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Reader says OS X 10.9.2 update still can't connect to NAS

Paul Du Ve reports that the Mavericks 10.9.2 update did not help with his inability to connect to a network attached storage device. The previously reported workaround of forcing a connection to SMB1 (rather than the default SMB2) didn't work. Du Ve writes:

For me the inaccessible NAS issue continues. My Western Digital MyBook World Edition II remains incommunicado. Finder shows them under shared, but not able to connect. Tried your workarounds suggested prior to the update, (using Go to Server and requiring connection with cifs) but that too did not work. Contemplating move back to Snow Leopard so that I can again use the NAS.

Apple documentation for the OS X 10.9.2 update referred to improved reliability of SMB file sharing, sparking hope that Mavericks problems with SMB file sharing would be fixed.

One thing we can suggest is to use AFP (Apple File Protocol) on the NAS device if the device supports it. The setting would be made on the device, not the client Mac. If AFP is the only sharing protocol running, Mavericks will use it. If the NAS device is using both SMB and AFP with the device, you can force Mavericks to use AFP by using the Finder's Go menu, then Connect to Server, and typing afp://Servername or afp://ServerIPaddress.

whether or not the 10.9.2 update fixed your problems with SMB file sharing.