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Tweaking Windows XP in Virtual PC for Better Performance

Updated March 15, 2006

March 15, 2006
Loren Olson uses a Windows utility called ASMW PC-Optimizer Pro to boost the speed of Windows XP running in Virtual PC 7:

I get a speed of over 1.5 GHz speed under Virtual PC with Windows XP Pro. This speed is real, and I do mean real.  This is attained using a G5 Dual Core Quad 2.5 GHz machine, but the hardware is not all of it by any means. 

I use a Windows program called ASMW PC Optimizer.  It allows me to tweak Windows XP Pro settings, which I have included below. Other programs that allow for these types of tweaks will also work with Virtual PC. 

You will also help your Virtual PC performance if you keep your Windows XP clean, including your Internet cache and disk tuning. 

I am very pleased with the results so far. Here are the settings for each dialog box you will find in ASMW PC Optimizer.

Performance Related Visual Tweaks

Enable Mouse Shadow


Enable List-Box Smooth Scrolling   Yes
Enable Gradient Taskbar Captions No
Disable alphablending (transparency) of Selection Rectangle No
Enable Taskbar Fade in/out  No
Enable Combobox Animation Yes
Enable Menu Animation Yes
Enable Tooltip Animation  Yes

Start Menu Tweaks

Unless you have special reasons for wanting any of these on, you do not need any of them on at all.

Miscellaneous Tweaks

No Automatic window refresh Yes
Show Bitmaps as icons in explorer  No
Show shared document folders from “My Computer”        Yes

Automatically close non responding applications       

(This one appears unchecked which is not correct.  Very important to have checked!)


Cache Optimization

All you need here is Enable Boot defrag for faster booting, everything else can be off.

Desktop Tweaks

Animate Windows    No
Activate Desktop Quick Info Yes
Deactivate Taskbar Balloon Info No
Don’t Move Windows Filled No
Change Windows 3D Effect Yes
Desktop Shortcuts With Arrows  Yes

There are several Programs that will do this job, though most all will cost something. In the end, it is clearly worth it.

with tweaking Windows in Virtual PC 7.

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