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TIP: Black screen for Win 7 or 8 on 13-inch MB Pro, some iMacs

Attempting to install Windows with Boot Camp on some Mac models can result in Windows booting into a black screen. One of these problems is specific to installing Windows 8 on a recent Mac Pro model. Another is when installing Windows 7 on two particular iMac models. Both involve Apple driver specific to those Mac models.

Windows 8 on MacBook Pro

The problem installing Windows 8 occurs on a 13-inch MacBook Pro (Late 2012). The screen could also appear distorted or black after installation of Windows 8. Apple summarizes the workaround:
You will need to start your installation of Windows 8 again and follow the steps below to correct this issue. The steps involve creating USB media containing the current Boot Camp Windows Support Software (drivers) for you to connect to your Mac during the install process.

The procedure involves relaunching Boot Camp Assistant and recreating the Windows installation media. Apple article TS4517 describes two procedures, one for creating the Windows 8 installer on USB media, and another for creating the installer on a DVD.

Windows 7 on iMacs

An older Apple article describes a problem with installing Windows 7 with Boot Camp on two iMac models, the iMac (27-inch, Late 2009) and iMac (21.5-inch, Mid 2010). The workaround for installing Windows 7 involves repartitioning with Boot Camp Assistant, copying Apple drivers to a USB or SD card storage device, and creating a Windows 7 installer on the device.

Neither of these iMac models support Windows 8, so Windows 7 is your only choice if you want to use Boot Camp to boot the iMac with Windows. You can, however, install Windows 8 in a virtual machine on these and most other Intel-based Macs using Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion. (See "Running Windows on Macs: A Comparison of Available Solutions.")

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