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Readers sees Mavericks ACL problems with OS X Server

David Green responded last week's report from a reader who was not seeing Mavericks SMB file sharing problems with ACLs with OS X Server. Many readers have reported this problem with Windows Server. Green says he is seeing the problems with OS X Server. (Note that we have had reports of other problems with OS X 10.9 and OS X Server) Green provides details of what happens to the permissions and ACLs:

I came across your site today while trying to fix a persistent bug that has caused me a lot of grief for the past 2 months, at least. I am running Mac OS X Mavericks Server in an environment with 10 users, all on Macs running Mavericks. Because we use AutoCAD 2014, six of these users are also using Parallels 9 with Windows 8.1. I can tell you that we have consistent errors with permissions and ACLs!

Today I ran a test. On a share point called "Projects" that has permissions set for a group called "ourStaff", it is set for the admin ("ourAdmin") to have full ownership, and "ourStaff" to have read/write permissions. For my test, I created a new folder in the Project folder. I then opened TextEdit and created two files: One saved directly to the server, the other, saved on my Mac and copied to the server. I did the same thing within Parallels.

The results when viewed via Get Info are:

  • Mac-created folder & files - ourAdmin = Read & Write).
  • Staff = Read only.
  • Everyone = Read only. (Note that it is the default "Staff" group, and not "ourStaff". PC-created folder & files - ourAdmin = Read & Write).
  • Everyone = No Access

Now that I've found your site, I am going to try some of the solutions mentioned on your site. Thanks for maintaining such a useful site. I wish I had found it earlier.

If you've seen the problems with Mavericks and OS X Server .