Lion 10.7.2 fixes Active Directory, OD, and other problems

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Apple is promoting iCloud as the big news of yesterday's Mac OS X 10.7.2 release, but the update contains dozens of bug fixes for major problems-including a fix to the Active Directory problems that have plagued Lion since it's release. Lion 10.7.2 was part of a barrage of updates Apple released yesterday across its entire product line.

Apple indicated that Active Directory integration is simply "improved," but MacWindows readers, as well as reports around the Internet, claim that the problems with binding, login, and other problems are fixed in Lion 10.7.2. ( if this update fixes your Lion AD or other problems.)

The Lion 10.7.2 client update also fixes a problem when trying to bind to Open Directory with System Preferences using SSL. With previous versions of Lion, users would get an error message: "Unable to add server. Connection failed to the directory server. (2100)"

The Lion 10.7.2 update also fixes a problem with networking after waking from sleep, and fixes a problem with syncing Address Book with Google contacts.

You can now boot into the Lion Recovery partition from a locally attached Time Machine backup drive. (Lion Recovery lets you boot Lion from an invisible "Recovery Partition.") Along with the Lion update, Apple released a separate Lion Recovery Update, which fixes a problem with Find My Mac or Lion Server's Profile manager when using a firmware password.

The Lion update includes a package of security enhancements. One of these is behavioral, in that Lion no longer deems disk images and installer packages as "safe" files when downloaded from the Internet.

Lion 10.7.2 also adds some minor user interface enhancements, such as the ability to reorder Desktop Spaces (a feature that Leopard and Snow Leopard had) in Mission Control, and the ability to drag files between desktop spaces and full-screen apps.

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