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Workarounds for Mavericks Server -36 error not working for reader

Jim Hiesener is seeing the problem of receiving -36 errors when Macs copy files from Mavericks Server using SMB. He's tried the previously reported workarounds, creating an nsmb.conf file to force the use of the SMB1 protocol, or using only POSIX permissions (and not ACLs).

I read your article. I manage a few agencies and had never used Mavericks Server yet. I discovered this error in testing and have explored the workarounds. I've been installing and using Mac servers for 20 years. This is crazy. I'm working on this problem with another Mac tech at a sister agency.

Is Apple going to just let this go and not resolve the issue? Not having network users connect in the bonjour list is crazy. Then why did the Mavericks OS put the Server on top first in the network list in the Finder window.

If you've tried the workarounds .

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