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TIP: Workaround to Mavericks file sharing is to force SMB

Several readers offered a suggestion for yesterday's report of problems with OS X 10.9 Mavericks accessing some Windows file servers and network attached storage device. Mavericks now defaults to SMB2 file sharing protocol, but a bug seems prevent OS X from using SMB1 or AFP when the server doesn't support the newer SMB2.

A workaround is to force OS X to use the old SMB1 (also known as SMB/CIFS). To do that, instead of mounting the server using the Finder, use the Connect to Server command in the Finder's Go menu. Then type in the following:

cifs://server_address (using the IP address or network name of the server)

Using smb://server_address won't work, as this will use SMB2 to access the device.

Thanks to Mario Cajina and Kevin Lepard for the suggestion.

If you've tried this workaround .