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Screen sharing workaround for Parallels black screen bug with
Mavericks VMs

by John Rizzo

Two readers have confirmed the Parallels Desktop Tools incompatibility with Mavericks OS X 10.9.3 guests ("Parallels 9 update doesn't fix OS X 10.9.3 black screen bug.") I previously reported a workaround of manually removing Tools. Today, one reader offers another workaround, using screen sharing. But first, Andy Bulka notes that the bug is not new:

Good article. Keep the pressure on Parallels - its weird this bug has been there for so long!
Jan Cobb uses Screen Sharing to access Mavericks in a virtual machine, which avoids the buggy Parallels video driver and displays the guest OS:

For what it's worth, I have a Mac Mini running 10.9.3 (and Mavericks Server) with Parallels Desktop (Build 9.0.24229) and a VM running 10.9.3 and Mavericks Server; the host is called 'miniskuell' and the VM is called 'cloverleaf'. As per your article, Cloverleaf appears in the Parallels window with a black screen and I haven't tried to resolve the problem. What I am able to do is 'manage' Cloverleaf from my MacBook Pro in Screen Sharing, where the 'screen' is not blank (as the video driver, of course, is not being used to display within Screen Sharing on my MBP).

As my normal way of working with Miniskuell and Cloverleaf is via Screen Sharing (the Mac Mini sits on a shelf and is not easily accessible without standing up next to it!), I had not noticed the problem until a couple of days ago, but thought I would pass on the fact that there is a 'work-around' that doesn't involve deleting files -- provided you have another Mac to use with Screen Sharing!

Actually, you don't necessarily need a second Mac; you should be able to access the Guest OS from the OS X host. One advantage to using this technique is that you don't have to remove the Parallels video driver, and you wouldn't be limited to a 1024 x 768 pixel display in the guest OS.

Have you tried this approach? Please .