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February 2000

Computer writer Don Crabb dead at 44. February 28, 2000 -- We regret to report that computer columnist and radio personality Don Crabb passed away this Saturday in Chicago after a long illness. Since the early 1980's, Don had written for numerous Macintosh magazines and web sites, including MacWeek, MacUser, and Macworld, hosted his own radio show on WGN-AM in Chicago, was a frequent guest on other radio and television shows, and held several positions at the University of Chicago. Don was a popular writer who was well known for his talent as well as for his understanding of the technology. We were always amazed at the shear volume of quality work he would produce. Don was also one of most well liked people in the industry, and was a pleasure to be around.

(See also the obituary by Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun-Times.)

ODBC Router to give Mac OS access to SQL databases via Win 2000 drivers. February 28, 2000 -- Augsoft announced that this spring, ODBC Router will enable Mac developers to bypass Mac-specific ODBC components and provide ODBC SQL database connectivity for Macs via ODBC drivers on Windows NT and Windows 2000 servers.(See also the press release.) It will also support Mac OS X.

Windows 2000 Server and MS Proxy: similar to Win NT. February 28, 2000 -- Denis Marchand's Macs couldn't access the Internet through MS Proxy Server running on Windows 2000 Server (Outlook Express 4.5 and Explorer 4.5). He reports that the advice on our NT Server Tips page also worked with Windows 2000: He set up the DNS server on the "local" side, and set Outlook Express Proxy to use Port 1080.

Win 2000 File Service for Mac doesn't support SLP, MCS. February 25, 2000 -- Fergus Hammond of Adobe has been investigating the AppleShare-over-IP capabilities of Windows 2000 Server, and discovered two things:

Hammond provided some more points about the second point, and compares Win 2000 FSM with Group Logic's ExtremeZ-IP, which you can read in our Windows 2000 special report.

pcSetup 2.0 to ship April 1. February 25, 2000 -- FVDCS said that it will ship pcSetup 2.0 on April 1, 2000. This software will provide 32-bit Windows drivers for the old Apple DOS/PC Compatibility cards. The company also said that Beta 1 of the software has been shipped to "a selected set of testers." As for the progress of the first beta, the company said "There are three outstanding bugs in the drivers we hope to fix during the Beta test period up to March 31, 2000."

Apple's Font Manager Update slows Quark-NT networking. February 24, 2000 -- Eric Anondson discovered that NT Server and SFM was not causing a problem with slow Quark XPress 4.1 network with Mac OS 8.6 clients. Instead, he found a solution by replacing Apple's Font Manager Update for DiamondSoft's Font Fixer. (The problem did not occur with Quark XPress 3.3.) Anondson's inexpensive solution saved the company a lot of money--high-priced consultants did extensive tests on the NT Server, never looked a Mac client, and recommended replacing the NT with a UNIX server. You can read Anondson's report on our Server Tips page.

Sharing USB peripherals between Mac and PC. February 24, 2000 -- Roland Walter found it easy to share a Power Mac G4 keyboard, Microsoft Intellimouse, USB printer, USB Zip drive and a monitor between the G4 and a PC. You can read his report on our Keyboard/Monitor Sharing Tips page.

Timbuktu 2000 for Win beta: so far, so good. February 24, 2000 -- Larry Bonney reports good results with the new beta of Timbuktu Pro 2000 for Windows. He tried out the new feature of a direct modem connection between a PC and and iMac, did remote control, and moved some files. He also tried it within Virtual PC and was happy with the results. (The currently shipping Timbuktu for Windows cannot communicate over a direct modem link.)

New Tip: Moving Quicken Windows QIF file to Mac. February 24, 2000 -- Larry Bonney wanted to move Quicken 2000 for Windows files to Quicken 2000 for Mac. He exported as a .QIF file. The only problem is that the file mappings on in PC Exchange (File Exchange control panel) have QIF mapped to QuickTime PictureViewer. Whenever he double-clicked, PictureViewer would try to launch. He could have turned PC Exchange off (with Extensions Manager) or deleted the this extension mapping. Instead, he changed the file extension to .TXT before moving it to the Mac. Quicken was able to import the .TXT file without problem. (For more tips on working with Mac and PC files, see MacWindows Disk and File Tips.)

Helios PCShare 3.0 to enable Mac OS X Server to support Win 2000 clients. February 23, 2000 -- Helios Software announced that PCShare 3.0 would ship in the second quarter of this year, and that it will support Windows 2000 clients and run on Mac OS X Server as well as a variety of UNIX platforms. Mac OS X does not currently come with support for Windows client. PCShare is a high-performance UNIX file and print server software supporting Windows 95/98/NT/2000 clients with Microsoft protocols, which can run concurrently with Helios' Mac server for UNIX, EtherShare 2.5. PCShare 3.0 runs SMB/CIFS (MS file service), DHCP (for PCs and Macs), WINS, WINS proxy, name service routing between network cards. The announcement was made at the CeBIT 2000 show in Hannover, Germany (Hall 9, Booth C25). Helios' US distributor is European Mikrograf Corporation.

Lismore releases Blue Label PowerEmulator 1.6 SE. February 23, 2000 -- Lismore Software Systems has released a CD-ROM-only version of its PC emulator for Macintosh, Blue Label PowerEmulator 1.6 SE (CD Upgrade) (US $10 for register users. The full version is $39.95 plus shipping and handling.) The CD-ROM features a family license, which allows you to install it on multiple Macs on a network. (The downloadable version is v1.5 and is single user.)

Verification disappearing files in MacServerIP. February 23, 2000 -- Responding to our report yesterday about disappearing files with the current version of MacServerIP, two readers responded to say that they have also seen the problem. In one case the the files initially show up in a Mac window but then all but one disappears.

While we don't have a solution yet, but we would like to point out that there are at lease four known caused for disappearing file icons with Windows NT Services for Macintosh. Most of the solutions involved rebuilding the AFP volume indexes. We have these listed on the MacWindows NT Server Tips page.

Virtual PC doesn't run in Mac OS X Classic Compatibility. February 23, 2000 -- Martin Totusek notes that Virtual PC does not run in "Classic Compatibility Environment" (BlueBox) of Mac OS X Developer Release. (Classic Compatibility runs a facsimile of OS 9. The Mac OS X Developer Preview Release Notes say: "Virtual PC attempts to access the internals of Mac OS Virtual Memory and is therefore not compatible with the Classic Compatibility Environment."

LATE NEWS POST: DAVE 2.5.1 update now available. February 22, 2000 -- Thursby Software Systems has posted the DAVE 2.5.1 update, which is a free download for DAVE 2.5 users. As we've been reporting, the update fixes minor problems with NetBIOS and printing and adds support for Carbon applications. See our News story from yesterday for more details.

Virtual PC 3.0 incompatible with PowerPrint 5. February 22, 2000 -- Matthew Smith reports that InfoWave tech support told him that the company's PowerPrint 5.0 won't work with Virtual PC 3.0, though it works fine from the Mac OS side on his iMac. PowerPrint is a package of Mac drivers for PC printers. Virtual PC uses the Macintosh print drivers and requires that printers be accessible from the Mac OS side in order to print to them from Windows. The reason for the incompatibility given to Smith by InfoWave was the manner in which VPC handles Windows' COM ports.

Solutions Update: Linux web sites for Mac. February 22, 2000 -- MacInTouch notes that Apple's MkLinux page is gone, but that it has a new Linux for Mac Developer page. We also noticed that there another page. We've updated these links on our own list of Linux and UNIX for Macintosh on our Operating Solutions page.

X-platform remote-control: Timbuktu Pro 2000 Win in beta. February 22, 2000 -- Netopia has posted a beta of Timbuktu Pro 2000 , the next release of the Windows version of the cross-platform remote control and file sharing product. This version adds the ability dial-up directly over a modem to another PC running Timbuktu Pro 2000 or to a Mac running the current version of Timbuktu Pro for Mac OS.

Solutions update: ODBC SQL database browser. February 22, 2000 -- We've added SyBrowser (US $25), shareware from MacSOS, to our list of cross-platform networking products on our Network Solutions page. According to the developer, "SyBrowser is a suite of 32-bit Macintosh and Win32 ODBC client applications that provide an overview of the tables in Sybase and MS SQL databases hosted on UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers."

Disappearing files on MacServerIP 7. February 22, 2000 -- Walter Gomel reports of disappearing files with MacServerIP after he installed MacServerIP 7 (build 1.122) on the Windows NT Server. If you've seen this, please let us know.

Fixed MacServerIP bug not limited to Quark or OS 9. February 22, 2000 -- Jan Suhr, who first reported the MacServerIP bug with Quark XPress that was fixed with MacServerIP Build 1.122, sent some additional info. He said that he also saw the problem, which resulted in corrupted files, with both Photoshop and Linocolor under Mac OS 8.6, though less frequently than with Quark XPress.

Windows 2000 integration with NetWare, and UNIX. February 22, 2000 -- A PC Week story discusses integrating Windows 2000 servers with NetWare and UNIX network environments.

FWB drops price, taking pre-orders of SoftWindows 98 5.1. February 21, 2000 -- FWB Software has begun taken pre-orders of SoftWindows 98 5.1, which was announced at Macworld Expo (see our Expo News of January 6) and expects to ship next week. FWB has dropped the price of this latest version of the PC emulator for Mac to US $159.95. The DOS version, RealPC 5.1, has been reduced to US $29.95. The new version of SoftWindows includes Windows 98 Second Edition, Internet Explorer 5.0 for Windows, 3Dfx graphics drivers, a new Hard Disk Mounter to access PC files using the Finder, and OS 9 compatibility.

