sharity 3.7 SMB client for Mac ads Win 2008 compatibility, fixes for DFS

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Objective Development's Sharity 3.7 is an update to the SMB client for Mac. A replacement for the built-in OS X client, and similar to Thursby Software's DAVE, Sharity adds support for Microsoft's Distributed File System (DFS), as well as browsers more reliable than Apple's built-in SMB client. Network drives also remain connected after an extended sleep. The 3.7 update fixes a problem with DFS. It also adds NTLM2 (not to be confused with NTLMv2, which is also supported) authentication for improved interoperability with Windows 2008 Server. The update also fixed a bug with Windows 2008 Kerberos authentication.

Centrify online demo of Mac Smart Card in AD

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Centrify will hold a webinar on May 7 that covers the company's support for smart cards on Macs with its DirectControl Active Directory integration product for Mac OS X and Linux. The event is called Simplifying Mac Smart Card Support in Windows Environments.

April 3

TIP: Workaround for + sign preventing Entourage/Exchange sync

Friday, April 3, 2009

Two readers (Joshua Churchill and Dwight Feller) sent us a link to a workaround for the Entourage problem of not syncing messages with a plus sign in the subject. Churchill reports:

There is a work-around for the issue where messages with plus signs in the subject do not sync with Entourage when connected to an Exchange 2007 server.

Specifically the problem occurs when Exchange 2007 is running on Windows Server 2008. Server 2008 introduced IIS7 which is the where the problem occurs. The server administrator can follow the steps detailed at this link at to correct the problem.

If you've tried this tip

Two other readers report that the problem is limited to Entourage and doesn't occur with Outlook Web Access. Graham Norbury says the problem also does not occur with a smart phone:

I have been testing this morning with Entourage 2008 version 12.1.5 with Exchange 2007. An email with a '+' symbol in the subject line it doesn't appear in Entourage 2008. It does however work in the OWA interface and with mail2exchange on a Nokia phone.

I have also tested for the '+' symbol in the body of the email and that works for Entourage, OWA and on the phone. It's just the subject of the message, and only in Entoruage.

Michael Salmon:

I just tried sending a message with he subject "Test of +" and I could read it in OWA without problem, both the lite version with safari and the full version. Unfortunately I cannot test it with Entourage.

TIP: FireWire drive preventing Windows install in Boot Camp

Friday, April 3, 2009

Mary Jo McKown couldn't get Windows to install in Boot Camp, until she unplugged a FireWire hard drive:

I have a brand new 24-inch iMac and a brand new store-bought copy of Windows Vista Home Basic SP1. Everything was fine until about 2/3 of the way through the Windows installation when it would freeze. I was on the phone to Apple and Microsoft. I have erased my hard drive and started over. I traded in my DVD of Vista for a new copy just in case. No resolution.

Then I figured it out!

I unplugged the FireWire cable from the back of the iMac. I am pretty sure I had the external drive turned off on previous tries, but I had left it plugged in. I hope this helps other people because Apple techs and Microsoft had no ideas.

If you've seen this issue

Using disk image to get around Boot Camp install problem with OEM Windows

Friday, April 3, 2009

Chad Heipler found a way around the Boot Camp install error, Windows cannot configure one or more system components. Several readers previously attributed it to an OEM copy of Windows. Heipler was using a Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) copy , but solved the issue using a disk image:

I had this issue as well on a new 17" MacBook Pro. The fix for me was to use a downloaded Vista ISO disk image instead of an MSDN DVD. Not sure why this worked as I had used the MSDN DVD on another new 17” MacBook Pro. The only other thing I changed was the size of the Vista partition. Originally I was going for a 227GB Vista and a Mac partition with 50GB of free space (our developers primarily use Vista). I ended up changing the size to 237GB Vista and 40GB free for the Mac. I doubt it is the change in disk size and think it was more to do with the DVD.

If you've seen this

VMware Fusion 2.0.3 fixes printing issues

Friday, April 3, 2009

Yesterday, VMware posted VMware Fusion 2.0.3, and update to its virtualization software for Mac OS X. The update fixes a printing problem caused by Apple's Mac OS X Security Update 2009-001, as well as another printer issue. The update also adds "experimental" support for the lastest developer build of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

The Apple Security Update caused a problem in Fusion where shared printers would disappear from Windows, on Mac OS X 10.5.6. This occurs with driverless printing. VMware says that users who had reconfigured printing as a workaround should turn on the driverless printing feature again in Virtual Machines>Settings: Select Printers and check the Enabled box. VMware Fusion 2.0.3 also fixes a problem where this driverless printing feature would get deselected automatically.

VMware Fusion 2.0.3 is free upgrade for owners of VMware Fusion 1 and VMware Fusion 2.

For more on Fusion, see VMware Fusion Tips and Reports.

Reader Parallels 4 printing issue: Apple Security update the problem?

Friday, April 3, 2009

Roger Rodrigues believe that the Apple Security Update 2009-001 is causing a printing problem with Parallels Desktop 4:

I installed Parallels 4 on the Mac. However I cannot install a printer. VMware Fusion has an update which fixes this problem, apparently caused by Apple security update 2009-001.

Yesterday, VMware released an update to deal with a printing issue, which we reported today. If you've seen this problem on Parallels Desktop if you think it's related to Apple Security Update.

For more on Parallels, see Parallels Tips and Reports.

April 1

Readers verify plus symbol in email a problem for Exchange

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Two readers verified Monday's report about a plus (+) symbol in email being the cause of Entourage not properly syncing with Exchange Server 2007 and missing some email messages.

Augie Fusz started seeing this with Windows 2007 server:

I have seen this issue too. We upgraded to 2007 Server a few months ago. When there is a plus symbol in the "Subject" field, the messages will not sync to Entourage clients in Office 2008 for Mac. Unsure if the problem exists in office for Mac 2004.

Andy Law also sees a problem with OWA:

I don't know if it is related, but the web interface (OWA) to the Exchange server is similarly unable to access messages with a Plus symbol in them. They are listed in the messages within the Inbox in that interface, but clicking on the message in an attempt to view it just gives an error message. That's been a problem for a long time.

If you've seen this problem

File name causes Boot Camp Win XP BSoD with Leopard Server

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Howard Dittmer reports a Boot Camp problem with Windows XP 64-bit crashing (blue screen of death, or BSoD) when accessing Leopard Server. He said the filename is the causes Win XP crash with Leopard Server

I'm seeing a BSoD on Windows XP 64 with Leopard server. I believe you will find that it is related to the length of the file name being saved. Files with more than 12 characters in the name will cause it consistently. I have a support incident in with Apple Support. They are able to replicate the problem. The issue has been referred to engineering. It has been a couple of months since I first reported the problem to them and there is no ETA on a fix or work around.

If you've seen this issue

WinRoute Firewall 6.6 includes new VPN client for Mac

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yesterday, Kerio Technologies released Kerio WinRoute Firewall 6.6 (starting at US $329), a new version of theWindows-based security gateway solution. The version adds for the first time a virtual private network (VPN) client for Mac OS X and Linux, and updates the VPN client for Windows. The VPN server in WinRoute Firewall also works in a server-to-server mode, to connect branch offices.

Firewall 6.6. Kerio WinRoute Firewall also includes gateway antivirus, bandwidth control, Internet link load balancer and gateway firewall.

MARCH 2009

March 30

LANrev 5.1 adds iPhone to cross-platform client management

Monday, March 30, 2009

Last week, LANrev LP released LANrev 5.1, an update to the cross-platform network client management system for Mac OS X and Windows. LANrev can automate asset inventory, distribution of software and software updates, power management of computers, software license monitoring, and security configuration.

LANrev version 5.1 adds support for iPhone management. The system can track iPhone hardware, serial numbers, OS versions, and phone numbers. LANrev 5.1 can create a software inventory to ensure consistent software configuration and report unauthorized software installations on the iPhone that might compromise security of the enterprise.

Also new is on-demand software installation for users and customizable agent branding. Power management reporting is enhanced in this version.

Group Logic tip on making Find Any File fast; search bug fix from Apple on the way

Monday, March 30, 2009

Group Logic CEO Reid Lewis sent us a tip regarding the workaround for a Leopard 10.5.6 bug that prevents it from searching non-Leopard AFP servers. Group Logic recommends using Find Any File instead, but a reader reported reported that it was slow. Lewis described how to make Find Any File fast:

Our tech support team has reached out to help your reader who's experiencing slow search times with our 10.5.6 search workaround. Your readers should expect search results just as fast as always with ExtremeZ-IP and we can help him achieve them again.

Check the following possible issues:

  • Search is set to "All Volumes" by default; only AFP searches are optimized so including an SMB share in the results will slow them down by 15 X (yes 15 times)
  • Performing a compound search
  • Searching must be done at the root; searching a "folder on the server" will bypass the optimization
  • There might be a problem on the server that resulted in a failure to index, or some other issue causing them to miss our search index.

Meanwhile, Bryan Schappel thinks Apple will fix the AFP bug soon: "This site says it's fixed in the upcoming 10.5.7."

Plus character in email may be behind Entourage/Exchange 2007 sync problem

Monday, March 30, 2009

Aidan Richmond believes a plus (+) symbol may be the cause of the problem of Entourage not properly syncing with Exchange Server 2007 and missing some email messages:

Regarding your readers report on Entourage missing some messages from an Exchange 2007 server, we have recently upgraded to Exchange 2007 and from testing it seems that for us messages with a "+" symbol will not make it through to Entourage. There may well be other characters that cause the same problem, but so far this is the only one we've narrowed down.

