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TIP: Suggestion for Mountain Lion access to Win shares

T. Grades responded to our report "Reader says OS X 10.8.2 will not connect to Windows shares" with a suggestion for using a specific path in the Connect to Server dialog of the OS X Go menu (also accessible by typing CMD-K). Grades reports:

I happened across this question and thought I would share a scenario I've seen. We have an AD and Samba server (Samba server uses kerberos) and when Mac users log into our shares they do the following: CMD-K then SMB://server/username We had one client that had just purchased a new Mac Air and could not log attach to our shares from that system no matter what he tried however, he could go to another Mac and log in successfully. What we found, through packet sniffing, was that for some reason when he put the log in information like this: SMB://server/username

I it was actually being rewritten in the packet sent to the server as something like SMB://server/username@servername

(Sorry I don't have a copy of the exact rewritten text handy)

We had the client switch to doing either: SMB://server/username/ or SMB://username@server

and that appeared to fix the issue for them.

Don't know if this will work in this case, but thought it wouldn't hurt to pass it on since it looked like with everything the submitter tried they never tried added a trailing /.

If you've tried this