Windows 2000 and DAVE; more on DAVE 2.5.1. February 21, 2000 -- MacFixIt's Ted Landau reports that a MacFixIt reader had a problem with the Thursby Systems' DAVE 2.5's NetBIOS extension and Windows 2000. According to an prerelease readme file we have received, the upcoming DAVE 2.5.1 release will fix several problems with NetBIOS that could address the problem. The readme doesn't mention any problems fixed in relation to Windows 2000. However, there is a "known issues" note that says "Windows 2000 has a problem accessing files stored on a Macintosh." (Keep in mind that Windows 2000 is reported to still contain 63,000 bugs at this point.) DAVE 2.5 added Windows 2000 compatibility features, including support Windows 2000 domains.

Among some of the other fixes to be in DAVE 2.5.1:

(DAVE is Macintosh software that enables Macs to join Windows networks using Microsoft's SMB file sharing protocol with NetBIOS over TCP/IP.)

PC MacLAN also has problems with Windows 2000. February 21, 2000 -- The flip side to DAVE is Miramar's PC MacLAN, AppleShare software for Windows. Jack Flynn reports that PC MacLAN for Windows NT won't run on Windows 2000. Flynn says "A call to sales at Miramar Systems revealed that the Win 2000 compatible version is expected at the end of the month."

New tip: Macs locking up when logging into NT Server. February 21, 2000 -- Steve Holmlund had a problem with Macs in his school that were locking up (or "hanging" when logging into NT Services for Macintosh. The NT Server eventually timed out. He tracked down the problem to the Apple Menu Options control panel (which affects the Recent Servers setting in the Apple Menu Items). Holmlund believes the problem is caused by users not logging off before the Mac is either shut down or restarted.

You can read Holmlund's report on our NT Server Tips page. We've added it to a discussion of causes of Mac clients hanging.

Virtual PC 3.0 printing conflict with FaxSTF Pro. February 21, 2000 -- Steve Amis found a conflict with Virtual PC 3.0 and FaxSTF Pro. Virtual PC won't print when the Chooser extension called FaxPrint is in the Extensions folder.

We've added Amis' report to our Virtual PC 3.0 special report page, after another very similar printing problem with a very different solution which we reported last week.

Review of Windows 2000 Server, Clusters. February 21, 2000 -- A new Computer Currents review of Windows 2000 by Maggie Biggs discusses her testing and issues with the desktop, the server, and cluster services.

Gates pitches Windows 2000 to enterprise. February 18, 2000 -- Bill Gates introduced Windows 2000 yesterday in San Francisco. Gates said that Windows 2000 would be moving into the enterprise markets now occupied by mainframes and UNIX systems, which he called "low volume systems." However, he also said that the desktop is where most Windows 2000 copies will run, replacing Windows 95/98 in business. This is the Windows 20000 Professional (the workstation version). You can listen to the Gates' speech at ZDNet.

Meanwhile, CNET reports that Gates said that Microsoft would be willing to open Windows source code to settle the U.S. Justice Department case against the company.

Upgrade to Star Gate X-platform serial file transfer utility. February 18, 2000 --Kevin Rainer has released version 1.2 of Star Gate, a graphical Mac utility that moves files between PCs and Macs over a serial link (null-modem cable).

GraphicsConverter 3.8 adds more file formats. February 18, 2000 -- Lemke Software has posted GraphicsConverter 3.8, the newest version of the Macintosh utility for converting between Mac and PC graphic file formats. The current version now imports about 130 graphic file formats and exports about 40 graphic file formats, according to Lemke.

MacPopUp messaging utility updated. February 18, 2000 -- Kanex Group released MacPopUp 1.0.1 (US $25, free upgrade), and upgrade to a Mac utility that enables instant messaging with Mac OS, Windows 95/98/NT, and Linux users on a local IP network. The new version fixes some compatibility problems with communication with similar clients on other operating systems, and fixes a Type 2 error that occurs when a font is changed. MacPopUp is compatible with the Microsoft WinPopup application and similar clients in other operating systems.

Windows 2000 to be released to today. February 17, 2000 -- Bill Gates will roll out Windows 2000 today at the Windows 2000 Conference in San Francisco. Among the numerous new features, the next version of Windows NT offers better support of Mac clients. ZDNet is doing a webcast of the event at at 9:30 am Pacific standard time. Meanwhile, a Computerworld story notes the arrival of the first Windows 2000 virus.

X-platform SkyLINE wireless net goes to 11 MB. February 17, 2000 -- Farallon announced that cross-platform SkyLINE wireless networking card will be available as an 11 Mbits per second version in April. (The current SkyLINE card runs at 2 Mbps.) The PCMCIA card will run in both Win 95/98/NT notebook computers and most Apple PowerBooks and comes with drivers for both platforms. The 11 Mbps SkyLINE is compatible with Apple's AirPort wireless products, as well as with other IEEE 802.11 DSSS compatible cards and access points, such as those from, Lucent, Maxtech, and Nokia. (SkyLINE 11 Mb will be certified for use in North America, Japan, Australia and Europe.)

More Mac icons for Windows. February 16, 2000 -- Patrick Peccatte told us about IconShop, a free Windows icon library management utility that can let you use Mac icons on Windows. According developer Peter Stuer, the software can:

Extract icons from Macintosh icons, resources, executables, IconDropper icon packs and Kaleidoscope schemes, including MacOS 8.5 24-bit icons. Export icons to icon, cursor or BMP bitmap format.

Intel worker looking for fellow Intel Mac users. February 16, 2000 -- Gregory Smith is a Mac user a large company--Intel. He is looking for fellow Intel employees that use Mac's at work to share information about making Macs and PCs work at Intel. If you fit this description and are interested, e-mail Gregory Smith.

Prosoft NetWare 5.12 Mac Client in NetWare Connection. February 16, 2000 -- Bill Reynolds pointed out a good article in NetWare Connection magazine about Prosoft's NetWare Client 5.12 for Mac OS.(This is the February 2000 issue.) There's also a sidebar called "Client Software or NetWare Loadable Modules?" that compares the two approaches (client software or server software) for integrating Macs into NetWare networks.

Aladdin offers StuffIt Deluxe and Eudora Pro bundle. February 16, 2000 -- Aladdin Systems is offering a bundle for Macs including StuffIt Deluxe 5.5, the cross-platform compression utility, with Eudora Pro 4.2, and a copy of he Eudora 4.2 for Windows and Macintosh Visual QuickStart Guide. Bundle price US $69.95.

LinuxPPC 2000 includes Mac runtime environment. February 15, 2000 -- Yesterday, LinuxPPC Inc. announced that it is new selling LinuxPPC 2000 (2-CD set US $20.00, boxed set US $49), the company's latest Linux for Macintosh, based on RedHat 6.1. The new version offers a number of features including a Macintosh runtime environment called Mac-on-Linux, which lets you run Mac OS in LinuxPPC. (You'll need a Mac OS ROM copy you create with the included "ROM grabber" utility and a separate disk partition.) However, LinuxPPC says it will not provide tech support for Mac-on-Linux.

The developer says that LinuxPPC 2000 is the first PowerPC Linux version with an entirely graphical installation process. It has the ability to boot directly into Linux on startup from a CD or hard disk (from the Performa 6360 to the newest iMac and G4 computers.

Virtual PC printing problem and solution. February 15, 2000 --Nathan Zamprogno was having a problem printing to a LocalTalk Postscript printer from Virtual PC 3.0 on an iMac. The problem was that print jobs from VPC would just disappear He solved the problem by creating a shared folder and getting Windows to create a spool file in this new folder, and getting the Mac to print any job that gets placed there. He says the solution works every time. You can read about the problem and solution on the our Virtual PC 3.0 special report page.

Keyboard Solutions update: new ADB-PS/2 adapter. February 15, 2000 -- We've added the Stealth PS/2-ADB Adapter ($24.95) from to our Keyboard Solutions product listings page. The Adapter lets users of Macs with ADB port to connect PC PS/2 mice. It does not work with keyboards. It has a control panel that lets you program a PC mouse's the right mouse button and scroller wheel.  

New utility for Mac emulator for PC creates Mac disk images. February 14, 2000 -- Emulators, Inc., the makers of the recently released Gemulator SoftMac 2000 Mac emulator for PC, has released a free utility for creating formatted Macintosh disk image for use with SoftMac 2000. The utility MAKEIMG can also be used to format a Macintosh floppy disk on a PC.

Emulators Inc. claims that SoftMac 2000 is the first Mac emulator for PC that runs Mac OS 9. (See our list of Mac emulators for PCs on our Emulator Solutions page).

Mac emulator on PC hardware faster on Linux than Windows. February 14, 2000 -- Marcel Ovidiu Vlad says that the Basilisk II Mac emulator on a PC (PIII/500), is faster on Linux than on Windows 98. He also tried BeOS, which was slower than Windows for running Mac OS 8.1. You can read his report on our Mac emulators reader report page.

Mac icons for Windows. February 14, 2000 -- Gordon Hawley told us about the Mac OS 98 site that offers free interface items to make Windows look more like a Mac. This includes Mac icons for files, hard disk, and recycling bin (trash), Mac system fonts, cursors, and Wallpaper from the Mac OS 8.x releases. (For more on making Windows look like a Mac, or visa versa, so the MacWindows User Interface Solutions page.)

Transverter Pro PDF, EPS utilities now OS 9, Win 2000 compatible. February 14, 2000 -- TechPool Software has released Version 3.2.5 if it's Transverter Pro (US $395.00 ) and Transverter Pro Plus (US $795) PDF/EPS editing applications for Windows and Macintosh. The new versions contain bug fixes and are MacOS 9 and Windows 2000 compatible. Transverter Pro lets you edit, RIP and convert Postscript and EPS files. Transverter Pro Plus adds RIP up to 4000 dpi and workflow automation features. Upgrades are free for owners of version 3.2.

