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Reader's Outlook won't sync, even with update

Adam Clotfelter has syncing problems with Outlook for Mac on OS X 10.8.4. This version of OS X did cause syncing problems, but the Office 14.3.6 update was supposed to fix these kinds of problems, but Clotfelter has this update installed. His report:

Upon initial sync, all messages download. After initial sync, no updates are synced with the server. No new Emails after initial sync ever show up on OSX Outlook, no emails deleted on OS X Outlook are ever synced to server. I can not find any Sync errors under Window > Error Log (even after turning on troubleshooting errors). When it subsequently tries to sync, it keeps saying "Downloading Attachments" over and over, or it will sit on "Determining changesÉ".

This is a new install, so it didn't work properly in the past. My system: OSX 10.8.4 on MacBook Pro Outlook 14.3.6 (130613) Exchange 2007 SP3, Version 8.3 (Build 83.6)

If you've seen this problem .

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