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TIP: Workaround for iOS 7 timeout with Exchange

Spencer Hall in the United Kingdom reported a workaround for a problem with iPhones running iOS 7 being unable to sync with Exchange Server, which will time out. He found that limiting the number of email messages in the Sent and Inbox folders to below 250 prevents the problem. Hall reports:

We have recently noticed a problem creeping in when iPhones try and sync with Exchange Server 2003 SBS. All the settings on the iPhone's connection to Exchange Server verify within 20 seconds but when you try and sync the iPhone doesn't want to know. After a delay of around 25 seconds it just tells you to contact the administrator.

After several hours I have finally got down to the bottom on this one. The problem appears to be caused by:

1. Users upgrading to 7.X. The older IOS never suffered from this problem.

2. Too many items in the sent and received boxes. It appears that while the iPhone is loading down the headers the operating system times out the connection. Reducing the number of items in the Sent and Inbox to around 250 seems to fix this problem. If you have more than that, then file emails in folders which sort of gets round this problem.

Either way it's not very satisfactory...

If you've seen this problem or tried this approach .