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Video shows InDesign OS X file bugs not limited to servers

Dan Ball responded to our article on workarounds for InDesign files corrupting on file servers. He blames Adobe CS6 for the problems, which he says occur on local files, not just with files located on servers, and made a video to show it. He also says the problem is not limited to Mavericks. Ball reports:

I see the same problems and other problems with CS6 on 10.8.x. Argued with Adobe and they say it's my install or something else interfering with the software. Adobe products are the only things installed on our image with Chrome, Firefox, MS Office and thatÕs about it. It's Adobe crap software that needs fixing, IÕm surprised people are just now seeing this as I see it all the time with our students and we are running 10.8.5 with CS6 and latest updates.

I can take perfectly good files and keep opening them and they eventually start failing. Quit InDesign and the files will open right up again. See it in this video:

Note in that video it was a local home and the files were local. But throwing SMB into the mix we have similar problems as people are talking about running our current setup with 10.8.5, CS6 and SMB. I keep telling everyone not to open the files off the share as I thought that was always the issue till I saw this problem I made the video on. Just crap software to me now as I never experienced this with any other software.

Mac OS 10.6 we were pretty stable, but I believe we were also running CS5.5 at that time. I skipped 10.7 and went straight to 10.8 and CS6.

If you've seen this issue .