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TIP: Another Workaround to Boot Camp Thunderbolt problem

Two readers responded to our reports about problems with Thunderbolt devices not being recognized by Windows 8 running with Boot Camp on a Mac. One reader shared a workaround, while another said that an Apple workaround we reported didn't work.

Wolfgang Hoepfner in Berlin, Germany, provided the workaround:

I can confirm issues with Apple Gigabit Ethernet Thunderbolt adapter on a MacBook Pro 15" with Windows 8.1.

It happens after restarting the Mac from OS X (so-called warm start). To circumvent this, one has to completely shutdown the Mac prior to booting into Windows.

If you've tried this approach please how it worked.

Kimberly Bliss reports that Apple suggestion of turning of Fast Startup in Windows 8 didn't work:

I also have a problem with my Thunderbolt adapter when using Boot Camp and Windows 8.1 and I checked the setting that you mentioned but it was already unchecked. Due to the adapter problem, I am not able to connect to my external drive and can't access my files on my file server from Windows.

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