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Testers confirm Mac Pro processor is upgradable

Mac upgrade specialist OWC has tested and confirmed speculation that the processor in the new Mac Pro is upgradable. The company replaced the stock Intel Xeon E5-1650 V2 6-core processor with an Intel E5-2667 8-core processor.

Although Apple so far isn't pitching the Mac Pro as upgradable, the processor is removably mounted in a socket. OWC appears to have done a simple swap, without modifying the Mac Pro other than adding more memory. OWC reported that the new Mac Pro ran 30 percent faster with the new processor. The machine upgraded to the 8-core E5 also ran faster that the previous generation of Mac Pro powered by a 12-core processor.

The ability to upgrade the processor could potentially give extra years of extra life to the high-end workstation, and should be of interest to those that want to use the Mac Pro as a server.