Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac lets you seamlessly run Windows and Mac applications side-by-sid

Parallels Access 2 ported to iPhone and Android, adds features, drops price

Parallels has released Parallels Access 2.0, the software that enables iPad users to run Windows or OS X applications and files, including Microsoft Office, remotely on their handheld devices. The new version adds support for iPhones running iOS 7 and phones and tablets running Android 4 and later.

New features include a new file browser for iOS that lets iOS users quickly browse and open files on their remote computer, and the appearance of Mac and PC apps on the Android home screen. Remote applications can now use the microphone on the iPad or iPhone. Parallels Access 2.0 can now change screen resolution for best fit for different types of devices.

There is also a new Parallels Access for Business option that enable IT admins to centrally manage Parallels Access. Admins can grant or restrict access and reassign accounts.

Parallels Access connects the device to the PC or Mac over a wi-fi network or mobile phone connection. On the device, the Mac or Windows applications appear as icons in an app launcher and have the look and feel of iOS or Android apps, using the interface conventions of the device for scrolling, selecting text, and editing graphics. Tapping an icon launches the Mac or Windows application. You can have multiple files and apps open and switch between them when needed. You can also copy and paste between the computer applications and native iOS or Android apps, and between Mac and Windows applications.

Parallels Access is available in the Apple iTunes App Store and on Google Play with a two-week free trial. The software is sold as a subscription, now set at $20 for one year or $35for two years. This includes the ability to access up to five remote computers from an unlimited number of iOS and Android tablets and phones.

New Parallels Access customers can get a two-year subscription for $30 if purchased through June 30, 2014.

Parallels Access for Business subscriptions start at $50 per year for five computers. If purchased before the end of July 31, 2014, Parallels Access for Business is available for free for unlimited users and computers.