If you've looked at this

Reader can't delete email from Entourage 2008

Monday, March 30, 2009

Carson Schutze reported a problem deleting mail from multiple Macs. This reminds us of a 3-year-old problem, supposedly fixed long ago. Schutze said:

This sounds similar to problems reported on your site but not identical. After starting to access my exchange account from a new Mac running 10.5.6 (previously only used 10.4) using Entourage 2008, I started finding that messages I deleted from one Mac would show up as not deleted (i.e. not moved to the Deleted Items folder) when I accessed the same account from Entourage on a different Mac, and then would also not have been deleted when I re-accessed the account from the original Mac. Rebuilding the database doesn't generally help, and in particular does not get Entourage's version of the Inbox to match what webmail says it should look like. Likewise flushing the cache can have various bizarre effects, including making hundreds of messages disappear from the local Entourage inbox when webmail says they're still on the Exchange server. Prior to the use of this new 10.5 machine I never had any such problems.

If you've seen this problem

Windows blue screen in Boot Camp with Skype

Monday, March 30, 2009

Roberto Gonzalez reported that Windows (didn't say which version) crashes in Boot Camp when running Skype on a Mac Book:

I get a blue screen while running Skype. appletemp.sys is the driver giving me trouble. Another issue I have is that when in a voice call in MSN Messenger the volume of the microphone goes down by itself. Very frustrating. Like your reader getting blue screens with the touch pad update, I have the 13" unibody as well.

If you've seen this problem

March 25

Reader's Boot Camp Multi-touch update causes Vista to crash

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jeon Cha reports that Apple's Multi-Touch Trackpad Update for Boot Camp is crashing his copy of Windows Vista:

I have a 13 inch MacBook (unibody) with Boot Camp/Vista 32 running on one partition.

I've had multiple BSOD's [blue screen of death] following installation of Apple's Multi-Touch Trackpad Update (1.0) for Windows. The crashes appeared to be sporadic but were most commonly occurring when attempting to play DVD's or other video intensive process. Initially, I thought it might have been due to the graphics card driver.

It took sometime to work out what was causing the problem, however after multiple re-installs of Boot Camp and other software the crashes ceased happening as long as the Trackpad update was NOT installed. I'm not sure if it is the Trackpad update itself or an incompatibility with the graphics driver.

If you've seen this problem For more on releated topics, see Boot Camp Tips and Reports.

EZ-IP 6 to ship this month with DFS; Mac DFS need is growing

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This month, Group Logic will ship ExtremeZ-IP 6, the next major version of the AFP file and printer server for Windows for supporting Mac clients. The main new feature will be Mac support for Microsoft's Distributed File System (DFS), which spreads file shares across multiple servers for redundancy. ExtremeZ-IP 6 is currently available as part of a public beta program.

Yesterday, Group Logic released results of a study that show that the adoption of DFS is growing among sites with Macs. The company said that 35 percent of respondents have DFS or plan to implement it. Of those, two thirds have Macs on their networks, and half need their Macs to be integrated into the DFS systems. The survey results listed top reasons for moving to DFS. These included data replication, the ability to move file shares to different servers, and the availability of the data due to redundant targets. Grouplogic conducted the study of 300 IT respondents with eMedia USA.

Support for DFS is not built into Mac OS X, and there are not a lot of third-party products that add it. Currently, Thursby Software's DAVE and ADmitMac are the only shipping solutions that provides DFS support for Macs.

Reader says Find Any File for AFP search is slow

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shawn Livingston responded to our report of using the Find Any File utility as a workaround to a Leopard 10.5.6 bug that prevents searches of non-Leopard AFP servers.

I have tried this work around and while it works, it is not a very viable option. It is unbelievably slow. Before the OS X 10.5.6 update ExtremeZ-IP used to return information on searches within seconds. Using Find Any File takes over 5-10 minutes to return results of a search. I am very anxious to see a fix on this.

If you've seen this problem

A search utility for SMB and ADmitMac

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lars Berger from Germany recommends using a free utility to search SMB servers when Thursby Software's ADmitMac is running on the Mac:

I found out that the freeware tool Easy Find from Devon Technology is good to search our SMB fileserver, since ADmitMac isn't able to search within Spotlight. (We use ADmitMac.) I think this will do this for other resources [AFP servers], too.

Editing smb.conf doesn't help reader with OS X Server ACL problem

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Erik Bowling tried Friday's workaround for the problem of Mac OS X Server ignoring access control list permissions with Mac SMB clients. The workaround was to edit /etc/smb.conf, but it didn't work:

We are seeing the same thing with our 10.5.6 installation. Permissions appear to get ignored at times, and then scrambled when users of Windows alter a file and then a Mac user alters it. It leaves me wondering if I should abandon the XServe altogether.

The smb.conf file already had the settings in the suggestion. Really odd. I would never have thought ACLs would be an issue like this.

If you've seen this problem

64-bit Windows crashes when accessing Leopard Server

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pierre-Marc Cayer in Montréal, Canada, has an odd problem accessing Leopard Server from Windows:

I have a 10.5.6 OSX Server which acts as the PDC on my system. When I log in with Windows XP 64bits or Windows Server 2003 64bits, I sometimes get a BSoD. Or, the system freezes when I try to download a file onto my home folder or any SMB share. I've tried it on different machines and they all crashed, so it's not a hardware or drivers problem. It does not crash when saving the downloaded file on a local drive nor when logged in with a local user. So my guess is that there is something interfering between my SMB server and Windows XP/2003 x64.

If you've seen this problem

March 20

Group Logic finds workaround for Leopard AFP search bug

Friday, March 20, 2009

Group Logic has identified a workaround for the previously reported bug in Mac OS X 10.5.x that causes it to return no results when searching an AFP file server. The workaround is to use a free search utility called Find Any File instead of the Mac OS X client's Spotlight search tool. The servers that the bug affects include the company's ExtremeZ-IP server, as well as Windows servers using Services for Macintosh, and Mac OS X Server 10.3.x and 10.4.x. Leopard Server is not affected by the bug.

In December, Group Logic reported to us that it had identified the problem with Mac OS X 10.5.6. A MacWindows reader reported having a similar problem with Mac OS X 10.5.5.

If you've tried this workaround

TIP: Workaround for OS X Server ignoring ACL permissions

Friday, March 20, 2009

Maurits Sanders sent in a workaround for a previously reported problem of Mac OS X Server ignoring access control list permissions with Mac SMB clients, but not AFP. Sanders reports:

I have seen this and found a solution that is well documented. The workaround is to append the following lines to /etc/smb.conf:

acl check permissions = no

There is more information here.

If you've tried this

TIP: Another workaround for "Access Denied" printing error

Friday, March 20, 2009

John Ponsano sent us another workaround for the NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED error seen with Macs accessing printers attached to Windows PCs:

I have what has turned out for me to be a sure fire workaround for all cases I've come across for this issue. Being a bad tech, I turned it from a software issue into a user training issue...

Read entire story here

Entourage Exchange Accounts Optimizer updated

Friday, March 20, 2009

Softhing has released Entourage Exchange Accounts Optimizer 1.5 ($10, free upgrade), a new version of the utility that automatically moves old mail from an Exchange account to Entourage, in a replicated structure. It works in Entourage 2004 and 2008 on both Tiger and Leopard.

The new version has a redesigned interface that can show detailed information during operations. It also extends the range of days that you can select keep in Entourage to 1200, and adds various other improvements.

The Missing Sync for BlackBerry 2.0.1 update available

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mark/Space has released The Missing Sync for BlackBerry 2.0.1, and update for the Mac OS X syncing software for BlackBerry smartphones. The Missing Sync for BlackBerry can sync contacts, calendars, notes, photos, and more, to iCal, Address Book and Entourage via Bluetooth or USB.

Version 2.0.1 includes over a dozen improvements, including fixes related to contact and task syncing, improved data handling to reduce sync conflicts, and better support for the BlackBerry Storm and other newer RIM devices.

March 16

Enterprise bullish on Macs despite PC bears and integration obstacles

Monday, March 16, 2009

With PC prices collapsing and Apple reducing its enterprise presence, large enterprises are planning to increase their numbers of Macs, according to a new survey by the Enterprise Desktop Alliance. Not only is the growing gap in pricing not phasing enterprise customers so far, but many believe that Macs cost less in the long run.

Seventy four percent of survey respondents said that are planning to increase the numbers of Macs in their organization. Only 2 percent said they would reduce their Macs. The survey also reported that Active Directory integration continues to be the top obstacle to completely integrating Macs and PCs...
Read entire story here

Livescribe Mac ships for the ultimate "handheld"

Monday, March 16, 2009

Livescribe Inc. is now shipping Livescribe Desktop for Mac 1.0, free software that will let Mac users download notes and audio from the company's Pulse Smartpen-a computer-in-a-pen, complete with RAM. The ink pen records what the user writes on special paper. When the SmartPen is conneted to a Mac or PC via a USB cable, the Livescribe Desktop software displays the handwritten text and drawings recorded the pen as if they were a scan of the paper it was written on. Livescribe Desktop includes optical character recognition so that users can search for key words. The pen also records audio, tied specifically to what you were writing when a passage was recorded...
Read entire story here

March 9

MacTech tests show Parallels faster than VMware

Monday, March 9, 2009

MacTech Magazine has published a set of 2500 benchmark tests that conclude that Parallels Desktop 4 runs Windows on Mac computers faster than does VMware Fusion 2 in most cases:

In the majority of overall averages of our tests, Parallels Desktop is the clear winner running 14-20% faster than VMware Fusion. The one exception is for those that need to run Windows XP, 32-bit on 2 virtual processors, VMware Fusion runs about 10% faster than Parallels Desktop.

