Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac lets you seamlessly run Windows and Mac applications side-by-sid

Parallels fixes Tools bug in OS X Guests, Yosemite hosts

Parallels has issued an update to Desktop that fixes a number of bugs, including the incompatibility with Parallels Tools in OS X Mavericks guests that caused virtual machines with Mavericks to boot into a black screen. Parallels Desktop Build 9.0.24237 fixes the problem, which occurred with OS X 10.9.3 and 10.9.4 virtual machines.

The new update also fixes other problems and "addresses overall stability and performance issues," according to Parallels. Specific fixes include those for problems running Parallels on OS X Yosemite hosts (Apple's next-generation OS, still in beta). Parallels Desktop build 9.0.24237 also fixes a problem with losing the network connection in a virtual machine, and fixes a bug that caused World of Warplanes to crash.

Two MacWindows readers confirmed that the 9.0.24237 update fixes the incompatibility of Parallels Tools with Mavericks virtual machines. Chris Cohoon said, "I can verify that it does resolve the issue with Parallels Tools."

Bradley Dichter said, "The just released Parallels Desktop 9.0.24237 download takes care of this problem for OS X 10.9.3 and the newer 10.9.4."

Some readers saw the problem after updating Parallels to the previous Build 9.0.24229. Others first noticed it when updating the Mavericks VM to 10.9.3.

The new Build 9.0.24237 is available from within Parallels Desktop 9's Check for Updates function in the Parallels Desktop menu.