ZDNet says Windows 2000 has 63,000 bugs. February 14, 2000 -- A ZDNet report says that Windows 2000, to be release this Thursday, still has over 63,000 bugs.

New version of MacServerIP fixes Quark bug now available. February 11, 2000 -- Cyan software has posted MacServerIP Build 1.122 (for Intel NT Server and Workstation). The new version fixes the MacServerIP/QuarkXPress/OS 9 bug which we have been reporting. (MacServerIP is an AppleShare-over-TCP/IP server for Windows NT.)

Judge lifts injunction against Connectix Virtual Game Station; Windows version on the way. February 11, 2000 -- The Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals lifted an injunction against Connectix Virtual Game Station for Macintosh, software that emulates a Sony PlayStation. (See Connectix Press release.) The court said ""Connectix's reverse engineering of the Sony BIOS extracted from a Sony PlayStation console purchased by Connectix engineers is protected as a fair use." In response, Connectix said it would begin selling Virtual Game Station for Macintosh at it's web site "immediately," although it was not being offered as of late last night.

Connectix also said that a Windows version of the emulator will ship "shortly," but did not give any details.

MacFixIt Netscape hack fixes MS Knowledge Base problem. February 11, 2000 -- MacFixIt posted simple Resedit hack that enables Netscape Communicator to access the newly reconfigured Microsoft Knowledge Base search site. (As we reported yesterday, the MS site now blocks Mac users from accessing the full search page.) We tried the MacFixIt hack, and it works.

Update to 2 Mac/NT utilities. February 11, 2000 -- Patrick Peccatte has posted updates to two of his Macintosh/Win NT integration utilities (with new URLs). Idem 2.0 ( 500 FF, US $83 US) is software that mirrors Windows and Macintosh files on Windows NT Server. The new version enables the software to run as a Windows NT Service, and can now replicate the NT permissions (ACL: Access Control Lists) and the file/folders attributes.

IPA Purge 2.0 is free software to automatically remove obsolete Windows and Macintosh files from Windows NT Server. A new feature lets you use the file modification date or the file creation date to check if the files are old enough to be removed.

We've added these updates to the listings on the MacWindows File Solutions page.

AppleShare Client 3.8.5 crashes with Mac OS X Server or iDisk. February 11, 2000 -- Apple Tech Info Library article 25110 reports of a bug in AppleShare Client 3.8.5 that causes the Mac to crash when logging in to Mac OS X Server or iDisk. Apple recommends that Mac OS 9 users upgrade to AppleShare Client 3.8.6. Users of ealier Mac OS versions should see Apple Tech Info Library article 58523 for a solution (it varies with the version of Mac OS).

New solution: Parallel port card for Macs. February 11, 2000 -- There are lots of parallel port-to-USB solutions, but if your Mac doesn't have a USB port, you can still get parallel connectivity. The CPI/PCI card from Creative Solutions Inc. gives a PCI Mac a Centronics parallel port. However, you'll still need a driver for your device.

CPI/PCI, Centronics Parallel Interface/PCI, is used to connect a PCI PowerMac to any of hundreds of devices that use a Centronics compatible interface.

This add on interface gives the Macintosh user the freedom to use devices primarily reserved for PCs. The Centronics port is the IEEE-1284-1994 standard interface to microcomputer compatible printers and other devices. Mac users only need parallel interface software drivers that work specifically with each printer, plotter, or other peripheral.

pcSetup 2.0 beta test to start February 15. February 10, 2000 -- Fraser Valley Distributed Computing Systems Inc. (FVDCS) said yesterday that the long-awaited beta test period for pcSetup 2.0 will begin February 15. pcSetup 2.0 is a 32-bit-compatible software for the now-discontinued Apple DOS/PC Compatibility Cards (also sold by Reply and Radius) for Macintosh. FVDCS promises 32-bit drivers for Windows 95/98, full compatibility with Mac OS 8.5, 8.6 and 9.0, and improved disk access performance.

Prosoft NetWare 5 Services for AppleShare v4.5 SP2 available. February 10, 2000 -- Prosoft Engineering is offering NetWare 5 Services for AppleShare v4.5 Support Patch 2, a free upgrade to its server-based Macintosh client support solution Novell NetWare.

MS Knowledge Base "crippled" for Mac users. February 10, 2000 -- MacFixIt has been describing a new revision of the Microsoft Knowledge Base search page that sends Mac users to a "lite" version of the search engine instead of the standard full-featured engine. From Thursday's MacFixIt:

Microsoft has deliberately implemented a search system that prevents Mac users from accessing significant aspects of it. Instead, it leaves a crippled page that...also include graphic images that no longer exist and therefore do not load...

Yesterday's MacFixIt gave more technical details, saying that the web site looks at the your web browser. It also offers workaround methods of tricking the Knowledge Base site into thinking you are running Windows.

European Union questions MS about Windows 2000. February 10, 2000 -- The BBC News web site reports that the European Competition Commission has asked Microsoft for information regarding Windows 2000. The story says that the EU move is a preliminary step to "a possible antitrust investigation."

Some notes of MacServerIP versions. February 9, 2000 -- Daniel Schwartz sent us a note about version numbers of MacServerIP. He recommends that all users should be running at least Build 1.120, which Schwartz goes by the name of MacServerIP 7 (up from MacServerIP 6.1). He also mentions that Cyan is beta testing Build 1.123 at this time.

Schwartz also reports on version lag at TeamASA's web site, which he says tends to have slightly older version than Cyan Software's web site. You can read the details of Schwartz' report on our special report page covering AFP-over-TCP/IP Servers for Windows NT, where he gives some of the details on various builds.

Reader points at SCSI for Quark networking problems. February 9, 2000 -- Keith Bumgarner hasn't seen the symptoms of the conflict with MacServerIP and Quark XPress. However, he has seen some other problems with Quark networking, and has traced them to SCSI drivers and hardware. Bumgarner's report is here.

LATE NEWS: More on upcoming DAVE 2.5.1 release. February 8, 2000 -- Thursby Systems has confirmed it will soon release a DAVE 2.5.1 upgrade. The new version will fix some minor errors and conflicts with NetBIOS, the DAVE Client, and DAVE desktop printing, as well as add some minor improvements in functionality. We will have more details when DAVE 2.5.1 is released.

MacServerIP/Quark bug confirmed: fix in the works. Readers offer workarounds. February 8, 2000 -- Digital-66 has confirmed a conflict with MacServerIP and Quark XPress, a problem we first reported on February 4 (below). We have been told that a fix is in the works and should be available shortly, possibly in a matter of days. The conflict results in loss of connection and corrupted XPress files.

Meanwhile, other readers have been writing in to report the bug. Ruediger Plaester found a workaround:

We saw the same problem with some (but not all) of our Macs. We tried the AppleShare utility you recommended and set the timeout to zero. This didn't fix the problem.

We found out, that on the Macs the problem occurred the AppleShare version was 3.8.4. On the Macs without the problem version was 3.8.3. We simply copied the 3.8.3 file to the other Macs -- and it works.

The bad news - this workaround doesn't work with MacOS 9. Appleshare 3.8.6 crashes every XPress-document you save.

We are using the latest MacServerIP IP release and Xpress 4.04.

So far, all the readers reporting this problem have been from Germany and Finland. We're wondering if perhaps there is a problem with a localized version of one of the pieces of software involved.

Problem with NT SP6a and Mac FTP access. February 8, 2000 -- MacFixIt yesterday reported a bug in Windows NT 4 Service Pack 6a that causes problems with Macintosh FTP access of the server. Apparently, the problem is with the TCPIP.SYS file of SP6a.

Update: LaserWriter 8.7 and NT SFM Print. February 8, 2000 -- On February 4, we asked if anyone had seen the problem of LaserWriters driver halting NT Server SFMPRINT.exe with LaserWriter 8.7 and OS 9. (Many readers reported the problem with LaserWriter 8.6 last year). In response to our question, Marcus Reese reports that printing is fine so far:

My NT server and AppleShare IP servers have not shown any signs of the LaserWriter 8.6 problems, nor has anyone's Freehand freaked out yet with their menus filling in with a solid color.

Thursby Software to post DAVE update today. February 7, 2000 -- According to a source, Thursby Systems will post a update to its DAVE client for Macintosh. We will post more information as soon as we know more.

PDF Image Editor for Windows and Mac. February 7, 2000 -- Today, Lantana announced PDF ImageWorks (US $395), which the company says is the first native image editing program for Adobe Acrobat. PDF ImageWorks lets Windows 95/98/NT and Macintosh users edit PDF images where they appear in the PDF document.

Win NT SFM folders that won't delete. February 7, 2000 -- Shyam Nathan reports of a problem that prevents him from deleting folders on NT Server Services for Macintosh. He said that this does not seem related to a known bug concerning deleting files described on our NT Server Tips page. Here is Nathan's problem:

We are running NT Server 4.0/SP5 with about 20 Macs. when trying to delete folders on the RAID, we get a message: "You can not move 'folder name' to the trash because an error of type -5006 occurred."

The RAID was near full capacity, then we archived about 12 gig (the RAID can hold approx. 42 gig). I get the error message from where ever I am on the network, including the server.

Tips for speeding Virtual PC performance. February 7, 2000 -- We noticed that Connectix Knowledge Base articles 1028, 1252, and 4229 all discuss methods to improve the performance of Virtual PC 3. They include things like turning off MMX emulation and the Mac's virtual memory.

Piet Nutbey of the Netherlands also suggests turning virtual memory off in Windows: "You just have to choose the properties of 'this computer' select virtual memory and select virtual memory off."

Windows 2000 in the news. February 7, 2000 -- The computer press is gearing up for next week's launch of Windows 2000 (formerly known as NT 5) with lots of coverage. ZDNet has a slew of Windows 2000 articles ranging from comparisons to Linux and speculation about its affect on Microsoft's bottom line, the market, and the Justice department, as well as technical details.

