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Suggestions for Entourage Database Corruption

Crome Yellow commented on our report page "Entourage 2008 Database Corruption and Lost Email," offering suggestions on how to handle lost email in Entourage 2008 caused by database corruption. There is a difference of opinion here, but he believes rebuilding the database multiple times will eventually resolve problems in most cases:

I am running MSFT Office for Mac 2008. I am transitioning over to the 2011 version, but for now still running Entourage 2008. The size of my Main Identity database is just under 6 Gb.

1) Occasionally _ yes _ I get the error that Entourage is unable to access the database and that it is corrupt. When I get this error, sometimes I need to rebuild the database using Database Daemon several times until Entourage will open again without presenting that same error. Interestingly, in between Database Daemon rebuilds, a Verify database check may show no issues _ but still Entourage will not open and continues to claim database corruption.

But anyway, after a few database rebuilds everything (so far) has always started working again with no loss of data.

2) Now, on a different Mac of mine, the hard drive itself got corrupt to the point where nothing could repair it for long _ not Mac Disk Utilities, not Tech Tool Pro, not even DiskWarrior. The drive would not even remain mounted for long, let alone accessible. The best result I could get on that drive was a temporary stability after Disk Warrior.

IN THAT SITUATION where the drive itself was corrupt, after I extracted the MSFT Entourage Main Identity from that drive and moved it over to a different computer and opened it with a different Entourage, I would find entire blocks of emails missing. But I think this had more to do with over all disk corruption rather than corruption specific to the Entourage database, or destruction caused by Database Daemon rebuilds.

Anyway _ my two cents on this matter is that Database Daemon does work for most corruption issues, although one may need to run it multiple times. And my thinking is that where blocks of data are missing after rebuilding _ this is more due to systemic hard drive failure than the inability of database daemon to do its job.

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