MacTech reported that Parallels Desktop 4 was faster in launching Windows, CPU performance, file and network I/O, and in running Internet Explorer, according to MacTech... Read entire story here

Leopards losing AD binding: another take on the Kerberos file

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bob Eicher has the previously reported problem Leopard Macs losing Active Directory binding. He tried one of the Kerberos-based tips we've posted, but changed a setting to make it click:

We are still mostly on Tiger (10.4.11) here, but we have a few machines running Leopard (10.5.6). We had one with login issues and I found that it was no longer bound to AD. I had to force the unbind and couldn't get it to bind again. I removed the "/private/var/db/dslocal/nodes/Default/config/Kerberos:YOURDOMAIN.NET.plist" file and was able to get it to bind again, but the logins took three or four minutes. I then unbound it again and unchecked "Allow authentication from any domain in the forest" and rebound it and it seems to be working fine now. I guess we'll see for how long...

If you've tried this approach

Reader question: move Mac AD profile to mobile?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Chris Cavanaugh asks how to migrate Macs on Active Directory to mobile profiles:

We are in the process of migrating machines into our new Active Directory Environment. The PC migration has gone fairly well, however, management would like us to start binding our Macintosh's to AD so users would use their campus ID and password and adhere to our password change policy. We are successful in binding Macintosh to the domain however, we have not figured out how to move profile settings from a local profile to a network/mobile profile. In the Windows environment, we have been using a 3rd party tool that has worked very well.

If you've seen this issue or have a suggestion

Group Logic offers site license for EZ-IP

Monday, March 9, 2009

Last week Group Logic began offering a new licensing scheme for ExtremeZ-IP, the software for integrating Mac desktops into Window server environments. The ExtremeZ-IP Enterprise Licensing Program provides for a single license and serial number for any number of servers in the enterprise. The cost of the license is based on the total number of Macs connecting to servers in the organization. The license comes with support and updates.

Group Logic will also continue to offer its older licensing program, which sells as one license per server... Read entire story here

Sync'Em 1.25 adds Exchange autodiscovery

Monday, March 9, 2009

Derman Enterprises released Sync'Em version 1.25, an update to the Mac OS X software for syncing Mac iCal/Address Book calendars and contacts with one or more Microsoft Exchange Server and Google accounts. Sync'Em 1.25 adds support for Exchange autodiscovery for easier setup to in organizations were autodiscovery is configured. The new version also improves the performance of Exchange and Google syncing, adds user interface enhancements, and fixes bugs.

The company says that Sync'Em has the unique ability to sync multiple configurations, each involving multiple information sources with each syncing bidirectionally or unidirectionally.

The update is a free download for owners of Sync'Em 1.x.

Syncing a Win Mobile with Multiple Mac and PCs

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Mark/Space tech support article describes how to sync a Windows Mobile handheld device to multiple computers: a Windows PC and a Mac. The article describes the procedure for syncing calendar tasks and events using the company's The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile software.

March 2

CrossOver Games 7.2 adds support for SPORE, Steam on Mac

Monday, March 2, 2009

CodeWeavers has released CrossOver Games 7.2, an update for the software that allows Mac users to run Windows games directly on Mac O SX, without the use of Windows. There is also a new version 7.2 for Linux. The new version adds support for Spore and improves support for Steam and Steam-based games, as well as general DirectX improvements that the company says enhance game play for many different Windows games. The Mac version of CrossOver Games 7.2 also adds support for MegaTen, MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) by Aeria Games.

Other improvements include:

  • Added support for "Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine" on Mac OS X
  • Fixed Guild Wars on ATI Macs with Mac OS X 10.5.5.
  • A few improvements for City of Heroes
  • Improved support for WoW:WotLK

CrossOver Games is a games-focused version of CrossOver. The standard CrossOver is focused on running Windows business applications directly on Mac OS X. Unlike virtual machine applications, CrossOver makes Windows software directly compatible with Mac OS X, running Windows programs alongside of Mac applications, without Windows. The trade off is that CrossOver isn't compatible with all Windows applications. CodeWeavers has a list of compatibile Windows applications at its website.

If you've tried CrossOver Games 7.2 please what you think of it.

For more, see our CodeWeavers CrossOver Reports page.

NTFS for Mac OS X 7.0 adds Boot Camp access to Mac partition

Monday, March 2, 2009

Paragon Software has released NTFS for Mac OS X 7.0 (US $40), a new version of the software that gives Mac OS X full read and write access to NTFS-formatted disk storage. NTFS is the native file format for Windows. The new version adds a feature to Boot Camp that enables Windows to read/write access the Mac-formatted (HFS+) partition. With the new version, Windows in Boot Camp can copy and move files between the Mac and Windows partitions. The company also said that version 7 now provided Mac OS X throughput rates for accessing NTFS equivalent to that of accessing native HFS+ formatted drives.

If you've tried NTFS for Mac OS X 7.0 please what you think of it.

New SheepShaver build runs OS 9 full screen on OS X

Monday, March 2, 2009 has posted new builds of SheepShaver and of Basilisk II for OS X to its forum. Both are PowerPC emulators that enable Intel Macs to run Mac OS X 9 (classic) applications. The new versions fix a bug that prevented the emulators from running in full-screen mode.

Michael Goodine of said that the main developer stopped working on both of the emulators early last year, but that these fixes were contributed by forum members. Goodine said "This particular fix, I think, was long awaited!"

For more on running Mac OS 9 on Intel Macs, see SheepShaver Tips and Reports.

Reader updates his Active Directory tip

Monday, March 2, 2009

Peter Kloss updated his previous report on manually removing and regenerating the persistent Kerberos certificate. This was in order to fix a problem where Macs appear to drop out of Active Directory and can not be put back in. Kloss said:

It seems that has been revised to remove the advice on how to manually remove the Kerberos certificate - in fact it specifically now advises against manual reconfiguration!

My colleague Mark, who was struck by this problem, says that the manual removal / regeneration of the Kerberos certificate didn't work, and that he had to do an archive and install re-install of Leopard to fix it (which negates imaging in the first place).

See also this related story, Two kerberos-related workarounds for Macs losing Active Directory binding.


February 24

Readers verify, modify Kerberos fixes for Macs losing AD binding

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A number of readers responded to our February 19 TIP: Two kerberos-related workarounds for Macs losing Active Directory binding. Several readers verified one or the other of the two February 19 tips, some with variations. One reader added some steps to one of the tips. Another reader received an explanation from Apple, as well as a suggestion that was different than the February 19 suggestions. Two additional readers also offered different fixes than those already presented. To summarize, the two fixes previously report are...

Read entire story here

Another case of “access-denied” error when printing to Windows Domain

Minmin Qin is seing the printing problem the yields an error "NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED" for printers attached to Windows PCs. We have several suggestioned workarounds and fixes (here and here), but they did not resolve Qin’s issue. He reports what didn’t work...

Read entire story here

Reader can't sync Palm to Entourage 2008

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nina Rappaport reports that she can't sync her Palm Treo with Entourage 2008. With Office 2008, Microsoft dropped direct syncing of Entourage with Palm devices. Third parties have offered support, but Rappaport said that Marc/Space's Missing Sync had problems:

I have a Treo 650 and it always synced with Entourage 2004 on my Mac. I bought the Office 2008 package software and now it doesn't sync. It seems that Entourage doesn't sync with Blackberry or iPhone, too.

Marc/Space Missing Sync didn't work for me -- it doubled my entries. And it didn't sync my calendar at all. So now what I have done is sync my calendar to 2004 program but I can't work efficiently -- and I might as well hand write as in the dark ages.

I really need to be able to use my calendar on my computer, go from email to calendar appointments, and notes. I work for myself and have no tech support.

How do I sync? I now have things double up and most addresses don't sync over. I am still using my Palm. I was about to buy a Blackberry thinking it would work, but from the blogs it doesn't seem any one has that working either.

If you've seen this problem or have a suggestion

iPhone/iPod Touch causing Windows to blue-screen

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Apple has posted a new trouble-shooting article that describes how to fix a problem where Windows XP and Vista crash when syncing with an iPhone or iPod Touch. Apple suggests iPhone/iPod Touch conflicts with other USB devices or USB drivers as a possible cause. It also refers to a bug in iTunes 8.0 for Windows, for which the fix is to update to 8.0.1 or later.

If you're having problems with iPhones syncing crashing Windows

February 19

TIP: Two kerberos-related workarounds for Macs losing AD binding

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Two readers sent in workarounds to the problems of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Macs losing Active Directory binding, having problems logging in. Both have to do with kerberos, but are different approaches. (We'd like to if you've tried these.) The first reader uses the Kerberos Utility to do a slight reconfiguration. The second reader uses Terminal to delete a corrupt kerberos file.

Eugene Brodsky in Ontario, Canada, uses the Kerberos Utility. The unbinding/ binding suggestion from last week didn't work, but this does... Read entire story here

Article describes third-party Mac Active Directory options

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A story at titled The Top Three Windows/Mac Client Management Options describes using group policies with Macs using Centrify's DirectControl, and discusses integrating Active Directory with Mac OS X's Open. The article also describes using third party utilities that create snapshots of a Mac's state, much like what is done with virtual machines.

