Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac is lets you seamlessly run Windows and Mac applications side-by-side

Parallels updates Desktop for latest iMacs

Parallels has released a maintenance update of Parallels Desktop aimed mostly at newer Macs. The update, a mouthful called Build 8.0.18480.859305, provides "better compatibility with new iMacs," according to Parallels. It enables users to virtual machines from a Boot Camp partition on new iMacs with 3 TB hard drives. The Boot Camp partition can also have Windows 8 installed.

The update is supposed to provide "addresses overall stability and performance issues." It also fixes a minor display issue with a Windows 8 virtual machine when changing display resolution in certain circumstances. Fedora 18 virtual machines are now supported.

There's nothing that indicates that this update is only for new iMacs, but it doesn't download from within Parallels Desktop 8 on all Mac models. On an older MacBook Pro, a check for update yielded a message saying that the latest version is installed, when, in fact, an older build is installed, Build 8.0.18354 (Revision 823166; December 4, 2012). Clicking a "Download trial" button on the Parallels website will down that latest version.

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