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Reader problems with Windows 8 in Boot Camp 5

Wesley Heiss was having problems with Windows 8 on his MacBook Pro, so he updated Boot Camp to the version that Apple says works with Windows 8. (See our report to see which Boot Camp 5 version works for your Mac.) Unfortunately, he receives an error message saying that only Windows 7 is support. Heiss writes:

I've been having trouble installing this Boot Camp update on my MacBook Pro. Currently I have Windows 8.1 on a 15" MacBook Pro mid-2012 Retina. The systems were not working correctly (touchpad, volume control, and the Boot Camp control panel) so I decided to update Boot Camp. I downloaded the 5.1.5621 update (which I believe is the correct version for my machine) and, when it's almost completed installing, says it only works on Windows 7.

Unfortunately the problem still persists but the machine is usable without the function controls on the keyboard.

Heiss is correct that Boot Camp is the correct version for his Mac. There is another version for some newer Macs.)

If you've seen this problem .

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