Our own AD pages include Leopard and Active Directory Tips and Reports, pre-Leopard AD Tips and Repors, and How to use Active Directory and Macintosh Clients without Schema Changes.

Another report of Leopard issue with BananaVPN

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bob Hawkins is having problems using Leopard and Banana VPN, a web-based virtual private network service. Previous reports were with Mac OS X 10.5.3, but Hawkins is using 10.5.6:

I saw your post through searching Google for posts related to a problem that I have with OS X and BananaVPN. I cannot connect with BananaVPN in the same fashion as your post. I am using on OS X Leopard 10.5.6 and the connection drops after 1 minute.

I contacted Banana's support and they gave me a couple of things to try but with no success. I tried creating a new connection using L2TP/IPSEC but without success. The connection stays longer but the network diagnostics shows no ISP connection. I can see that I am sending a load of data but not receiving anything back.

If you've seen this problem

TIP: using vintage OrangePC cards to run Windows on PPC Macs

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Matt Zehe wants to run Windows on his older PowerPC Power Mac using an old OrangePC coprocessor card from the now-defunct Orange Micro. These long-discontinued cards put an Intel or AMD processor with RAM in a PCI slot in a Mac. Zehe found a card, and located a web site with the original software:

I just bought an OrangePC 620 card on eBay, which I want for my Power Mac G4 Sawtooth. But the eBay entries are always card only. I actually think I found the software at a web site...

Read entire story here

Mediafour issues bug-fixe update, MacDrive 7.2.6

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mediafour has released MacDrive 7.2.6, an update to the Windows software that can read Mac-formatted storage media. The update fixes a problem that could cause Windows to crash in certain situation. There are also some minor improvements. MacDrive can be used with Boot Camp to enable Windows to access the Mac disk partition.

Toast 9 Titanium -- Download Now

Software auto-configures IPsec VPN iPhone

Thursday , February 19, 2009

Astaro, a maker of virtual private network (VPN) gateways, has now offering automatic configuration of IPsec VPN access for the iPhone. The iPhone user can create a VPN tunnel to a corporate network by logging into the Astaro Security Gateway UserPortal via the browser and clicking the Install iPhone VPN button. A customized configuration is downloaded into the iPhone, without the user needing to enter technical parameters.

Astaro's solution is compatible with the Cisco IPsec VPN client (which is integrated on the iPhone), enables users to access internal email servers and other network data protected by an Astaro Security Gateway appliance. Astaro's product offering is available as a software ISO, hardware appliance or virtual appliance. Astaro also offers a free, non-commercial home user software license.

February 16

VMware Fusion 2.0.2 fixes bugs with OS X 10.5.6, Windows

Monday, February 16, 2009

VMware released VMware Fusion 2.0.2, a maintenance update to the virtualization software for Mac OS X. The update adds a few feature improvements and fixes various bugs with running Windows on a Mac, and with running Mac OS X Server as a guest operating system. The version now supports running on Mac OS X 10.5.6, according to VMware, and improves support for Mac OS X Server in virtual machines. The update does not fix an incompatibility with CheckPoint SecureClient for Mac... Read entire story here

VMware Converter 4 migrates Win to VM on Macs and others

Monday, February 16, 2009

VMware just posted its latest version of VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 4.0, a new version of the free software that can import physical Windows and Linux installations into virtual machines. The Converter software runs on Windows and Linux, but the resulting virtual machines can run on any VMware virtualization package, including VMware Fusion for Mac OS X... Read entire story here

Reader verifies fix for installing SP3 in Boot Camp, but without SP2

Monday, February 16, 2009

Robert Palser reports success with the previously report fix for the Boot Camp problem installing Service Pack 3 (SP3) in Windows XP. This is where Windows claims there isn't enough disk space. One oddity is that he did not have SP2 installed, as is required by Boot Camp:

I just bought a new MacBook Pro 2.8GHz 4GB and ran Boot Camp. However I only have an original Windows XP install disc without SP2 and wanted to try and install it without having to slipstream. The initial install went without a hitch but when I tried to update to SP 3 it indicated that there was insufficient space on the drive. I used your regedit solution and voila, one perfectly functional copy of XP SP 3 without a dime spent on the vile Vista or wasted time with Slipstreaming.

If you've seen this

(See Boot Camp Tips and Reports for more on Boot Camp issues.)

Update supports Multi-Touch Trackpad in Windows

Monday, February 16, 2009

In December, Apple released the Multi-Touch Trackpad Update for Windows XP and Vista 1.0. The update is meant for Windows running in Boot Camp on the updated notebook line from last fall, the MacBook Air (Late 2008), MacBook (13-inch, Aluminum, Late 2008), and MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2008). The software installs in Windows, and "improves responsiveness and performance" of multi-touch gestures. It also fixes a glitch where the two-finger right-click gesture doesn't work.

If you are using Vista 64-bit, Boot Camp doesn't automatically offer it. Users will have to manually download it. Apple offers instructions on downloading and checking if the update is already installed.

If you've had any problems with this update

(See Boot Camp Tips and Reports for more on Boot Camp issues.)

More on Realtek driver for Win 7 sound in Boot Camp, Parallels

Monday, February 16, 2009

Allen O'Loughlin wrote from New Zealand verified a fix for Windows 7 Beta sound issues in Boot Camp and in Parallels Desktop:

I'm running Windows 7 on a Boot Camp partition on my MacBook Pro 4.1 with 2GB RAM & OS X 10.5.5. It installed without a hitch. Had to install newest Realtek driver to get sound. I can't see the Windows 7 partition in my Parallels Desktop (which is running an XPH virtual machine).

TIP: reinstalling OS fixed SheepShaver issue

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dick Sampson found a fix for his problem of installing the latest Chubby Bunny (SheepShaver) build on a Mac Pro:

I have repaired my Chubby Bunny installation by re-installing the OS 10.5.6 combo update. Chubby Bunny now works on my Mac Pro. I read about this solution on the Emaculation web site.

Chubby Bunny is a bundle of SheepShaver, an open source PowerPC emulator for Intel Macs. (See MacWindows SheepShaver Tips and Reports for more on running Mac OS 9 on Intel Macs.)

Entourage EWS Beta works well; tips for downloading

Monday, February 16, 2009

Several readers sent reports about the new Entourage for EWS Beta, some offering advice on problems downloading it. Gunno Ivansson in Sweden downloaded the Entourage for EWS Beta, and found it worked better than Entourage 2008... Read entire story here

AirPort Express problem with Leopard 10.5.6 update

Monday, February 16, 2009

Patti Nevins wrote with this issue with AirPort Express and the Mac OS X 10.5.6 update:

Since I've run the 10.5.6 Combo update on my MacBook (purchased September '08) this past weekend, my AirPort Express router is not recognized by my network. My Ethernet is disconnected when the MacBook sleeps, but from what I've read in forums, that is probably due to the new security in the update. I haven't found out how to resolve the problem in any of the forums so far.

If you've seen this problem

February 11

Reader says Entourage Beta requires Windows

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous reports that he could not log into the Entourage for Exchange Web Services Beta program with Mac browsers:

As a first comment, Microsoft requires that you sign in to download the Beta. I'm trying but it seems that both Safari and Firefox can't log in. I had to run up Windows and use Internet Explorer. Now waiting to see if I am "allowed" to have a Beta copy.

If you've seen this problem, or have a comment about the Entourage beta,

(See also New Entourage beta promises better Exchange integration and Microsoft to dump WebDAV in Entourage for better Exchange compatibility, performance.)

Automatic wireless syncing for BlackBerry and Entourage, Apple apps

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mark/Space has released The Missing Sync for BlackBerry 2.0 (US $40 download), a new version that adds automatic, proximity-triggered Blackberry-to-Mac syncing. The software can sync contacts, calendar, tasks between Blackberry phones and Entourage, Mail, Address Book, and iCal. It can also sync music, iTunes playlists, and photos taken with a Blackberry will sync with iPhoto.

The new wireless syncing works through Bluetooth, coupled with a new feature called Proximity Sync. More than a scheduler, users have the option to have the Mac and Blackberry automatically sync whenever they are near each other. If a user makes changes to a calendar, playlist, or other data, a nearby Blackberry will sync as you make the changes on the Mac. Syncing can occur in the background during a phone call or while the Mac is being used.

Missing Sync for BlackBerry 2.0 also adds the ability to transfer video files between Mac and Blackberry. Also new is the ability to archive text messages and phone call histories to the Mac for further processing, such as doing time tracking for billing purposes. On the Mac, the SMS log could be used to transfer telephone numbers into Address Book.

Mark/Space also offers a bundle called The Missing Sync for BlackBerry Business Edition that includes a business license to install on two computers, priority email support subscription, and a software upgrade subscription.

Unbinding/rebinding a workaround to Leopard Active Directory login problems

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two readers independently reported that unbinding and quickly rebinding temporarily fixed problems with Active Directory. One reader used the technique for the previously reported problem of Mac OS X 10.5.6 losing Active Directory login. Another found that it helped with a problem logging into Active Directory: the first login doesn't, but binding/rebinding enables login... Read entire story here

Leopard losing AD login may be related to forced unbind; problem unbinding

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mike Burdett sees the problem of Leopard losing Active Directory login. His Macs are also having problems unbinding. He suspects that forced unbinds may be related to the issue of losing connections to AD. He also asks if it could be related to a corrupted UID. Burdett has these problem with multiple builds of Mac OS X 10.5, not just 10.5.6... Read entire story here

No sound in Win 7 Beta on VirtualBox

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ken Mastro reports:

I installed Windows 7 Beta 1 into Sun's Virtual Box with no hitches. I haven't had much time to play with it but no major problems yet, except no sound. It's also somewhat sluggish. I have a 24" IMac, 10.5.6, 2.8 GB Core 2 extreme.

