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TIP: Using CIFS speeds Mavericks filesharing

Bill Haynes said that the reported workaround for broken filesharing in Marvericks not only works, but speeds up moving files and sending attachments via Mail through Exchange Sever. Haynes reports:

Wow! Changing my server mount to the cifs prefix resulted in a huge speed gain. I run AutoCAD Architecture 2012 in Parallels 9. Loading and saving to the windows server and the updating of external references had really slowed down to a crawl after I upgraded to Mavericks.

Also, adding attachments in Mail and sending is now much faster. Our Windows server is also our Exchange server. I have been having problems getting Mail to send when I attached files from the server. Instead the message would just hang in the outbox.

Does the cifs workaround speed up your filesharing?