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Reader Mountain Lion filesharing problem with LaCie NAS

Ed McConnell reports that upgrading to OS X 10.8.2 prevents AFT connections to a LaCie network attached storage (NAS) device:

I have two LaCie Big5 Network 2 NAS units. I have recently upgraded my Mac and I am running 10.8.2. I can no longer access the Big5's as a "Registered User" when connecting via AFP it only allow me to connect as a "Guest". I can access the Big5 as a guest this way but the files saved to it are "Invisible".

I have tried connecting via SMB but when I do many of the files that are on the Big5 show up as Unix files (all Quark files show up this way) and I can do nothing with them. I have tried the various "workarounds" that have been suggested but nothing seems to work.

Is there a way that I can correct this issue, or am I looking at the fact that I have to buy new NAS (the LaCie is still under warranty, so that's not going to go over too well her at work). LaCie tells me that there is no fix form their end available for this.

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Suggestion for Mountain Lion NAS problem

Two readers responded to Monday's post, "Reader Mountain Lion filesharing problem with LaCie NAS." David Stone reminded us that Apple made a change in AFP with Lion that broke AFP connections to network attached storage (NAS) devices (see " Workaround for Lion & older AFP servers, including NAS, Novell"). He suggests an update from LaCie:

I have a solution for the LaCie problem noted: Lion and Mountain Lion use newer versions of AFP that dropped support for the DHCAST128 authentication. Netatalk has been updated to work so all they need is an update from LaCie. Without the update, only guest access will work. Please note: This issue affected ALL NAS manufacturers as they all rely on Netatalk for their AFP services.

Brian McCall added this:

I just finished setting up a client with VPN connecting via AFP to a LaCie 2Big NAS. I have 10.8.2 and can connect reliably and copy files back and forth with no problem.

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