See our Windows 7 Beta special report for more reports of running the new Microsoft OS on Macs with Boot Camp, VMware Fusion, Parallels Desktop, and VirtualBox.

Boot Camp 2 problem with Matrox dual-monitor controller

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rich Mays uses a Maxtrox external monitor controller to add a second monitor to a MacBook Pro. It worked with Tiger, but doesn't work in Leopard:

I have a MacBook Pro 17" 2.33GHz Mac OS 10.5.6 with Boot Camp 2.1 that I recently had to do a complete wipe of the HD and clean install 10.5 and Bootcamp 2.1 with XP Pro (previously it was 10.4,5 and Boot Camp beta). I was using the Matrox Dualhead2go external monitor controller with 2 HP1965 19" LCDs whenever I had the MBP running at my desk with the screen closed. Worked great until the great clean install. BTW I spend most of my time in XP doing audio production.

The problem is that current Boot Camp drivers are not compatible with ATI drivers (ATI made my video card). There seems to be no solution that I can find to make dual monitors possible with a MBP and current Boot Camp. Matrox tech support gave it their best, but said upfront the problem was with Apple changing Boot Camp. The only "solution" is a single large display, and that means spending some bucks.

If you've used Matrox hardware with Boot Camp

Another report of Checkpoint VPN problem in VMware

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Luka Premelc has the problem of the CheckPoint virtual private networking client for Windows not working in a virtual machine:

I have the same problem you mention. I have latest MacBook Pro, Vmware Fusion with Win XP Virtual machine, Checkpoint Client with IKEY 2032 (for certificate). I don't have drivers for IKEY so I have to use Checkpoint in VMware Fusion. It's not working in BRIDGE or NAT mode.

If you are using CheckPoint VPN for Windows in a virtual machine on a Mac

New Entourage beta promises better Exchange integration

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Microsoft has issued a public beta of Entourage for Exchange Web Services, a version of Entourage that will eventually replace the current WebDAV-based Entourage. In January, Microsoft announced that it planned to drop WebDAV as the means of communicating between Entourage and Exchange Server, and replace it with Exchange Web Services, which is new to Exchange Server 2007.

Microsoft said the Entourage for Web Services offers better integration between Entourage and Exchange Server and feature greater parity between Entourage and Outlook for Windows... Read entire story here

Entourage 2008 syncing email to Exchange Server: a problem with the workaround

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A reader named Shihabudheen is having the previously reported problems with Entourage 2008 syncing email and contacts to Exchange Server. The previously posted tip works, but is cumbersome:

I use Entourage 2008 on my Mac, syncing with our hosted Exchange Server 2003. I also occasionally use a PC Outlook client. I am able to send and receive mails from both Entourage and Outlook. The problem I have is any changes I made to inbox messages on the PC client does not get reflected in Entourage. I've tried "synchronize now" for Entourage inbox, but there was no effect. I successfully used both techniques (emptying the cache and rebuilding the account) that you mentioned in the tip Workaround for Entourage/Exchange problem syncing email and contacts.

But the problem is, to sync a single message I need to empty the whole inbox cache. In my inbox there are many messages. Is there any easy way to sync a single message? I found something like changing message's "connection status" to "download at next connection" using Applescript but it was also not working.

If you've seen this or know the answer

Centrify updates AD software, creates Suite 2008, adds new privilege management for Unix

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Centrify has released Centrify Suite 2008, the company's first bundle of its Active Directory identity and access control software for cross-platform environments. Centrify Suite 2008 contains a new version of DirectControl, DirectAudit, and new software for Unix and Linux called DirectAuthorize. The suite includes one installer for all three applications, simplifying installation.

DirectControl enables non-Microsoft platforms to use the same authentication and Group Policy services deployed for Windows. DirectControl 4.2 simplifies deployment of Macs in the Active Directory environment and adds support for smart-card login... Read entire story here

PowerPC owners take heart: Win 7 runs on Virtual PC

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fred Horvat reported that he can run Windows 7 Beta 1 on a PowerPC Mac with the (long discontinued) Virtual PC emulator:

I got Windows 7 Beta running under Virtual PC 7.03 on my dual G5 with OSX 10.5.6. I also got the network card working inside the Virtual machine. I had to follow the Vista install steps for Virtual PC Mac to get it to install (do a Web Search for instructions if curious). Performance is a bit pokey and not really for day to day use though. I can't say yet if performance is any better than Vista under Virtual PC. I have not done any Windows performance optimization yet.

For more reader reports and tips, see Running Windows 7 Beta 1 on Macs.

TIP: Fix for Boot Camp/Win 7 sound issue; runs great in Boot Camp

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Greg Stewart sent a short review of the Windows 7 Beta 1 running in Boot Camp. He also reported a suggested fix for problems with audio:

Just wanted to report on the beta. I have Win 7 64-bit beta running in Boot Camp on a Mac Pro (early 2008) and the Win 7 32-bit beta running in Boot Camp on a MacBook (late 2006). The Mac Pro install was an *upgrade* no less, and it was flawless...everything transferred over, no driver issues at all (I was flabbergasted). The only issue is lack of sound on the MacBook, but it should easily be solved (from what I read in the Apple Support forums) by updating the Realtek driver.

As Eddie stated, Windows 7 is very quick and stable on both of my machines. And the user interface has been improved, more in usability than in eye candy. Have to give Microsoft its due; they seem to have done a good job with this one.

For more reader reports and tips, see Running Windows 7 Beta 1 on Macs.

Vista blue-screening in Boot Camp

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Carlos Acosta wrote in response to previous reports of random crashing of Windows in Boot Camp. The problem started when he had a second monitor, but continued afterwards:

My MacBook Pro is a few months old and I have to run SolidWorks which is Windows only. My system began blue-screening after using it with a dual monitor. I have found no solution yet. It is worst when I re-boot and do not have the 2nd monitor connected. Many windows open to the virtual space where the monitor used to be..even though I closed the programs on the laptop display.

When it is working the MacBook Pro and Windows are fantastic. When it is broken, there is no support. Apple blames Windows, NVIDIA blames Microsoft, SolidWorks blames everybody.

If you've seen this

Windows won't format a Boot Camp partition

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Norman Rechtman has a problem where Windows won't format the Boot Camp partition during installation, as it is supposed to:

I am trying to setup Boot Camp on my new iMac with Boot Camp Assistant. I created a 5 GB partition and then inserted my Windows XP SP2 CD and booted from the Windows CD. Next, you're supposed to let Windows format the 5 GB partition, but I do not have the choice to format: I can only delete the partition or install Windows. But if you do the install, the machine never boots up. I selected the correct partition, but it only gives me the choice to delete it, or install on it, but not format the partition as it's supposed to.

If you can help

Citrix GoToMeeting: Free Trial.
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January 26

VirtualBox 2.1.1 improves its Win 7 Beta support

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sun has released xVM VirtualBox 2.1.2, an update designed to better support Windows 7 Beta 1 in other host operating systems. VirtualBox is Sun's free virtualization software for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and OpenSolaris.

A Sun spokesperson said that this version of VirtualBox is the first to fully support Windows 7 Beta 1 as a guest operating system. Previously, however, MacWindows readers reported success with running Windows 7 in VirtualBox, though not without some limitations. The spokesperson also said that VirtualBox 2.1.2 supports more than 1,000 virtual machines per host operating system.

(See also Sun Hopes to Take VirtualBox Mainstream and VirtualBox Tips and Reports.)

If you've tried VirtualBox 2.1.1

Parallels Desktop update added Direct 9 SM2, Win 7, Snow Leopard

Monday, January 26, 2009

Here's one we missed during the holiday break: On December 30, Parallels released Parallels Desktop 4 Build 3810, an update to the virtualization software for Mac OS X with some useful new features.

In this build, Parallels updated its DirectX 9 3D graphics support to DirectX 9.0 with Shaders Model 2, catching up to VMware Fusion 2. There's also improved performance for media applications through support of the Intel SSE4 instruction set.

Build 3810 now runs Windows 7 Beta 1 inside a virtual machine. It can also run on the unreleased developer preview of Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6), and supports the Snow Leopard Server developer preview in a virtual machine.

We've installed the developer preview of Snow Leopard Server in Parallels Desktop 4 Build 3810 with good results, as long as the virtual machine has 2 GB of RAM. We were unable to install Snow Leopard Server in VMware Fusion 2 which is supposed to support Snow Leopard Server as a guest.

