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Winclone 4.1 can create Boot Camp installer package

Twocanoes Software has released Winclone 4.1 (US $30 and up), software that creates a copy of a Windows Boot Camp partition on a Mac for backup or migration to another Mac. The Winclone Pro edition (US $100) now enables the creation of a self-contained installer package of a Windows partition for 1-step installation on other Macs.

Winclone can also reduce the size of a Boot Camp partition to save space, or expand it. You can also shrink the Windows file system of in an image in order to install it on a Boot Camp partition that is smaller than the original.

In an enterprise environment, a Winclone Pro 4.1 installer package can be automatically deployed to multiple Macs by using the Casper Suite from JAMF Software. (The appropriate Windows license is required for multiple installations.) Winclone Pro 4.1 also can create the Boot Camp partition itself on the target Macs as well as install the Windows image. You can set the Boot Camp partition to be a specific size on the target Macs or as a percentage of the hard drive space.

You can also use Winclone to migrate a Windows installation from a PC to a Mac. This involves using the Windows Sysprep utility to prepare the OS, then removing the hard drive from the PC and connecting it to the Mac with at SATA-to-USB adapter. Once the drive is prepared and connected, Winclone can migrate it to a Boot Camp partition.

This video from Twocanoes demostrates how to create a Boot Camp installer package.

Winclone 4.1 requires OS X 10.7 Lion or later, and works with Windows 7 and Windows 8. The $30 Winclone Individual edition (US $30, or $15 upgrade) can be installed on one or two Macs. The $100 Winclone Pro version (US $200 with support) can also be used on an unlimited number of Macs by a single administrator. A Winclone Site package (US $500, $1000 with support) can be used by multiple administrators on an unlimited number of computers in the organization.