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iPhone and iPad sales up, Macs sales down

By John Rizzo Apple saw increased sales of iPhones and iPads this quarter, but sales of Macs are more than 20 percent lower than a year ago, as described in the company's quarterly report released yesterday. This fueled speculation that iPad sales may be finally eating into Mac sales, as they have been with sales of Windows PCs.

Apple sold record 47.8 million iPhones during the past quarter, up from 37 million a year ago. Sales of iPads were also a record for Apple, at 22.9 million, up from 15.4 million during the same quarter year ago. Quarterly sales of Macs, however, dropped from 5.2 million last year to 4.1 million.

During the past year, analysts have suspected that iPad sales were taking a toll on Windows PC sales, even with the new Windows 8, while Mac sales seemed to be immune. Last August, AppleInsider reported:

Outside of Apple's Macs, sales in the global PC market have remained stagnant for several quarters, with many predicting a rebound after Microsoft ships Windows 8. But that's not going to stop the decline, an analyst with Barclays states.
Yesterday, ZDnet's Larry Dignan dismissed the idea of Mac immunity in a column called "Apple's Q1 confirms obvious: iPad eats away at Mac sales." Dignan said:
For all the talk about the post PC era and how Microsoft machines are losing out to tablets and Apple's iPad, there's some collateral damage close to home. That reality may be the biggest takeaway from another profit fiesta from Apple.

Apple quarterly revenue was a record, at $54.5 billion, as were profits at $13.1 billion. For Apple, the tradeoffs from Macs to iPads has been a net gain, at least in the quarter ending in December.

And while Apple blamed at least part of drop in Mac sales to a lack of parts availability, Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged yesterday that tablet cannibalization of PC sales has indeed hit Mac sales.

"We know iPhone has cannibalized some iPod business," Cook said. "We know iPad has cannibalized some Macs, and that doesn't worry us."

Apple's quarterly sales of iPods were 12.7 million for the quarter, down from 15.4 million in the year-ago quarter.