LaserWriter 8.7 and NT SFM Print. February 4, 2000 -- Last year, we reported a problem with Mac OS 8.5's LaserWriter 8.6 halting NT Server SFMPRINT.exe, a problem that many readers had. A common fix was back-grade to LaserWriter 8.33, 8.4.3, or use LaserWriter 8.6.5 from OS 8.6, though some readers also had problems with 8.6.5. We were wondering how LaserWriter 8.7 of Mac OS 9 affects this problem. If you've had this problem and have tried LaserWriter 8.7 and Mac OS 9, we would appreciate your feedback on this issue.

Fix for MacServerIP file deletion problem. February 4, 2000 -- Jeff Lucia found a fix for the MacServerIP file deletion problem we reported on Feb. 1. He deletes the share and rebuilds it from scratch. He message on our AFP/IP special report page.

Lucia also reports that he did not see the 100 percent utilization problem.

MacServerIP and Retrospect. February 4, 2000 -- Jeff Lucia reports some issues with Retrospect generating errors and slowing down when working with MacServerIP. He also found that Retrospect and the Mac clients would crash when copying a Virtual PC C:\ drive file to a MacServerIP volume. His report is on our AFP/IP special report page.

MacServerIP and Quark Xpress. February 4, 2000 -- Jan Suhr has seen a problem saving Quark Xpress documents to MacServerIP volumes: "Quark writes the whole file but ends with a end of file error. When doing so the connection with the server is lost and the file can not be re-saved. The written file on the server is corrupt and cant be opened." The full report is on our AFP/IP special report page. If you've seen this, please let us know.

Solutions update: Win CE-to-Mac utility no longer available. February 4, 2000 -- We've noticed that a Mac-to-Windows CE communications product, XIN/XOUT III Windows CE from ReUDO, is no longer available. We have a tip about using terminal emulation to move files, but at this point don't know of a synchronization method. Michael Green tried using Virtual PC 3 to run Windows synchronization software, but an error message says the Com port isn't working.

NEW TIP: Fix for MacServerIP "random disconnection" problem. February 2, 2000 -- Joe Nitz of Sells Printing Company LLC, sent us a method of fixing the MacServerIP problem we reported yesterday where Macs randomly disconnect from the server. The fix involves running Apple's AppleShare client Setup utility on the Mac clients. You can read it on our AFP/IP for NT special report page.

Reader doesn't see NT SP6a/word processor Y2K problem with Word 98. February 2, 2000 -- Responding to our item yesterday about a Y2K problem with Windows NT 4 Service Pack 6a and word process files, Chris Whalen writes:

We have tested this on our Win NT 4 SP 6a servers using MacOS 8.6 and MS Word 98 and have not been able to duplicate this problem. Perhaps it is the word processor that he is using.

Aladdin Systems ships DropZip for Macintosh. February 2, 2000 -- Aladdin Systems is shipping Aladdin DropZip for Macintosh (US $30), a Zip compression utility for Macintosh. (Aladdin shipped DropZip for Windows in December.) The utility creates Zip-compressed archives by drag and drop, or an alias icon, or by launching the application. It also encodes in UUEncoded or MacBinary. DropZip is also part of the full StuffIt Deluxe compression product. We've added DropZip for Macintosh to our listings on the MacWindows Compression Solutions page.

Cross-platform instant messaging for Macs. February 2, 2000 -- Kanex Group Inc. is now shipping MacPopUp 1.0 (US $25), a Mac utility that enables instant messaging with Mac OS, Windows 95/98/NT, and Linux users on a local network using TCP/IP. MacPopUp is compatible with the Microsoft WinPopup application and similar clients in other operating systems. MacPopUp works without a server, and can send send messages to a one user and to everyone.

Y2K problem with NT Service Pack 6a, SFM? February 1, 2000 -- Peter Andrews is seeing a Y2K problem with NT 4 Service Pack 6a and Services for Macintosh:

I have just installed service Pack 6a and I am now experiencing date problems. If I save a word processor file to the Mac volume on the NT server the date viewed by the Mac is something like may 13 1924, or 1945 or 1949. The last save was dated year 2032.

To make matters worse the files show with the correct date when viewed from the server using Explorer.

If you've seen this problem, please contact us.

OpenLinux on Virtual PC 3.0. February 1, 2000 -- Rick Zeman successfully installed OpenLinux 2.3 on Virtual PC 3.0. He described the installation as a "piece of cake," and easier than installing Windows NT. Zeman also reports that Linux transparently used the Mac's IP stack, but that X was very slow. You can read his report with screen shots on our Virtual PC 3 page.

Also remember, that Connectix says it will sell VPC 3 with Linux by the end of March.

Digital 66 says MacServerIP CPU utilization less than SFM. February 1, 2000 -- Richard Laframboise of Digital-66, a distributor of MacServerIP, had some comments about on readers problem with MacServerIP's CPU utilization:

Our tests have shown that with all clients connecting via IP and not using AppleTalk, the CPU utilization was actually lower then SFM. With AppleTalk enabled on MacServerIP, CPU utilization was higher. The logical answer (which is only possible with MacServerIP) is to leave SFM on if you have a significant number of Macs that need to use AppleTalk and use MacServerIP for the ones that can use IP.

We would like to clarify that high CPU utilization is not a widespread problem with MacServerIP. It seems to be an NT phenomena, because there several known factors that cause SFM to run near 100 percent utilization, bringing performance to a stand still.

More on MacServerIP: Sherlock, loss of connections, deleting problems. February 1, 2000 -- Stephanie Mason has been having the MacServerIP problems of slow Sherlock and and being unable to delete or rename files, which we have previously reported. She also reports two other problems:

1. We have had many users report that they lose their connection to the volume for no reason. The server just disconnects them.

2. Sometimes when users throw an item in the Trash, the server brings up a message telling them that the item cannot be held in the Trash but must be deleted immediately. Other times, a user can put the item in the Trash and then empty the trash later. It's interesting that this discrepancy in how the server handles the Trash often occurs at the same time that we have trouble with renaming files and folders.

MacJet Mac solution for PCL printers resurfaces in Belkin adapter. February 1, 2000 -- We've added the Belkin USB Parallel Printer Adapter to the product listing on our Network Solutions page. The Adapter allows USB Macs to print to parallel-port PCL printers, and includes PC printer drivers for Mac OS in the form of MacJet software. MacJet was created by a company called CAI, which was bought by a company called Software 2000 a little over a year ago. However, Software 2000 never began selling the MacJet product line. It appears Belkin has licensed the software. (Thanks to Brian Durant for the tip.) Thursby Software ships MacNFS. January 31, 2000 -- Today, Thursby Software began shipping MacNFS (US $149), new Macintosh file sharing software that uses Sun's Network File System (NFS) protocol. MacNFS runs on TCP/IP and PPP connections. It enables Macs to share files with UNIX and Windows PC, and other Mac users.

Originally developed by Thursby, MacNFS was sold to another company and has been unavailable for the past few years. Thursby reacquired the rights and has published this new version. Thursby is offering MacNFS for US $79 to users of previous MacNFS versions or competing products until March 30, 2000. Thursby Software provides a fully functional free demo of MacNFS on its web site at.

January 2000

VPC problem on Win NT network may be WINS misconfiguration. January 31, 2000 -- Mark Garcia suggests a solution for a Virtual PC 3.0 networking problem reported here where a reader can't find his Windows NT 4 domain server with NetBEUI. Garcia said the problem may be due to misconfigured WINS settings:

The WINS may not be set up correctly in Windows XX on VPC. If the TCP/IP settings are correct, he needs to contact his NT administrators to get the WINS information. If he is getting his IP address via DHCP, it is not always set correctly. If he is entering his IP address manually then he needs to enable WINS and put in the correct IP address. A reboot should give him the three-box login and hopefully a domain connection.

BeOS on Virtual PC 3 on iMac. January 31, 2000 -- BeOS started out as a cross-platform operating system, running on both Macs and PC hardware. However, Be OS doesn't support Macs with G3 and G4 processors. It was only a matter of time before MacWindows readers tried running BeOS on Virtual PC. Philip McDunnough has done so on his iMac DV, but ran into a problem with getting the keyboard to work. You can read his report on our Virtual PC 3.0 special report page.

Update: MacServerIP NT CPU utilization. January 31, 2000 -- Brian Gary sent us some more information on his problem with MacServerIP taking up a lot of the NT server's CPU utilization. He ran Helios LANtester and found MacServerIP taking 92 percent CPU utilization, and Services for Macintosh running 11% CPU usage. Gary's update is on our AFP-over-IP server page.

Another MacServerIP update: file transfer pauses. January 31, 2000 -- Stephen Starkman replied to a suggestion made here about his MacServerIP problem with pauses in file transfers. He basically nixes a suggestion made by another reader.

Corel beta tests Word Perfect Office 2000 for Linux. January 31, 2000 -- Corel announced that Word Perfect Office 2000 for Linux is now being beta tested. Corel says that the Linux version is compatible with the Windows version, and runs on "all major Linux distributions, including Corel LINUX OS." Corel will make further Linux announcements tomorrow (February 1) at the LinuxWorld Conference in New York and at the Linux Expo in Paris.

MacServerIP with symptoms of SFM slowdown. January 28, 2000 -- Brian Gary reported that he had MacServerIP and NT Services for Macintosh running on Windows NT Server, and everything was fine. That is, until he turned of Services for Macintosh. Then CPU usage reached 100 percent and the server locked up. This is similar to what happens to SFM under certain circumstances, which have reported on before. If you have seen this before with MacServerIP, please let us know. (You can read Gary's report on our special report page about AFP-over-IP servers for Windows NT.