Parallels refers to support these unreleased OS's as "experimental." Other improvements in Build 3810 include:

  • Ability to drag Windows files to Mac applications in the Dock
  • Support of Apple remote disk support for MacBook Air users.
  • Ability to suspend Boot Camp virtual machines with the help of a "disp.allow_to_suspend_bootcamp_vm=1" system flag, which makes it safer to suspend Boot Camp virtual machines.
  • Silent start in Coherence
  • Ability to specify CPU and memory options in the New Virtual Machine assistant
  • Ability to remove a virtual machine from the list with a context menu option

If you've tried Parallels Desktop 4 Build 3810, particularly with Windows 7 Beta or Snow Leopard,

More reader reports of Win 7 on Macs

Monday, January 26, 2009

Jim Noeth reports some problems with running Windows 7 Beta 1 in VMware Fusion. (Except for the lack of Aero, we did not see these problems.) Noeth wrote:

I installed Windows 7 Beta 1 64 bit version in Vmware Fusion with no problems. I did have a few 'freezes' when using Internet Explorer and also noticed (as another poster mentioned) that when the Windows 7 virtual machine is booting, the host system is not accessible. I've not done much with it yet, but I did put Firefox and Thunderbird on it, both worked with no problems. Aero doesn't work, but then I really didn't expect it to work either.

Host system: MacBook Pro, 15 inch, 2GB memory, 160 GB disk
Guest system: 1 GB memory, 12 GB virtual SCSI disk

Eddie Bayne commented on Windows 7 itself:

I am running Windows 7 on my MacBook Pro using Boot Camp. It is very quick and stable for a beta.

If you've tried Windows 7 Beta on a Mac

OS 9 on Intel Mac: SheepShaver/Chubby Bunny install problem with Mac Pro

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dick Sampson had a problem installing the latest Chubby Bunny build on a Mac Pro. Chubby Bunny is a bundle of SheepShaver, an open source PowerPC emulator for running Mac OS 9 on Intel Macs. Sampson reports:

I have tried the January 5, 2009 version of Chubby Bunny on two of my Mac machines. I have successfully installed it on my MacBook Pro 15_, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.33 GHz. It runs very well on this machine.

I have tried to install it on my Mac Pro, Dual-Core Intel Xeon, 2.66 GHz. Whenever I try to start the COI app, it just starts quickly and then shuts down immediately...

SheepShaver/Chubby Bunny drag-drop problem

Monday, January 26, 2009

Eugene Morin has a drag-and-drop problem with Mac OS 9 via Chubby Bunny, as well as some questions:

I tested the new version of Chubby Bunny on my Intel Mac (Leopard). The installation went well and it is very fast. However, I have some trouble with the drag-and-drop unix volume. (In fact, I had trouble with copying files. Unfortunately, there is little information about how this should be done, particularly for dummies like me). I'm still not perfectly clear what is the purpose of the 400, 800, and 1200Meg.dmg volumes. I need Classic because I use a stat program called StatView that I really like that is not available on OS X.

If you can shed some light on these issues

SheepShaver won't allow copy/paste of graphics

Monday, January 26, 2009

Gary Rosenfield is seeing the copy problem previously reported with SheepShaver, but only with graphics:

I am attempting to use PageMaker 6.52 with SheepShaver and am experiencing a copy problem similar to that described by Freddie. When I copy text to the clipboard it pastes fine, but when I copy an image and try to paste it only pastes the last text that was copied, as if it ignores images completely. This is when working completely within a PM document.

Another problem is that embedded OLE objects such as Table 3.04 graphics now show up as gray boxes and do not print.

On a positive note I was pleased to find that the "export to PDF" function works perfectly, however the inability to copy and paste graphics, including tables, makes this app a no-go for me.

If you've seen these problems

More readers lose AD login after OS X 10.5.6 update

Monday, January 26, 2009

Several readers responded to last week's report about Mac OS X losing the ability to log into Active Directory after installing the Leopard 10.5.6 update.

Vladimir Paniouchkine also has the problem, and described how he tried to get around it:

I have seen this issue. We have had a problem the similar problem with about 50 Macs in our labs, It started with the update to leopard. Our problem is the following. We deployed the images 10.5.6 to 50 computers using system image utility, and bound the to the AD. They bind just fine and work for a few days maybe even a week. Then they as group stop accepting AD users...

VPN Tracker 5.4.1 expands adds support for SonicWALL device

Monday, January 26, 2009

On Friday, Equinux released VPN Tracker 5.4.1, an update of the universal IPsec virtual private network client for Mac OS X. The new version adds support for the SonicWALL TZ 210 security firewall with its own device profile. VPN Tracker 5.4.1 also improves compatibility with a number of Cisco VPN gateways. VPN Tracker works with several hundred hardware and VPN gateways, include several others by SonicWALL.

VPN Tracker 5 is available in three different editions. Equinux also offers a VPN Tracker Business Pack which bundles several licenses for several of the editions.

CrossOver 7.1 Runs Outlook, Office 2007 on a Mac--without Windows
Give your Mac ActiveX in Internet Explorer, launched directly from the Finder.
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January 22

Workaround for Boot Camp install problem with OEM Windows

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Daniel Öhman forwarded his workaround for problems installing an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) version of Windows in Boot Camp. He put Windows and Mac OS X on separate hard drives:

I also had this issue with Vista x86 and x64 SP1 OEM. Installed on a separate hard drive and not as a partition on the OS X system drive. The Windows Installer seems to have issues with this when the primary disk has an unknown format. I solved it by doing the following...

Boot Camp install error seen with non-OEM Vista SP1

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jason King is seeing the same error as readers reporting installation errors in Boot Camp with OEM versions of Windows (versions which originally came with a PC). King, however, does not have an OEM version:

I'm having the same problem as William Ward. I'm trying to run a full install of Vista Home Premium with SP 1 and keep getting the following error message: Windows cannot configure one or more system components...

TIP: Workaround Leopard not seeing files that Tiger can

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Catherine Cotter offered a workaround for reported problems with Leopard users not being able to see certain files on Windows Servers, while Tiger users have no problem. Cotter's tip:

You probably have an update or solution to this problem, but I just wanted to add that my Mac Pro is running 10.5.6 connecting to a Windows 2003 file share and myself (and the Leopard users I support) still encounter this issue from time to time. The following work around seems to deal with the problem-

  1. Via cmd on the Windows server, navigate to the corrupted file/folder.
  2. Use the dir /x /a command to view the short names as well as the Explorer folder names.
  3. Use ren to rename the corrupted folder (using its short name as this is what becomes corrupted) to a new name of less than 8 digits/characters. Now when you navigate (via Windows Explorer) back to the file/folder, it will have the new short name. From there, you can rename the folder to whatever you want, and it will no longer be 0k or inaccessible to Leopard users.

If you've tried this fix

TIP: Easier full-screen configuring of Chubby Bunny (SheepShaver)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tomas Arias sent us a tip about an easier way to configure full-screen mode for Chubby Bunny/SheepShaver, a PowerPC emulator for running Mac OS 9 on Intel Macs. Arias wrote:

I was reading on your website about issues running Chubby Bunny (COI v4.0.1) full screen. One person proposed that you edit the configurations using Textwrangler.

Well I found an easier way to edit configurations. Basically, install the Sheepshaver package to your computer. Then copy the files to the same directory where you have Chubby Bunny. Then, all you need to do is run the SheepShaverGUI file. This will allow the user to configure the settings to full screen. Under "Graphics/Sounds" simply select “full screen.”

I haven't experienced any problems, as long as I run 256 colors on the SheepShaver. If I run it a higher colors, the I get some weird vertical lines across my screen.

I wanted to post this so everyone can give it a try and perhaps find a configuration for full screen that works.

If you've tried this approach

Reader loses AD login after OS X 10.5.6 update

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nick Elniff started having problems with all of his Macs and Active Directory after installing the Leopard 10.5.6

We have about 22 machines running Leopard in an Active Directory environment. They have all been working great for the Fall semester. But ever since the 10.5.6 update we have had problems.

  1. No network login worked. Every machine had to be unbound from AD and then bound back - adding the proper AD user group with administrator privileges.
  2. Tablet drivers are no longer loading for some users
  3. Some users are not able to view their local home folders and can't even make a new folder on the desktop.
  4. Sometimes it takes a couple logon tries to even get a network login to work

I am Enterprise and Domain admin and have these privilege issues and the tablet drivers do not load. There was one iMac that was skipped and it works flawlessly for everyone. I really do not want to go and re-image every machine if I don't absolutely have to. No settings have changed that previously worked flawlessly.

If you've seen this problem

TIP: Workaround for Citrix dual-display problem

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Matthew Gaylen sent us a workaround for a problem with the Citrix ICA Client running on dual displays:

After you have logged into Citrix, click the User Interface Icon and then click Connection Preferences. Under Select Window Size change the setting to anything but Seamless. Seamless windows cannot be moved between screens in a dual display configuration.

Additionally, if the overall screen resolution for both displays combined is greater than what your video card can handle - then colors rendered in Citrix might be wonky.

For instance, when my MacBook Pro 15" is configured to 1440 x900 and my Apple Display is configured to 1900 x 1200 then Citrix does not always displays colors accurately - especially if more than one Citrix application is running concurrently.

If there is a fix for this - other than reducing overall resolution or moving to a single-display configuration - I do not know what it is.

If you've tried this workaround

January 19

TIP: fixing a Windows Browseui.dll error in Boot Camp

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pauly Endicott suddenly could not boot Windows in Boot Camp due to a Browseui.dll error:

I have a Mac Book with Mac OS X 10.5 and I am running Windows XP Home Edition using a Boot Camp partition. I have had no problems for a year. Today when I tried to boot up in Windows I got an error message Browseui.dll error and could not start up. I tried the Microsoft fix for that message but it did not work. Is there a way to repair this?

