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Apple releases Boot Camp 5 for booting Macs with Windows 8

Apple yesterday released Boot Camp 5, a major new version of the software that enables users to boot a Mac with Windows. Version 5 adds support for Windows 8 (64-bit), and continues support for Windows 7. Boot Camp 5 also adds support for 3TB hard drives on new 27-inch iMacs. Not all Macs support Windows 8…

Thunderbolt problems with Windows 8

TIP: Fix for Thunderbolt problem with Windows 8 in Boot Camp

Boot Camp users who updated Windows 7 to Windows 8 may find that a Mac booted with Windows 8 does not recognize Thunderbolt . According to a new Apple tech article, the problem is an incompatibility with the Windows 8 Fast Boot feature (also called Fast Startup). The workaround is to disable Fast Boot using the Windows Control Panel. Here's how:

  1. In Windows 8, open the Control Panel. (You can move the mouse to the upper-right corner to activate the Charms bar, click the Settings icon, and then select Control Panel.)
  2. Select Hardware and Sound.
  3. Under Power Options, choose Change What the Power Buttons Do.
  4. Under Shutdown Settings, uncheck the Turn On Fast Startup. Checkbox.
  5. Click Save and then restart the Mac back into Windows.

After restart, Windows 8 will recognize Thunderbolt devices attached to the Mac.

If you've tried this workaround .

Thunderbolt Ethernet problem with Boot Camp 5 and Windows 8

Joe Brockhaus finds when he starts up his MacBook Pro with Windows 8 and Boot Camp 5, his Apple Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter disconnects from Windows 8 and won't be recognized again until he reboots. He tried our suggestion of turning off Fast Boot in Windows 8, but found that it was already turned off… (Click here to read more.)

Thunderbolt Boot Camp problem not limited to Ethernet adapter

Two readers responded to last week's report about a problem with Apple's Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter when the Mac is booted from Windows using Boot Camp: if the adapter disconnects, you have to reboot Windows to get it recognized again. The readers report that the problem is not limited to Thunderbolt Ethernet…(Click here to read more.)

More Thunderbolt problems in Boot Camp Windows 8

Kenny Bambridge is another reader reporting problems using the Apple Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter with Windows 8 booting a Mac with Boot Camp 5:

Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter is not working Windows 8. Windows 8 in the Device Manager doesn't even seem to recognize when I plug in my Thunderbolt adapter. And when I try to update drivers it says it's already up to date. I saw your post about it so I thought I would let you know, and ask if you have any suggestions.

The only suggestion we've seen involves turning off the Windows 8 Fast Boot feature. If you've tried this suggestion .

More on Thunderbolt network adapters in Win 8 Boot Camp

Sami Ahlgren responded to a previous post suggesting a fix for problems with Thunderbold devices not working with a Mac running Windows 8 vial Boot Camp:

I have tried this option and still my Thunderbolt network adapter does not work on Boot Camp Windows 8 installation. In OS X and VMware Fusion it work on Windows 8. It had worked correctly after last January, but last week stopped. I don't know what to do next.

If you've tried this suggestion .

Thunderbolt Limitations of Mac running Windows: a feature, not a bug. Sort of.

Macs running Windows with Boot Camp have some limitations working with Thunderbolt devices, some of which we have previously reported. For instance, a Mac booted from Windows won't sleep when a Thunderbolt device is connected. Readers have asked us how to fix this problem, but… (Read entire story here.)

Windows 8.1 won't fix Thunderbolt issues with Macs

Mac users enduring problems with Thunderbolt and Boot Camp won't get relief from Windows 8.1, according to a blog post by ZDnet's David Morgenstern. He quotes a Thunderbolt engineer saying that the Mac Boot Camp experience won't get better until Microsoft fixes deficiencies, which it isn't doing with Windows 8.1.… (Read entire story here.)

TIP: Another Workaround to Boot Camp Thunderbolt problem

Two readers responded to our reports about problems with Thunderbolt devices not being recognized by Windows 8 running with Boot Camp on a Mac. One reader shared a workaround, while another said that an Apple workaround we reported didn't work. Wolfgang Hoepfner in Berlin, Germany, provided the workaround:… (Read entire story here.)

TIP: USB 3 Ethernet gets around Thunderbolt problem with Windows Boot Camp

Two readers report no success with previous suggestions about problems with Thunderbolt Ethernet adapters running under Windows on a Mac using Boot Camp. One reader provided additional information, while Kim Bliss got around the problem by using a USB 3.0 adapter instead of Apple's Thunderbolt… (Read entire story here.)

Thunderbolt Boot Camp problems still seen with Win 8.1 Update 1

Arthur reports that the recently released Windows 8.1 Update 1 still has problems with Thunderbolt devices when booting a Mac. This was not unexpected, since Microsoft hasn't announced support of standard. Apple's workaround is to turn off Fast Startup in Windows, but this doesn't seem to help… (Read entire story here.)