Virtual Game Station incompatible with iMac DV. January 28, 2000 -- MacFixIt reported yesterday that Connectix Virtual Game Station won't run on the DVD drives in the iMac DV. (Virtual Game Station is software that emulates Sony's Playstation on a Macintosh.)

Readers installs Slackware Zipslack Linux on VPC 3.0. January 28, 2000 -- Philippe Tapon reports of a successful installation of Slackware 7.0 Zipslack, a "lean mean version of Linux," on Virtual PC 3.0. His story is on our VPC 3.0 page.

PC Setup 2.0 for PC Compatibility Cards to go beta Feb 1. January 27, 2000 -- PC Setup 2.0 for DOS/PC Compatibility Cards will go beta on February 1, according to FVDCS Inc. (now a Subsidiary of Discovery Software Ltd). The new version of the software will provide 32-bit drivers for Windows 95/98 running on the now discontinued Apple/Reply/Radius line of x86 processor cards for Macintosh. FVDCS acquired the rights from Apple last year to do a new version of the software. Apple's last version was PC Setup 1.6.4, which does not support 32-bit drivers. (Currently, only Orange Micro x86 cards have 32-bit drivers.)

PC Setup 2.0 will also perform disk reads/writes up to 3 times faster than PC Setup 1.6.4, according to FVDCS. It will have more stable networking, and will be compatible with Mac OS 9.0. Pricing has not been announced.

Network Solutions Update: Compatible Systems IntraPort VPN. January 27, 2000 -- We've added the IntraPort virtual private network (VPN) servers from Compatible Systems to our list of cross-platform-enabling networking products on the MacWindows Network Solutions page. Clients access the server and the secure VPN by running Compatible's VPN client, available for Windows 95/98/NT, Mac OS, Linux, and Solaris. (For Mac OS 9, you need Mac client 3.3.3 and later.) (Last week, Cisco Systems announced it would acquire Compatible Systems.)

Using Palm Pilot to convert Outlook Win to Mac Schedule Plus. January 27, 2000 -- Matthew Smith found a way to convert contacts and schedule items in Outlook for Windows for Exchange Server to Schedule Plus for Mac. He uses DataViz's Desktop to Go software to move the data to a Palm Pilot, and then to Schedule Plus. We've posted his tip on our Outlook/Exchange page. However, Smith laments the fact that there's no direct way to synchronize the Mac version of Outlook with a Palm Pilot.

Advice for cross-platform gamers: where to get MacIPX. January 27, 2000 -- Several readers interested in cross-platform gaming have recently asked us where they can get the MacIPX extension and control panel files used for multiplayer games with PCs. It usually comes with the games that support it, but if you do need MacIPX, you can download Novell's old Client for Macintosh 5.11 for free. This contains the MacIPX extension and control panel files you need for games, as well as some other file you won't need for games (files used to connect to a NetWare server). (The current NetWare for Macintosh is version 5.13 sold by Prosoft Engineering.)

Problem with VPC 3.0 and Java. January 27, 2000 -- A reader installed JBuilder3 (Borland) in Virtual PC 3.0, along with the latest Sun Java 2 SDK and updated Windows 95 (Y2K, DCOM), but he's unable to run JBuilder3 successfully. He's allocated "more than sufficient memory to VPC" on his 8600/300 256, with OS 9.0. If you have an idea of a solution, please let us know.

AirPort-compatible 11 Mbps wireless cards for PCs and Macs. January 26, 2000 -- 3COM and Dell have both announced 11 Mbps wireless networking cards for notebook computers, which use the same IEEE 802.11 standard as Apple's AirPort card. Other IEEE 802.11 have been available running a 1-to-2 Mbps. AirPort was the first to run at 11 Mbps.

3COM Corp. is now shipping its AirConnect Wireless ($219) PC Card for Windows now, while the Mac version should be available in the second quarter of this year, as will a card for desktop computers. It is also shipping an access station ($1195). Apple's Airport Base Station is $300, but supports fewer connections.

Dell is selling the 11 MB Wireless PC Card (US $139) and the 11 MB Wireless PCI Card ($179) for its own Windows PCs.

Using Mitsubishi display for keyboard/monitor sharing. January 26, 2000 -- A reader sent in his report of sharing a Mitsubishi DiamondPro 2020u 22" monitor between a PC and a Mac. This display has two upstream and three downstream ports to enable two computers to share a single set of USB devices. It also has a built-in video switch. It works well except for one problem: if he reboots the Mac while the monitor displays Windows, the Mac USB devices aren't recognized. The problem does not occur with Windows. If you seen this, let us know. (You can read this reader report on our Monitor/Keyboard Sharing Tips page.

Microsoft deep-sixes Neptune, consumer Win NT/2000. January 25, 2000 -- A ZDNet story reports that Microsoft has discontinued the operating system code-named "Neptune," which was to have been a consumer version of Windows NT/2000. Neptune was to have followed Windows 98 and included the Windows NT kernel. Now, aspects of consumer Neptune will be combined with Whistler, a business release scheduled after Windows 2000.

MacServerIP pauses may be demo copy protection problem. January 25, 2000 -- John Wolf has a possible explanation to yesterday's report by Stephen Starkman about pauses by the MacServerIP server for Windows NT. Wolf said said that it sounded like a problem he had with the copy protection for the demo copy of the software. " Even after putting in a valid serial number given to me by TeamASA, it still gave the 20 second pauses every few minutes." You can read Wolf's explanation on our MacServerIP/ExtremeZ-IP special report page.

MacServerIP performance numbers. January 25, 2000 -- John Wolf sent us some performance test numbers for MacServerIP:

We went production on 2 of our NT servers with MacServerIP. So far, the performance looks wonderful. On a Blue G3, we see write performance of 7000K/sec and reads at 9000K/sec as tested with Helios LANTest. The server is a Dell Quad Zeon 450 with fiberchannel arrays. Still... Helios running on a Unix box will get you 9000 read AND write.  

MacaNTee 1.40 posted for Macs on NT domains. January 25, 2000 -- Alaran software has posted updates for MacaNTee 1.40, the latest version of its software that integrates Macs with Windows NT domains. The software consists of 3 modules that install on the Mac, an AppleShare IP server, and the NT primary domain controller. Michael Perbix described the new version:

It now supports logon scripts. You add a REM statement to the top of the script that points to an AppleScript that then gets processed. This gives you the ability now to mount AppleShare volumes in the same manner as the NET USE command in Windows. This version also supports Home directory mounting as defined in NT accounts. You can select the Server zones for users with a lot of zones, and define Microsoft UAM as the default UAM to try to log into volumes.

QuickTime 4.1 and MS Proxy server. January 25, 2000 -- Michael Perbix is having problems with the recently released QuickTime 4.1 with Microsoft Proxy Server: "Using plain HTTP all works well, as soon as I try using the proxy, I get hung up with the hour glass on a Mac, and a blue error VXD error screen on Windows client."

Cause and solutions and info on 'access denied" from NT SFM. January 24, 2000 -- We've received a number of responses to our Friday report of a problem of Macs getting an "Access Denied" error when trying to save from Photoshop or Linocolor to an NT SFM server. Many of our readers have seen this problem. Most respondents believe that the cause is temp files written by Photoshop. Here's a summary:

  1. Certain versions of Photoshop try to write temp files that c at the root directory of the server volume. If the user does not have access to the root directory, the "access denied" message appears. The solution is give users root access.
  2. Readers seem to agree that this does NOT occur with Photoshop 5.2, but does with Photoshop 5 and earlier and 5.5.
  3. Readers indicate that this occurs with AppleShare IP and NetWare servers as well.
  4. Robert Hammen said this is a long-standing one for applications created in MacApp.

John Chapman sent some information on Access Denied situations that can occur in more general situations, including links to several Microsoft Knowledge Base articles.

We've posted the responses from Chapman and other readers on our NT Unsolved Mysteries page. Thanks to everyone who responded.

ExtremeZ-IP 1.1 faster, better SFM compatibility. January 24, 2000 -- Group Logic and Intergraph Computer Systems are shipping ExtremeZ-IP 1.1, the latest version of the AppleShare-over-IP server for Windows NT Server and Workstation, shipping for both Intel and Alpha. According to Group Logic, new features include:

Pricing: Intel: US $1,399 for unlimited Mac client log-ons, US $999 for 10 Mac log-ons .
Alpha: US $2,699 for unlimited Mac client log-ons, US $1,999 for 10 Mac log-ons.

MacServerIP pauses, AppleTalk problem. January 24, 2000 -- Stephen Starkman sent a report of two problems he is having with MacServerIP, another AppleShare-over-IP server for Win NT:

  1. Exact file requests sent from Mac applications are pausing for up to 30 seconds before the file is presented by the server.
  2. With AppleTalk still enabled for connections via MacServerIP for select workstations that do not use IP, MacServerIP fails to close the connection, causing all the MacServerIP licenses to lockup and preventing other user logins (both IP and AppleTalk).

Starkman's full report is on our AFP-over-IP servers for Windows NT special report. As always, feedback on the problem is appreciated.

New MacServerIP build fixes performance problem. January 24, 2000 -- Ton van der Liet reports that Build 120 of MacServerIP solved the performance problem with more than 60 -80 users that he had previously reported.

Solutions update: Mac driver for Microsoft ergonomic keyboard. January 24, 2000 -- Developer Khalid Shakir has posted a free Macintosh USB driver for the Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite, Microsoft's ergonomic (and rather large) keyboard. The driver gives the Keyboard Mac features, such as moving the Open-Apple and Option keys to a more Mac-standard position. The PC Application key has been remapped to a Power key for restarting, shutdown, and sleeping a Mac and entering debuggers. Shakir is also making the source code available. We've added the driver, called MS Natural Driver, to our Keyboard Solutions page in the list of products for using PC keyboards on Macs.

