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Turning off SMB for OS X Server 36 error, and DS_store files

Timon Royer is another reader experiencing -36 errors when Macs try to access Mavericks Server using SMB. Responding to our suggestion to turn off SMB to force Macs to connect with AFP, Royer points out a need to turn off SMB on the server in two different places. He also wonders if his IPv6 configuration has something to do with it.

Another new bit of information is a screen shot of the error message that Royer forwarded, showing that the error message refers to the invisible DS_Store file:

The Finder can't complete the operation because data in ".DS_Store" can be read or written (Error code -36)

The DS-Store file is used by the Finder to In the past, this file could cause problems on Windows file servers. Apple has an archived support article, last updated on November 2011, on how to prevent DS_Store files from being create on file servers. Here is Royer's Report:

Just wanted to let you know that I'm having the same issue. I had to turn off SMB sharing not only in the Server App but also in System Preferences. 10.9.2 has a strong bias for SMB if available. In my case it ignored AFP shares until there was no SMB shared folder left. To clarify here's my setup:

  • iMac 10.9.2 running OS X Server 3.0.3
  • File shares are managed with Server app
  • SMB sharing in System Preferences also needs to be turned off

If I don't turn off SMB sharing in the system preferences on this iMac then the user still connects to the hidden SMB shares like his home folder, while the AFP only shares defined with the server app become invisible.

It looks like we're still in the minority. I'm not sure if it matters to track down the issue, but my systems also have public IPv6 addresses assigned, my network uses a Dual IP stack implementation.

This issue comes up reproducible when I'm trying to duplicate a folder structure via a connected Mac client (SMB share) also running 10.9.2. I've attached the error message as a screenshot.

If you have seen this problem or have a suggestion .