We'd heard of this before, a Windows problem that occurs on PCs as well. One way out is to download the Browseui.dll file at this web site. You'll have to use a browser other than Internet Explorer, which requires Browseui.dll to be working. We found this tip at a UK forum, which has a description of the issue and the fix.

If this approach has worked for you

Boot Camp install error may be due to OEM Windows

Monday, January 19, 2009

Several readers wrote to commend on last week's report "Boot Camp install error: Windows cannot configure one or more system components." Most point to the fact that this was an OEM version of Windows. One reader found a way around the problem.

Jim Esten could not install his OEM copy of Windows:

The operative word may be 'OEM'. If the copy of Windows came with a PC rather than as a separate retail purchase, it may be looking for a signature of some kind on the motherboard which doesn't exist...

Boot Camp doesn't work with RAID

Monday, January 19, 2009

Clyde Lee Graham commented on our report "Boot Camp won't work with ATTO SAS PCI card:"

Boot Camp will not work on a RAID configuration. That's noted right in the Boot Camp manual.

Tip for Windows 7 Beta in VirtualBox verified, more reports

Monday, January 19, 2009

More readers commented on last week's reports on Running Windows 7 Beta 1 on a Mac. Tommy verified a previous tip for running it in a virtual machine in Sun's VirtualBox:

Jason Pitman's reader report that you shared is worth repeating. When I followed the directions, Guest Additions install worked, and the VirtualBox Windows 7 virtual machine improved significantly.

We reported last week that the Windows 7 Beta 1 ran great in a virtual machine, except for Spider Solitaire. Alex Bombaci found other standard Windows games crashed:

I installed the new Windows 7 beta under a virtual machine on my 17" Mac Book Pro. The installation was fine, it seems to work properly, Internet Explorer works as well, but Aero theme still not work (Parallels 4 does not support). I tried to launch Mines and Hearts and both the games crashed and blocked the virtual machine.

Another reader left a comment on our Windows 7 Beta Reports page that Windows 7 could not see the Mac's iSight camera.

Got a tip for Windows 7 Beta 1 on a Mac?

TIP: Suggestion for SMB access over VPN in Leopard

Monday, January 19, 2009

Marc Leber offered a suggestion for dealing with problems connecting to an SMB share over a virtual private network (VPN) when using Connect to Server:

It seems many users are having an issue while trying to connect to a Windows share via VPN by using Command-K and entering smb://servername (or server IP address).

If it generates an error -36, then I suggest the user confirm their network subnet settings. For example, if you are trying to access a shared drive at work from your MacBook at home and both the work and home networks are running on the 192.168.0 subnet, the routing will not work and an error will be returned.

Simply change the subnet on your home network router to 192.168.1.x and then try to connect using command-K.

If you've tried this approach

Reader reports Mac OS X Server ACL permissions problem with SMB, but not AFP

Monday, January 19, 2009

Liz Cardona's Mac OS X Server ignores access control list (ACL) permissions with Mac SMB clients, but not AFP:

I have an Xserve running Mac OS X Server 10.5.5 that is used as a file server to both Mac user and Windows users. Recently I've discovered that when users connect to the server using a Mac and AFP protocol that the ACL permissions are fine, but when connecting to the file server using a Mac and SMB protocol, the ACL permissions are ignored.

If you've seen this issue

Mac Citrix ICA Client issue with dual displays

Monday, January 19, 2009

Andrew Milne reports a problem with the Citrix Mac client with two displays:

I am using Citrix Mac ICA Client 10.0.603, the latest version. Using the Reuters 3000 Xtra program, I am not able to get the client using both of my displays. If I run the client under Parallels, the client works fine - I am able to use both monitors, so it isn't a server configuration issue.

On the Mac (I use Firefox), the Citrix client splash screen appears in the middle of one display, and when the application loads, the Windows cannot be moved on to the other screen beyond where the mouse reaches the edge of the first screen. Perhaps the client only knows about the first screen, but the interface to the OS X windowing system still displays the 'hidden' part of the window on the other display.

If you've seen this problem

January 14

Windows 7 Beta 1 on Mac: Mostly smooth sailing so far

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Windows 7 Beta testers take heart: Windows 7 Beta 1 runs on Macs. Readers are reporting success in installing Windows 7 Beta 1 on Macs using Boot Camp, VMware Fusion, Parallels Desktop, and Sun VirtualBox, with some glitches. Our own experience was similar. Readers also commented on Windows 7 Beta itself.

We installed Windows 7 Beta 1 64-bit in VMware Fusion with good results. Click here to read our report with screen shots and to see our reader reports.

January 12

Microsoft Windows 7 public beta now available after delays; Runs on Macs in VM

Monday, January 12, 2009

This past Saturday, Microsoft released the first public beta of Windows 7, the next version of Windows that will replace Windows Vista. Microsoft initially made the beta available on Friday, but a large volume of downloads overwhelmed the company's servers, and the company stopped the downloads. The beta was back up the next day, though reports around web say that downloading is slow. Microsoft is providing 2.5 million product keys for the beta worldwide.

At Macworld Expo in San Francisco, Parallels was demonstrating an older pre-beta version of Windows 7 running in a virtual machine. The company said that Windows 7 installed without alterations to it or to Parallels Desktop. There are also reports around the web of Windows 7 Beta 1 running in VMware Fusion.

Improvements over Windows Vista include support of multi-touch gestures for touch screens, better performance, more efficient use of memory and hard disk space, and easier use of hardware peripherals. PC Magazine has a review of Windows 7 Beta 1 here.

Last Wednesday, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer demonstrated Windows 7 Beta 1 at the Consumer Electronics Show saying "I encourage you all to get out and download it." The previous day, Apple gave the keynote at Macworld Expo, but made no mention of its next-generation operating system, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

If you're running Windows 7 on a Mac

Workaround for hot-running Boot Camp a no-go on unibody MacBooks

Monday, January 12, 2009

A couple of readers commented on previously reported solutions to the problem of Windows in Boot Camp running hot on the MacBook and MacBook Pro.

Peter White reports that the InputRemapper solution doesn't work on the fall '08 unibody models:

I bought a late 2008 aluminum unibody MacBook last month specifically to run Vista. A month later I'd love to throw it out the window. Within 30-45 minutes of cold boot the CPU and GPU can both reach 70 degrees Celsius. The heat-conducting aluminum unibody quickly conducts that heat to the keyboard and wrist area, making it unusable for typing without using smsFanControl, as you reported.

Yes, this works, if you boot to Mac OS, let the fans ramp up to 5000 rpm then restart in Windows, but fans go off again if machine shuts down or hibernates. So it's awkward.

I tried InputRemapper, but it doesn't work on late 2008 models...

Boot Camp install error: Windows cannot configure one or more system components

Monday, January 12, 2009

William Ward is encountering an error that prevents the installation of Windows Vista in Boot Camp:

I am a new Mac user and the proud new owner of a Macbook Pro. I am trying to install the OEM version of Vista Home Premium 64-bit on my brand new MacBook Pro. I use Boot Camp assistant to create a 60 GB partition, insert my Vista CD to start the install, use advanced options to let Vista convert drive format to NTFS.

I then start the installation and everything seems to be normal. The system goes through installation but when it does its first reboot and comes back to the install screen it errors on the step that says completing installation. It remains on the completing installation step for a few minutes and then an error comes up that says "Windows cannot configure one or more system components. To install windows restart the computer and restart the installation."

I am at a complete loss as to what to do. I have searched and found nothing that will help with this error on a Mac. I have tried 3 times with the same error.

If you've seen this problem

Mediafour releases MacDrive 7.2.5 update

Monday, January 12, 2009

Today, Mediafour released MacDrive 7.2.5, an update to the software that enables Windows to read and write to Mac-formatted media. The software also works in Windows installed in Boot Camp partitions, enabling Windows to access the Mac OS X partition. The update fixes several bugs, including:

  • Fixed a problem with Boot Camp partitions modified by Parallels Desktop 3 in which Windows no drive letters were assigned to Mac disks
  • Fixed a problem where Windows Vista 64-bit could crash
  • Default setting changed to show "Windows" session of dual-format CD/DVD discs
  • Improved Unicode performance and compatibility with Korean Hangul characters

The update is a free download for owners of MacDrive 7.

Sync'Em 1.20 update fixes bugs for multi-syncing

Monday, January 12, 2009

Today, Derman Enterprises released Sync'Em 1.20, an update to the Mac OS X software for syncing Mac iCal/Address Book calendars and contacts with one or more Microsoft Exchange Server and Google accounts. Version 1.20 fixes two problems that could cause syncing to hang and works around a problem with unhandled exceptions in OS X's Sync Services. The new version also includes user interface improvements and new uninstaller options that are useful if re-installing the software at a later time.

The company said that Sync'Em has the unique ability to sync multiple configurations, each involving multiple information sources with each syncing bidirectionally or unidirectionally.

The update is a free download for owners of Sync'Em 1.x.

News from Macworld Expo San Francisco

January 8

Microsoft to dump WebDAV in Entourage for better Exchange compatibility, performance

2:30 pm pst Thursday, January 8, 2009

Microsoft announced that it will abandon the WebDAV protocol as the communications protocol for Entourage connections with Exchange Server. A major Entourage 2008 under-the-hood upgrade later this year will switch to Exchange Web Services, a new service in Exchange Server 2007. The move should bring greater feature-parity with Outlook for Windows, improved performance, and provide a better platform for future Entourage development, Microsoft told MacWindows. Microsoft will release a public beta this month. The update...