New TIP: IE 4.5 and NT proxy server. January 24, 2000 -- Ben Iseman found that turning off Java increased the performance of Interent Explorer through Microsoft Proxy Server:

Now for my comment. I successfully configured the iMac (under OS 9.0) to access the Internet via Proxy server 2.0 (the server has ISDN). Unfortunately the connection seemed much slower than the iMac's internal modem. At first I thought that it was an issue with the Ethernet (the duplex issue that has received much coverage lately). I ruled that out because file transfers have been fairly fast; and when downloading large files the proxy connection was operating at 15 k per second (which is as fast as our ISDN goes).

After a little trial and error, I discovered that turning off Java improved things remarkably. I still don't get the performance of IE 5.0 on a NT machine, but until MS releases IE 5 for the Mac and/or Apple MRJ is updated this will certainly do.

My list of products working successfully on Proxy are as follows: IE 4.5.1, OE 5.0.1, MSN Messenger. I am still having trouble with QuickTime even though I updated to 4.1 and I also can not get SETI@home to connect.

Macs get Access Denied message on NT Server SFM. January 21, 2000 -- Teresa Wenrick has a problem with two Macs on a new NT Server: they get an "Access Denied" error when trying to save from Photoshop or Linocolor to the server. They can drag files to the server from the desktop, however. Installing the Microsoft UAM on the Macs made the situation worse. We've posted Wenrick's message on our NT Unsolved Mysteries page. If you have the solution, please share it with us.

Solutions update: share USB keyboard, extend cable to 300 feet. January 21, 2000 -- We've added KVM products from Gefen to the product listings on our Keyboard/Monitor Sharing Solutions page. Gefen offers the ExtendIt KVM switches for sharing a monitor, keyboard, and mouse between multiple Macs and PCs, usually with very long cables. The ExtendIt PC/Mac 2000 Cross Platform KVM SWITCH works with PS/2 or ADB keyboards up to 25 feet away. Gefen also has KVM switches for PS/2 only, ADB only, and for USB only.

Also of interest is Gefen's innovative CAT5-2000 KVM Extender box for extending video, PS/2, ADB and USB up to 300 feet over CAT-5 cables--the same cables used for Ethernet. The ExtendIt CAT5-2000S/R product extends USB and video devices up to 300 feet away from your computer (PC or Mac). An ADB version lets you have keyboard up to 1000 feet away.

MacServerIP problems with Sherlock. January 21, 2000 -- Jeff Lucia sent in a report about his experience with MacServerIP, an AppleShare-over-IP file server for Windows NT Server. He said it works well, but he found a few problems. Sherlock searches of MacServerIP volumes are much slower than NT Services for Mac. He also found occasional duplicated icons, and folders with unknown privileges. You can read Lucia's full report on our AFP-over-IP special report page.

UNIX Console for Macs lets you analyze Solaris. January 21, 2000 -- UNIX Console v1.0 (US$99) is a Solaris UNIX system analysis and performance tool for Macintosh with a graphical interface for UNIX commands. UNIX Console includes a dumb telnet terminal, display of BSD printer spools, a disk utilization module, load analysis, CPU and RAM usage analysis, and SAMBA and EtherShare client overview modules. Apple posts QuickTime Streaming Server 2. January 20, 2000 -- Apple has posted QuickTime Streaming Server 2, the streaming video server for Macintosh that supports Windows and Mac clients. Some new features:

QuickTime 4.1 for Mac OS and Windows now available. January 20, 2000 -- Apple has posted the QuickTime 4.1 client for Mac OS and Windows, the newest version the multimedia software for the Internet and the desktop. New features include:

Mac OS 9 update for DOS Mounter 98. January 20, 2000 -- Software Architects has posted DOS Mounter 98 SE v3.0.0, and update to its Mac utility for accessing DOS and Windows directories and files from DOS disks. The update provides Mac OS 9.0 compatibility and fixes some minor bugs.

Using Microsoft IntelliMouse with Mac InputSprocket Games. January 20, 2000 -- Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q243367 describes a problem IntelliMouse buttons not working correctly in a Mac game using Input Sprockets. Microsoft recommends disabling the IntelliPoint features.

Update on MS Clustering and MacServer IP. January 20, 2000 -- Ton van der Liet updates his December 6 report on Microsoft Cluster Service and MacServer IP. He presents evidence that MacServerIP may not be that scalable after all. He is also looking for a way to automatically reconnect the AppleShare client.

Major changes at Be: free Be OS 5, shift to embedded systems. January 19, 2000 -- Be, Inc., announced yesterday that it is changing the focus of its BeOS operating system from desktop systems to Internet appliance systems, a market that Linux does well in.

As part of this new focus, Be will be giving away the upcoming BeOS version 5 of the BeOS desktop OS by March 31. BeOS 5 will be a free download for personal use for people who register with Be. BeOS 5 will run on x86 PCs and older Macintosh models before the G3.

More on separate NIC for NT Macs. January 19, 2000 -- Marcus Reese reports that like a reader yesterday, Reese he has also resolved slow SFM file transfers by adding another NIC to the server:

By adding another 10/100 Ethernet card to my NT server and configuring it to "full duplex" mode, any large print jobs spooled by the server have more than doubled in transfer speed to any printer that has a 10/100 Ethernet card in it. I also connected the server's LAN cables to different Ethernet Switches. Not to the same Switch. Large print jobs are just flying off my NT server now. Where before the printers were waiting for the incoming files.

Reader debunks 32,000 file performance limit. January 19, 2000 -- Responding to our question yesterday as to whether having more than 32,767 in an NT SFM volume slows down Mac file transfers, Steve Crossman says he's tested it, and found no such effect:

We have about 20 Mac volumes which have 40-60,000 files each on them...During my testing of volumes with 1-50 files and those with 50 thousand files, I could not see any difference, with NT SP3, 5 or 6.

Problem with MacServerIP and time synch. January 19, 2000 -- Steve Crossman also reports of a problem with time synchronization and MacServerIP, the Appleshare-over-IP server for Win NT.

My experience with support for MacServerIP so far has been good, but they have yet to answer my problems with MSIP and a time synchronization utility called NetTime. All of our Macs were getting set to GMT (zulu) time and not EST. When NetTime operated thru SFM, all was well.

VPC 3.0 problem with freeze with SuperDisk USB. January 19, 2000 -- A reader reports that Virtual PC 3.0 freezes when he installs an Imation SuperDisk USB drive when this message comes up: "New Hardware Found Imation MSD Adapter Windows is installing the software." Other USB devices seem to work fine. The reader also said that Connectix has received other reports of the same problem. Details on our Virtual PC 3 page.

More on speeding up slow Win NT SFM file transfers. January 18, 2000 -- Do large numbers of files and folders (over 32,767) in a mounted NT SFM volume really slow down file transfers between the Mac and the NT server? Ian Lepore has heard of this--as have we. However, we have also had reports from users with hundreds of thousands of files and folders in a volume who say there is no effect. What is your experience?

Rich White resolved his slow SFM problems by adding a new NIC:

Our company originally had very poor performance using SFM file sharing with Windows NT 4. Our solution was to add another network card to the server and dedicate it to only AppleTalk protocol. The original NIC was left to handle all other protocols. We have not had any performance problems since.

Calendar File Corruption with Outlook 8.2.x. January 18, 2000 -- Lisa Toplansky reports that she is seeing the Calendar file corruption for Outlook 8.2 and 8.2.1 we have previously reported. She says "Seems to be related to granting other users (particularly PC users) access to their calendar. The schedule+ calendar eventually becomes corrupt." Toplansky provides some more detail and insight into the problem on our Outlook/Exchange troubleshooting page.

Warning for file transfer in emulated Windows. January 18, 2000 -- Responding to yesterday's post (below) of a reader's report of faster Mac-to-NT file transfers in Virtual PC than in the Finder with SFM, Patrick Peccatte points out a warning:

Remember that it is impossible for VPC running Windows 98 to copy properly the Macintosh resource forks--only Windows NT can make this kind of copy. So the copy could be significantly quicker on VPC running Windows 98 because data was lost.

Do you do cross-platform video conferencing? January 18, 2000 -- If you do cross-platform video conferencing, please consider letting us know what you like to use.

AOL fixes Emailer Y2K problem. January 18, 2000 -- MacFixIt reports that AOL has updated its servers for Y2K, so Claris Emailer will now run without Dan Frakes' patch. (The problem did not affect AOL software or POP accounts accessed with Emailer.)

Mark your calendar for Linux Demo Day. January 18, 2000 -- Linux activist Deepak Saxena wants to designate February 17 as Linux Demo Day, and has recruited Red Hat and other corporate sponsors, and is looking for more. February 17 also happens to be the launch day for Windows 2000. The purpose of the Day is to show Linux as an alternative to Windows.

FWB posts OS 9 fix for SoftWindows 95. January 17, 2000 -- FWB Software has posted and OS 9 patch for SoftWindows 95, which enables the Windows emulator to run on Mac OS 9. FWB issued an OS 9 patch for SoftWindows 98 in mid-December. FWB also has patch for RealPC. (See our Mac OS 9 Special Report for other cross-platform compatibility issues.)

New Tip: switching between PC emulator and Mac OS app. January 17, 2000 -- Joe Lewis Wilkins sent in a tip for switching between a PC emulator (Virtual PC, SoftWindows, Blue Label PowerEmulator, etc.) and a Mac application using the Application menu. Hold the option key while clicking the application. This hides everything except the app you've selected. Wilkins surmises "Most important when you have a large screen, but I suspect it may also cause your Mac to run a teeny bit faster, since it doesn't have to worry about anything that might be behind the Active Window." We've added this tip to our list of tips on our Emulation Tips page.

