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Thunderbolt Ethernet problem with Boot Camp 5 and Windows 8

Joe Brockhaus finds when he starts up his MacBook Pro with Windows 8 and Boot Camp 5, his Apple Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter disconnects from Windows 8 and won't be recognized again until he reboots. He tried our suggestion of turning off Fast Boot in Windows 8, but found that it was already turned off. Brockhaus reports:

I have an Apple Gigabit Ethernet Thunderbolt adapter on a MacBook Pro 15" with Windows 8. The problem is it's not hot-swappable in Windows, meaning I have to plug it into my MBP before hitting the Power button, or else it is not detected. If the thing wiggles ever-so-slightly (happens from time to time), it disconnects it and I have to reboot Windows 8 to make it work again. I had hoped that updating to Boot Camp 5 from version 4 would solve this problem, but it did not.

It works as expected in OS X; I can remove and re-insert the Gigabit adapter and it will still function correctly, but it's not possible in Windows 8. I don't have any other Thunderbolt devices so I can't test to see if this holds with other TB devices (like displays) or only the Ethernet adapter.

I tried your suggestion of turning off Fast Boot, but when I just went to check, it was already unchecked. I do notice that in the 'Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media' tray icon, I have the option to "Eject Thunderbolt," but I assume that's an entirely different function than ejecting just the Gigabit adapter. I would expect to see the Gigabit Ethernet Adapter there as well.

If you've seen this problem .

Brockhaus also forwarded a general tip for navigating Windows 8:

Also, instead of navigating the 'long way' through the settings hierarchy, you can simply hit/click the Start/Command button and type "Change what the power buttons do", select "Settings" (either with key presses: right/tab, down, then enter, or use the mouse) and then select the "Change what the power buttons do" and it will open up that menu.

Thunderbolt Boot Camp problem not limited to Ethernet adapter

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