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VMware Fusion 5.0.3 supports 3TB drives; Mountain Lion update needed

VMware has released VMware Fusion 5.0.3, an update to the virtualization software for OS X. The update adds support for Boot Camp partitions on 3 terabyte (TB) hard drives and fixes bugs with Office 2013 and others. But the update may be incompatible with OS X 10.8.2.

The VMware Fusion 5.0.3 update resolves Office 2013 display problems on recent Mac models and fixes a problem with "blurry graphics under certain circumstances." VMware says that the update also enables the cursor work better in Unity mode and with certain applications, and that horizontal scrolling now works normally in Unity mode (instead of being reversed).

But VMware recommends that users who are running VMware Fusion with OS X 10.8.2 Mountain Lion may experience unexpected crashing of their virtual machines. Updating Mountain Lion to 10.8.3 resolves the problem, according to VMware.

If your VMware Fusion virtual machines are crashing in Mountain Lion .

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