Microsoft warning against defragging MFT, paging files on NT, 2000. January 17, 2000 -- Orlin Damyanov found an article in the NTWire Online Newsletter (article not yet on the website) about a Microsoft warning against defragmenting the Master File Table (MFT) or Paging file in Windows NT/2000 with a third-party tool. (NTWire said the warning had been posted at Microsoft's web site, but has since been removed.) NTWire reports that Microsoft had warned that boot time defragmentation is the only safe method of defragmenting these files. However, the Windows 2000 defragging tool can't defragment the MFT or Paging file.

Update: reader likes Basilisk II, free Mac-emulator for Win32. January 17, 2000 -- A reader writes of his good experiences with Basilisk II v 0.7-2, the most recent version (October '99) of the free Macintosh emulator for Windows. (It is also available for BeOS and Linux.) You can read his comments on our Mac Emulators for PCs special reports page.

Lists for Mac-On-Linux Project started. January 17, 2000 -- Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. is now hosting two mailing lists for the "Mac-On-Linux" project, and open source program that runs Mac OS on top of Linux on a Mac. One list is a user list, and the other is a developer list. (Terra Soft is the distributor of Yellow Dog Linux and Black Dog Linux.)

Virtual PC file transfers faster than Finder via NT SFM? January 17, 2000 -- A reader reported that file transfers to a Windows NT server via Virtual PC 3.0 were significantly faster than those from the finder via NT Services for Macintosh. (VPC 3 with Windows 98 was running on Power Mac G4/400 (Yikes) with Mac OS 8.6.) Moving a 10 MB file took:

The reader also ran a database access program (unnamed) that locked for 20 seconds when accessing from the Finder, but not from VPC.

Some of this could be explained by the speed advantages of TCP/IP over AppleTalk, but we suspect this reader may be experiencing one of the SFM slowdown problems listed on our NT Server Tips page. Comments?

More on info about MacServerIP. January 17, 2000 -- In response to our news item of Jan. 13 regarding a reader who was having trouble getting information from Cyan and TeamASA about MacServerIP, Keith Billy has a suggestion. He reminded us that MacServerIP is also marketed as HybinetteIP from HybinetteIP, Inc. Billy also found some good pricing options for the server at Hybinette.

Apple and IBM have the greenest, cleanest computers. January 17, 2000 -- The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition has rated computer companies for their affect on the environment. Their 1999 report card, The Clean Computer Campaign, shows Apple tied with IBM in the rankings for most environmentally responsible computer company. Dell, Gateway, Parkard Bell, and Acer were among the companies that got low marks.

More tips on slow NT SFM performance: Duplex, Spanning Tree. January 13, 2000 -- We've updated our NT Server Tips page with recommendations from readers on slow file sharing performance between Macs and Windows NT. During the past few days, we've been reporting of users solving the problem by fixing mismatched duplex settings on switches and NICs in an NT Server, where one is configure to full-duplex with the other set to half-duplex. Readers also noted that having a NIC set to "autosense" also causes slow file network performance.

Jeff Lucia sent in a tip for checking to see if you have an Autosense/duplex mismatch. You can read the tip on our NT Server Tips page. Lucia also reports that installing a Service Pack switched his NIC from full duplex to autosensing.

John Wolf (who search two days before he discoved his mismatched duplex settings when he moved into a new building), sent us a tip for yet another cause of slow networking between Macs and NT Services for Macintosh. His tip: Make sure to disable spanning tree on switch ports with Macs. This tip is also on the NT Server Tips page.

Disappearing printers with VLan. January 13, 2000 -- John Wolf reports of a problems with printers that disappear from a network:

One issue that is still outstanding is many of our printers sometimes decide to just disappear out of the Chooser, and then show up a minute later. We have a VLan dedicated to printers that encompasses the whole building. The problem is that AppleTalk printers are not behaving well in this VLan. If there are any Nortel/Bay gurus out there, I would love to hear any ideas on this.

Nortel/Bay gurus can e-mail us, if you please.

Support for IP for SFM products. January 13, 2000 -- Chris Lyttle has decided to make the move from NT SFM to MacServerIP. Lyttle said that he contacted both the developer (Cyan) and the US distributor (TeamASA) to get some customer testimonials about the product and its support, but hasn't heard from either since here enquiry 6 weeks ago. Lyttle said "To contrast the response with ExtremeZ-IP we have had 5 emails and a telephone call so far to find out what we think of their product." If you'd care to share your support experiences with MacServerIP and TeamASA, please do.

FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited supports removes guest ceiling. January 13, 2000 &endash; File Maker Inc. has removed the limit for the number of web database guess in its new product, FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited (US $999). The Worldwide English version now available, which FileMaker claims can provide "web-based database publishing to tens of thousands of users over the intranet and Internet." The unlimited version also increases performance and security. FileMaker Pro 5 unlimited runs on Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 SP3 or later and Mac OS and Mac OS X Server

VPC Helper 2.0 adds more speed, uses less RAM. January 13, 2000 -- AuctionMac Software released VPC Helper 2.0, the latest update to the utility for speeding up and configuring Connectix' Virtual PC emulator for Macintosh. AuctionMac claims the new version is two-three times as fast and uses 600K less RAM than previous versions. It also comes with VPC Clocker, a Virtual PC benchmarking utility.

Fastest CD-RW drive is cross-platform. January 13, 2000 -- LaCie announced a CD-RW drive for Mac, Windows, and Linux which the company claims can burn a CD-ROM in 6 minutes. The company says the LaCie 12x4x32x CD-RW ($459-not yet at LaCie's web site) is the fastest recording drive in the industry. The drive can playback at 32x with 150 ms access. The LaCie 12x4x32x CD-RW comes bundled with the LaCie Recording Utilities CD package that includes both Adaptec Easy CD Creator for Windows 95/98/NT and Adaptec Toast Standard Edition for Mac OS. Linux users can use X-CD-Roast, available at Linux sites on the Internet.

Slow NT SFM response: autosense is not your friend. January 11, 2000 -- Dave Brown had a similar experience to that of Steve Crossman reported yesterday:

We were getting significant "stalls" accessing a brand new Gateway/ALR 8300 server (NT4/SP6.01 x86) with one port of a Adaptec Quartet64 4-port 10/100 NIC connected to a BayStack 10/100 switch. The switch was set to force 100/full duplex; the NIC was set to autonegotiate. The problems went away when the NIC was also forced to 100/full.

Mac file transfers were unusably slow; print jobs (commercial prepress) took hours; a ping flood would randomly stall for a few seconds, etc. This server replaced a much older ALR server which had its NIC set to force 100/full. The old server had no similar difficulty when running SP6.

My new Ethernet motto is "autosense is *not* your friend.

FileMaker releases bug fix update. January 11, 2000 -- FileMaker Inc. has posted FileMaker Pro 5v2 Update for Windows 95/98/NT and Macintosh, a bug-fix update to the cross-platform database. FileMaker Pro 5.0v2 fixes a bug that delays the shutdown of the FileMaker Server Service when FileMaker Server 5 is running on Windows 2000 and remotely administered from a Mac.

More in French-language NT-Mac information. January 11, 2000 -- Patrick Peccatte has done a French translation of John Savill's Windows NT FAQ. (The English version is here.) Peccatte has previously provided us with French translations of the MacWindows Tutorials Installing and Setting up Windows NT SFM and Using Files with Windows and Macintosh.

Cross-platform instant messaging for Macs. January 11, 2000 -- Kanex Group Inc. released MacPopUp 1.0 beta, a utility that enables instant messaging with Mac, Windows 95/98/NT, Linux, and Unix users. The commercial version will ship next month.

Misconfigured 100BaseT switch caused slow NT SFM performance. January 10, 2000 -- Steve Crossman found the cause of his problem with slow file transfers to Mac clients with SFM and NT4 SP6. Crossman describes it as "a misconfigured 100 MB switch that was set to 100 MB half-duplex where as the NIC in the NT 4 server was set at 100 MB full-duplex. After changing the switch to full duplex all problems disappeared."

However, during the search for this solution, Crossman decided to replace SFM with MacServerIP. His report on our NT Unsolved Mysteries page.

AppleShare IP 6.3: Web-based Remote Admin needs AppleTalk. January 10, 2000 -- Apple Tech Info Library article 60683 reports that AppleTalk must be active on AppleShare IP 6.3 in order to launch Web-based Remote Admin. Otherwise, a 504 timeout error will occur. You can set AppleTalk to connect via "Remote Only" or set it to a non-active port, such as the printer port. (For older ASIP bug reports, see our AppleShare IP page.) New versions of VNC cross-platform remote control. January 10, 2000 -- AT&T Labs Cambridge has posted Virtual Network Computing Macintosh Package 3.3.3beta, cross-platform thin-client, remote viewing software. The VNC client can control Mac, Windows, or UNIX machines running the X Window server software. There is also a Mac server. Both Mac client and server can be downloaded in the "Macintosh package." There are also "Windows packages," last updated in October of 1999.

Solutions update: type/creator-extension utility. January 10, 2000 -- We've added Mellow Software's Associator 2.0 ($10) to our list of products on the MacWindows File Solutions page.

Associator maps PC extensions to Mac type and creator code and extends the functionality of the Mac OS's File Exchange control Panel. Adds correct PC extensions to Mac file names and gives PC files the correct Mac file type and creator codes. It also lets you decide if you want to automatically remove PC extensions during mapping. You can drag and drop a batch of files going both ways at once (Mac to PC and PC to Mac).

Using DAVE to access emulated Win NT on UNIX server. January 10, 2000 -- Dr. Robert Henry Arnott is using DAVE on his Mac to access an emulated Windows NT network environment running on a UNIX box: Totalnet Advanced Server running on Solaris 2. It generally worked, but Arnott ran into a problem with permissions on files placed by Windows users. He did get to the bottom of the problem. You can read his report on our DAVE Special Report page.