Kerio previews a Mac VPN client for its gateway

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kerio Technologies demonstrated a pre-release beta of a Mac virtual private network client for its Kerio WinRoute Firewall. The company already has a Windows VPN client; Kerio VPN Client for Mac will ship by the end of March.

Kerio WinRoute Firewall is software that runs on Windows that includes VPN gateway functionality. It can scan all VPN traffic for viruses and filter web content and provides reporting on how the gateway is being used by the clients. The VPN gateway and VPN client use standard SSL encryption. It also provides site-to-site connectivity for connecting remote offices through a secure tunnel. Kerio VPN Client for Mac supports all Intel-based Macs running Mac OS X versions 10.4 and above.

iPhone-as-business-tool products proliferate at Macworld

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Software products for the iPhone were present in force at Macworld Expo this week, and it wasn't dominated by games. A number of business and enterprise tools for the iPhone were being demonstrated throughout San Francisco's Moscone Center...

Targus shows Mac-to-Win smart file transfer cable

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Targus Mac File Share Cable (US $50) is a "smart" USB 2.0 cable that can move files between Macs and Windows PCs or two Macs. The four-foot cable includes software embedded in ROM memory which mounts as a disk. The user launches the software from the mounted image (without installing the software or drivers), and then drags files between two panes in the application. The File Share Cable works with Mac OS X 10.4 and greater and Windows XP and Vista.

CrossOver 7.1 Runs Outlook, Office 2007 on a Mac--without Windows
Give your Mac ActiveX in Internet Explorer, launched directly from the Finder.
Starts at only $40 (Windows not required!) Free trial from CodeWeavers
Click here for more.

January 7

CrossOver 8 will run IE 7 on Macs, improve Outlook 2007 support

10:00 am pst Wednesday, January 7, 2009

MacWindows has learned that CodeWeavers' is readying a new version of CrossOver that will enable Mac users to run Internet Explorer 7, according to a company spokesperson. The company said that it would release CrossOver 8 some time this quarter. Users will be able to run Internet Explorer 7 with ActiveX functionality, and will be able to use real estate industry Multiple Listing System (MLS) software. CrossOver 7 currently supports Internet Explorer 6 on Macs.

CrossOver 8 will run IE 7 on Macs, improve Outlook 2007 support

The spokesperson said that CrossOver 8 will also improve support for Outlook 2007, providing better support for service packs and slipstream installations. There will also be general optimization and problem fixes.

Unlike virtualization environments, CrossOver runs selected Windows software on Macs without Windows, thus saving the cost of a copy of Windows.

For more on CrossOver, see our CrossOver Tips and Reports page.

Check back later for more cross-platform news updates from Macworld Expo

January 6

Snow Leopard the biggest no-show at Macworld Expo

11am pst Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The biggest no-show at Macworld Expo keynote address wasn't Steve Jobs. It was the suprising lack of a mention of Snow Leopard, Apple's upcoming Mac OS X 10.6 operating system release. Last June, Apple announced that it would ship Snow Leopard approximately mid-2009--six months from now. Rumors had Snow Leopard shipping this quarter. But with Apple's senior VP of marketing Phil Schiller not even describing a timeline for the operating system, even a June release seems unlikely.

Yesterday, Steve Jobs announced that health issues were at least part of the reason for cancelling his traditional keynote speech at Macworld Expo. Explaining a gaunt look that commentators have remarked upon recently, Jobs said that a hormone imbalance had caused him to lose wieght during the past year.

At the keynote address, Schiller introduced new versions of the iWorks and iLife software and a new iTunes pricing structure. It also announced an upgrade to the 17" MacBook Pro, which is now a unibody aluminum construction like the rest of the Apple notebook line. Perhaps the most significant announcement today is that the new 17" MacBook contains an Apple-designed battery with a charge that will last for 8 hours. The battery is not removable, however.

(Related story: Snow Leopard Server vs. Exchange.)

January 5

MacWindows to cover Macworld Expo this week

Monday, January 5, 2009

Macworld Expo takes place in San Francisco starting tomorrow, Tuesday. MacWindows will be there this week covering developments related to Macs and PCs and Mac OS X and Windows working together.

EFI-X USB device boots Mac OS X on generic PC hardware

Monday, January 5, 2009

A European company called Art Studios Entertainment Media may have found a way around Apple's legal team to enable Mac OS X to run on non-Apple hardware. The EFI-X is a $200 USB device that enables certain generic PCs to boot Mac OS X, as well as Windows Vista 64-bit and other operating systems. Multiple boot configurations are possible...

New build of Chubby Bunny/SheepShaver package

Monday, January 5, 2009

A reader named Jon has created a new "Chubby Bunny" software package for running Mac OS 9 on Intel Macs. Chubby Bunny contains SheepShaver, the open-source PowerPC emulator that is preconfigured with a ROM file. The existing Chubby Bunny package doesn't contain the lastest build of SheepShaver. Jon's does:

I took the "Chubby Bunny" package, dropped in the latest version of SheepShaver (per, and made a few other tweaks to make it work properly. At least, I think it works properly. If you have anyone who's interested in testing, download it here and have a go.

If you've tested Jon's Chubby Bunny package

Reader reports afp searching bug with Leopard Server 10.5.5

Monday, January 5, 2009

John Lockwood reports having a problem with searching Leopard Server 10.5.5 from Tiger clients. A similar problem was identified by the developer Group Logic with the 10.5.6 Server, but Lockwood sees it with 10.5.5:

We have (and are) currently having this same problem with Mac OS X 10.5.5 Server and Mac OS X 10.4.11 clients. That is doing a Finder search from the root (top) level of the Share point fails to find any results, doing it from any sub-folder works fine as long as the user has permission to access any sub-folders. This occurs with both the simple search i.e. just typing in the search box in the Finder window, and also when you first do Command-F to bring up a more fully-featured search option.

This is not a permissions problem (or at least should not be) since the users do have read access to the top-level in order to be able to browse to and access the sub-folders.

I have not yet upgraded to 10.5.6 and therefore not yet tested to see if this fixes it, based on the report by Group Logic I doubt it would be fixed.

Doing the search on the Mac OS X 10.5.5 Server itself (from the top- level of the same volume) does work. We did not use to have this problem before upgrading to Mac OS X 10.5.x Server, i.e. a 10.4.11 Server was OK with 10.4.11 clients.

If you've seen this problem

Reader loses file sharing, AirPort stability after Leopard 10.5.6 update

Monday, January 5, 2009

Steve Burn's Macs can't log on to each other after updating to Mac OS X 10.5.6. AirPort also has problems. We've had previous reports of the 10.5.6 update fixing a file sharing problem and causing a problem searching file servers, but this is the first report of this problem. Burns said:

I have two iMacs now running 10.5.6, they have both lost the capability to connect to each other, other than as a guest. Also the AirPort connection to a wired router keeps dropping off. My MacBook Pro is connecting to both iMacs, but they can't see it. I have spoken to a Tech Guy, who recommended reinstalling the original Leopard operating system and updates up to 10.5. Never had any problems in the past, its just like using Windows again.

If you've seen this problem

Apple reports 10.5.6 Mail bug and fix

Monday, January 5, 2009

Apple reports a bug with the Mail caused by the Mac OS X 10.5.6 update, and says that users may need to install a separate update for Mail. Alexander Henket had to do this, and it worked:

Just a short note: 10.5.6 update did not come up in the Software Update panel for me. I downloaded it from Apple's support site. Although that fix is meant for something else (crashes), it also fixed the fact that was displaying MIME as-is instead of an e-mail with headers and attachments for two multipart/mixed messages. I'm almost sure this problem started after installing the Mac OS X 10.5.6.

Boot Camp won't work with ATTO SAS PCI card

Monday, January 5, 2009

Matthew Rogers can't get Boot Camp to boot when his Mac Pro has an ATTO SAS card installed:

I have an early 2008 Mac Pro with OS X and Windows XP Boot Camp installed on it. I also have RocketRAID, BlackMagic Video IO, and ATTO SAS PCI- e cards installed. When I try to boot into Windows via Boot Camp, the ATTO card will not let Windows boot. It just sits there searching for devices. I am supposed to be able to hit Control-Z to access the setup, but alas, Boot Camp won't let me use the keyboard until Windows has booted. The only way I can currently use Windows (except for Parallels) is by manually removing the ATTO card.

If you've seen this problem

TIP: Another workaround for Leopard CD/DVD incompatibility with VPC 7

Monday, January 5, 2009

We've previously reported an incompatibility between Leopard and the old Virtual PC and optical drives. Paul Redfern has another workaround:

Just to let you know - I'm using Ken Hoyle's workaround as I type this - using an external Lacie FW400/USB CD burner to install Windows XP on a new machine. My previous workaround was to boot up my Mac off an external hard-drive that still had OS X 10.4 installed on it, and starting up Virtual PC from there.

Once you have a working operating system however, and you want to install some extra software off a CD/DVD, the easiest thing to do is simply declare the install CD/DVD a 'shared folder' - you can't use 'autorun', but you just navigate over and find the setup.exe or install.msi and go from there!

Reader verifies problem with Citrix profiles disappearing

Monday, January 5, 2009

Jesse Collier verified a previous problem report about Citrix profiles disappearing on a Mac:

I just wanted to let you know that I've had the same problems with the Citrix ICA Client as Tim Murray. For us, it wasn't until they released 10.00.601 that we were even able to connect to our setup. But any problems connecting and the .ICA file is gone.

If you've seen this problem

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