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TIP: Possible workaround on Mavericks file sharing disconnects

Adam Elliott updated his report from yesterday by reporting some success with his problem of Macs with OS X Mavericks disconnecting from Windows Server. He did this on the Windows server by enabling then disabling TCP Chimney Offload and Receive Side Scaling (RSS), features designed to increase server performance. Elliot reports:

Slight success I believe. We re-enabled SMB2 and SMB1. I took everything back to the way it was prior to the OS X (before Leopard). I also set the RSS, TCP Chimney Offload and NETDMA to enabled.

I then re-enabled SMB Signing on the SBS via the Group Policies for Domain and Domain Controller. Rebooted server and then rebooted Macs.

Then, Exchange for SBS refused to connect to the Outlook on the Macs (Mavericks). Unable to connect until I disabled RSS and Chimney again.

Server rebooted, Macs rebooted. Exchange OK. Shares all OK.

A user reported leaving files open overnight, and they are not disconnecting so far.

If you've tried this approach for this problem .