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Office 14.3 focuses on PowerPoint and Outlook

Microsoft has released Office 2011 for Mac 14.3, also known as Service Pack 3. The update provides several fixes to PowerPoint and Outlook. The update also fixes a problem with RTF text from PowerPoint for Windows can't be copied and pasted into PowerPoint for Mac. The update fixes an Outlook bug that "causes meeting invitation times from non-Exchange calendar servers to be off by one hour during certain times of the year." Other fixes focus on PowerPoint:

Slides in collapsed sections cover other slides in Slide Sorter view in PowerPoint for Mac Fixes a display issue that involves collapsed sections in Slide Sorter view. Hash tags (#) in hyperlinks aren't saved correctly in PowerPoint for Mac Fixes an issue in which hyperlinks that contain hash tags (#) aren't saved correctly. Crash occurs when you use Paste Special with a partial table in PowerPoint for Mac Fixes an issue that causes PowerPoint to crash when you use the Paste Special option to copy and paste part of a table.

The previous Office update from last July, version 14.2.3, fixed a number of Outlook problems, including a problem with IMAP email that resulted in an error message saying, "Too many simultaneous connections." The version 14.2.3 update is required for installation of the new version 14.3 update.

The Service Pack 3 update is available from within any Office application via the Check for Updates in the Help menu. Check for Updates will download and install previous required versions of Office if not installed.