13-inch MacBook Pro cannot boot Windows 8

A reader points out that the MacBook Pro 13-inch Mid-2010 cannot be booted with Windows 8 using the new Boot Camp 5 released last week, despite another article indicating support for that model. Apple's Windows 8 FAQ, which we quoted on Friday, lists the MacBook Pro, Mid 2010 or newer, as a being able to boot from Windows 8 with Boot Camp 5. Article HT5634, however, states that the 13" MacBook Pro from Mid 2010 does not run Windows 8.

Brant Stalzer brought this to our attention:

I have Windows 8 64-bit running on my mid-2010 MacBook Pro 13-inch, minus various driver-related features. I try to use Boot Camp Assistant 5.0.2, but I get a fail message that only Windows 7 can be installed on my hardware. I tried a couple ways to install/update drivers using the 5.0.5033 support files, but nothing seems to be helping.

I also see varying info on the Apple site. I have Boot Camp Assistant, etc., on my MacBook Pro, but Apple has Windows 8-64 unchecked for support on this page: But other Apple pages indicate that mid-2010 MacBook Pro 13's should be supported.

The Mac models that support Windows 8 via Boot Camp 5 are as follows:
  • MacBook Air, Mid 2011 or newer
  • MacBook Pro, Mid 2010 or newer, except for the 13" inch model
  • Mac Pro, Early 2009 or newer
  • Mac Mini, Mid 2011 or newer
  • iMac, 27-inch, Mid 2010 or Mid 2011 or newer (the 21" Mid 2010 does not support Windows 8)

If you've tried Boot Camp 5

Reader reports Windows 8 OK after a partition format

Scott Brookes was able to install Windows 8 on his Mac with Boot Camp 5, but had to reformat his Windows partition first:

Windows 8 64-bit works with the Retina MacBook Pro. I had to wipe my 32-bit partition I had installed and start over.

TIP: USB devices can prevent Windows installing on Macs

Windows may boot a Mac to a black screen during or after installation if you had a USB device connected to the Mac during a Boot Camp installation procedure. According to a newly updated Apple tech document, this can occur if you installed Windows from a USB optical drive or USB flash drive, and had another USB device connected to the Mac. This does not include a USB keyboard and mouse.

The workaround is to reinstall Windows without the extra USB devices attached: leave only the USB device containing the Windows installer, and a keyboard and mouse if needed. First, restart the Mac by holding the Power button. Hold the Option key down and select the Windows installation media when its icon appears on the screen.

If you've tried this .

TIP: Black screen for Win 7 or 8 on 13-inch MB Pro, some iMacs

Attempting to install Windows with Boot Camp on some Mac models can result in Windows booting into a black screen. One of these problems is specific to installing Windows 8 on a recent Mac Pro model. Another is when installing Windows 7 on two particular iMac models. Both involve Apple drivers… (click here to read more).

TIP: Update MacBook Air firmware to install Windows 8

Apple reports that in order to run Windows 8 with Boot Camp 5 on the MacBook Air (Mid 2012), this Mac model needs the MacBook Air EFI Firmware Update 2.6 or later. If Firmware 2.6 or later is not installed, Windows 8 may not start or start with low-resolution graphics. As reported last week, there are other particular Mac models that also have issues with Windows 8 and Boot Camp.

If you've had this problem and tried to boot Windows and it just stopped, you'll have to turn off the MacBook Air by holding the Power button. Start up again while holding the Option key and then select the Mac partition when it appears to boot from OS X. You can find the firmware update by selecting Software Update in the Apple menu.

TIP: Workaround for installing Windows 7 on new MacBook Air

Apple has posted a workaround for a problem installing Windows 7 from an external DVD drive on the new MacBook Air (referred to as "Mid 2013") using Boot Camp. The symptoms include Windows booting into a black screen and error messages. The workaround is not the same as those for similar problems…

Workaround for booting Windows on Macs with 3 TB drives

Mac users with 3 terabyte drives have experienced frustration with not being able to install Windows via Boot Camp. OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.3 and later is supposed to fix this, but often it doesn't work. There is workaround that involves a special way of creating the Windows partition, according to… (click here to read more).

Apple updates Boot Camp 5 to support Windows 8.1

Apple has updated its Boot Camp 5 drivers to support booting Macs with Windows 8.1. Before this update, only Windows 7 and 8.0 were supported. The new Boot Camp 5.1.56xx update comes in two versions for two different sets of Macs. It is not likely that the update improves the use of Thunderbolt…(Click here to read more.)

Reader problems with Windows 8 in Boot Camp 5

Wesley Heiss was having problems with Windows 8 on his MacBook Pro, so he updated Boot Camp to the version that Apple says works with Windows 8. (See our report to see which version works for your Mac.) Unfortunately, he receives an error message saying that only Windows 7 is support. Heiss writes…

(Click here to read more.)

Apple drops support for Windows 7 in new Mac Pro

The new Mac Pro will only allow Windows 8 or later to be installed with Boot Camp. Apple updated its System Requirements for Boot Camp page to list Windows 8 as the only supported Windows OS for the Mac Pro Late 2013. A blog post from Twocanoes Software shows a screen shot of the Mac Pro's Boot Camp Assistant… (Click here to read more.)