WinNT/2000 search engine/portal. January 10, 2000 -- is a Windows NT/2000-specific search engine and news site. (Thanks to Orlin Damyanov for passing that along.)

Solutions update: MacDisk2000. January 7, 2000 -- We've updated our Disk Solutions page with a description of Media4 Productions' MacDrive 2000, which replaces MacDrive 98 and is available to today from the Media4 web site ($65). It will be in stores by January 17.

More fixes for the Emailer/AOL Y2K fix. January 7, 2000 -- Dan Frakes has fixed a problem in the Y2K fix for Emailer and AOL that we reported January 5. The problem was the original patch crashes Emailer when it tries to send an attachment. Frakes posted the fix in the form of patch applications, or directions on how patch it manually. He says:

The Claris Emailer Y2K/AOL Fix page has been expanded to offer support for 68k versions of Emailer. More troubleshooting information and downloadable patches have been added, and I am in the process of creating a fix for the widely used Emailer 1.x.

I have also heard from a source that AOL may actually be trying to fix things on their end, as well, which would be great news.

It's best to run the patch utility on the original copy of Claris Emailer 2.0 v3.

Cross-platform news from Macworld Expo San Francisco

Connectix announces Virtual PC with Windows 2000 and Virtual PC with Linux. January 7, 2000 -- Connectix (Booth 1707) announced that it will ship Virtual PC with Windows 2000 ($329) and Virtual PC with Linux($99) by the end of March. Both are based on Virtual PC 3.0. Connectix will continue to sell the existing Windows 95 and Windows 98 versions as well.

Farallon announces new HomeLINE products; cuts SkyLINE price. January 7, 2000 -- Farallon added two connectors to its cross-platform HomeLINE network cards, which network over in-wall telephone lines via the HomePNA standard. The HomeLINE Ethernet Adapter ($99) can connect an Ethernet network to a HomeLINE network, or connect one Mac via its Ethernet port. You can also use the connector to link a HomeLINE network to a DSL or cable modem Internet connection. HomeLINE Ethernet Adapter is now shipping. Farallon also announced the HomeLINE USB Adapter, which can connects a Macs USB port to a HomeLINE network. Farallon hasn't released pricing or a ship date for the USB Adapter.

Farallon also cut $50 off the price of SkyLINE, it's 802.11 DSSS wireless networking card that is compatible with Apple's Airport. The new price is $249.

DOS Mounter 3 adds support for PC USB, FireWire drives. January 7, 2000 -- Software Architects (booth 313) has released DOS Mounter 3, the mounting and formatting program that mounts Windows drives on a Mac desktop (a replacement for PC Exchange). The new version adds support for PC-formatted USB and FireWire drives. (PC Exchange only supports SCSI devices.) DOS Mounter 3 also can mount digital camera PC Card readers on your desktop.

Cross-platform news from Macworld Expo San Francisco

FWB to release its first new SoftWindows 98 version. January 6, 2000 -- FWB Software told MacWindows yesterday that it will release its first upgrade to the SoftWindows 98 since acquiring the emulator from Insignia Solutions. FWB posted a patch for OS 9 compatibility, but SoftWindows 98 5.1 will include new features that support Windows 98 features, according to FWB. SW 98 5.1 will also include Windows 98 Second Edition. FWB expects to ship it within 60 days.

Steve Jobs shows off Mac OS X interface. January 6, 2000 -- At his keynote speech yesterday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs showed off parts of the new Mac OS X interface, which was not part of the last developer release (beta). It integrates file browsing features of NeXT OpenStep with Mac OS Finder features, as well as some new interface features. Jobs said OS X will ship this summer, and while be bundle on all Mac models in January of 2001. (Jobs also announced that he is no longer "interim" CEO, but has taken the job. He will also retain his position as CEO of Pixar.)

Thursby to ship MacNFS. January 6, 2000 -- Thursby Systems told us it said it would ship MacNFS by February 1. MacNFS is a file sharing client for Macintosh, used for accessing NFS servers on UNIX/Linux hosts.

Macworld awards PC MacLAN. January 6, 2000 -- Macworld magazine awarded its Best Cross-Platform Utility Software Eddy Award to Miramar Systems PC MACLAN for Windows 95/98 v7.2 has been awarded the Eddy Award (Macworld's Editor's Choice Award), as Best Cross-Platform Utility Software.

3Dfx ship Voodoo graphics to the Mac users. January 6, 2000 -- 3Dfx Interactive Inc. announced that Mac users will be able to buy its graphics boards with its new VSA-100 (Voodoo Scalable Architecture) graphics processor. 3Dfx creates boards for gaming, primarily for PC users.

Cross-platform news from Macworld Expo San Francisco

Steve Jobs to speak at Macworld Expo today. January 5, 2000 -- Steve Jobs will give the keynote address at Macworld Expo San Francisco 2000 this morning. You can watch the Jobs keynote via QuickTime for Mac or Windows this morning at 9 am Pacific Standard Time. We expect Jobs to reveal some more information about the UNIX-like Mac OS X and to announce the latest PowerBook models. MacWindows will be there, and will report the cross-platform aspects of his speech here tomorrow.

Media4 announces MacDrive 2000. January 5, 2000 -- Media4 Productions announced MacDrive 2000, the latest version of its Windows software for reading and writing to Mac-formatted disks on a PC. MacDrive 2000 is being demonstrated at Macworld Expo the Digital Media Studio Booth (3226) and the Iomega booth (1029).

New Linux for Mac, SuSE Linux in beta. January 5, 2000 -- SuSE, Inc., a distributor of Linux for x86 systems, announced that it's first Mac version of SuSE Linux will ship in the spring for US $49.95 (EUR 46). SuSE Linux 6.3 for the Macintosh is now in beta, will be available at SuSE's FTP site or by contacting SuSE Oakland, CA or Germany (telephone numbers at FTP site). The company says that SuSE Linux "includes all of the Open Source software found in the Intel version, and is identical to use and administer to other SuSE Linux versions." (We've added SuSE Linux to our list of Linux products for Macintosh.)

Fix for Emailer/AOL Y2K problem. January 5, 2000 -- Don Frakes of the InformINIT web site has created a fix for the Claris Emailer/AOL Y2K problem we reported on Monday. We have tried it and it works. Basically, you have to open up the Emailer code and manually make 4 small changes. (Frakes also provides a beta version of patch utility that will make the changes for you, but we did not try it.)

Frakes describes the Y2K bug like this: Unlike other ISPs, AOL internal mail servers (the ones that Emailer connects to) provide a two-digit year in each message's date header. Because of that, Emailer miscalculates the date, arriving at 1944. Frakes' fix enables Emailer to calculate the correct date.

Update to MacVision, Mac-like front end for Windows. January 5, 2000 --Jeff Bargmann has posted an update to MacVision, a program that makes Windows look and act more like Mac OS, including the addition of an Apple menu. The new version fixes minor bugs, improves scrolling, and works better with 16-bit applications.

Bargmann also reports that MacVision has a small Y2K problem that reports the year as "100" in the Finder bar. A future release will fix this bug.

NT SP6a works on VPC 3.0. January 5, 2000 -- Peter Truskier, who couldn't get Windows NT Server 4 Service Pack 6a to run on Blue Label PowerEmulator, was successful with Virtual PC 3.0.

Y2K problem with America Online. January 3, 2000 -- We have discovered a Y2K problem with Mac users of Claris Emailer and America Online, which readers have verified. The problem doesn't occur with using Emailer to access POP accounts from other ISPs, or with Mac or Windows using the AOL software. E-mail messages received since January 1 are being dated November, 1948. Received e-mail was dated November 8, 1948 on January 1, November 9 on January 2, and so on. The only effect is that the messages are added to the opposite end of the In Box list if you sort by date.

Microsoft Win 2000 offers no speed benefit. January 3, 2000 -- A Microsoft report called Windows 2000 Performance Test by ZD Labs says that Windows 2000 won't give you any performance gains over Windows NT 4 unless you have a system with 32 MB of RAM. On systems with 64 MB and 128 MB of memory, Win 2000 "is comparable to the performance of Windows NT 4.0," according to Microsoft, which commissioned ZD Labs to perform the tests.

Thanks to Orlin Damyanov for alerting us to this report.

NT SP5 problem: shared volume becomes unshared. January 3, 2000 -- Andrew Jacobs is having a problem with NT Service Pack 5 where shared volumes become unshared. We've reported this problem before with SP4. Jacobs says the problem disappears with SP3. He tried our suggestion of moving the Mac volume from the root level to a directory, but this did not solve the problem.

Readers report Blue Label PowerEmulator problems. January 3, 2000 -- We've had several readers reporting with Lismore Blue Label PowerEmulator (BLPE) issues. Peter Truskier can't get NT Server 4 Service Pack 6a running on it, even though SP1 worked okay. We've posted his report on our BLPE Reader Report page. (If you've attempted to run NT SP6a on BLPE or Virtual PC 3, please let us know about your experience.) Truskier and another reader, Dan O'Sullivan, both report that detailed questions sent to Lismore Systems' tech support e-mail address were replied to with a one-line response. O'Sullivan uses BLPE to run the AvantGo service that connects his Palm pilot to the Mapquest and Chicago Tribune web sites. His problem is that he can't get networking running. He says it recognizes his network card, he doesn't get a response in the network browser.

Yellow Dog Linux to preview home version at Macworld Expo. January 3, 2000 -- Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. says it will preview Yellow Dog Linux "Gone Home" at Macworld Expo (booth #2046) later this week. Yellow Dog Linux "Gone Home" is a release of Linux for Macintosh aimed at the home user and small business owner. Terra Soft expects to ship Gone Home within three months. Terra Soft is promising a "fully graphical and mouse driven" installation process, the K Desktop Environment (KDE) as the default desktop interface, and will bundle with games and/or home-office applications.

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