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Outlook massive mail duplication continues with OS X 10.9.2

Bob Menna reports that the Mavericks 10.9.2 update has not fixed the problem with Outlook for Mac downloading hundreds or thousands of duplicate emails. He is also having an issue where he repeatedly must enter a password. Menna wrote:

I am having the massive duplication problem with Outlook 2011 v14.3.9. I have numerous email accounts established to run my business and interact seamlessly with my clients.

Since installing Maverick and the recent update, I have been plagued with email floods daily. It seems that a different account decides to upload all of the server's emails. I have not seen multiple torrents on the same day. Rather I am seeing a different one each day. I have tried one suggested fix which was to change a property setting in Outlook. I thought it fixed things, but after 48 hours the plague has recurred.

This is debilitating as I am missing new e-mails and cannot distinguish old from new.

Another issue I have is the need to repeatedly enter a password for one of my accounts. Apparently it looses connectivity. It is an IMAP account. That one I can live with, but the email floods are suffocating.

BTW, the Mac email client is behaving, so I know it is isolated to Outlook and Maverick. Exceedingly frustrating.

We've had a lot of reports about this problem since Apple released Mavericks (see Mavericks and Exchange Tips and Reports), but so far, no fix. One reader theorized that it might be related to virus software. We found some indications that it could be related to a firewall issue, but have had no confirmation of that.

If you're seeing this problem or have an idea for a workaround .