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Winclone 4 takes snapshots of Windows Boot Camp

Twocanoes Software's Winclone 4 ($29) is an OS X utility that can make a backup or copy of a Boot Camp installation on a Mac, or copy a Windows installation on a PC and migrate it to a Boot Camp partition on a Mac. You can restore a Windows image to Boot Camp with a simple mouse click.

The snapshot image is an identical clone and can be used as a complete backup of a Boot Camp installation that includes Windows, all applications and files as well as settings. Apple Boot Camp drivers are also stored in a clone image.

Winclone can copy a Boot Camp installation to one or more Macs over a network with a "Share Winclone Images on a Network" option. Winclone 4 can also restore from one Mac to another over a network. For migrating from a real PC, however, you will have to remove the hard drive from the PC and connect it to the Mac using an external USB drive enclosure.

Winclone 4 can also shrink the size of an clone image by removing unused space. This enables the copying of a Windows installation to a smaller Boot Camp partition.

Winclone 4 requires OS X 7 (Lion) or later and works with Windows 7 and Windows 8 installations.